House Swan Song Scoop: 3 Things You Need to Know About The Series Finale (and Beyond)

House CancelledNow that  you’ve had time to digest the news that House is ending its eight-year run in May, let’s turn our attention to what will arguably be one of the biggest TV events of the season: The show’s series finale.

Keep reading for answers to a few burning questions about the episode, as well as intel on what the show’s demise means for the cast (hint: even though House won’t be back next fall, they may be.)

1 | The series finale will shoot in early April and will be directed by series creator David Shore, who will also co-write the hour (his script partner is TBD).

2 | There’s a good chance we’ll see some familiar faces return before Princeton-Plainsboro closes its doors for good, but which ones? Over the summer, Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady, Lisa Edelstein, to check back in prior to the last episode. A source, however, says no formal discussions have begun. One alum you can count on returning for the swan song is Olivia Wilde. Prior to her exit this fall, the actress agreed to put in one last appearance as Thirteen should this be the final season. And although Jennifer Morrison is currently gainfully employed on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, she recently told TVLine that it would be an “absolute dream” to slip back into Cameron’s scrubs for the finale, adding, “That show was such an important part of my life, and I loved playing that character and I loved that group of actors.”

3 | You may see Chase, Foreman and Co. back on TV next fall. The early announcement, coming at the start of pilot season’s casting phase, frees the show’s ensemble up to attach themselves to potential new series. Don’t look for Hugh Laurie to pursue a tube return anytime soon though. “I’m sure he’s looking forward to a nice long break from the weekly grind,” shares an insider.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I would love them to bring Cuddy back. They had no closure and they need that before the show ends.

  2. lauren says:

    YEEESE! Please bring Cuddy, Cameron & Thirteen back! :DD

  3. DeCoderGirl says:

    I foresee an All That Jazz ending for House. No way that group of writers will ever let him grow as a character or heaven forbid mature – too late now anyway. Could be an interesting montage of past characters though.
    “He became numero uno game player – uh, to the point where he didn’t know where the games ended, and the reality began. Like, for this cat, the only reality – is death, man.” – All That Jazz

  4. Tee says:

    I hope they don’t leave give it an open ended ending. I love the show, but I hate when writers leave it to the viewer to decide what will happen…

  5. Alicia L. says:

    JMo needs to come back for at least two episode so, Cameron and Chase can get back together!!
    I have a feeling Lisa Edelstein will be back for the finale, but I want JMo back also! I don’t think I care whether Olivia Wilde comes back because her character really didn’t contribute anything other than being Foreman’s love interest for a while.

  6. Avi says:

    I’d like to see Cameron come back sucessful to wrap things up, she, Amber and Kutner are the ones I miss the most. It was ridiculous how they ended it with the character.

  7. Grace says:


  8. Jules says:

    THE END of An ERA!
    Farewell, goodbye and limp away my favorite sarcastic diagnostician….
    In Heaven or Hell you are welcome!!!

  9. Shelby says:

    I hope they bring Kuttner back for the finale!

  10. Sher says:

    Hey guys, I started a group on Facebook called “One More Season of House.” I don’t believe that another season would ever occur, but I would like the cast and crew of House really appreciate their work on the show. But if something were to happen, that would be a positive too :) If you decide to join, tell all your friends! House is one the best TV shows ever, it deserves some major recognition for making it to an 8th season!

  11. Djesus says:

    Olivia Wilde in the finale? seriously? as for cuddy, cameron, I don’t think it’s necessary.

  12. Fahrenheit451 says:

    Thank you to Hugh Laurie for giving us 8 years of his life, sharing his talents with us, and sacrificing time with his own family to do so. Whether or not all of the former cast members are asked to come back or not, I would like to see this series, and this now globally iconic character have a fitting end.
    Whether you like the character of Cuddy or not, or any of the other characters in the show for that matter, I find it impossible to think of House (the show) without each of them. House’s scenes with Cuddy are intregal to the fabric of the show, as well as to the character development of House. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, she was a foil for him, especially in the early seasons. More than that though, she was there at the beginning of his career, she was there when his life-altering infarction occurred, she was there standing up for him more than once, she sat with him as he recovered from the DBS Wilson asked him to undergo, and in the end, she was the one that he asked to stay during his surgery to repair his self-inflicted, tumor-filled leg surgery. The fact that he tripped out and stupidly drove his car through her dining room after one too many hits to his emotional center (yes, he does have one)shouldn’t negate the fact that she was important to him.
    At some point, he decided he needed to “pay for what he’d done,” whatever that meant to him, so much so that he returned to take his punishment and took the first deal he was offered. House has always tried to hide his true feelings from people, which is why he nearly came unglued in the hospital when Cuddy asked him to tell her how he felt – “You wanna know how I feel? …. I feel hurt.” I believe that when he reached the point of realizing what he’d done, there was true remorse. You only get that from a deep emotional attachment.
    As far as Lisa Edelstein is concerned, I would like to have a proper good-bye to both her and Cuddy. I know that other shows don’t always have the opportunity to end their series’ right. This one does, so they need to take advantage of that.
    Thanks to everyone who has brought an incredible cast of characters into our homes for 8 glorious years …

    • Liz says:

      Sorry, but Cuddy is neither integral nor do I want to have her another good-bye. She had her good-bye. May she stay wherever she ist. House (both the show and the character) is much better off without her.

    • Velerie says:

      I disagree, Cuddy was a marginal character on the first seasons when the show was at its best, so her precence is irrilevant for the dynamics of the show IMO

    • Puuuh says:

      Sorry fahreneit but did you watch the same show or season7? I think nobody is denying the fact that Cuddy was an important part in Houses life but wasn´t she the one who broke up with him in the most brutal way because he took one pill. It happens to addicts, they can´t deal with emotional stress and don´t let me start to talk about break up speech. You don´t say that to the man who saved your mothers life and was willing to give up medicine only to be with her.
      It is kind of funny to read all the perception of Cuddy and i wonder if they ever were watching the show or only have read fanfiction. Cuddy was never the heart and soul or the moral compass of the show. She was a self-centered, narcistic and repressed control freak. She was probably good as a Dean of medicine but sucked big time in every personal relationship. She made neither every of Houses real issues like pain, addiction or depression about herself or she run away from them like the wind.She hardly ever dealt with them and i never had the feeling that she cared or was a good friend to Wilson. Sure she hired House and covered, his inappropriate actions but this didn`t came out of affection she did it only because he was a big asset/star for the hospital, she said it several times. It honors her as a boss but not as a lovely human being. She was not in love with House as the man he is, she was in love of the idea how he could be, a fantasy of the super genius lovely husband. She said that she doesn`t want to change him but we saw clearly that she tried with all methods to metamorphorse him into the man she imagined.Even house knew it from the beginning that this relationship won`t work out. Every single issue between H/Cu and for me painful to watch Push and pull-relationship collapsed in the final with Houses car in Cuddys House. I don´t say she deserved it house was equally wrong & deluded into thinking that this thing could work out but yeah it happened. People who are hurt do bad things and the deductive reasoning is that these two should never meet each other again. It is unrepairable over, people don`t change and i don`t know what Cuddys return would add to this story anymore.
      She did enough damage to him and truly not the solution to his problems,last season proved it at best. He has to find another way to cope with his problems and I HOPE that DS writes an satifying ending to this great show and leaves it with Dignity and without stupid harlequin romance ending.

      • Fahrenheit451 says:

        I appreciate your comments Velerie, Liz and Puuugh. To answer your question, Puuugh, I did and do watch the show, pretty much to the exclusion of all others, in fact. Yes, that even includes Season 7. I think all shows go through growing pains, and to expect that any show that goes any length of time, especially this one which has one central character who carries the load, week in and week out, will never have rough patches or even seasons, is unrealistic.
        Many people have tried to compare this show with others, but House can’t really be compared to long-lived ensemble shows like Law & Order, MASH, NCIS, or any of the other alphabet shows, because none of those shows has one main character (actor) to carry the show. Everything that happens on this show is related to House and House’s perception of situations and relationships with the other characters. Yes, there were certain shows that were centered on the other characters, but by and large, it’s all about House and Hugh Laurie.
        Puugh, with regards to your comment, “It is kind of funny to read all the perception of Cuddy and i wonder if they ever were watching the show or only have read fanfiction. Cuddy was never the heart and soul or the moral compass of the show. She was a self-centered, narcistic and repressed control freak. She was probably good as a Dean of medicine but sucked big time in every personal relationship.” I admit, I had to read this a couple of times, because a lot of what you wrote can be said about House. No one said that Cuddy was the heart and soul of the show, just that she was an integral part of developing and understanding House’s character. (In fact, if anyone had the moral compass, it was Cameron. Even House said that.)
        With regards to Cuddy, I get it. There are people who do not like Cuddy as a character nor Lisa Edelstein as an actor. That can be said of everyone out there. Can’t please everyone. I’m simply saying that Cuddy was as much a part of the fabric of the show as Wilson and the rest, all to varying degrees of course. The show that we know wouldn’t exist without Cuddy as House’s boss, because as Wilson said in Dead and Buried, “(Cuddy) didn’t try to control House, she managed him.” Any other “real” boss would have fired him, and in fact, would never have hired him to begin with. She hired him because no one else would. Her early history with him gave her an insight to his brilliance that everyone else ignored. A feather in her cap? Perhaps. But she took a huge risk with no guaranteed pay-off. She created an entire department just for him. The fact that the writers eventually chose to put House and Cuddy together, just to turn around and break them up, does not negate that piece of history.
        On another note, I think Mr. Laurie might disagree to some extent on the whole “people don’t change” bit. In fact, he was asked during an interview on CBS Sunday Morning how living in the US and playing House had changed him as a person. He said that was tricky and he didn’t see that question coming – he really had to stop and think. Once he did answer, however, he said he hoped he’d gotten better at what he does, less neurotic. “House has given me a confidence as a performer that I didn’t have before.” The interviewer asked before House, would he have dared to do the album (Let Them Talk, his blues album). He said, “No.”
        I’m just sayin’… people actually can and do change.

    • isabelle says:

      What a beautilful comment and analysis, I couldn’t agree more.
      I came late to House but fell in love with the show quite suddenly.
      How is it possible for fans of that series not to acknowledge the fact that Cuddy was of great importance in House’s life? And from the very first season, even prior to that, since they had an brief affair in med school?
      According to me, it’s not event a matter of saying if people like Cuddy/ Edelstein( which I of course do immensely), because her existence just cannot denied, it’s a given fact.
      It is not for viewers to decide. The characters are in the hands of the writers, for better or for worse.
      A lot of men out there find it hard to accept that even men such as House can develop a growing attachment to a woman.
      What did they expect?
      Isn’t it part of human nature?
      Hugh Laurie did a great job protraying that man. Lisa Edelstein brought an amazing amount of emotions to the Huddy scenes.
      Thank you for the talent!

  13. Sally says:

    I really hope that they bring back Cameron for the finale. It it would be so nice to see the show end with a “Hameron” finale. After all the show started with 3 seasons full of House/Cameron, it would be a nice closure.

  14. Where is my comment? says:

    ”One alum you can count on returning for the swan song is Olivia Wilde. Prior to her exit this fall, the actress agreed to put in one last appearance as Thirteen should this be the final season.”
    It’s wrong!

    ‘House’: Olivia Wilde says she’s likely done for good

    Olivia Wilde may have just made her exit from House on Monday’s episode, but if you were among the fans hoping for Thirteen to make a brief return in the future to close out her character’s relatively open-ended departure, you might be out of luck.

    At the In Time premiere held last night at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif., Wilde told EW that she didn’t foresee a return to the show — even if rumors that it could be the show’s last season prove to be true. “I think the way we left it, if she came back, it would probably seem forced,” Wilde said. “So I don’t think she should come back. I liked her exit story a lot, so I am happy with it.”

    Back in June, executive producer David Shore told EW that Wilde would “be back for at least some of the season” but ultimately, Wilde’s sole appearance this season was also her last. In her final episode, Thirteen was fired by House so that she could make a guilt-free move to Greece with her girlfriend. Wilde said her time on the show, which has seen her character struggle with Huntington’s Disease and spend some time in jail, was satisfying without having to revisit it. “I wouldn’t be so bold as to ask for anything more from House,” she told EW. “I had such an amazing run on the show. They’ve done such cool things with my character. She’s been so fascinating, dynamic and cool and unpredictable.”

    Were you happy with Thirteen’s ending, readers? Were you hoping she’d return?”

  15. D says:

    Wait a minute, Ausiello, are you saying we’re getting a spin-off, or Omar Epps and the other actors may get their own shows?

  16. matthew c says:

    I cannot believe that I’ve never watched this series. I’ll have to get the DVD’s sometime.

  17. Karen & Whane J says:

    We will miss Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie – hope House will get the finale that it deserves!

  18. Gabi says:

    Thirteeeeeeen! :)
    Would love JMo back as well, she rocks in Once Upon A Time but I do miss her in her scrubs.
    David Shore brought us House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart which I still believe to be two of the best episodes of House ever – so I am confident that it really will be one great beautiful TV event in May :)

  19. donna says:

    If Lisa Edelstein come back I’ll stop watching it no matter if its the last season… the first seasons where she was only 10 mins on screen were much better ..Also another series with Chase ,Fireman ? you kidding me ? Good actors but not the best ..they can’t support a show on their own ..Hugh Laurie is by the way the best actor on TV worldwide ….we love him so much..No Hugh Laurie ? No House ..No House No FOX

  20. Hannah says:

    I want House to kill/euthanise 13 as he promised. It would only take a cameo at the end of one episode and it doesn’t even have to be the finale, just episode 19, 20 or 21 so we can see the aftermark. Cameron has to be in the finale, reconciling with Chase and moving on together. Cuddy is unnecessary, she would steal much needed House-Wilson screentime

  21. zeka says:

    Would love to see Cameron working under House once again.. not sure about a dramatic appearance at the finale though.

  22. david says:

    House mejor serie de la historia,Jennifer siempre hablo maravillas despues de ser despedida,es muy elegante

  23. K says:

    Would be good to see the old characters come back for the finale but agree it does have to be in the right context. Maybe as hallucinations or something like at the end of season 5? David Shore’s episode tend to be introspective, based on House’s emotional psyche in relation to his physical self. Hope Lawrence Kaplow co writes. Always enjoyed his eps especially early seasons. Think it will be something to do with his own mystery illness (as someone said above) and trying to diagnose it or something about his leg, maybe finally amputating it. Failing that, he will finally be totally satisfied and happy before dying quickly and suddenly free from pain. Its fun to speculate! Will miss the show a great deal but has passed its peak and time for it to go.

  24. Jane says:

    I quit watching after the first 3 seasons. I didn’t see the need to push Cameron and Chase to the background. The dynamic of the show changed for me and I stopped enjoying it. I did catch a few episodes when House went to jail. The guy who played the Detective was awesome. Bring Cuddy back, or don’t. I’d rather them bring Sela Ward back as the ex-wife. I’ll watch the finale for sure if they do.

  25. Karen says:

    I do not need or have any desire to see OW on the show as it wraps up.

  26. Linda says:

    Please bring Cuddy back so her and House can have some closure. I have missed Lisa E on the show this season.

  27. Jenny says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I want to see Cameron and Chase get back together. I hated their breakup. #stillnotoverit

  28. kim says:

    I have no problem with Jennifer Morrison, but I’d be shocked if she were to return for even one episode of House. She’s on a hit show that airs on ABC, so I really doubt that the ABC executives would allow her to do even a small cameo on a rival network’s show (House on FOX). ABC execs have no reason to be sentimental – it’s a business.
    As for Olivia Wilde/13, she’s had two farewells now, how many more does she need? I didn’t mind 13, but it would be overkill to bring her back. She had a very nice ending – finding love and traveling the world.

    • idrael says:

      Peter Jacobson jump to HIMYM this season for a guest role so it’s technically possible, the business does preclude it.
      I hope we will see Jennifer M. again, she deserve it.

    • Oh, I think they’d let her do one episode. It’s good advertising for them– and on another network!
      Please, let us have Cameron back for one episode. I’d love to see it happen and I am not interested in Once Upon a Time. It’s too silly.

    • EJ says:

      Guess who stabbed Chase? David Anders is a cast member on OUAT. He plays Dr. Whale at Storybrooke Hospital (ironically the primary physician for a character who was stabbed and almost died). It would be pretty strange then if ABC didn’t let JeMo do at least one episode, particularly since (as of mid-Jan) OUAT’s Vancouver production is set to wrap March 30.
      I hope JeMo does come back for the character (and for Chase’s storyline), though it’s a little disapointing that neither DS nor KJ have mentioned her name, only LE and OW. They really screwed her. I wish her the best of luck with OUAT and hope the current House cast finds further fortune in this or pilot seasons to come and/or in their musical persuits.
      I assume if Hugh intends to focus on music, he’ll still be jamming with Band From TV (and Jesse too). Maybe Jesse Spencer could do another guest spot on Neighbours (actually back in Australia this time) and jam with his former doc father Alan Fletcher’s band Waiting Room. Or get Hugh and Alan together on stage when WR does one of their UK tours? That would be great!
      Also, I agree with some posts here that Stephen Fry needs to do a guest appearance before House ends. He and Hugh were hilarious together in Blackadder and Jeeves & Wooster. What-ho, House!

  29. ana says:


  30. socalgal says:

    Hey folks! It’s just a show–a piece of entertainment. Take a deep breath…

  31. SPJava says:

    Thireteen and Cuddy should both stay away. Those characters left for a reason (never mind the background situations of the actress that had them beg off) to return for a curtain call would be a disservice to the show and the viewers. Let it Be.
    Oh and Ass-iello do the remaining House viewers a favor, butt out for once and just SHUTY! Your past pot stirring and hyperbole has not been appreciated. Go pick on Bones, Gossip Girls and Glee.
    Let us watch the last 11 episodes of House in peace and quiet.

  32. Niobe says:

    They haven’t contacted Lisa Edelstein for the finale yet? Not really a big surprise. Remember how big this show was even at finale time last year? I remember when it was announced here the she wouldn’t be returning it trended on Twitter for 17 hours and the post concerning her departure had 700+ comments. Fast-forward to now and it’s sad to see how the two posts concerning the show’s end have not even half that number and it hasn’t even trended once and that most of the reactions I’ve read on news outlets from fans say it’s time. I just hate seeing a once-great show over stay its welcome and limp rather than sprint off, well-loved, into the night. Oh well. It’s all moot at this point. So long, “House, M.D.”

    • Gosh! I think people haven’t had a chance to react yet. They will react and will be sad that HOUSE is going.
      I hope Lisa E. returns for one episode– can’t see why not– she doesn’t have another show going on, as The Good Wife only used her for three episodes (I only saw two). Let’s let everyone in for the finale. It will be cool!

    • R says:

      Why would they contact Lisa Edelstein? She walked away from the show, the writers closed the door on the character. Not surprisingly the show’s continued to do just fine in the ratings since Lisa departed. The only reason why the plug is being pulled now is because Hugh Laurie’s had enough & doesn’t want to do another season.

  33. Mel says:

    I second that. I really like LE, but the House/Cuddy relationship killed the show. House wasn’t House anymore and I got so tired of his whining. That’s just not him.
    Had they come up with something else besides House/Cuddy, they might have kept a lot of the people who quit watching back then.
    I have to admit I don’t miss Cuddy at all. Never thought I’d say that…

    • isabelle says:

      And yet, House loved Cuddy, that’s a fact.So that was just him, undeniably….
      It is not for viewers to decide..even the writers do not control their characters entirely…
      A good read might be ” The Novelist and his Characters” by outstanding 20 th century French writer François Mauriac. It is an essay on fictional characters in novels but can also apply to movie storylines.
      Season 7 was what it was. If the writers didn’t come with anything other than the House/ Cuddy relationship, there was a reason but writers may not have known what it was.

  34. John Myers says:

    Love the show, but sadly I have to agree with others. Spin off would be an epic fail. The hasn’t been as good as it once was, but nonetheless, move on and leave with your dignity.

  35. Q says:

    There isn’t going to be a spin-off and the winter TCAs Kevin Reilly said the time for that had come and gone and that Fox didn’t need to keep the franchise going.
    This isn’t really much of a spoiler. Some of the past actresses might be back. Some of the actors might do new shows. Well yes you can pretty much always say that anyone might do anything.

  36. carol says:

    No to a “House” spin off, just an ugly, unnecessary idea.
    Yes, a million times yes, to bringing Lisa Edelstein back for a brief arc to close out the show. Her departure at the end of last season, coupled with that disasterously violent finale, doomed the show.
    This season, without Cuddy, House has been direction-less, wilted, shrewish and lack-luster, with little of his trademark wit or energy. Cuddy was an important part of House’s process, as she provided the curb on his professional excesses and the motivation for his personal desires. Without Cuddy, both the show and the character of House became shadows without substance.
    I am sad that the show is ending, but it was time to go.

  37. Aleks says:

    Jen, please, please, come back! I would watch an episode of House one last time after I quited at the end of season 6. TPTB should kill House & let us see the reactions of Cuddy, Cameron & Stacy :D

  38. Oh… I am so sad that this moment of farewell must come at last. I’d hoped we could have one more season, the 9th… it even seemed possible for a few moments. I know, or sense at least, that Hugh Laurie is tired and wants to go on and do other things… but though we may see Foreman and Chase and so on in other shows, they surely won’t be as interesting UNLESS they are, perhaps, about those characters without House. And what would that mean? Would it be possible that House could die and the other characters produce a show that would be fascinating in the many ways that House has been?
    I hope that Lisa Edelstein will consider showing up for the finale– perhaps the penultimate finale and then the ending. If Jennifer Morrison could be there, couldn’t Lisa Edelstein? I think a show with ALL the former important characters would be wonderful and would be immensely satisfying to fans and even foes perhaps.
    Let’s have a show with Thirteen, Cameron, Stacy, House’s mother perhaps, and all House’s old friends and acquaintances (the guy from the loony bin?) before they all go.
    Ah, farewell, House. And Robert Sean Leonard as Wilson. That will be some farewell…whatever the farewell decided upon will be.
    And what does it mean… “Everybody lies?” Could it mean that they will transfer HOUSE to NBC as some websites have suggested? I doubt it, but it’s possible, I guess.
    Thank you, David Shore, Greg Yaitanes, David Foster, Peter Blake, and all the other writers and creators of House, each in their own way… Russell Friend…
    And thanks too to Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison, Sela Ward, Olivia Wilde, Peter Jacobson, and everyone else who played a part in making House, M. D. all that it has been…
    And thank YOU, Hugh Laurie… thank you for the acting and the humor and the funny writing and the wonderful New Orleans Blues music. I was madly in love with Sherlock Holmes when I was a kid old enough to read (pretty young) and made trips from North to South and back again with my parents in a little painted wooden trailer… escaping the truant officers and listening at night to the whippoorwills singing across the shining moonlit waters…
    One year we went to New Orleans and were there for Mardi Gras and saw all the glitter and the music and the excitement. I’m glad that I was able to share this experience with you, in a sense. Thanks for being the grown-up version of Sherlock Holmes for me. Everybody may lie, but I surely am not telling any untruths when I say that I have been a devoted follower of first Conan Doyle’s/Holmes’ tales and then yours. Thank you for HOUSE.
    Thanks for everything.

  39. Mari says:

    Please bring Lisa Edelstein’s Dr. Cuddy back!

  40. lola says:

    house to move to NBC

  41. Milu says:

    I’m so sad because this show is going to end. I’m going to miss House and Hugh. :( This is really sad!!!

  42. Jean says:

    All of this is interesting…..If I remember correctly, Jennifer Morrison was in a relationship with Jesse Spencer and then they became engaged to be married. It was when the engagement ended and some problems were perceived, reportedly, in the work relationship between Jennifer and Jesse, that Jennifer became a person non grata.
    If in fact this is what happened, then as with so many relationships that end, people around them made a choice between them, and Jennifer lost out. She was a good actress and fit well with the ensemble. But she is doing a great job in a very different role with OUAT, so it all worked out in the end. As for Lisa, I, too, was resentful of her attitude when she departed, and I faulted her for being ungrateful for the role of a lifetime over bottom line cash (secretly fearing it would impact the show’s ratings and hasten its end). But, truely, we don’t really know for a fact what occurred, and I think I would enjoy seeing her be included in the finale, which I also think needs to be a 2 hour episode to provide the respect that should be offered to each and every one of them.

  43. SERENA says:

    I hope for Cameron *fingers crossed*

  44. HouseObsessedAgain says:

    A spin-off series for the rest of the House cast? LOL!! The only thing that could get me to watch is if RSL was one of the leads in the spin-off and I doubt that will happen since HL is leaving at the end of S8.

  45. Cleide says:

    We knew that the contract of HL end this year, plus I’m sure if DS was never away, the show would still be brilliant, certainly we still would have House for more some time.
    Lisa Edelstein return????? For God sake! We’ve Had more than enough of LE/cuddy/huddy, your ridiculous clothes and your need for the spotlight. NO THANKS!!!
    I want to see my sweet Cameron, a character loved by many fans, but did not get a farewell worthy of your importance.
    Thank David Shore, Brian Singer, Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps and SOME the writers, especially Lawrence Kaplow! ‘ll miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: Now, I wonder if the dignified lady katie jacobs is happy … after all, was because of your obsession by Huddy / cuddyLE, that she turned the show in a ridiculous mexican soap opera)… kj and your creative decisions – your ONLY purpose was to take JMO of the show)
    All my contempt for katie jacobs and greg yDiotanes.

  46. Cleide says:

    And no less important …. laughs ….
    I want to see Cameron back, but not with Chase.
    David Shore owes us a happy ending for House and Cameron!!
    All had their chance: stacy / cuddy / chase / foreman / wilson / thirteen / taub….Now it is time for House and Cameron, the first and only couple in the show.
    I’m a very proud HAMERON! Always will be the Hameron fan <3
    (sorry my english)

  47. Lil'E says:

    Finally! House should have been canceled after season 5. I used to love it but somehow the writing got weak and even annoying. I don’t blame it on “Huddy” or Lisa Edelstein as SO MANY do but on how the writers handled it. They explored the relationship too late, basically when nobody cared anymore and they did it so poorly. They made House (the character) weaker because of it and House (the show) a pathetic joke. I was so fond of the show for 4 seasons, it was witty, compelling, perfect. In addition to the poor writing, the focus on unimportant arcs (just because Olivia Wilde is good-looking) and Jesse Spencer’s permanent spot on the back burner didn’t help. It’s become a parody of what it used to be. A shame, really. The low point being the breakup and the episode with all the hookers. House’s antics and even Wilson became painful to watch. Anyway I’m glad they finally put it out of its misery.

  48. Pedro says:

    Gracias a Jennifer Morrison y Hugh Laurie por el beso mas dulce de tv,la tercera temporada la mejor y mas esitosa,siempre la guardare

  49. Lil'E says:

    And don’t get me started on Taub’s storylines… Twins from two different women? Really?!? Oh, what about the Great 13 snooze fest? House and the Green Card debacle… Ugh what a hot mess…