Vampire Diaries Boss Talks Offing Originals, Teases 'Major Jeopardy' for All by Season’s End

[Warning: If you have yet to watch last night’s Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on… ]

Turns out, The Vampire Diaries‘ Original Witch is one sneaky bitch.

While not nearly as evil as Klaus, Mystic Falls’ newest inhabitant, Esther, proved a worthy adversary for her hybrid son this Thursday when she — with a little blood help from Elena — seemingly signed his death sentence. But will she go through with her spell to rid the world of all her offspring? And, if Klaus isn‘t doomed, will he continue to pursue Caroline? Where the heck is Tyler? And what’s next for the members of TV’s messiest love triangle? Here’s what exec producer Julie Plec revealed during a recent Q&A:

QUESTION | It seems as though you’re setting it up for the Originals to be killed off, all in one fell swoop. Is that an actual possibility?
Just mass Original annihilation? [Laughs] I can’t say too much about that without revealing the plan for the season, but if the villains on our show have proven anything, it’s that they have a durability that borders on supernatural. There are five Originals and an Original mama, and we’ll see who comes out the other side of it to tell the tale.

QUESTION | Esther mentioned that it would take time to kill Klaus. What exactly did she mean?
The next episode takes place on a full moon, and we’ll learn that — like most things that take heavy-duty witch spells — there needs to be some sort of recurring celestial element attached to it. So, that’s what she meant.

QUESTION | Might Esther change her mind about dispatching her family since she clearly cares so much for the “moral” Elijah?
The fact that this [massacre] isn’t a done deal by [the first minute] of this episode [means that it] definitely has a lot of potential to go very right or very wrong in the next episode. But some major, major stuff goes down that will be interesting and surprising for the audience.

QUESTION | Why is the eldest Original, Finn, so willing to sacrifice himself?
If the “chip off the old block” theory applies to anyone on the series, it would be Finn as he relates to Mikael. As we know, their father had deep self-loathing and deep shame attached to vampirism, and Finn ultimately feels the same way.

QUESTION | Klaus was always said to be purely villain, and yet we now seem to be seeing a much more human side to him. Is this something that will continue?
I think that you can define “villain” in a lot of ways, and Klaus certainly is and will continue to be the provider of much antagonism and some very, very extreme jeopardy for our heroes. But no one is singularly just evil. He has got his own demons, his own wants, his own desires, and there are things that he’s never experienced that he wants in his own life, and I think that the two are not mutually exclusive. We could get a glimpse into what makes Klaus tick as a man without compromising his ability to wreak major havoc in this town.

QUESTION | In comparison, Damon seems to be getting back to his evil roots. How far do you plan to take that? And how will Elena react to his hook-up with Rebekah?
Elena is going to be pissed on multiple levels, but she also understand that in a way she sort of pulled the trigger on that. Damon has every right to be angry with her as well, and a lot of people are going to continue to be angry with each other as this unfolds in the next episode. The thing with Damon is, as we’ve seen, when he’s hurt, he lashes out, and in a way, this is the most cruel way he could have lashed out. But it also shows a peculiar evolution in him as a character. Rather than take it out on an innocent person on the road, he’s striking where it hurts the most — very specifically at Elena. By no means is it gentlemanly behavior, but certainly it was fun to watch. [Laughs]

QUESTION | When are we going to see Tyler again? And how is he going to react to this budding Klaus/Caroline relationship?
Tyler’s still going to be a little while [on] his journey of self-discovery and whatever it is that he’s doing. We’ll see him back in the spring. There’s nothing worse than going away and putting yourself through endless and eternal agony to break a bond to some guy, and then when you come back to town, you realize he’s been putting the moves on your girl. I can’t imagine that’s going to go over well.

QUESTION | Speaking of Klaus and Caroline, can you talk a little about how, if at all, that’s going to develop?
I can’t really say where it’s heading or if it’s heading more so than for us it’s fun to explore that side of Klaus, seeing a vulnerability and a romantic vulnerability, because it’s giving a window into him a little bit. What we love is watching Caroline, who in the beginning of the series, before she was a vampire, was desperate to be chosen by anyone, and now the king of all evil vampires has plucked her from obscurity and bestowed upon her his affection… We certainly find Klaus to be irresistible as well.

QUESTION | What about the relationship that is clearly developing between Elijah and Elena? Did the writers, at some point, realize that this was more than just a “working relationship”?
Yeah, absolutely. The whole character of Elijah has been such a glorious surprise to us as writers, because… Daniel Gillies and what he’s brought to the character… has fed into what we want to give to the character. Of course, when we decided that there needed to be a big, bad, evil vampire in the middle of last season, [and] that paved the way to the introduction of Klaus, in a million years never would we have said, “Oh, and then one day he’ll have this magnificent and lovely friendship with Elena!” And yet, that has evolved over the course of a season and a half[‘s] worth of stuff. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah and her concern that in signing his death sentence, maybe she’s made a mistake.

QUESTION | Is there any chance Elijah didn’t actually take a drink during the toast?
Zero. Everyone drank, I can put that to bed now.

QUESTION | What’s ahead for Rebekah?
Rebekah’s going to have bigger fish to fry [than going after Matt again] in the next episode or two, with her mother trying to see her dead and her indiscretions with Damon Salvatore.

QUESTION | How about a little scoop on what’s coming up with the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle?
Obviously, we’re at a little bit of a crossroads with Elena and the boys. A lot of what we’re going to start to see is the question for Elena… We’ll really be exploring her point of view for the rest of the season. Certainly, I can say that you’re not going to get to the end of the season without all three of them understanding that a choice needs to be made some way or the other.

QUESTION | Should we anticipate some signature Vampire Diaries deaths by season’s end?
Many of our characters are going to come face-to-face with their maker at some point before the season is over. But whether they meet and shake the hand and get dragged away with their maker is a whole other question. There are going to be a lot of moments where we’re not going to be sure who’s really safe and who’s going to see it through… But there’s definitely going to be some jeopardy by season’s end.

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  1. Gabby says:

    Klaus and Caroline is disgusting and unnecessary. Caroline’s character would be forever ruined if she EVER gave into him in anyway considering what he’s done to her family, friends, and ex (who is off breaking the bond FOR HER). Klaus needs to get over himself. I wish all the Originals would just leave already…they’ve taken over so much screentime than actual series regulars are having to be shipped off screen to make room…well, all except Elijah. This season has been all over the place with bad, plot-point writing. It’s so obvious Kevin Williamson is less involved. I hope and pray they can right the “ship” in the last part of the season, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. I just hope they refrain from killing any of the original series regulars off. It’s unnecessary. Kill all the guest cast you want, but leave the regulars and hopefully they can get better storylines/screentime in Season 4 and beyond.

    • LoveBug says:

      Yes, because Klaus killing Jenna is so much worse than Damon killing Jeremy. sure Jeremy had the benefit of the ring but no one (including Damon) knew that then. I love that TVD can make me absolutely hate someone and then in a moment of weakness you see that they are just like everyone else at their core, wanting to be loved and accepted. Klaus is no different and I for one appreciate that the Caroline story might show us a different side of him. No one is all good and no one is all evil and that is what I love about this show!

    • AT says:

      I have to completely disagree with your post. No offense, as you are free to have your opinion. That said, I don’t think doing Klaus and Caroline is any different than doing Damon and Elena. Damon did a lot of bad things, but he did it out of love. Klaus is kind of the same. He’s someone who wants love but has never received it. He’s a character who has forgotten how to be moral, so it will be interesting to see if Caroline can bring out that side of him again that’s been lost for thousands of years. Will he be able to fight his nature? Personally, I think the Originals have really made this show stand out. The Klaus speech written by Rebecca Sonnenshine was FANTASTIC. I think the actors playing the Originals have helped the main cast up their game as actors as well. Personally, I hope a lot of them stick around for a while. That said, I think there’s a difference between liking or disliking a storyline vs actual bad plot-point writing. From a writing perspective, the majority of this season has been very tightly woven together and not messy. So I’m not really sure what has been all over the place from your point of view even if you don’t agree with the writers’ choices.

      • JK SF says:

        I also really like the Klaus and Caroline story. They have a great deal of chemistry. The story of someone evil falling for someone good and what that means is fascinating. TVD is about fantasy and about the duality of human/vampire nature. I think you are accepting this basis just by being a TVD fan.

      • Manie says:

        Just as you said, no offense, this is my opinion, but we have to be realistic about this second half season.
        I can answer your question about a writing perspective. This season feels like a fan fiction of season 1-2 more than anything else. When you have to make the characters go OOCs to make your plotline flow, it means your plot doesn’t flow at all. And as I said below, Damon didn’t try to kill Elena, but Klaus did try to kill Caroline; Jenna was the back-up plan in case Damon did something.
        And don’t think I don’t love the Originals or Caroline(fav character of the series are Care, Bonnie and Alaric), I do, but still the second half of S3 is messy. There is no flow between the episodes and the characters keep popping in and out with no explanation. Like seriously, would a character like Bonnie Bennett let Elena walk into that ball alone?! No. Would Caroline and Elena let her out of that discussion at the Grill’s?! No. Liz Forbes not being at the ball, but Carol is?! Damon overpowering Kol?! PLEASE!! Tyler going away again for 5 episodes so that Klaus can get in?! I mean come on, last year was all about surprises here and there. This year you can predict everything that will come up next. This season is inconsistent in its flow and too predictable with where it’s going.

    • Manie says:

      What I find hilarious is how everyone keeps comparing Klaus to Damon. First of, did Damon ever tried to kill Elena?! no. Did Klaus try to kill Caroline? Yes. Most watchers tend to forget what Klaus did to Caroline. Fine Damon is a jack*ss, but seriously, Klaus did far worse than Damon. Turning Tyler into a Hybrid, using Rebekka to play with Tyler, making Tyler bite Caroline to later go and say that she was collateral damage?! Seriously how can you say you love a character when you want her to be with someone who hurt her in so many ways?
      Klaus is supposed to be evil, they already screwed up his character from book to television, they don’t need to had more humanity to his character. He was probably one of my fav character when he appeared, but look at what he has been brought to?! This goes against everything he’s been saying “Love is a Vampire greatest weakness…” As if Klaus would put himself in this situation. The only reason people want Klaus to fall for Caroline is because Caroline is they favorite character and they just want what Elena has, the good guy vs the bad guy. Caroline is an awesome character and it would be great to stop defining who she is through men. Damon, Matt, Tyler and now Klaus?! It’s getting worse than Elena playing yo-yo with Stefan and Damon.

      • Amanda says:

        I don’t understand why people have such a bug up their a$$ on fans wanting or at least enjoying the Klaus and Caroline thing that’s going. Yes, admittedly he’s done a lot, especially to people that Caroline loves and cares about. That being said, this is a vampire show, none of these vampires are saints, they’ve all murdered, including Caroline. Stefan killed so many people, he left them decapitated. Damon turned Vicki, killed Alaric a few times, and in Season 1 he did threaten Elena’s life a few times, not to mention nearly killing Bonnie. These are just some of the murders and attempted murders we’ve seen. The Salvatores have over a hundred years of killing under their belt, but fans brush it off because they care for the characters.
        What makes this any different from Klaus? He’s just as tortured inside as the Salvatores. And I don’t think having Klaus actually show affection or an interest in someone romantically, is OOC for him. Yes, he’s a villain, but no one is just pure evil. Deep down he loves his family and I think he’s truly terrified of being alone for the rest of his life, without anyone.
        And whether or not Caroline ever were to end up with Klaus, it wouldn’t make her character any less strong than she already is. Unless her life suddenly became consumed by Klaus, during every waking moment.

        • Exactly! says:

          I will never understand why it’s ok for Stefan and Damon to be killers but it’s not ok for Klaus! Drives me crazy! i always say think of it like you just met him now, would you still hate him? Probably not because he’s been uber adorable with Caroline.

          • Manie says:

            I never said I was okay with Damon or Stefan killing. You’re putting words were there isn’t. I’m neither a DE nor a SE fan. I’m just saying that what Damon did to Elena is nothing like what Klaus did to Caroline. Anyway as I’ve read somewhere before in a comment, Klaus being interested with Caroline also put Tyler’s life in jeopardy when he comes back and the sire bond is broken.
            The best way to explain my point about the “villain thing” is with Katherine, now that is a villain. Yes she is tormented, but that doesn’t mean she’s going all softy. Klaus showing humanity is not OOC per say, but he just did a 180 that is OOC(I mean the lovey-dovey face?!). I’m not one of those watchers who will go “Oh he’s so much better and he did that because he has history.” They are Vampires and it’s in their nature; so whatever Damon, Stefan and Klaus did IS/WAS wrong, but Klaus is being pushed way to far. He’s supposed to be the villain of season 3. After that episode I think I’m more “scared” of ripper Stefan than Klaus. Klaus crying in Homecoming was a great show of a tormented boy/man and of his humanity, but this love interest coming out of nowhere is, no comment. If it had been slowly build I would have understand at one point, but that’s the point, it wasn’t. Klaus had more interaction with Elena and Bonnie (and I’m not saying that he should be with them, far from it), but Caroline?! I love that character, leaving her alone for a second with the boys drama would have been good for her character, she’s been defined by the guys around her; “jumping” from Damon to Matt to Tyler and now towards Klaus; cause with the face that she made at the end seeing that drawing, you can be sure that by the time Tyler comes back half the job will be done and we will get another (and useless) love triangle.

      • hallie says:

        Well to be fair damon did do some seriously bad things to her in season one and demon also know that the way to hurt elena was to hurt the people around her like killing her brother, he is the reason that vicki is dead, and of course there is what he did to caroline. If it wasn’t for stephen then caroline would be dead right now. As for klaus while this is by no means an excuse or lessen how evil he can be he never intended to kill caroline the only reason he did that was to use caroline as a barganing chip with her mother he always intended to heal her.

    • Danyl says:

      I’m with you 100%. I’m not going to bother watching this show anymore unless Klaus is finally killed off by the end of this season. NBC’s Heroes did the disgustingly tacky “let’s have a completely unstoppable baddie around because we’re wet over the actor (I’m talking Julie Plec and her fawning over Joseph Morgan) and let’s also do the is he truly evil, can he be redeemed, is he truly evil, can he be redeemed storyline over and over” this is what I see when I think of Klaus and his future on The Vampire Diaries. I hate how regulars are kicked out of the show each week to make way for a guest star who may or may not end up dead by the end of any episode. I know, it’s all fantasy, all fiction, but the way fiction used to draw people in was with its underpinned logic and metaphorical reflection on life and how we as humans think and feel. Now, it’s all about which actor/actress is the sexiest and how many doozies we can pull to keep the audience guessing but ultimately end up leaving the fans who don’t watch the show simply to see Damon or Klaus in the shower, disappointed. /rant over. Bring back the days where Katherine was the scariest, most manipulative and heartlesss villain on the show. Sigh.

      • hallie says:

        Well, then you might want to stop watching because i highly doubt that klaus is going anywhere any time soon. If they truely intended him to die at the end of the season the writers wouldn’t have tried to humanize him this close to the end regardless of what they say about who will live and who will die. I doubt klaus is anywhere on that list this season

    • zoey says:

      you know what I love about TVD? the way they give you a villan, and when you think that there is no light in their minds and hearts, you get a backstory. their past, fears, desires… and you find out why they are the way they are. and usualy only viewers get to see that. but in klaroline thing, caroline just knows what is that story with klaus. and it’s true. he is insecure, and broken and he just wants/needs to be loved. ’cause he never really was. and thats why I love them together.
      and, how do you want that show to be? 3 seasons of damon-stefan-elena love triange? I’m so sick of if. she should just pick a brother (or better yet-non of them)!

    • garyd says:

      I am with you on not liking the Caroline/Klaus relationship. I can not believe anyone who has had any experience in a relationship where someone who appears desirable but who is a real (human) monster would be in favor if this. It pains me to see what they are doing with her character. I had hoped that they would play Caroline as a much stronger character then this.

      • Hallie says:

        Hmm i actually disagree i think that this is the strongest i have ever seen her when season one started caroline was easily manipulated and deceived, she was insecure, self absorbed and felt that she played second to elena. Have we forgotten what demon did and how he abused and disguarded her. As far as relationships are concerned as of this moment klaus hasn’t done that much to her to be honest i don’t think he thought anything of her until tyler bit her and was the only real remorse we have seen from him to be honest klaus and caroline have had very little interaction. Now if you want to talk about a human moster as you put i think that would go to demon. When caroline was with demon that was equivalent to being a battered girlfriend what he did to her should have been unforgiveable in fact if it wasn’t for stephen demon would have killed her but somehow all is forgiven. I think if caroline was ever weak it was then and i actually hated that there was never any fallout to what he did to her.

        • Garyd says:

          Just because he has only shown his best side to her doesn’t mean that he won’t. That is only how it begins. Unfortunately that isn’t how it usually ends. He has a bad history with his family and friends. He once considered Stefan his brother and look at what he ended up doing to him when he wouldn’t be what Klaus wanted. I hate to think of what he could do to Caroline.
          He has lived 1000 years. I would like to know what he has done with other Caroline’s over that time. Maybe Sage was one of them?

  2. Susan says:

    please Julie, don’t kill off Elijah!!!

  3. Katy says:

    Last night’s episode was definitely the best of the season, but enough with the silent, longing looks! They’re such a waste of time.

  4. Beckie says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with the first poster…the Originals are a fantastic bit of mythology that continue to keep the show exciting and headed in fantastic directions. I love what their presence has to say about family and loyalty and bonds…I think more importantly than the romance on this show, this season has been about familial bonds, both natural and forged, and the Originals exemplify this so well. I am excited to see what happens next, and hope that Mama Original is not killed off as quickly as Papa original.

    • Avi says:

      I totally agree. I think I may be more interested in the Originals right now than I am in the original cast. Kol came out swinging yesterday and I loved him for it. The only original I do not care for is Finn. I was most excited to see the oldest brother and he is just so whipped by his mommy.

    • cathrine says:

      vampire diaries hater watch the series

  5. Brandy says:

    I agree about klaus &caroline gabby and I hope they dont get anywhere same with elena &elijah. I agree that klaus &the originals time needs to come to an end before long.

    • garyd says:

      I agree. Lets get back the show I fell for. Not the originals.;

      • hallie says:

        I don’t get it if you get rid of all the originals then what is left to watch the show goes back to this endless melo drama of stephen/elena/demon and to honest that can only be interesting for so long. After three years it is getting old i like having the originals and i am also likeing how klaus character is becoming more parallel to demon and stephen. I think that the writers are tying to show is that all this characters can do evil things if given enough esentive look at what demon did to abby. Why does her life have less value then elena and how is this any different then what anyone else does

        • garyd says:

          So you prefer the melodrama of the originals to the melodrama that was already there. You make the assumption that I was into the the Stefan/Elena/Damon. I never was a shipper for anyone. I am interested in the entire show. To me the triangle was only the background story. The story I am interested in was how the 3 girls Elena/Caroline/Bonnie or the doubleganger/vampire/witch make there way in a world they find themselves in with a tight bond of family and friends. They are breaking this up and taking the pieces to prop up the originals. They are making it a shipper created nightmare.

  6. Fi says:

    I’m actually enjoying this season very much. The Originals are an interesting addition and the Klaus and Caroline relationship is delicious to watch. But however this will play out, I really hope Joseph Morgan will continue in Season 4.

  7. AT says:

    The ideas the writers have had for the Originals have been the best of the series. It’s interesting that from talking to a lot of people, they thought the first two seasons were entertaining, but now in the third season the show has actually become really good. They’ve really upped their game with the writing. Personally, I loved Caroline and Klaus. She’s able to bring out a vulnerability in the character that was really needed. Plus their chemistry is superb. Not to mention, I actually ended up liking Elijah and Elena. I say as much as I enjoy Damon and Elena, I would love to see some Bonnie and Damon like in the books. Well anyway, I hope they keep going with the originals. No offense to Tyler who I like, but with Klaus there, I don’t think in the long run he has a chance. He’s just kind of boring in comparison. On a side note, Alice Evans is awesome as the Original Witch.

  8. sarah says:

    Another stellar episode last night!
    As I watching I had to laugh that Mikael wwas Mikael Mikaelson…

    • Megan says:

      Surnames actually came from the father’s first name or from ones occupation, so Mikael’s last name probably was not Mikaelson. His children were identified as “Klause Mikael’s Son”, which was then merged into Mikaelsson, and then Michaelson. That is where names like Johnson, etc came from (John’s Son, etc)… it then kinda evolved to include women in the same way. :)

  9. anonymous says:

    please julie plec, don’t turn the vampire diaries into true blood, we don’t need another man going after elena, elijah and elena should be just friends

  10. Mikaylah says:

    Elijah is probably my favorite character on TVD. I really hope Esther doesn’t kill him. As far as his relationship with Elena, I like their friendship. I was quite mad she didn’t stop him from drinking the champagne. Hopefully she tells him about the plan and helps to stop it from happening.

  11. Kelly says:

    Please, please don’t kill Elijah!!!

  12. Miss D says:

    What about Bonnie? Where’s here storyline? She should be a major player on the scene and she’s barely ever on. Also, why can’t she have a man? Why is it always Caroline or Elena? Can you ask the execs about that cause something is starting to really smell regarding the treatment of the one main character of color on this show.
    I thought it was a mostly good ep. Interesting twist with Mama Original, lot of weird incestuousness-y vibes going on between different family members.
    I’m in the minority in that I enjoy Klaus/Caroline because the actors are able to mostly rise above the material. Was intrigued to read last night that Joseph Morgan (Klaus) has requested a love interest and had specifically asked for Kat Graham’s Bonnie to be it. Guess he got half of what he wanted.
    The S/E/D triangle was… the triangle. I don’t dislike it but it’s… well it’s not like it’s really moving differently than it’s been for the past year so I think that’s why I find myself enjoying more the other storylines & characters, like Elijah and his fabulous hair.

    • Manie says:

      About Bonnie I do agree with her absent storyline. I mean Bonnie would have NEVER let Elena go alone to that ball. What I hate about this season is that they are playing with the character’s essence to fit their plotline which is getting ridiculous.
      I’m one of those who don’t like Caroline/Klaus, not because they don’t have great chemistry (anyway let’s face it Joseph Morgan has great chemistry with everyone LOL) but because is just too out of nowhere to make any senses at all. I mean he went from wanting to sacrifice her and Tyler to get the curse lifted off to “I fancy you”?! Inconceivable.

    • Hallie says:

      I honestly don’t think this is a color issue because bonnie’s character isn’t the only one of the original cast to take a back seat. Jermey is off screen, matt has been barely seen all season and tyler is also off the canvas so as you can see she is not the only one. Also caroline maybe on screen alot this season but during season one and two while bonnie was on screen alot she stayed in the background. Shows all work on the same principal wether primetime or soap writers like to write stories for character that the audience find popular and bonnie hasn’t really been a fan favorite. I also think they are not sure what to do with her caroline is only on a lot because of story they are telling with klaus and before that she only starting to get screen time when tyler ended up in klaus sphere. The popular character is the more the audience wants the see them the more the writers write for them. I like the bonnie character but there has been a lot less witch stuff this season and it has mostly been more about klaus and stephen and anyone connect to them. I don’t really know what they are going to do with bonnie but it does seem like the writers are running out of idea’s to use her in. i know she has a story with jamie coming but i think that also will depend on if the fans care about this story or bet quickly bored with it,

      • Hallie says:

        Actually, Caroline is the only on on the canvas that he could have feelings for that would make sense. Caroline is the only one that he has had very little interaction to and to be honest klaus and stephen have both been so focused on destroying each other that i doubt either one of them would notice anything unless something major happened. For Stephen it was the moment he almost drove elana over the bridge that her parents died at the place that has the most significate meaning to the two of them this is where there love story started. This was his turning point as for klaus with him i don’t think he has ever given any of his victims much thought and although he never intended to kill her she was just another move to up one on stephen he came face to face with what he did. I think he felt something he didn’t expect or saw coming. I think he went in thinking he had this under control and he found a connection to someone that he never had before so for me this does make sense. Look at demon that never made sense he went from being in love with katherine to being in love with elena over night. For a guy who was in love with her for so long i never really got how he just switched over night

  13. Becca says:

    I’ve said this numerous times, Julie PLEASE get Elena & Stefan back together it’s painful to watch them.

  14. James says:

    I hate Caroline-Klaus! Why! Why did they have to ruin Caroline’s character?!! She is the best thing on this show! Her dad died just a few days and already they’re hinting at a romance kiddbetween a 17 year old girl and a 1000 year old psychopath! Are you freakinging me!! I also disliked Delena, but came around in season 2. Now I think Damon and Stefan should just leave Elena alone. Poor girl has had 10 lifetimes worth of tragedy already! Original storyline is great! Don’t ruin it with Klaus-Caroline! And I MISS KATERINA PETROVA!!!

    • Um says:

      I don’t understand people who use the argument that Klaus is a 1000 year old psychopath therefore Caroline shouldn’t be with him. He is, don’t get me wrong, but here’s the thing. Stefan and Damon are 150 year old psychopaths who are going through a bit of a reformed stage. So we can believe that S & D can reform but Klaus is inherently and always will be evil? I mean come on. Klaus has a right to be a bad guy! Look at what he had for role models! We can’t run around pretending that Stefan and Damon haven’t slaughtered their fair share of human beings, thus making them just as evil as Klaus. If we can see the shades of grey in Stefan (and actually celebrate him as a hero) then why is it so far fetched that there is a grey area for Klaus?

      • garyd says:

        Big difference between Klaus and Stefan/Damon. Stefan has made great efforts in overcoming his ripper persona while Klaus hasn’t. He revels in killing even in his new home. And Damon fought to get back his love Katherine and later to protect Elena. the point is that Klaus has had 100 lifetimes and probably many more then 100 different versions of Caroline’s as well. I am not buying that he now has a more human aspects. The same smile he used on Caroline is the same smile he used on Stefan when he was feeding him blood to again make him the ripper and later when he Fixed Stefan by compelling him to block his emotions and obey him. And this to someone he at one time considered his brother.
        The fact that many ordinary people overcome a bad family beginning in just one lifetime puts to shame one who has failed to even try for 1000 years.

  15. Shazy says:

    Elijah didn’t drink it, if you watch closely he pretended i think he seen the hestitation in elena as she was about to drink hers as if to nearly shout out to him to drink up

  16. Si says:

    I like the Originals.

  17. Adam says:

    I love this show but rumor around CW head quarters is that it maybe on the chopping block for next season..lets hope not.

  18. Talia says:

    I know the Originals are the villains but I’d prefer not to see them all die. At this point I’d rather watch them instead of Stephan and Damon. Here’s hoping at least 3 or 4 of them survive the season.. especially Kol and Elijah!

  19. Danielle H says:

    Great episode. I’m sickened by Damon screwing the Original bitch though. It’s just sad, and he’s past acting that way. Also, I know we needed to see Elena try to talk to Stefan, but come on already. He doesn’t want to care about her anymore, he’s mentally making that choice outright.
    And for some reason, I like Klaus and Caroline just because we are seeing a human side of Klaus. Maybe Caroline should go for more then some little wolf boy?

  20. David says:

    Elijah has evolved into such a worthwhile friend to Elena I’d really like to see him survive all of this. I think it would be a poetic justice for him to survive as a human.

  21. SG says:

    I guess that Bonnie is not a character on the show anymore. For some reason the media totally accepts the degrading treatment that the writers give her. Every character should get thier turn. Unfortunately Bonnie never will. No storyline, no love interest and nothing is ever going to change that. With that I am done with this show. Thanks for the warning.

    • Fran says:

      I was also disappointed by Bonnie’s absence in this last episode, but I’m even more surprised that the interviewer didn’t ask about her at all!! Unfortunately, a lot of the CW shows have a tendency to make their minority characters invisible or irrelevant after a point, and in Bonnie’s case, relegated to a role of servitude. I’m not sure if this is a problem with audience feedback, the writers or both. However, the Bonnie treatment is even more striking than in other CW shows, because her character is supposed to be a major player in the Vampire diaries; plus the actress who plays her has so much potential. Even Bonnie’s romantic interests were poorly developed (and dropped just as quickly as they started).
      Seriously, if the writers are too lazy to write good scripts for minority characters, then maybe they should invest in hiring writers who genuinely care.

  22. Lucy says:

    I hope they dont kill any more original main characters off, because Its only been season 3 and already we’ve lost two. At least Buffy and Angel didn’t go all crazy until the last few seasons.

  23. kateshomesick says:

    Am I the only one that wishes they would focus a little? I am glad that they seem to make Matt an actual character, I also really like the originals but what is going on with the Alaric, Bonnie, Jeremy, Elena/Damon part of the story…Alaric doesn’t seem to have any character traits at all…if I had to describe him I probably wouldn’t really know what to say- he is just not very defined or round as a character. Bonnie seems to be missing from all the action she would CLEARLY be in, given the things they (the writers) made us believe about her. Jeremy has had the weakest storyline this season- with the filler-ghost-episodes that were in no way coherent with the evolution of the character. The same thing applies to Damon- they are clearly dragging out storylines by making him become the big bad wolf again- not believable (and the did make me believe in his change- so what else could this be). Also Elena kind of isn’t the kindest person after all hugh…I’m just not sure THAT’s what the writers wanted to show…
    The biggest problem is the following: Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Tyler, Carol, Sheriff, Bonnies Mum, Klaus, Finn, Esther, Kol, Elijah, Rebeka, Jeremy, Alaric, Dr. Fell…there is WAY too much cast… so much in fact that there is no way one can give a decent, evolving storyline to each and everyone of those characters and still have it making sense and being logical…
    So there really is only one way…cut the excess flesh HARHAR :D…
    …but please keep Jer. I miss him so much…

  24. Yasmine says:

    A big NO to Klaroline. It’s completely out of nowhere and feels so forced. It’s not that they don’t have chemistry because they do, but despite what some people may think, chemistry is not everything. What about the fact that he tried to kill her, actually killed her best friend’s aunt, sired her boyfriend and terrorized her town and friends? Caroline is NOT Elena! Despite what the show thinks, Elena’s an extremely week and hypocritical character who forgives anybody anything as long as it’s a hot guy who showers her with attention. I don’t want Caroline to turn into an Elena 2.0! She’s one of the only good things about this show and if she starts having feelings for Klaus after all he’s done? Well, RIP Caroline. Also, when did he even have the time to like her? They only shared ONE scene where HE was doing all the talking and he was talking to her like a child and honestly, it was just really creepy! Where’s the buildup?!

  25. Samantha says:

    The show keeps trying to sell us a love triangle that doesn’t exist.
    I’m a Delena shipper, but it’s clear to me that Stefan is the one she loves, the one she wants to be with. All that would take was Stefan to say the words and she will go back to him, it’s clear that she is waiting for this.
    Damon is her second choice, a consolation prize. She was never torn between the brothers, she wants Stefan.
    The real love triangle was Stefan/Katherine/Damon.

  26. Jen says:

    Totally agree with you Samantha. This show has never been about a love triangle. So frickin sick of boring old Stelena.I’m getting so frustrated with this show-may eventually have to quit watching:(

  27. rachelle says:

    I just want to say… in no way, shape, or form is it EVER okay for a girl who was once supposedly madly in love with a man to start dating his brother. That is the main problem that I have with the whole Damon and Elena thing. If her and Damon ever happen, she’d pretty much be jumping from Stefan’s bed to Damon’s and that is kinda sick. I’m not a judge-y nun! I’m just saying, in real life, anyone would think that was kinda gross.

  28. Melissaclmn says:

    Thank you. I totally agree. Why is it that any nice guy that shows up people think he should end up in bed with Elena. Why can’t good chemistry equal strong friendship. Poor Elena is gonna end up with mono or something if people have their way

  29. Melissaclmn says:

    Referring to Elija and Elena

  30. Max says:

    please writers don’t kill off Elijah, he’s the reason I kept watching TVD. For me Elena/Damon/Stefan got boring and I’m allready so sick of Klaus =(

  31. Sparky says:

    Re this love triangle it doesn’t exist Elena clearly wants Stefan despite all the people he killed with Klaus. She has little or no interest in being with Damon. It feels as though Kevin Williamson has taken a backseat to TVD lately and Julie Plec is captain of the ship. Julie says that Damon has to earn Elena’s love respect. Elena tells Damon at the start of the season that her and Damon will forget about stefan but in Thurs episode she is ready to take him back. I always said that it was a bad idea for them to not have put Damon and Katherine together. His character has become such a lap dog and when he tells her that she’s in love with him she bitch slaps him. Move his character on already this storyline got old a long time ago. Kill all the originals except for Elijah and Rebekkah.

    • Hallie says:

      I have to say i am really loving klaus these days and especially caroline and klaus scene’s but with that said the elena/stephen/damon triangle is getting old. I never read the books and this may have worked there but she really needs to just pick one. Regardless of which brother you like with her (i am not a huge fan of either but if i had to pick i would definetly say stephen, i also perfer damon how he was in season 1) she need to just pick one because this triangle is getting to point that not only is it boring and getting to the point that you care who she picks as long as she picks one but it is making you not like elena and wonder if she deserves either.

  32. fllygrl says:

    Please don’t kill off elijah just make him human or something!! all the other originals could die! just not him :(

  33. lily says:

    Don’t kill the Originals !!
    The relationship between Caroline and Klaus is amazing.
    Klaroline !!

  34. Amanda says:

    Elena and Elijah!

  35. Hallie says:

    Where to start here first off i have to say that i get what the writers are trying to say is that nobody is black and white, no one is pure evil or good. Also when klaus first came on he wasn’t suppose to be around that long but the actor made the character fan favorite so his back story changed. With that said to be honest all three are equally as bad and to honest stephen is suppose to be worse then all three of them and demon we are not really sure what he has done but he has done alot. The real major difference is that we have seen first hand what klaus is done to characters that we like so it brings it up a level. As for rebecca and tyler i don’t remember klaus making her do that i believe that was all rebecca not to mention tyler is sired to klaus not rebecca so whatever he did with her (which we still don’t know but might come up) was all him and has nothing to do with him being sired. As for caroline and klaus when first heard about this i thought that the writers were nuts i really couldn’t see it but after one scene not only did i see potential with them (caroline finally found someone i didn’t want to ff her scene with) but there were moments with her and his siblings i actually found myself feeling sorry for him that you see that what drives him is his loneliness and need to want to be loved. You saw a little of that when he was talking to demon about how stephen love for elaina will never be gone because love like that never dies you could almost see his envious in his voice. I for one am looking forward to seeing more caroline and klaus

  36. maria a. says:

    Oh! I CAN’T WAIT until Klaus and Caroline have scenes together again!!! The writers will take advantage of their popularity and tease us…I’m getting the feeling that they’re going make their story line long and drawn out until the fans can’t stand it any longer before this couple actually unites OR Ignites;);) is more like it!!! Whew!! can you imagine the sexual tension between these two!!!?? When they eventually get together!!! we will forget all of the other couples!!! Stelena,and Delena who! All of the fans on youtube, tumbler, fanfiction,tweets, and other websites will be in a frenzy:0