House Swan Song Scoop: 3 Things You Need to Know About The Series Finale (and Beyond)

House CancelledNow that  you’ve had time to digest the news that House is ending its eight-year run in May, let’s turn our attention to what will arguably be one of the biggest TV events of the season: The show’s series finale.

Keep reading for answers to a few burning questions about the episode, as well as intel on what the show’s demise means for the cast (hint: even though House won’t be back next fall, they may be.)

1 | The series finale will shoot in early April and will be directed by series creator David Shore, who will also co-write the hour (his script partner is TBD).

2 | There’s a good chance we’ll see some familiar faces return before Princeton-Plainsboro closes its doors for good, but which ones? Over the summer, Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady, Lisa Edelstein, to check back in prior to the last episode. A source, however, says no formal discussions have begun. One alum you can count on returning for the swan song is Olivia Wilde. Prior to her exit this fall, the actress agreed to put in one last appearance as Thirteen should this be the final season. And although Jennifer Morrison is currently gainfully employed on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, she recently told TVLine that it would be an “absolute dream” to slip back into Cameron’s scrubs for the finale, adding, “That show was such an important part of my life, and I loved playing that character and I loved that group of actors.”

3 | You may see Chase, Foreman and Co. back on TV next fall. The early announcement, coming at the start of pilot season’s casting phase, frees the show’s ensemble up to attach themselves to potential new series. Don’t look for Hugh Laurie to pursue a tube return anytime soon though. “I’m sure he’s looking forward to a nice long break from the weekly grind,” shares an insider.

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  1. Jules says:

    Who cares about the possible return of Edelstein-Morrison……
    The only thing I’m interested now is…..
    Enjoying the 11 episodes remaining…specially How our favorite sarcastic diagnostician will hang his cane and limp away(alive or dead)
    And let’s make that ending EPIC and (hope) Blow out the ratings as big as M*A*S*H was (the world stop back then)
    That will be a nice way For US -the true Housefans to thank them for 8 amazing seasons and make our Monday nights so enjoyable…..

  2. Wayne says:

    I would like Cuddy to come back for the finale, but not in a way that tries to help House. I mean, she made it clear that she was done trying to help/change/fix/insert appropriate verb here him. I think it would be cool if she came back because something happened to Rachel and she was House’s case. Cuddy would be the worried mother of the patient. Could be cool. I’d also like to see Stacy come back, but I don’t know in what capacity. I wouldn’t want to see them get back together.

  3. Hoovercraft says:

    the one thing i had hoped to see throughout the run of House was an episode featuring Stephen Fry……still wish that would happen, but i think i can safely give up that hope now…..

  4. ana says:

    I want Lisa back.

  5. juan says:

    Jennifer y Hugh mejor quimica !!!

  6. jess says:

    Hey Hugh, while you’re working on your music and chilling with a Pimm’s in Nawlin’s, do you want to maybe perhaps think about writing a sequel to The Gun Seller?!?!?! *twittles thumbs* or another wodehouse-inspired comedy? KTHX!!! <3

  7. Anonymous says:

    Several bad decisions and a departure of Lisa Edelstein later and here we are…and appropriately so. The quality of the show started going downhill mid-season 7. As much as people don’t want to admit, Lisa was an intregal part of this show, ratings number don’t lie. The House/Cuddy story, though poorly excuted by the producers and writing team, piqued the interest of many fans to the point where rating were steadily in the 9-10 million mark. After the breakup, the ratings took a dive. Lisa chose not to renew her contract (and who could blame her after the way they desecrated her character)and her departure caused many to leave with her. On her part it ended up to be a very smart decision. However, I would like to see her return for the series finale, because she was an important part of the shoe’s success. OW is the one people should be crucifying. She appeared in only 6 episodes of S7 and 1 in S8 because of her *cough* successful movie career. She was the one who abandoned the show. For me SHE has no place in the finale. Her story closed. She’s not needed nor is she worthy.

  8. Fred says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Sam.
    The first five were great.
    Huddy screwed up the show big time!
    I still watch the show, but it’s not the same; somethings missing. (not Cuddy!)
    LE is a great actress, but I don’t wanna see her back.

  9. Trish says:

    Good that it’s coming to an end. Don’t let it drag on like X-Files.

  10. Matt Colver says:

    They should somehow bring Kutner back from the dead.

  11. How it ends says:

    The perfect ending. House is sick. They can bring anyone back he wants to treat him. Whatever he has is incurable and he knows it, but no one else knows what he has, or he doesn’t know and lies about a symptom. At the end everyone realizes as he lay dying everyone realizes that had he only told the truth earlier, they could have saved him. He looks up and in his last breath says “everybody lies.”

  12. Linda Karczewski says:

    Need a spin off from HOUSE > Have some of the Regulars come back > Taub, Chase, Foreman, Park. Back in another setting. Give the show another name. Give Hugh a break to come back to visit the show whenever, even if its producing, directing, episodes of the show. Hugh deserves a break off,let him relax, find is will being again in life. His music he loves to do. I’d like to be on the show if possible, I’m trying to get on House before they get thru taping of the last. I just want to act beside Hugh. I hope my dreams will come true.

    • Sarasmith says:

      If they include Park in a spin-off, I will NOT be watching it. She’s bad enough WITH Hugh to balance out her god-awful acting, but without him? The show would be insufferable.

  13. Patty says:

    To the “Insider” who says don’t look for Hugh to return to TV anytime soon because he’s looking for a break from the daily grind, take another look. Touring with his blues band isn’t exactly a break from the daily grind, although it may be more enjoyable right now because Hugh is embarking on another phase of career. House has been an integral part of my life for the past 8 years, but I am looking forward to whatever else Hugh does!

  14. Sarasmith says:

    The shows financial situation became obvious as soon as the asian actress stepped on screen. She is THE WORST actress that has ever been on the show, if it wasn’t for my love of Hugh, I would have quit watching the show just because of her. What a horrible actress and character.

  15. pmview says:

    enjoyed House for years; can’t see how a finale would do justice to the pathos of the series; the ‘don’t-care’ about patients except to solve a problem/mystery probably extends from the writers as well; these writers seem to ‘don’t-care’ how the cast’s chemistry works except as they routinely bombard sub-plots all against the implacable character of a stoic HouseMD; the build-up will not make a difference to the continued spiral down-fall of a self-destructive genius.

  16. Sam Kidd says:

    This makes me grieve. I’m speechless.:(

  17. txhlfan says:

    Very sad to see show end. However, NO CUDDY please – Stacy yes,Cuddy no

  18. Now having seen (on Amazon) “Love is Blind”– I wish House could get some info out of his mother on the truth behind his parentage! This seems to be the riff the show is going out on/with, if any at all. Perhaps there will be no special theme for the ending, just an ending.
    I notice Omar Epps seems to not be around as much now. I know this is part of the $ deal that broke up the show (sigh). But ??
    Also money is probably the reason we won’t see either Lisa E. or Jennifer M. What a shame. It would have been a neat way to end this artistic and brilliant show.

  19. King Pin says:

    I geuse ending the series was a good choice. Which is surprising, especially seeing how FOX is known for making terrible decisions.. Can anyone remember back when they cancelled Firefly? nuff said…. -.-