Supernatural's Jared Padalecki on the Loss of Cas & Bobby, Sam's Crumbling State, Season 8 Plans

If you think you have it bad, check out Supernatural where the poor Winchesters just can’t catch a break. In tonight’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), Dean gets promiscuous with the wrong person, leaving Sam to try to save his brother’s life. And there’s even more trouble ahead, star Jared Padalecki tells TVLine, including the return of the younger Winchester’s hallucination problem, the emergence of a hellbent-on-revenge Dean and the deeply felt loss of Cas and Bobby.

Padalecki also opens up about the possibility of returning for an eighth season, and what he’d like to see explored.

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TVLINE | How has it been for you as actors having lost Castiel (Misha Collins) at the beginning of the season, and now having lost Bobby (Jim Beaver) as well?
As actors, it’s been great to explore those intense feelings of loss and regret and resentment; it’s been a nice acting exercise, so to speak. But as Jared and Jensen, it sucks because we love Jim — love, love, love him. We love Misha. They’re great people off-set, and they’re awesome actors on set. They add to the show quite a bit and, selfishly, I like having them around because they help propel the storyline. They add more dimensions just by nature of being two different people. But I understand how [losing them] makes for good television and good storytelling.

TVLINE | How is Sam coping with the loss in upcoming episodes?
Sam is all sorts of a mess. Bobby was very much a father figure to Sam, and so he certainly misses him. It’s difficult for him, but Sam and Dean went through so much that Sam, especially, is like, “We’ve got to deal with what’s on our plates now.” Like, “I miss him. I’ll love him. But we can’t bring him back. We can’t. We no longer have that option.” And Sam’s also dealing with a bunch of craziness in his own world – visions and hallucinations and his wall breaking down – so he almost literally cannot afford to worry about things other than just keeping his head on straight.

TVLINE | Sera Gamble said that the empty beer bottle was supposed to be evocative. Is Sam having any moments where he thinks he’s sort of seeing Bobby?
Not yet. One of the things that I tried to make clear in that episode was that Dean’s been drinking a lot. So Sam sees Dean drinking and is like, “Alright, whatever you’ve got to do to cope, you’ve earned it.” But also when that beer vanished and Dean’s saying, “Hey dude, what gives?” and I’m like, “It wasn’t me,” part of Sam is saying, “Man, maybe he’s just really having a problem drinking,” and part of Sam is saying, “Huh, I don’t know.” We’ve definitely encountered weirder, so Sam isn’t really suspicious just yet.

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TVLINE | What can you say about [this week’s episode] “The Slice Girls”?
Dean and his promiscuity, that Sam’s kind of making fun of, ends up being something pretty dire and scary and intense — and something that could end up [resulting] in [Dean’s] death. And so we find ourselves in the situation where Sam has to say, “Hey man, there’s hunter Sam, there’s Brother Sam, there’s X demon Sam, there’s hallucinatory Sam. But right now, I’ve got to be hunter Sam.” We’re going to see how Sam behaves differently than Dean.

TVLINE | Mark Pellegrino is coming back as Lucifer, so what’s going on upstairs with Sam?
A lot. Though [Lucifer] hasn’t been seen on camera a lot, he’s been the voice in Sam’s head since the first episode [of the season], when he was messing around with Sam. Sam’s just been able to hide it, but an episode comes up where Sam has no choice but to confront this voice in his head. That makes it much more difficult for Sam to then get rid of Lucifer once he has embraced his presence.

TVLINE | Is it going to leave Sam in a worse place?
Very much. The fact that Sam’s been able to ignore him and push his scar and send him away has kept his hallucinations and his craziness at bay. But once he engages Lucifer — or his vision of Lucifer — then Lucifer almost… It’s like inviting a demon into your house. Once you invite him, you can’t get rid of him. So we see Sam suffer the repercussions of having engaged in his vision of Lucifer.

Supernatural Scoop: Misha Collins Returning!

TVLINE | It seems like with the Leviathan, Sam and Dean haven’t gotten any big breaks.  What can we expect with that quest?
There are several new challenges. Obviously, the fact that Dick Roman has killed Bobby makes Dean even more bloodthirsty and hellbent on revenge. We’ll see Dean’s quest for vengeance really take him over, really torture him. We’ll also see Sam trying to keep his brother on track and telling him, “Vengeance is not going to lead the right way.” But also Sam’s deteriorating, so it’s not like Sam can really just get ahold of his brother; Sam has himself to worry about.

TVLINE | How are you feeling about a possible eighth season?
I’m excited about it. I know I have a kid on the way in March, and that’s pretty intense and exciting and scary and every emotion you could imagine. But I’m excited about Season 8. I feel like there are more stories to tell. I feel like we haven’t wrapped everything up. Season 8 could be a great season. Even if we have to wrap things up in Season 8, I feel like it would be a nice last hurrah.

TVLINE | What are the things from this season that you want to explore more?
The Leviathans. We introduced this great character, this great demon, and just doing one season – introducing them and then getting rid of them – doesn’t give them the seriousness that they deserve. I want to deal with Sam. One of the things that turned me on to Sam is how, against all odds, he can empower himself over the most horrendous obstacles. So I love seeing his inner strength. It’s inspiring to myself and to a lot of fans, so I’d like to see more of that too.

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  1. Jason says:

    Annnnnnd….cue the ‘Dean’ girls’ witchy comments about Sam getting all the good storylines….
    Boy, does that ridiculous song-and-dance get old, chickies. Enjoy the show while you have it.

    • Anon says:

      And cue the Sam girls who will whine about it will probably all take place from Dean’s POV and how they won’t get to know how Sam feels.

    • Jedaqia says:

      Thanks for putting that as the first comment. At least, it stop the comment from SamGirl vs DeanGirl … well I hope so. I honestly hate it when it comes to that. Especially, when they add Destiel into the mix & I would be going ughhhh…Cmon we all love SPN! Anyway, love it when Jared says he love <3 Jim & Misha. Looking forward for Cas to come back & hopefully Jim too. Also I would really want to see Balthazar again or at least Gabriel or Anna. Yes, I actually like Anna.

    • ritzsammy says:

      Awesome Jason, love ya!!! Very well said :)

    • Anne says:

      I’m a Dean girl, but I love Sam too. I think it’s ridiculous when fans complain and argue about who gets more screen time, better storylines, etc. It’s a great show. Just enjoy it.

  2. Jen says:

    Can’t wait for Lucifer – Sam interactions XD
    Luci is so sassy and sarcastic <3

  3. amanda says:

    Excellent interview. Thanks. Wish Jensen would do one too or maybe one together?

    • Jess says:

      If this interview is from Monday – when some reporters were on set – I expect more to come in the next few days.
      Both Js were there and were interviewed, this is probably just the first on many.

    • Julie says:

      Don’t take this the wrong way (I’m just bracing myself; every time I write a comment in a spn article I’m always scared to piss someone off lol!) but hasn’t Jensen done one a couple of weeks ago? You know, when we got a whole bunch of Supernatural-related spoilers and articles? I may be wrong, I’m just wondering *is on super defensive mode and is scared of getting attacked*

  4. Tiffany says:

    All this sounds great! Between the two brothers my favorite is absolutely Dean, but I’ve been dying to get more into Sam’s head this season! I mean, Luficer’s in there! How can that be anything but great TV??

    • Ines says:

      Agree! I think Sam’s head is a much more interesting than the Leviathans storyline.
      I think the writers could have expanded both stories in two seasons because it’s always either one thing or the other in a very intense mode. We didn’t get rid of the Yellow-Eyes Demon in one season, why not keep another bad guy for more than a season?

    • mojo says:

      St. Sam is dull as dishwater. But then again, so was beige Sam isn’t much more interesting. Frankly, Sam is too boring to build an entire show around. That was more easily disguised when other characters were actually allowed to shine from time to time. But this season, it’s been nothing but Sam’s worstest hell ever and Sam saving the day every episode and everyone telling the audience how brave and strong he is. I have seen more subtle fanfiction written by extreme samgirls.

  5. Daniel says:

    Give me Dean’s human interest drama any day. I’m bored with Sam’s “psychic Boy Wonder, demon blood, soulless, Lucifer hallucinations” whatever. There’s no way I can relate to Supernatural Sam at this point. What’s next? Sam’s declared King of Hell? God raises Sam to on high? Give the dude a girlfriend, a couple of friends, and a human storyline, for crissake.

    • linda says:

      I’d love it if the writers mixed things up next season by giving Sam the human storyline and Dean the supernatural one. After seven seasons of the same old formula, it’d be great to get a change.

    • cas ryan says:

      BLESS THIS POST =D this is exactly how i feel its getting OLD i find dean much more interesting

    • Abbie says:

      Daniel-All the awards. The woobie Sam story has been beaten into the ground so many times even dead horses feel sorry for the beating it takes. Time for the writers to move on and do something else with his charcter. He can’t always be the gary stu in distress forever.

  6. Julie says:

    *Will be ignoring all Dean vs Sam crap and actually write a comment*
    «But as Jared and Jensen, it sucks because we love Jim — love, love, love him. We love Misha.»
    Reading that quote made me laugh so hard in a way, hehe!
    I can’t wait to see more Lucifer vs Sam! The Levies whatever are… fun… but Lucifer brings so much more to the old storyline.
    We miss Bobby too. So much! I wish there was a way the boys could see him again, like in a dream or some sort of a ouija thing. Bobby can still bring a helping hand to the brothers; the writers just need to know how and when. ;)
    And to be honest I think I’m more curious than excited about this coming episode tonight. I’m not counting down the hours anymore like I used to back in season 3 and 4 (because I started watching the show in season 3) for many reasons, but this role reversal thing has been grinding my gears for a while. Like, how does Dean know more about computers when Sam used to be the geeky brother? I get that Sam has gone through some seriously bad poopy but still I’m still not comfortable with the idea that Sam has somewhat become the “hunter Sam” while Dean has been going through way too-emotionnaly-for-season-one-Dean stuff. I get that the characters always grow and such, but why do they always have to do the role reversal thing?
    One last thing: I think they are keeping the bottle empty mystery as a mystery because the writers don’t know what to make of it just yet. Just wait until they really need that little moment: it shall be in the opening montage of the episode where Bobby might be back or the episode where Dean goes on an alcohol rampage ;-P

    • Julie says:

      actual* (lol sorry!)

    • Lou says:

      Hey julie, aside of trying to pinpoint, where the guys started the role reversal. We gotta look at how they both spent time in hell literally. So theres definitely place to be born again, in retrospect, dean being the tough strong silent type, a visit to hell, should change one’s life. While sam being the opposite, it was great to see them do the reversal of characters, it was most definitely needed

    • Lou says:

      The reason, why they make dean the use of sam’s laptop, is easily splained away & understandable when you think of it really. Simply because they rubbed off one another….i mean it aint so hard to surf the web, look into sam’s search history, you tend to pick up on ways around the puter, and start your own thought patterns. Sam’s gotten to be tougher stronger cause its what hes learned unintentionally, but felt compelled enough, to realize it & just do it. Dean, had to see the vision, he needs to find alternate ways in research, folklore and origins. Its not just something you can always find out physically. But with the aid of technology…maybe this helps more bout your grinding of the two.

  7. Bored Now says:

    Sounds like more SuperSam to the rescue.

    • Katya says:

      Whatever do you mean, lol? Just because Sam’s bravely suffering from the worst hell pain evah in the history of mankind and still finds the inner strength to be Super Hunter and save horny, pathetic Dean’s ass?

      • Bored Now says:

        Exactly. Its why I prefer weak, sloppy needy Dean. MarySue’s are rarely ever interesting.

        • Dave says:

          You all are pathetic and an embarassment to the SPN fandom. Seriously all this whining and crying because boo hoo the story or the character I like isn’t being portrayed the why I want him to be. Last I checked you don’t work for the show, you don’t write for the show and god help us all if you did because it would obviously become the Dean show. I am directing this towards you at the moment because of your comment but the same goes for Sam fanatics. These are fictional characters people Enjoy the show while we still have it around. Even a not so great episode of SPN is still better than half the crud on tv.

          • Bored Now says:

            Don’t like the comments, stop reading them. People have a right to talk about how they feel. Sam comes across as a Mary Sue in this interview.

          • Fercryingoutloud says:

            Oh please “Dave” and we all know you aren’t really a Dave but some pathetic Samgirl who thinks Dean ever having a real storyline that allows him to shine rather than constantly being portrayed as a loser who needs superDuper Sammy Sue to save him means the show is becoming “The Dean Show”.

          • mojo says:

            Why do ESGs always pretend to be men? Maybe that’s why Gamble is always giving them everything they whine for.

          • Wondering says:

            Why do EDG like mojo and her fellow sockys from TWOP pretend to have a brain?
            No one is buying that after reading their posts.

          • Alisa says:

            I also agree that a marginal SPN show is better than 90% of the crap on TV at any given time. I feel there is more for them to explore and so hope to have at least 2 more seasons — 10 is such a nice number :)

          • Lou says:

            Amen dave

      • Sarah says:

        Heh. This. But contrary to the pathetic showrunner’s desires, I’ll always like Dean’s horny, pathetic ass better; probably because doing whatever it takes, no matter how ridiculous they make Dean or the story look, to keep Dean perpetually in the wrong, just so that Sam, the true hero of the story, can be right in the end, is terrible writing and storytelling. And some in this fandom haven’t sipped the kool-aid, and are still aware of this, and can readily recognize it when they see it.
        I really hope TPBs will do right by Jensen and Dean by the end of this series.

        • JR says:

          How nice. So everybody who doesn’t share your biased opinion has “sipped the kool-aid”?
          I hope you know how unbelievably rude, unreasonable and bitchy you sound like.
          Extreme fans are an embarrassment for the whole fandom. Thanks for proving once again why.

          • Sarah says:

            So if I hadn’t put the “sipped the kool-aid part” in, you wouldn’t be offended? Just curious-not taking it back though, because anybody who can’t recognize that the writing on this show has gone into a steep decline because of what I pointed out(and not restricted to only that) since the mid S5, is in denial and fooling themselves-IMO.

          • mojo says:

            Calling people bitches because you don’t like their opinions is equally rude, you pompous, hypocritical ass.

          • JR says:

            Calling someone’s post bitchy is not the same as calling someone a bitch. And insulting the majority of the fandom is not an opinion.
            BTW – There is no need to introduce yourself as a “pompous, hypocritical ass” you just type it in the Your name section, although I think everybody reading your comments here gets why you’re called that even without saying.

        • Cherry says:

          Besides it’s so funny seeing how biased you are towards Dean, consider all the Seasons where Sam was the one in the wrong not Dean. I mean if you consider the demon blood, starting the apocalypse shaking up with Ruby the true hero then I honestly don’t understand what kool-aid you’re sipping. They both have done wrong and they are both heroes, it’s sounds like your bias towards Dean is preventing you from seeing that.

          • Anon says:

            Apparently that was Dean’s fault because he’s too bossy.

          • Cherry says:

            @ Sarah and in JR’s defense they are not offended by the kool-aid comment they are offended that you’re somehow not realizing that your presenting your opinion on the show ass 100% fact and anyone who disagrees or doesn’t see this opinion is either crazy or fooling themselves. Sorry honey but your opinion isn’t fact, you may believe it is but it’s just that an opinion.

          • Sarah says:

            That was why I pointedly added the IMO there-it means In My Opinion. And I get that some don’t like my opinion or even my tone, but tough. After over two seasons of this, I’m fed up with what is-IMO-the writers’ blatant disrespect of one of their lead characters and actors. And don’t bother with the if you don’t like, don’t watch comments because I’m staying, and if the writing doesn’t improve, I’ll still be complaining-and that’s the beauty of the internet-that I can do just that.

        • aaron says:

          Wow. Way to insult all the viewers who don’t watch the show through your eyes.

        • Holly says:

          Dean is not perpetually wrong. And he’s often the “hero” of the story. You’re very clearly biased toward Dean (and therefore probably Jensen) and you become upset when your favorite isn’t doing exactly what you want them to do. You’re probably among those groups of idiots that were bitching about “the lack of Jensen’s screen time” last season. How pathetic.
          That’s a phenomenon in this fandom. It’s not that we, the normal fans, have mindlessly accepted some mass conspiracy against Dean. Do you even realize how crazy that sounds? No, it’s that some girls, you for example, feel as though you’re professional writers who are more qualified to write and produce Supernatural simply because you, personally, think the current writers and producers are doing a bad job. Why? Because you don’t like what they’re doing to the character you so pathetically attached yourself to.
          Sam. Dean. They’re both heroes. They’re both wrong and right. There is absolutely no evidence (that isn’t a headcanon you’ve created) to support your claim.
          This season alone we saw where Sam was in the wrong for being upset that Dean killed his friend. He screwed up. He was wrong for leaving Dean. How is Dean perpetually in the wrong? Lovely over-exaggeration there.
          We understand, from interviews, that Sam is going to have to help Dean out of his funk. So he essentially becomes the hero. How is that, pray tell, any different than Dean selling his soul to save Sam? Wasn’t he the hero then? Or how is that different than any of the other billion times Dean sacrificed himself to help Sam? Vice versa. It’s a give and take. No one character has ever been the sole hero.
          How about you recognize your character bias for what it is and stop criminalizing other characters, the show, and its producers/writers. Admit it. Your favorite is Dean and it makes you upset that he’s not constantly glorified and not always the center of attention. It pisses you off because you don’t like it when Dean is made to look unfavorable.

          • Cherry says:

            Very well said Holly. It’s called character bias. It’s where your mind makes up all these scenarios and conspirators for what your favorite character isn’t always doing what you want him to do or being what you want him to be.
            I would say watch Supernatural again but I don’t think would help. Long story short, Sam and Dean are BOTH heroes, they both done wrong before they both been wrong before and they have both helped and saved each other before.
            It’s what makes them human characters, their faults and their mistakes. And what makes them good brothers is their willingness to pick up the slack when the other needs help. It’s actually kind of sad you don’t see that, but like Holly said you’re so bias toward Dean that any instance of him not being the ‘hero’ is one where the story is all about Sam and how he’s the hero blah blah blah

          • Sarah says:

            I readily admit my favorite is Dean. I used to like Sam, too, but the writing has Marty-Stued him to such a degree since the end of S5 that frankly, I can’t stand the character anymore-and for every instance when you can tell me that Dean was right, I can point to when and where these writers reversed it and/or ret-conned it away to make him wrong and or less right than Sam(and which I fully expect to happen again in tonight’s episode) either through the dialogue itself or through the storytelling. And I’d like better from these writers for, yes, my favorite character and actor, and a supposed co-lead on this show.

          • Ellis says:

            Dean was the hero when he sold his soul? Haha, NO! It was wrong, it was made clear it was WRONG, it was made clear that it hurt poor wittle Sammy Sue and just made things worse for him. Everything Dean’s ever done somehow gets twisted into being wrong or somehow being responsible for when Sam does bad things.
            I want Dean to save himself, I want Dean to kill the damn bad guy, this season has been one episode after another of Sam killing the bad guy and saving Dean and it was the same thing last season. The writing of the show ALWAYS glorifies Sam at Dean’s expense, tries to take away Dean’s personality and character traits(or presents those traits as negative) while buidling up Sam by giving the same traits and presenting them as a positive.
            I don’t want Dean treated as anything other than the EQUAL lead they’ve always told us he is but the only time they actually put it into action in the storyline was Season 4.
            All Jared’s interview has done it made me feel that I can probably skip watching the rest of the season because it’s once again going to be SuperSam and poor pathetic Dean.

          • mojo says:

            Oh look at the Sam girls howl. How’s Sam’s screentime spreadsheet going this season? You gonna whine at people now about how Sam has no POV while dismissing every episode that wallows in his POV from multiple angles? Deangrils maybe angry biatches but we ain’t lying hypocrites like the Sam girl. And yes, I include Sera Gamble in that group.

  8. Dawn says:

    Another great interview with Jared, thank you!! Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

    • mojo says:

      Disagree. After reading this interview, I am opting to pass on tonight’s episode. I have no interest in watching the dean-bashing/Sam-pimping dressed up as a deancentric episode. I got enough of that with Defending Your Life. In fact, that seems to be the primary theme of this season. Guess Gamble was mad that soulless Sam was such a damp squib.

  9. mike says:

    Jared is great, but the show should not have killed Bobby off.

    • Rogue says:

      Seems like you need a lesson in, as Jared calls it, “good storytelling.”
      Even Jim said it was the right thing to do.

      • Jenn says:

        Good storytelling doesn’t mean getting rid of all your peripheral characters: if anything, killing them off generally means the writers had no idea what to do with them. The problem now is that we’re down to two main characters, which is going to leave all the heavy lifting to one actor. This show needed more balance and more actors with talent and range. The reason this Sam-Lucifer hallucination junk is getting boring is that all Jared can do to show us that Sam is going crazy or dealing with the wall crumbling is that hand gimmick. That said, Sam has no grounds to tell Dean that vengeance isn’t the way to go. He’s been entirely vengeance-driven in the past, so why should Dean listen to him? He will, probably, but there will be no character basis for it.

        • Jessie says:

          “That said, Sam has no grounds to tell Dean that vengeance isn’t the way to go. He’s been entirely vengeance-driven in the past, so why should Dean listen to him?”
          Probably cause Sam is talking from experience, and really he hasn’t been on the vengence trip since Lilith.
          Lucifer he just wanted to help stop, he forgave Castiel, and he doesn’t seem to be interested on the Levis.
          Oh and I find the Luci/Sam thing very interesting, and have been waiting for it to finally being explored since 7×02. How can it start to be boring? We haven’t seen much of it, or is a hand pressing or two to much for you in 10 episodes and counting.

          • Fercryingoutloud says:

            Oh please! Speaking from experience? Dean’s ALREADY had the experience too but apparently he’s just totally forgotten? Dean’s mother’s death, his father’s death, his brother’s death–NONE of them made Dean “bloodthirsty for revenge”, in fact he always showed that while he totally understood the impulse, he knew it was wrong and a waste of time. But now Sam’s the font of all wisdom and needs to teach Dean a lesson, a lesson that Dean spent years trying to teach Sam himself?
            It’s just the typical Sera Gamble bait and switch, where when Sam did it, somehow it was alright but when Dean does it he needs to be taught a lesson. And yeah it was alright with Sam because somehow whenever he does something wrong, it’s either because “he isn’t in his right mind” due to some outside force or somehow they blame it on Dean.

          • mojo says:

            And do you think Sam will ever give Dean credit for trying to stop Sam from driven by his need for revenge? When Dean pointed it out in season 4, Sam told him he was weak and holding him back. Do you think any of that is gonna come up? Nope. Never. ‘Cuz Gamble might have to acknowledge that Sam isn’t always right and always perfect and that ain’t ever gonna happen.

  10. Selle says:

    Actually, and since nobody’s on here being that Sam vs Dean cunttastic person, I would like to point out that season 7 has been the perfect mix of both Sam and Dean. It’s leaning a little on the Dean-centric side but that’s perfectly understandable. Just like it was perfectly understandable that season 6 was Sam-centric. Only psycho-obsessive fangirls feel any different. And lets face it – they’re horrible.
    Anyway, I always get excited when Jared gives an interview. I love me some Jensen and Misha but you rarely ever get such thought-provoking answers from them. (We do on occasion from Jensen. Love when that happens.) It’s great to see inside Jared’s head and see how he views Sam so we can compare that to how we view Sam.
    It’s also nice to see how Jared views the show in general. It’s no secret that he loves Jim. We aaaaalllll know he loves Misha. But as far as Sam goes – nobody’s hung up on how Sam’s taking Castiel’s betrayal. It’s like, because of ~Destiel~ Sam doesn’t count in that matter. Sam with Bobby. It’s weird. And it’s nice to see Jared legitimize that Sam is suffering because of that too.
    Did Jensen get an interview? I hope to hear from him as well. I’m really curious to hear what he, specifically, thinks about Dean’s anguish over what Castiel did. I want to see if it’s as earth-shattering as people seem to think it is.

    • Jess says:

      nobody’s hung up on how Sam’s taking Castiel’s betrayal
      Good point, the whole forgiven and forgotten thing was kinda lame in 7×01. I hope they also get to talk at least once in those 3 Cas episodes – they really have something in common now XD

      • rogue says:

        Very good point. It’s always how Dean is taking it. Dean’s not the one with Lucifer running around in his head. Cas betrayed Sam the most. But Sam forgave Cas. Why? Because he sees himself in Castiel? After all, Castiel did exactly what Sam did. Right? Castiel took in all those souls because he thought that’s what it would take to do the right thing. Sam drank demon blood because he thought he could do something good with his powers. They have that in common! I wonder how that’s going to play out or if it’s going to be left out in favor of Dean/Cas angst time.

        • Cherry says:

          That’s usually because the story is told through Dean’s eyes. But it’s a give and take thing, because while Supernatural is told through Dean’s POV Sam is the one involved in the storyline. I admit it I would like to for once see how Sam feels but I understand how the writers have to balance things out.

          • Jess says:

            I always hear that but it never makes sense. Supernatural can’t be told through Dean’s eyes. If that were true, then we wouldn’t have episodes where we see things from the point of view of Bobby or Sam or Castiel. We wouldn’t see Lucifer in Sam’s head, or Castiel talking to Crowley, or Bobby finding a way to give Sam the numbers before he died. We don’t always have this issue. Most everything affects both boys equally.
            It’s the Castiel thing.

          • Agent K says:

            Actually, I understand what Cherry means. It means that what we see, as the viewers, are seen through the feelings, thoughts, and filters that Dean possesses. Even Sam is; what Sam does is as a person, morally (and don’t jump my stuff, I use that term LOOSELY) blank until we are shown what he does through the “Dean thinks Sam is a monster” filter, and then we’re presented with the version of Sam that Dean sees; a weak-willed addict who isn’t right in the head and who lies to his family. Well, we never get to take a nice, hard look at Dean in that same light, because Dean is just as guilty of the addictions (hello, drinking problem that’s been addressed twice now, once when Dean came back from hell and once now) and the lies (c’mon, be honest, how many times has Dean lied to Sam about something?) but we don’t SEE Dean through Sam’s eyes, we see Dean through his own eyes. So while it may not be a strict POV thing, I do get where she might be coming from.
            Of course, my thoughts might be something entirely different from hers, and in no way am I trying to speak for her, just offering up my explanation as to why it makes sense.

    • Ellis says:

      LOL thought provoking? Jared’s the most boring interview of any of them because it’s so obvious he’s just reading the party line and hasn’t actually been watching the show he’s on very carefully.
      We have always gotten Sam’s point of view, Sam’s told us outright many times what he is thinking and feeling. The problem is for some reason Sam can say “this is how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking and here’s why” and for some reason certain fans just pretend they didn’t hear it. Sam’s had whole episodes completely devoted to just what’s going on inside his head and I’ve seen those fans come online and complain “but we don’t know how Sam feels!!!”

  11. Tina says:

    Thank you for the interview love reading what Jared has to say. I am not going to get involved with the never ending objections to Sam from parts of the fandom however I do love the fact the writers will deal with Sams wall and Lucifer . I love both boys and both are lead characters there is nothing wrong with the show dealing with Sams problems on a personal level as they do with Dean which has been a mainstay of the show.

  12. Cherry says:

    It’s kind of sad on an interview that Jared gives about the Season and his character all the comments are flooded with Dean vs. Sam girls. Sorry guys that’s kind of pathetic no matter how you try to excuse yourself for that behavior.
    They are focusing on both boys this Season. Obviously as Jared said with Dean’s drinking problem and his vengeance over Bobby and Sam’s hallucinations and memories. So in short they are both falling about.
    Only truly obsessed fangirls would fight over who gets what storyline and who gets more screen time.
    Can’t we all just shut up and watch Supernatural? Do we actually have to whine and complain on EVERY single interview, article, website that features Supernatural?
    It’s pathetic and makes me wonder why I haven’t broken my neck from shaking my head so much.

    • Dee says:

      Amen to that! I really wish there was one…just ONE website that people would actually concentrate on the show and how wonderful the storylines are with the creativity and character developments, and not the whole Sam vs Dean nonsense. It’s gone so far beyond crazy…. The way I see it, we’re all fans of the show. Both characters are flawed in their own ways. They are great friends in real life, they obviously love each other on screen. What exactly is the problem? What really pushed it over the edge for me was an article about Jared and Gen’s baby on the way and the comments turned to be insulting and rude, all over the Sam vs Dean thing. Is the fandom that corrupt that it can’t be civil? If I were either of the actors on this show I would really be disappointed with the fans.

      • Jane says:

        Wow – complete and utter kudos to you Dee, for having the courage to say what most of us true Supernatural fans really feel about the show and the amazing lead actors and equally great people, Jared and Jensen who so earnestly and honestly portray the wonderful,complex characters of Sam and Dean consistently, every episode!
        I too AM SO tired of not having ONE site/blog to go onto without having people bashing the show and especially one, or the other actor and also agree it is absolutely APPALLING that some people chose to criticize Jared and/or Gen as people and/or actors in the comments for the article about Jared and Gen’s baby – I, like most of us, couldn’t be more thrilled for them and think it’s awesome and very selfless that they choose to donate to such a terrific charity like St. Jude’s, rather than have more than enough baby gifts that close friends and relatives could easily buy for them!
        If people can’t be happy for and about the actors and the show, why must they try to ruin it for the rest of us who wholeheartedly LOVE and SUPPORT the show!
        It breaks my heart that such great guys like Jared and Jensen have to deal with such hurtful people and comments like this and if some people are honestly that unhappy with the show and/or actor(s) why keep watching it – there’s plenty of pleased fans out there who will and DO support the show till the very end – please be respectful and stop ruining the show for those of us who do LOVE it and CARE about it and the WONDERFUL guys who portray Sam and Dean so realistically and effectively each and every episode!

      • reason says:

        Personally, I’m more of a fan of Dean, but I’m not passionate about it. I could imagine, though, that if I went on a website with my reasons, and others argued about each point I made, and I felt the need to defend those points, and then soon I become as entrenched and unreasonable as any.

        So maybe you should encourage the Sam/Dean people, on whatever website you frequent, to contribute to a post where each ‘side’ posts qualities they admire about the ‘other’ character. I suspect what most of them are looking for is a little leeway from the other side. They don’t have to meet in the middle, but just close enough to see that all of them are people, and fans.

  13. M says:

    I love both Sam and Dean, but I honestly hate this Lucifer storyline, I’m sorry. I feel like it’s a do-over for Dean’s hell experience, which wasn’t dealt with so deeply. As a Dean fan, it offends me. As a Sam fan, I don’t like it at all either, because I find it repetitive/boring. I want to see the inside of Sam’s head, as we definitely don’t get that enough, but I don’t want to see this at all.
    I hope it comes to some kind of conclusion soon, because it’s all really destroying my excitement over the show.

  14. krona says:

    I enjoy supernatural. I love bobby n cast but every now and again its good to change things up a bit. Not truly feeling the old guy so far but I’m open to new things. However I hope there are more season 8-9 or all the way to 10. Confetti its a parade

    • jana says:

      Totally agree with you it makes me sad he makes it sound like it won´t go past 8.I love this season so far and I feel there is so much more to tell.

  15. trina says:

    I am so excited to finally see the return of Sam’s hallucinations. There have been a few hints about what Sam has been deeling with, but this is something that is huge for Sam, and I am so ready for that to be explored on the show.

  16. Regina says:

    Can we just take a moment to reflect on comments such as “I don’t like X aspect of the story. The writers are ruining my show!”
    What gives anyone the right to criticize them? It’s a television show. It is THEIR television show. They write the story. They’re not ruining anything other than your selfish perception of what you think the show should be.
    How very arrogant to presume you have the right to say they’re ruining their own work. Did you think J.K. Rowling ruined Harry Potter when Sirius died? It was her creative decision. You either accept it or don’t. But you don’t have the right to criticize her for it.
    That same principle applies to the writers and producers of Supernatural. You don’t have to like what they write but you’re not allowed to say they’re ruining anything. Because there is literally nothing of yours to ruin. It’s their show. Their creative decisions. You don’t matter. The only job you have is to watch it or not.
    Honestly, out of all the fandoms I’m a member of, this one is often the worst. We have so many self-righteous, arrogrant people in this fandom that it’s sickening.

    • Amy Lee says:

      “You don’t have to like what they write but you’re not allowed to say they’re ruining anything.” I rarely comment on these interviews because I don’t want to get caught up in a lot of the nonsense that takes place, but that part of your comment…. I don’t understand the logic here. You’re saying we are allowed to not like or like the writers, but we’re not allowed to comment on such? How does this make sense? OH, and BTW, if writers in any genre or form(ie. novels, tv, even music)were never given any critisism, how would they know if they need to get better, if they just plain suck, or if they’re doing a good job? It would be kind of boring wouldn’t it, if everyone just praised everything all the time. Just saying.

    • Fernie says:

      Totally agree, Regina.
      That is what bother me the most about these “fans”. Who the heck are they to criticize the writers and producers?
      Yes, they are telling the story THEY want, not what some rabid fans demand. I totally eye-roll at the people who say the writing and plots are bad and that the show is horrible. Why watch if you have such a miserable time when you do?
      I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

    • Abbie says:

      If you never criticise anything because you don’t think you are worthy enough to do so that is your self esteem issue not anyone else’s. Most people are comfortable enough with their confidence to know that it’s okay to criticise movies, television, or anything else put out for public consumption by consumers. If you don’t have the self esteem to think you are entitled to any opinions that don’t praise everything about everything you ever see or experience then you need to seek help for being extremely passive.

  17. Robin says:

    Thanks for the article/interview!!

  18. Lucy says:

    Totally about time we got to see what’s been going on inside Sam’s head. Since episode 2 we’ve been given very very little so I am SO psyched they are getting back to it. Sam’s been way too quiet while Dean’s been back in time and angry and vengeful and drinking and having children etc and I’m not being all ‘it’s all been about Dean’ but Sam’s certainly been much quieter lately struggling through his grief while not losing it so I can’t wait to see him lose it now and it all to come back to the forefront.
    Jared’s going to nail this and so’s Jensen. Brother angst wahooo. That is the main reason I watch. Brotherly love baby.

    • luci says:

      We’ve been seeing what’s in Sam’s head every season. The problem is not that the fans don’t know what’s inside his head, it’s the fact that what’s inside his head is not what his fans want to hear. They have fanon and they don’t want canon, just fanon and they will complain that they can’t see inside Sam’s head until Gamble gives them every minute thought that Sam has. Bored already. Maybe Sam should just get his own show. I will take Dean and Cas anyday, rather than a show about Sam and his brother, what’s his name.

      • Yawn says:

        Boring hater, just go away.
        Sam is part of the show just like Dean. So he will not go away or be invisible so that some special Sam hating snowflakes like yourself will be happy. Deal with it.

  19. Julie says:

    It’s always fun reading the fandom comments, and Im pretty sure the site either gets an interview to get extra comments or avoids them so that they wont be annoyed.
    But more to the point: what’s this talk about sipping kool-aid? Im frakking thirsty now! ;-)
    Anyways… Just enjoy the episode in whichever way you will tonight. *raises glass of Kool-aid* Cheers!!

  20. Kelz says:

    Someone sent me the link to this site bcuz they were commenting on the comments that were being left here by so-called Supernatural ‘fans’ so I read the article…..and the -comments-. I totally commend these actors for committing to a show for this length of time and especially of the ‘supernatural-type’ since they are not always so successful. I luv supernatural-type shows & luv this show ‘Supernatural’ as well. I never knew there was a new episode beginning. I learned this about a month ago so I’m astatic I’ve been DVR’n old series during the day bcuz I’m working. I can’t wait to c this new episode tonight bcuz I think I’ve seen all the reruns. Lol. Let me say this to the unhappy, displeased, complaining, or what have u…….Television shows cum n go, ones we really like seem to always go so quickly esp shows of this nature, please b thankful there’s a network still carrying them first, then b thankful they’re still in production (like Charmed, I still wish it cud have lasted longer – luv the show)!

  21. anon says:

    Thanks for the article! Some interesting spoilers- I’m curious to see how the rest of the season plays out.
    Not sure I’m going to be tuning into tonight’s episode- it sounds a lot like writers’ tit for tat to punish Dean for being right about Amy. Because god forbid Dean would ever be right about anything this season. Dean’s wrong for drinking too much, he’s wrong about wanting revenge, and judging from all the “boo hoo, suck it up” speeches, he’s even wrong for being depressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dean’ll be blamed for selfishly wallowing in his problems instead of taking care of Sam and that’s why Sam ends up in the asylum. Or that Dean’ll screw up in dealing with Cas somehow. I hated when the writers dragged Sam and Cas’ characters through the mud- I’m not exactly thrilled when it looks like now it’s gearing up to be Dean’s turn.

    • Holly says:

      Do you realize that Dean makes himself wrong, right? Because that’s who he is. Nobody has made him wrong for being depressed. Sam hasn’t gotten onto Dean for any of that. Sam was upset over Amy but he apologized to Dean. He admitted Dean was right. What more do you crazy ass Dean bitches want? Jesus.

      • anon says:

        @Holly Wooh, Nellie! First of all, thanks for the deragatory name calling. What a way to send positive energy out into the world. You should be proud. Secondly, so you think “Dean makes himself wrong because that’s who he is?” Nice. At least it’s now obvious you’re not quite the bibro you pretend to be (although I think the subtle “crazy ass Dean bitches” kind of gave you away.) Thirdly, if you’d bothered to actually read my post, you’d have noticed I was talking about the writers making Dean “wrong”, not Sam. Paranoid much? And finally, please don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. Some of us actually care about that kind of stuff.

        • Gina says:

          “And finally, please don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. Some of us actually care about that kind of stuff.”
          Sorry, but you really can’t censor others. “Jesus”, “Oh my god”, “for christ sake” etc are common expressions in this culture, and not everyone sees them in a religious light, like it or not. If you don’t want to take the “lord’s” name in vain, then don’t, but don’t tell others what they can and cannot say. You might find it offensive, but I find it offensive that people try to censor what I can and cannot say by insisting that I adhere to THEIR religious beliefs. It’s so condescending and prudish.

  22. Sara says:

    “But I understand how [losing them] makes for good television and good storytelling.” – Padalecki
    I don’t. And I haven’t seen any improvement in the show with loss after loss of secondary characters. It’s become so claustrophobic and depressing it makes it hard to watch. I think the writers have definitely lost their way.

  23. Aya says:

    Sometimes it seems like there’s more drama going on between the fans(and their opinions) then the actual ‘TV Drama’ that is Supernatural!

  24. Dave says:

    Padelecki: “But I understand how [losing them] makes for good television and good storytelling.”
    That gave me a good laugh. Deluded much?
    Season 8? Please no. Shoot the dog while it’s down and nearly out. End its suffering.

    • Jess says:

      Why don’t you just stop watching if you hate the show so much?
      You’ll do yourself a favor by not being bothered anymore, and us for not having to read such hateful comments. Thanks.

      • sing says:

        In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of fans have stopped watching. Why? Just read JP’s ode to his wonderfulness and you will realize why.

        • Jess says:

          Sorry, but your Jared bashing is just boring me.
          He answered the questions the reported asked, and of course he talked about the character he plays. And of course he talked favourable about what he will do in the comming episodes – every actor does.
          What did you expect? Jensen also talks what Dean feels and does when he is interviewed. Misha talks mainly about Cas. Geeze.
          If you hate Jared so much just don’t read his interviews.

  25. dinger says:

    It’s quite apparent to me that Padalecki sees himself as the only lead in Supernatural and all other characters, including the one played by the supposed other lead, as nothing more than just guest stars in the great Sam Winchester Show.
    I’m sorry Mr Padalecki, but I don’t watch the show for you and I am rather tired of listening to Sam’s problems and watching a show that seems to go around and around about how so special Sam is and how such a loser Dean is. That’s insulting to the Dean fans as well as to your colead, who’s character you seem to resent and ignore in your goal to make Sam the only hero of the show.
    Also, losing Bobby and especially Cas doesn’t make good television, it just means that the showrunner wants the show to focus only on Sam, your character Mr. P, which seems to please you to no end.
    What a disappointment for Dean fans, Cas fans and Bobby fans. The only winner on this show is Padalecki, Gamble and Adam Glass, the ones who are running the show to the ground with the constant shoving of Sam down everyone’s throat. That’s not a good show Padalecki, it’s boring and far from being excited about watching Sam’s 4009th version of what is wrong with him, nor am I interested in watching yet another version of Sam’s hell experience, since Dean’s was totally ignored, nor am I interested in watching the SuperSam SuperHour. I’ll be watching Grimm or Fringe. Thanks for making the choice easier Padalecki. I wasn’t thrilled with the spoilers for the second half, and you just verified that it will be as boring and redundant as I feared.
    Maybe someday you can appreciate the other actor that’s on your show.

    • Alec says:

      *head desk*
      Congratulation, I think you just won the award for most wanky, baseless, actor bashing post in this comments.
      I’m embarrased to be in the same fandom as you.
      P.S Adam Glass?? That’s a new one. In his episodes Dean is usually in the foreground, so ??? Tell me which one of his episodes was so Sam centric again?
      – Adventures in Babysitting (2012)
      – Defending Your Life (2011)
      – Mommy Dearest (2011)
      – Like a Virgin (2011)
      – All Dogs Go to Heaven (2010)

      • Eva says:

        Defending Your Life wasn’t exactly Dean-centric. Dean got told what a loser he was, his brother who was ostensibly defending him couldn’t manage to say a single nice thing about him(in fact when Dean was “blamed” for ruining Sam’s college life, the best Sam could come up with was “it’s complicated” even though Dean had nothing at all to do with it–the demons and other things did) and then Sam got to save Dean. Oh yes very Dean centric that. Dean being a bit emo is not Dean-centric, it’s just them giving him something to do while Sam does absolutely everything else.
        Like a Virgin was SAM-centric, Dean got shoved off with a lame scene with the Braedens(where he was again criticized for stuff he didn’t actually do but which was presented as being stuff he did do as if the writers figured we’d just forget what actually happened) but Like a Virgin was about Sam’s regaining his soul and doing most of the casework on his own.
        The rest were sort of just there and certainly not Dean-centric, the only thing Dean-centric about Adventures in Babysitting was that at the end he went back out on the road hunting. Only Mommy Dearest out of them was Dean-centric, IMO. Dean was central to planning the active storyline against monster Mommy Eve, he clearly took the lead in the case and he came up with the very clever way he ultimately killed Eve by drinking the Phoenix ash and tricking her into drinking his blood which destroyed her.

        • Gina says:

          You seriously don’t see AIB as Dean-centric? Sam had about ten minutes of screen time the whole ep. The one-shot side characters had more dialog and exploration than he did. They literally tied him up in a corner out of the way so that Dean could run around bonding with the crazy tech guy and the teen girl. Other than filler scenes we LITERALLY saw about 90% of Sam’s activity in that ep in the PROMO for it. Seriously, what did he do that wasn’t shown in the 10 seconds of promo devoted to him? He gets attacked and bitten, tied up, and that’s about it. Other than getting to stab the monster at the end, he gets nothing. He literally faded into the background so that Dean could have another bonding moment with the girl, while she thanked Dean for saving her (even though SAM was the one who insisted they help her, Sam was the one who sought her out to help, Sam was the one who killed the mosnter – DEAN gets the thanks while Sam is a blurry out-of-focus useless blob in the background of the scene). then Sam again exits stage left, figuratively, when he goes to sleep so that we can have Dean’s weird close up for his smile thing. Sam literally could have NOT been in that ep and the only thing that would have changed was that he wouldn’t have gotten bitten and tied up.

      • alce says:

        So, let me guess. As long as Dean is on the episode, the Dean fans should be happy because it means that it’s Deancentric? Really? When was the last time Dean got to kill anything? Defending your Life was Deancentric? really? You mean the one where Sam got to play big lawyer and once again blame Dean for going back into hunting? Like A Virgin? Where Sam gets to slay the dragon? Adventures in Babysitting? Where Sam gets to kill the monster? Where are any of these episodes, besides Mommie Dearest, do they show a strong and smart Dean who actually gets to do something besides watch Sam save the day over and over? Really, the Dean fans want some respect for Dean and something more to do than watch Sam save the day, or wring his hands over poor woobie suffering Sam.
        Adam Glass buys into the whole Sam is the only hero and Dean is there to serve his oh so special brother. The only thing that Dean did in any of his episodes was in Mommie Dearest with the Phoenix ashes and killing Eve. I bet it killed Glass that Sam wasn’t the one that got that scene, from the way he keeps giving Sam the kill and all the smarts in all the other episodes.

        • Gina says:

          You’ve got to be kidding me. In AIB killing the monster was LITERALLY the only thing Sam did. They tied him up in a corner the whole ep while Dean bonded with the side characters and explored how tired and stressed out he was. Sam’s whole plot for that ep was literally shown in the promo. And who got all the thanks for saving the day? Dean, while Sam faded into the background (even though SAM was the one who wanted to help the girl in the first place, and the one who killed the monster – the girl wants to go to college and identified with Sam, and yet DEAN gets to give her advice and encourage her to go to school). Just like in the ep with all the psychics, where Sam burns the bones and DEAN gets all the heart-felt thanks from the beautiful girl.

    • Rin says:

      You won’t be missed by me.
      Please say this was your last post concerning Supernatural that would make my day. XD

    • sandy says:

      This is a parody of the extreme Dean girls, right? Nobody can actually be this biased and not be aware of it.

    • kate says:

      Yes. Jared Padalecki is writing the episodes, directing them, editing them, all only to focus on Sam and is out to push out Jensen, Jim, Mischa and everyone else ever on the show to have THE SAM SHOW! DA NA NA! And your view of Sam/the show is absolutely NOT coloring your view of Jared Padalecki the person. Not at all.
      …maybe it’s time to up your dosage.

  26. Max says:

    The Leviathans aren’t doing it for me anymore, sorry Jared but I haven’t seen anything really special except one Leviathan killing Bobby…with a gun -,-

  27. Jennifer says:

    I thought the show should have ended after S5. However I still watched. After they killed Bobby off I couldn’t watch anymore. I wish Jim would come back. If Misha can Jim should be able to come back too.

  28. Melanie says:

    Great article, thank you so much.
    I’m very excited to hear that Lucifer(Mark Pelligrino) will be back. I’ve been looking forward to more fallout from Sam’s wall crumbling.
    I think it was too bad that they killed Bobby, but I get why they did it.
    I think both Jared and Jensen do a fabulous job portraying their characters — I’m invested in those Winchester boys like I’ve never been about any other TV character.
    Bring on season 8 for Supernatural — best show on TV!!

  29. curious says:

    I just want to know. When Sam kills Dean’s daughter, is he really going to be so callous as to remind Dean that monsters have to be killed, just like Dean killed Amy? No Jared, if you really thought about it, Sam killing Dean’s daughter makes Sam a cold-blooded hypocrite and this is Dean’s daughter, not some monster that Dean had a crush on 20 years ago who has been killing people. So gee, forgive me if I skip the part of the Amazon episode where Sam smugly lords it over Dean that killing Dean’s daughter is just part of the job.
    I will watch Dean having fun, but skip the rest of the “Dean needs to learn a lesson from Sam” part, and will skip most of the season of watching Padalecki try to act like Dean, again. Dean deserves a better brother.

    • kate says:

      uh, how is it Sam being a hypocrite and not Sam saying, “Yeah, Dean, you were RIGHT?” Especially since Sam already admitted that Dean was right.
      You Dean people will twist anything Sam does to make it anti-Dean. And no, I’m not a Sam or Dean girl. I just watch the show. You people scare me.

    • Gina says:

      Your world must be a sad, bitter, lonely place full of warped reality and completely biased opinions.
      Even if Sam does kill Dean’s daughter (haven’t seen the ep yet), it would be easy to argue that Sam knew Amy better and was closer to her than Dean is/was to his apparent “daughter”, who literally sprung up overnight. It’s not like he raised the kid – who, BTW, is a monster and not a person. Amy was killing to save her son – no different than Sam bringing Dean to that faith healer to save him, or Dean sacrificing himself to save Sam – out of everyone, Dean should have understood the drive to protect your family above all else. She only killed bad people, too, and had not killed at all otherwise – it wasn’t right, but she was hardly a cold-blooded monster. Sam won’t kill Dean’s “daughter” without a reason, and hardly in “cold blood”. DEAN would be the hypocrite in this situation, not Sam, if he argues that Amy had to die due to her nature as a monster and his “daughter” should be spared simply because she’s “family”.
      LOL you haven’t even SEEN the ep and you’re already twisting reality into some sad, bitter version of “let’s make Dean the woobie victim and villainize Sam”. How pathetic. As is bashing the actors behind the characters (who, BTW, do NOT write the show or call the shots regarding plot or scripts). Do everyone a favor and TRY not to let your pathetic bitterness and blind obsession with Dean as some sort of messiah actually bleed over into attacking real like people (who have never been anything but kind, generous, and engaged with fans).

  30. deborah says:

    I’m really looking forward to the upcoming episodes; the return of Cas, etc. Also, I’d love a season eight featuring Dean, Sam, Cas (again as a regular), and Bobby (somehow). Get the old team back together again! Team Free Will (plus Bobby)! However, when it comes to the Leviathan, I have to disagree with Jared; I can’t stand the Leviathan. They’re boring and, if we do get an eighth season, I hope it is without the Leviathan. The Leviathan have been the worst villains, ever, in this show. Bring back good old demons like Crowley!

  31. Ari says:

    I suggest TV line to stop doing SPN interviews cause some in this fandom never appreciate them… It’s disgusting the immature vile behavior of these posts, and suggest that if you all are unhappy with the freaking show just go away stop reading any interviews and just stop watching.
    If you don’t go away I am thinking you enjoy creating all this drama because your bored with your life. ThE reest of us who are still enjoying the show for what it is TV, will be much happier with you all gone..

    • Jamie says:

      Or they could just moderate the comments – ban the bashers, or just disable the comments on Supernatural articles altogether.
      The haters should just stay in their forums or tumblr blogs because really is there a need to proof time and time again how insane and delusional the extreme fans are. These Sam vs. Dean wank wars are so tiresome and annoying, and a real turn off for any new potential viewer – why the hell should anyone want to become associated to this fandom.

      • Dee says:

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if just once TV Vine would moderate the comments so that those (few) of us who just enjoy the show and enjoy BOTH actors and characters could read an article and post a (civil) comment or two? I’ve been a fan of the show for about a year now, I’ve caught up with all the episodes (thanks to TNT) and just cannot believe all the hate that surrounds this fandom. It seems that almost everyone is offended by everything. How repressed and sad can a fandom get? I’m seriously hoping that both of the actors have the sense and maturity to see how crazy these ‘fangirls’ are and steer clear of them…I can totally see why so many stars feel threatened by the people who call themselves fans.

  32. kate says:

    I’m really enjoying seeing Dean hell-bent on revenge. I would be too. You totally know he’s going to be the one to smite Dick Roman. Can’t wait.

  33. kerinda says:

    WOW thats alot of hate here. If you do not like the show stop seeing it and if you have nothing nice to say then shut up OK! its a good interview and thats it.

  34. Sandy says:

    This show is SpOok Awesome….. Supernatural Forever <3 Thanks!!

  35. alice says:

    This is a Jared interview…of course he will talk mostly about his character, all the actors do. He is being ASKED the questions…what do you expect him to do..say oh sorry this isn’t about dean so i can’t answer it. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT DEAN!

  36. abi says:

    im happy that the lucifer in sam’s head sl is coming back…i thought after episode 2 we wouldn’t see anymore of that and that would be unrealistic especially by all the fuss they made in s6 about how tormented he would be after getting his soul back and then in s7 so far we saw him cope for 2 episodes and then hear nothing of it like he is all of a sudden cured. So im glad to see that come back. Looking forward to seeing some lucifer(Mark Pellegrino is great).

  37. mia says:

    looking forward to seeing some focus go back on sam…i feel these past episodes have been edging towards being more dean centered. Dean always gets the forefront like with bobby and cas while sam just gets pushed to the side.(don’t attack me dean girls…not everyones favorite is dean)

  38. isla says:

    wow some dean girls even go as far as to hating on jared because he plays sam. Seriously guys go get some therapy. Jensen would not like you for that seeing as jared is one of his closest friends. Learn to accept that the actors are not the characters. It even shocks me more to find out these crazy fans are grown adults.

  39. elle says:

    I love the sam/dean bromance it is my favorite part of the show.

  40. Amy says:

    The vampire diaries is the same way when it comes to comments dealing with interviews with the celebs and reviews of the show. like some people have said if you dont like the way the show is going stop watching the show.

  41. brian says:

    Gotta say I personally liked every season so far 4 and 5 were by far the best but I liked the second hlf of 6 a lot. Which killijg off the godly cas left me a little let down. They had a perfect arc there and shoulda used it. My scenerio would have been not to kill cas but when the leviathins got lose had him sorta just go about his own agenda instead of killing the character. Now with him coming back for a rumor only 3 episodes(POSSIBLE SPOILER: he said he’d make it up to dean so I wouldn’t be suprised if he uses the last of his powers to heal sam least that’s a possible rumor). But I hope we get some type of fullfillment that’s all.

  42. tara says:

    I love the show and BOTH the guys but seriously, this season is like watching a horrible accident. You know u shouldn’t stare at the poor people going through so much trama but your morbid curiosity causes you to slow down your car and see just how bad the damage is. The thing I loved about this show was how Sam and Dean could get beat down by so much and yet still find the good in a crap situation. Now it’s just one bad thing after another with no glimpse of hope up ahead. I swear, sometimes I wonder when the episode will come when one or both of them off themselves because they have no one left. Come on writers! Given the fans some good to go with the bad. Keep us on the edge of our seats like we used to be, not just wondering what crappy situation the guys are going to be put through to make them hate their lives even more!

  43. Geet says:

    Supernatural rocks! There’s no one character I dislike :). I loved how they turned the tables on Dean in slice girls too :D

  44. Sol says:

    Hahaha. You dean fans are mental. Im pretty sure that they are equally the protagonist.

  45. Albert Churchcock says:

    I get the feeling like Jared doesn’t like Castiel any more… :(

  46. Daniel says:

    O.o all these comments scare me. Sam and Dean are both apart of the show equally and in some episodes 1 more than the other, which is fine. At first I liked the character of Sam more than Dean for the first few seasons because I was a 10 year old boy and he had superpowers. Then I liked Dean because he listened to good music, got with the hot chicks and was cool. Now I understand that both boys are what makes the show together. I actually do not like Castiel and he’s coming back in the 17th episode (woohoo) as for Bobby, everyone loves Bobby.

  47. debs hanley says:

    god there is intense arguements on here i myself like both the boys i maybe lean more towards dean a little but i do think the show is about them both and you carnt have one without the other they bounce off each other brilliantly the show itself has lost its way a little this season im not keen on the leviathons either and would prefer them to go back to demons like crowley they are a bit boring hope they do a season 8 though there are to many unanswered questions yet that need to be told and would hate it if they left it like that we need one more really eccellent season to wrap things up bring god into it that kind of thing and hopefully give dean and sam something good at the end for once they ve certainly earned it.

  48. Mr cas says:

    Im a casboy n want to blow him off

  49. long live winchesters says:

    i wish this show would never end. I’ve watched every episode 32 times….need more supernatural

  50. Dam says:

    Almost cry when Bobby died! He gave a lot of spirit to this TV show. Miss the old storylines, though. When everything was so intense!