Exclusive First Look: Ringer's Revengeful Poster

The CW’s Ringer is aiming to heat up the next three weeks of February sweeps with a sexy new poster featuring another delicious double dose of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

As seen in the tagline, revenge is very much on Siobhan’s mind, now that she is back in New York City and quickly realizing just how involved her twin, Bridget, has gotten in her life — and after sis was supposed to have been dispatched in the pilot!

How much longer do you think Bridget will go on without realizing that her kin is actually alive, and never drowned in the premiere?

Ringer airs Tuesday at 9/8c. Click on the image to enjoy a full-size version.

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  1. Manie says:

    As seen in the last episode, I think Shioban trying to put herself out of the out water and putting Bridget back into it will always backfire. I love this TV show to death. But Shioban clearly realized that Bridget is moving way faster than she thought. Depending if the show is renewed or not, will change when Bridget finds about her sister.

  2. Isabelle says:

    I dont watch, not yet until Misha comes, but wow beautiful poster

    • cheryl Kyle says:


  3. ggny says:

    one of the biggest disappointments of the fall tv season…really should be as good as Revenge but it isnt even close

    • Agreed says:

      I really want to like this show, but it has not lived up to my expectations. If I run out of things to watch, I may check it out online after the prime time airing, but it did not become appointment TV for me.

      • AJ says:

        I agree totally. I tried to watch every episode, but I only ended up fast forwarding through them. This week I deleted it altogether. Then I deleted it completely from the DVR. No more Ringer for me. I wish SMG all the best and normally would watch her read the phone book, of course a phone book reading might actually be more exciting than Ringer.

      • Russ says:

        Yeah I still watch because I’m a huge SMG fan, but the show is just too serious they need to add some comedy so SMG can shine.

    • Tee says:

      Yeah, I feel the same way. I still keep watching it but I have started breaking up with those shows I just don’t seem to like, and I think this is next on the list. I will say at least it’s been more interesting lately than it was in the beginning.
      PS it’s a good thing no one ever taps phones, intercepts messages, etc, on Ringer because wow, they sure do love to leave long and revealing voice mails to each other.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, it was one of the buzz shows(well, buzz at least for a CW show)when the new fall season started but it’s definitely not a patch on Revenge, a show that has yet to make a wrong move in my book. I love SMG, but with the numerous breaks between episodes(not to mention the convoluted central plot and the boring B-plots)it just continues to lose momentum at an alarming rate. I’m hanging on because it’s still remains somewhat interesting to me, but i’ll be shocked if it lasts beyond this season.

    • lorna says:

      It’s gotten much better, but yes, a lot of people don’t like it. I do.

  4. sarah says:

    I really like this show and hope it gets renewed

  5. Judy says:

    Love this show! Actually think it’s as good or even better than Revenge. It is smarter and less soap opera-ish. Wish more viewers would give it a chance. Can’t wait for more episodes!

    • SCR says:

      I love this show, but I wish people would stop comparing it to Revenge. I tried to watch Revenge, but personally, I think some of the actors there are pretty terrible. I think SMG is doing a great job portraying the different personalities of the twins, since I can’t stand Siobhan, but I like Bridget! :)
      I can’t wait until next week’s episode.

    • KT says:

      Agreed! Love this show.

  6. Kyle says:

    Loving it!!! Ringer is my favorite new show of the season. What I enjoy most is the story progression. So much happens each episode and its stuff that you NEVER see coming, like Siobhan spilling the beans to Henry and Tessa showing up at Juliet’s. I think it’s only a matter of time before Bridget realizes her sister is still alive. Can’t wait for next week’s episode! Sarah Michelle is KILLING it!!

  7. Reward says:

    About “Ringer” you can say anything but not that his posters suck. I believe that “Ringer” has the most beautiful posters of all series of this year.
    I hope viewers grow up because the plot is doing much better and, believe me, it doesn’t feels more like a soap opera. Even I had left this show, in November, but I resumed it last week. Believe me, it has changed a lot. Give it a chance.

  8. Rax says:

    As it is said that another side to the story will be revealed that will gather sympathy rather for Siobhan rather than Bridget, the poster also bring Siobhan to the forefront! Really wanna know WHY Siobhan started all this?

  9. Ioan says:

    Ringer as an AMAZING campaign. Gorgeous posters! Heck, the series isn’t nominated for a prestigious “Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Showmanship Award for a Television Campaign” at the 49th Annual ICG Publicists Awards for nothing! :D

  10. Velvet says:

    Great poster

  11. Jenny says:

    I don’t like this poster. SMG is just very blank and expressionless in both shots. It’s totally bland.

  12. Svenja says:

    Ringer is getting better and better. It started off kinda weak and now it’s just a blast to watch

  13. Anne says:

    I love this show! The CW keeps releasing all of these great promo posters. I just wish more people were watching.

  14. nelly b says:

    From what I’ve seen so far (especially in the first couple of episodes), I’m under the impression that Bridget accidentally let Siobhan’s son (Sean) die. Given that she used to be a drug addict, it’s pretty possible that she got wasted while babysitting him and somehow the boy died. That’s why Siobhan wants revenge…what I don’t understand is the part about Andrew, why she got to hate him and wants to take him down. oh well, I just hope we get to find out and that they don’t cancel the show…

    • KT says:

      Maybe it was Bridget’s son and Siobhan took responsibility for him? It would be more like Bridget to have had a unplanned pregnancy. And something (childhood disease?) happened to the child that Siobhan blames Bridget for. I cannot see Bridget harming a child.

  15. Kate says:

    How photoshoped is this photo? SMG not wearing the dress shown? I am addicted to this show but this poster is weird!

  16. CB says:

    Nice poster. Sarah is great but the writing on Ringer has been awful. I’m hoping it gets cancelled and she can get on a much more watchable show.

  17. Diana says:

    I enjoy watching Ringer. However, I wish that some more of the cast members from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would show up on the show. It does not have the humor that Buffy the Vampire slayer had with Joss Whedon’s input on the series.

    • lorna says:

      They need to bring JW on for some writing, but IDK if he’d work with SMG again. I feel like they didn’t end on great terms, but I could be wrong.

  18. Nathan says:

    Favorite new show this season!! Give it a chance! Gets BETTER AND BETTER, far more that you would expect it would! GREAT SHOW! Tonight’s episode was flawless.