90210's Arielle Kebbel Reveals Vanessa's Next Target (Adrianna!) and Plans for Liam (Stardom!)

Arielle Kebbel 90210 InterviewIf The CW was going to have a poster child, hands down, Arielle Kebbel would have to be it. Not only is she an alumna of The Vampire Diaries (as Lexi) and Life Unexpected (as Paige) and even Gilmore Girls (as Dean’s wife, Lindsay!), she’s now got herself a juicy new role on 90210. And, she tells TVLine, there’s much, much more than meets the eye to her latest character, Vanessa.

TVLINE | I think we like Vanessa at this point, but this is 90210, so I have to imagine that the other shoe is about to drop.
Of course! [Laughs] I like her, too. The fun thing about Vanessa is that you never know what she’s going to do next. Vanessa doesn’t really ever talk about her past. She did share a little bit about it with Liam to make him understand her more, but aside from that, she’s focused on the future. She’s focused on helping Liam get to where he wants to be in his career and keeping him as her boyfriend.

TVLINE | So, things are good between the two? He’s not at all suspicious of Vanessa?
Things are great between them. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Be honest, don’t you find it a little funny that Liam forgave her so quickly for running him down with her car and lying to him about it for months?!
[Laughs] I think that he’s mesmerized by her.

TVLINE | We’ve already had a taste of how Vanessa’s ambition can rub Liam’s friends the wrong way. Will she continue to butt heads with the gang?
Vanessa’s a go-getter and a fighter, that’s clear. She has a vision for Liam, and she’ll stop at nothing until she makes that vision come true. [She’s that way] with everything in her life, [but most significantly] supporting Liam and his career and taking their relationship to the next level. She feels like these other girls are threatened by her, so it doesn’t surprise her that they’re coming after her. But she’s not going to let them deter her from what she knows is possible.

TVLINE | She and Annie went at it early on. Is it safe to say that that tension’s now in the past?
I think the Annie/Vanessa conflict has calmed down for a bit. The next wave of heat will come between Adrianna and Vanessa… She’s making the rounds!

TVLINE | Ooh, do tell!
Well, Adrianna becomes suspicious of Vanessa, because she sees how hard she’s working to make Liam a star. Of course, when Vanessa gets wind of that, she may or may not go out of her way to sabotage a meeting or two with certain music producers for the former singer. [Laughs] But listen, it was really Ade trying to sabotage them first, so Vanessa’s justified…

TVLINE | Naomi and Vanessa seemed to bond a bit last week. Are they OK for the time being?
They’re not friends by any means, but there’s a mutual respect there. They are both smart, business-savvy women who enjoy a good party. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Given that Vanessa’s past is such a question mark, might we start to learn more about her in upcoming episodes?
I would hope so. It would definitely help explain who she is, where she’s coming from and why she has so much to prove.

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  1. stevie says:

    i don’t care about 90210, but bring back lexi!

    • Julie says:

      I’m loving all the Lexi shout-outs in these comments. I feel like I should think of her as Lindsay because I saw her in Gilmore Girls first, but I can’t help but think of her as Lexi.

  2. Mare says:

    I really Like her, she is what I wanted Naomi to be! She doesn’t have to anything to anybody, accept me or beat it! Could really imagine her to become a series regular!
    this gang needs someone who is a bitch and doesn’t mind it, a Tiffani Thiessen/Valerie from the originals/ type ambitions and nothing more, kick them into the ba**s!

  3. Ramanda says:

    She was great as Lexi!!!

  4. sarah says:

    I am not loving her character but I do not think we are supposed too. I think that if Ade starts to question her Liam my get serious about it and think that if more than just Annie are concerned that there is a reason

    • Captain says:

      Agreed. I hate her and honestly, that’s a feat cause I love Arielle Kebbel. I’m so sick of them trying to keep Annie and Liam apart.

  5. april-ann says:

    How is it possible that Liam just keeps getting even more stupid?

  6. Captain says:

    Poster child? I love Arielle but her arcs on CW shows haven’t been nearly substantial enough to warrant that title. The CW reuses actors all the time and if they have a “poster child” it’s someone like Katie Cassidy who’s had developed and interesting arcs on Melrose Place, Supernatural and Gossip Girl. Just saying, it’s a poor lead.

  7. Beth Ann says:

    I really like Arielle Kebbel and am glad to see her on 90210 but I loved her on The Vampire Diaries as Lexi! Liam has become such a wimp that whatever trouble Vanessa causes for him, he deserves.

  8. Sarah says:

    Liam has definitely gotten dumber throughout the seasons but he was never a “badboy” lmao. They always try too hard to make him seem like one & with a combination of poor writing & bad acting on Matt Lanter’s part, it’s never convincing. Especially now,for the past three seasons he’s really just been a whiny, immature, idiotic brat with a motorcycle. I kinda like Vanessa tho.

  9. Bad Breaker says:

    I dont’ watch 90210 so will someone help me out? Who is that gorgeous actor in the above pic?

  10. sasha says:

    I hate Vanessa. Can they just put Liam and Annie back together.

  11. Ella says:

    Don’t love her, don’t hate her, but she is certainly better than the irritating and whiny Annie. Best bet for Liam is Naomi in my opinion – nobody had chemistry on the show like those two did and you can from the behind-the-scenes shots that they miss working together.

  12. Nuraan says:

    Agreed!! Liam seems to be getting even more stupid as the season progresses!! Look how quickly and easily he forgave her…I mean..She RAN U over and lied to u about it! I don’t like Vanessa at all I just want Liam and Annie together…