House to Conclude Eight-Year Run in May

House Ending May 2012It’s official: House is checking out.
Calling it a creative decision made by the show’s producers, Fox announced Wednesday that the Hugh Laurie-fronted medical drama will conclude its eight-year run in May.
The early announcement ensures that series creator David Shore will get his wish to give the show a fitting farewell. “I want to do [the ending] right,” he told TVLine over the summer.

House Swan Song Scoop: 3 Things You Need to Know About The Series Finale (and Beyond)

Below is a joint statement from Laurie, Shore and fellow exec producer Katie Jacobs:

After much deliberation, the producers of House M.D. have decided that this season of the show, the 8th, should be the last. By April this year they will have completed 177 episodes, which is about 175 more than anyone expected back in 2004.
The decision to end the show now, or ever, is a painful one, as it risks putting asunder hundreds of close friendships that have developed over the last eight years – but also because the show itself has been a source of great pride to everyone involved.
Since it began, House has aspired to offer a coherent and satisfying world in which everlasting human questions of ethics and emotion, logic and truth, could be examined, played out, and occasionally answered. This sounds like fancy talk, but it really isn’t. House has, in its time, intrigued audiences around the world in vast numbers, and has shown that there is a strong appetite for television drama that relies on more than prettiness or gun play.
But now that time is drawing to a close.  The producers have always imagined House as an enigmatic creature;  he should never be the last one to leave the party.  How much better to disappear before the music stops, while there is still some promise and mystique in the air.
The producers can never sufficiently express their gratitude to the hundreds of dedicated artists and technicians who have given so generously of their energy and talent to make House the show it has been – and perhaps will continue to be for some time, on one cable network or another.
The makers of House would also like to thank Fox Broadcasting and Universal Television for supporting the show with patience, imagination and large quantities of good taste.  The Studio-As-Evil-Adversary is one of the many clichés that House has managed to avoid, and for that the cast and crew are deeply grateful.
Lastly, the audience:  some have come and some have gone, obviously. This is to be expected in the life of any show. But over the course of the last eight years, the producers of House have felt immensely honored to be the subject of such close attention by an intelligent, discriminating, humane and thoughtful – not to mention numerous – audience.  Even the show’s detractors have been flattering in their way.  Making the show has felt like a lively and passionate discussion about as many different subjects as could possibly be raised in 177 hours.  The devotion and generosity of our viewers has been marvelous to behold.
So, finally, everyone at House will bid farewell to the audience and to each other with more than a few tears, but also with a deep feeling of gratitude for the grand adventure they have been privileged to enjoy for the last eight years.  If the show lives on somewhere, with somebody, as a fond memory, then that is a precious feat, of which we will always be proud.
Everybody Lies.

Here’s Fox president Kevin Reilly’s statement:

While it’s with much regret, and a lump in our throats, we respect the decision Hugh, David and Katie have made. A true original, on the page and amazingly brought to life by Hugh Laurie, there is only one Dr. House. For eight seasons, the entire House team has given us – and fans around the world – some of the most compelling characters and affecting stories ever seen on television. They have been creatively tenacious and collaborative throughout this incredible run, and they are amongst the most superior talents in the business. For all the above, we wholeheartedly thank them, and the fans who have supported the show.

Cast members present and past were quick to comment on the news via Twitter, with Jesse Spencer saying a simple, “Fare thee well, House,” and Olivia Wilde calling it “the end of an era. Shows like that don’t happen, well, ever. I’m honored to have been a part of such a brilliant story.” (Will Wilde return as Thirteen? Read our follow-up story here.)
TVLine’s Renewal/Cancellation Cheat Sheet has been updated to reflect House‘s passing.
Hit the comments with your eulogies as well as an answer to this question: Which House alum do you most want to see return before Princeton-Plainsboro closes its doors for good?

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  1. Ivka says:

    I believe that not many shows can live for more than 7 season. May sound silly, but that’s the milestone for me. And House should have stopped after the 7th season.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, I love the characters, but better leave while you are still liked and respected, than stay until you are kicked out.

  2. Christina says:

    The time for House to call it quits has definitely come. The show just doesn’t have that feel to it anymore, and this season just seems wrong. House was great in its hey day, but its time to say goodbye.

  3. Dave Emmet says:

    Bring back Lisa Edelstein. The one and only.

  4. Carla says:

    I’d love to have Cuddy back. House and Cuddy need to be together. They love each other

  5. DJ says:

    Bring back Cuddy…House sees her from afar with her daughter, an age-appropriate dignified looking husband, and a BIG BABY BUMP! = )

  6. Joanmc says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Other than the remaining House episodes, I will never again watch Fox for cancelling the best show on TV!

  7. Maria says:

    I’ll miss House. The show and the character, both. I’ll miss his sarcasm, his snarky jokes, his epiphanies, his remarks about Cuddy…
    Please Fox, bring Lisa back for the series finale. Pay her whatever she wants, it’s just 1-2 episodes. At least, give us an outstanding ending, as great as Gregory House himself, as legendary as he is. A reat finale for the best series the world has ever seen.
    Rest in peace, House MD. I’ll never forget you and how you changed my life.

  8. Kelly says:

    TPTB screwed up by letting Lisa Edelstein walk. The show is not the same without her. Maybe they’ll try & get her back for the last few ep’s and give the show a PROPER send off with the OT3 House/Cuddy/Wilson left standing in the end.

  9. Sneaky Microbe says:

    Cuddy is a MUST for the finale.

  10. luminous says:

    This is very sad. It was just getting back on track after the Huddy train wreck.
    Please give us a meaningful and funny House and Wilson episode to properly end this series.

  11. Gabi says:

    The show will be dearly missed. It has had its ups and downs and Lisa E leaving was a major down, but this has been extraordinary TV.
    As for the character that should return before (or for?) the swan song: I’d totally say Olivia Wilde but House and Thirteen said their goodbyes already and it was such a sweet and honest moment, I don’t know what could be added to that. If they find a way, I’ll be more than happy!
    Anyway, I am sure they’ll do a great job..!

  12. Mari says:

    Thank God!! Since Dr Cuddy left I never ever watched one single episode.

  13. Carol says:

    I have watched every episode of House since the premiere and loved the vast majority of the episodes. This was, until the ludicrous finale last season, the finest drama on television by far.
    I will miss House. I will miss having Hugh Laurie giving glorious performances on my screen every week. Bring back Cuddy for the series finale and make everything right with the world once again. Anything less will be a let down.

  14. Anna says:

    After last season’s complete mess they need to bring back Lisa Edelstein. Letting her go was the biggest mistake they did, followed by misogynistic finale and sloppily and hastily written high school romance.

  15. Kayleigh says:

    Lisa edelstein absolutely NEEDS to come back. If even for an episode. We need closure. Not romance. Closure for cuddy. She left very abruptly, and we need that.
    As much as I love thirteen, bringing her back would, as said in previous statements, be beating a dead horse. We got closure with her.
    I just want Lisa.
    I’m very sad to see house go; this show is amazing. But all good things end, and I’m glad this ending has been announced early so we don’t have a whedon-esque ending.
    Bravo cast and crew. You’ve done well.

  16. alon says:

    “Hit the comments with your eulogies as well as an answer to this question: Which House alum do you most want to see return before Princeton-Plainsboro closes its doors for good?”
    Of course CUDDY!

    • Maca says:

      This! I so want Cuddy back for one episode.

    • @ alon says:

      I agree with the majority on here that it was time for the show to go and also think that it’s a bit sad too. I also agree with all the people on here saying it would be great for Lisa Edelstein to come back, but I somehow doubt that will happen. 

  17. Sophia bullock says:

    All you haters that have nothing good to say about the show. Don’t say anything and go get a life. House is a great show. I’m so sad that it’s coming to and end. I will miss the cast and I wish everyone all the best. #bestshowever

  18. danielcw says:

    Isn’t House the second most watched TV series in the world right now?
    That could shake up the ratings game in a lot of markets.
    (if CSI:Miami also ends this season, Germany’s 2 most watched series would end)

  19. socalgal says:

    If LE would return as the patient in the finale–that might, might be OK. Then Candace Berger could also get in a last scene. But seriously, any of the former actors returning for a finale would be just as outrageous as the S7 finale.

    • socalgal says:

      Cuddy sick again? Nooo The final should be about House only about House. Not about a cringeworthy and most horrendeous romance ever on TV.

  20. AM says:

    I am so sad this is happening. I have watched every house episode since it aired, it has honestly taken up a big fraction of my life, and I would not have continued to watch it if I didnt believe it was such a great show. I love Hugh Laurie, and there is no other cast as talented. I will especially miss him and Jessie Spencer. I really hope they bring back Cuddy of course, and just for old times sake, also Cameron. Even though Jennifer Morrison is working on Once upon a time, it would be great to see her at the finale considering the strong relationship she had with house.

  21. Tay says:

    Sad that House is ending. It is arguably that best show on TV. And should be interesting where the stars go from there. Maybe Jesse Spencer can guest star in Once Upon a Time

  22. socalgal says:

    sorry…Candace Bergen

  23. Sandra says:

    It was a great show but without cuddy it kind of went down hiil. she was their salt.

  24. Pepper says:

    Only thing there’s gonna be on TV is people doing detective work with complete opposite partners who will end up falling in love.
    And you, people who say thanks and cheer, can you be any more pathetic?
    After Edie died on Desperate Housewives, I stopped watching. I never watched Lost, never understood the hype.
    But I NEVER even wished they’d be cancelled. Why? It doesn’t affect me. I have lots of channels and a remote.
    Actually, I just stopped watching NCIS because it really became a bore. But I don’t care if it’s cancelled or not, I’m not watching it!
    You are just the worst kind of whiny …

  25. Natali says:

    bring Cuddy back

  26. jonathon says:

    As much as people bash it it was truly a great show from beginning to end that took daring risks and i enjoyed the ride. wish it could have got one more season but hope with the time the writers have left they could finish it right. please come back cuddy and 13, the best wrap-up would include all the bigtime players. sela ward, we might need you back as well. all shows must end some time and 8 years is nothing to be ashamed about!

  27. Rob says:

    To me you have to have at least a cameo by Jennifer Morrison. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of the other past cast members like Kal Penn even if it’s only in a vision of House’s or something. This does give me some hope for a 2nd season of Terra Nova though, even though it comes at the expense of a really amazing show in House.

  28. hello says:

    I hope they find a way for Cameron, 13, Kutner and even Amber to make an apperance, Cuddy on the other hand can stay gone.

  29. Cleide says:


  30. Lucille says:

    I wanna Thank Hugh Laurie and the H-team of what I think is one of the best television shows of our decade. It was a great ride, House will allways stay an iconic character and i will miss him very much.
    These news make me very,very sad and i hope some would just forget this stupid ship-war and reminiscent the great years the show gave to House!! I don´t care if any of the character who left (for whatever reason) are coming back. I want that this great show ends on a high note with integrity and with what is best & in character (not OoC) for Gregory House. His acerbic tongue will be missed for sure!! :(((

  31. igor says:

    Please complete the line Huddy, bring Cuddy back

  32. Gala says:

    Of course CUDDY!I wanna Caddy back

  33. Mendel says:

    yes! Without Cuddy won’t be proper ending!!!!!

  34. jaded says:

    These idiots (GY/DS) ruined their own show!! Talk about self sabotage.. Their behavior toward their fans was atrocious! This is the real reason House will end this may. They can show the fans a little respect by bringing Lisa E back to give Cuddy/Huddy a proper ending!!!

  35. JeffTV says:

    Lisa Edelstein must return. Her appearance will spike the interest and bring in much better numbers.

  36. Lisa says:

    If they will not bring CUDDY back for the at least two eps they are stupid because then this show is all about misery and unhappiness!

  37. Irin says:

    I hope to see Caddy in the final

  38. MGL says:

    It was a great show, until they pushed the original cast to one side and brought in the new ones. It has never been the same. And Cuddy, Lisa Edelstein, was great, as House’s boss. Huddy was the 2nd downfall of the show.

  39. Amber says:

    Thanks for the memories. I hope to see more of Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard somewhere in the TV and film world in the future.

  40. Jen says:

    House was dead in the water the moment Lisa Edelstein left the show. Cuddy was too important of a character to lose and the ratings show that.

  41. carla says:

    See one or two Huddies who write one thousand times the same things with different nickname is so FUNNY!!!! Really!!
    Get a life

  42. Claudia says:

    That show changed my life, my way to think and my way to see the world and it opened me doors in some ways to my future which I didn’t know what was going to be. I’m enormously gratefull and happy about that. Because when you are a teenager you got to hang on something to get your feet on the ground when your head wants to escape if you see what I mean, because often times, our life can suck so thanks to the show for giving me an opened mind and especially to huddy for teaching me in some ways how to hope and believe in what makes my heart beats. As I said that changed my life forever and always will be really helpful.
    I also think that the best ending for this show wouln’t be house crashing into a house or hallucinating again but a show up of Lisa Edelstein. That would be the best that they could do, i’m sure. Hope to see them together one last time!!!!

  43. Jules says:

    Sad news!!
    As a true [H]ousefan who’s been glue to my tv since day1…it’s hard to digest that my favorite addiction will end in may…after 8 amazing years…
    But now, I’m gonna cherish the 11 episodes remaining even more until the last one…
    I’m sure that finale will be EPIC….and HLaurie will give everything he got to leave us speechless…his best performance ever!!!
    Honestly, that’s a real leader…who proudly lead that series on his schoulders & promoted it gracefully….biggest exposure/success for the network…
    But, I’m kind of angry at FOX,specially this year with the fiasco of the budget cut that lead to Edelstein’s exit(even if her reason was stupid…and now she might show up at the end just to be part of the legacy/closure on her/every caracters…)a bit disrespectful!!
    Anyway, one thing for sure…nxt fall TV will be BORING -sorry FOX, you just lost viewer….

  44. Scarlett says:

    This is SUCH sad news! Farewell to one of the best characters EVER – Dr. House. You’ll certainly be missed by this gal!

  45. Sarabi says:

    I hope this increases the chances for a Fringe renewal!

  46. Carmichael says:

    I don’t watch it but I have no problems with it. I respect Hugh Laurie as an actor and if I were going to watch a medical show, this would probably be it. I wish the cast and crew well in their future endeavors.

  47. AJ says:

    Lisa E needs to come back. [H]ouse lost its soul without her. As much as I like the current season, it’s not the same.

  48. maria says:

    While I am tremendously sad for the news,I celebrate the courage, intelligence and vision with which Katie, David and the GREAT Hugh have arrived to this decision. House is and will continue to be one of the greatest shows to have ever been on Television worldwide. Farewell House, and thank you Hugh, Lisa, Robert, Olivia, Jesse, Omar, Peter, Jennifer and all of those who played a part on the show, for having changed our lives one Monday night at a time!!!

  49. Diego says:

    Quiero que vuelva Cameron y no lloraría más.