Criminal Minds Exclusive First Look Photo, Plus Video: Hotch and Beth Are Gonna [Spoiler]!

This Wednesday on Criminal Minds (CBS, 9/8c), a ray of light will slip into Hotch’s regularly dark world when he and Beth, the museum curator (played by Dirty Sexy Money‘s Bellamy Young) whom he first met in a mid-December episode, kiss for the first time — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the moment right before their sweet clinch.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on the Return of Criminal Minds’ [Spoiler]

Giving even more magnitude to the moment — which comes at the close of this week’s typically intense hour, as they embark on their first full-on date — is the fact that it’s the first time Thomas Gibson‘s Agent Hotchner has locked lips with a woman since his ex-wife Haley (played by Meredith Monroe) died in Season 5, at the hands of serial killer George Foyet.

Beneath the photo, you’ll also find a clip of Hotch working his way around to finally asking Beth out. Cute stuff.

Criminal Minds Boss Weighs In on Hotch’s Love Life — Will Prentiss Ever Figure Into It?

Criminal Minds fans, are you pleased to see Hotch finally take this step with his personal life? 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. brenda says:

    I like Criminal Minds, but really folks – it’ s just a tv show. You know – pretend stuff.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Wow! Apparently the distress call, ( or H/P shippers “mating” call) has been sounded on Twitter and Tumblr. Seriously, how can such a small percentage of CM fans be so annoying? I really need to go back to not reading the comments on articles that I actually enjoy. I hope the season ends with Hotch and Beth having a HUGE wedding! If only to see whiny, petulant H/P shippers implode. Then, maybe those of us that actually enjoy ALL aspects of the show, can have some peace.

    • Linda says:

      Next time you are “not” reading the comments on the articles, could you also not write a comment?

      • Tiffany says:

        Nope, why should us sane fans be the only ones who are annoyed? Also, reading comprehension is your friend. What I said was, “I should”, not that I currently do not. Thanks for helping me to change my mind. I’ll have to make sure I comment to support my favorite show on each and every article.

  3. Ali Hart says:

    Yes, it’s sweet that Hotch has a love interest but this show has always been about crime and NOT romancy stuff. JJ and that cop only had a relationship because AJ was preggs in real life!

  4. CriminalMusings says:

    I will always ship Hotch and Emily but I understand why they can’t be canon. After a long time resisting, I finally watched the first Beth episode a couple weeks back and I must admit a) she’s cute and sweet and b) it’s REALLY nice to see Hotch so smiley. I can’t watch them together and not be happy. They’re adorable.

    • qwerty says:

      They are as adorable as Hotch and Strauss.

    • traitor says:

      SHAME ON YOU Carrie, you’re a traitor. The only reason why you and all Hotch “lovers” who were against this from the beginning are now OK with this idea is because you can see Thomas Gibson’s creepy smile more often.

      • OMFG says:

        and sooo true. These guys were soo vocal on twitter and tumblr about hating “Botch” and now suddenly they are probably bigger Beth fans than the Mess herself.

      • Tiffany says:

        Traitor? Seriously? Because she formed an independent opinion after actually WATCHING the footage. This right here is what gives your “ship” a bad name. I am aware that Criminal Musings is more than capable of fending for herself, but this really pisses me off. It’s a TV show people! Granted, one that I am a bit too invested in, but still… Now you are attacking a fellow shipper for having her own opinion. Pathetic!

    • TrollFaceJunior says:

      What drugs have you been on, darling?

  5. Tony says:

    How to be the Criminal Minds showrunner in 12 simple steps, by Erica Messer:
    1. Don’t listen to fans, listen to your own heart
    2. Tell viewers that Criminal Minds is NOT about romance.
    3. Introduce love interest for Hotch.
    4. Mention said love interest in every interview, chat, etc.
    5. Claim that you do not know what a “shipper” is.
    6. Gush over the “chemistry” Hotch/Beth have and how they are so fabulous together
    7. State Hotch/Prentiss will never happen
    8. State Hotch/Prentiss might happen but now is not the time since Prentiss is not ready
    9. Gush and ramble on more about Beth at ever given opportunity.
    10. Tell viewers that Season 7 is the best because the entire cast is back
    11. Ignore main cast and do not mention them in interviews, talk only about Beth
    12. Confuse the viewers by contradicting yourself
    13. Most importantly, do not, under any circumstances, listen to viewers. Remember even if the viewership sinks, my heart will go on and on.

    • Jessica says:

      14. Ruin everything Ed has done in 5 seasons, in 1.5 seasons.

    • CMFAN29 says:

      I totally agree. This Beth story has ruined the show CM. I cannot even watch anymore. I am not a huge shipper either. Keep romance off of CM. This Beth story is more pushed than ever. CM is not even recognizable anymore. I will never watch again.

  6. Jac says:

    NO! Absolutely NO! He belongs to Emily!

  7. Tabitha says:

    What has happened to the criminal minds from season 1 to 5! I’m definitely not a fan of getting to know the team personally, especially after 6 years. I would like to see the team interact with each other more before they start bringing in outsiders. And it would be great if the show could be more about the profiling, but the absolute cherry on the cake would be not knowing who the unsub is from the promo! Oh and Hotch’s love interest Bellamy Young not a fan, i’ve watched her in Dirty Sexy Money, her scenes made me cringe!

  8. Emily says:

    Not enjoying this story line at all. Sorry for being such a terrible fan.

    • Brandon says:

      Dislike Beth = people tell me to respect other people’s opinions.
      State my opinion that I don’t enjoy the direction Season 7 is going because I feel that it doesn’t capture the essence of the show = people tell me I am a terrible delusional hater who isn’t a true fan.
      I am beyond lost right now.

  9. Tiffany says:

    *sigh* I can’t tell you how much good it does me to see Hotch happy. If only for that (since we don’t really know anything else about her), I adore Beth. Let’s just hope she doesn’t make me angry by ruining it later. ;-)

  10. Tabitha says:

    Lol..so true!!

  11. Evil Genius says:

    Erica, you sly sly creature.
    I see what you are trying to do.
    By introducing Beth, and contradicting your statements about romance and H/P, you stir up wars in the fandom and then Criminal Minds gets more and more attention and viewers.
    Just one thing. You’re doing it wrong. Want more attention? Write a decent storyline. It’s not that hard, Ed did it for 5 seasons without causing an uproar.

  12. Ed is my king. says:

    Erica Messer made me realize that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ed Bernero. That man was brilliant.

  13. Troll says:

    These days, I feel that I basically know what happens for the next episodes solely from watching the promos.

  14. ladyjose says:

    I have actually stopped watching CM this season. I have loved the first 6 seasons yes I even loved season 6. But I hate this season and how it focusing so much at thier pirvate lifes, and personal stories. I checked this interview out to keepmy self updated on what was going on now…
    This Beth thing actully starts to remind me a little too much of the Hannah Burly arc in Bones season 6… Never before had a guest star who was only in a few episodes and scenes been talked so much about. And been praised like she was the best thing after sliced bread both by the writer and the actors, who just loved her, and loved to see Booth happy, and smiling.
    This line seems to be much the same…
    and I am not saying that as a hotly fan or something just as a mention of where we last saw a guest star being talked about and “loved” that much…
    but hey cheer up, hotly, Hotch/JJ, Hotch/Rossi, Hotch/Reid-fans she will most likely end up leaving just as Hannah did in Bones…

    • CM says:

      At least Hart Hanson had good and big enough eyes so see when the fandom wasn’t happy about the show and sent Hannah away and to never be heard about again. He is so embarrassed about that plot that he doesn’t even talk about it anymore.
      One can only wish for Erica Messer to be as good as Hart Hanson is, who is working on both shows at the same time and both shows are great.

      • ladyjose says:

        what do you mean with working on both shows at the same time?
        well he did do that but only after over half a season… and more or less all that was said about Bones from june to december was Hannah this and Hannah that. Oh how dear she is that wonderful Hannah.
        My guess Hannah could be Beth’s cusine…
        Really from interviews it seems like Messer is following the mistake of Hanson…
        As well as following the female mistake of thinking that the shows needs the personal angle, the one with silly love stories… and honestly non of the other romances on CM have ever been done like this… and at least did Will and Kevin have a role for the actually case plots when they were first intoduced, so they we saw them as a part of that then they first came on… Beth however actually does reminds me of Hannah in that way as she is just put in to be an romantic interest for some silly love story… but does not have anything to do what the show is about crime solving… just like Hannah never did… compeared to Sully, Hacker, Cathrine, Kate, Wexsler, who were all love-interests on Bones before…
        And that is the way to inkorporate a stupid love story if it is needed, let it be spun out of something involving a case. After all it is a hard core crime show not rookie blues (which is police version of Grey’s Anatomy), and I wish it had stayed that way.

        • CM says:

          Hart was working on both The Finder and Bones at the same time (until last Friday because The Finder is going into hiatus now) and neither of the shows suffered. The 7th season of Bones is great, B&B are finally together and having a baby and The Finder is not so bad either.
          Erica is ruining all the terrific work Ed made until season 5.

        • IheartRossi says:

          Hi Josie! IheartRossi in the CM fandom = hot4booth in the Bones fandom.
          I have seen some similarities between the two shows (CRIMINAL MINDS & BONES), as well. Last year, I called BONES the Booth and Hannah show. She came out of no where just to keep him and Brennan apart. Hannah was shallow and Booth turned into someone I didn’t like at all. I truly thought the show would end at the end of the season because I was certainly far from being the only fan who stopped watching for awhile. IMO, 2 things saved the show. 1) It became obvious that Hart (& Fox) realized his mistake when episodes were being rearranged and then they didn’t get the new contract for another season until May. 2) The change in time to air after AI upped the ratings.
          The one huge glaring difference: It was meant all long for BONES to put Booth and Brennan together. It was just a matter of when. In fact, I read somewhere that they were supposed to kiss in the season 5 premier and it was Fox who put the breaks on it… not Hart.
          Another difference is that Beth is not a part of every show. In contrast, on BONES, although Hannah wasn’t physically in every episode, she was still referred to in every episode she didn’t appear in. It truly became the Booth & Hannah show in my eyes.
          I didn’t like Beth in her first scene and it made me suspicious of her in her second scene in the first episode she appeared in. However, I think the preview for tomorrow’s episode is all kinds of adorable. I’m surprisingly looking forward to the kiss even though I will still write fanfiction for Hotch & Emily. It’s a fun alternative story in fanfiction. I’m not an exclusive H/P shipper. I like other ships, too. I think that’s because none of them are canon like Booth & Brennan were. So the imagination can run wild! Besides H/P, I like Hotch/JJ, Hotch/Rossi, Rossi/JJ, Morgan/Garcia and Morgan/Reid.

  15. What is going on? says:

    I don’t get it.
    Messer brings Rossi’s first wife back just to say that she is dying, and then she dies.
    Messer had the episode where JJ and Will had some tension in their relationship.
    Messer has Garcia and Kevin have a small spat and she and Morgan have their confused flirty thing.
    Messer brings in Beth and everything is so flirty and lovey-dovey between her and Hotch.
    One of these scenarios is not like the other…

  16. Spencer_Reid says:

    I am not happy about this at all. And before you go assuming things about me, I am NOT a Emily/Hotch shipper. I am not ANY shipper. I enjoy the show for the profiling, not Hotch kissing some girl who follows him on his jogs. That is just creepy and unbelievable. I would like to see Hotch happy some other way, not this way.

  17. JJEN says:

    I think everyone is being a little hard on Erica Messer. I really like when the episodes focus a bit more on the team’s personal life. It’s the cases that have been mediocre this season and EM isn’t the only one to blame considering she only wrote two episodes so far. The writers just need to find a way to produce great storylines for the characters without letting the case of the week suffer as a consequence.
    Regarding Beth, I haven’t seen enough of her to form an opinion yet. I don’t love her and I don’t hate her. I’m a JJ/Hotch fan and I’m still willing to give her a chance. Hotch needs some lovin’. :) The selfish shippery side of me hopes it doesn’t last too long though, lol.

  18. Justin says:

    All this hate for Beth is such bullcrap!! She’s been in one or two episodes for a total of maybe two minutes! What’s the big deal? I,for one, want Hotchner to be happy and have no problem if Beth does that for him. Keep Prentiss as a friend and co-worker, not lover. I like Prentiss, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and the formula the writers are using this season is working, so there’s simply nothing wrong to me. Look at the whole TIVA fiasco! That’s even worse! The very idea of those two as a couple is laughable.

  19. Kelsey says:

    I love the personal moment, like seeing Hotch happy, and would of been okay with it being Emily, too. I want to see them all happy with personal lives. I disagree that the team shouldn’t date each other, though. I met my spouse @ work & who would understand that lifestyle better than fellow BAU people? (even Kevin complained about Garcia’s schedule…and he’s FBI) If I had a ship, it would probably be Morgan Garcia. Definitely not sibling like!! No one talks to their sib like that-try it; call your brother Hot Stuff and your sister Baby Girl. Lol…I got a weird look for trying!

  20. Purple Scarf says:

    Ugh. Not interested in any romance storylines at all on this show. I fell in love with CM way back in the days of S1 and revelled in it being free of the romance/shipping nonsense that has ruined other good shows – here’s looking at you NCIS. So, no, I’d much prefer to see a return to the quality of writing this show used to have in S1-4, rather than see any silly soap opera romance storylines added because the current writers seemingly cannot deliver the psychologically insightful, dark (yet not gratuitously violent as has been the case in S6 and this year), gripping, well written scripts we were treated to in S1-4/some of S5 and so resort to soap opera storylines instead.

  21. Stefanie says:

    Personally I am a Prentiss/JJ shipper. With that said if they ever got together on TV I would actually die. This is NOT Greys Anatomy nor NCIS. This is Criminal Minds and if any of the characters (main) got together it would be a disaster. Secondly its okay for each character to have a little bit of a story line with other characters. Garcia has Kevin, JJ has Will, Hotch can cetainly have Beth. I do not want any of the characters to start having long dates we have to watch because this is a show on profiling but it is alright to have some personal stories so we can see more to them and therefore like the character all the better. But I do agree with one thing, they need to stop showing the UNSUB in the promo. It is getting really annoying.

  22. Nicole says:

    OMG for goodness sake.. I think it is great that Hotch has some happiness away from work.. he suffered a terrible loss and is now ready to move on.. it may not be forever with her but it gets him back in the dating game… I really dont think Beth has been rammed down our throats.. she has only been on once so far and the 2nd time next week…Kevin and Will have been seen more than that and when both of these relationships started we heard alot about them.. As for not wanting to see personal lives I think I would rather see these tidbits of their loves than the eps where is ends with the plane in the air and a quote.. it makes the darkness of some of the eps not so bad… I for one and extremely happy on the way they are doing the eps at the moment and yes I would like to see several characters together eventually but until then I am happy to watch this FAMILY bond together at the end of a very hard day..


    JJ has Will
    Rossi has his bic pens, his huge mansion with the stainless steel kitchen
    Garcia has Kevin AND Morgan
    Hotch has his stalkerish flirty gal Beth
    Reid has his Doctor Who conventions and that keyboard thing he bought in the episode with Doyle
    And Prentiss has … a cat. ok so Sergio is really adorable but seriously Prentiss needs some human loving! In a chat the writer said that she just got stabbed and needs some time… Hotch got stab and he’s back in the game…granted its been 2 seasons but not only did he get stabbed, he lost the love of his life.
    So c’mon MESS,

  24. Deedee says:

    What a rotten way to betray your most loyal fans, Erica Messer. You talk out of both sides of your mouth then you continue to force Beth down our throats.
    You’ve already given all the best lines to the unsubs/guest stars with the throwaway lines for the cast. Now you stab Hotch/Prentiss fans squarely in the back with what was promised to be a season for the fans with the return of Paget and AJ. Prentiss deserves those scenes with Hotch, and Paget Brewster deserves way better than she’s been getting from you and the CM writers. Breen Frazier is the only writer who does the main characters justice.
    We would have been happy with no romance rather than this forced, contrived, pathetic intrusion of this Beth character. This is all fiction: canon, fanon, smanon; you can do what you want to do on a fictional TV show. You dangled a possible Hotch/Prentiss hook-up one week then you immediately shove Beth down our throats again the next.
    This emotional roller coaster is no fun for loyal fans; and I’m sure the other characters on the show would appreciate a little attention.
    I’m more than a little disgusted with the back-and-forth and the nonsensical attention to Beth. STOP SCREWING WITH MY SHIP! You and Rick Dunkle have given us the middle finger one too many times. I have had enough. I’m getting off this train wreck.

  25. Kevin says:

    You crazy Beth haters a.k.a. crazy shippers (there are some sane ones out there so I don’t want to lump them all together) do realize that Erica Messer isn’t quoted once in this article don’t you?
    You sound like a bunch of toddlers throwing a tantrum. Don’t ever wonder why normal fans despise the crazy shippers. You’re lepers. Too bad we can’t find a colony to banish all of you to.
    Please stop threatening to quit watching and just go away! Nobody cares if you go away. In fact we’d all celebrate the fact that you went away.
    Did you have this much heartburn with the scenes of Hotch’s life with Haley? No, I’m sure you didn’t. Why is this any different? The show has always shown little bits and pieces of the characters personal lives. You’re just making up excuses to hate on it because you’ve been watching the show for something that has never been happening and that never will happen. You should stop watching the show if the only reason you tune in is to make believe Hotch and Prentiss have eyes for one another.
    If you’d pull your heads out of your shipper butts, you’d realize that the promotion has been about Hotch, not Beth. Hotch is a huge fan favorite and fans get excited to hear and read things about him. It just so happens that right now everything about Hotch includes his new love interest.

  26. Pam says:

    I don’t get all the fuss with the whole Beth storyline…it takes up a couple of minutes every now and then. I think it is great for Hotch and definitely in character for him. The first time we see Hotch on screen he is happy and joking around. I think it is a natural progression of his character to finally move on and try to find some happiness. He always seemed like a family man despite his job always getting in the way. Now he is raising a little boy and that definitely changes a person’s attitude. If he continued to sulk around and be miserable all the time, what kind of life would he be giving his son. He made a promise to Haley and it appears he is doing his best to live up to that. We saw how hard it was in Bittersweet Science for him to even agree to the bike ride in the first place. That clip shows him struggling to deal with his feelings again and is perfect.
    I have watched the show since the first episode and am glad they are finally giving us a bit more into the personal lives of the characters as that was always the one problem I had with the show. I’m not sure everyone feels that way, but all of my friends that watch it have said the same thing. I have found this season to be very good and am looking forward to the second half being just as good.
    Anyway, just my two cents. Keep up the good work Erica. I for one will be anxiously awaiting Wednesday’s episode.

  27. Maddie says:

    You know you’re right, Kevin. Hotch is a huge fan favorite and everything right now is about his new love interest. Never mind the cottage industry of Hotch/Prentiss videos, tumblr pages and fan-fiction that was started and passionately continued in support of Paget Brewster, Thomas Gibson and Criminal Minds. I guess that devotion and support isn’t much to sacrifice just to see Hotch smile with the interloper,Beth, as if he never smiled before with Emily.
    It’s funny though, an emotional investment isn’t as easy to retrieve once that connection is broken. Whether it’s Messer, CBS or Gibson himself, who thought it was wise to betray parts of its fan base, once those ties are severed, it will be difficult to get that passion and loyalty back.

    • SweetFaced says:


    • Kevin says:

      I think that you H/P shippers need to get over yourselves. You don’t even represent 1% of the fan base and why on earth would you feel like your personal obsession with two characters somehow entitled you to special treatment or consideration from the producers and actors? Honestly, do you ever listen to yourselves and how silly you sound because trust me, people, including those affiliated with Criminal Minds, are laughing at you.

  28. KFH says:

    I love the Hotch/Prentiss ship – but only in fan fiction. I would never want it to happen on the show. Hotch is the team leader. He would never date a subordinate. He’s not Grissom. He’s way to professional for that. And I think he and Beth are cute together. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop reading Hoth/Prentiss stories though. Because it’s all pretend anyway.

    • TrollFaceJunior says:

      But why would he marry again if in the first place his marriage failed because of his job? Given his nature, would he want to go through the whole pain of it and the possibility of endangering her with his type of job dealing with psychos? I would have thought that his main focus is to be a good father and a good boss first.

      • Michael says:

        His first marriage failed because his wife was a selfish bitch who only care about herself and not her family

        • Daisy says:

          Oh really if Haley was a bitch, what does that make Hotch a ex-wife killer. He gets a unsub to make her and Jack his target, doesn’t tell the rest of the team and sticks her in a witness protection programme to fend for herself. That’s selfish even when she ask foe his help in the hospital. The only reason he did it was to get custody of his son and get the house back from her. Lets just hope this new girlfriend is obedient like a dog and he does have her put her to death like Haley. If Hotch is a wonderful dad why does he continually put his work before his child, Hotch and Haley had marriage problems because she wanted Jack to know his father and his job wasn’t allowing it, then suddenly after her death Hotch starts to manage both fine that’s BS and shows the writers can’t write a decent storyline. If anyone is a BITCH it’s Erica Messer for alway portraying women in a negative way.

          • Tiffany says:

            Daisy…Slowly step away from the crack pipe.

          • Michael says:

            The Job comes first always beside if Hotch stay home like Haleythen how would they feed jack how woul Haley be able to be a stay at home mom and DO HER JOB AS THE MOTHER.
            The Truth is Haley didn’t love Jack she love herself

      • IheartRossi says:

        I have a theory that won’t be popular. Hotch & Beth might be a set up for the future when Thomas Gibson leaves the show. For his character to leave the BAU, it would need to be something life altering. I think leaving for Beth and Jack would be it considering it was his job that cost him Haley. He wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.
        I’m not saying I want him to leave. It’s just inevitable. I won’t be watching when he does leave because it wouldn’t be CM anymore for me.

  29. Ella says:

    I just want Hotch and Emily :(

  30. Jeff says:

    Haha, the authors have solely created her for Hotch so she can have sex with him. Do we get to see a steamy sex scene? The main message is – Beth makes him happy, the perfect woman (she’s the holy grail) and the light for him. The team, his work, and yes even Jack makes him sad – the dark side. What a mess! And a tone shift and character change in the show. It’s in the power of the showrunner – and since TG (driving force behind it?) too wants this for his character, my power as a viewer is – I only can accept this or not. No more no less.

  31. christine says:

    I noticed, Beth has the same human physical appearance like Emily. Is that the reason and purpose they choose B. Young? It would be much more easily if they had chosen a different type of woman. Really, I don’t know should I see this as a deliberate punishment for the H/P shippers or a signal Hotch simply starts a sex-relationship with her because he can’t approach Emily like this. And I agree it’s a tone shift in the show, Morgan/Garcia shower towel and now Hotch’s first dates and sweet kisses. Ahm, and what’s about solving cases, catching criminals and more important the team interactions?

  32. Tiecollector says:

    Isn’t it great how much discussion Hotch/Beth are provoking – best ad for the show! :))
    I love it that Hotch has found someone. After the nightmarish things he went through it’s great to see him a bit more relaxed and on his way towards more happiness in his life. And I very much like awkward Hotch;-), the writers and producers of the show, and TG himself, obviously “get” the character as they don’t show him as the new dating guru but as a person who slowly learns to trust again and is taking small steps towards keeping the promise he made in his last phone call with Haley.

    • tyron says:

      obviously this was not achieved – to get across to viewers his character. Otherwise there would be no controversial discussion about it. And it would be crystal clear to everyone. Best ad for the show, only when you stand for the opinion any publicity and propaganda is good. As for me, my opinion isn’t formed about it, it’s to early and the teasers and spoilers only made me distant…

    • MrsTroller says:

      Hotch and Haley were divorced right? Why?

      • tyron says:

        after 20 years of marriage, she left him because he was not willing to give up his job and accept of a transfer as she wished and requested. Their relationship-commitment ended with the divorce S3 and so did their love. At the beginning of S5 it was then suddenly displayed as like both have still loved each other and an other reason (Foyet) would keep them apart and not her walk out on him, the divorce and end of love. The story always had his loopholes ;) We have a exaggeration/hyperbole for Hotch’s love life.

  33. marley says:

    ok, it’s over. I stop watching CM. The show gets really ridiculous. I hate the actress. And I think another character qu’hotch deserves also a love story. Reid, Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi??

  34. MrsTroller says:

    Maybe Season 9 will be the grand finale!!!!! Hotch marries Beth, Will marries JJ and Kevin marries Garcia!! A triple wedding scene and then an unsub plants a bomb on their wedding plane and poof, all gone!

    • Get Real says:

      Well my fantasy is that it ends this season….. Hotch and Beth will have three children(triplets two boys and a girl named Haley)to give Jack siblings…and we get to see Hotch coming home every evening to his loving family and we’ll see him smile because he has been blessed after all the agony in his life…and then we’ll see Rossi playing at being the good uncle, babysitting the kids while Hotch and Beth get away for the night…I hope they devote and entire episode to their love….and they should title the episode “Remember when this show used to be Criminal Minds”.

  35. Ali says:

    The scene is sweet and so are Hotch and Beth.
    Hotch’s arc has always been – since the very first episode – the balance between his work and his personal life and it’s actually the only arc the writers have managed to follow through with some consistency. Beth is another block in this arc and it’s progressing nicely while keeping Hotch very much in character.
    And please, there have NEVER been any hints about any feelings between Hotch and Prentiss in the show or even some personal connection between the characters. If anything, apart from Rossi, the only character that Hotch had some rapport with – not romantically – had always been JJ. Even Garcia has a better rapport with Hotch than Prentiss. As for Emily, she always seemed closer with Morgan and Rossi.
    Anyway, all this hate is really way out of proportion about a storyline that will get 2-3 minutes every now and then.
    And honestly, if there is anything to be mad about that’s the other 38 or so minutes of story between these scenes. What CM is really lacking is some serious profiling – well any profiling would be nice. And less, much much less unsub doing the crimes…
    We recently saw the “milestone” 150th episode and the sad truth is the only milestone about the episode was that there was ZERO profiling! The episode ended and we never learned anything about the 2 unsubs or the psychology of the victims.
    Even the small focus on Prentiss was contrived and boring.

    • Rickrolled says:

      Erica the Messer said that Hotch/Prentiss are more “organic” than Hotch/JJ if ever there were an office romance.

      • Ali says:

        I never talked about romance between Hotch/JJ – and I really don’t want to see any romantic relationship between the members of this team which I believe will totally ruin the feel and rhythm of the show – although to have an “organic” romantic relationship you really have established some personal connection between the characters. And they never showed us anything but a good but formal professional relationship between Hotch and Prentiss.
        On the other hand, Hotch and JJ at least have had a few personal conversations – and I stress again personal not romantic – and even as back as season 1 they seemed very much in synch with each other.
        And really, chemistry between characters, it’s all in the eye of the beholder, some see it, others don’t.
        As for Messer’s interviews she also said back in the summer that Hotch and JJ have a bond that doesn’t come along very often, so I wouldn’t put much stock in these kind of statements.
        But as I said the problem with CM is not Beth or if any team members will or won’t hook up. This is just a symptom. Because the show has lost all focus on what these characters should be doing in the first place… and that is profiling. Too much showing us what the unsub is doing instead of the team looking for the psychology behind the crimes.
        If they kept doing interesting, thought provoking stories, all this nonsense would be just background noise…

        • jsfromsc says:

          Totally agree with you, Ali. They’ve lost what made the show different from other crime shows, the profiling. Way too much focus on the unsubs and not enough profiling. I do like seeing backstory and personal bits about the characters but not in the form of romance. Erica is clueless. And now with Paget leaving, I don’t know what will become of CM. If MGG doesn’t renew his contract, they may as well call it quits.

  36. Jennifer says:

    I have always loved the unspoken chemistry between Hotch and Emily. There is no doubt that there is mutual admiration for each other judging from their ability to read each other’s minds (like train station scene in S6). As what Erica Messer said in previous TVLine interview, they didn’t go the Prentiss route now as she isn’t ready. She also hinted that it could happen. Which means that they actually did think about exploring the possibility of a special relationship between Hotch and Emily. I still think it’s too early to know how Beth figures in all of these. Hotch might not even end up married to her. So no worries, H/P fans!

  37. P&B says:

    Message to Erica Messer;
    Please Erica give Prentiss a out of the team love interest be it a man or a woman, don’t care which, so this will shut up the few shippers that are crying on every forums they can find about how ‘the show is now ruined!’ because Hotch and Emily are not together!
    thanks A Long time fan who enjoy the show for what it is and not what I wish it was.

    • tolerance says:

      and how would you assess your own behavior here? Is it distinguished from those crying fans of the show? You want to shut up those fans? The difference I read here, you’re communicating on a personal level about them, while those others do it on a tv-show on fictional characters. Ring a bell?

      • P&B says:

        yes, I and I am sure others are tired of the same old ‘Beth takes all the place’, ‘Erica talks only about Beth’ etc… Beth don’t take all the place she had one freaking scene so far! Erica talks about what the journalists ask her about and in turn those journalists ask what the fans ask them. Also talking about Erica’s agenda with the Beth storyline, why not talk about the h/p shippers agenda? They are the one who keep pushing for the Hotch and Prentiss thing even if they have known from season one episode one that there will never be any intra team romance but do they listen to what all the writers, Bernero, Messer, Brewster and Gibson have been telling them all those years? No they are not. How often should Paget Brewster tells them that the day Hotch and Prentiss gets together will be the day CM jumps the shark?

  38. Baroness says:

    I’ve never understood ‘shipping’ and have always just watched a show because I like what I see onscreen. I guess if I like a show enough to watch it, I don’t feel the need to make up relationships that don’t exist. But then, I also don’t read romance novels.
    I think a relationship of some sort is perfectly normal for Hotch at this point. I know I would want someone to spend time with, to laugh with, to enjoy life with, and yes to get it on with, and I wouldn’t want it to be one of my coworkers.
    Having said that, I would really like to see less of the lives of the main cast (no more Super!Spy! storylines, EVER), less of the unsubs (there is zero mystery when you show the unsub in the opening scene!), less violence (make me afraid to turn off my lights at night again as opposed to being afraid to eat my dinner during the show), more profiling, and team interaction dealing with said profiling. I miss the old Criminal Minds a lot. :-(

  39. MWK says:

    I am happy for Hotch, he deserves a chance to have fun and sex and a life after the death of his wife two years ago. A quick few seconds of him and the new girl having fun is okay with me.

  40. cal says:

    I don’t understand why people are surprised by Erica Messer, after all she the same person that was firing all the female cast the previous seasons, so what made people think she become a better person. Not a big fan of hotch and Emily getting together but not a fan of this stupid romance either. Maybe the writers will have Beth put down like Haley as well.

  41. cal says:

    I think you will find that ed bernero, simon mirren and Erica messer were all instrumental in the changes last year, that’s why ed and simon left after cbs decided to undo the changes. After watching the latest season you can understand why they disassociated themselves from the show and the OC writer is definitely a bad choice for a replacement.

    • Dave says:

      Wrong, Ed Bernero left to try to save Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior , at CBS request, after the initial showrunner Chris Mundy was fired by CBS. Ed also has now his own production company and he couldn’t run this and a show like CM anymore. Simon Mirren left CM for a big contract with Sony where he can developed his own projects. When he left CM he did tweet why he left, basically Sony’s deal was too good to say no to.

  42. Rebecca says:

    I’ve read some of these comments and they’re all saying that Beth is being shoved down your throats and the show is all about Hotch and Beth … I’ve only heard about her on 7×10 and now this episode – I live in the UK and unfortunately can’t watch the spoiler :/
    The thing is is that at the end of the day characters need to develop and so having Beth incorparated into it is a good thing – we’ve seen Garcia and Kevin having an argument causing Garcia to think that her and Morgan slept together , Rossi and the 3 episodes it took for his ex-wife storyline , Will and JJ’s problems so why should Hotch and Beth not have screen time ? We’ve also seen Emily fall apart , Reid on 7×02. Get a grip people he can’t be alone forever and maybe Erica won’t put Hotch and Prentiss together because it’s too much of a risk. I personally like that it shows us more of their personal lives and that Hotch has a love interest that’s lasted more than 1 episode … unlike with Reid’s

  43. Get Real says:

    There are a number of us that are not happy with the direction that the show has taken, it does not matter if you are shippers or just hate that the general context of the show has not been focused on the un-subs or the team. My advice is not to watch this episode…the only thing that Erica Messer and TPTB are concerned about is ratings and you can make your voices heard by not giving this episode your vote. If you continue to watch sub-par episodes all you do is em-power them to continue feeding us crap.

    • Jim says:

      Analyzing Data is tricky: demographic ratings 18-49 is important for whom? The network and advertiser. It’s where the money rolls. Networks earn their money here (booked advertising) and advertiser know their “advertising” is seen by the most wanted possible customer target group (it has psychological reasons why it’s the most wanted target). Total viewers is the number how many have watched. Including those who do not belong in this group. TV Show Executives targets this most wanted group (18-49) to be renewed and not get cancelled. This year CM is overall good in this group, if I’m not wrong btw. 3.2 – 3.7 low/high, but it’s a fact too on the way there it has lost viewers (total viewers). And with a bunch of marketing gurus they know this, they just don’t care, or in marketing lingo those are labeled as the waiver customer. As long CM gets a 18-49 rating above 2.8 I’m sure they will be renewed. Though this ratings says nothing about the quality of the show. I did enjoyed watching CM with my wife, thouhg some how this years we both miss the good old profiling values and deeper look into the criminal minds and minds (IC10 disorders). Personally, I would prefer they focus on this and teaminteractions/teambuilding more than showing odd Hotchner’s hook-up.

      • jsfromsc says:

        Yes! They’ve introduced some good ideas and then dropped them. I was hoping we’d get more insight into the near-death experiences so many of them have had after “Epilogue.” That would be something I’d love to hear them discuss, share and bond over. The thing with Reid’s headaches was dropped like a hot potato. Where was the explanation for them? (even though I’m sure they wrote that in as a means to explain his departure if he didn’t renew his contract) I’d have loved to have seen more of the grief counseling when they thought Emily was dead and more of the process of getting over the experience when she returned. That’s what I’d like to see with the team, not kissing. When you watch the earlier seasons, there’s a quality to the writing and the production that is clearly missing these days. So sad.

  44. cal says:

    I think you will find you are wrong Dave, the show changes were beginning to happen in season five as AJ was release from her contract straight away in season 6. Suspect behaviour was an add on to CM and like all spin off Ed would have been responsible for both shows just like Jerry Bruckheimer is responsible for all the CSI. It was mid season of 6 when CBS finally caved in to bring Paget back that they both decided to realise statements of leave especially with the amount of abuse they got on the CBS forum. I think the tweets were just away of saving face.

    • Michael says:

      What! are you talking about
      Paget didn’t come back midseason she LEFT midseason it was JJ they brought back and then over the summer Paget was brought back

  45. mcgarrygirl78 says:

    I love Beth personally. I love seeing Hotch have a little light outside of the darkness of his job. Other BAU members have lives and he should as well. I love seeing him smile and I’m all about this scenario. I thought I would have to wait until episode 7×16 to see Beth again, imagine my happiness that I only have to wait until tomorrow. This is a good thing and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. I’ve been loving Season 7 of Criminal Minds.

  46. LoyalHotch/PrentissFan says:

    Criminal Minds has long bastardized canon; and a Hotch/Prentiss relationship has long been hinted at. This Beth story line has been a disaster and a manipulation because Hotch has been made a dismal character through dismal writing, but even with that, Emily has been able to make him smile.
    I’ll be glad to see Beth go. This story had cast a black cloud over this entire season. I looked forward to the focus on the characters and their personal lives; but never expected to be betrayed by Messer and the writers. This could have been a wonderful season; instead, they’ve made it a dismal one so far.

  47. Mary says:

    Doesnt anyone find it interesting how Beth and Hotchner met? Coincidence? Personally, I wonder if perhaps she is related to Foyet or a former criminal Hotch took care of and she is seeking revenge…

  48. p says:

    i hate beth. love interests take too much time… plus i crush on hotch so i dont wanna c her ugly face near his haha

  49. Sue L. says:

    Hotch deserves some happiness but I don’t like this actress. I have never seen her before but there is something I don’t like about her.

    • jsfromsc says:

      I haven’t seen her in anything else, either, but I’m convinced it’s the writing that makes this character obnoxious. In Hotch’s relationship with Haley, he was the one who spotted her in the drama club and joined so he could get to know her. He was the one who decided she was the woman he wanted to marry and pursued a relationship with her that culminated in marriage. With Beth, she spotted him, stalked him, approached him, suggested they train together, said they’d have coffee after biking. She prompted the date by saying, “Aaron Hotchner, are you asking me out on a date?” She kissed him before the date even began. She is the clear aggressor and I hate her doing it and I hate Hotch being so submissive. But, again, it’s the writing and not the fault of the actress. I do not want to see this relationship develop. I want her to fade into oblivion.

    • Dixie says:

      Sue – I thought I was the only one. There is something about Ms. Young that just repulses me. Then they go and cast her in my favorite show? Please send her back to Scandal and keep her there. Even a guest appearance for this actress will ruin the entire season for me.

  50. CriminalMusings says:

    Hotch/Prentiss shipper till the day I die, but Beth and Hotch are adorable. I can deal with a canon ship and a non-canon ship. Still not crazy about Hotch taking time away from Jack but seeing him happy and giggly makes me feel better. I keep rewatching the Beth and Rossi scenes from 7×14 and giggling like a little girl. Now that you’ve made me like her, Erica & co., keep her around?

    • traitor says:

      SHAME ON YOU Carrie, YOU’RE A TRAITOR. The only reason why you and all Hotch “lovers” who were against this from the beginning are now OK with this idea is because you can see Thomas Gibson’s creepy smile more often. I’m ashamed to have you as a part of the “Hotly” fandom, as you call them. It’s people like you who make me lose my faith in humanity. People who say something now and an hour later are saying the complete opposite. Tell me Carrie, are you like that in your private life as well? Because if you are, you are one truly hateful person. I would hate to meet you, much less to have you as a friend.