Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola on Caroline's Feelings for Klaus and Tyler's Whereabouts

The surprisingly touching birthday moment that The Vampire Diaries gave Caroline and Klaus was just the beginning. At the Originals’ fancy ball in tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), the hybrid and the blonde vamp get even closer. But how does she really feel about him, and where in the world is Tyler? TVLine went to Candice Accola for answers.

Vampire Diaries First Look: An Original Battle

TVLINE | When you read the script for “Our Town” and saw the Klaus/Caroline scene, what was your reaction?
Even though we don’t really know what is going to happen, sometimes you get very vague plot points. The writers say, “This is a possibility that we’re looking into.” There’s been a thousand plot points that have never come to fruition, but this one has kind of been tossed around. We’ll see. The characters are just so unlikely [together]. What I love about it is that it does very much harken back [to Season 1] when [Caroline] sits down with Bonnie and is like, “Why does Elena always get the guy? Why is it never me? I try so hard. Why isn’t it ever me?” So it’s a funny thing. Now, finally, Caroline is catching the eye of the guy, but he just so happens to be the evil, bad guy. [Laughs] She finally got what she wanted, but not really in the way that she wanted it.

TVLINE | How is Caroline feeling about Klaus at this point?
Caroline has a lot of resentment towards Klaus because of the fact that he turned Tyler into a hybrid, and Tyler is now sired to him. He took away something that Caroline really loved and that really can’t be given back. So she’s very angry with him. She’s very resentful of him. But Caroline and Klaus haven’t interacted a lot, so I think she’s also aware of how powerful he is. She has to steer clear. … Caroline hasn’t been in the thick of all the big major plotting going on. But now that she has been hurt as a result of Klaus turning Tyler, she is now on board to bring him down.

TVLINE | But they share a dance in this week’s episode.
There is a dance. There are pictures floating around of Caroline and Klaus dancing, but what brings them to dance, we haven’t seen that. What results from the dance, we haven’t seen yet. And whether there’s an ulterior motive or not within the dance, we haven’t seen yet.

Vampire Diaries Hot Shots: Romance and Roughhousing Break Out at Mystic Falls Ball

TVLINE | Could you see this relationship evolving into a real romance?
There’s a possibility for anything and everything. The fact that Klaus and Caroline have even been put on the table to begin with shows there really is a possibility for anything.

TVLINE | One of the concerns about a potential Klaus/Caroline relationship is, what would it say about Caroline, considering he’s threatened her friends and family? Is that something she’s struggling with?
Caroline is definitely not viewing Klaus as the nice guy. She’s not like, “Ooh! He’s got an edge!” She knows he’s an extreme, evil killer. But at the same time, Caroline recognizes and learns from even just being around Katherine that… you can’t back down. You can’t show fear. You can’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner. You have to stand up and be strong. She’s been watching characters like Katherine or Damon or Stefan and seeing how they really do have a backbone. You have to fake it even if you are scared. That’s what we’re going to see in Caroline as well.

TVLINE | Are you getting to share any scenes with the other Original characters now?
Um… [Pauses] Yes.

TVLINE | Anything else you can share?
No. [Laughs]

The Vampire Diaries Casts Elena’s Relative

TVLINE | Where’s Tyler? We haven’t seen him for a couple of episodes.
He has gone to work on himself [and] to learn how he can not fall prey to [having been] sired so he can take control back over his life. It’s because of Klaus that Tyler even bit Caroline to begin with. In order to fight for her and fight for himself, he’s taking the time to learn how to not be controlled by Klaus.

TVLINE | What are you most excited about with the upcoming episodes?
I’m excited for the fans to be just as thrown as I was with what the writers have in store. I’m excited for the big ball [airing this week]. Everyone’s been stressing how beautiful it is. … It’s going to be a history lesson, and we’re going to be introduced to some new characters. There’s a flashback episode coming up. A lot of really great things [will happen] leading up to the [season] finale, which at this point, I have no idea where the writers are going to take it. But they really put themselves in a beautiful, beautiful position of open opportunities to just shock the hell out of audiences.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Klaus/Caroline is so ridiculous. After what happened with Tyler, Caroline shouldn’t given Klaus the time of day. In the end, this potential storyline will make me hate Caroline.

    • Lauren says:

      I think Caroline and Klaus is an exciting relationship to watch unfold. I think it brings different dimensions out of each of these characters and creates a different unique relationship on the show. It is a relationship that might be completely wrong, but it is wrong in all the right ways.
      I think it is a great story line to watch and I just hope the writers continue with it, because it is the reason I started to get more hooked on this show!!

  2. Juli says:

    First, it was Caroline/Matt; and, then, it was Caroline/Tyler. Now, it’s Caroline/Klaus. How many relationships is this character going to receive??

  3. Isabelle says:

    I can’t wait. I need more Elijah in my life STAT.

  4. Michelle says:

    I love the idea of Klaus and Caroline. It’s so unlikely yet kinda awesome. Bring it on!

    • Veta says:

      I need more scene about Klaus and Caroline.They are so matching. It’s so romantic to see a devil(Klaus)fall in love with with a girl. Please keep this and don’t let Klau die.

  5. Amanda says:

    I think this is a great way to throw Caroline into the thick of things. And Jamie, if you bothered to read the interview Candice said that Caroline will be rather abrasive.
    But frankly, why would it be such a big deal? Not now, but if Klaus stays on for seasons? If people are willing to let Damon and ELena have a go, after all that he did to her, to Caroline in their abusive relationship for months… killing jeremy and alaric… why is a KLaus and Caroline pairing so bad? If they have chemistry, so be it. its interesting and would bring out great sides to both characters.

    • Ashley says:

      Seriously, do not compare Damon and Klaus. Klaus killed Elena’s Aunt Jenna right in front of her. He was going to kill Tyler and Caroline to perform his ritual. He almost killed Elena. He ruined Stefan. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.
      You cannot compare the two characters. The idea of Caroline getting with Klaus after all he’s done to every single one her friends is ridiculous. NOt to mention Tyler and their relationship and how much he’s trying to do for her.

      • Ashley says:

        Oh, and he also ruined Tyler’s life and now is trying to get with the woman he loves. He’s trying to destroy everyone around him. It would be a total betrayal for Caroline to get with him.

  6. Katie says:

    WOW I guess I’m the only one who actually likes the idea of Klaus/Caroline.

    • Amanda says:

      Oh definitely not alone. They have a huge following, trust me lol.

    • Ari says:

      Oh no, from the second he walked into her room on her birthday I was thrilled about Caroline/Klaus. I think they’d be really good together. She could help him embrace his humanity and he could help her see true beauty. Can’t wait to see tonight’s ep!

    • HyunNi says:

      i like them too!!! no… i LOVE them!!! i’m CRAZY about them!!!! i want more of Klaroline scenes!!!! bring it on!!! ^o^ u’r not alone~~

    • shomz says:

      no you so aren’t :) I LOVED the chemistry between them! and for once on this show there is same specie love (as opposed to human-vampire or vampire-werewolf)they’ll bring out great sides to each other’s characters…go klaroline!

    • Heather says:

      Count me in as another Klaus and Caroline lover!!!! I was a very casual viewer of The Vampire Diaries, but these two have completely drawn me in and now I can’t miss an episode!!!!

  7. sanrac says:

    you’re right. people never love more than one person. two people, tops.

  8. rani says:

    you’re not alone,katie…i’m here..:)

  9. Brad says:

    Completely hate even the notion of Klaus and Caroline!! She’s like a ray of sunshine in the screwed up Mystic Falls. I don’t want her to be with a psycho!

  10. Jenny says:

    When Klaus saved Caroline on her birthday and gave her that really touching speech – man, I was really hoping they were going to go there. Maybe not a full blown relationship, but come on. He’s immortal, and he’s bound to be more complicated than just “I have an evil plan, mu ha ha ha ha”. I also don’t think Klaus is as EVEEEEEEL as people think. I think he’s just very lonely, and Caroline would be an awesome foil for him, as a young strong-willed and optimistic woman. I think the writers did an excellent job giving Klaus more dimensions in that birthday episode.
    Also, I definitely think there’s already a precedent for getting over the evil abusive stuff. Not that I necessarily approve, but Damon was AWFUL to Caroline AND killed Jeremy, and people are still clamoring for an Elena/Damon romance.

    • Ashley says:

      Damon didnt destroy Elena’s life and all of her friends lives like Klaus. Klaus killed her aunt and tried to kill Elena, tried to kill Bonnie, ruined Tyler’s life, ruined Stefan’s life, ruined his own family’s life. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself, this is shown time and again. He only cares about his family because he doesn’t want to be alone. There is no comparison between Damon and Klaus.

      • Becca says:

        Um. Damon is the exact same thing. He snapped many people’s necks, including Jeremy when he wasn’t even sure if he had the ring on, he attacked Bonnie, desiring to murder her, he used Caroline, for blood and enjoyment, he’s ‘killed’ Alaric and just because Jeremy and Alaric have the rings on, does that make it right? Does that make it any less better? They still die. He still kills them. He’s changed for the good, but he was still a character who was seen as a dark figure. Damon did all of this because he was angry for Stefan and wanted Elena and at first wanted to find Katherine. Damon compels people that are now close to him all the time back then; Caroline, etc and even Elena (even though it did not work because of the necklace). Damon is very similar to Klaus and I believe sometimes his reasoning for his madness of attacking others is worse than Klaus.
        And her life was kind of destroyed by Damon. He brought so much stress to her life in the first, even second season, with threatening others and killing innocent people and attempting to kill her friends and abusing one of her friends. Just because none of her close friends have died, doesn’t mean his attempt to kill them makes him more righteous or better than Klaus. He had the intention of killing a lot of people close to Elena, it was just luck that something or someone stopped him.

        • teamklaroline says:

          Amen! well said. Not to mention stefan the ripper. he even has a wall of fame for that lol. we just happen to not know any of them

        • shomz says:

          I totally second that! Damon changed for the better due to his love for Elena…so why can’t Klaus change cos of his feelings for caroline? its just that we’ve been watching Damon being good for a whole lot longer , whereas Klaus is only just beginning to change.

        • AM says:

          Not to forget Vickie Donavan was turned into Vampire by Damon and staked by Stefan. Both of them haven’t mentioned a thing to Matt (vikie’s brother) till now unless I missed any episode. worst of all even Elena was involved in compelling Jeremy to forget about Vikie who was his then Girl friend.

  11. sarah says:

    This is my favorite show on tv!! I look forward to every new episode and when there are repeats it feels like forever until new episodes
    I do not want Klaus and Caroline to get together he has done evil things to her friends and family and he turned her boyfriend into a hybrid…for her to just turn around and want to be with him would be such a bad idea!!!!!

  12. Miranda says:

    Klaus trying to win Caroline over will be a great to watch. I love the idea of them as a couple.

  13. says:

    Ugh. Klaroline is the worst, most nonsensical thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Caroline will officially be the weakest female on the show (tough, considering the main character) if she falls for Klaus, and Klaus will officially be the lamest villain ever if he falls for Caroline. Reasons:
    1. They already played out the love/hate thing with Caroline and Tyler, and it WORKED because both of them were new to their supernatural situations and were EQUALS. They could help each other; gain something from each other. Klaus, however, is a thousand freaking year old vampire who has done it all and seen it all. What in the WORLD would possess him to fall for Caroline, the bubbly blonde vampire Barbie with an incestuous resemblance to his little sister? A moment of ‘chemistry’ that consists of him talking to her like a child and her listening to him like a scared, enraptured, vulnerable little girl? HE was seductive. SHE could’ve been anyone.
    2. Everyone keeps talking about this ship from Caroline’s perspective, as if the only thing that doesn’t make sense about the pairing is Caroline forgiving Klaus for everything he’s done and screwing over Tyler. To be completely honest, that part of the pairing is the MOST realistic to me. Look at Caroline’s character: she’s probably the most forgiving on the show. She falls in love really easily, gets emotionally wrapped up in guys that treat her kind of badly, and isn’t really confident enough in her self-worth to say no to a guy she knows is bad for her. Don’t get me wrong: I love Caroline and find her extremely endearing. But Klaus is EXTREMELY seductive and EXTREMELY powerful. Her falling for him if he tries to woo her makes complete sense. The part that makes NO sense is why he would even try to woo her in the first place. Friendship I can maybe see, though even that’s out of the blue. But LOVE? Gag me. He’s way too manipulative and powerful to get one-upped by someone as insecure as Caroline. I understand that Klaus is more than just a psychopath and, like anyone else, can get intrigued by pretty women, but if it has to be anyone, it should really be Bonnie.
    3. My Klonnie pitch: before people go crazy about how hypocritical it is to hate Klaroline and love Klonnie, let me re-emphasize: my issue is not with Caroline falling for Klaus, it’s with Klaus falling for Caroline. Bonnie, although much less likely to ever fall for Klaus (I don’t think she would reciprocate. Possibly ever. It’d take an extremely long time and extenuating circumstances for her to really fall for him) is much more likely to catch Klaus’ attention. At least, in a show where the characters had any sort of integrity, she would. She’s powerful. She’s incredibly strong. And most importantly, she’s the only one on that entire show that can (and has almost) killed him. If they want to play the whole wants-what-he-can’t-have storyline, don’t put him with the vulnerable blonde with confidence issues, put him with the stubbornly righteous witch who wants nothing to do with him, has the power to go toe-to-toe with his every move, and (most importantly) deserves his respect. In other words, the one female character who can’t be easily manipulated. Doesn’t hurt that she’s also the only character not currently involved in a melodramatic romance and could thus make it feel remotely authentic instead of hormonal and lame.
    There. That’s my spiel. I’ll post more the angrier I get as I read more interviews. This show baffles me.

    • Tav says:

      I didn’t read your whole post because this is a comment board not a 5 paragraph essay contest, but it seems you like klaus and Bonnie. Bonnie is mortal, she will die someday. Klaus made a big speech to Damon and Stefan about how, since Elena is human, it would never work with either of them. Same situation. I don’t think two people have to be able to kill each other to be equals. I actually think that Klaus and Caroline would be good together. She could have a humanizing effect on him. He can’t be evil forever and stay on the show. He needs to evolve into someone who can work with the team not against the team.

      • Manie says:

        Both Joseph Morgan and Julie Pec said and confirmed that Klaus was evil. Being with Caroline is only to show a more human side of him, nothing more. He won’t change team, that was made very clear since he came unto the show.
        And you should have read the whole thing, cause that person isn’t into Bonnie nor Caroline being with Klaus.

  14. Ryan says:

    What do you guys like about this show? I am trying not to be negative, but I have tried numerous times to get into it. I am hoping some input will help because it really does have a fan following.

  15. amanda says:

    make Klaroline happen! Tyler is useless and im bored of Forwood and their teenage drama. Angsty relationships are the best to watch! Klaroline is the only interesting thing I am looking forward to. :)

    • Yasmine says:

      Tyler is useless? So unless he’s a murdering evil psychopath he’s not interesting enough for you? I weep for humanity.

  16. Danielle H says:

    Have been waiting for this interview to hear Candice talk about this!!! The writers reset this season with last week’s ending, and now it’s about ALL the Originals. Can’t wait to see where they go, because we needed a reset. It had been about Klaus and only him too long.
    I know that Caroline shouldn’t want to be w/ Klaus, but God I wanna see where it leads. It’s just so wild that you want it to go there a little!

  17. Ashley says:

    I want Forwood back, I love them together. Those two make sense and have great chemistry, and the vampire and hybrid thing is perfect. I hope they work it out.

    • Ashley says:

      And I don’t like the idea of Klaroline at all. That is pushing the bounds of believability way too far and will make Caroline look bad.

  18. Meg says:

    Frankly, I would be in favor of Caroline and Kol. He was adorable.

  19. Jessy says:

    Klaroline is extremely repetitive, unhealthy and would ruin both characters (Caroline even more). Not to mention the fact that it would be such a Delena 2.0
    No. Just no.
    Give us Forwood back, writers!

  20. Heidi says:

    Ugh, a DEFINITE BIG NO to Klaroline!

  21. pontruse says:

    bring on the klaroline, yes yes yes

  22. cassie says:

    I hate the idea of Klaus with anyone.Klaus should be alone
    WTF!! with Klaus/Caroline..Come on First Damon/Caroline, then Matt/Caroline, Tyler/ Klaus/Caroline..
    Looks like in Mystic Falls Caroline is the only girl who is getting every boy..She is even beating Elena now-a-days.

  23. maggie says:

    Caroline and Klaus just don’t make any sense, like at all.
    I get that everyone loves to be pleasantly surprised by a couple they never saw coming and under different circumstances, I might even be intrigued, but as things stand I can’t even fathom how a romantic relationship could happen without drastically undermining both of their characters integrity. How can Caroline ever even think about looking past the terrible, terrible things Klaus has done? And when exactly did Klaus decide he’s into Caroline? They’ve had ONE conversation in which he cried at her about genuine beauty in the word (ugh, for this big bad villain, he can be such a wussy) and now he’s just got to have her? It seemed pretty clear to me that Klaus had Tyler bite Caroline so he could
    make a deal with Sheriff Forbes for his immunity since Stefan had order his hybrids to leave town, but everyone thinks it’s this big, romantic gesture on his part. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not romantic; it’s skeevy.
    I think what bums me out about this Klausoline thing the most though is what it means for Forwood, and in particular, for Tyler. There was so much romantic potential for them at the beginning of the season and it sounded like the writers had some good ideas about where their relationship was going, but they failed to capitalize on any of the emotional consequences that would have fleshed out their love story and endeared them to viewers. Their scenes together, far and few in between, have been so striped down and glossed over that they feel a bit flat- the viewer has to infer all the emotion that should be going on between them. The writers really dropped the ball with Forwood, heck they dropped Tyler all together!
    Tyler, in my opinion, had the juiciest potential B story line this season. I thought that his becoming a hybrid could have been a neat way of making him useful or important to either the gang or Klaus. There was a bunch of cool, little stuff they could have done with it to incorporate Tyler into the general story arc but instead they use his new found hybridism to alienate him from everyone. What’s worse yet is that no one cares and to prove that, he’ll be MIA for most of the remaining season. For the second time in as many seasons, they send Tyler off on some soul searching mission just when things heat up. I guess I just have a problem with how easily disregarded Tyler is by both the writers and other characters. Wherever it is he is, he should just stay there because there’s nothing for him back in Mystic Falls.
    Ok, I think I got that all out. Sorry, I know it’s long and more than just a bit bitter, but I’ve been biting my tongue for weeks now and just couldn’t hold it in!

  24. Hallie says:

    Well, first off you can definetly compare demon, klaus and even stephen to a point they all have killed for there own reasons and just because we don’t know the actual people doesn’t lesson it. Stephen was called the ripper for a reason as for caroline and klaus i am excited about it i really like carolines character but up till now all her pairings have been mostly boring and not worth watching. I do agree that this pairing can’t happen over night but I think the point the writers are trying to show is no one is black and white up till now we see how evil klaus is but what lead him to that and can he be redeemed. I doubt considering there really isn’t that many episodes left to the season that it won’t happen till next but i think the writers see what the fans see potential. I also think he will be around next season because i doubt they would have started this caroline/klaus thing if they didn’t expect it to go anywhere

  25. M says:

    Did anyone else’s heart drop when Elijah took a swig of that champagne? I wanted to bitchslap Elena. And I usually like her.

  26. Emily says:

    i love caroline and klaus together. i hope that they can start dating soon, cause they would be an exciting couple.

  27. Naazneen says:

    I think it’s absurd that people are debating whether Damon and Klaus can or cannot be compared on the evil-o-meter. I’m a huge fan of both characters, and while both characters are different, in terms of doing bad things, are we really going to debate who is worse?
    Is Damon KILLING Elena’s brother – in front of her – really considered BETTER than Klaus ruining Tyler’s life? Or killing OTHER people? Isn’t killing killing? I can understand if people are not into Caroline/Klaus. That’s cool. We all have different things that float our boat. But let’s not pull the Damon is better than Klaus card.
    They’re both deeply flawed characters who are clearly a whole lot more than pure evil. I like the idea of Klaus and Caroline because it shows me a different side to the character than what we have seen up till now. But I can’t write them off because Caroline aught to hate him. By that token, Elena should hate both Salvatore brothers. Whichever way you look at it, both brothers have contributed to her state of misery in different ways.
    They’re vampires. They kill. Part of the fun is learning more about them and seeing their characters grow.

  28. debby says:

    criously i agree with you but even if there is klaroline she’s just gonna be the bad girl and i hate that i like please writers good surprise

  29. NovaScotiaChick says:

    3 Words: HE KILLED JENNA

  30. Sally-Lou says:

    I love love LOVE Klaus and Caroline’s romantic storyline at the moment. Its a breath of fresh air compared to the pretty stale Damon, Elena and Stefan love triangle. It doesn’t even matter that the innings of this relationship are completely out of the blue (which INITIALLY I admit did seem a little unpalatable), what i am now enjoying following viewing Thursday nights episode is the growth and additional dimensions of character that this storyline has given to two relatively 2D characters thus far. I think the scene where Klaus shows his artistic passion and Caroline presents a revelation of character to Klaus in return has been some of the most compelling acting to date, particularly on Caroline’s part. BRING.IT.

  31. Klaroline says:

    You are definitely not alone, I am all for it. My heart melted when he told her he fancied her. They’d make such a hot couple!

  32. Klaroline says:

    I LOVE the fact that Klaus and Caroline might have a relationship. I already ship Klaroline. Love this storyline, I really hope it progresses in to something more!

  33. webby says:

    u nailed it right! why only salvatore brothers always manages to get a pass?:S all of them has done some terrible things.. im up for klaus and caroline .. the best thing is, after 3×14 i m more convinced abt their ship… thnakfully both stayed in their characters… klaus’s fascination which i also felt in 3×08 for caroline might get deeper like what we saw by the end of the episode…. it shows she affects him in a deeper way .. i just hope and cross my fingers that writers are thinking in the same way .. and pls let it be a slow burn! dont make them jump into bed like caroline and tyler already For Heavens sake! thats one thing i hated in them.. they were too lusty .. glad that klaus and caroline are bonding more emotionally … also loved the way how he was acting around her… bring it on!

  34. Seham says:

    Okay, seriously? Klaus and Caroline are beautiful together. Just because someone is evil doesn’t particularily mean that they cannot reciprocate any emotion to anything. I’m evil and I’m in love with a bunch of celebrities LOL .
    For those of you who keep saying how much you hate Caroline and Klaus together – I COMPLETELY DISAGREE ! I am a TOTAL Delena fanatic and even I was hoping for something fresh and new to come in – HASN’T ANYONE SEEN THE WAY KLAUS LOOKED AT CAROLINE WHEN THEY WERE DANCING !
    And this isn’t out of the blue so don’t say that the writers made a sudden turn – Klaus’s glimpes of humanity were shown across the start of season three when Rebecca talked to him about being alone and whatnot – If he is capable of love in any form of way (in this case his sister) then he is capable of love !
    The storyline is amazing, the show is amazing and DELENA AND KLAROLINE ARE AMAZING !

  35. Drivebythinker says:

    I hate the idea of Klaus and Caroline. Klaus ripped his own mother’s heart out with his bare hands and has staked everyone one of his siblings because they did something he didn’t like. Such as *gasp* wanting to be with Stefan instead of Klaus’ lapdog like in Rebecca’s case.

    Not to mention that he’s the reason Tyler but Caroline to begin with. How much of a dickbag do you have to be to compel someone to do something that is deadly to the person they love just so you can swoop in to save them to try to look like a good guy.

    And for everyone who’s tired of the Forwood drama, seriously, we have to put with Elena’s wishy washy behavior, Stefan being nothing more than a poor rehashing of Angel/Angelus, and Damon as a piss-poor replacement for Spike and FORWOOD’s what bores you?

    I’m tired of the cliche bad boy falls in love and becomes better for it. Tyler wasn’t a bad guy, he was just confused and spoiled. Stefan, Damon, and Klaus have all been bad guys. I preferred Damon as an ass rather than Elena’s second string.

    Down with Klaroline. Move forward with Forwood!