Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Bones, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, SVU, NCIS, Fringe and More!

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Question: Any good Glee scoop!? —Nathan
Ausiello: It’s good if you enjoyed Ricky Martin’s guest appearance in tonight’s episode (and how could you not), because sources confirm to me exclusively that you will see his character, Dave Martinez, again — possibly as early as spring. Producers, who wisely left not just a window but a door open for the return of his Spanish teacher, have invited him back on a recurring (and potentially series regular) basis. Although Martin is about to debut on Broadway in Evita, a Glee insider tells me, “We hope to have him fly in and tape when he can. He loves the show and his character and wants to do it.”

Question: Can you give us anything on Kurt and Rachel’s admission (or lack thereof) to NYADA on Glee? —Gabi
Ausiello: I have no concrete intel, just speculation based on Ryan Murphy’s warning of sorts in Entertainment Weekly that Season 3 would end on a somewhat heartbreaking note. My guess is Rachel and Kurt will both be accepted to NYADA, and they will relocate to the Big Apple sans their significant others. That’s just a hunch.

Question: I’m dying for some Glee/Santana scoop. —Lindsay
Ausiello: There’s a great scene in tonight’s episode where Naya Rivera cuts into Will for his lack of enthusiasm/sensitivity as a Spanish teacher. There’s also a disturbingly riotous bit about Emma creating a pamphlet called “Taint Misbehavin” that Beiste uses to get her athletes to clean their “kibbles and bits.”

Question: Anything on 90210 — and I do mean anything? —Jackie
Ausiello: Silver’s going to be involved in another love triangle, this time with Navid and [Spoiler].

Question: You’ve really been slacking on the Fringe scoop lately, so, in honor of my birthday, wanna give a girl the best birthday present ever? —Shireen
Ausiello: Are Altlivia/Lincoln about to get benched? Fringe is looking for an actor in his late 30s and a twentysomething actress to play Fringe Division agents in the alt-universe. Curiously, the male agent is [SPOILER ALERT]; the female is not.

Question: I heard the first episode of the upcoming Castle two-parter (“Pandora”) ends on a cliffhanger. Got any clue if said cliffhanger has anything to do with a certain detective letting her secret out? —Ivy
Ausiello: Yes, there’s a cliffhanger. No, it has nothing to do with Kate telling Rick that she heard his confession of love.

Question: Would you be so kind and reveal the title of the 11th episode of Bones? —Amanda
Ausiello: It’s called “The Family and the Feud” and, per exec producer Stephen Nathan, “It’s our take on the Hatfields and the McCoys. And, of course, it spills over onto our people and their own families.” [FYI: This is the episode that marks the return of Ryan O’Neal as Brennan’s pa.] Bonus Bones scoop: Episode 12 is called “The Suit on the Set.”

Question: Any spoilers on the arrival of Sam’s mentally ill sister (played by The Good Wife‘s Anika Noni Rose) on Private Practice? —Yair
Ausiello: “It’s going to show you a side of Sam you’ve never seen,” KaDee Strickland told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich of the siblings’ reunion in Thursday’s episode, adding that “how it affects Addison, having this family member come back into Sam’s life, is going to be interesting.” Could this emotional gut-punch for Sam perhaps bring the estranged lovebirds back together? “I can tell you this: It’s not obvious what’s going to happen,” the actress teases. As for having Anika Noni Rose on board for several episodes, Strickland has this message for the Tony winner’s fans: “If you love her, oh honey, get ready. She is just going to blow your mind and break your heart.”

Question: We have less than a week until The Walking Dead returns. Can I get some scoop on the show to help tide me over until Sunday? —Kellie
Ausiello: In the wake of the barn massacre, all of Rick’s group — save for one person — gets the bum’s rush from Hershel; Dale shares with someone his theory that Shane sacrificed Otis; there’s a rather ridiculous major car crash, considering how deserted the roads are; and Michael Raymond James (Terriers) shows up as a shifty survivor from Philly who introduces us to a new nickname for the walkers.

Question: Please tell me something about Ivy’s return to Gossip Girl. —Victor
Ausiello: The little interloper is about to become a force to reckon with on the Upper East Side in a way that no one could’ve predicted.

Question: Will you marry me, Ausiello? We can watch Gossip Girl and hope for Dair together. In the meantime, what can you tell us about the Valentine’s episode? —Alice
Ausiello: Dan finally opens his heart in next week’s Valentine’s-themed episode, and Blair has a surprising reaction to his catharsis. Or not, if you’ve seen the photos floating around. Oh, and there’s a significant death coming up later in the season. (That’s what we journalists call “burying the lede.”) As for your proposal, my answer is… well, that’s one secret I’ll never tell.

Question: A first! I’m not watching one of the programs you gave the scoop on in last week’s Ask Ausiello! Does that make me a real Aushole? —Dave W.
Ausiello: Really? Which one aren’t you watching? (That’s what we journalists call “smart people humor.”)

Question: Do you have any scoop on NCIS and Tony’s backstory? —Melyssa
Ausiello: Sure do. Remember how show boss Gary Glasberg told TVLine that in the back half of this season, they’d shed more light on “the kid in Baltimore” who was mentioned in the season premiere and has some sort of tie to Tony? And some of you speculated(/hoped) that “the kid” wasn’t necessarily a youth, but was instead a nickname for a fellow cop? Well, when Michael Weatherly stopped by here the other day, he made it crystal clear that “the kid” is in fact a kid — or at least was, back at the time Tony was a cop.

Question: I know Arielle Kebbel is on 90210 now, but any chance she’ll return to Vampire Diaries? I miss Lexi. —Jenny
Ausiello: Kebbel’s up for it — really, really up for it. “I would love, love, love to have Lexi pop up again,” she tells TVLine. “I’m looking forward to the day when Lexi gets to take on Klaus, but I don’t know when that will be. I’m just determined to make that happen.”

Question: I got hooked on Spartacus: Blood and Sand last week on On Demand. I’m still withholding judgment on Liam McIntrye as the new lead, but any spoilers for Spartacus: Vengeance? —Courtney
Ausiello: The Tasmanian Devil is going to take possession of Mira’s (Katrina Law) body in Episode 4, giving rise to one of the most spectacular girl-on-boy(s) killing sprees I’ve ever seen. There are also some juicy Crixus/Lucretia scenes coming up, as well as an answer to this question: What does it look like when someone has their lower lip sliced off slowly by a sword?

Question: I really love Justified, but I am wondering what will happen with Winona and her pregnancy. I just have a hard time imagining Raylan with a baby on his lap in the future. Any scoop on that front? —Muriel
Ausiello: That story takes a surprising turn at the tail end of Episode 5 (airing Feb. 14) when Raylan comes home after a long day’s work and find something very spoilery waiting for him.

Question: Some Justified scoop, pretty please? —Bea
Ausiello: Also in Episode 5, Raylan does something to a woman he has never done before. Scoop on the identity of said woman can be found here.

Question: Congrats on your new web series Spoiler Alert! — I love it! I want to ask for a scoop on Desperate Housewives. —Raykov
Ausiello: It looks like Bree will be sporting an orange jumpsuit before the show fades to black in May. Sources confirm that the modern-day Sue Ellen will be arrested for murder — and at [SPOILER]’s funeral no less!

Question: The episode description for Thursday’s Secret Circle says Diana takes some “Devil’s Spirit” and loosens up around Lee. How loose are we talking? —Lynda
Ausiello: Pretty damn loose, according to her portrayer, Shelley Hennig. “It’s like giving a 21-year-old a drink for their first time,” she explains. “They’re going to react differently than someone who’s drank before. Diana’s really sensitive to the drug, and it really gets to her. She becomes quite a fun character.” Hennig admits she’s actually “petrified” to see the final cut because “I had no boundaries when I shot it. I’m not kidding. Between me and the director, there were no boundaries. They can’t show everything, but you’ll definitely see Diana pushing the limits, especially with Lee.”

Question: This week’s House was easily the best of the season, but I’m a little worried about the long-term fallout for Chase. Any scoop? —Jeremy
Ausiello: Let’s talk short-term fallout instead:  Monday’s episode picks up nearly a month later and a grudge-carrying Chase has yet to return to the scene of the crime (i.e. his job at Princeton-Plainsboro) nor has he accepted House’s apology. Oh, and he’s also got a new girlfriend. Press play below for more.

Question: Any Law & Order: SVU scoop? —Ashley
Ausiello: If you’re among the few who begrudge Mariska Hargitay her annual Emmy nomination, this Wednesday’s episode reinforces just how great she can be when given “A” material, as Olivia pulls out all the stops — even trading places with a hostage — to keep a disturbed teenage boy from being gunned down by a SWAT team. And while you may tune in for guest star Michael McKean (playing a handsy reality-TV casting boss), it’s Shameless‘ Cameron Monaghan who steals the hour as the aforementioned desperate lad.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Megan Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Chris says:

    So that Fringe scoop…what does that even mean? What is ‘G-man?’ LOL!

    • A says:

      G-man = government man or government employee (i.e. Fed). There was no so-called spoiler, just the information that one exists.

    • Trenton says:

      Well unless things have changed in the altverse b/c of the Machines Reboot…Ausiello made a mistake b/c their FBI was disbanded as Broyles told Olivia when he figured out she got her memories back. So no G men over there.

    • joseph14 says:

      Ian Gallagher on SVU tonight!

  2. Chris says:

    Way to ruin the Serena and Blair friendship if it really goes in that direction. Blair would never hurt Serena like that, especially for Dan. This is ridiculous and OOC and one last ridiculous direction instead of writing decent in character stories.
    And Glee is just so blah at the moment

    • AB says:

      GET OVER IT.
      Serena can give her blessing like Blair gave her blessing to Nate dating Serena or like Serena gave her blessing to Dan dating Vanessa and Nate gave his blessing to Chuck dating Blair.
      Get my point?

      • lol says:

        I never see Serena approving of Dair (good taste tbh) and even if she does they are doomed. Oh you remember Dan dated Vanessa? He kept pushing her about dating and look it ruined their friendship. I call Dair being the new Danessa.

        • aww says:

          Go back to your self-insert fics with Ed, bb.

        • ngaire says:

          @lol I don’t see it either, but most of all I can’t see blair choosing donut over S, It also cracks me up when people say tit for tat S slept with nate so B can sleep with donut WTF why would people wan’t blair to do this do they really want dair so much that they are willing to have blair sell out serena to get it, I’m a CHAIR fan and I don’t even have to add chuck to this because blairs love for serena will eclipse her feelings for dan any day.

    • More like... says:

      Way to ruin Blair as a human being. She practically ruined her life because she realized she was in love with Chuck. She made a stupid pact with god to keep Chuck alive as long as she married Louis, are you really telling me that Blair is just going to eff everything up for Dan Humphrey? I really miss the real Blair Waldorf. Like really, heart breakingly miss when Blair was the kind of character you could root for! I have no problem with Dan and Blair hooking up (although I know she would make him cut his fugly muppet hair before being seen in public with him) BUT the way they are going about this hook up is so beyond ridiculous and a real character assassination of Blair. I just can’t believe that after everythin Blair went through, all the times she’s said she loves and wants to be with Chuck this year, all the deals she made to keep Chuck alive, that she would just not only walk out on her (albeit ruined) marriage and not go to Chuck. Terrible writing this year and last.

      • Trenton says:

        I never get how just b/c someone changes or does things that normally in the past they wouldn’t do you regard that as “ruining” her. Religion has kinda always been an aspect of who she was right (She went to Church after sleeping w/ Chuck) ? I think they are just making her grow as a person a bit. The way she is w/ Serena is how a person usually treats everyone…and its not even like they are taking her that far. She for a long time has had a friendship w/ Dan…and maybe that is all it would ever be, although I suspect she is written to be dismissive of her feelings if they are there b/c of Serena. But her choosing to spend the year w/ Louis rather than have Chuck buy her is I think the most grown up thing and earnest thing she has ever done. She was right about being equal w/ Chuck or it couldn’t work…it be like this thing hanging over her head that she should feel grateful to him or something he would bring up if they fought…. you are right she isn’t acting like the teenager she was year 1 or year 3…but is that character assassination or character growth.

      • Mel says:

        BS on you knowing who the real Blair Waldorf is. THIS is the assassination of Blair but letting a man abuse her and sell her sex to Chucks uncle is not assassination? Real Blair Waldorf doesnt turn tricks and becomes a whore for ANY many. Chuck sleeps with all of Brooklyn but Blair dates a man who doesnt abuse her or is her pimp and she’s assassinated. No hunny, Blair was assasinated when she got with Chuck. Theres nothing even there to love he’s a douchbag & she knows it or shed be with the douche right now.

    • Brenda says:

      Serena slept with Blair’s boyfriend when Blair was dating & in love with him. Blair can do whoever she wants.

    • UJ says:

      Not being a girl, I never understood why they kept being friends after so short periods of epically betraying each other that they get back together. In that respects, Nate is a better friend to all as he has only ever tried to the right thing (even being pressured by the Captain in season 1 to still date Blair). I suppose it made more sense for guys to punch each other out and the form of apology to come in some form of grunts and head nodding.

  3. Star says:

    Awww Dair!!! I love everything we have gotten lately, waiting for the shoe to drop tbh, but until then Dair heaven is where I reside.
    Loving the final season of DH as well,can’t wait to see how that ends!

  4. Natasha says:

    DAIR FTW. It’s about time we got some good news for them, and those pictures of them at the MET are beyond adorable.

  5. Toni says:

    So is it Shane from The Walking Dead who gets offed or Daniel from Revenge?

  6. Phil says:

    Enough with Kebbel please! Her character in TVD is gone and is screwing 90210 already screwed up story! Klaus would totally vanish that little ghost bitch just snapping his fingers… Plus, Silver and Navid again? WTF

  7. Troll Hard says:

    Glee. Glee. Glee. Glee. Glee. If only there were other shows on TV to talk about…

  8. Erin says:

    I’m so glad Dan is finally telling Blair how he feels. It’s about time :)

  9. AB says:

    I bet Dan will LOVE the kiss and kiss him back, but try to push her feelings aside for Serena’s sake.

  10. Judith says:

    I don’t like the reliability of your GG scoop ;) I’m pretty sure Blair said just this week that Dan is her friend (which she uses to get herself out of a jam, the writers even voiced it). This coming ep she is setting up Dan with her BEST FRIEND Serena. I don’t really think there is anything coming up for DB apart from a scheme to get her out of a marriage or maybe it is Dan’s dream. Seriously you can see from the outfit Blair is wearing in the photo, that this is no normal outing.

    • AB says:

      An Oscar de la Renta gown? Yeah, what she wore with Chuck at the train station scene? ;) ;) ;)

    • Natasha says:

      Awww, your denial is so cute bb. And if it were a dream why would Dan being wearing his usual plaid, Blair wouldn’t dream about him in that you know.

      • GHJG says:

        Can the both of you stop? Judith doesn’t know and is just speculating, and Natasha is mocking her like a 5yr old, and acting like their opinion is fact. NO ONE here knows what is behind the kiss, or what the back story is, so cool it.

    • Brenda says:

      So cute the capitalizing best friend. They were best friends when Serena was doing Nate?

  11. Jenn says:

    Waiting for Blair Waldorf to return and dair to crash and burn like every other “couple” on GG. Poor Serena, getting treated like sh*t by her ex and “best friend”.

    • AB says:

      Blair hasn’t done anything wrong to Serena at this point. And we know from episode descriptions that she’s going to try to set up DS and convince Serena that nothing is going on with her and Dan.
      Also, Serena slept with Nate, lol.
      I love all you hardcore Serena/Blair “supporters,” though. Convenient, huh?

      • Jenn says:

        What are you talking about? Blair and Serena’s friendship has been the core of GG since the very beginning. The producers (Safran) has said it himself. Are you going to reply to every comment that doesn’t support your’s now?

        • S me says:

          I’ll reply instead until you explain why Serena sleeping with Nate while Blair was his girlfriend was ok and why Serena moving her ex teacher/boyfriend into Dan’s loft was ok and why her playing around with Dan and Nate for months on end driving them both nuts was ok.
          You feel bad for Serena?
          Take your shipper goggles off and look at the real story dear.

          • AB says:

            Thank you.
            Plus, it’s completely hypocritical for a Chair fan to be against this idea, considering that’s how Chair was built (a guy sleeping with his best friend’s girl). LOL.

          • Ari says:

            I have never been that fond of Serena for the very reasons you mentioned but this isn’t about Serena. At least not directly about Serena. This is a Blair issue. Blair would never intentionally betray Serena the way that Serena has done to her. Blair actually values their friendship. However, judging by the way Blair has been written this season, I have no doubt this new incarnation of Blair Waldorf would do it. Personally, I’m hoping for a Supernatural style demon possession storyline to explain why Blair has been such a tool this year.

          • Jenn says:

            I’m pretty sure I never said it was OK for Serena to do what she did. So since Serena did it, Blair should to? I thought Blair valued her friendship with Serena more. If you want Blair to lower herself more to Serena’s level, then wow.

  12. Liz says:

    Dair shippers are currently very happy with the next episodes!!
    Btw pretty sure Louis is going to die! I’m just saying that would make perfect senses.

  13. Allie says:

    Can’t believe Blair would do that to Serena, but since she’s kind of the worst now… guess she and Dan might as well go off and be terrible together. Leave the other characters to do something interesting at least.

    • AB says:

      Do what?
      Calm down. Serena effed Blair’s actual boyfriend and she forgave her. Stop pretending to care about Serena, btw.

    • DJ Doena says:

      Dan and Serena have been exes for years. When was the last time they actually were a couple?
      Of course it would hurt Serena, if Dair were to happen, but if Dan doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, should he and Blair stay apart just to not hurt Serena’s feelings?
      What about their feelings?

  14. Mel says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop. Intrigued by this kid from Baltimore, and can’t wait to find out more.

  15. Tay says:

    Why is Ricky Martin going back Glee? Isn’t one time bad enough? Can’t he do some other show that’s better than the most crappiest show on earth?

    • Russ says:

      Once was definitely bad enough, I’m not a Ricky Martin fan at all and am disappointed in Ryan Murphy stating no special guest stars and now Martin is going to be coming back.

  16. Allie says:

    Why would she try to convince Serena nothing was happening if something was happening though? Either she lies to Serena or this spoiler is misleading.

  17. mimi says:

    Significant death on Gossip Girl? Like Blair’s F*CKING CHILD?!? You know, ships aside, I’m kinda REALLY pissed how they skimmed over Blair’s unborn child. I would love a break from the Dan and Chuck sh*t, and would love a scene with just Blair and her going to the babies grave, or freaking something to give us how she feels.

  18. Allie says:

    Hurt her best friend like that? Because she knows it would. And some of us actually care about the characters on the show besides the two we want to bone each other, so…

    • AB says:

      LOL, be serious, though. If she was boning Chuck right now, you’d be stoked.
      I care about Blair, hence I’d never want her with Chuck. I don’t see how anyone who cares about Blair would ever want her back with him.
      You keep forgetting that SB will fight but get over it. Serena cares more about attention and being the “it” girl than being with Dan. She’ll rebound and get over it with Nate, Carter, Tripp, Ben, Colin, a mannequin, etc.

      • lou says:

        You’re obviously a dair shipper, who thinks that just because a person likes Chuck and Blair, that they don’t care about Blair (even though she says she only loves and is only happy with Chuck) and that they MUST be a child, immature, and know NOTHING about love. If you’re going to immaturely reply and blindly base your assumptions on a group of people, then what’s the point of discussing it? Why can’t you just ship who you ship and ignore the comments that support Chuck and Blair? It’s not that hard.

        • aww says:

          Bless. It’s true, I should strive to be more like Chair shippers – mature, totally non-petty, completely grounded in reality, opposed to cheating, and not at all enraged or deluded by a TV show.

          • lou says:

            I’m glad you think chair shippers are the ways you described, but in my reality chair and dair shippers are one in the same. They both have their moments, but on this website, dair shippers seem to go out of their way to reply to comments pertaining to Chuck and Blair. It’s my opinion and observation, but that’s nice of you to say! :D

          • P says:

            Ladies… ladies.. we’re all pretty here.

  19. Gi says:

    OMG DAIR IS KISSING!! I can’t wait!!

  20. Kate says:

    Your Rachel and Kurt predictions are my hopes, no matter how much the show wants to keep the actors they cant ruin the characters to do so! I am another Dair (Very new before last season was a Chair) fan who is liking what were getting so far but it just feels like the writers are scared to go there, they keep edging it and then pulling away, I know they do get twitter attacked by some (not all i know) Chair fans but surely that wouldn’t ruin their creative writing! I need more adult gossip with the secret circle those adults are sooo intriguing! Hope the kid isnt Tony’s and its just some teen he helped turn their life around or something like that!

  21. maria. says:

    I don’t know why I still read your “spoilers” Ausiello. This is pointless because you only spoil the Dair fans…but thanks.

  22. NIck says:

    Ausiello! Please answer my question! On Supernatural, what gives with the whole Demon Blood/Sam thing never being mentioned anymore? It was a big part of the show then kinda just died after Kripke left. Will we ever see that story line come back? It would be sweet to see Sam use his powers against the Leviathans!

    • Trenton says:

      As they aren’t demons and how Crowley seemed scared of them…I doubt they would work. And I seem to recall that after the Devil was raised there was something about Supernatural Methadone being mentioned…he no longer craved it…idk…more likely the Devil will get out of his cage and take care of the things.

    • Marz says:

      I can’t vouch for its certainty, but I always thought that once Yellow Eyes was killed, since that’s where Sam’s powers came from he could only use them if he ingested demon blood again (which I think we all agree is bad).

  23. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Thank you for the Bones, NCIS, and Fringe scoop! I can’t wait!
    Say, any idea when Bones is coming back? I’m REALLY missing that show. Can we expect a March return, or an April one? (Here’s hoping for the former!)

    • Jillian says:

      I’m guessing March…or maybe the first week in April. They can’t wait to comeback too long in April because people would already be attached to other shows and it will be finale season for all the other shows, so it would be really hard to get people to watch in late April.

    • Jillian says:

      I’m guessing March…or the first week in April. They can’t wait to comeback to late in April, because then people will probably be attached to other shows and it will be finale season for all the other shows, so it would be really hard to get people to watch.

    • Christina says:

      I’d like to know Bones’s return date as well! Everything else is secondary at the moment.

  24. Andrew says:

    That bit about Ricky Martin possibly being a series regular confirms a theory I’ve been nursing all season long…that Matthew Morrison is on his way out. Will’s been barely present all year long, and part of revamping the show next year could involve a new glee coach too. He’s probably not the one dying, but I could see the show writing out Will and Emma into wedded bliss…

  25. Sarah says:

    I’m guessing the Gossip Girl “significant death” relates to this blind item from December http://www.tvline.com/2011/12/blind-item-drama-series-kills-lead/ pretty sure it was later revealed somewhere that the character in question is male too…I might be wrong on that though. If it is Chuck I will cry.

    • DB says:

      the “significant” death is obviously Louis.

    • bee says:

      first off i think that blind item refer’s to grey’s anatomy. i think they’re killing of derek…
      Anyway, my guess for GG is either Cece, Chuck or Dan. Most likely it’s Cece, there were prior spoilers that suggest so. It could also be dan because there were rumors before that penn’s leaving the show, or maybe Chuck – maybe he got together again with Blair but then since fate doesn’t want them to be together, they crashed again – third strike he’s out ;p just kidding

      • Marie says:

        Where do you get your intel ?
        It was said many times that they weren’t gonna kill of Derek and Penn is contracted til the end of season 6…

  26. jbkr73 says:

    So…Raylan finds something ‘really spoilery’??? Like…WHAT???

    • MJ says:

      Maybe he finds out the sex of the baby? I don’t know how advanced Winona’s pregnancy is though.
      I read an interview with Graham Yost and he said they weren’t gonna put the baby or Winona in any danger, so no fear of something like that happening.

      • Dee says:

        In episode 2 she was only six weeks and I doubt too much time has passed so they wouldn’t know the sex for a while. I’d be suprised if we see Palmolive or Jiffy Pop this season anyway.
        Maybe he finds that she’s up and left.

        • M says:

          While I have watched every episode of Justified, since rumors have been swirling about a twist to the pregnancy I have been wondering if maybe the baby isn’t Raylan’s but perhaps her insipid wimpy realtor ex-husbands. I am trying to get the timeline of Raylan and Winona’s relationship to find out if this is even possible. What do you think?

          • Dee says:

            I haven’t heard about any twist in the pregnancy. The only thing I do know is that Yost says that nothing bad is going to happen to Winona or the baby.
            And it’s not Gary’s. As I said she was 6 weeks in episode 2 and that was 4 weeks after Raylan got shot which was also the day she told him she was pregnant. Making her only about 2 weeks at the time. That would have meant that that the last couple episodes of season 1 and all of season 2 would have had taken place in a 3 weeks timeframe. If that much time. Plus, I doubt she saw Gary up until he showed up at the elevator last season.

  27. Andy says:

    I’m so looking forward to next week’s House. I’m glad the writers finally woke up and decided to put Chase in the spotlight for a change.

    • Tina2429 says:

      Yes, finally! Now, am wondering what are they gonna include Wilson in more! We only see bits and pieces of him. How about Wilson’s and House’s friendship? Just a thought! the series is supposed to be like Sherlock Holmes and Robin! Loved this episode!

      • Detti says:

        I don’t think Wilson will get more screentime and friendship-story with House because RSL is back on stage, so he has only one or two scenes per episode. I like Wilson and also what the writers did to his character in the past 7 seasons but it’s time for Chase now. Btw I’m glad we’re gonna get more Chase in the next episodes, too. :)

        • @detti says:

          You are wrong informed.It is true that Rsl was part of a broadway-play last summer but the Play ended in last May. He has every time in the world to shoot House. The only roadblock is his contract. He is only signed & paid for 18 episodes instead of 22. I reckon that`s the reason why he wasn`t in this weeks House episode and very likely not in next weeks episode.
          I agree with the poster above, though i enjoy this Chase arc on House. I wish the writers would finally give RSL/Wilson a decent and interesting story arc too. His talent is really wasted in the last seasons on House and WIlson serves most of the time as a plotdevice or the adorkable clown. It is about time for some meat!!

  28. PrincessJ says:

    If Chuck is Gossip Girl’s “significant death” I can guarantee tears from my eyes. I cried when he finally told Blair he loves her. I love their dysfunctional love.

  29. K. says:


  30. loneD76 says:

    9O21O – triangles for season 4?
    Silver-Navid-female POLICE officer
    so whos next?
    Naomi-Jen-another hot random guy?
    Naomi-Annie-another hot random guy?
    Looks like this season is just about NEW relationships/triangles.

  31. Ma says:

    In real life, Dan and Blair is the only couple that really makes sense. They are adorable together. Just went back to see the show for them. I love Dair.

    • Pa says:

      In real life?
      1. This is NOT real life.
      2. In “real life” there are ALL different kinds of couples, and many forms of love. For you to say what you said is ignorant. Ignoring ships completely before dair shippers yell.

  32. ck says:

    I’m still reeling from last night’s episode of House, and I can’t wait for the next one. Chase is going through such a hard time and it will be interesting to see how it will affect him and his relationship with House.

  33. Danny says:

    Mariska Hargitay’s performance in the season premiere of “SVU” is far superior than any acting you see on “The Killing” or “Mad Men” (and I love Elisabeth Moss!). Just sayin’ …

  34. s says:

    seriously! i Cannot see blair and dan together. It is obvious that she is still in love with chuck (the 100th episode!!!) and that they are clearly endgame. She has also told Dan multiple times that they are just friends(personally I enjoy their friendship). So i don’t understand why people think that blair and dan will become romantically involved.
    just my two cents

  35. Lily says:

    Concerning the Dan and Blair pitcture: Guys, if the crown, fluffy pink princess dress, and broad daylight of that picture arent enough proof that the scene is just dan’s fantasy, I dont know what is. No way that actually happenes so soon, Balir is not only married right now, but also in love with chuck, so no reason to get all upset.

  36. oyayi says:

    im a big dair fan but we all know dan sent the vid (hope its not true) its a rocky road ahead of them

  37. Chuck and Blair says:

    OMG All Ban fans are crazy and … i can’t find a word to call them that they deserve it.. Blair Waldorf will never love Humphrey because Chuck and Blair’s Love never dies…it will last forever.just look at Promo when the elevator is opened and she sees Chuck.. C&B All the way and forever . Save The Heart of #GG save Chuck and Blair …

  38. Chuck and Blair says:

    And don’t forget Love does not just disappear…. Face it… Reunite Chuck and Blair…

  39. Mari says:

    OMG That’s it? I want to know more about Castle’s 2 parter.

  40. Kenny says:

    No idea why people Hate on Mariska’s Emmy nods, she is one of TV’s most beloved & Well played cops on any network, her acting out shines most of TV’s leading Women. Given the excellent writing this season…expect yet another nomination, Danny Pino might be in for a supporting actor nod as well

    • Danielle H. says:

      Lol.. really? Mariska is the only one that’s still entertaining on there. Pino isn’t horrific, but he’s not worth an Emmy. I’ve given this season a chance, but every episode I wonder: is this my last?
      They need to walk this one out to pasture.

  41. Danielle H. says:

    Lexi can’t really come back on TVD. I was shocked to see her this season as it is. I am mad that they killed her in one episode, she was a really cool character, and one I think the show could have used.
    Anyway.. When the HECK is Katherine coming back? I crave her insanity.

    • Ashlee says:

      That’s what I was thinking. How could Lexi really come back and battle Klaus? She’s dead… I know Vicki died and came back kinda, but they wouldn’t do that twice. I don’t see Lexi coming back, although I did like her character and wish they would have used her more….

  42. Taka K says:

    So what’s the deal with Shane on The Walking Dead? Is he a goner by season’s end?

  43. Laura says:


  44. Jill says:

    Ew! I had to cover the picture of ick just to be able to read some of the spoilers.
    I’m sorry but the Blair Waldorf I know and love would not love Chuck one minute, be married to Louis and then go off and kiss Dan Humphrey. She’s obviously not in her right mind, but some words she shared with Chuck last night show that she’s starting to come back a little bit.
    Plus the words she and Chuck shared this week show that she loves Chuck. And she obviously wants to help her friend Serena, and she was mad at Dan for lying to Serena and not telling Serena where they were. They are writing it showing that Blair does not want to upset her friendship with Serena. I could care less what Serena did or did not do in the past; this is the present.
    If Dan really had any balls, he would have completely left last night after he completely told Blair off about how she treats him. It’s Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey! Are you really that surprised she’s treated you that way?!?! I could care less she apologized; if I were him, I wouldn’t have stuck around. She’s treated you like crap; and I can’t really see it changing, especially, since she loves Chuck.
    Blair and Dan should be just frenemies, nothing more and nothing less; that’s what I found entertaining from the first couple of seasons.

  45. Sue says:

    At this point does anyone still care about Beckett and Castle getting together? It was so long ago he told her he loved her. IMO, there ‘s no chemistry, no sexual tension, no longing glances. How long can they keep them apart and think the audience will still hope they get together?

    • Kate says:

      How long can they keep them apart and still find any sexual tension between them? This is the season to fish or to see the audience cut bait.

    • Jillian says:

      I agree. To me…it just seems like they are doing the samething over and over again. Castle and Beckett are in love with each other, but they can’t be together because of her problems and her mom dying. There is always something keeping them apart. That’s just not entertaining to me. They should just stop the barrier crap and just have them continue to grow and fall in love with each other.

    • Rachael says:

      Yeah and I definitely think they are making it worse this season in the fact that they seem to have practically cut off any flirty behavior COMPLETELY. In season 3 Castle and Beckett were sooooooooo flirty and so much sexual tension, and now all of a sudden this season they have rewound it back to barely anything at ALL.
      I don’t think it’s a great idea for Marlowe and team to take this approach and not deal with it for the ENTIRE season (if not more – I’m now starting to doubt whether ANYTHING will happen between them this season) … because I really am afraid they’ll start losing viewers. :-\ Personally, I’m pretty patient and I will wait and see at least through this season (and probably into next knowing me), but there are a LOT of people out there who are a lot more fickle when it comes to their t.v. shows.
      They’ve got a lot of competition on Mondays now with Smash also airing at 10pm, so they’re gonna have to get their bums in gear this season to compete!!

  46. Ella says:

    That Dair picture just made my brain implode. SO MUCH WIN.

  47. Kate says:

    I’m glad the House producers finally figured out that Chase is the most interesting character along with Wilson. Too bad it too them 8 years of endless Foreman, Thirteen and Huddy mess to do it.
    ENOUGH with the Tony episodes on NCIS already. I didn’t mind the character before but now I’m sick to death of him. There’s more to NCIS than Gibbs and Tony. Let’s have some Abby, Ducky, McGee and Ziva stories for a change.
    I’m iffy about the Castle two-parter. Love the characters but the last two parter promised Castle/Beckett and didn’t deliver. I dread yet another episode of ‘Beckett gets jealous over Castle and another woman’. It’s long past time to move that couple along.

    • Svenja says:

      Sadly I sorta have to agree. I love Tony to death. HE’s amazing, but the focus on him is too heavy this season. I love Tony-eps and focus, but I feel like McGee, Abby and Ducky are being neglected

    • kim says:

      I totally agree regarding Chase on House. Other than House himself, I think Chase is the most interesting character on the show and Jesse plays the character so well. I loved that scene in “Nobody’s Fault” where he is interviewed by Cofield and then he discovers something (I won’t say because it’s a spoiler) about his condition. His eyes conveyed all the emotion beautifully. It’s a pity that the producers seemed clueless about how popular Chase is and force fed us Masters etc. last season.

    • Blix says:

      We had TWO WHOLE SEASONS of Ziva-centric stories… wasn’t that enough?! Good grief, no more Ziva-centric episdoes. We had two whole seasons where Tony served NO point… it’s about time someone on that show made it up to him for turning him into a moron for 2 years… and Abby, Ziva, and McGee *have* had stories and plots this season. I am tired of “Gibbs is the center of the universe” stories, myself, but, he *is* the main character, what do you expect?

  48. chani says:

    I love Dair, I think they have great chemistry. That said I’m pretty sure that Chair is end game, which really pisses me off. So I enjoy my Dair moments the way one enjoys ice cream with the knowledge that it will be over soon. Leighton and Penn have such great chemistry though its been a pleasure watching them together(bad writing and all). They should do a movie or something together

    • Lana says:

      I completely agree. Leighton and Penn have incredible chemistry. I hope they work together again in the future on another project.
      The GG cast are usually pretty honest with how they feel about things on set. Leighton and Ed both gave interviews around the same time when they both expressed their interest in moving on from the show and not long after I’m pretty sure the majority of the remainder of the cast, said the same. The show’s been on for years now, each of the cast have recently expressed how grateful they are for what the show has done in terms of launching their careers but how they’re eager to close this chapter of their lives. So when Leighton and Penn both revealed how much they enjoy working together and exploring the Dan and Blair relationship, I know they’re telling the truth since they have no reason to lie. (It’s a not a new show they’re promoting, it’s a project they’ve claimed they want to finish up with).
      It’s a safe bet Chair will be endgame but I couldn’t care less. I’ve been rooting for Dair since season 1 so to finally see something (anything) happen is enough to appease me. I’m so relived that Dair is actually happening now that they’re adults, so much more interesting to watch than a couple of teenagers who get a thrill from screwing each other around.
      In short, I just love Dan and Blair. The only relationship I’ve been able to invest in the whole time I’ve been a viewer. Seriously, I’ve shipped these two and no other pairing on the show since 2008.

  49. Jillian says:

    I can’t wait for Max to comeback on Bones!!

  50. P says:

    I don’t understand why a lot of GG fans throw around the word “endgame” I thought it was pretty obvious at this point that the writers are flying by the seat of their pants.