Idology: Hollywood Week Drama! The Best, the Worst and the Dangers of Randy Jackson

Warning: Extended exposure to the sound of Randy Jackson’s voice may cause nausea, headaches, and complete physical collapse. Lucky for you, then, that this week’s installment of Idology keeps the Dawg’s sound bites to a minimum, and focuses more on the best and worst contestants of Season 11’s Hollywood Week.
Season 6’s sublime Melinda Doolittle and I also discuss the show’s handling of “Falling Girl” Symone Black, the near total absence of musical performances during the initial “Group Rounds” episode, and the infuriating use of subtitles by Uncle Nigel & Co.
So press play below for an Idology that combines Downton Abbey‘s Dowager Countess, the magic of NBC’s Community, and Haley Freakin’ Reinhart. Then hit the comments and post your own thoughts on the week in Idol.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Suzanne F. Boswell says:

    The second hollywood week episode was actually the first American idol episode I’ve ever watched (I know. Oh, I know. I only discover the zeitgeist ten years after it’s over) So yes, I was rather confused by the, uh, lack of singing.

  2. Zach says:

    Go Ms. Cavanaugh & Van Pelt & Brown!

  3. Vivian says:

    I LOVE Melinda Doolittle.
    I was hoping that the Alex Wong situation would get cover, I get that he is high profile, but if uncle Nigel wants to hide him perhaps not sitting him on the font row would help?

    • ladyhelix says:

      I was glad to catch a glimpse of him – and am looking forward to hearing him sing again once the “circus” is over (if he makes it).

  4. Tusk says:

    …So only a one episode hiatus for the Slayer references huh? Glad to see her back LOL
    It still doesn’t feel like Jason is producing though….or is it just me?
    Heejun made the episode…I can’t have sympathy for the cowboy mainly because he didn’t have a group and they let him in. For him to take over was very presumptious on his part. The editing made it appear the other’s in the group agreed with Heejun.
    I never bought the Reed Grim and Creighton hype, I barely understand the comparison to Casey Abrams because it looks like Casey has way more musicality technique than either of them. Reed was plain goofy and Creighton reminded me of last year’s nasally, Brett Lowenstern….way too loose and quirky.
    “Frikkin’ Cowboy…” LOL

  5. Kevin C. says:

    Seeing Adam Brock’s Hollywood performance and audition right after one another like you had it in this video helped me put a finger on what I found so frustrating about him this week: He sang “Walking in Memphis” exactly the same way he sang “Stormy Monday”, and what worked so well in the auditions was just way too much for “Memphis”.
    He has a great voice, but it feels like he still needs to figure out how to put it to the right uses.

    • Angela says:

      Agreed. I felt that way about a lot of the people in these shows, even some of the ones these guys liked-they have good voices, but some of them just seemed LOUD this time, they were more shouting the words than trying to sing them, or trying to put some “unique” spin on the songs. Just sing. You’ve clearly got a good voice, you don’t need to be all showy with it.
      “If you don’t know me by now, you will never, never, never know me”-HA. Truer words were never spoken. Fully agreed on that. I also think Melinda’s theory about picking songs just to trip the contestants up or see if they’re really paying attention is spot on, too. Which, in a way, is kind of clever and definitely adds a challenge of sorts, but at the same time, it’s kind of annoying, too. If you know it’s a song barely anyone’s going to be able to accomplish singing, why even bother? It’s not fair that someone gets voted out simply because one song threw them off. But still, if they don’t know the words and don’t bother to practice, then I guess that’s the risk they take.
      And finally-WOO for the “Community” snippet and the little thing on the screen saying it’d better come back soon *Applauds*! Well said!

  6. NedPepper says:

    Tali and Shepard from Mass Effect?!? I love this show. Wish I could say the same for American Idol. The season…really sucks.

  7. raftrap says:

    Yeah, no more Reed Grimm, just no more, please. On Heejun I have to agree with Melinda, he may have written all of his jokes beforehand, but that would only mean he’s a good writer, so more power to him. I don’t know if he’ll be useful later, but he’s perfect for Hollywood week.

  8. Malcolm says:

    No mention of the fabulous Jen Hirsh?!?!?! Ah well, to each his own. Her control and range were stunning, in my opinion.

    • Grace says:

      Oh I’m with you. Jen was my favorite not only of the night but maybe even so far? I have a feeling Slezak hasn’t really picked up on her for the same reason I was immediately drawn in – she is hard core channeling her some Kat McPhee! I’m interested to see if that’s going to help or hurt her in the long run. Based on previews, it looks like she’s gonna be in one of the better group performances, so at least we’ll definitely be seeing more of her!

  9. Ellen says:

    Thursday nights episode SUCKED! I don’t know one person who enjoyed it. It was fodder in the teachers room at lunch. As for Erica Van Pelt: Friend of mine emailed and knows her from the music circuit in the CT/RI/Mass area. Says she is amazing so I will be keeping my eye on her also. Knowing how they tend to dress around here (woods chic), I’m not surprised at the outfit. I don’t get Reed either. In fact, I don’t get how they pick half these contestants. They let the likes of Amber Riley and others go and pick the craptastic one liners for the entertainment factor. Nigel and his damn British humor. He (and Simon) should remind themselves what country they are in!

  10. Anthony says:

    Michael: Because of you and Idology I have now downloaded both seasons of Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith is my leader.

  11. Jess says:

    I haven’t watched a single minute of Idol this season yet, but always look forward to Idology every week! Love this so much! MS + MD = awesome!

  12. Nora says:

    The subtitles are usually necessary. The people who are subtitled are fairly difficult to understand. And yes, sometimes it’s because they have heavy accents or medical conditions. That’s just how it is. Some people with accents are hard to understand, and so are some people who have had strokes or what have you. People who speak clearly are not subtitled. This seems perfectly fair to me.

    • tom22 says:

      @Nora I imagine that people who live in more urban multi-ethinic, areas have a better ear for understanding accented speach than others…. so , even though I could understand them all easily without subtitles I agree with you. If 30 or 40% of the people had trouble understanding that is absolutely enough to justify them even if the majority didn’t need them.

  13. Brigette says:

    I agree with Melinda about Heejun– he made the episode for me. If I didn’t have his commentary, I probably would have just fallen over like poor Simone, but from boredom, not dehydration. Spending all that time with The Bettys and the cop lady felt kind of like a waste to me, because none of them really seem like the types to go all the way. They probably won’t make it to top 24, yet we spent an hour with them. Great.

  14. Valerie says:

    Melinda you rock my world!

  15. Amy says:

    Re: Thursday…that was the first time in my memory they had an entire show of just behind the scenes of Group night w/out performances. I do not think they are going to skip the performances, but show them this Wednesday.
    In other years I believe it was (much better) two hr. episode, first hour was all the behind the scenes prep, with 2nd hour being performances.
    I get that they have shortened each wk to 1 hr. only, but having one whole show on just the prep, was not “the answer” to that segment…the dullest, “so-what”, episode of Idol I’ve ever seen.
    I think this season so far shows a lot of real singers with promise, without “the one” (or two) standouts, a la, Archuleta, Adam etc, other years. However, Lauren Gray (was that her name) was the first to give me “that feeling” she’ll be in it long this season. And there are others, I can’t recall names right now but you’ve mentioned some, that I like a lot too.
    As far as Willy Wonka guy….he was my biggest ? this week…as in how did HE make it and that other guy, the one who’s mom left who was pretty good, didn’t? I was bummed for him.
    Last note…”the fall”, I wasn’t even convinced it was real…(Idol cynicism kicked in.) That said…I’m with Melinda about THE TEASE1,2,3 and 4…do they strive to be obvious because it’s all part of Idol schtick now?

  16. zaza says:

    Michael, I agree with you about Heejun. If he didn’t like the cowboy taking over, he should have used his voice (for something other than complaining to the camera)and told the cowboy and other group members how he felt. Nothing is gained by being passive and mugging for the camera. If he goes home, it will be his own fault and not that of the cowboy.
    Also, I REALLY hope the “joy to the World” cop lady goes home. She was soooo annoying. I get that it’s easier if you have a song that you all ready know (so you don’t have to learn lyrics as well as harmony and dance moves), but most of the people there are way too young to know that song. And frankly, if you make it to the live round, you’re going to have to have the ability (and flexibility) to learn a new song in a week.

  17. derek says:

    umm i think i remember melinda’s season didn’t have a group night…?

  18. Evan says:

    I don’t know… “Stormy Weather” looks like a big bag of oversinging too. We just didn’t get enough context to see how badly he messed it up.

  19. Rick says:

    Agree on Symone and Reed.
    Symone has an amazing voice – hers was my favorite Hollywood Day 1 vocal – but I fear she won’t make it because other personalities might outshine her.
    Reed, in contrast, really doesn’t seem to be taking things seriously. I find his voice to be grating, and he definitely is like Casey Abrams + Taylor Hicks, minus the musicality. I don’t see pop relevance, especially since he hasn’t even sung a real full-length song yet for any of his performances. The judges seem to think that awkward on-stage antics and twitches = passion, but I disagree… in Reed’s case, it is just weirdness.

  20. James says:

    LOL I love the Mass Effect 2 scenes in Idology now! You just get better and better Slezak!

  21. Annie says:

    Heejun was the best part of the last episode. He was hilarious. And I disagree about Reed, I really like him. I’ve seen a few other videos from him and I can’t wait until he brings it all to the show. Anyway.. I do agree with you on Shannon – nothing special, kinda typical. And everybody is gonna disagree with this but I am not a fan of Baylie Brown either.. I don’t understand the hype there.

  22. Megs says:

    I still like Reed. He’s trying a little(or a lot) too hard- tone it down, get more real, make it more about the music.
    I really liked Symone, too. Her voice is just so sweet- hopefully she’s got some soul as well. At this point she’s kind of reminding me of Thia- not that that’s a bad thing, just a little canon-fodderish(new word! Enter it into the idology dictionary!).
    And the girl who sounds kind of like Adele(and coincidentally sung an Adele song for the solo round) is amazing. I hope she shows a little more subtlety at some point.
    Bonus points for the Haley reference! Heard some stiff sing house of the rising sun on the voice, and I couldn’t even…..

  23. Seven Types Of Ambiguity says:

    Idology. My favorite show of the week. Don’t need to watch AI, but lovin’ the commentary.

  24. oriharakaoru says:


  25. Mark Quinzi says:

    Another great week, keep it up! (oh…and thanks for my weekly dose of Haley sneaking into the show!)