Castle First Look Video: Watch Rick Lock Lips With... Someone Other Than Kate!

This just in: Those seductive ABC promos showing Rick and Kate’s 1940s alter egos leaning in for a smooch in Castle‘s noir-themed episode Monday are a big fat bait and switch!
A new clip from the trippy ep reveals what happens immediately after the pair’s intimate encounter, and let’s just say someone’s kissing Castle and it’s most definitely not Beckett.
Press play below and see who’s sucking face with the dashing P.I.

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  1. CC says:

    Been looking forward to this episode since I first heard about it! Looks amazing!

  2. Cottage101 says:

    Huh?? Ryan with a British accent? xD this episode is gonna be SO good :)

  3. Bianca Christine says:

    This one is going to be “keep until I erase” on my DVR along with the episode “Cops & Robbers”.
    Can’t wait!!

  4. John says:

    This episode is going to be a total bore. Castle is really letting me down this year. Not impressed…

    • Suhara says:

      Thank you! Not just me then. In a 23 episode season, Castle usually has 4 or 5 good episodes… The others (like this one and that ridiculous dog episode) are usually letdowns.

      • michael says:

        Well, what do you expect? What do you want out of the show? They keep hitting the notes that make them good; the tension between the characters (to a point), an overarc storyline that impacts the Beckett and Castle, light comedy mixed in the banter and behaviors of everyone, and pretty good writing.
        Was the dog episode amazing television? No, but it was good, and it didn’t do anything that NCIS, or Bones, or CSI hasn’t done in the past. Castle has always been more humorous than those shows, and sometimes that humor doesn’t hit with everyone. But still, those shows have just as many episodes where they put the procedural cliches through the ringer, and come out with equally bad or worse episodes.
        So what do you expect out of the show? Specifics, not the glittering generalities that so many spew on the web. What is it that you think this show should be doing?

        • Gianna says:

          Perhaps that’s why some are inclined to not be excited about this episode (or the Elvis/hotel episode or the dog episode) because we’ve seen it done so many times before.

          This show is lacking, and its glaring, continuity. Things happen in an episode that are never mentioned again. It also relies too much on subtext.
          I’m tired of making up excuses or figuring out what just happened because nothing is never said on this show. Personally I feel like Marlowe uses subtext and not actual text so he’s not nailed into specifics about his characters. I have no issue with subtext but sometimes a conversation is warranted.

          • Suhara says:

            @Gianna I could not agree more. I feel like every time the show takes a step forward and has an engaging episode like “Kill Shot” for example, it takes 2 steps backwards with episodes like this and the dog episode. Also after building momentum like they did in the season 4 finale, rather than gradually adding to it, they drop it altogether and air some really shallow episodes like this one, and then just as the season is about to end they minorly address the important issues they brought up near the beginning, and by that time either people have forgotten about it or they’ve come to terms with the fact that they’d never address it again. Case in point the kiss in season 3 wasn’t even mentioned till the season finale and was never brought up again after that.

          • Jillian says:

            Well…this is a crime drama. If they had some huge shipper moment in every episode and they brought up the “I love you,” then it would be more of a soap opera, not a crime drama.

      • Liza says:

        Season disappointed me and left a bad taste in my mouth.
        Starting w the character of Dr. Josh Davidson, who epitomized the cliched roadblock. Tell me what purpose his character (and I use the term loosely – Victor W. was a glorified extra) served?
        He didn’t other than to keep Beckett and Castle apart.
        Continuity is not in the vocabulary of this show. Things happen in one episode and is never mentioned again, not even in the same episode. The “conversation” Castle/Beckett had in the season 3 finale was a cop out. They didn’t talk about anything! That talked about how they don’t talk about it and (thus far) they’ve still haven’t talked about it.
        Moments are done to instantly satisfy the shippers instead of having a long lasting effect on the characters.
        Subtext. Too much of it. If I wanted to imagine something in my mind I can go and read a book! I watch TV to see what happens. What’s wrong with having Castle and Beckett have a conversation every once and a while? I guess them talking would lead to them being honest with each other and can lead to a relationship ….. and we can’t have that now can we?
        Castle and Beckett have the most immature relationship of any show I watch on prime time. The girls on Pretty Little Lairs are more mature in their relationships.
        The supporting characters aren’t well developed. Especially Lanie. We are 4 and a half seasons in and I still no nothing about her, other than she’s a M.E
        Since before season 3 begun we were promised a Lanie centric episode and still nothing. Also what happened to Lanie and Beckett being friends? That seems to be all but dropped. Why couldn’t they explore that friendship last season? We would have found out what Beckett was thinking and gotten to know Lanie more.
        those are my issues and judging by the ratings of late others must have issues as well. Numbers don’t lie.

  5. Sue says:

    Sooooo can’t wait for this episode…I love when shows take a chance on something different…Where will I be at 10pm on Monday, in front of my TV watching the awesomeness of Castle…

  6. shaun says:

    Castle and Beckett need to get together,this seperateness is limiting the story.

  7. Mari says:

    OMG This episode’s gonna be EPIC!! Can’t wait!!

  8. Gianna says:

    I see increasing delay tactics on the writers part who stopped telling a story and started writing single episodes.

    • Gianna says:

      Great point someone I post with made and I could not agree more …..
      “Castle and Beckett are failing to act because the writers put the commercial timeline (drag out the WT,WT) ahead of the natural progression of behavior. I’m not convinced that Beckett is still so fragile that she can’t speak to Castle like an adult about her feelings; I’m not convinced that Castle believes he will solve the case before Beckett is ready for a relationship”
      In other words – delay tactics.

  9. Danielle H says:

    LOL love it! Castle and Lanie, irish accents, it’s all too cute. Can’t wait.

  10. Bailey @ABPW says:

    I absolutely love Castle – the whole buddy cop procedural thing really works, especially in the capable hands of Nathan Fillion. You can tell they have fun on the set, and honestly, I prefer it to a straight procedural half the time. This is going to be a hilariously good time, and I am so excited!

  11. Toto says:

    As I’ve posted in the past, Castle is circling the drain for me. Rick isn’t a shy, Leonard Hoffstadter kind of guy. He’d have acted on it by now and taken the fallout if there was any. Enough is enough.

  12. Trish says:

    I watch Castle just for the fun of it. I’m still having fun watching it. Dont take the light eps for more than what they are. This is for the most part dramedy and it makes for a great Monday night!! Thank you Andrew et al.

  13. Guy says:

    I don’t care what others think. This episode is going to be great. Not a bore! Its good when they do things different. That is what Castle is. Can’t wait.

  14. Dave says:

    Feburary is sweeps month. They are showing a lot of sneek peeks in an effort to raise ratings. According to the ratings they have been dropping steadily for the show the whole season. Pretty much everyone is tired of the constant will they won’t play and the trotting out of Beckets mothers’s murder whenever they need a sudden bit of extra drama to attempt to boost ratings. Even the ABC execs have become tired of the same old play. According the ratings statistics the show has fallen into the category of 50/50 for renewal as of the last episode. When the writers and creators of a show create a scenario that is wanted and then contantly say they know whats best and refuse to listen to what the viewers and fans like and continue to play on the same scene over and over and over again it destroys the show and then creates an atmosphere of where they have to start trying desperate things in a desperate bid to boost ratings to save the show. The show has reached that point. They have played the will they won’t for far too long and trotted out the tired spectre of the murder of Beckets mother too many times. They tease back and forth, with far far more on Castles side, as Becket may show a little bit of jealousy once or twice but never any reciprocal affection, trott out the Becket murder and dash any thought of them together onto the rocks at the end of the season so they can start again from the beginning in the new season. Too many times this card has been played. It is tired, old news. They are trying desperately to raise ratings as evidenced by the odd shows such as Heartbreak Hotel and the dog show.
    As has been said they never talk about or express there feelings.
    The new show SMASH in the same time slot and night just may, aptly named, put the final nail in the cancelation box.
    This show will be very lucky if it makes it to the next season but I don’t see it making it to the next one after that unless there are significant changes and stop playing the same tune.

    • Bertjesbeef says:

      I couldn’t agree more Dave! Stop the Beckett melodramatics and give us back the sassy Castle please.
      So, please no offense everybody!!!!!!!!!
      Since AWM’s masterpiece, he said it himself “Countdown” was his masterpiece, right?
      The show has lost more & more of its charm.
      What happened to storytelling?
      What happened to AWM’s great(est) Love Story?
      What happened to our Detective?
      What happened to our mystery author?
      What happened to some of the crimes our DD has to work on?
      What happened to the sparks?
      What happened to sass?
      Money rules the world.
      To get the show into syndication there have to be some “filler’s”. But 10 or more in a row? Nahhhh!!!
      As I see it, the characters are near the point of being damaged beyond a possibility of repair. Beckett, as hot as she is, witch guy would want to be in a relationship with her and her mental problems. That girl is really sick. Even a fictional shrink who could fix her, has to be born. -JMHO- And now lets get physical! Or not? Castle or his clone, we see since god knows how long, couldn’t get physical with anybody, if he wanted. That guy mourns over loosing his balls. He is the “Cardboard-Castle” we all first have seen in “Hell Hath No Fury”.
      AWM & Co have to adjust that! (And they have to do it fast!) -JMHO-

  15. Dave says:

    And here we also have again the same old same old. In the upcoming two parter we again have a major disaster in the works and again coming close towards the end of the season and low and behold we are again told that it will have reprecussions oh the Castle & Becket relationship. WHAT Relationship? We are also told that the female agent will have a past with Castle. Big surprise there. Again it is all the same old tune.
    The constant teases and spoilers that are never accurate and the let downs. Castle has lost its spark and the head writer and creater AM has blinders on because he refuses to see past his own vision. Networks don’t care about the number of viewers they care about the percentage share of the 18-49 demographic age group according to the Nielson ratings and that has shown a steady decline for Castle this season even though number of viewers have been high. It is all about advertising and that generates revenue. If they can’t get a high enough share of the 18-49 demographic a show will not get renewed regardless of how many overal viewers it may have. Money talks.

  16. Kristie says:

    To be fair on Castle right now, it is (and has been since it began) competing with Bones. Considering that most same-genre TV shows do release episodes with similar plots around the same time, the whole Castle/Beckett romance is being pressured in the same way that Brennan/Booth is on Bones. While on Bones it took six – seven – seasons to reach the point that they’re currently at, Castle is struggling to use some form of logic to put Beckett and Castle as an official couple by the end if this season.
    At least, that’s my reading of the situation.

    • Jillian says:

      With Booth and Brennan…I didn’t think there was ever any barrier up until the 100th. They just kept growing and falling in love with each other and Brennan slowly kept believing in love. With Castle and Beckett…they are already there. They are already in love with each other and want to be together, but they can’t because if Beckett’s problems and her mom being murdered and Castle is going to solve her mother’s murdered…and they don’t even advance storyline like have Castle work on her mother’s case in an episode or something. It’s like the writers moved too fast (probably so Marlowe could rub it in Hanson’s face that he could put a couple together) and now, they have no idea what to do. Either get them together or keep them apart longer. It’s getting boring.

  17. Jillian says:

    I’m not crazy about what’s keeping them apart either. Beckett is in love with Castle, but she cant be with him because she’s so fragile and her mom died. Also, I’m not crazy about their chemistry at all. They just seem more like just friends to me.