Glee Preview: 10 Spoilery Highlights From Next Week's 'The Spanish Teacher'

Glee is singing a new tune — and in a different language —  on next Tuesday’s episode, and we’ve got a sneak peek at all the fiesta-tivities. See who’s under fire — and who’s simply en fuego — when Ricky Martin dances his way into McKinley High.

1 | Mr. Schue’s teaching abilities are called into question, and Principal Figgins warns him that he won’t get the open tenure spot unless his Spanish skills get bueno…rapido!

2 | Sue decides she wants to have a child — and turns to the New Directions guys (!) and Mr. Schue for sperm donations. Naturally, Emma responds to Sue going after her fiancé’s genetic material with…a pamphlet.

3 | Will starts taking Spanish classes at night with Dave Martinez (Ricky Martin). Not only does Martin go on to deliver the swoon-worthy version of “Sexy and I Know It” that TVLine debuted on Thursday, but he also cooks up an electric duet with Santana.

4 | Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) returns to coach the Cheerios on a new routine, and delivers some solid burns to Sue in the process. (Both Roz and Santana’s reactions to Sue’s baby aspirations are “with whose vagina?”) But does the synchronized swimming coach have a larger agenda?

5 | Sam and Mercedes go to non-couples counseling with Emma about their kiss. Her solution? Communication cut-off for a full week. But does communication count when it’s in the form of a musical performance?

6 | Rachel spills her proposal news to Mercedes and Kurt, but neither of her buddies hops aboard Team ‘Put a Ring on It.’ In fact, look for a brotherly heart-to-heart about the engagement between Kurt and Finn — even if it means Kurt has to break a promise to Rachel in bringing up the subject.

7 | Mr. Martinez might make you sweat, but Mr. Schue is certain to make you cringe — in a performance where he dresses as a bullfighter and gets backup support from Mike and Brittany.

8 | In a double shocker, we find that two unlikely sources tattled on Will (for poor teaching skills) and Sue (for poor coaching performance). Will is shocked by the news, while we discover Sue had already snuck into Figgins’ filing cabinet to uncover the identity of her accuser.

9 | Mercedes and Sam hit another wall in their path to romance — and it’s shaped a lot like Shane.

10 | The episode ends with a shocker about [SPOILER] and the future of McKinley High.

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  1. ANN says:

    Is Samuel (the winner of the Glee Project) ever going to be on GLEE??????

  2. fmeandyou says:

    Faberry. Just give me Faberry.

    • Julie says:

      There is no such thing as Faberry. That’s only in your head. Considering Quinn has TORTURED Rachel in the past (beginning with what appeared to be a regular case of cyber-bullying in the Pilot, before she even went after Finn), I can only assume you’re a Quinn fan and know she won’t get anything good unless she’s tied to Rachel. Good things BOTH of the characters are heterosexual.

  3. Katie says:

    Is there really gonna be a shooting at Mckinley?

  4. Ryan says:

    Haven’t we already seen pictures of Will in a “bullfighter” costume?

  5. Katie says:

    See everyone was ragging on Quinn for telling Rachel to say no, but Kurt and Mercedes are saying the same thing. Of course Quinn wanted Rachel to outright dump the guy but still.

    • Julie says:

      There’s no “but still” about it. Quinn’s advice was basically “you can’t have both so don’t bother with a relationship.” That isn’t a feminist attitude, as the character likes to claim she has. BTW, I ship Rachel and Happiness, whatever that means. Personally, I don’t want them to get married, but they shouldn’t split up either. Quinn is not and never has been the voice of reason. Considering 2 episodes before she was considering screwing over the child she gave birth to she’s not one to give advice.

      • Katie says:

        OMG It was a joke! However you wanna word it she told Rachel to dump him…and from the looks of it Kurt and Mercedes say the same dang thing.

  6. Rachel says:

    I wonder if Quinn is the accuser and that’s why she’s back on the Cheerios in future episodes?

  7. Matt says:

    So sick Of Santana, wish they would kill her off.

  8. Nathan says:

    Does Naya have to sing every episode. Too bad some of the other cast members aren’t screwing writers for screen time… it be nice to hear and see people other than her.

    • james says:

      It really does seem like she’s singing in every ep now. Guess being “close” to the writers helps.

    • Sean C. says:

      Her boyfriend is a junior staff writer; song selection is handled by Ryan Murphy, who obviously isn’t interested in her in that way.
      Moreover, Santana’s ascent to prominence began in the second half of season two, before hey boyfriend was a writer, and she was singled out by both Murphy and Falchuk as a major character over the summer, and one of the ones they wanted for the proposed spinoff that didn’t happen.
      And she’s also the only Latin regular on the show, so it would make sense that she’s featured in the Latin music episode.

      • again and again says:

        she is featured in all episodes this season and even if her boyfriend is a minor writer, like the fans say, they are always saying how they work together on the writers room the script of glee, it is obvious if you have someone there to push better stories for you you will have more screen time.

        • Sean C. says:

          What exactly do you mean by “featured”?
          Episode 1 – middle-sized role.
          Episode 2 – in only one scene for less than a minute.
          Episode 3 – one-liners.
          Episode 4 – good-sized role.
          Episode 5 – one-liners, the scenes of the play being performed/rehearsed (just like several other characters).
          Episode 6 – good-sized role.
          Episode 7 – largest role to date (also horribly-written and offensive).
          Episode 8 – one-liners.
          Episode 9 – one-liners.
          Episode 10 – one-liners.
          Episode 11 – good-sized role.

          • naive says:

            this season is all about naya rivera, she has the best lines and the songs the producers want better, i love the girl and i think she is really talent but say she has a minor part or her relationship didn’t help her it is so naive.

          • Sean C. says:

            Considering that her boyfriend is a terrible writer, I don’t know that it’s been helping her that much.
            I never said she has a minor part. She’s solidly in the upper-middle tier of characters (and one of the main singers). But it’s absurd to say the season is “all about her” when, as I demonstrated, she’s been only delivering one-liners in nearly half of the aired episodes. And Santana always had the best lines; that’s why she became popular in the first place.

          • pick says:

            “The writer Naya is sleeping with is actually Ryan Murphy’s personal assistant, has been for years. Worked for him in all his productions, too. Girl picked well.”
            here is why, i love naya rivera but say her romance didn’t help her career is a lie and for people saying she has one lines really what show are you watching?! because she is the character that has more lines and storylines and everything.

          • Sean C. says:

            She does not have “more lines and storylines” then everyone else. There are several people (Rachel, Kurt, Finn, perhaps Will) who are more consistently featured than she is.
            And not “one lines”, “one-liners”, ie, Santana is there to loose a few barbs at other characters. That’s what she’s done in about half the episodes this season so far, just like in past seasons.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comment is incredibly ill-informed and disgusting. The only evidence you have is from Ted Casablancas and Perez Hilton who are notorious for being cheap and pathetic gossipmongers. Direct your hating at Blarren. At least Naya can sing and act well, unlike him.

  9. Tay says:

    You know what Glee is dumb. It ruins good actors like Matt Bomer, It contains mediocre singing, And almost all the character’s are gay. It’s the most idiotic thing on the planet.

  10. Jason says:

    I am so bad with names. I don’t remember characters I remember faces. Makes it kind of hard when all these names are thrown around. lol. I will try harder to keep up. I love Glee nomatter what is happening!!!

  11. Katie says:

    Santana is the new Kurt. She’s getting more screen time and songs because they intend to keep her next season. In other words they haven’t destroyed her character yet. (key word is yet)
    what happened to Rachel? Usually she gets to sing but lately all its been are duets with Finn.

    • Jamie says:

      I’m already sick of Santana. I turn the channel when she comes on. And all those complaints about Rachel singing too much? She’s had 2 solos (one only 30 seconds long in the Christmas episode) and one duet with Finn. That’s all. Frankly, I’m just glad she seems to be getting some decent stories now.

      • Dan says:

        What about Jenna and Heather? Those two have really gotten the shaft this season. Hardly to no lines/screen time, no storyline, no song/dance solos. Just glorified extras at this point. But at least they’re getting a paycheck.

        • Sean C. says:

          In Jenna’s case, she’s not being treated any differently than she always was, and “Hold On To 16” was probably her best episode of the entire series.
          I agree about Heather lately; she had a strong start in the first seven episodes, but she’s been invisible since then. No idea why.

          • Kelly says:

            Yeah, Jenna is still being treated as she’s always been. It still sucks, but nothing new.
            Heather on the other hand had a good start in the season and was suddenly dropped. They just stopped writing for Brittany. I really thought they’d give her a dance feature in the MJ ep, but nothing. Such a waste. I’m starting to think Heather kicked all the writers’ puppies to be ignored like this.

          • 'relationship' says:

            they aren’t having a ‘close’ relationship with any of the writers so that is why they don’t have a plot arc, and just look what they did with puck (naya rivera ex mark salling).

          • Sean C. says:

            By “what they did with Puck” do you mean “give him a major storyline with special guest Idina Menzel running from episode 2 to episode 7”?

        • Monica says:

          It’s the same thing I feel about Demian. He won the 7 episodes prize, but how much did he sing or even talk?. Thanks God they extended his contract, otherwise that should’ve been the worst prize ever.
          We also watch Glee in Chile :)

  12. CTE says:

    how is sue planning on getting pregnant when she stated in season 1 she doesnt have a uterus?????? not getting this plot point, not to mention how idiotic it is

    • the girl says:

      I am just annoyed by the inappropriateness of approaching the men of New Directions… who are HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. I don’t see why Schue and Sue and Emma don’t have any adult friends. It is too much for me to suspend my disbelief.

  13. Tubbs says:

    Does Brittany get to talk in this episode? Like an actual conversation with someone?

  14. martina says:

    Thank goodness there santana, I’m tired of FINCHEL, I WANT MORE BRITTANA

  15. santana show says:

    let me guess, this will be another episode about how santana is the best person in the world, last season was kurt drama show this season is santana is a bi tch but the makes her perfect.
    i know naya rivera is dating one of the writers but they need to not focus everything on her character.
    and fans say her boyfriend is a minor writer, seriously people everyone knows that the glee writers work on the script in the same room together so if you have a major support inside that room of course will help you.

    • Sean C. says:

      Er, as has already been said, Santana was elevated by Murphy and Falchuk, who both designated her a major character well before Hodgson was involved. They picked her for the spinoff that didn’t happen.
      Moreover, Hodgson is the worst writer on the show, and the episode he wrote completely destroyed Santana’s storyline (a storyline that, again, was begun before he was involved).
      And Santana has not really been getting that much screentime. She’s been singing a lot (which is, again, something Murphy selects), but only four episodes (“Pot ‘o Gold”, “Mash-Off”, “I Kissed A Girl”, and “Michael”) have featured her in any significant role. Between episode 7 and the recent episode 11 her character mostly just chipped in her usual one-liners.

      • chiquita blind vice says:

        naya rivera is having a thing with the staff guy for a long time, even E! accused her to be sleeping her way to the top, ted casablanca calls her chiquita.

        • Sean C. says:

          Ted Casablancas is a cheap gossipmonger who routinely peddles nonsense to the credulous. And, again, he wasn’t even a writer until this year; she’s become important because the people who actually run the show (Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk) have decided she’s important.

          • Sick of Santana says:

            Isn’t that just great timing on Naya’s part. Matt gets promoted to staff writer and suddenly she starts dating him. Right around the time they started filming this season. He’s still part of the writing team no matter how low he is on the power scale. Well played Naya, well played.

  16. claire bell says:


  17. Marcus says:

    Blarren sings more than Santana/Naya. Direct your whining at someone who deserves it. Naya’s been in two of this season’s hottest-selling tracks by now.

    • Sean C. says:

      Actually, Naya has sung more than Darren so far this season, though Darren has had more solos than her (she hasn’t had any of those).
      Currently the top tier is:
      1. Lea/Rachel
      2. Naya/Santana
      3. Darren/Blaine
      4. Amber/Mercedes

  18. Elk says:

    Considering Rachel still has on her engagement ring in the Valentines Day episode in which she tells her fathers’ about her engagement, I’m guessing she nor Finn listens to Quinn (who was wrong and right), Mercedes or Kurt. I wonder if Kurt will tell Finn, Rachel got accepted to be a finalist?
    I’m sick of Santana too, its too much. She sings in every episode while Rachel won’t sing in this one or the Valentines Day episode. I liked Santana better as a supporting character not as a lead one and there was no reason for her to become a lesbian. *sigh* I don’t like Samcedes (or Quam) either. The actors have ZERO chemistry, both Amber and Chord look like they rather be somewhere else with someone else.

  19. Ula says:

    Heather Morris and Jenna Ushkowitz: Most ignored and crapped upon actors on Glee S3. I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t come back next season. The show doesn’t even use them!!! Brittany and Tina needs stories of their own and not connected to their girl/boyfriends. Actually, what they need is actual lines first.

  20. smiley says:

    Thank you Sean C. for making sense. Based on you break down of Sanatana in the episodes, I’m not sure where people can say it’s been all about Santana this season, is there another season people are watching? And please Hodgson did a piss poor job with “I kissed a girl” that it must not be a serious relationship with Naya, ‘cuz he did her character dirty. Her relationship with a writer is not doing great things for Sanatana’s character. Just because Santana has had more singing does not equal plot/storyline and one-liners don’t equal that neither.

  21. Rudain says:

    Still no Puck ?! :(((

  22. Rudy says:

    Seriously I’m gonna stop watching glee if Naya keeps on singing in every episode .. The new storylines are trash .. I mean what happened to Beth and Shelby suddenly ?! That’s not how you end a story ..& I was so disappointed when Puck, Tina and Heather are the only 3 not to sing in the MJ episode .. They even changed Puck’s personality 100% I used to like it when he was the bad ass not freaking Santana ..

  23. Rudain says:

    Puck seriously deserved a better storyline.. The writers FAILED with the beth/shelby one .. It didn’t even end right :/

  24. lundy says:

    I love Santana, but her character is starting to crop up everywhere. For the Smooth Criminal, I loved it, but why did she go to Blaine’s defense? It should have been Kurt, or even Rachel. Puck, Rachel, Brittany, Kurt, Finn and Tina are getting shunned, and Santana and Blaine are suddenly the main characters. I miss bossy best at everything solo by herself Rachel. I miss weird clothes Kurt. I miss badass Puck. Mercedes can go away. Bring back the season one glee.

    • Sean C. says:

      Rachel, Kurt and Finn are not getting shunned; they all have more screentime than Santana does (or Blaine, for that mater). Tina has always been shunned. Brittany, I agree, has been bizarrely silent for the last several episodes (including through her girlfriend’s coming out, where she should have played a major role).

  25. Sara says:

    I’m just curious, but does anyone else think that Mercedes is in an abusive relationship with that football player? He seems very controlling and purposefully alienated her from her friends. It seems emotionally abusive. But that could just be me.

    • murley says:

      i agree and i hope that is the case because that would be an interesting storyline and could help me get more invested in sam and mercedes. human nature helped with that and i do kind of love sam and a serious storyline like that woven in could really make them interesting to watch.

  26. Sakira says:

    Glee was an amazing show with great potential. it stopped being funny but it seems to be getting back on track for the second half if season three. It had it’s ups and it’s downs. As for the Naya Rivera + writer quips , yes she’s singing more, no every episode us NOT about her. That all has little to do with get writer boyfriend. I love how it’s a little too difficult for people to believe she’s gaining these things on her own. Her fans love her, RIB sees that and they respond to it. She’s not sleeping her way up.

  27. Sakira says:

    Heather Morris should have been featured in the MJ episode. It was a waste of talent to barely even give her recognition. Brittany always had the funniest one liners, what the hell happened? She had more lines when she was a background character. I want brittany back

  28. Kelly says:

    Since when do public high schools offer tenure to teachers?

    • creston says:

      Tenure has always been offerred to Public school teachers, which is why most of them have been teaching since Lincoln died, Where do you live?

  29. Blu says:

    I bet it’s Santana who talks about Sue and Quinn on Mr. Schue, resulting in Sue considering to take away Santana’s position as Head Cheerio and give it to Quinn. I love Santana and don’t really like Quinn so i’d love to see another showdown like we saw in ‘Audition’

  30. myob says:

    If you have a problem with it. Dont be ugly and tear people down. just dont watch it, nobody is forcing you to.

  31. Kylie says:

    … Oh my god. Now that’s how I’m picturing him. Can’t stop laughing though.