House Swan Song Scoop: 3 Things You Need to Know About The Series Finale (and Beyond)

House CancelledNow that  you’ve had time to digest the news that House is ending its eight-year run in May, let’s turn our attention to what will arguably be one of the biggest TV events of the season: The show’s series finale.

Keep reading for answers to a few burning questions about the episode, as well as intel on what the show’s demise means for the cast (hint: even though House won’t be back next fall, they may be.)

1 | The series finale will shoot in early April and will be directed by series creator David Shore, who will also co-write the hour (his script partner is TBD).

2 | There’s a good chance we’ll see some familiar faces return before Princeton-Plainsboro closes its doors for good, but which ones? Over the summer, Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady, Lisa Edelstein, to check back in prior to the last episode. A source, however, says no formal discussions have begun. One alum you can count on returning for the swan song is Olivia Wilde. Prior to her exit this fall, the actress agreed to put in one last appearance as Thirteen should this be the final season. And although Jennifer Morrison is currently gainfully employed on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, she recently told TVLine that it would be an “absolute dream” to slip back into Cameron’s scrubs for the finale, adding, “That show was such an important part of my life, and I loved playing that character and I loved that group of actors.”

3 | You may see Chase, Foreman and Co. back on TV next fall. The early announcement, coming at the start of pilot season’s casting phase, frees the show’s ensemble up to attach themselves to potential new series. Don’t look for Hugh Laurie to pursue a tube return anytime soon though. “I’m sure he’s looking forward to a nice long break from the weekly grind,” shares an insider.

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  1. Bee says:

    It had a nice long run. Sad news for my favorite show, but not entirely unexpected. Hope to see the rest of the cast pop up in new series!

    • Simon Jester says:

      As someone who is old enough to remember the travesty of “After M*A*S*H,” I cannot agree. Bow out gracefully, guys.

      • Tania says:

        Simon Jester my interpretation of the ‘freeing up the ensemble’ meant that each actor can pursue pilots for potential new series work now that they are aware that House is coming to an end. Not that they are continuing a new series with the same characters.

      • Cantare says:

        One word – Frasier.

      • Patty says:

        “After Mash” bombed horribly because they were unable to get enough of the cast from the original. Face it, MASH isn’t MASH without Hawkeye!

        • Chris says:

          Lets face it. Just like MASH isn’t MASH without Hawkeye; House wouldn’t work without Hugh Laurie…. I think that any spin off, won’t last more than 1season tops… Too bad though, I liked this show.

        • Schteveo says:

          The other problem with After MASH was how the characters changed.

          Potter got ‘mean’.

          Klinger was a ‘criminal’

          and just those two changes combined with bad writing and a ‘cheap’ feel to it was enough to kill the beast. But there weren’t any other good players to pick up the slack. Then they did one of those things where most of the Season One folks are replaced for Season Two.

          To use a medical term, it died slowly.

          But, remember that many of us thought M*A*S*H* was doomed when Henry died and Trapper left! Maybe a new show, same characters, same premise, could work.

      • paula white says:

        SJ- I totally agree with you about the closure. I AM old enough to remember MASH and the final episode. I am really, really gonna miss this show. I am so sick and tired of the “reality shows”, I could puke!!! House was one of those shows you could just watch and know House would come through! The end came with members of the original cast started to leave. That always shows that the end is in sight. Thanks for listening!

        • paula white says:

          I couldn’t agree with you anymore gracely than what you have posted! I hated the year “House” was in prison! Without “House and Wilson”, they don’t have a show. I hate all the reality, dance, sing, Hoarders, Intervention, and the rest of the garbage they have on TV. When “House” was on, I wouldn’t even ANSWER the phone. “House” will be sorley missed. Can anyone tell me WHY it was cancelled? Thank you!

    • Brandy says:

      I’m one of the biggest house fans out there and I can’t say I’m all together sad. It’s sort of had its run. I just really hope they do a good job of wrapping it up and don’t do something god awful like the end of season 7. The writers have definately been off their game for a while. Even the much hyped, “Nobodies fault” felt a little lackluster compared to other great episodes.

    • janet says:

      Bring back EVERYBODY !!! Even Stacy and Amber … somehow …

  2. John says:

    If they don’t bring Dr. Cuddy back I’m going to be seriously pissed.

    • Zara75 says:

      Get ready to get pissed then. Cuz I doubt that’ll happen. I hope it doesn’t.

    • reply says:

      Lisa Edelstein quits her job so she don’t deserve her job back

      • Tav says:

        She didn’t quit her job, she chose not to renew her contract. There is a HUGE difference.

        • VnYgHmRsTz says:

          LE said GOODBYE because she wants MORE MONEY, she is soooooo venal, stupid and ungrateful

          • Simon Jester says:

            Actually, she said goodbye because she didn’t want LESS money. Fox has been raking in the advertiser dollars with House; understandably, she didn’t want to take a pay cut while they continue to line their pockets. (And frankly, creatively speaking, she jumped ship at exactly the right moment.)

          • a fan says:

            @Tav/@Simon Jester
            You try to defend the indefensible, FOX/NBCU offered million of dollars and almost all the actors have accepted, so we can’t buy your excuses. Lisa Edelstein is selfish, amoral and frankly a bad example for all.

          • Morons Central says:

            “We”? Once and for all, learn to speak for yourself. I doubt that all of House fans are illiterate self-righteous idiots. You know absolutely nothing, and your measly attempts to discredit a person at any cost are pathetic and laughable.
            As to life “examples for all”, if you can’t live without one (I can see why), pick among the people you know, preferably with good grammar.

          • Just Desserts says:

            @a fan, “FOX/NBCU offered million of dollars and almost all the actors have accepted.” Of all the BS…
            Offered? OFFERED? Try slashed, they were cutting salaries, screen time, or both. LE had the mistfoture of negotiating next to last so one can imagine the “deal” they offered her.
            But in the end she got out ahead; House ultimately couldn’t survive her departure.

          • to "a fan" says:

            Hahaha! How come self-admitted in the past and alleged in the present cheater Hugh Laurie didn’t bother your heightened sense of morality? No arguments left to discredit Lisa Edelstein? Try to use your brain next time. With “fans” like these who needs enemies.

          • Projectpat says:

            Obviously you’ve never done your research on the matter. She like many other cast members were asked to take a pay cut. After so many seasons actors tend to make more money. Look at the cast of seinfeld, the last season they were making a couple million per episode. So was she venal for not wanting less than what she was making? hell no! she devoted 7 years of her life acting in 24 hour long episode per season, I would be pissed. Furthermore, her contract was up… she fullfilled her obligation to the show and it was her choice to not resign. LE was not in the wrong.

          • Michael says:

            I love it when the self-righteous Christians start postings. You all are presumptuous, judgmental and slanderous, considering you weren’t at the bargaining table and know little to nothing about what went on. Very unchristian of you a=holes. You want to talk about amoral..you might want to look in the mirror first.

          • Meg says:

            @Michael – Please show me where there is anything in the above discussion thread that has to do with Christianity or religion. You want to support LE? Go ahead. You want to criticize LE? Go ahead. Unfounded accusations about perceived “self-righteous Christians,” is frankly ridiculous in this context.

        • Person says:

          No, they’re pretty much the same. She chose to leave. Which is quitting.

          • Alina Edge Sanchez R. says:

            I don’t watch House but an actress who leave her show for the money isn’t someone to admire. How can you defend her?

          • Brandy says:

            Umm, if you had been at your job for 7 years wouldn’t you expect a raise, not a paycut?

          • your a dumbass, the show was failing, due to poor writing mostly, or lack of imagination, and her contract expired. SHE didn’t quit you idiot !!!!!!

    • Liz says:

      I’m getting pissed if she comes back. I NEVER want to see her again.

      • poor liz says:

        I feel for you, Liz. With House cancellation there will be no place for you to tell the world again and again how you hate Cuddy and Lisa Edelstein. Should we put you on a suicide watch?

        • Ron Smothermon says:

          Good grief, you folks need to get a life. How can you take an actress making a career move as if your wife had left you with the children for Vladmir Putin?

    • brieanna says:

      me too. She was one of my favorite charecters (next to house that is). i just can’t believe that it is over. :( i will miss it grately. and i will cry.

      • Jay says:

        I knew after last season (7) that this would prob be the end of the series. We’ve been told Lisa quit because of the salary decrease, well, why should she have taken less? They exploited Lisa’s fantastic body at every turn for the ratings. Maybe she didn’t mind (and why should she? She is a smokin’ hot woman!) But i digress…she was a very integral part of the show (could you picture House w/o Cuddy & Wilson? This season 8 has been just one big collosal joke. I think after the stupid way they ended last season (driving thru Cuddy’s house?), that’s where it should have ended. In reality, if a woman who was one of a handful that made it to be Dean of Medicine, she sure wouldn’t have been the one to have to leave ‘her’ hospital! I think more was behind Lisa’s departure than money. Maybe the way they ended season 7 was just too unbelievable for her too. I’ve missed her terribly, i only watch it now because i’ve invested the past 7 yrs on this show & want to see the faulty turns it’s taken. Other than Chase (Taub…..ugghhh!), & House & Wilson interactions, this season has been one disappointment & totally unbelievable. I was thinking, too bad they don’t end it or have it have all been a dream sequence this season, & House ends up working in some obscure clinic somewhere, Lisa comes back to her post as Dean of Medicine, Jennifer comes back to work at PP, & then we fade off into the sunset. W/O Lisa, i feel the void. She was my favorite person to watch, i absolutely love this woman & even tho she’s moved on, i miss her on this show & just knew it would be the death of the show w/o her. I think Lisa & Jennifer got screwed over royally on this show, Jennifer way at the beginning, & Lisa now. Good luck to all the cast tho, i thank them all for great entertainment for the last 7 yrs & making Monday nights the night i looked forward to. Now i’ll be lost & i doubt any show will be able to match up to this show, the way it was in the first few years.

  3. norhu says:

    I really hope Lisa Edelstein is coming back.

    • Julia says:

      She’s actually the one I wouldn’t care about. House was a great, great show for the first 4-5 years. I didn’t miss an episode of it. For me, it was the best show I had ever seen. After the third season and House’s original team was apparetly out, things changed, but it still was a great show. Sixth season and House’s newly discovered love for Cuddy (something we all knew about, but really, it shouldn’t have happened) was just simply bad. I still watch the show occasionally, but I’m not that sad it’ll end, I think it’s time it did. And I hope to see 13 and maybe, maybe Cameron – but not Cuddy, even though Edelstein is a great actress.

    • Maca says:

      Me too. The show lost its leading lady —–> the show got cancelled. I hope she agrees to come back.

      • Sam says:

        She’s NOT the leading lady, live with it. TPTB made the mistake to make her too important in season 6 and 7 and thus almost killed the show with that Cuddy/Huddy centric crap.

        • Kat says:

          People keep mistaking Cuddy/House for the factor that made everyone so cross. It wasn’t Cuddy that actually bothered everybody, it was what Cuddy made House be. The show simply doesn’t work if the guy is actually happy, and not Mr. Curmudgeon all the time. But the themes they explored with Huddy were places that they couldn’t have gone if it weren’t for those seasons, and in my opinion they were essential sides of the character that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Seeing as how the show is an exploration of the views and complexities of one Dr. Gregory House, it would be entirely inappropriate if they hadn’t spent so much time on it. His vulnerability and failure to connect may have deterred plenty of people, but it would have been a disservice if they hadn’t opened that can of worms, and Cuddy was simply the best candidate to do it. Because I’m a female, I didn’t mind the obligatory mush to get to the demons within. Plenty of people did though, you obviously included.
          Basically what I’m saying is that the anger is very much misdirected, and that there was nothing ‘downhill’ about the last few seasons. But that’s just one girls opinion. Feel free to keep b*tching.

    • Belle says:

      I for one would really love to see Lisa Edelstein back on the show before the series finale. Cuddy was an integral part of the show for seven years and it would be lovely to see her back as part of the cast before the show officialy ends.
      A nod to Jennifer Morrison and the character of Cameron would also be nice before the series closes. Lisa and Jennifer contributed much towards the creation of the show and their characters were integral they earned some acknowledgement.
      OW I couldn’t care less about as I think 13 has had enough swan songs and farewells on the show. Her character has closure just leave things as they are. She was basically MIA for 3 years on the show anyway so really Who Cares about 13?? I know I never did.
      It saddens me that the show is coming to an end but I guess it is time. I would rather the show went out with some dignity (and S8 has had little of that) than to be booted off the air when it really has lost all credibility.
      Bye HouseMD I loved you and your characters for many years and I will miss you.

  4. hello says:

    Like i said in the other post I hope they find a way for Cameron, 13, Kutner and even Amber to make an apperance, Cuddy on the other hand can stay gone.

  5. Brooke says:

    I hope this means Hugh Laurie gets to do comedy again soon.

  6. Gutu says:

    I’ll miss this show!!! And Hugh!!! :-(

  7. marley says:

    I don’t care, I just want Stephen Fry to guest star before House is over :(

    • Alice says:

      I care and I like the idea about Fry!!! I’ll miss Hugh!!!

      • AreKay says:

        I care and I like the idea about Fry!!! I’ll miss Hugh!!!
        @ Alice – DITTO
        As for Hugh, guess we’ll just have to wait for “The Oranges” and “Mister Pip” to be released and maybe catch him live in concert as he continues to pursue his musical career.
        And as for “House”, DVD’s of previous seasons and/or fanfiction.com

    • Jeanne W says:

      I agree about Fry! I wonder if they could squeeze him in the last episode for a shout-out. For that matter, post House, I’d like to see Steve and Hugh do Watson and Holmes. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Perhaps they will spin off CHASE.

  8. Carol says:

    I hope Lisa, Jennifer, Olivia and all the old team back to the final!

    • James says:

      to do what? It’ll be a travesty

      • Carol says:

        It depends on the storyline, you don’t know.

        • James says:

          Bringing someone back who hasn’t been in an episode for almost three seasons just to say goodbye for the third time is ridiculous.
          Bringing someone who left without saying goodbye after her ex tried to kill her to say goodbye is way more ridiculous.
          And finally, bringing someone who’s been in and out without making an impact in the storyline is pointless.

          • kEVIN says:

            Disagree. Everything depends on the context. ;-)

          • Carol says:

            As I said: It depends on the storyline that you don’t know.

          • Q says:

            I agree, it’s silly when shows bring characters back at the end just for nostalgia. If they have actual storylines it makes sense. I doubt they have story lines in mind for any of these female characters. They weren’t writing the season up to this point with them in mind, and they’re writing the last 5 or 6 episodes now so how would they have anything in mind.
            Also JM has a full time job she would only be available for a cameo not any kind of arc.
            LE hasn’t yet been approached about returning so they didn’t have anything in mind. They just like to tease at it for some reason (hoping people will tune in on the off chance she might appear or Shore not wanting to take responsibility for her not being there.)
            OW has a bunch of upcoming projects so she’s unlikely to be available for more than a cameo.

      • Brendan says:


  9. Kristen says:

    I really don’t want to watch a House series finale without Lisa Edelstein, but I’ll probably watch whether she’s in it or not. If they could get all three (Lisa, Olivia, and Jennifer) that would be pretty awesome.

    • Jay says:

      I agree, Kristen. Lisa & Jennifer should be in the finale, well, Olivia too. At the end of a series, i know a lot of shows take a bow, but maybe that’s just comedies. But Lisa, Jennifer & Olivia all deserve recognition at the end for thier contribution to a once great show. I personally wonder about Shore : he always writes out the female charcters; Why not Taub? (can stand his character!) Now this season we have one nice looking woman & then the mousey looking gal (can’t remember their names.) I don’t think they fit in at all, it just makes the show seem like such a joke now. I remember when i first heard Lisa wasn’t coming back, i at first felt sick to my stomach & said to myself that that spelled the end of this show. But good luck to all of you. I will surely miss Monday nights now. I need my Lisa E. fix, don’t know where i’ll get it now, reruns i guess.I hope all that wanted Cuddy & House to get together are happy, it only cost the show ending, as always seems to happen when that is done to 2 main characters.

  10. Saint Alicia says:

    Mark my words, Cuddy won’t return. Shore is too petty and vindictive to bring Lisa back. He’s been talking about it for months yet there’s been no “formal discussions”? Because he doesn’t want them.
    GY may be a piece of work but I believe him when he tweeted last summer: Cuddy will never return.

    • Lena says:

      I would love Lisa back as the rest of the team, BUT HUGH is so f… special for me……. :-(
      Good luck for all!!! And Hugh, please don’t disappears!

  11. Duda says:

    How can I live without Hugh???? :-(

  12. Khaatim says:

    The series finale will only be an hour? Come on. I believe we deserve two hours to end this great series.

  13. Melissa says:


  14. ilona says:

    Well well well graet news… All this show was poinless without Lisa so GET HER BACK! The only hope is for a epic end! Get to work David!!

  15. kEVIN says:

    I hope a worthy end!
    Hugh Laurie + comedy + Fry + UK

    • Alice says:

      ^This would be epic. I can picture it in my head “This is Paul Slippery. He can remember being thrown out of a shop by a fishmonger for saying ‘cleft’.”

  16. Linda Karczewski says:

    Yes its sad to see House leave But > On the finale do a spin off for the other characters to return on another show like House, yes without Hugh > Let him direct, produce the show. Give him the benefit of the doubt for what he has done for so long. He can do this at another prospective, another level. Have the same writers that was on House, producers. Lets not ALL give up on HOuse itself. I want to be on one of his last shows, just to say I acted with Hugh, My dream to come true in my life, a one line speaking part to him. PLEASE ! just get back to me before its to late. LOVE Hugh for what he has done for ALL his fans everywhere.

  17. alethehousewife says:

    it’s not “canceled”: not until they call it a creative decision, which we know comes after the decline in ratings etc, but it’s still their decision, made BEFORE the network cut the cord. So why am I reading “canceled” in the URL?

    • Saint Alicia says:

      It was canceled, and the network did cut the cord.
      Had TPTB shown some dignity (like Desperate Housewives, also in its 8th season) and made the final season announcement LAST FALL, then it would have been their decision. Instead they tried to beg and barter behind the scenes to extend the show’s run (Shore even spoke of a hypothetical season 9).
      They did not go out on their terms, Shore wanted more and didn’t get it; House was canceled.

  18. I’m going to miss this show (yes even after last season’s mess), mostly the characters, the old faves…House, Wilson, Foreman, and Chase. Already miss Cuddy who was an amazing part of the dynamic. I’m almost hoping for absolutely ZERO spoilers for the finale so we can be surprised and not be disappointed. Yaitanes says the team has an amazing finale for us but please let it not be like what we experienced end of Season 7. All we’re asking is something good, something worthy of the character and the fans!

  19. godzilla's_foil says:

    Just a nitpick: House wasn’t cancelled. It’s been ended by the showrunners. There’s a significant difference.

    • godzilla's_foil says:


    • Q says:

      The showrunners got the chance to be the ones to announce the end. They didn’t end it by choice. If the network had wanted a 9th season the showrunners would have wanted it as well. They waited to see how the ratings were and they weren’t good enough to keep an expensive show like this around. If House had maintained ratings in the 3s it wouldn’t be ending. Networks never use the word cancellation, the shows just disappear from the schedule, look at Pan Am.

    • E says:

      Wrong – Shore was shopping a season 9. Laurie refused & forced the cancellation.

  20. Dov says:

    TPTB!!!!Bring LISA EDELSTEIN back! Call her ASAP and ask her returning! It will save your dignity.

    • Alves says:

      Please bring Lisa back and give to us a final Huddy chemistry that was so important to the show!

      • Me says:

        She left because she wanted more money.. just.. leave the show alone. She’s not coming back, not even for the finale

        • Spoilerchicka says:

          Cuddy actress Lisa Edelstein didn’t “want more money,” you idiot. She didn’t want to take a paycut. BIG, BIG difference. The Showrunner David Shore pushed the envelope too far by making House crack up criminally. It upset many viewers to find House losing it and going homicidal according to many viewers and critiques. The writers had no choice but to put House in jail. That plot turn turned off a lot of folks who watched out of habit only to be disappointed by the shallowness of the lead character in a lackluster season 8. Sadly, these same idiots didn’t fight for Lisa Edelstein to stay on and now they are paying for it with a premature demise. Likely Shore will go for a sucky ending in this finale where House likely dies or leaves medicine for good. Who cares. The guy is no longer the same character we came to know and respect. I will miss Wilson, Chase and even Taub. But the crackling excitement of tuning in to the show has been missing since Cuddy’s character went missing. I would hope TPTB would bring Lisa Edelstein back in some way or better yet, House leaves PPTH to win her back. That would be a fun fairy tale ending filled with hope and some maturity for the character who’s gone downhill this past season. just sayin.’

          • Isabella says:

            I like this idea. He should go in search of her,with a strong farewell to his friend Wilson… or they could go off together to see if they can find her.

        • to You says:

          You don’t know why she quit, as you don’t know if she is coming back. As to “just leave show alone” – somehow I think she will sort it out without your orders. Just a hunch.

          • cate says:

            *You don’t know why she quit*
            according to all sources..MONEY! the worst reason ever, she definitely does not deserves to appear in the last episode

  21. Louise says:

    I hope Lisa Caddy is coming back.

    • Notyourbsnss says:

      Who is is this Lisa Caddy” you’re talking about? Never heard of her.
      But Lisa Cuddy can stay the hell away from my show, kthxbye. The plotline created around and her supposedly love story with House was terrible. Let secondary character be sceondary. And give me some Wilson/House loving.

      • HouseObsessedAgain says:

        Yes to the House/Wilson. Wilson was the only reason I continued my love affair (except for S7) all these years. But I do think they should bring Cuddy back even though I hate her with a passion. I think the finale should have something for all loyal House fans including the Huddies. I’m glad Jennifer Morrison and Olivia Wilde are willing to come back. It will make a lot of fans happy. Maybe we will get to see both Amber and Kutner’s ghosts :)

  22. Brendo says:

    Thanks!!! For the 8 years! For all the anger, sadness, happines, frustration, surprises, etc. Specially Hugh: Thanks for all your effort during these years!
    And we have more 11 episodes to enjoy! :-)

    • Mickey says:

      finally, nice to see a post that isn’t so negative, lol. i feel the same way. we got a lot of awesome episodes, some not so great ones, but continuously wonderful performances from Hugh. i will miss this show so much. despite the not-so-great team at the moment, i’m sure i’ll enjoy these last 11 episodes, and will be heartbroken after the end credits roll on the last episode.

    • Isabella says:

      I agree here, too. Thank you all– Especially Hugh Laurie. One of the greatest actors of our time.

  23. Kate says:


  24. Drdiagnostic says:

    It’s sad that House is ending but not surprising. As for cast members to return….where does Olivia Wilde get off coming back, while Lisa Edelstein isn’t even being considered? Lisa at least managed to stay for ALL of season seven as opposed to being in only six like OW last year and only ONE this year. As far as I’m concerned, she showed where her loyalty stood. Edelstein and even Morrison should be afforded the opportunity to return, since they were the ones who got the royal screw all around. I could care less about bringing 13 back for House’s swan song.

    • Q says:

      I think OW is still technically under contract. She’s been let out to do other projects but she signed on in season 4 so her contract didn’t end with the rest of the original supporting cast at the end of season. Also the showrunners seem convinced that 13 is the most interesting and popular character on the show and that OW is the most important actress of our time, all evidence to the contrary.
      I’ve got nothing against OW or 13. I just never thought the character’s stories were very good and OW reads as kind of cold so it was hard for me to get into them. OW gets hyped a lot but her movies don’t do that well, Cowboys & Aliens was a big flop, and ratings don’t sky rocket when she’s on House. I find hype without anything to back it up annoying.

    • Jill says:

      Lisa Edelstein was given a choice of fewer episodes or less pay per episode. It was her choice to leave the show.
      Olivia Wilde was given every consideration to go off and make movies, unlike Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison who had to hang around even when they weren’t in the episodes. She got the sweetheart deal of all.
      The only person who got the royal screw was Jennifer Morrison, dropped suddenly after two years of being promised she would be back in the front lines again.

      • Q says:

        JM got paid for all those episodes she didn’t appear in. She was able to pursue other projects while still on the payroll during season six. Not that bad of a deal. She did have some story lines of her own and get a fair amount of camera time in season 5 and early 6. I didn’t think much of dead husbands sperm and the Dibila thing, but she was in the forefront of those story lines. I can see how Cameron fans would feel screwed but JM’s deal wasn’t bad.
        OW had the best deal of all. They let her come and go as it suited her career, had to write around her absence and then gave her Emmy bait episodes when she returned. I don’t blame her for taking advantage of this situation, I just don’t understand why the showrunners gave her such preferential treatment.

        • B says:

          Yep OW certainly got some sweetheart deals at House. Do you think it’s because she and Hugh Laurie share the exact same agent/representation at WME and HH??

          • Jane2 says:

            Really? I had no idea. So many things make sense now. It’s like the pieces of a puzzle snapping together.

        • Sanna says:

          Yeah….being fired froma job youlove to do is not bad at all….

        • Traccia says:

          @ Q Katie Jacobs and David Shore fired Jennifer Morrison and they treated her very badly, first they have very reduced her screentime so outrageous for two years (mobbing?) and then they cut her character, it’s really sad for a actor. OW, RSL and partially LE have all privileges, it’s unfair.
          TPTB!bad people.
          ”JM got paid for all those episodes she didn’t appear in”
          For a dismissal without notice it’s the minimun, she could also lead them to court but she acept their cruelty with class and grace, it’s amirable.

          • Traccia says:

            Yep OW certainly got some sweetheart deals at House. Do you think it’s because she and Hugh Laurie share the exact same agent/representation at WME and HH??
            This!I Know. She belongs to the agency more powerful..

    • Louise says:

      For gods sake! This is House Md we are talkinmg about not Cuddy! I really hope she does not come back, LE was very ungracious and OW praised the show and the crew, even tonight on twitter!

    • Jane2 says:

      I totally agree with this! With the show winding up the last character I want to see is 13 or anyone who isn’t an original cast member for that matter. I know it can’t happen but I wish they’d ditch all the newbies and just have the last few eps featuring the original cast.
      Lastly, because it can’t be said enough PLEASE BRING BACK LISA EDELSTEIN.

      • ISABELLA says:

        I would like to see Olivia Wilde again. I would love to see Jennifer Morrison again. Even more, I would love to see Lisa Edelstein again.Is there any way we can get rid of Jacobson and Yi for the last few eps?
        I like Odette Annable, though.

  25. AlAn says:

    I’ll miss Gregory House and Hugh Laurie. :-(

  26. Tati says:

    I have prepared myself for this news but I’m devastated right now! :-(

  27. Lily says:

    Thanks!!! For the 8 years! and bring Lisa back !

  28. Fafa says:

    I will miss House terribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Taryn says:

    i don’t know about you guys, but i got a feeling that they are going to kill House off in the series finale.

  30. ck says:

    I will say this, and I hope there could be a way the House writers would read this.
    I don’t really care who checks back for the finale. Every character is acceptable. I would personally love to see OW back for the finale.
    But I want the writers to make sure of something. Whoever the characters of the final episode will be, DO NOT MAKE THE FINALE ABOUT ANY SPECIFIC RELATIONSHIP! Make it clear, that the main figure is and always has been House. That all the rest of the characters are the same level of importance and that House has (or has not) the same type of connection with each one of them. Don’t weigh heavily on one relationship.
    The only one who I would [i]slightly[/i] weigh over the rest of the characters is Wilson. And that is only because in a show that has a “Holmes” type of character, “Watson” is always important.
    But please, do not for once forget for the whole hour of the finale, that what has made the show what it is for the last 8 years is the character of House
    Thank you

  31. Jueves says:

    :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

  32. Mike says:

    Cuddy needs to come back. She is amazing.

  33. barbara says:

    So sad they fired Jennifer Morrison after 6 years, she is a real angel. She is really the most classy person in the world, no actor would say what she said after what has happened. David Shore don’t deserve her at all.

  34. Steph says:

    I’ve been surprised by how much I like this season but still not surprised to see it end. Eight years is a nice run and they should be proud. My wish now is to see Jesse Spencer back next fall in a new hit show. This season, he’s proven more than ever that he’s more than just a pretty face.

  35. Jules says:

    My life just ended!
    It’s hard to digest that news right now…
    As a true [H]ousefan who’s been glue/hook since day 1, imagine that my(our)favorite addiction on Monday’s night will end this may
    after 8 amazing years….It’s painful…
    One thing for sure, that ending will be EPIC!
    And HLaurie will deliver his best performance ever….
    I’m proud of him, he lead that series on his schoulders since day 1…and promoted it like a real trooper…Help to boost FOX ratings & credibility…Now, he deserve that long awaited break and reunite with his wife&kids….
    But…now, I’m glad that DShore will direct the last episode…
    As for the return of Edelstein, honestly I’m still digesting her stupid reason of her exit…and a way to crawl back just to be part of the legacy and bring closure to her caracter – hope she dont expect, they will gave her, her original salary just for that episode…don’t deserve it!
    Anyway, bfore her, I really hope they can bring OWilde first and create/plan the closure to the promise make between House & 13…

  36. Ceci says:

    We deserve an amazing end! 2 hours and a lot of Hugh Laurie!

  37. Dany says:

    My heart just broke.
    I had a feeling this would be the last season but to actually hear it announced breaks my heart into so many pieces.
    Sad day for us House fans. Let’s hope this amazing show get’s the series finale that is deserves!

  38. Tricia says:

    No desire to see OW. Not sure when she became so important. The last few years she was hardly on, she’s a mediocre actress, and she wasnt with the show that long. I’d rather see LE and JM back on.

  39. Duda says:

    Life won’t be the same without House :-(

  40. Dany says:

    Hopefully hugh goes out with a well deserved emmy award, at least.

  41. Fafa says:

    I have no words! :-(

  42. Nancy says:


  43. Geany says:

    I need my regular dose of Hugh Laurie. And now? What?

  44. Fafa says:

    Hugh, Robert, Jesse oh God, how Am I going to live after may? :-(

  45. dolores says:

    ”leading lady, Lisa Edelstein”
    leading lady? are you kidding? she barely appeared during the best years of the show, and look a little more for one or two season for soap-operish intent (when the show is already in decline) does not make you a ”leading lady” the show has never had any real leading female character. The show is all around House, secondary characters (men and women) are irrelevant, maybe except Wilson, but House is THE show and he alone.
    sorry for gramatical errors, i’m spanish

    • Language 101 says:

      In English “leading lady” means a love interest to the leading actor, not a leading female character. Look it up. Apology would be appropriate too.

      • notyourbsnnss says:

        In English, “leading lady” means leading female character. When referring to a love interest, you talk about ” a love interest”. English is quite simple. Don’t trash people who don’t speak your tongue, you just look stupid.

        • carol says:

          Cuddy was both the love interest of the leading actor AND the leading female character. She most certainly was the leading lady of “House.”
          I hope that the show runners have the guts and the brains to bring back Lisa Edelstein for the final few episodes of this great show. This current season really suffered without her presence.

  46. Dee says:

    Not in a spinoff, but in wholly new series. That’s what the story and this comment are talking about.

  47. Angela says:

    A storyline to bring one or all back would have would need to be wedding or death.

  48. While I haven’t watched the show much since the early 6th season, I’m very curious how they’ll choose to end it. I’d also love to see the old characters return for the finale, particularly Cameron.

  49. Ash says:

    So LE is not able to find a decent job and out of pity tptb will let her come back for the finale. I hope not, her character has done too much damage to the show

    • LMAO says:

      Bahaha. Still reeling from JMo being fired? Don’t worry, if Lisa E CHOOSES to return, the producers will be required to tell the world in great detail how they begged her. Too bad hating on Lisa E doesn’t stop JMo from getting sh*tty reviews om OUAT.

      • . says:

        @LMAO call a psychiatrist, you need it

        • LMAO says:

          What, you didn’t like it? Butthurt much? Don’t start something you are not equipped to finish, moron.

          • Ariel says:

            Oh don’t pay attention. The OUAT fandom is young but pretty much everyone detests these losers. They call Ginnifer Goodwyn (!) a talentless hack b/c she “stole” thunder from their favorite Jennifer Morrison. The language is strangely similar too. Just a bunch of pathetic nutjobs. How empty their lives must be if they need to spread poison when people mourn the loss of their favorite show.

          • Hamerons Run Amok says:


          • Sam says:

            LOL You’re too stupid. Jennifer gets great reviews and the show does really well. Jealous much that it didn’t work out so well for LE, huh? Your bad, now STFU and get a life. LE fangirls really are a bunch of pathetic little girls, oh my.

          • morons run amok says:

            “LOL You’re too stupid. … now STFU and get a life. LE fangirls really are a bunch of pathetic little girls”
            No offense, but my 12 yo has a better vocabulary. Can’t say I am surprised – complete lack of self-awareness is a common attribute of a hater. And if your reading skills are as good as your power of reasoning, then, of course, Jennifer Morrison gets the the best reviews and Ginnifer G. is just “a talentless hack”. Obviously.

          • @dearAriel says:

            I´m a Jennifer Morrison Fan and hang out on Once Fan-boards. No Jen fan is saying that Ginnifer Goodwin is a talentless actress or is jealous at her. I´ve never read about something like that. You just spread bad lies. It is not the truth and the Fans i follow on twitter simply don´t care about LE or even House, they have better things to do. All the Sh*t you want to tell about JMo-fans here is a story you cooked up in your own brain.

    • to Ash says:

      Ash, I am pretty sure that amount of vile and hateful nonsense you spill is directly proportional to the void of your little pathetic life. Go share with a pillow how much action you got today on a message board. What a delusional loser.

      • OUAT fan says:

        Once upon a time fandom is a peaceful community; Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin are good friends

        • Meridith says:

          Well, Emma Swan [Jennifer Morrison] is the protagonist so there is nothing to envy. I suspect they do not understand either what they are talking about or the things about which they speak so confidently.

      • BLANCH says:

        @ The language is strangely similar too
        They are strangers, Sherlock *rolls eyes* Google Translate rulez!

    • E says:

      But Lisa’s expensive, she demands the right amount of money for her talent & time. Given how she quit you think she’s going to agree to come grovelling back as a guest star at an even lower pay rate? Of course not.

  50. The Pun_isher says:

    Here’s my guess for the final episode’s plot: the patient will be House himself, after something goes seriously wrong with the not-so-good doctor. We get to see him not only as a physician diagnosing the mysterious illness that could take his life, but also something he’s rarely been – a patient.
    Only question is does he die at the end of the episode?