Criminal Minds Exclusive First Look Photo, Plus Video: Hotch and Beth Are Gonna [Spoiler]!

This Wednesday on Criminal Minds (CBS, 9/8c), a ray of light will slip into Hotch’s regularly dark world when he and Beth, the museum curator (played by Dirty Sexy Money‘s Bellamy Young) whom he first met in a mid-December episode, kiss for the first time — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the moment right before their sweet clinch.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on the Return of Criminal Minds’ [Spoiler]

Giving even more magnitude to the moment — which comes at the close of this week’s typically intense hour, as they embark on their first full-on date — is the fact that it’s the first time Thomas Gibson‘s Agent Hotchner has locked lips with a woman since his ex-wife Haley (played by Meredith Monroe) died in Season 5, at the hands of serial killer George Foyet.

Beneath the photo, you’ll also find a clip of Hotch working his way around to finally asking Beth out. Cute stuff.

Criminal Minds Boss Weighs In on Hotch’s Love Life — Will Prentiss Ever Figure Into It?

Criminal Minds fans, are you pleased to see Hotch finally take this step with his personal life? 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    I’m happy for Hotch, even though I’ve always shipped him and Emily. :)

    • Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

      I just started shipping them, but I think Hotch and Emily are so perfect together.

    • danielle newbery says:

      i am so happy for Hotch,he did such a great job raising Jack after Haleys terrible death and i think enough times gone by and Haley would want him to be happy.As long as this woman is good for Jacks life..new episode cant wait!i LOVE this show:D

    • Saint Alicia says:

      This whole Beth agenda is so bogus. Thanks Messer, definitely NOT tuning in for this. Keep writing Hotch OOC, putting him with the most insipid love interest, an unrealistic + time consuming hobby etc. Nevermind believability; when does Beth move in to start babysitting Jack full-time? That’s what she’s there for right? To be a much-needed “baby mama”…

      • P&B says:

        The Beth agenda? Yeah right! and Hotch OOC? since when? because he is moving on two years after Haley died? OOC because he is doing what he promised Haley he would do, show Jack that love is the most important thing? OOC because what he is smiling when he was smiling often when Haley was around. Why is that love interest in unrealistic? Hotch meeting someone at a club would be unrealistic or Hotch dating a subordinate would be unrealistic. And you must not have paid attention much, Hotch ‘time consumming’ hobby is done during his lunch break.
        Really some people should watch ALL the episodes and then they would get CM and not just read fanfiction.

    • Delta says:

      I’m happy for Hotch too, he deserves to be happy. :)

    • Brian says:

      Not pleased with this at all. Beth is not required to make Hotch happy, and all this does is take away from the case/teamwork/profiling, which has been sorely lacking since season 5.

      • P&B says:

        Of course the Beth storyline is taking too much screentime from cases but not the Will and JJ storyline or the Garcia and Kevin or Garcia and Morgan or Rossi and his ex wife or Hotch and Haley storylines.
        CM always did have time for the life of the team members outside work nothing new here, been done since Season 1 episode one with Hotch and Haley in their bedroom setting up the baby bed and them talking about baby names and then kissing.

    • Carol says:

      Thought for the day–He loved his wife very much, too. But they had been divorced for several years before her death. He may encounter the same issues in this relationship that he did with Hayley–his job and the dark side of his nature that emerges. Also, this is the first woman he has dated in years. Yeah, he can be sweet. But he is also a very passionate person and I would expect that when he meets the right woman, there will be no hesitance or uncertainty on his part at all. And who knows what Beth wants out of this relationship? So, day at a time, folks. And, meanwhile, back at the Unsub….

  2. Kaleigh says:

    Aww that is so sweet. Cannot wait to see Hotch happy and with some romance in his life… It’s about time.. And Beth looks really nice

  3. LucyT says:

    Really pleased for Hotch. Will be good to see him outside of the BAU and not so serious… Looking forward to the episode tomorrow

  4. Birdie says:

    Absolutely not happy about this. According to Erica Messer that makes me a bad Criminal Minds fan. Sorry, guess I am.

    • Shepherd says:

      Well see, you just have to drink the koolaid like everyone else! All Messer can do is praise Beth in interviews and talk about how lovely and wonderful she will be for Hotch (though that remains to be seen). Can’t just let people come to that conclusion on their own–gotta TELL them what to think. That’s what being a showrunner is all about!

      • Tony says:

        How to be the Criminal Minds showrunner in 12 simple steps, by Erica Messer:
        1. Don’t listen to fans, listen to your own heart
        2. Tell viewers that Criminal Minds is NOT about romance.
        3. Introduce love interest for Hotch.
        4. Mention said love interest in every interview, chat, etc.
        5. Claim that you do not know what a “shipper” is.
        6. Gush over the “chemistry” Hotch/Beth have and how they are so fabulous together
        7. State Hotch/Prentiss will never happen
        8. State Hotch/Prentiss might happen but now is not the time since Prentiss is not ready
        9. Gush and ramble on more about Beth at ever given opportunity.
        10. Tell viewers that Season 7 is the best because the entire cast is back
        11. Ignore main cast and do not mention them in interviews, talk only about Beth
        12. Most importantly, do not, under any circumstances, listen to viewers. Remember even if the viewership sinks, my heart will go on and on.

        • sadtroll says:

          You know, it’s you delta bravos that are going looking for showrunner comments. They’re not coming over to your house and ramming Beth down your throat.
          And not for nothing but people tend to be whiney about change and new things so maybe cut a producer some slack when they think a new character is starting out behind the 8-ball and could use some push.

          • Tiffany says:

            Most intelligent comment I’ve read on this article. Glad to see there are still intelligent fans out there. :)

        • maximumtrollingacheived says:

          ^ BEST THING EVER. Especially loving #10 and #11

        • IheartRossi says:

          LOL! Found this to be funny, sad and true.

        • Brendan says:

          Just because they aren’t listening to you specifically doesn’t mean they aren’t listening to the viewers, it means they’re listening to the viewers (like myself) who disagree with you…

        • P&B says:

          Maybe Erica Messer is mention Beth in every articles because journalists are asking her about it in every articles.
          And just because some don’t like the Beth storyline don’t mean others don’t like it.

  5. Isabel says:

    Really happy about it. Let the man have some fun!

  6. SayNoToBotch says:

    I hate Beth mainly because she’s taken over Season 7 of Criminal Minds. Erica Messer has spent more time on this character than on Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan and Dave Rossi, characters the fans actually want to see on the show. Instead we get Blah Beth in her Blah Romance with Hotch. For a show NOT about romance, Erica Messer sure is focused on it.

    • Michael says:

      Really you do know these is the 2nd time we have seen beth in over 3 months you must really hate NCIS because all we get there is Tiva

    • dee says:

      WHAT are you talking about? She’s been in ONE SCENE so far this season. One. Maybe in your fantasy world it’s all about Beth, that is absolutely NOT the reality.

    • CM4ever says:

      Wow, she’s had two small scenes so far this season. You’re absolutely right – she has taken over Season 7. This is sarcasm, thought maybe I should point that out since you seem to have a skewed sense of reality. Give it s rest, you don’t like her because in some fantasy world you live in, Hotch can’t possibly be with anyone other than Emily.

      • Cindy S says:

        Please, that’s how the whole Seaver mess started remember? Oh She’s only going to be in one episode, no, four eposide arc, ops she’s the new agent but she’s not replcing JJ or Emily. Sheesh.
        p.s. I dont mind relatonship or romance I like JJ, Rossi and Gracia’s but some like Morgan and what’s her name last season and Hotch and Emily-look-alike just dont interest me, they feel contrive and do not contribute anything to the story.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      But that’s to be expected. Hotch apparently can’t smile or have “brightness” in his life without her. So it’s really a boon to have her here.

    • Spencer_Reid says:

      Just so everyone knows, I am pretty sure SaynotoBotch doesn’t mean Beth has taken over the show, on the screen. I think she means that Erica talks about her so much. And I would agree with SaynotoBotch. Have any if you noticed how in most of the episodes Erica writes, Reid has a total of 5 lines in the whole episode? She wrote “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”, which I liked, but there was very uneven screentime for the characters. Erica either doesn’t like the character, or she just can’t write for Reid. And if you go back and read the interviews Erica has done, you may notice that Beth is mentioned in quite a few of them.

      • Brendan says:

        Reid is one of my favorite characters on all of TV, so I hear you, but it is a show with an ensemble cast, and everyone is going to be a nonfactor in an episode here and there. And there’s nothing wrong with her being excited about a particular storyline; each writer has 3 episodes a year, right? So Beth actually makes up a decent portion of what she herself is writing, even if it’s only a handful of scenes.

        • Spencer_Reid says:

          Yeah, but there is a difference between excited about a character and complete obsession with a character too though. She said in one interview we will all accept Beth eventually. That is also what they said with Seaver, and that didn’t work out too well. And I understand what you mean about an ensemble cast, but after season 6, Reid deserved a lot more screen time this season. He had his episode “Corazon” on season 6, and the rest were mostly Reid and Hotch in the background. I don’t think Beth has had that much screen time, and I actually prefer it that way, but media wise, I have heard too much about her.

        • Amy says:

          Are you kidding me? So much of this show has been dedicated to Spencer Reid. We have the most backstory on him, we know about his family, and his struggles. I like Reid, but come on…it’s finally time to learn a little about the other character’s and put Reid’s life on the backburner for once.

          • Dana says:

            Just my two cents, I don’t have a single problem with Beth and Hotch and I’m looking forward to seeing a little more of her in episode 14 and 16.
            But to say that Reid has taken over the show and that other characters didn’t have the opportunity to develop because of him…it’s jut not true in the slightest.
            Maybe you didn’t notice but Reid has already been left in the backburner since season five.
            He only gets one centric episode per season these last three years (‘The uncanny Valley’, ‘Corazon’ – which was aborted – and ‘True Genius’ – there aren’t any plans to give him anything else for this season).
            As for other characters developing : JJ has been given much more material to work with this season and was already developing more in season five – Hotch had the whole Foyet storyline and has his story with Beth (which I throughly enjoy) – Prentiss got the six episodes arc with Doyle in season six, and it had deep ramifications this season too (‘It takes a village’ – ‘Unknown Subject’) – Rossi had two cenric episodes this year with Carolyn and Erica Messer said he would get more before the end of season seven – Morgan gets a lot of centric episodes since season five, and we’ll see more of that in the rest of the seventh season (at least two episodes in the near future seem to be focused on him).
            Just to precise : I’m not complaining and I enjoy the focus given to the other characters. I’m just pointing out that Reid doesn’t get much to do since season five and that the other characters have developed plenty.

          • Spencer_Reid says:

            Ok, for starters, did I mention anything about knowing more about Reid’s backstory? No. What I was more so referring to was this unsolved headache issue that we still don’t have an answer to. And like Dana said, Reid has been in the background since the end of season 5. And just because we know a lot of backstory doesn’t mean that Reid should be shoved aside like he was on season 6. Erica is putting aside Reid’s headaches for another time when they can get Jane Lynch, which I understand, but if she wasn’t so concerned with Beth and where her and Hotch are gonna go, then maybe we could have had an answer to that this season. You also have to take into consideration that Reid’s character is easy to write backstories on. Why would they not a chance to show us how he got to the job he is doing today? Why would they not show us how he became so intelligent? And saying that the show has been dedicated to Reid isn’t even true. I liked Gideon, but a lot of season 1 involved a lot of him. Sure, there was lots of Reid as well, but Gideon was sort of like Reid’s mentor, and people had to have a little bit of an insight into each character, and who they were. Also to let you know, I wouldn’t kid about Criminal Minds.

  7. Michael says:

    Dear NCIS
    Take Notes these is what your fanbase wants what Criminal Minds is doing having them date people outside of work

    • Sam says:

      Obvious hater is obvious.
      People who “like” Beth for Hotch (or Wendy for Tony), even though we know nothing about the women’s personalities/attitude/past etc, are just championing those hookups because they are killjoys who dislike the main ships (Hotch/Prentiss, Tony/Ziva).
      Try to be less transparent.

      • diane says:

        Hotch/Prentiss is not the main ship… it just has shippers who like to shout and whine a lot… TG and PB do not want it… they don’t like the idea and they know their characters best… let it go… if you don’t like it… STOP WATCHING!!!!!
        There are a tonne of ships on this show and H/P shouldn’t happen any more than any of the others…

        • Sam says:

          “who like to shout and whine a lot… if you don’t like it… STOP WATCHING!!!!!”
          Oh the irony ;)
          And FYI, just because people can dream it up doesn’t mean it should happen (Wincest anyone?). Not every ship is equal or valid; just because “there are a tonne of ships” doesn’t give them any credence or mean they should play out.
          Hotch/Prentiss is the most popular because it has the strongest foundation built. But I guess the writing on the wall doesn’t read itself, so keep shipping Reid/Prentiss or whatever.

          • Diane says:

            You’re living in cloud cuckoo land.. if hotch/prentiss had the strongest foundation how come they barely said one word to each other in season 6…. you’re just dreaming up stuff that isn’t there… even PB and TG don’t get it…. Accept it

          • Sam says:

            ^^Really, season 6 is your evidence? The most OOC mess the show has produced to date? Hotch made Prentiss and Jordan prove themselves before he trusted them, though an FBI cadet can join the team with no qualifications, disobey orders, nearly get herself killed and STILL work at the BAU. Yep, the writers sure were keeping things accuarate in season 6. Nevermind that everything was contrived to get rid of JJ and Prentiss but minimize the damage; ALL the character interations were wack.
            The show hasn’t been right since season 5 and they’re just deviating further from the course.

          • diane says:

            No season 6 isn’t my evidence.. it’s just an example of how the relationship between H/P is not the most important on the show… because if it were, there would have been more of them in S6…. both characters have many more warm and intimate scenes with other team members.
            I’m not saying it’s wrong to ship them, I just get sick of H~P shippers believing theirs is the only ship that counts… you know all shippers love their ship and believe it has validity otherwise they wouldn’t ship it.
            Enjoy the show how you wish, but stop trying to shape the show just to suit you… if they have no inter team relationships, then everyone can enjoy it.. Just because Hotch has Beth doesn’t mean you can’t ship HP, the same as people still ship H/JJ or M/G or JJ/Em.
            And just because you keep saying HP has the strongest foundation doesn’t make it true… so many people hate the HP ship and never want to see it happen…

        • April says:

          You are 100% right.
          Leave H/P to fanfics and youtube videos.
          By having no team relationships on the show it leaves so much more to the imagination anyways! =D And I can write my favourite ship in fanfiction but I never would even want it to happen on the show.

        • KLE says:

          You can forget about that, Diane. It falls on deaf ears. This H/P pyscho cult believe they own the freaking show! They need to go visit a shrink.

          • tolerance says:

            Why are you making personal comments against real human beings? As far as I’m concerned, the shippers express their wishes for fictional characters on TV show’s. Why not discuss on factual level with counterarguments, e.g. why you don’t agree and see this fictional character doing this or that. Instead of making personal comments (e.g. psycho cult need a shrink) against them on a relationship level. The discussion would be much more fair and interesting.

      • April says:

        H/P is not the main ship.
        Trust me.
        M/G is actually just as popular as H/P. But that’s not happening.
        Just as many of us don’t like the idea of H/P as many do like H/P.
        And I don’t ‘like’ Beth. I’m just giving her a chance, and I love to see Hotch smile. <3

      • muffy says:

        You are delusional. Hotch/Prentiss is not the main ship of CM. The actors and producers have said it makes no sense and won’t happen, nor has it even been hinted at in-series.
        It’s not comparable at ALL to Tony/Ziva which is heavily hinted at, and has had numerous scenes dedicated to the ship.
        CM doesn’t have a main ship, and that’s fine. You’re crazy if you think H/P is show-supported though.

        • Amy says:

          Thank you!! Where in this series has it ever been hinted that either of them are interested in each other? At one point they were hinting at Prentiss/the guy from the spin off, but that is the only interest I have seen surrounding Prentiss. I don’t know how this whole “ship” think started, but it is ridiculous.

  8. LucyT says:

    Where did the picture of them kissing go??? Why did you take it down???

  9. Fiona says:

    Yay!!! Romance for Hotch… Can’t wait to see this.. Beth looks lovely… Especially in the pics for ep 7×16

  10. Judi says:

    It will be nice for Hotch to have some brightness in his life and unlike most, it seems, I do not seem him with Emily. It would be too hard on both & extremely hard on the team. They are better off all behaving like a family who love & protect each other & are always there for one another.

    • CMfan says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with this comment! I’m happy for Hotch finding someone new, and I don’t feel the need to kill the chemistry of the team with the drama that would come from two team members hooking up. It’s not allowed, so someone would have to leave. Please don’t kill the team!

  11. IwantJJspoilers says:

    I don’t mind that Hotch has another woman in his life (he needs to have some fun) but I thought this episode was supposed to be JJ-centric. I was really hoping the episode would end with her, not Hotch/Beth.

  12. jsfromsc says:

    Not happy about this at all. Why can’t this character be kept in the background like Kevin or Will? Erica Messer is cramming this one down the viewers’ throats this season.

    • katie says:

      Um….she has been kept in the background like Kevin and Will. We’ve seen her once for about 2 minutes all season. Where does this nonsense about her being crammed down the viewer’s throats come from? You do realize that attention being given to the relationship on entertainment sites doesn’t equal the character actually being given the same amount of attention on screen don’t you?

      • jsfromsc says:

        The cramming has been done online in articles like this one, on Twitter by various CM personnel and mostly by Erica herself in interviews and chats and such. There’s been way more hype of the character than actual screen time to date, but with these announcements I’m sure that will soon change. Please keep her to a minimum. I’m watching to see the team solve cases, not their love lives.

    • dee says:

      Yet another person living in some fantasy world that has nothing to do with reality. Beth has been in ONE SCENE up to this week. We’ve seen Kevin AND Will more than that.

  13. Lola says:

    I do not understand this at all. Aside from the fact that the Beth character makes no sense at all, I thought the whole “romance” aspect was too hard to write for a show like CM? It seems as if Erica Messer is basically jumping from one justification for this relationship to another simply because she wants Hotch to date Beth. It’s one thing if they don’t want inter-office romance (although I’m not sure they can really justify that route since one character does date another FBI employee), but it’s a whole other to manufacture such a boring, one dimensional character to justify Hotch dating. I’m glad he’s dating. I like seeing this different aspect to Hotch… but for God’s sake, can someone please come up with a decent, plausible storyline for the sudden emergence of a significant other? Maybe if they’d focused a little less of getting Hotch a girlfriend and a little more on the writing, this season wouldn’t be such a bizarre, disjointed mess. I miss the actual profiling, decent (i.e., believable, and not ridiculous) unsubs and cases, and tight writing. It would be really great if the show could actually focus on those fundamental aspects for the rest of the season. It’s really a shame because I think the actors are getting short-changed by the writing this season.

    • katie says:

      Wow, you managed to deduce that the character is one-dimensional and boring in the who 2 minutes she’s been on screen?

    • jsfromsc says:

      I agree the writing has been hit or miss this season. There have been a couple of great episodes but there have also been some of the worst ever this season. They need to get rid of Janine Sherman Barrois. We keep begging in the chats and forums for the writers to get back to profiling and back to what made this show unique from other crime shows, but all we get is cutesy evasions from Erica et al. They’d rather concentrate on this nonsense than give us quality writing with balanced screen time for each team member. It’s glaringly obvious when you watch the earlier season that the writing has gone downhill.

    • Jess says:

      Erica Messer is just trying to make up for her offensive storyline of killing Haley. There was no excuse for writing Jack mother out and I state JACK MOTHER because Haley had nothing to do with Hotch as they were divorce. Haley death meant nothing to Hotch so there no need to keep going on about Hotch being sad because Haley dead. First Erica Messer spends an X amount of time writing all the female characters out and now she desperate to write in a replacement mother for the latch door kid a storyline she and writer created. Just as it was vulgar treating Haley character as expendable the person that was raising Hotch child so he could work long hours and days away from home it intolerable that she now implying that Hotch can just pick up a new mom for Jack at the park. I suppose soon the audience will be seeing Hotch, Jack and Beth as one happy family. All Messer trying to do is replace Haley character with Beth and nothing else and yet again once more degrading women roles.

  14. Vivi says:

    I do not like Beth! and I agree that has been given too much importance to this character, by God, enough of Beth!

  15. Jamie says:

    I wish it was Emily!! Hotch deserves her! They’re perfect for each other!!

  16. racbec says:

    I’m not a shipper of anyone. I just wish they’d focus on delivering better written stories with more profiling rather than all of this fluff about the personal lives of the agents.

  17. Allison says:

    countdown to hotch’s lady friend being an unsub in 5,4,3,2,1

  18. Gail says:

    QuiT with the whining shippers!!! If you don’t like the show don’t watch. I love Hotch and want him to be happy… I’m all for Hotch and Beth.. Nice to see this side to him. I appreciate these moments so much as we see them so rarely.

    • CJ says:

      I agree – second time we’ve seen Beth, and only a few minutes, and already so much hate. (Reminds me of what’s going on with my favorite show, White Collar.) Personally, I’m glad we finally get to see Hotch smile :-)

  19. katie says:

    So happy for Hotch and he and Beth look so good together! I love it! : )

  20. Mona says:

    Hotch kissing Beth? To early, they are pushing this Storyline and I am not happy at all. What about the old CM? No romance, private life in background?
    Really this Season isn’t what CM was.

    • Cari says:

      You mean the old CM, where JJ made out with Will in the middle of a precinct and then got pregnant with his baby? Or the old CM, where Rossi interrupted Garcia and Kevin’s shower? Or the old CM, where Gideon gave Reid football tickets deliberately so he could take JJ on a date? Which old CM are you talking about?

  21. David says:

    How I wish they would show Beth open her door and her roommate is on the couch and asks about the date. The actress playing the roommate? Jenna Elfman.

  22. Gaby says:

    So we saw Will and Kevin a few times during a few Seasons. But Beth will be there at least 3 times in one Season. Huh? Can’t believe that, way too fast!
    Sorry, but this is not Hotch like!
    Is the romance thing now normal on CM? Like a Soap?

    • katie says:

      We saw Kevin 3 times in eight episodes when he was introduced in Season 3 and we’ve seen both Will, Kevin numerous times over the seasons. Kevin has appeared at least 11 or 12 times and Will had more dialogue then most of the regulars in two of his appearances. Want to attempt a legitimate gripe now?
      What’s not Hotch-like about this? He’s always been shown to have softer, sweeter side when he’s away from work.

  23. Kitty says:

    Will and Kevin started out more in the foreground, too. Let Beth establish herself, so we know who she is, then fade back into the scenery with other sorta-significant others. Whatever my personal shipping preferences, the series works best without all that UST, both real and (sorry, folks) imagined. It’s a crime procedural, not a soap opera.

  24. Shepherd says:

    This is ridiculous. The stalker woman has her claws in him good. And yes she is a stalker, imagine if a man had used the same approach as Beth did on a woman (“I’ve been watching you,” “saw you at the Y”).
    Mace to the face. Remember how that killer came on to Garcia a few seasons ago? The only redflag was that he was “too hot for her” (thanks Morgan); if he had done what Beth did people would’ve been yelling for Garcia to run.
    Run, Hotch, run.

  25. CM says:

    I was really looking forward to this JJ-centric episode, but as of right now and after reading this article, Criminal Minds can go to h-e-l-l and stay there forever. I’m not going to keep watching a show that used to be my favorite but that has made me very unhappy since the beginning of season 6.
    This is the most unrealistic thing ever and it’s only happening because Thomas Gibson asked Erica Messer for it. The writers and producers should not listen to everything the actors want. The actors do not make the call, unless they’re producers too (like David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Mark Harmon or Gary Sinise are) but even then the decision still has to go through many other people before it’s settled, and TG is not even a producer, so why was this crazy idea put into work?
    Erica Messer is ruining Ed Bernero’s work faster than light speed.

  26. Delta says:

    I’m very happy for Hotch.
    I like Beth and apparently she makes Hotch happy, good for him – I hope the relationship is a long and happy one.

  27. love_sil says:

    This Beth crap thing is ruining the show for me.
    In one season she’s going to have more time on screen than Will and Kevin. How come now Hotch has time for everything?
    I don’t want a happy Season Finale either…I want a cliffhanger!
    Please, Ed Bernerdo…come back!

  28. Tom says:

    I can’t believe this. I literally can not believe this. So this is what CM has come to. Beth is a lame plot device, shoe-horned in to “bring a ray of light” into Hotch’s world (because he’s incapable of haing that otherwise?). Of all the convoluted BS (also, shame on you Matt for regurgiatating Messer’s garbage). Maybe I could stomach it when the cases were still good, but now… goodbye CM.

  29. Sara says:

    Awww…..so happy for Hotch. I love the arc he’s having this season and hope we see a lot more of Beth. : )

  30. crimstar says:

    Anyone know where else I can watch this video?? Its currently not available in my country! >:(

  31. Hayley says:

    I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal… let Hotch have his romance… fans have wanted more character stuff for ages and now they’re getting it they’re complaining…. if you ship Hotch with someone else, you can still ship him… same as the shippers of JJ and Garcia with other people… just enjoy the show.. if you don’t like it, don’t watch…. simple!

  32. EmilyFan says:

    I wish that all the people that say they will leave CM over this issue would do it and stop making hollow threats. If you don’t like the show, stop watching it. I did last year after Paget left. I stuck by my words, no Paget no me. She’s back this year and so am I. She doesn’t come back for Season 8 and I won’t either. Simple as that. Stop saying you’re not going to watch because of a small plotline as insignificant as Hotch having a girlfriend and just do it. Go away! No matter how hard you jump and scream, Hotch and Emily are not going to ride off into the sunset together.

  33. P&B says:

    Very happy for Hotch, the man deserve to be happy and I like Beth! Hope they stay together!

  34. Tammi says:

    This Criminal Minds fan is very pleased to see Hotch taking this step in his personal life. He’s been through so much and it’s so nice to see the man enjoying something good for a change. Keep it up Erica! Lovin the cute, unsure of himself Hotch and lovin how she makes him smile! : )
    Oh, and kudos to Rick Dunkle, the writer of 7.14, for not being afraid to put this kiss on screen.

    • IheartRossi says:

      LOL! He wrote the episode, but he certainly wasn’t the one who decided the kiss would be on screen. In fact, it was probably only written in once he was told to do it.

  35. Lauren says:

    Jesus Christ, Hotch/Prentiss shippers, just let it go. Nobody on the team is hooking up with anyone else on the team. Period. We all know that’s where 90% of the hate for Beth comes from.
    Personally, I’m happy for Hotch that he’s getting a love interest. He’s not going to be celibate and mourn Haley his entire life. And Beth seems very sweet.
    Now just give Reid a girlfriend, please. He REALLY deserves it.

  36. Colleen says:

    I can’t tell you how much I hate this storyline and despise Erica Messer for going there!
    I’ll vote my disgust by making Modern Family and ABC my new show and network of choice on Wednesday nights!

  37. Kathi says:

    You know, all the comments on here just prove the old adage – You can’t please everyone. Hotch gets a girlfriend and the h/p shippers are mad. If they were to put Hotch and Prentiss together, someone else would be mad. Some people were mad at last week’s episode because Rossi went in without his vest or they showed Dean Cain more than the team or that Reid screwed up in the poker game. Geez, people, it’s a show not life. Relax. Get over it. (sigh. I knew there was a reason I generally don’t read comments.)

  38. April says:

    I wish all the H/P shippers would shut up. (Not all, just the ones complaining he’s not with Prentiss, and they hate Beth for it.)
    I was honestly smiling ear to ear with this clip. It’s great to see him happy!
    Just because YOU ship Emily/Hotch doesn’t mean we all do. I’d quit watching the show if they put those two together.
    A lot of people ship JJ/Hotch too. I think Beth is the best way to deal with this.
    Save H/P for fics and JJ/Hotch. I ship Jotch, but I’m not whining. This clip made me smile so much!

  39. Ally says:

    So many people are complaining about personal lives being explored. Yet no one complains if Reid’s life is explored. Each character deserves to have a bit of back ground. I don’t think a small clip here and there explaining the characters a bit more hurts. In fact so many people BEG the writers to give us more info on the characters. Then they whine when they don’t like what they give us.
    I love how no one is even giving Beth a real chance. There was a same outburst with Kevin and Garica and Will and JJ. Get over it. Should Hotch be single the rest of his life? No. And there won’t be any inter team relationships, so a new character is best.
    Can’t anyone admit that it’s great to see the smile on Hotch’s face?

    • DEE says:

      Yes it is!! The sneak peek is really sweet and had me smiling from ear to ear

    • Saint Alicia says:

      The thing with Reid is that his personal storylines are organic. His past/upbringing regularly informs the plot of the show. What does Beth bring to CM? Certainly nothing that contributes to it’s essence–profiling.
      On top of that, everything about the Hotch/Beth scenario seems forced/rushed and out of character. Hotch was married to his high school sweetheart (perhaps the love of his life) and now the first woman he meets on the street is going to become his serious girlfriend?
      And I can only imagine how vapid the writers will make Beth in order to bypass the same problems Haley had with Hotch over his job.

    • Troller says:

      More info on the BAU members ? Not really. We r halfway thru S7 but all we get is just more acting from guest stars. They shld show even more hot and heavy action betw Hotch and Beth. I was expecting more than a kiss!!!! I want Beth to get pregnant!!!!!!!

  40. Upset says:

    Hotch and Prentiss all the way, so irritated by this!

  41. Tiffany says:

    Kathi and Emily Fan, you seem to be two of very few voices of reason here. This is going to happen people, get over it, or turn the channel! There are more than 13,000,000 others who are more than willing to take your place. The ONLY reason that Erica has mentioned Hotch and Beth’s arc so often in chats is because the H/P shippers keep bringing it up. I actually squeed when I saw the clip. It’s absolutely adorable and it is EXACTLY what Hotch needs right now. Go back and watch episodes from the first season. Hotch was happy and showed his sense of humor quite often. This is not OOC for Hotch in the least. This arc gives Thomas a chance to showcase his lighter side again, and I, for one, am extremely happy about that!

  42. Hallie says:

    Beth has had more screen time than Haley did in 5 seasons, and she was Hotch’s wife for crying out loud. Hotch does not seem like the person to kiss after the first date. NO.
    Why is Criminal Minds turning into Criminal Anatomy with the romance. GAH.

    • DEE says:

      bye bye!!!!

      • Hallie says:

        While you remain on the sinking ship that is Criminal Minds, with Mess and Beth, I’ll go on the bigger and brighter shows.
        I’ll try and write, but honestly, I might be to distracting reuniting with my old friend, decent story lines; it’s been a while since we last saw each other.

  43. Michael says:

    You guys do know the actress who play Prentiss is leaving the show after these season

    • francisca says:

      Her contract ends in the end of this season and I hope she leaves forever this time. Not because I hate her, au contraire, Emily is my favorite character, she is the only reason why I still watch this show, in the days she leave I’ll leave it too. Criminal Minds is not worthy anymore anyway, so. I would not mind either if the show wasn’t renewed for an 8th season, but that’ll never happen.

      • Katie says:

        Trust me, with the direction Criminal Minds is heading in, I’ll be surprised if there is a Season 9. I mean [H]ouse ended and it was a phenomenal show. Then the romance happened and KABAM. GOODBYE.

        • KLE says:

          House and Garcia dating minimal guest stars who make a minor appearance, is nothing at all like the overload of House and Cuddy.
          Criminal Minds can go on through duration as the CSI franchise, and CM is much better than lackluster CSI Miami and NY.

      • Hya says:

        I’m kinda hoping that she doesn’t renew either…same reason she’s my favorite character and the show has been sucking.

  44. Ivy says:

    Beth is a guest star right?
    Just making sure because Erica has been mentioning her name in every single interview, talking about Beth more than the integral main characters, and the character appears to have more screen time than Reid did last Wednesday episodes.
    Erica always talks about her and how fabulous she is and …. once again…she is just a guest star right?

    • John says:

      Wait…Beth is a GUEST STAR?
      HOLD UP?
      I mean with all the chats and interview mentions she’s had from Messer I thought she was like the main star of the show.
      …WAIT You mean to say this show isn’t called “Beth’s Mind”..

  45. Gladyis says:

    Hey Erica,
    Remember the time you said that Criminal Minds isn’t about the romance?
    Was that before or after you started shoving Beth/Hotch down my throat?

  46. Gwen says:


  47. Tom says:

    For someone who claims to not even know what a “shipper” is, Erica Messer is the hugest Beth/Hotch shipper/endorser. She has literally been pushing Beth down our throats through every interview she gives, every CM_SetReport Chat she does, …
    Well here’s an idea, if you love Beth so much, why don’t you leave CM and take Beth with you to create the “Mess + Beth show”. This why Breen can take over and at least then there will be more watchable material on Wednesday nights.

  48. William says:

    I swear, the last time a GUEST STAR has gotten this much publicity, screen time, and mention by Erica Messer in every interview she does was ….

    • Dixie says:

      Exactly William, and that’s why I said in an earlier post that Bellamy’s agent must be holding something fierce over Erica Messer’s head. She (Erica) must owe someone “big” in Tinseltown. Unfortunately, it’s we, the fans, who will suffer for it as we must endure several more episodes (Oh God No) of Beth. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have my intelligence insulted Erica!

  49. Yvonne says:

    Watching the clip, and I thought my speakers broke. Beth sounded like a foghorn while Hotch was so calm. Maybe the blast from the Season 4 finale is still impacting Hotch’s hearing so he likes to date loud hyena sounding woman…
    Then again…maybe the problem has also reached his eyes
    and his brain.
    Hotch Y U LYKE BETH?

  50. Gator says:

    OMFG This is too hilarious.
    I stopped watching CriMinds after Season 4 (best Season ever!) and just happen to stumble across this article.
    For a few seconds I actually thought Thomas Gibson left CriMinds and was on a romantic comedy…then I read “Criminal Minds Exclusive” and just started laughing.
    It’s hard to believe that I’ve been gone almost 3 seasons and CriMinds has become almost unrecognizable to me anymore.
    Tell me current viewers, is the show still about the unsub and profiling or does it revolve around Hotch’s love life?
    I bet Ed Bernero is laughing at the monstrosity that CriMinds is now thanks to Messer. Then again, he might be crying at the mess she’s mad.

    • Irene says:

      Season 5: Not bad.
      Season 6: Similar to a bad OOC fic. Prentiss only wear black ensembles and black turtlenecks. No team interaction. Everything was a blur.
      Season 7: Blur continues. A lot of team bonding; Rossi’s kitchen makes an appearance. Unsubs get shot by Hotch or suicide. Introduction of Beth and subsequent romance. Erica contradicts herself in interviews. Season 7 was an extension of Season 6 except Prentiss has a phenomenal wardrobe this season and her and JJs hair is pure hairporn.
      And that’s what you missed on CM.