Did Smash Really Just [Spoiler]? 'It's More Complicated Than You Think,' Says Producer

Warning: The following contains spoilers from this Monday’s episode of Smash.

Well that was quick.

In but the second episode of NBC’s Smash, following additional rounds of callbacks and more showcasing of fancy footwork and mad pipes — and after much deliberation by Julia, Tom, Derek and Eileen — it was decided that Ivy Lynn (played by Megan Hilty) would headline Marilyn: The Musical, as the nascent production inches its way toward Broadway.

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So, that’s it? That bit of drama is behind us, now that the veteran chorus girl seemingly has claimed the starring role?

“Well, that’s the magic word — seemingly,” Smash executive producer David Marshall Grant tells TVLine.

Noting that the business of show “is so mercurial and unpredictable,” Grant hints at many twists and turns to come as Julia and Tom’s dream comes bit by bit closer to a reality. In fact, fresh-faced Karen Cartwright (played by Katharine McPhee) might not be the only rival in Ivy Lynn’s rear-view mirror.

“One of the great things what we’ve found while doing this is that [the role of] Marilyn becomes a bit of a revolving door — one that maybe even more than two people enter,” says Grant. And by the time the musical gets to the workshop stage, let alone targets out-of-town tryouts and then the Great White Way, “Who really ends up with this part is a question that is much more complicated than what we think it is at the end of the second episode.”

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After all, a little someone named Uma Thurman looms on the horizon, joining Smash a few episodes down the road as a famous-yet-difficult movie star who might help the production smash some financing hurdles.

“She’s going to be a part of the dynamic,” Grant confirms. After all, “Broadway loves a movie star, and sometimes you need a movie star to get the money!”

Were you happy to see Ivy Lynn land the lead? Do you think her romp with Derek influenced the decision? Is it looking like Tom’s assistant Ellis might get a bit greedy? (Would you be glad to know the adoption subplot is MIA the next two weeks?) Sound off on Smash Episode 2 in comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. aliasvaughn says:

    Clearly Derek “changed” his mind because he wasn’t quite thinking with his mind… but I love the drama and love the show, and I’m certain this is not nearly as easy as it seems, as Eileen seems FAR from convinced about Ivy (and Julia as well). Quite sure Eileen is going to call Karen next episode and ask her to stick around.

    • BT says:

      I still think there will end up being a Norma Jean and a Marliyn
      and they will both be leads in this musical
      Karen as Norma jean and Ivy as Marilyn
      but I just can’t wait to see what’s next. I really just am loving the show so much

      • nyguy says:

        I figured that out during the first episode. I don’t think I’ll be sticking around long though. This show could be really good but just isn’t hitting the mark for me, kind of flat.

      • Pat Haris says:

        Would make perfect sense! Only thing is that they are painting Ivy so ugly that we wouldn’t like her much.

    • KayJay says:

      I don’t know that that is why he “changed” his mind. For me Ivy has always been Marilyn. During the scene reads, the dancing, everything. I think he recognized that but took what he could from her while he still had the part over her. I feel that Karen is more Norma Jean like BT said. Too green Marilyn. Ivy has been torn down by show biz only to claw her way to the top. She has the desperation and the heart ache.

      • bandanajack says:

        i hope you are correct. it could add very nicely to the structure of the musical to have norma jean a ghostly presence commenting on key moments & decisions in the rise and fall of marilyn, like those early nude photos and later dalliances. i can even visualize a call and response number rising into a duet finish. (god, i REALLY like that idea) we already know their voices have a nice blend.

  2. Guy says:

    Things will change, mark my words. Something will happen with Ivy and she will lose the part. Its obvious. Why build up Katherine who i think is 10x better than Megan only to do this.

    • aliasvaughn says:

      Karen is for sure going to be there, there have been many previews for the season that show Karen as Marilyn, so it’s clear Ivy thinks she’s won but she actually hasn’t. I agree things will change, it could be in many ways, but it’s certain Ivy won’t be certain to be the star, otherwise there would be no show basically… and I agree Katharine McPhee is much more convincing in the part. Like Derek says in the episode, she feels like Marilyn, as opposed to Ivy who plays her and is really forced… I’m sure things will get a lot more interesting exactly because Ivy thinks she got the part for good. Not going to end there. (per above interview as well).

    • Michael says:

      If you had ever seen Megan Hilty on a Broadway state, you’d eat your words. She is a brilliant performer and has a magnificent stage voice. I actually like Kat quite a bit, but Megan is a Broadway goddess.

      • CJ says:

        THANK YOU. it’s irritating how people think katherine mcphee is better than megan. she’s got NOTHING on her, especially LIVE. TEAM IVY.

        • DJL says:

          The way they’re writing it, Ivy will probably be unable to perform, so Karen will take over. Katharine McPhee as Karen is lovely and has a nice voice, but her voice just isn’t of the same caliber as that of Megan Hilty. I don’t think Ivy seems forced at all. On the contrary, I would argue that Karen seems much more forced, probably just because Hilty is such a natural performer.

          • Lincoln says:

            Maybe Ivy will turn out pregnant w/ that director’s kid.

          • Lauren Marie says:

            Yes, I believe that Ivy is pregnant and that she already had something going on with the director. Remember in the pilot Ivy puked in the toilet?

      • MB says:

        Try and remember that everyone likes different styles of acting. Some obviously prefer the exaggerated style of theater acting (Megan) while others like the more subtle screen acting (Katherine). There is a huge difference. Obviously on the stage the exaggerated acting is needed because facial expressions and eye contact are not as visible; however, I think stage acting on the screen comes off as fake and forced. Screen is much more about the subtle change in expression and the emotion in the eyes which, again in my opinion, Katherine McPhee does much better. AND I think Katherine McPhee looks WAY more like Marylin Monroe.

  3. BT says:

    I actually was glad Ivy was picked and in the end I hope she is the one who is Marilyn
    I haven’t been able to envision anyone else in the part.
    Katherine’s voice but Megan Hilty is just so Broadway for me

    • LessInterest says:

      Oh you actually think females should sleep their way to the top do ya, well that says much about you too. Slutty message.

      • BT says:

        Wow you are a real piece of work, what is wrong with you? it’s a TV show for crying out loud
        Get a grip..troll
        Besides it wasn’t a unilateral decision, (that means one person) 4 people made the decision

        • LessInterest says:

          Thank you very much, yes I know where my value system is and I am a iece of work my parents took time to teach me all about demanding respect for myself and not ‘screwing’everything(blonde)that walked.

      • Deej says:

        I see nothing in that reply that even suggests supporting the character sleeping with the director.

        • BT says:

          Thank you, I didn’t understand that reply either
          I think that person is just screwing around
          It can’t be a real person or a serious post, it was too ridiculous and kind of a bit crazy

          • ron says:

            Judging from the looks she was giving him during the dance rehearsals Karen wasn’t too far from hoping into bed with him either, even though she is in a serious relationship. ivy is single and can do as she likes…

      • JoMarch says:

        What a ridiculous comment. Because BT thinks Ivy makes the better Marilyn, (s)he’s espousing sluttiness? What a quantum leap. The gay writer was pushing for Ivy, too and he didn’t sleep with her. And even if the director did choose her for that reason, you can’t accuse the poster of believing in that behavior. Get a grip! Maybe you should stick to shows that won’t make your blood pressure go up. Sesame Street, maybe, or something on Disney Channel and let the grown ups watch Smash.

        • BT says:

          i was just saying to deej that I think that post was by someone just trying to screw around like maybe a kid playing or
          unfortunately someone who is off balance.. ( i hope it was just a kid playing around)

          • cj says:

            it’s called a Troll. purposefully posting something controversial or hateful, trying to get a rise out of people.
            back to the topic at hand, i think both actors would be great, and both characters have their strengths and weaknesses. i like the idea of karen playing norma jean and ivy playing marilyn. it could be a really clever way of showing her transformation. norma jean can see marilyn in her future, and marilyn is struggling with her past as norma jean. i dont know. something like that could actually incorporate two different actresses into one role.

  4. LessInterest says:

    Enjoyed the first episode, the second episode, not so much. So disappointed that the SMASH is leading everyone to believe you MUST sleep your way to the top in acting, movies, TV, broadway.
    I think SMASH has taken a slutty turn for the worse and it has lost my interest at this point. What a shame.
    At this point not sure I will watch next week, if I do, it may be the last week I tune in depending where the take the Blonde slut part.
    Left a really bad taste in my mouth.

    • Drew says:

      This isn’t 7th Heaven. In a show about the behind the scenes goings on, it would be hard to pretend that this doesn’t happen.
      However, Karen refused to sleep her way to the top and I think that ultimately, the story will be about her success without sacrificing herself along the way.
      You can’t say that there aren’t actors and actresses who are willing to do whatever it takes, sleep with whomever they must, pop whatever pill is offered, just for the chance to break into the business. It’s sad and desperate, but a lot of them are made to think that they have to do it this way… funny that the “seasoned vet” on the show is the one who did this.

      • ron says:

        I don’t think she did. when he propositioned karen he was pretty blunt with her, and it was very one sided. In his scene with Ivy it seemed like sparks and mutual attraction then her doing him to get the part. btw from the looks karen was shooting him she’s not to far from hoping in his bed herself…

        • Lessinterest says:

          I think your wrong!

          • Raptastic43 says:

            No you’re wrong. Karen is srrrrsly lusting after Mr. Davenport (who wouldn’t?) and no Ivy didn’t do it to get the part and so what if she did? So did Marilyn. Whatever it takes.

        • Drew says:

          I got the impression that Karen was very put off by the director in this episode. When he was working with her, she seemed intimidated and uncomfortable. I saw no lust at all.
          And yeah, there might have been mutual attraction with Ivy. That doesn’t matter. The point is that it was still unprofessional (for both sides) and she knew exactly what she was doing. She saw his interest as an opportunity. Whether or not she liked it makes no difference.

          • jj says:

            This comment FTW. Anyone who thinks there were sparks btw Karen and the director is projecting their own desire. KM was clearly playing the ‘i feel uncomfortable, but have to still be friendly and act like i’m not totally skeeved out by you if i want to keep my chance at the part’. a lot of women may not have been in this exact situation, but many of us can relate to the discomfort she felt. i thought she played it well.

      • LessInterest says:

        Thank you, you said what I too was thinking and have heard and know about the business.
        I know one or two now that have tried to sleep their way to the top and if I named names you would maybe know them!

        • Drew says:

          James Dean for one. It still happens today, though probably less since one twitter post from a fed up actress/actor could be horrible PR for a studio.

          • LessInterest says:

            I was talking about today! I know of at least two for sure. One is still on that show the other one has left the show and gone to some other TOP to “Screw”

          • Drew says:

            There are a lot of rumors. I’ve heard some, but I don’t always believe what I read. Those rumors get started for a lot of reasons and aren’t always true.

        • Dax says:

          The fact is this happens a lot in television, movies, and broadway. Not everyone does it sure but many still do. It that turns you off then perhaps you ought to stop watching TV all together. You might accidently watch some sluts and not know it. The horror!!!

    • JoMarch says:

      Rather ironic that you think Smash is “slutty”. What in the world do you think of Marilyn? I know over the years she’s been portrayed as “poor little Marilyn”, but as one who was around when she was alive she had many affairs, and didn’t care if the man was single or married. Her affair with the Kennedy brothers has been widely reported. However, I hate the word “slutty” or “slut”. Why isn’t there a comparable name for a man who sleeps around? Oh, ya, “stud” or “playboy”; nothing as derogative as “slutty”.

      • Drew says:

        Actually, I routinely see men called sluts, wh*res, etc.

        • Rose says:

          Uhuh. Suuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeeeeee. (note: sarcasm) And you tell ’em JoMarch! A slut is any woman with the sexual appetite of a man. And Ivy got it because her sadness and loneliness and PERFECT for Marilyn, as opposed to a green modern pop singer. GO FIGURE.

          • Drew says:

            Don’t know what circles you run in, but it happens all the time.
            This isn’t about feminine power. It’s about a chick who slept with the director in order to get the part. If a guy did it, it would be skeezy too.

          • melan says:

            Ivy was going to get it regardless. And I say that with all honesty, she was going to get Marilyn if she didn’t sleep with him. She has the body, the voice, and you can tell that she wants it more. Karen, though we could tell that she wanted to break into the business, didn’t make it her all for me. It was Ivy from the start. Even when Karen was dancing as Marilyn, I didn’t believe it. It lacked the vavavoom that Marilyn had. Ivy did that. Ivy is the full package.
            It hurts me to say that because I’m currently in Karens situation right now, but unfortunately its true. Ivy is Marilyn

    • lesserInterest says:

      Are you sure it was the show that left a really bad taste in your mouth?

  5. Zach says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO #teamkaren First she loses to taylor hicks, now ivy lynn?! What justice is this?

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’m really not connecting with this show. It doesn’t do much for me, at all.

  7. aliasvaughn says:

    LOL people! have none of you see the thousands of promos that go throughout the season? Karen is all but done and Ivy is all but the winner. Things are going to change, and quickly…

  8. Drew says:

    I’m still not on Ivy’s team. She was too entitled “I deserve” is an annoying phrase when it comes to actors. There are no ranks. There are no bonus points for time served. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve worked, if someone comes along that fits the role more, they are entitled to it. There are people fresh off the bus that are more talented than some seasoned vets. This is the nature of the business. The audience can tell when an actor feels like their just being there is enough (looking at you, Nicholson).
    I thought that Karen’s performance was solid. I would have liked to have seen the actual acting auditions, because that would obviously have meant a lot. I could do without the adoption plotline if it meant getting to see more of the actual casting process.
    I don’t like Tom at all. His behavior is unprofessional and petty. I don’t have to mention that Derek’s is as well, but I’ll just throw that in for good measure.
    The musical numbers fit the story better this week. None of the disconnect which we saw with the (horrible) baseball number in the pilot.
    So what happens next? Ivy gets injured or sick? (or pregnant)
    I liked that Ellis’ role was reduced. Don’t need him. If they cut the adoption and the whiny teenager, that would be good too. I get that the family stuff is part of the behind the scenes drama, but it feels like we’ve been there and done that already.

    • Lessinterest says:

      I am still not team Ivy either and nor will I ever be team Ivy.

    • Lime says:

      I’m in total agreement. I didn’t like Ivy last week, I felt she was desperate and grasping and I didn’t like her snobbish sense of entitlement. Not to mention, she’s kind of wacko, destroying her costume when she didn’t get a part – so unprofessional. Now she’s sleeping with the director?! I’m sure that kind of thing happens but it’s just tacky. Also, and this is a sort of rude comment that has nothing to do with her performance – has anyone else noticed that Megan Hilty has NO NECK?! It’s just boobs and face! She doesn’t have the grace of Marilyn, as far as I’m concerned.
      Tom is incredibly unprofessional. I thought the whole point of having auditions was to see who is out there, not to have your mind made up before they even happen and not consider everyone. I’m not loving his character either.
      Clearly, I’m team Karen. I did not expect that going into this show. I’m willing to see what happens though, she’s an interesting enough character and clearly is a lead on the show so hopefully her storyline will still be worth watching.
      I did like Ivy’s song at the end of this episode but that’s the only nice thing I can say about her – her voice is tremendous.

    • Guy says:

      No Ivy won’t get sick or pregnant. They will realise they chose the wrong person and give Karen the role eventually. I don’t like this sleeping to get ahead message either but thats the way they did it so i guess we will have to live with it.

  9. Roz says:

    I love this show. I actually have been rooting for Kat to win the part of Marilyn. Happy to hear its not really done yet. Marilyn’s innocense comes through beautifully throgh Kats performance. She certainly seems up to the task of pertraying the more mature & sexy side of Miss Monroe

  10. Incredulous says:

    Why do you people keep saying Ivy slept with the director to get ahead? Is it conceivable that she was attrated to him? He’s not a gargoyle or anything. You sound like a bunch of prudes; a woman can’t possibly enjoy sex, it must have been a means to an end. What a terrible person. Are you people getting any?

    • Drew says:

      If you go in for a job interview and sleep with the boss before getting hired, what do expect people to say? It doesn’t matter whether she was attracted to him or not. It’s unprofessional in that situation.

  11. Paulo says:

    I’ll be quite disappointed if Ivy loses the part. I like Kath and all, but Megan is just SO MUCH BETTER. She’s FAR more convincing and her voice is FAR more powerful and therefore her character also seems much more convincing as Marylin, and even as an audience’s favorite. .

    • KT says:

      True dat.
      I don’t care what people say about ‘being a seasoned actor doesn’t matter…’ Well, it does if you’re better than the other girl.
      Katherine is nice and all… but really no match for the acting/singing chops of Megan. She’s simply a better performer.

  12. aliasvaughn says:

    I don’t think saying Ivy slept her way to the top is about being prudes, it’s what she did. And no, it’s not that you just “Like the director” and sleep with him because if you are an actress you know better and you don’t do that exactly to avoid the “she slept with him to get to the top” comments. This was clearly the point of her sleeping with him. Ivy is not supposed to be the one there who has a moral compass… she is supposed to be the one who’ll do anything, and that’s exactly what she did. It’s the two different approaches, the one who would do anything and the one who wouldn’t compromise. And not compromising doesn’t necessarily bring you to the top in showbiz. It’s the reality of life.
    That said, it’s far from over.Ivy thinks she got it but that’s not the case, and she tells Derek in the promos in front of everyone “You’re not that good in bed either”. So it’s very clear there is no love involved here, but just the desire to go ahead.
    I also don’t find HIlty to be more convincing than McPhee at all, quite the opposite. I find the way Ivy plays Marilyn (this is IVY playing her, not Megan Hilty) extremely forced.. a caricature actually. While McPhee is MUCH more natural. But that’s taste, and nothing else. Both are excellent singers, but in terms of being Marilyn, Ivy to me is really bad both body-wise and attitude-wise while Karen is much more natural and believable. In any case, the show is about drama so this is FAR from over. Ivy thinks she’s won but it’s clear she hasn’t, it’s not nearly as simple as it looks. Promos abundantly showed that. And that’s why this is going to be good and entertaining to watch. THe duality will keep it interesting.

    • LessInterest says:

      Thank you very much, it was the point of Ivy sleeping with Derek to get the part. It was about the two different approaches and it was about Karen standing for her self pride to get the part by hard work and for being good and not for who she beds! Thanks very very much for pointing this fact out. The message this week at least was sent that Ivy is sleeping her way to the top. What happens next week could be different, I will tune to to evaluate for myself where the plot is going and if it stays on this weeks track I will not tune into the show and will watch something else.

  13. Ikitty says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think Marilyn didn’t do a lot of sleeping around doesn’t know much about Marilyn. But it’s obviously not over with Ivy’s casting. I mean we all know that, right? She deserved the part before she hooked up with the director so she deserves it just as much after. I think it profiles just how much ivy’s experiences reflect Marilyn’s and Karen’s reflect Norma Jean. I think it’s pretty clear they will probably just split the role at some point in time.

    • aliasvaughn says:

      I agree it will end up with the role being split. I don’t think Ivy deserved it one bit more than Karen before she slept with Derek, and I lost all respect for the character when she did that, showing she actually would do just about anything to get the part. That said I made the same observation during the pilot, that Karen will be Norma Jean and Ivy will be seasoned Marilyn. Makes sense and it’s the best solution to use them both on the show.
      Also, the fact Marilyn slept around has got nothing to do with Ivy. She’s being IVY, not Marilyn, when she sleeps with the director. And it’s nowadays, not back then when it was a far more common practice (the casting couch, that is). Whatever Marilyn did in her life has got nothing to do with what the character of Ivy does on the show. She’s not playing Marilyn when she’s sleeping with Derek… she’s being Ivy, an actress who would do anything to get a part, including sleeping with the director. And sleeping with him before being cast makes her extremely unprofessional, period (even if she was in love with him, which she clearly isn’t at this point.) Marilyn having done the same before her doesn’t justify her in the slightest.
      There can’t be two characters that are the same… the difference between Ivy and Karen is exactly that Ivy will do just about anything while Karen won’t. Result? Short term, the one who does just about anything gets the part. But what happens long-term? That’s what we’ll see in upcoming epis…

    • LessInterest says:

      oh boy are ya’ll ever missing the point. It is about Karen and Ivy not Marilyn! NO ONE said Marilyn was a saint! Karen and Ivy are vying for a JOB! The message was sleep with Derek and get the job! So she did just that to get cast! IT SENT A BAD MESSAGE! Derek said last week, he expected “Marilyn” to pop out of that envelope and ‘do him right here’ and SHE DID HIM RIGHT THERE! WISE up are you people, who think she didn’t ‘do him’ for the part, honesly that DUMB? Get an education and then come back here to post because you are evidently not educated if you believe Ivy and Derek just humped! The show did not show it romatically but DIRY! just humping! NO SPARKS! GOSH wise up and don’t be so dump to believe that was not the message!

  14. Barb says:

    I too did not like that Ivy slept with the director before getting the part. However it doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s more than good enough for the part of Marilyn. Then and now isn’t too different – people sleep with inappropriate people all the time. Maybe it will come back to haunt her, maybe not but she’s still talented. Plus I don’t want Ivy to go anywhere cause I love her voice – so broadway. Let’s hope they split the Marilyn role as others have said so we can get the best of both worlds.

  15. Megs says:

    Team Ivy for sure. I’ll come out and say it, I’ve never been a big Kat McPhee fan- I was totally willing to give her a chance on this show, but she still does nothing for me, and neither does her voice. I know Kat and the character of Karen are two different people, but they do have the same singing voice.
    That being said, I was totally complacent on Megan Hilty before the show. I knew who she was, but never took any interest in her. Ever since she started singing the first song in the first episode,I was a fan.Ivy is the clear winner IMO. All of her numbers that she’s done I couldn’t take my eyes off of, and that finale song tonight? So beautiful!
    Sleeping with the director is obviously a huge ethical no-no, but she’s so insecure, and was totally being taken advantage of.

  16. Matt says:

    McPhee looks nothing like Monroe. She’s too tall and way too skinny. I know the show is in essence about McPhee but she isn’t remotely close to Hilty in being able to play Marilyn.

  17. TheBeach says:

    Jeeeeez…I can’t believe all the shocked posts about Ivy sleeping with the director. The “casting couch” has been around as long as Hollywood and Broadway. They are making a show about Show Business. It certainly didn’t surprise me that they included this scene.

  18. Lisa says:

    I watched Smash before coming here and then saw your headline that strongly implied that something shocking occurred during the episode. I instantly wracked my brain. What could that have been? I wondered. Nothing in the episode had surprised me too much. Then I read that you meant the casting of Ivy. Well, anyone who has watched more than one TV series ever knows that they have these little things called plots, and those plots develop and change over time. Obviously, if Ivy is cast and that’s that, a lot of the drama dissolves from the show. So clearly things are not going to remain that simple. Her casting is not a minor plot development. It’s pretty obvious that something will happen to keep Karen in the running for the musical.
    A real surprise would have been if the show had unexpectedly killed a major character or something similarly huge.

    • Temis says:

      Exactly. Karen is the main character, therefore she must end up as Marilyn. But not in the second episode!!! What will they do for all other episodes, twiddle their thumbs? If you think about it for two seconds, Ivy had to get the part – at first – and then on opening night, she falls off the stage (or gets pushed) and her understudy is shoved onstage, and guess who the understudy is…?

  19. Lime says:

    I think the big “shock” was them actually choosing who was playing Marilyn in the second episode. I honestly thought they’d drag it out longer as well.

  20. Over it says:

    Yeah, that’ll do me. I wasn’t that blown away by the pilot and after watching this I realized that I don’t *care* who plays Marilyn. Can’t stand Ivy or Derek. The adoption storyline is ridiculous and of-course Karen will break up with Dev so that she too can hook up with Derek. Yawn….

  21. smasher says:

    I was on the fence after the pilot, but found myself rooting for Karen more and more in the 2nd episode. Her character seems so much more real than Ivy, and its possibly because Megan Hilty plays Ivy so theatricalky, which I guess comes from her theater background. I’m not so sure it works so well on a tv show, even tho I know this is a show about Broadway! I like the innocence Karen has for the role of Marilyn and i absolutely loved her singing lmbys again as Norma Jean. It each beautiful, and kind of a shame when Ivy jumped in there because
    her voice was too loud for the moment, and grating.
    I’m liking the way Katharine McPhee is portraying Karen, and she’s a really likeable character, but I do wish the writers wouldn’t make her quite so passive. Because she’s not boring, but she is so mellow in how she reacts to everything, haha! Like when Dev was laying into her, she just sat there ……..
    As for Ivy sleeping with Derek, I do think its morally wrong, but i also think for Ivy it was a little more to her than just doing it to get the role, even though that was a part of it. Ivy seems to have a lot of emotional baggage which is clearly all going to come out in the next few weeks, and its kind of ironic that they went with the ‘experience’ if Ivy, when actually I think Karen will end up being the safer bet.

  22. RAY says:

    I bet the “movie star” THURMAN will get the role for a big part of the season and Ivy gets thrown under the bus— at the end of the season Karen and Ivy will become best of friends and team up up to offer themselves as Karen Norma Jean / Ivy Marilyn and everyone is delighted at the idea except Thurman with the $ stops the production???…just a guess??!!!

  23. Annie says:

    I actually liked last night’s episode. I think it introduces the point that show business takes a great toll on the personal lives of everyone involved (i.e. Julia’s adoption, Karen not being there for her boyfriend, etc). I don’t understand why people are upset about Ivy and Derek, did anyone really not see that coming from a mile away? Tom said in the beginning that Derek was not a “good person” and Jack Davenport is doing a great job at portraying the stereotypical sleazy director. He sees potential in Karen and while her rejection of him piqued his interest, it doesn’t mean that he’s above sleeping with another girl. Ivy tapped into the “wounded doe” persona in her scene about DiMaggio and that’s what ultimately drew Derek to her. He saw that she was over-prepared and desperate for the role, perfect prey for a director like him no? I’m not justifying what she did, but in defense of plot development on the show, it was entirely organic. Ivy’s sleeping with him might not have been entirely career motivated. Looking back at episode 1, she was trying so hard to get her mother excited about her callback and she was living alone in a little apartment. Couldn’t it just be as simple as a lonely girl wanting a little bit of attention?
    I think as the story progresses, Karen will be brought in as an understudy (as she should) but in order to get funding, a star’s name will be attached for a temporary run (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying has gone from Dan Radcliffe to Darren Criss and now Nick Jonas within a few months time). When the run is over, Ivy will either step back in as a full Marilyn or the role will be split as others have said with Karen as Norma Jean and Ivy as Marilyn. Another possibility I think is to have them each play Marilyn on alternating nights like Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch did as the Creature and Victor for Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein on the West End. It’s still very early in the show (only episode 2), so give it a chance. The cast has been amazing so far.

  24. Maria says:

    So the moral of the story is: spread your legs, and you will soar to success

  25. jess says:

    I enjoyed the adoption subplot, don’t like Ellis, and am pretty excited about both Ivy Lynn and Karen Cartwright! I think Megan and Katherine are both great singers, great actors, but their characters also have weaknesses and flaws, so I’m not team-anyone right now. Is there a new episode next week?

  26. Kayla says:

    Ellis has got to be the most annoying TV character in recent years. And the actor playing him is terrible.

    • Elizabeth says:

      My vote for most annoying still goes to Tammi, the wife of Officer Sammy Brian on “Southland”. I hoped every week something awful & disfiguring would happen to her.
      I know, its just TV, but she was that annoying…

  27. KSM says:

    I get that there isn’t a show if they don’t play this whole thing out, but, honestly, can anyone really say that Katherine McPhee would EVER, in real life, be chosen for a Broadway show over Megan Hilty? There is just such a disparity in talent when it comes to Broadway. I mean, obviously, it is a TV show, and TV shows aren’t realistic, but it just seems silly to me that they are trying to make it seem like Katherine would have a chance in hell at this part in the real world.
    Also, I can’t believe people are actually upset that Ivy slept with the director. That happens all the time, in all walks of life. I mean, that doesn’t mean it’s right, but it certainly is true.

    • romy says:

      Define talent? I personally think Katharine McPhee’s voice is way more beautiful and nuanced than Megan Hilty’s. Of course Megan Hilty has a great voice, but its a trained Broadway voice. It doesn’t mean its better. Annoys me when theater fanatics state that as fact, and its disrespectful to the talent that someone like McPhee clearly has. I think this showed in lmbys in episode 2. Karen sang is beautifully, and captured the innocence of Norma Jean, bit Ivy just powered her way thro it, and it was painful!

      • Kathks says:

        And aren’t they supposed to be casting a Broadway show? Having seen Megan Hilty live, I’d cast her for Marilyn anyday over Katherine McPhee (whom I do think has a pretty voice) for an 8 performances a week on-Broadway.

  28. Carl says:

    Team Ivy all the way. Karen is way to inexperienced and can’t handle the dances. Ivy has M body hair and attitude. She should totally get and keep the part.

  29. Zippy Omicron says:

    I think that some of the plot lines in this show are not so great. But I think what will happen (just a hypothesis) is that Ivy got pregnant by Derek in this episode, and that will play havoc down the road.
    It sounds lame as a plot device? Well, this is NBC….

  30. liv says:

    I love the show biz stuff, hate the adoption stuff, and see that one will be the understudy, til the Uma comes aboard. Then I predict that Katherine will be Eliza Doolittle in the new show, and her beau can help her achieve a Cockney accent, at least I hope they have enough sense to juggle two shows and drama!!!

  31. Lisa says:

    I was disappointed to see Ivy get the role because I think Karen/Katherine is the more talented singer and more multi-dimensional Marilyn but I am hoping this will change as the season moves forward. Ivy got the role due to the casting couch but I get the sense that Derek is more by Karen as a performer plus he’ll get bored with easy Ivy and who knows what will happen then?

  32. Danielle H says:

    Fastest hour of TV I’m currently watching.. it is incredibly watchable, the adoption stuff is the only semi boring thing. Really enjoying this show.

  33. Doug says:

    The adoption subplot is boring and that fact that it has been keeping Frank home as a “Mr. Mom” taking care of their high school age son is ridiculous. I hope they drop that storyline quickly.

  34. Jess402 says:

    Throwing his weight behind Ivy is the Derek’s machiavellian plot to ultimately get Karen. He saw that Tom wasn’t going to budge on her – so he appears to give in. Sleeping her was probably an enjoyable part of that plan – I don’t see how it’s going to work yet, but the plan is there for sure.

  35. Aleigh says:

    The fact that anyone thinks that Karen is right for this role honestly astounds me. It took her ages to get the dance right – which by the way, would have been the end of her if it had been a real audition, since Ivy got it quickly – she can’t do the Marilyn voice, and her body is nowhere near curvy enough. Katherine McPhee is a wonderful singer, but she doesn’t have the Broadway voice. Megan Hilty does. And she incorporates Marilyn’s voice into not only her acting but her singing, too. She is perfect for Marilyn.

  36. LMJ STL says:

    Oohh, what if Ivy turns up pregnant from her tryst w/ Derek? Now, that would be an interested twist…

  37. MLW says:

    I can’t help but vote for the underdog, Katherine McPhee has been a surprise, but a welcome one……I would like to see her take the role and blow the great white way right out of thier socks……

  38. Mathew says:

    I loved the first episode. I am loving the dynamics in each and every scene. The second episode, however, just felt a little flat. It wasn’t extremely dramatic or anything. But, with all shows, there are ups and downs. Not every episode can be a showstopper I assume.
    I do feel a bit down that Ivy was chosen. I think there are too many factors.. her best friend is producing the show, she had sex with the director, she had a “spy” during the practices, etc. The script is definitely playing with making the audience dislike Ivy, I feel.
    I believe she will be thrown out. I believe that Debra Messing’s character saw something in the director when they were deciding. She knows something is up.
    As for Katherine’s character, I believe she is actually BECOMING Marilyn. I believe that is what will be come and what is the focus. She is from small-town, innocent, etc. She will struggle with many things. We’ve already seen it in the first two episodes.
    I am eager to see what else happens! I am definitely enjoying the show so far.

  39. Matthew says:

    LOVE this show so much…I like Ivy, but I think Karen would be better in the role. I like the adoption sub plot, but I understand they can’t talk about it all the time since a lot of adoption is just waiting and waiting. It will be exciting to see where the story takes the characters in the coming episodes and hopefully seasons :-)

  40. maria says:

    love the show, im a fan….its not over til its over..not happy about ivy getting the part but she is good..,.so do u pick experience or talent? Karen has the talent and ivy has the experrience i think they both could carry this off together…..btw i love love Marylin Monroe,,,,cant wait til next week

  41. Joe says:

    I am upset after watching the 2nd episode, because Ivy got the part. She is clearly just sleeping her way to the top, and has a guy on the inside getting her the part. Kat is clearly the better person for the part, and I would of enjoyed it more seeing her get it. I’ll continue watching to see what happens down the road, although my smash spirit is hurt a little bit!!

  42. Tee says:

    I thought after seeing the pilot that Ivy would get the leading role, but is pregnant, and Karen would eventually take over. Though now that I saw the second episode, maybe just got pregnant, instead of being pregnant already.

  43. PFitzDC says:

    Okay, consider me hooked!
    I liked the first episode a lot, but wasn’t sure how it was going to play as episodic tv. After Episode #2, I’m in for the whole ride. The writing is smart, the pacing is good, the characters are starting to become a little more complex. I’m not getting a sense that they are “dumbing” things down for a non-NY/non-theater audience. Notably, the dialogue about how most shows go through years of workshopping, and this will be different was good and honest acknowledgement of “we’re not in the real world” and even better, was grounded in character motivation [Eileen is desparate to prove herself post-divorce…]. Bring on the rest of the season!

  44. Melissa says:

    Ivy got the role because she couldn’t keep her legs closed and decided to sleep with the director.

  45. cherisse says:

    To me Kathrine is better for the part. Ivy, she is good but too much. Marilyn was soft and smooth like Katherine. To her style to her voice. Ivy voice is good but too loud for the character. Marilyn always was soft and kindhearted and never lost her girl next door appearance. Even though it was hidden from the world. But Ivy No NO NO NO HELL NO. She does not fit. Just because she knew things about her does not mean she would be good for the part. She tried toooo damn hard. Pretending she basically sneaked her way into the part. She was never genuine while Katherine character tried her best did whatever that was asked but “Ivy” still had everyone on her side. Experience don’t mean jack to me. It is all about passion and determination. Ivy had that but in a bad way while Kat had it passionately and sincerely which broke my heart that she did not get the part. I think she either get the part or get another big part offered to her. This is not over yet it is just beginning.

  46. Billl says:

    I’m enjoying this show and find the pacing and time line comfortableto follow. If picked up for S02, I would really enjoy seeing a revival put together (even if it isn’t “My Fair Lady”)

  47. BCL says:

    I actually really like Ivy and believe that she truly deserved the part. Karen is great, and has a great voice. But she’s not MARILYN. I could see her with a great leading role in another role, even something that she connects to the innocence just as much. She just doesn’t have the curves, and she doesn’t have Marilyn’s voice. Ivy on the other hand, IS Marilyn. There is the setback that she got the part because she slept with Derek, but I don’t think that that was the only reason she got the part. For one thing, she could have slept with him because she felt sparks there (even if that was not her only intention.) And as for his side, although the fact that she slept with him was a perk, I truly believe that over the course of the second episode it was made more clear that she was right for the part and although Karen is amazing, she isn’t amazing for this part. Through talking to Ivy (and also sleeping with her, but not simply by sleeping with her) I believe he changed his mind over what he thought would be right for the show. I’m really loving it and can’t wait for next week!

  48. christina says:

    I have been saying this all along.they both will b chosen as each has characteristics of Norma jean and marilyn

  49. Titina says:

    I am so hooked on this show!
    I love the chemistry between Derek and Karen. It´s just electric. Every time they are doing a scene together sparks fly. With Karen rejecting Derek constantly, down the road she will be the only one to break his barriers.
    I don´t think Derek is just this mean sleazy guy, there is something more underneath. I want to see the layers. He finally showed a bit of heart with his interaction with Eileen at the end of the episode. He does have a soft side but seems he works hard to hide it.
    Derek´s backstory must be very interesting, there is a reason why he is the person he is. Can´t wait! I am shipping Karen with Derek all the way. But it will take lots of time.

  50. TheDoctor says:

    I really don’t like that Ivy Lynn managed to get Marilyn. I really don’t like Ivy Lynn at all. She seems really bitchy, and on top of that her acting as Marilyn seemed really flat. Definitely nothing there. And the fact that she slept with the director makes it even worse because it shows she has no shame about anything. Really bad choice. Karen was a much better choice for the part.