Did Smash Really Just [Spoiler]? 'It's More Complicated Than You Think,' Says Producer

Warning: The following contains spoilers from this Monday’s episode of Smash.

Well that was quick.

In but the second episode of NBC’s Smash, following additional rounds of callbacks and more showcasing of fancy footwork and mad pipes — and after much deliberation by Julia, Tom, Derek and Eileen — it was decided that Ivy Lynn (played by Megan Hilty) would headline Marilyn: The Musical, as the nascent production inches its way toward Broadway.

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So, that’s it? That bit of drama is behind us, now that the veteran chorus girl seemingly has claimed the starring role?

“Well, that’s the magic word — seemingly,” Smash executive producer David Marshall Grant tells TVLine.

Noting that the business of show “is so mercurial and unpredictable,” Grant hints at many twists and turns to come as Julia and Tom’s dream comes bit by bit closer to a reality. In fact, fresh-faced Karen Cartwright (played by Katharine McPhee) might not be the only rival in Ivy Lynn’s rear-view mirror.

“One of the great things what we’ve found while doing this is that [the role of] Marilyn becomes a bit of a revolving door — one that maybe even more than two people enter,” says Grant. And by the time the musical gets to the workshop stage, let alone targets out-of-town tryouts and then the Great White Way, “Who really ends up with this part is a question that is much more complicated than what we think it is at the end of the second episode.”

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After all, a little someone named Uma Thurman looms on the horizon, joining Smash a few episodes down the road as a famous-yet-difficult movie star who might help the production smash some financing hurdles.

“She’s going to be a part of the dynamic,” Grant confirms. After all, “Broadway loves a movie star, and sometimes you need a movie star to get the money!”

Were you happy to see Ivy Lynn land the lead? Do you think her romp with Derek influenced the decision? Is it looking like Tom’s assistant Ellis might get a bit greedy? (Would you be glad to know the adoption subplot is MIA the next two weeks?) Sound off on Smash Episode 2 in comments!

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  1. Lance says:

    Ivy is going to be pregnant due to her indiscretions with the choreographer…opening the door for Karen. Then who will adopt Ivy’s baby when she doesn’t want it????

  2. Sylvia says:

    I seriously hope that the blonde is NOT going to remain the “Marilyn” for the Broadway show. I don’t like her character at all. She clearly got the part because she slept w/ whats his face who btw is so slimy that I feel the need to take a shower after watching each episode of Smash w/ him in it! However I love Katharine McPhee & I hope that it winds up w/ her getting the part in the end because she is clearly way more talented.

  3. Elaine says:

    I like the show and plan to keep watching. I think both women are talented and the characters they play are people I want to find out more about. They are both vulnerable in different ways. For a not-quite-finished show produced by someone in Eileen’s position, going with the veteran makes the most sense. It also make sense that Tom wants his friend for the part. I think ultimately Derek, and maybe Julia, will champion the less safe choice with Karen – art requires risk. I agree the adoption subplot seems tacked on and Ivy sleeping with Derek was a too easy bit of drama. Ellis is annoying, but I really like Karen’s boyfriend.

  4. Angie says:

    Smash is like a breath of fresh air for TV watching! I’m loving all of it, and can hardly wait for future episodes. I don’t care who is Marilyn—it’s the whole show, and cast that are so great to watch.

  5. barbara says:

    She *is* Marilyn. The way she smiled and slept with the director only proves that.
    I don’t like miss goody-two-shoes. She’s no Marilyn. She can get some other part, because she’s really good, but this part should be Ivy. Period.

  6. Brenda says:

    Well I think Kats will be marylin she is like her in her “real” life. Take the scene where the director sat in the chair facing her while she was in the chair and told her to be marylin to feel scared like marylin did when Joe wanted her to quit acting, this is exactly how Kay felt when she showe up to a dinner so late on he was there and it was for acting. Also she has been showcased as The main character as well as no she did not sleep with Thr director but there was defiantly a chemical connection between the two so who knows. And when ivy threw up well that could have just been nerves. Marylin was young with little experience like Kay then became famous.

  7. Lisa B says:

    It always puzzles me when commenters complain about a TV show “sending a message” about one thing or another – in this case by having Ivy get the role after sleeping with the director. Respectfully, not every plot point is designed to send a message. This is a show about putting together a Broadway show and the lives of the people involved. It’s not meant to be a morality play, nor are the character meant to be role models for aspiring actresses.
    That being said, I have never been a fan of Katharine McPhee, but I think she’s fabulous in this role. And I’ve had the privilege of seeing Megan Hilty perform live, and I find her as fabulous in this role as I did then. I’d love to see them share Norma Jean/Marilyn.
    One last comment ~ this production is merely in the early workshop stage… there are many times when the actors/actresses who do the workshop do not go on to play the role when/if the musical eventually opens, so there are plenty of directions in which the show can go. I’m excited to see what happens.

  8. Davey says:

    I hope that the writers for this show make this more complicated than Ivy losing the part and Karen taking over. Because turning Ivy into a “bitch” is just to predictable. And I like Megan Hilty as an actress too much to have the show do this to her.
    The show is so manipulative in having us like Karen and I’m already sick of it. I would never want to see her in a Broadway show, though she’s good for TV.

  9. vicki says:

    Someone, remind me of how often Marilyn *belted* her songs and wagged her behind. Even in “Diamonds” she cooed and teased. How many other movies and songs showed her sweetly, sexily enticing? Or lightly comedic? Baffled and innocent? Heartbreaking? Take a look at her onscreen again. Marilyn wasn’t ballistic or one-dimensional. Karen’s the girl, and not just as Norma Jean. Marilyn upped her sexuality for a role, but that’s all Ivy can do. Could she possibly be the bar girl in “The Misfits”. Nevah!!