One Tree Hill Preview: Where Is Nathan Scott?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind beginning next Wednesday in a game-changing episode of One Tree Hill: Where is Nathan Scott?

The CW soap’s longtime leading man has seemingly vanished and, in a strange turn of events, it’s his former foe Chris Keller who attempts to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance.

In the following clip from “The Killing Moon,” Keller accompanies Haley to the police station to file a missing person’s report. Unfortunately, she gets the runaround and turns to the the aforementioned third-person pro for help.

One Tree Hill Boss Talks Season 9 Duos: ‘Naley,’ ‘Brulian’ and… ‘Deller’?

As for what the heck happened to Nate, James Lafferty hints, “This season has one of the more out-there things Nathan’s had to deal with. It’s a story about him losing control over his fate for the first time… He’s really in jeopardy [and] it’s a frustrating time for him.”

Lafferty adds that while it’s a trying time for Nate and his Tree Hill fam, it ultimately results in “one of the most amazing examples of storyline resolution we’ve had on our show.”

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  1. they are says:

    they are so going to kill nathan i just know it.

  2. Darcy says:

    I really do think that they’re gonna kill Dan Scott off in the end. That last quote from James further convinces me of it. I think he’ll die trying to save Nathan and it will be a heartbreaking but wonderful end to his story of redemption.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Wow….never thought of that and WOW…1) I bet your right 2) if your wrong, its a HUGE shame, because that is a BEAUTIFUL wrap up of Dans story line. Of a man who was a crappy dad in the first few seasons, a murderer, then a man on the fringes, now back to being in picture..sweet, loving, caring, helpful..and to give his life for his son (and grandson) …cant help but think that is the perfect story line for Dan.
      (Also makes sense with Haley being the only one looking at the body and crying so hard, she (besides Jamie) would be the only one that cares, is family, and probably knows he sacrificed himself or was helping to find Nathan..and she has been growing close to him this season)

      • Tee says:

        Yeah I think u are right; it will be a good finish if it ends that way but not the best. I really dont want Dan killed off or Nathan.. Especially as Dan is trying to redeem himself. Chris Keller can be cut off or the bar man :P

    • Gabriella says:

      Well, Nathan always WAS Dan’s favourite son… ;)

    • Kris says:

      I think you are right. I remember on a website(Zap2it or something…don’t remember which one), the author of the article who apparently has seen the finale said that a very important character DOES die(but they did not say who). They did not say who, but from what they did say, it did not sound like Nathan….But, Dan dying makes perfect sense, and would be a beautiful ending to the Dan/Nathan story. I remember James Lafferty had said that at some point in this season Nathan realizes that he needs his father, and I read the press release for episode 7, in which Dan is searching for his son. It makes perfect sense with everything that has been said(which Nathan dying didn’t).

  3. Tasha says:

    My theory…… Dan has kidnapped Nathan so he can stay living with Haley, Jamie and Lydia.

  4. TIna says:

    It’s not Nathan that dies. It was already said that he is gonna be in the finale episode for sure. And that by the 11th episode we will find out who dies.

    • Russ says:

      He could be in a dream sequence or flashback, just because he is in the last episode doesn’t mean he is alive in the last episode.

    • Matt says:

      I agree with a lot of the people on here. I think Dan is going to sacrifice himself to save Nathan and his family. And what you just said about us knowing who will die by the 11th episode proves my theory 95% right. The 11th episode is named “Danny Boy”

  5. Jessica says:

    I think One Tree Hill should end with Lucas beginning to write his book…that the last couple years and seasons are all his vision! None of it happened that they lost the big game, this would be reality because almost every single one of them were rich and or famous in some way and we all know that is not reality.

    • Mike says:

      HUH? Lucas writing his first book an “Unkindess of Ravens” should have ended the show? Because they were all rich and famous and that isn’t reality.
      They weren’t all rich and famous.
      Peyton found no success on her own in big bad L.A. She only kept 1% of Red Bedroom Records when she leaves tree hill with her family. Not that rich and hardly famous
      Brooke had a modest career with a modest fashion line until her mother got involved and wanted to make it an Empire. Brook wasn’t sure she wanted that, brook loved her clothing line because it was the one thing that was hers that she could get lost in and nobody could take away and was afraid that it would become less hers with her mother involved. Lucas messed with her heart again after Peyton turned down the proposal and he saw her in NY and out of pain made advances to her. Lucas is the one guy that meant everything to Brooke until Julian. After this event she buries herself in her company and agrees to expand the company making her rich and famous. Until her mother screws it up and she goes broke because she doesn’t want to be responsible for the pain of others, who lost everything investing her company. So, she goes broke paying them back and becomes a humble Co-Cafe owner in her hometown making a modest living and starting a small baby clothing line.
      Nathan is famous for his college basketball days, getting drafted and a shoe deal that made his family a nice chunk of money.
      Lucas was not famous by any means, he had one successful book and was given an advance on his second book that flopped. His name alone could not sell the second book. He still writes but his third book would have to make enough to cover the advance for the second and keep him a publishing agreement. Odds are it failed and he lost his publishing contract.
      haley… Royalities from music career, producing career, famous from her music days as well as being Nathan Scotts wife. Still a humble girl who wants a simple life why still enjoying music. Producing and making albums now and then plus returning to her roots of running a small town cafe and singing locally makes her happy.
      karen is only rich through her marriage with Andy
      Mouth, Chase, and skills not rich nor famous… Mouth becomes locally famous with sports casting and the morning gig with Millie but local channel not gonna make you rich.
      Julian not rich as he was still a young producer that needed to prove himself in the industry . He is famous for being married to Brooke Davis and having directed a successful movie but that hype from that stuff don’t last since now he has very little money and hasn’t directed any new movies. Plus Brooke Davis is no longer with Clothes over bros. He takes huge loans out to pay for a sound stage in tree hill to be with his family and still be involved in the business he loves so much.
      Quinn Not rich, free lance photographer and has her own gallery in Tree Hill.
      Clay… Sports agent with nice salary and bonus by signing clients. His own business will make him even more money because now he gets the commission rather than salary and bonus.
      Alex not really important because she is gone and wasn’t really part of the core group…
      There is nothing wrong with any of this in the end because look what they did. They blew everyone up rather quickly, made some very successful and other somewhat successfully but also took it away from them at different stages and in the end they all returned to their roots of humble beginnings. Its not about being rich or famous. It is about having the chance to do what you love but also having a modest, small, hometown living.

  6. fernando says:

    I think it’s easy to know who kidnap nathan, the drug dealer Dan told he would mess with if he didnt leave his family alone, i mean come on its like right there in our face, so easy to tell and it kinda makes me sad that its so easy. But any ways I am loving Brooke story lines the most this year. Chase is the second best story line this season and can I just say idk what and how it happen, but this season he is just super hot and hard not to look at.

  7. leslie says:

    I just hope Nathan doesnt die that would be a bad ending to the best show ever OTH <3 OTHFamily follow me on twitter @LeslieeJPerez

  8. Steph says:

    So… basically copying Roseanne?

  9. Megan says:

    I agree with you, I thought the same thing as soon as I seen the clip for next week. Especially last week when as Nathan’s limo was pulling away, Dan said to Jamie, don’t worry I am not going anywhere!
    Haley’s finds lots of money in Dans dresser drawer, when he ” had no money to leave ”
    I agree Dan had him kidnaped!!!

  10. Sam says:

    No its not a flash back Nathan gets rescued by episode 10 after Julian uncovers something that helps Dan find him. the clip they’ve shown with Dan & Chris Keller were Dan says “if u can leave the killing to me” is when they try too save Nathan. It is Dan who dies, trying to save Nathan. Episode 911 is called ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ which is suppost to be Nathan & Dan’s closure to their relasionship n when Nathan no longer hate’s his father but loves him for giving his life for Nathan. The “Villen” of the show ends in a way viewers arnt aniticapting.

  11. Nikki H. says:

    I’m loving this season so far! It is a shame that they only have half the episodes. I can’t really see Dan having Nathan kidnapped. Even after all the stuff he’s done he still cares about that family, look at the intervention with Clay because of Quinn…I think he’ll try to redeem himself.

  12. Denna says:

    Ok, I’m good with any of the scenarios above that don’t include a dead Nathan! LOVE the theory about friggin’ Dan being behind the kidnapping. I’m still pissed that Dan is even free. So mad about Keith to this day!

  13. charmies21 says:

    I also think that if dan were to die that haley would blame herself for sending dan after nate to rescue him. That also makes sense wen u add her standing over the body crying. Honestly killing dan would be the ultimate way of redeaming the character finally for killing keith and it would cause nathan to look more closely at his family and life. It would be heartbreaking to watch but amazing to the storyline. Aggrivating becuz it doesent happen til eppy 11 which leaves the audience with 2 eppys to deal before it ends. It will be explosive.

  14. Dune says:

    Random theories:
    1) Nathan was abducted by Clay’s drug dealer. After all, Dan did threatened to kill him…correction, promised to kill him if he came near the Scott family again.
    2) Not Alex/Tara is somehow involved, after all, the interview with the producer clip on Hulu seemed to indicate that she was more then just a easy lay who owns the cafe competing with Haley’s.

  15. Naley says:

    I swear if Nathan dies im going to die! I just finished watching every single one of there episodes for the second time! I am still in love with Naley! Oh please One Tree Hill dont kill Nathan. I still think it would be sad if Dan died he has been such a good person lately. It would be a sad ending to a show i think. Even if all the Characters come back. Do any of you know if Peyton is actaully going to come back? I have seen things saying she isnt coming back.
    Oh ONT<3
    I will love you forever!<3

  16. Tee says:

    At least you guys in America see it first! I would like for Nathan to remain in the series and the bar man killed off ;)

  17. Sarah says:

    EXACTLY!!!! I just finished watching this episode and it showed us a preview of the next Nathan is alive thank you!!!!! I personally think Dan is changing … But I wonder who died
    This last season is so twisted :D

  18. google123 says:

    when the person threw the phone there was a big brown watch on.dan didnt have a watch on at all.

  19. Liam says:

    My theory
    1) Nathan was abducted by Clay’s drug dealer AND X (who attacked brooke in season 6) what X’s motive would be I’m unsure. But X is definately in this season and this would be time he’d be realised from jail. Dan dies saving Nathan. The end.

  20. anonymous says:

    It can’t be Nathan because Nathan has been kidnapped by some “mobsters” (lol) who want him dead for trying to sign someone for an NBA career! And I say it’s either grandma Deb (since she is supposed to come back) or Dan.

  21. Millaaa says:

    Dan kidnpped Nathan? The drugdealer kidnappen Nathan? No, to easy! There must be something more complicated.
    I maybe think it has something to do with Chris Keller or Tara?

  22. sb says:

    it is foreign basketball managers that kidnap him cos he is trying to sign players and dan dies to save nathan, i read it.

  23. Lewis says:

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