NBC Schedule Scoop: The Firm Out, Awake In on Thursdays

NBC is making a big, although not entirely unexpected, change to its Thursday lineup.

Low-rated rookie drama The Firm is being banished to Saturdays effective immediately, and filling the 10 pm void beginning March 1 will be the anticipated new thriller Awake.

Grimm reruns will air in the interim.

The Firm this week courted barely 3 million total viewers while scoring an anemic 0.8 demo rating, plunging another 20 percent on both counts.

Created by Lone Star‘s Kyle Killen, Awake is an Inception-style thriller about an injured cop (Brotherhood‘s Jason Isaacs) who wakes from an accident to find himself toggling back and forth between two separate realities — one in which his wife (Terriers‘ Laura Allen) perished in a car crash, the other in which he lost his son. Watch a trailer here:

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  1. EveatEden says:

    Really? That’s all we get?

  2. bored says:

    Love the one line article lol

  3. Maggie says:

    Now lets pray for a comedy to fail so that we can get Community back.

  4. melody says:

    effect, not affect, please

  5. kevin says:

    AWAKE could be NBC’s only hope to becoming a huge hit on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. and would do much better than THE FIRM and PRIME SUSPECT.

  6. bbbbbb says:

    Great!!!! I’ve been waiting for Awake but I have little hope it will survive on NBC. Less than a month to promote it? I doubt they’ll spend any money like they have on Smash! Ugh. NBC sucks!

    • George says:

      Then we as fan of genre show must use word of mouth so does get a fair shake.
      1.Tell your friends
      2.On every comment on articles or Boards mention the show and it’s premiere date.

  7. Sally says:

    Finally! Awake is the most anticipated show of the season. Everyone should check it out!

  8. Jake says:

    YES! finally Awake is going to premiere. i hope they try to promote it though.

  9. torontogirl98 says:

    I am beyond excited for Awake but is there a reason that networks seem to put their best programing on Thursdays? Honestly I have about 90% of all the shows I love all on one night, is there a reason why?!

  10. Colleen H says:

    Given how fast nbc seems to be burning through shows its almost time to upgrade Harrys Law to a sure thing.

  11. Matt says:

    Note to NBC. Find a way to sneak an AWAKE promo into the Superbowl.

  12. ggny says:

    does this really matter? Its gonna fail anyways

  13. Paul says:

    Thursday is seen by advertisers as the best place to push pre-Weekend promotions, especially hot movies. So they’re willing to pay higher ad rates on exchange for hot shows. So, broadcasters fight harder for viewers. Must See TV, Grey’s Anatomy, Thursday Done Right, etc.

  14. ggny says:

    NBC biggest mistake is putting a show that is already a hit on after the Superbowl…why not put this show on after the Super Bowl? It is just dumb for a network that has 1 hit to put that 1 hit on after the Superbowl. The Voice being on after the Superbowl is not gonna give The Voice any new regular viewers but it would have help Awake a ton

    • ESLKid75 says:


    • John says:

      Actually it’s quite shrewd…NBC is struggling, no doubts there. They have one show that can objectively be called a hit, “The Voice”. So, in a major effort to build another, they are heavily promoting “Smash”, using the Super Bowl to solidify a hit-sized audience for “The Voice” which will then hopefully tune in again the next day, and stick around for the music-themed follow-up show.
      I predict “Smash” will open big, but not AS big as they might expect…but it’ll definitely be a solid number in NBC’s field, and from there they use Smash to promote Awake and launch that show with a similar early-rollout strategy.

      • apor says:

        By the third episode, Smash will be way down. Smash will not resonate in the heartland. Glee hits a 3 at 8PM and it aims a younger demo, Smash by the subject matter (Broadway) will have a higher demo and at 10PM will find it difficult. 10PM shows if they’re lucky only get as high as a 3 in the demo. Smash will be like Harry’s Law (last spring). A good start but slowly fade away.

  15. FINALLY! This has been my most anticipated show of the year since it went to series, so this is great news. The talent in front and behind the camera is amazing and critics have been wowed by the execution.
    Between this and CougarTown finally coming back, TV news is sweet lately!

  16. Heidi says:

    No! Not against The Mentalist! No! >.<

    • Mm says:

      Don’t worry the show is going to flop.
      It isn’t a basic cable network type show. Too smart, too confusing for the masses with multiple realities, even if only 2 lol
      It mght get 8 million in its premiere maybe.

  17. Jorge says:

    Need to promote Awake ASAP! Super Bowl…perhaps?

  18. Jon says:

    The Firm had promise, but was just awful. If any book of Grisham’s was going to be made into a TV series, it was The LItigators. That book was set up to be continued as a series of books or as a TV series, not The Firm.

  19. Eli says:

    Shoutout to Terriers!

  20. majamababe says:

    Wow. Great premise – great trailer. Like the fact that BD Wong is playing another psychitrist and so is Cherry Jones. Unfortunately, I have to agree with everhone else about NBC loosing their mojo. If they cancel it, maybe aother channel will pick it up. NBC used to have really great programming, but they have been going downhill for a long time.

  21. apor says:

    NBC just effectively kill this show.

  22. the girl says:

    I cannot wait to see Awake, but unfortunately Private Practice owns me in that timeslot. I’ll definitely watch it On Demand and see how it goes from there.

  23. dee says:

    I’ve been waiting for this show since the networks announced their shows.
    So they put it against The Mentalist. Great. No one’s gonna watch.

  24. chris says:

    While THE FIRM wasn’t the best show ever, it wasn’t THAT bad (Have you seen BLUE BLOODS?)It’s just a shame that I won’t see the beautifully dazzling Josh Lucas anymore. Bummer! Those eyes had me at hello!

  25. Cecelia says:

    I’ve been looking forward to “Awake” since I first heard about it. So looking forward to this show. It has an intriguing premise.

  26. pv says:

    The Firm should have aired in the summer. It would have gotten significantly better ratings (if for no other reason than nothing is on in the summer)
    Its a good show, I’m sad to see it die

  27. jw says:


    • Sally says:

      Prime Suspect was doing just as bad in the ratings though.

      • Maka says:

        Yeah… The Firm’s best was Prime Suspect’s worst… when Prime Suspect wasn’t getting any marketing at ALL.
        Prime Suspect kicks The Firm’s ass in the ratings. No question about it.

  28. Kristen says:

    I so hope it doesn’t get canceled!

    • Danielle H says:

      Umm.. this all but guarentees it’s getting canceled. By banishing it to Saturday, you’ll be lucky if they even burn off all the taped episodes. Sorry.

  29. Linderella says:

    I’m so excited they finally scheduled Awake – awesome news. I’ll still be DVRing The Practice. Please don’t screw this up NBC!!!

  30. jesse says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one. Love the preview!

  31. Kiki says:

    I had the opportunity to view this show last April. The pilot episode was AWESOME. Please check it out.

  32. Carol C says:

    I liked both Prime Suspect and The Firm. Awake looks amazing and I adored Jason Isaacs in Masterpiece Theatre’s Case Histories! I can’t believe his quick-change accents.

  33. Rae Ann says:

    It’s no wonder that NBC is one of the lowest watched networks. The shows that have lots of potential get canceled and they replace it with even worse options.

  34. Loni says:

    Bummer, I was enjoying The Firm. But Awake looks good too. It’s hard to even want to try watching a new show on NBC when most of their dramas have only lasted six or so episodes this year.

  35. Alex says:

    Bring back Community! NBC, your freshmen shows are failing.

  36. Judy says:

    Unbeleiveable!!! Finally something worth watching on TV like the Firm and they have to screw around with it. I hate the Voice, how many singing shows do we need? I also liked Prime Suspect. With all the Stupid reality shows and idiotic sitcoms there is nothing for people with a brain to watch.

  37. Missy says:

    No. I’m done with NBC. It always does this, gives you shows then yanks them away. I like The Firm, watched it, am invested in the characters, now it’s going to be yanked. Persons unknown, the playboy club…why don’t they just play out what they’ve already taped? I don’t get that. I’m tired of getting to watch a few shows..then poof. Nothing. Done watching NBC. At least hopefully, ABC Wil air all of The River’s they have filmed. I really wanted it to be awesome but so far….. Meh.
    Any chance the Firm could make it to another channel? Southland seems to be surviving well enough on TNT. Could it make it there? Please just finish it out!! Callum Keith Rennie is the best! Josh Lucas’ voice kinda grates but not enough to stop watching!! Ugh.