Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Seasonal Subjective Disorder

I’m going to come out and say it: Project Runway (regular and All-Stars) needs to send the Fashion Faceoff to the same dumpster that’s currently housing acid-washed denim, the 8-ball jacket, and anything ever worn by Randy Jackson on American Idol.

I understand that, on paper at least, when you’re down to eight designers, it’s got to be tempting to split them into four head-to-head matchups — sending the winners to safety, putting the four losers up for elimination, and pumping up the drama. But that kind of drama always ends up feeling contrived, and what’s more, you inevitably end up with two strong designs dueling (and one of them being unjustly pilloried by the judges) and one lackluster showdown (where a weak garment annoyingly sails to safety).

For this week’s challenge, host Angela Lindvall hit the runway carrying eight different overnight bags; the designers then chose bags to determine which season would serve as the backdrop for their “weekend getaway” sportswear looks: spring (Kara and Austin); summer (Mondo and Kenley); autumn (Mila and Rami); and winter (Jerell and Michael).

As it’s been all season, the workroom scenes were rather perfunctory, with the exception of some ugliness where Jerell accused Michael of copying his black, wool cowell-neck coat. Granted, there was some similarity in silhouette and color, but it’s not like Michael didn’t purchase his fabric at the same time as his rival. To me, Jerell’s overreaction was more a sign of insecurity in his own design skills than it was about what Michael had hung on his dress form.

Then again, without the imbroglio, we never would’ve witnessed this supremely awkward lunch-break conversation, with Mondo in the middle of Jerell and Michael:

Mondo: It feels like dinner at my family’s house.
Michael: Spaghetti?
Mondo: No.
Jerell: Awkward?
Mondo: Awkward.

I also got a case of the giggles at this exchange, maybe because I’m too far from the world of fashion to understand what was wrong with Mila’s vision.

Mila (weighing in on Mondo’s skirt-instead-of-shorts brainstorm): “A knee-length skirt?”
Mondo (as if she’d just suggested he make his garment from the stomach lining of tree sloths): “No! Ewww.”

And while I may not have appreciated Jerell’s bitchiness (or his garment), I would like to nominate him as a future guest judge. His take on Austin-Vs.-Kara was priceless — “It’s like the oldest chick from Golden Girls, or money!” — and I agreed with his take on Kenley’s powder-blue polka-dot romper: “How many girls wear polka-dots like that? Maybe Minnie Mouse?” Indeed!

A few thoughts on this week’s utterly ridicuous judging:

* How in the heck did Rami’s garment (pictured third from left) get auf’d instead of Austin’s (pictured far left). I agreed with Georgina that we should’ve never had to see the Frankensteinian horror beneath Rami’s drapey-drapey jacket, and yes, Angela had a point that his color scheme was troubling, but let’s get back to that jacket: The gatehered back alone trumped those high-waisted, too-short khaki pants of Austin’s that the judges went on (and on) (and on) about. I mean, come on. These people have never seen a high-waisted pleated trouser before? Where’s the innovation? Certainly not in the floral-print sweater set that Angela wisely pointed out looked like a small-town gal headed to Sunday services.

* I also couldn’t fathom how Kenley outscored Mondo (second from left) this week. Okay, maybe guest judge Cynthia Rowley gave Mondo a zero, and dragged his average down, since she went after his kicky polkadot blouse and shorts with the fury of a Gretchen Jones Fan Club treasurer. To my untrained eye, though, Mondo’s look was flirtatious and fun — the very embodiment of what a fashion-forward gal might rock at a weekend getaway. Kenley’s, on the other hand, was like one of those weird sherbet flavors you see in the back row of the ice-cream freezer. It might catch your eye for a hot second, but how many folks would actually choose it?

* Don’t cry, Mondo! You are awesome! (There’s even a nifty t-shirt in your honor!)

* And in the battle of the winter coats, please tell me I’m not the only one who favored Michael’s slick, belted delight over Jerell’s bulky, shapeless ensemble (pictured, right), which wasn’t helped by the heavy hat, hair, and handbag combo.

* Mila’s mod cape and peekaboo flash of red sleeves definitely deserved a place in the Top 4, but Kara’s completely common togs? I think not! And no, you cannot keep repeating the phrase “simple chic” as a way to mask a lack of design innovation. Click, dialtone, goodbye.

What did you think of this week’s Project Runway All-Stars? Did Cynthia Rowley seem to go beyond critical into kinda hateful territory? Were you on Team Jerell, Team Michael, or Team None of the Above? And who would you have auf’d? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Erin says:

    I agree mostly. While I really liked Mondo’s piece, I did think Kenley did a bit better than him (as much as that pains me to say). That being said, if the stupid “head to head” hadn’t existed, my top 4 would have been Mondo, Kenley, Michael, and Mila. Austin absolutely deserved to go over Rami, but in my opinion, it wouldn’t have been a stretch to get rid of Kara either. Austin & Kara’s outfits could be purchased just about anywhere. They lacked imagination and were not unique. Austin got saved ONLY because he was Austin, because that outfit was absolutely hideous. Also, I never thought I’d be a Michael fan after his first go-around but I’d be happy to see him with Mondo, Kenley, and Mila in the final four.

    • KevyB says:

      Wow! Nightmare scenario! Well, I could live with Mila, but the other three are so whatever! Mondo almost created the same overwrought thing as last week, but THIS week they don’t like it. Though they SHOULD have said that the diagonal direction of his polka dots made his model’s boobs look totally lopsided, and that right there is a major no-no. (And ANYONE saying it was great just needs to look at her boobs in that picture up there! COME ON!)
      Honestly, these are the WORST all-stars in any reality show ever! After a couple good weeks, they’ve given us two straight weeks where EVERYBODY created a big pile of MEH, or worse. Makes me long for some Viktor from last season. And now that Rami got the Boot of Ridiculousness, I don’t need to watch anymore! Yay!

    • brucekennedy says:

      I agree with your top four and I think Kenley will win the whole thing. Her style and fit is always the best but she’s a little too sweet this time around. I would like to hear her real opinion on some of the slop we seen on the runway.

  2. Colleen says:

    How Kenley didn’t get the auf’d already is beyond me, but I am just holding hope the judges come to their senses with the same bad look
    she turns out week after week. And as bad as Austin was, and that
    trying to be a republican housewife/grandma’s mumu print, between Rami’s colors and that shirt (which if it didn’t look good on the model there is NO way anyone else with a chest would look ok it in) he needed to go.
    And I so agree on Michael’s look over Jerrell.

  3. SW says:

    I thought that the judges got EVERYTHING wrong this week. Austin should’ve been sent home for that horrendous outfit. Rami’s gorgeous jacket ALONE should’ve been enough to save him. Also, I have no idea what the judges were on to make them think that Kenley’s design was better than Mondo’s, and I’m even saying that from an unbiased viewpoint. I thought her design was outdated and a little boring. I’m not quite sure why the judges were so harsh on Mondo’s accessorizing (his knack for knowing exactly how to style and accessorize his looks is one reason why I’m such a big fan of his). I love to see black & white outfits paired with bright accessories. And yes, I thought Michael’s design was better than Jerell’s.

    • tina says:

      I totally agree with everything you said. I was in shock at what the judges liked and didn’t like almost to the point of not watching the show anymore. SERIOUSLY!. I think they were smoking crack this week and I didn’t care for the guest judge. Also i have to disagree with Slezak, I would totally wear Kara’s outfit. It’s what you want on a weekend get away, something easy and stylish that you can dress up or down. Austin’s only outfit exist on a clearance rack in some thrift shop somewhere. No woman would wear his or Kenley’s outfit. I’m amazed at the judges.

  4. Louie says:

    Michael, I love any opportunity to restate the utter lameness of Randy Jackson. In fact I think every show recap on should start offwith something anti-Randy.
    Also, hasn’t ALL of Jerell’s designs been bulky and shapeless, with the exception of last weeks tribal swimwear disaster? I guess I just don’t get fashion…

  5. Winnie says:

    Team Michael and Team Mondo…They are my pick I don’t care what anyone else thinks…including the judges and the guest judge. I have to say though that I think Rami’s hideous blouse (color and design) just killed it for him. I have to agree.

    • MJ says:

      I am also Team Michael or Team Mondo. They should not have been in the bottom this week. I was like the 4 best designers are in the bottom and the worst 4 were in the top. Has the world flipped its axis?

  6. Carrie says:

    Rami should never have been sent home. Austin’s outfit was awful! Michael and Mondo both had awesome designs. That guest judge was a total beast. Jerell needs to get over himself.

  7. Carrie says:

    This week was a total joke, a jumping the shark moment. I thought michael was better than Jerrell (though both were the clear best of the lot). No one over 13 would wear Kenley’s, Rami’s ouster was an insult and both Spring looks were a yawn. Terrible episode

  8. lar says:

    wow, the judging was brutal this week. I think Cynthia Rowley woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and that douche-bag Mizrahi was beyond bitchy. This is the first time the judges seemed conflicted in their choice of who to send home. I bet they regretted the face-off. I thought Kara’s outfit looked like it came out of an Eileen Fisher boutique–pretty enough, but definitely not fashion forward. She would never have been in my top-four. I probably would have gone with Michael for the win.

  9. Magically Suspicious says:

    Michael’s look was definitely better that Jerrell’s, and I think it was the best of the night. Kenley’s romber might be cute on a 3 year-old. Maybe. I guess. Probably not.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I’m not sure what a ‘romber’ is, but Kenley’s was horrible.

      • Louie says:

        A romber is an annoying famewhoring reality show couple who claw and creep into as many TV opportunities as humanly possible… Thankfully, it hasn’t been seen in some time

  10. Cyndee says:

    Totally agree with EVERYTHING you said! Thank you for organizing my thoughts. Especially on the polka dot romper which I thought for sure would be somewhere near the bottom not the top. I seriously don’t know anyone who would wear that thing.

  11. Tania says:

    Thank you for putting into words what I was feeling about last night’s episode, which was like Opposite Land – every outfit I liked and thought would be on top, the judges panned … a tween might like Kenley’s romper but Mondo’s ensemble would outsell it every day of the week. Rami’s jacket was gorgeous – Mila’s cape made the teeny model look like a big square blob. I adore Austin, but that look was too Golden Girls, and I say that with love for both Austin and the Golden Girls. I also felt vindicated for Michael that his notorious coat turned out looking so chic. AND the Mondo comment about the awkward family dinner was priceless. Does anyone have any comments about Kenley finishing Kara’s pants? Kara is likable but always comes across as struggling. Anyway you cut it, I’ll tune in next week.

  12. Ceceli says:

    Granted Rami is color challenged. But seriously Austin’s and Kara’s looks were far worse! I still can’t figure out how Kara, Kenley, Jarrell (granted his coat for this week was one of the stronger looks) and Mila are still around while Rami was aufed??? If the judges are rational(?) Mondo should have this in the bag. Also, Isaac makes me beg for Michael & Nina. I’m with Tim on this one.

  13. Cat says:

    Rami was sent home because that shirt was a mess. Not only was the model lopsided because of it but the whole construction around the neck was just weird. I think anyone with eyes thought that print Austin chose was hideous but the outfit was constructed correctly which I am sorry Rami’s was not. And OMG if I am tired of Kenley’s I love Lucy aesthetic I am just as tired of Rami’s draping. It’s hard to believe after he went on about draping during his season a million times he would go right back to the same in the allstars. And if my memory serves didn’t Nina worry about his color choices then? As for Mondo I thought his stuff was over the top and I agree with what Nina said during his season which was no one over 12 (no matter how fashion forward) would wear his clothes anywhere. I don’t think granola chic should have won but that doesn’t make Mondo’s stuff any less club kid NY 1995.

    • D says:

      Heidi wore Mondo’s dress to an event. Granted the sleeves were modified from the original design, but still. If I had to choose between Mondo’s and Kenley’s mismatched polka dot infantile look, I would choose Mondo’s in a heartbeat.

      • D says:

        Clarification. If I had to choose between Mondo’s look and Kenley’s mismatched polka dot look. The mismatching of the dots was bugging me to no end, let alone the babyish color and romper aspect.

    • stef says:

      I agree with this. Austin’s look was very old-fashioned (to say the least), but it was well put together.
      Rami’s was an unfortunate combination of colors, didn’t really fit the season he was assigned for the challenge (who wears electric blue in fall?), and that omg-awful shirt had both a turkey neck and a Frankenstein-seamed / unbalanced chest. Plus an ugly color. Eek.

  14. Cassie says:

    This seasons judging has been horrendous! Do these people actually work in the fashion industry?! I really wish they would have stuck with the original judges and maybe this season wouldnt be such a let down. Kenleys outfit?! O-M-G. If someone wore that walking down the street I would probably laugh. Austin definitely should have been sent home for that grandma esque outfit. Michael and Mondo got robbed.

    • Marie says:

      Totally agree. Promised myself to never watch project runway again after Mondo got robbed last time but… find myself watching it again and promising myself again…

    • Lauren K says:

      Agreed. I’ve never missed Michael Kors more. Some of the monstrosities that have walked the runway this season could only have been saved by his hilarious comparisons and Nina’s rapier wit. I can’t believe Rami got Auf’d before Kara who can’t even finish her own outfits and Jerrel who has consistently been designing crap. I love Michael and Mondo and they are the whole reason that I watched this season but Rami was robbed.

    • brucekennedy says:

      I agree, Kenley’s outfit wouldn’t have looked to good on your average fat slob walking down the street but her model looked real good.

  15. nicky says:

    I never agreed more with a Project Runway review than this week. Thank you.
    And, isnce you asked, I’m definitely on Team Michael, for both the personality and the designs.

    • the girl says:

      I feel exactly the same way. Michael’s jacket with that belt was absolutely gorgeous. I felt myself wanting to google his e-mail address so I could pretend I have enough money to buy that from him. Also, I didn’t see what was so wrong with Rami’s color choices, considering that I never feel like fashion designers match things correctly on runways. Either way, that blue jacket was to die for and I was shocked when he was sent home.

  16. Donna says:

    I kinda like Scarlett, especially after recently viewing Season 1 episodes but I don’t get his fashion sense. At the end of last night show, I was thinking — I’m going to miss him but no! It was Rami that got the boot. Scarlett’s outfit was Horrible!; Rami’s jacket was great! And Kenley, “If a black person says you are loud,you are too loud”…not only in voice but your fashion sense — too strange and juvenile for my taste. Luv Mondo (don’t ever cry again — you are the pooh) and Michael.

  17. CatalinaLaGrande says:

    I agree with your comments except where Austin is concerned. This was not an “Avant Garde” challenge, it was a weekend getaway. There is nothing wrong with wearing a printed top with khaki pants to go to a spring garden. And by the way, the Golden Girls wore tunics, not short shells and little jackets. The designers should also realize that not everybody lives in Manhattan and dresses like new yorkers. Every big city in this country wears different styles and colors.
    On the Kenley romper, I actually saw somebody wearing a very similar look, yellow with black polka dots, I had a really early appointment in a government office, in Miami, about 25 years ago, it was really crowded and in walks this pretty, tall girl with the romper. It was like a bomb exploded, hysterical laughter, everybody woke up, even the senior citizens.

    • D says:

      Actually, the yellow and black combo sounds more sophisticated than Kenley’s combo.

      • D says:

        And good for her for shaking things up a bit. It seems like if you could get away with that outfit *anywhere* it would be Miami.

    • MollyF'ingRingwald says:

      I had no idea Cynthia Rowley was such a stone cold see you next Tuesday. I would NEVER purchase anything she’s afiliated with, just based on seeing her on a few reality programs. Also, those comments about Austin’s outfit and Mondo’s were way over the top. For one, I liked Austin’s pant. It’s perfect for Spring/Summer. I even liked his sweater/blouse combo. It was not “Sunday at church in a little town” (which, by the way, thanks for making that sound offensive, CR), it had a Lily Pulitzer/country club feel, and is very much what I see here in the South. Sorry, everyone doesn’t live in NY, or want to dress that way. As far as Mondo’s, loved it. Very cute teen-20s look. I cannot picture a grown woman, or even my 23 yr old daughter, wearing a f’ing romper. I hated Mila’s stupid cape, and loved Rami’s jacket. This show has started down suck alley and I’m about done with it.

  18. Henry De La Rosa says:

    I am definitely Team Michael. His natural talent is obvious. Sorry, but I find Jerell’s work forced and overwrought.
    Sorry to see Rami go…
    The host and judges for this show seem to be second rate… Wasn’t Isaac Mizrahi recently on a low brow version of Project Runway? Looks like they scraped from the bottom of the barrel with the judges and this challenge.

    • D says:

      I like your description of Jerrell’s work in general but for this challenge I think it applied to Rami rather than Jerrell. That top was definitely over-worked and the jacket (with belt) seemed to be too, IMO.

  19. AngD says:

    OMG – I hated Mila’s poncho. It looked she had a linebacker’s shoulder pads underneath it and it didn’t move at all. Totally stiff poncho. Otherwise, agree with the recap and that Austin should’ve gone home instead of Rami.

  20. Fizzy says:

    Austin didn’t get sent home because, like Nina, Mizrahi always has the last say. This was very obvious. Once he said how much he loved the pants I knew Austin would stay. I’m not even sure why the other judges are there.

  21. Eva says:

    Thank You! Mondo’s design was amazing, I couldn’t believe they put him in the bottom! I expected him to win this round.. (still shaking my head)

  22. Jen says:

    Ugh – the “faceoff” was unfair in every way. Besides a skewed outcome, the summers got to make tiny little outfits while fall/winters made jackets, pants, the works . . . How annoying that some got to stay for tiny little outfits while others had to do so much more work. Mila’s was my fave but for the linebacker shoulders. Mondo is too kitschy sometimes and this was one of those times. Love him but he honestly would have auf’d him last night. Didn’t love Austin’s look but at least I understood it. . . where I live I could see lots of ladies dressing like that.

  23. Tee says:

    Between those two, I REALLY thought Austin was going to be the one to go home.
    If it wasn’t for that stupid face-off though, I think Kara and Kenley should have been in the bottom though just for, well, Kara’s lack of design, and Kenley’s inability to do different things.
    I keep thinking about Kara’s decoy finale collection and really had high hopes for her. She’s been struggling a lot though.
    Also I thought the winter looks ended up looking completely different, minus color scheme. It seemed weird that the judges would bring that up, other than the obvious stirring the pot’o’drama.

    • D says:

      Yeah, those outfits were nothing the same in the end. They were tipped off, or else maybe someone else (Jarrell) brought it up first and they just edited that part out?

  24. tom22 says:

    Kara should have been out.
    I mean, was there anything interesting there? was any piece of the whole anygood ? I underdstood Austin’s pants and I agree’d with the one judge comment that they were the only good thing in the show…but I also agree that the choices with the top print was terrible… in a solid instead of a print the outfit would have been quite sleek.. so yeah it was bad overal but with merits.
    Boring over all coupled with weeks of some pretty bad misses and no real winners should have sent kara home….
    … the judges didn’t put themselves in a position to send the weekest overall competitor home by not having her in the bottom 4.
    No winner though… I can’t say anyone deserved to win this week.
    Actually, I don’t like Mila’s style usually despite her being good … she designs well for people who want to put on a closed facade to the world which is her prefered facade.
    But I would have given her the win because her color’s and lines were at least interesting. (I agree with the “cheap” remark…the cape fabric despite being a great color didn’t have a great weave or something…but that is easily correctable).
    Jarell ? Ok, I did like his use of that diagonal print on the jacket but the over all impression was so Annie hall and I’ve seen that before ….

  25. com32 says:

    Please. It’s cowl. Not cowell.

  26. tom22 says:

    One more post.
    Mondo’s outfit was ok last week and I get a kick out of him so I’d like to seem him around, yet:
    I often feel like his outfits are just stuff bought from a thrift shop by some young college girl trying to have a bit of a flair having fun. (well I guess that is how he dresses too)
    I’m not sure that is entirely a knock and I suppose there really isn’t anything 100% original in fashion, but the “who is this girl” question isn’t anything main stream ever. Not someone going to the opera, not a business wowman’s power outfit or her coctail dress. Not the Jackie O leisure wear.
    Well, much of that is an argument over what the goal of the competition is.
    This week though I was also especially put off by the mixed statements of time and place that the judges pointed out…seemed more a random statement than a coherent one.
    Also, I felt like she had walked out of a salon with her mock on with the real top under the leaporskin beauty salon protection.

  27. syb says:

    Pretty much my reaction across the board on last night’s show.
    Kenley’s outfit looked juvenile to me and not the least fashion forward. And I usually like her stuff. Mondo’s was better–not great but better. I kinda liked Mila’s outfit this time, and I don’t usually care for her stuff.
    I do have to say though that Rami’s top was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on the show. Austin’s K-Mart sweater set wasn’t much better, but at least it fit the model.
    PS MS: A “cowell neck” might be a V-neck black tee shirt. I think you mean “cowl neck.

  28. Amy says:

    I am usually on Michael’s team, I don’t know if they edited to make it look as though Michael was coping from Jarrell’s design, but it certainly appeared as though he copied. Jerrell was pretty far along with his garment before Michael started his. Michael is very talented,I’m disappointed in him.

    • Nicky says:

      I’m pretty sure they edited it that way. I rewatched the episode and Michael says from the beginning that he always shops for plan B and plan C and so on. And he DID have a very similar fabric from the start. So I’m thinking he had several directions in mind which he could go into. And, yeah, he did look over to Jerrell a lot, but it was a face-off challenge, so it’s natural. And, while they didn’t show Jerrell peeking over to Michael, he must have just as much or wouldn’t have been able to constantly comment about how it looks so similar. I guess what happened is that Michael really had a similar idea, but later into the game, and decided to go with it, DESPITE knowing that Jerrell had the same, because it WAS his own idea after all.
      The one I’m disappointed in, is Jerrell, whom I really liked so far. Instead of just thinking, “Okay, so MAYBE Michael copied me. So what, I’m the bigger man here, and confident enough in my garment that I’ll wing it.” all he did was continually accuse Michael and provoke him in the most annoying ways, even on the runway in front of the judges.

  29. Jane says:

    Wow! I thought the next 2 to go would be Jerrel and Kara. Then the competition could really begin. They are the 2 weakest designers left. I can’t believe Rami was sent home. Mila’s cape looked like is was made of paper bags and her trousers were baggy in all the wrong places. They should have let Kara and Austin be in the bottom regardless of the dumb fashion face-off. I would have been sad to Austin go, but really either he or Kara deserved to get the boot. Kenley’s looked annoyed me and the judges didn’t say a word about how short it was from the back. No one over 5 would wear it. And like everyone said, it looks like every other design she’s done. I actually liked Mondo’s look the best. He should have won. I didn’t care for Jerrel’s look. His jacket looks like the one I bought at Talbots (which I love) but how unique it the design? And everything underneath his jacket was hideous.

  30. Lana says:

    I wore an outfit just like Kenleys back in high school in 1972. It was brown with cream polka dots and it was adorable for a teenager but not for an adult in 2012. Normally I like her, however I am on Team Michael and loved his answer “Spaghetti?” he is soo sweet and sometimes clueless. I loved his outfit over Jerrel’s look and could care less if he was motivated by Jerrel’s look cause he made it much better..

  31. asherlev1 says:

    These judges are terrible. Really, Cynthia Rowley, really?
    Mondo deserves all the awards.

  32. I thought Kenley’s outfit would’ve looked adorable on a five-year-old! But, on that model? No way! Rami getting sent home instead of Austin made me downright mad! I just don’t understand these judges!!

  33. Joseph says:

    I just watched the show via the web , okay my take is that when it came to Kara and Kenley they got by on doing things they knew and playing safe and think that Austin and Mondo should have had better scores.
    As for the drama with Michael it just puts me in a space where I can only hope someone drops a house on the head of Jerrel.
    As for Rami, I had the same issue the judges had with the Rami top and wish he had used a print to create interest and not the cut of the cloth.
    For me I would have rather seen Kara go home if they could have done a normal top vs low group.

  34. PurplePanda says:

    Jerell’s outfit was good, but so was Michael’s. And yes, Austin’s outfit resembled a granny from the waist up, but at least it was DIFFERENT. Kara’s was… boring.
    And why did Rami get sent home? I kind of thought he should’ve been in the top, not the bottom.
    Maybe in a face-off one of the team members has to be low and the other high, but that isn’t right. I mean, Michael’s outfit was about a hundred times better than Kara’s. As for Kenley and Mila’s creations. I think its better if I don’t say anything.
    But Mondo was really good. They should just send him and Michael and Austin to fashion week and send everyone else home. Its inevitable.

  35. PurplePanda says:

    Oh and also, the judging in this episode was SO unfair. Almost as bad as last week when they sent Anthony home (?!) over Jerell.

  36. Mara says:

    WHY are Kara, Kenley, and Jarrell still there?
    Rami has more talent then all of them put together.
    Like seriously, why is Kara still there?! So many good people have gone. Kara is always terrible.
    Also I hated Mila’s poncho. I actually thought Rami was going to win that battle. His jacket was amaazing. Who cares about the hideous top? They could forgive Mila’s ill-fitted boring poncho, Austin’s grandma outfit and Kara’s complete lack of talent. But they can’t get over a little shirt…