NBC's Smash: Your Guide to Who's Who (Including a Few Scoopy 'Notes')

NBC’s Smash — as you maybe just maybe have heard — makes its premiere this Monday at 10/9c, leading out of The Voice. And while some may have caught the first episode on iTunes or elsewhere, for the rest of you TVLine has put together this guide to the show’s major characters. (As a bonus, and to head off at the pass the inevitable outcry for spoilers, we’ve included a scoopy tease for each player.)
What’s more, you can read our review of Smash as well as get answers to 10 Burning Questions about the much-anticipated musical drama.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I watched the pilot and I thought it was very good. Awesome in fact. Katherine McPhee’s character is kind of irritating me already, but I love Megan Hilty and the rest of the cast and it looks amazing.
    And the music!! I’m already hooked on that baseball song.
    Hopefully this will be a good replacement in my heart for the walking crapfest that Glee has become.

    • Kiki says:

      Funny – I thought just the opposite. I found Megan Hilty, and her character, completely unlikeable. In an otherwise strong pilot, she was the weak link. The rest of the cast rocks though, and I’m excited to see how the season unfolds.

      • tarc says:

        I kind of see what you mean about Hilty’s character, but I don’t think she’s unlikable, but just so off-puttingly desperate. Hilty is clearly amazing, and it’s not exactly fair to judge after one episode, but, yeah, the writing made it easier to root for McPhee’s character despite Hilty’s stunning vocals.

      • Lime says:

        I totally agree! It’s funny, I honestly thought I’d go into it and hate Karen and love Ivy (based on my love for Broadway babies and disdain for the McPhee), but my final opinion was completely the opposite! Ivy is just so desperate and grasping, and I hated her “look.” Someone else in the comments said they though she looked like a drag-queen version of Marilyn, and I agree.
        I won’t be watching the pilot tonight (bc I’ve seen it three times on iTunes!) but you can bet I’ll be tuning in in the future!

  2. I’ve been a fan of Ms. McPhee since her AI audition and I love that she’s finally getting the chance she deserves. The pilot was great and it looks like even better is to come. Am really looking forward to the second episode, airing next week.

    • charlie says:

      I am a huge fan of katherine mcphee as well. I watched the pilot in a theater and on my laptop and I loved the show. OMG Some of the other preview material showing Katherine singing in a Cage like bed on stage wrapped in a sexy towel Is totally tantalizing!!!! Kat is SMASHingly Talented, SMASHingly sexy, SMASHingly Beautiful, SMASHingly everything that a man could desire. I hope that this show will be a vehicle to stardom for her. She deserves it and this show deserves to be a huge SMASH!!!!!

  3. Cameron says:

    I bet Ivy is pregnant.

  4. I.C. says:

    Wait, Ellis has a GIRLfriend??? He seemed pretty gay to me.

  5. Sam says:

    Fabulous cast. Love the pilot. I really hope that this show succeeds.
    Thank you for this little intro and sneak peak.

  6. Tay says:

    Isn’t Tom gay? Because if he is that’s the dumb part of it.

  7. Caro says:

    I watched the first episode and I think it’s great! I really like the show. Great music, they all can sing very well and the characters are interesting. I’m on Team Karen by the way. I’m happy this show is on tv.

  8. Drew says:

    Watched the pilot. Overall, it looks promising, though there were weak spots. It didn’t seem like a joke really, but you had Messing’s character telling her husband that Marilyn didn’t want people making a joke out of her in one scene, and in another we see that she’s written a song where Marilyn is essentially banging an entire baseball team at once. If it was meant as a joke, I don’t think they landed the punchline. If it wasn’t meant as a joke… yeesh.
    A couple of the actors had a tendency to perform for the back row, so to speak. Meaning, they were playing small moments too big. It’s common enough when stage actors move to film or TV, but they need to tone it down in the future.
    I was not a fan of Ivy. I think that she looked like a drag queen Marilyn impersonator at times and I don’t think that she brought as much to he performance as Karen. If they want it to be a real competition between the two, they should have them on equal footing… whether she can sing or not, an actress is useless if they can’t bring humanity to a character. I get that this might be her arc, but it didn’t help me understand why she’s even in the running for the part after the first episode. (aside from being friends with the producers)
    Overall, it was worth watching and it looks interesting. I just think that there are some spots which could use some tightening up.

  9. Raphael Furay says:

    Show too gay, tries to shove lifestyle down our throats as only outlet to creativity. A big mistake and probably will end in cancellation by the family sets boycott. A big failure for Spielberg and company.

  10. l says:

    Loved the pilot. Especially Derek, Jack Davenport looks hot!! Katharine McPhee is a great singer.