Sons of Anarchy, Already Picked Up for Season 5, Now Renewed for Season 6

Not content with simply renewing Sons of Anarchy for a fifth season last fall, FX has just handed Kurt Sutter’s biker drama a sixth season pickup too!

The news, first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, comes just days after Sutter inked a new deal to continue running SOA through a potential (and extremely likely) seventh season, and to develop projects for FX and 20th Century.

SOA currently stands as FX’s most-watched series.

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  1. Larissa says:

    Brilliant television deserves a commitment!!!!!

  2. Dwigt says:

    Dear Kurt Sutter,
    I know that you will write two dozens of tweets because a nobody on the Internet made a negative observation about your show, but the latest finale of SoA was crap.
    When the tension between the two leads has reached the point of no return, you go there and you conclude this. You don’t try to milk the fight for one or two more seasons by giving a poorly conceived pretext for keeping the main villain of the show alive, just because you haven’t been able to develop over four seasons another bad guy who could take his succession.
    Besides, try to make the women of the show who aren’t played by your wife something other than shrews who complain about everything.
    PS: I know that you can’t stand Matt Weiner but did you know that there are many other shows, such as Breaking Bad, Justified or Homeland that have been consistently better this year than your Hamlet on Wheels?

    • Tyler says:

      I halfway agree with you, but there really is something to be said for A) the drama caused by having Clay at the table but not in power and his sure-to-be-desperate attempts to claw his way back up and B) having Clay at his absolute best when Jax goes to take him down instead of being weakened and pathetic.

    • Rain says:

      Love love love your post! Clay living made me delete the season pass from the DVR.

    • Derek says:

      Your an idiot Dwigt. And your name is just as crude and lame as your commentary.

    • Your Mothers Lover says:

      Dwigt your a straight up magot with they ardasity to talk so wrreckless about something you must obviously have no knowledge of which is the streets so please sit back and enjoy my main man’s Sutter’s ride down a road you will only see on screen!! As for how season four ended was perfect you dissapointed because you got the unexpected which is perfect in a life of a M.C. member so please quit hating on my main man’s Sutter BIT@%!!!!!!!!! OH n by the way I wouldnt kiss your wife, just ask Sutter what she did to us last night first time I had that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. June says:

    SOA is the best series that has come along in years. I’m 62 yrs old and a huge fan. I am looking at a Harley Trike for my retirement veh. I will have to get me a reaper hat. Keep up the good writing Kurt Sutter & I’ll keep watching.

  4. 6Taillights says:

    May I say simply: Yay Yay Yay!

  5. Ray says:

    Good News! Now give Justified the same love. I like both shows but Justified was so much better with its conclusion of the season. I hope both shows are around for a while even if the off season does last forever. The Shield and Nip/Tuck made me FX fans but Just. and SOA are must watch. I also recently started watching Rescue Me on DVD, it is the perfect mix of Comedy and Drama.

  6. Monique says:

    Very happy about this!

  7. Bad Breaker says:

    As with most series, some seasons are better than others. I, personally, wasn’t a huge fan of the Ireland season of SOA. Still, any episode of SOA (or Breaking Bad, Homeland, Justified, Shameless)is better than a whole season of most of the junk that’s on TV. So this makes me very happy.

  8. Katie says:

    I have fallen in love with SOA and cannot get enough of the show. I continue to rematch the seasons waiting for the next season to start. I wish the seasons were longer and I hope that Jax and Tera finally tie the knot this next season. I am glad that clay was left alive as it will prove very interesting in how he will try to regain power. Not sure about Wendy’s return.

  9. Jaclyn says:

    Samcro rocks! I’ve introduced so many folks to this amazing show that I feel like I have my own SoA franchise :)
    The characters are brilliant, brutal, bitter and quirky! Love Jax, but Tig is my fave along with Chibs.
    Awesome show, many many more series to come I hope. As for Homeland etc being better? Matter of opinion, loved Homeland, the other shows are not on my watch list although lead in Justified is bloody hot!

  10. Susan D Harrison says:

    Sons of Anarchy is the best show of all times!!! We have SONS get togethers at our house. We record it, then watch it the next night with our family and friends we can’t wait for the new season to start. I love the doc and jax they are so great together and Jemma is awesome we can’t wait for Clay to get his dues. All the other guys are great too. Can’t wait for Bobby to get out of jail Juice, Chibs,Oppe, Tig, and the no fingers guy are the best for the club and everybody else that’s in the club are very important to the show. The show makes us feel close to them. We all feel like they are apart of our family :-) :-)

  11. Larry says:

    Cannot wait until Clay is gone or no longer has pull and Jax brings the club back to his fathers vision. This I see as the last two seasons and Gemma will just need to get over it.

  12. robert ariadne says:

    Well. FX sure are a bunch of busy little beavers.

  13. eli says:

    Clay has gotta be Jax’s bio dad

  14. Doctor DeePee says:

    Great news this is the only show I make sure I watch every time it comes on and always will keep up the great work and awesome tunes

  15. colin jarrett says:

    i love sons could you please inform me when sons season five will be on sale & where i can buy a copy,thank you colin j.

  16. matt says:

    Your a loser, SOA is great… Everyone has an opinion Dwigt, and no one gives a f**k about yours

  17. Fiona Mitchell says:

    I absolutely love SOA. All my family and friends are now hooked on the show. We just can’t get enough. We have purchased and watched all four seasons over again. Looking forward to buying season 5 as we can’t wait till it plays on TV in Australia. Great show, Kurt Sutter. I hope there will be more than 7 seasons.

  18. Maria says:

    Love this show! My husband and I got hooked watching it on Netflix from season 1 every episode has something exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat much more than I can say for other shows out there can not wait for the new season!!

  19. biggest soa fan says:

    I have been an soa junkie from the start. It is my favorite show. I hate the off season and repeatedly watch the previous seasons on dvd to get my fix. I wish I had a time machine to fast forward to sept I can’t wait for the new season. I love the show.

  20. Asa Swingle says:

    I would like to know if you are going to do another series of sons of anarchy?I really like that show and would like to see it continue.

  21. Donna says:

    Wish the seasons were much longer. We have to wait nearly a year at a time in Australia. I feel like we are family. The only tv I watch each week. Hope Australia picks up s 5 a bit faster. Keep them coming please

  22. Nikole says:

    My Mom turned me on to SOA. I’ve now watched every episode and am anxiously awaiting the next season. One of my favorite things is the amazing character development. I know these people now and either love or hate them. I don’t think the negative comments r warranted, if u don’t like it, don’t watch. Why waste ur time hating on it??

  23. kirsty says:

    U are a dickhead mate it was a great ending.

  24. erica davalos says:

    My bf got me into watchin it&Jaxs kept me! LoL. i enjoy watchin this Show,i dont watch tv,im more of a reader,BUT I CANT STAY AWAY…SOA IS AN AMAZEING SHOW. SUTTER u have done ur work…i read that yall (not followed)but hung around another biker club i think it was in Cali. but anyways keep up the good work…u have MANY FANS!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jay J says:


  26. lindset says:

    no harm to ya mate but u wanna go and get a life. SOA is the best series to hit r screens in a long time. the end of each season makes u want more and keepin clay alive is the best way forward so he can get whats coming to him. as the saying goes ‘long runs the fox in the long grass’ and i reckon thats exactly what hes gonna get. so what u wanna do is keep it shut, and watch this space to see whats gonna happen… bring on SOA 5,6 & 7

  27. Mark says:

    I just got into this show a few months back because my brother recommanded it .I watch season 1 to 5 within two weeks and I was hooked.I really enjoy this tv series and hope it stays for quite some time . its really intense and well written show im very pleased and I can tell you just from the people ive recommanded it to your rates will been even higher now.