Bones Exclusive: Find Out When It's Returning!

Bones Return DateBones fans’ winter of discontent is almost over.

A Fox spokesperson declined to comment, but TVLine has learned that the show is expected to resume its season on Thursday, April 5 at 9/8c. It replaces spinoff The Finder, which will will conclude its freshman run in March. American Idol will continue to kick off the night at 8/7c.

Spoiler Alert: Major Bones Season Finale Scoop!

There are seven remaining (official) episodes from Bones‘ current seventh season, which was truncated due to Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy. But as Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed last month at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, four “bonus” episodes are in the mix that will “either move into next season,” he said, “or play into the summer.”

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  1. Helen'Arlene says:

    I knew it had to be either Late March or Early April.. I just knew it …

  2. D says:

    Can’t wait. Is it April yet?

  3. Christina says:

    FINALLY!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the season, and I hope season 8 will be at least 22 episodes (I’ll take more than that, though).

  4. Lore says:

    April? really, wow, i cant survive that long.

  5. Becks says:

    Yay! Seriously in need of a Bones fix!

  6. Sarah says:

    Well bummer. :( I was really hoping it would be mid-late March or sooner.

  7. Jillian says:

    Yay! Bones is coming back! I can’t wait for these next few episodes.

  8. Ainav says:

    This is going to be painful!

  9. ed says:

    i think they should just squeeze the four extra episodes into this season. they can just air the 11 episodes straight and bones will conclude its seventh season in june.

  10. Kasper says:

    I am JUST starting to like The Finder… And then it’s getting pulled so soon after just 12 – 13 episodes? Wtf? Has it been canceled or is it getting the length of a cable show season for some other reason?

  11. Tee says:

    Sad, wish it was coming back sooner!

  12. Kelly says:

    april needs to get here!! i need bones in my life!!

  13. Laura says:

    I would not have said it 2 seasons ago. But now I do not care if or
    when Bones returns to FOX.
    The writers no longer focus on an adult audience.But rather viewers
    who are still in High School.
    In others words Bones has become a BORE for me.

  14. Laura says:

    The finder is horrible… FOX should just cancel The Finder.

  15. Marcie says:


  16. bonescrazy says:

    Golly, I don’t what to believe!! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens and when!!

  17. TJCrinc says:

    wetpaint says its march 15th.

  18. Guy says:

    I tried to like The Finder but just don’t. I hate FOX putting this off so much and also putting Bones cast in The Finder. I just want Bones back. Flick this finder now.

    • rose says:

      I’ll never understand these people in charge of scheduling… constant turmoil to the commited fans of great shows are forced to miss their favorite cerebral shows for mindless fodder of no value.
      the way our country is going, I thought at least I could relax & my mind could be stimulated by the good shows & not experimental crap infringments. But what can you do???

    • Kim says:

      We tried to watch Finder…I loved the one in Bones…but the series wasn’t the same caliber…I think they needed an edgy Aussie bartender instead of the female cop. Her character pulls it down. Along with the troubled teen. My husband liked it better…but he’s not a TV fan, so I think that works against the show.

  19. Charlotte says:

    Sad it’s not coming back till April, was so hoping for a March 15 return.
    I want them to confirm when the extra 4 will air and that there is definitely going to be a season 8. That’ll help my patience with the seemingly never ending hiatus.

  20. Yvonne says:

    been on pins and needles waiting for Bones to return hurry and get here april

  21. Kare says:

    I have never trusted wetpaint artcles saying march 15 Bring on april 5 cant wait

  22. Rachel says:

    I could barely stand the finder’s cast when it was introduced and that was with some of my favorite tv characters cushioning them. I very much dislike The Finder and wish it would go away so my Thursday would become complete again.

  23. Heather says:

    Speaking of the Moonlighting curse…They brought this on themselves! Emily has had the longest Maternity leave in history. She had he baby at the end of September. I mean come on!

    • Jillian says:

      How’s that bad thing? As long as Fox really promotes the show, they will do fine.

    • CarlagUK says:

      To me Emily’s maternity leave is one of the shortest ever. She finished filming in Sepember after 6 episodes and had her baby the next day!! She started filming again in early December, when her baby was only a couple of months or so old. The delay cannot really be laid at Emily’s door. Seems to me it was ‘The FInder’ that might have had something to do with the delay. Looking forward to more ‘Bones’ though Love it.

  24. Brenda says:

    Well that’s a long ways away but it gives me time to catch up on the old seasons.. (barley on season 4) Can’t wait!! =)

  25. Mark says:

    Yippe…that’s my birthday…great present for me.

  26. Jesse says:

    Oh my life…. I dunno if I can do the wait anymore. I mean Walter and what’s her flavor are great… But they are no Bones and Booth

  27. jess says:

    david boreanaz posted a pic on twitter in which 2 dices indicated 5/4/12 so its official!!!!

  28. kayla says:

    I can’t wait for bones to come back on… I wonder what will happen next. I really hope this will be one of those shows that will last longer than the others.

  29. Cathy says:

    I will never understand how a network can remove a series that people are watching and just up and replace it with something as awful as Finder. And then Idol gets the spot at 8. Idol has outlived itself.
    Most Networks plan ahead when someone is pregnant. They should have been on top of it all.
    Get back to Bones!!!

  30. JOHN says:


    • Sandy Lambrose says:

      I think the network needs to get Bones back on the air. They brought it back and had one new episode weeks and weeks ago and then left everyone hanging as Bones drove away with the baby and Booth upset. I can’t seem to find out when the 2012 season will continue. Anyone know if and when Bones will actually return or where someone can find ou?

  31. Maureen says:

    I love Bones. I hate it being preempted by American Idol or that new spin off. Put Bones back and let us see it regularly!!!!! I can’t wait until April.

  32. B.B. says:

    I’ve been wondering about Bones. Love the show,and don’t want Zack to leave. Hopefully,time will fly by. Alot of my favorite shows have gone by the wayside, I’m glad this one has’nt.

  33. Linda Collins says:

    I am so focused when died season 7 begin, I have dish and can’ t get previous episodes like cable. Was the team told or did it just start with her pregnant with everyone knowing. Thanks what should a girl do. Linda.
    My favorite I guess I will have

  34. Linda Collins says:

    I am so focused when died season 7 begin, I have dish and can’ t get previous episodes like cable. Was the team told or did it just start with her pregnant with everyone knowing. Thanks what should a girl do. Linda.
    My favorite I guess I will have to be satisfied with DVD’s.

  35. raw says:

    i hate the fact that it will be on in april. why coulnt it be ealier

  36. Mar says:

    on with the show …hurry

  37. Jane says:

    When does it come out on net flix