Supernatural Exclusive: Rachel Miner Returns!

Misha Collins won’t be the only familiar face making his way back to Supernatural later this season.

Rachel Miner, who plays the demon Meg Masters (never to be confused with TVLine’s own), will return to the CW series, we have learned exclusively.

Supernatural Hot Shots: Dean Meets His [Spoiler]!

Details on Miner’s comeback are scarce. Last we saw Meg in Season 6’s “Caged Heat,” she had teamed up with the Winchesters and Castiel — and smooched the latter! — to trap Crowley. But the former Crossroads demon ended up overpowering her, and she barely escaped with her life.

With Collins set to reprise his role as Castiel in Episode 17 — although possibly in some new incarnation — could Meg be back to help him out?

Supernatural fans, are you excited for Meg’s return? Hit the comments with your theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jay says:

    Haha, “exclusively.” This leaked days ago. You could at least bring details.

    • Snapy says:

      I HATE her as Meg! Find a way to bring the REAL Meg, Nicki Aycox, back please!!!

      • Tracey says:


        • lorna says:

          I hated Meg’s character, but I REALLY hate her played by this tart. The blonde was much better at the acting.

        • clark says:

          I disagree, feeling her… Shes hot also … will agree that the other meg has a better portfolio, still thought the new meg did her thing…

  2. Ellen says:

    They better have not brought her back solely to keep Dean/Castiel from getting to gay for each other, like they always do. I’m tired of this show constantly teasing the gay but force feeding the fandom their straight BS. We get it, writers. You think homosexuality is a joke and Dean and Castiel have to be banging a broad right. That’s why both Cassie and Meg are back when Dean and Cas are about set to reunite. Predictable.

    • Linda says:

      Haha, are you serious? Dean and Castiel are not an item. They aren’t secretly having sex. They aren’t having sex period.
      *here comes the bashing from the crazy Destiel fans*

      • Scott L says:

        Stop being such a jerk, Linda. -_- It’s canon that Castiel is in love with Dean. Did you even watch the last 3 seasons?

        • Oo says:

          Friendship =/= being in love
          Cas/Meg is more canon than Cas/Dean, but I doubt people with their shipping goggles on will ever see or admit that.
          Ship whatever you what, just please stop trying to force your ship into the show, and talk about Dean and Cas as a real couple as if that’s a fact (banging of screen – yeah, right). There are friend or hopefully will be again, when Cas redeems himself. Destiel is not going to become canon anymore than Wincest is. Geeze.

          • superfan99 says:

            Again wiz u ^^

          • Nic says:

            Totally agree. Very well said.
            It’s ok to like Destiel fanfics and such, but please stop saying they’re a couple or even in love. It’s NOT canon.

          • Ciara says:

            Okay people, I hear your arguements, but allow me to counter with this:

          • Alsion says:

            @ciara: Canon is where something is referred to in a previous episodes. It’s canon that Sam & Dean’s father is a hunter.
            This is not to be confused with FANNON, which where fangirls and fanboys either see (or just want to believe) in something that they think is there, should be there, they want to be there. They do a LOT of inferring.

          • Heidi says:

            We all know Wincest will never be canon. It’s sick. Plus it involved Jared. Who wants to imagine that?

          • @heidi says:

            Well Destiel is also disgusting, and it involves Misha – Ewwwww
            Thank God Castiel is asexual and we never have to stomach seeing him in a sex scene.

          • pip says:

            legit comment

        • Dahne says:

          There is absolutely nothing canon about Destiel. And yes I have watched all seasons of Supernatural multiple times.

        • Tracey says:


        • Tina says:

          Did you?????? My god, what is it with you Destiel fans trying to present as canon what only exists in your imagination???????

      • superfan99 says:

        Im with u HERE THIS IS JUST SICK

      • Dallasguy91 says:

        Honestly, most Destiel Fans dont think Dean and Cas have sex. We think they love each other. We think they feel more than just friends would. But Dean beeing an emotional wrack who cant commit and Cas beeing an angel who had his first feelings four years ago, and constant apocalyptic threats arent the best of enviroments to think about your feelings.
        Now was Mulder and Scully questioned? Now, they were an item before they even kissed let alone had sex. Were Booth and Brennan one? Yes indeed. since the first season, everyone was on common ground: those two feel more for each other than friendship.
        If Castiel had been a female (mid twenty) vessel… this would never have been a question at all! Its because they are two guys. Because when people have trouble understanding gays… then they cant even begin to wrap their minds arround the fact that some people are Bisexual. Beeing bi, doesnt mean you get to choose. It means you can fall in love with any person. and falling in love you cant control.

        • Nic says:

          I think you and some others Destiel fans should step back from tumbrl and fanfictions and actually watch the show. Castiel and Dean aren’t in love on the show. Period.
          And if Castiel had been a female, I would be saying the same thing. Dean and Castiel AREN’T Mulder and Scully!

        • Dahne says:

          Actually as someone who was in the X-Files fandom when it was on air, yes, a Mulder and Scully relationship was questioned quite severely. In fact, fandom wars broke out between shippers and non-shippers on a regular basis. The simple fact is that nothing is canon until it happens on screen or one of the people in the “couple” refers to it on screen. Neither Castiel nor Dean have come remotely close to doing either on screen so no they are not canon. This is fan fodder.

        • Tracey says:

          WELL SAID @Dallasguy91. Couldn’t have said it better myself. :D

        • Drick says:

          Post like this is what they were talking about in “The Monster At The End Of This Book”
          Dean: There’s Sam Girls and Dean Girls and…What’s a slash fan?
          Sam: As in Sam slash Dean together.
          Dean: Like together, together? They do know we are brothers right?
          Sam: Doesn’t seem to matter.
          Dean: Well that’s just sick!
          Yeah Dean might be Cas favorite human but that all it is.

        • Mary says:

          IF Castiel had been a woman, we might discuss it (after all Dean did have sex with a female angel).But Castiel is not a woman and Dean IS NOT gay. And the last one IS canon. I have nothing against gay or bi, but Dean is neither of them. If you can’t accept what is canon on the show, I’d suggest you quit watching and stick to fan fiction.

      • KC says:

        Come on!!! Dean/Cas are practically brothers! I don’t & won’t believe SN will explore incest!!! Laughable….

    • destro says:

      …who said Cassie is back?

      • Tina says:

        It was a rumour on IMDB – someone added the actress to all the episode after 7×17, but it’s been deleted already.
        Really people should not believe anything written there, it’s not a reliable source, and everybody with a Pro account can add or remove things.

    • Nic says:

      You’re confusing Canon with Porn again.

    • Tracey says:


    • Tracey says:


    • Holli says:

      Omg you destiel shippers are OUT OF YOUR MIND! You see things that aren’t there and it’s tiresome. Get over it. They aren’t gay. Ugh! And I can already tell I’m going to be called a homophobe by you, which I’m not, so don’t even bother. Just try watching the show for what it is, which isn’t a love triangle between cas/dean/Sam. It’s about demons and hunters and sometimes angels. No need for a love story that’s made up in ur head.

  3. lauren says:

    I love Meg, excited to have her back! Thanks for covering Supernatural, even tho its seen better dayz. I check out all the major TV sites, hadn’t seen this news yet.

  4. Josh says:

    Given all the drama about “killing demons cause their demons” shouldn’t they be killing Meg the next time they see her?

  5. Scott Lanchester says:

    She better not take away from the Dean/Castiel or I’ll be incredibly unhappy

  6. Metzy says:

    I would love to see them interacting together! I loved Meg! Who knows in which way she will help him out *eyebrow wiggle*

  7. Ben says:

    I had been thinking TVLine’s Megan Masters was a demon all this time. Thanks for setting me straight.

  8. superfan99 says:

    WTF is wrong with u guys cant u understand FRIENDSHIP or BROTHERHOOD
    cant a person has a same sex relation without SEX INTERACTION u FREAKS

    • Miles says:

      Can’t you understand capitalization, punctuation, and that “u” is a letter and not a word?
      And for the record, homoromanticism is perfectly possible and sex-free. Dean Winchester could very well be perceived as bisexual or biromantic, were the screenwriters willing to let him be seen as such.
      The undeniable fact is that his relationship with Castiel is complicated, and that they do love each other, be it fraternally, platonically, or in any other way, and the writers have been ruining this relationship by force-feeding us Castiel’s “betrayal” (which was basically him making a mistake, like Sam did when he said yes to Lucifer, or like when Bobby made a deal with Crowley) and Dean’s newfound unforgiving personality.
      What the fans want (Castiel fans and/or Destiel shippers) is for the writers to be just and make Dean forgive Castiel like he did with Sam and Bobby, and recognize their relationship as something deeper than normal friendship (“We do share a more profound bond”).
      It’s not even fanservice, it’s just being fair to a beloved character who got stomped on by the writers since season 6 when he was trying to use what the Winchesters taught him, free will, to save the world. In the end he was treated like a villain and was bestowed a ridiculous death — worse than Eve’s, in my opinion — that he didn’t deserve.
      Is that too much to ask? Is that what makes us freaks? I don’t think so.

      • Dave says:

        Sam saying yes to Lucifer was not a mistake. It was plan that was put in place with Dean reluctantly going along with it. The whole plan when thier first plan fell apart was Sam say yes and then gain control over his body with Lucifer in him. They thought it was the only way. That being said Sam has betrayed Dean in the past just as Dean has betrayed him and Bobby has betrayed Dean, etc, etc, etc. Just cause the writers don’t always give you the story you want, doesn’t make it bad. Some people need to learn that and also to trust the writers. The second half of season 6 was amazing. The writing was very well done and were Cas and the brothers ended up at the end of season 6 made perfect sense.

      • Puma says:

        @Miles – you stole the thoughts right out of my head and the words right out of my mouth.

      • Mary says:

        Miles, I would suggest you watch Swan Song again. Sam saying yes to Lucifer was not a mistake. It was a plan -in which all members of TFW agreed- and in the end it was successful. Don’t try to compare Castiel’s mistakes with Sam’s because there is no comparison.

  9. Maya says:

    No, I’m not happy, I don’t know why is she’s comming back, I hate her character, I mean in Caged Heat at least the point was to the boys recovered the dagger but now? I hope this is the last time we see her, that’s what I think but I sure that a lot of people is gonna be happy for her return, so good for them, bad for me!

    • Jamie says:

      Well a number of people is not happy that Cas is returning and they have to deal with it. So Meg haters will have deal with it, too.

  10. Dave says:

    Ok, first of all Dean and Castiel are not having a relationship in the way you people have been leading on. They are like brothers, they are like family so that would be incest.
    Next I love that Meg is coming back! I am betting she has something to do with the fact of Castiel being back. For those of you that are saying she better not take away from Dean and Cas time well deal with it. Cas can and needs to have interaction with someone other than Dean. I agree he needs to have interaction with Dean as well but they are not the only 2 characters on the show. Also as far as we know she is only in one episode and Castiel will be in several episodes so I am betting you all will get plenty of Dean and Castiel time. Just don’t make it into something more than what it is. Just brotherly/family love.

    • cas ryan says:

      uh actually Incest is defined as sexual relations between 2 blood-related people. dean and cas not blood related so your argument is INVALID :)

      • Tina says:

        They are also not of the same species, one needs a host (who I don’t think agreed to any hankypanky), and let’s not talk about the age difference or maturity level or pesky things like sexual orientation.
        And Dean kinda said “care for you like a brother”, so … unless he does that sort of thing with his brother, he also won’t do them with Cas.

      • Alon says:

        Not really, but keep saying yourself that and go to your Destiel heaven. Just please let the rest of us watch SUPERNATURAL, ok? Thanks.

        • ohplease says:

          someone’s opinion can’t actually stop you from watching Supernatural so just watch it when it is on, it’s really easy too. You turn on the TV, you put it on your CW channel, you go to kitchen and bathroom during commercials.
          Or you watch later on your DVR.
          No opinion can stop any of that from happening.
          It’s quite like the gay people across the street being happily married, have nothing to do with your own love life.

          • Alon says:

            Destiel being real isn’t an opinion, it’s a delusion.
            Destiel shippers don’t stop me from watching my beloved show, don’t worry. But they make me feel ashamed when they start talking Destiel as if it were something real. It’s not. And I’m not saying this because I’m anti-gay because I’m far from it. I’m just saying this because Dean and Castiel are not romantically involved no matter how many times some keep pushing it. They should keep their ship where it belongs: Fanfiction.

        • Jess says:

          I hope people realize that being overly passionate goes both ways.
          Being condescending/rude to Destiel fans is hardly better than being delusional over Destiel’s canonness. You’re being just as immature and easily excited when you see Destiel, just in a different manner. It’s like a fictional pairing has personally offended you. You’re no better or worse than the shippers. This “real fan” attitude is getting tired.
          On-topic: Meg 1.0 my favorite of all favorites, but I’ll definitely watch anyway. I just think that we need to remember Meg’s villain status. She WAS the one responsible for Ellen and Jo’s deaths, after all! :o

  11. alyssa897 says:

    UGH I can’t stand Meg’s character.

  12. Lisa says:

    I don’t get some people. The fandom has been whining the whole season long how we don’t have enough supporting characters, and that the writers are killing everybody but Sam and Dean off. But when they bring a character back, who has been a part of Spn since season 1, people are complaining again.
    Oh, and the whole Meg is going to take away from Dean and Cas is just ridiculous IMO.
    This fandom, whining till the end. *facepalm*

    • Dahne says:

      Since there’s no like button to like your post, let me just say I agree

    • Katie says:

      ^^; I keep asking myself those same questions over and over and my head hurt. its like the fans who said they didn’t wanted bigbad and only wanted 20 eps. out of 22 (well 23 this year), or something like that, to be a stand-alone with random monster of the week with the bros and now everytime they have one stand alone they’re complaining cause there’s not enough Leviathans…..

  13. cas ryan says:

    im not happy with this either someone suggested to me that maybe her and cas are in some sort a relationship no just absolutely no that just seems ridicolous to me i hate her character and i hope this is the last we see of her hopefully crowley will pop up too and kill her for trying to kill him

    • Tina says:

      “someone suggested to me that maybe her and cas are in some sort a relationship no just absolutely no that just seems ridicolous to me”
      Welcome to the world of not Destiel shippers.
      We get that feeling every time a Destiel shipper posts about how canon their ship is XD
      P.s The same goes for Wincest shippers, although they usually stay in their fanfiction world and don’t post about how Sam and Dean should kiss and stuff.

      • Nic says:

        Thank you, Tina! I feel the same way! :)

      • cas ryan says:

        first of all i dont ship destiel why you even think that i dont like cas with her cause they aint a match DUH imo you assuming that someone who doesnt like cas being with anyone is because their a destiel shipper really makes you quite pathetic and dull :)

        • Tina says:

          @cas ryan
          I wasn’t saying that she’s a Destiel shipper, just that the feeling she’s describing about Cas/Meg (which I find quite intriguing) is the same feeling I get with Dean/Cas and the shippers saying how amazing and epic their ship is – ridiculous.
          Maybe you should try working on your reading comprehention instread of insulting people – because that just shows how pathetic and dull you are.

  14. kay says:

    I really much prefer Nicki’s Meg.
    I hope Meg is coming back to play around in Sam’s head, since Pellegrino is not in this episode. Meg always had a special bond with Sammy.

  15. Sea says:

    Meg is back!!!~!!!
    I’m far to excited about this. I friggin loved her character and the actress is amazing!
    Plus we get a reoccuring female character on the show for once.

  16. Savvy says:

    Wow, all these Dean/Cas shippers suprise me! And no I don’t have a problem with homosexuals, my two best friends since we were in pigtails are lesbians as is my aunt, but you act like you’ve never seen a relationship before. Friends love and care for each other but that does not make them gay OR bi. I think Meg returning is great, she’s unpredictable. I don’t mind fanfiction, but leave it at that, don’t start judging the show based on that.

  17. hedi says:

    ppl seriously?! i mean fans are always trying to say that this whole Destiel thing is actually there in the show! beCuz from what i know and seen on the show , is that Cas is trying to have connections with humans and he is trying to have brother ship or at least friend ship with dean and not to mention that dean never really showed his feelings to him [if he really had something for him , all he ever did was telling Cas that he is their friend , that’s all!!!] and thats it! it was never a relation ship that u guys imagined to be! and i hope it never goes that way!!!
    and about meg! come on! i love nicki’s meg , this new meg is not a good actress she cannot act well and i think that surely she has something 2 do with my dear Cas , sadly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Miles says:

    I’m just wondering what role she will play now. Last time we saw her she helped the boys, now I wonder if she will help them again or come back as a villain? As long as her return has a real importance to the storyline and they don’t bring her back for yet another filler episode, I don’t think even the Meg haters will be displeased.
    The thing about season seven is: you shouldn’t keep your expectations high.

  19. Joan says:

    To certain (not all!) Destiel shippers around, it’s NOT CANON, it never, ever will be. Accept that, have a cry about it on tumblr but don’t go off with it on TV sites like this. Destiel has nothing to do with the actual storyline, so stop forcing it out. Have your opinions, sure. But get real.
    About Meg, I try to trust the writers, even though I have my doubts on Sera Gamble’s ways, (considering Season 6). I think bringing past characters can be a bit redundant, though. Sometimes it’s like recycling old situations and plot devices. We’ll see where this goes!

    • moonwatcher says:

      YES. Destiel fans can write all the lovey dovey fanfic they want but stop trying to pretend fanon is canon.

    • Jess says:

      I don’t understand how you can say “have your opinion” and “get real” in the same post. Just stating your opinion is forcing it on someone else, isn’t it? Which sucks, because that’s what everyone on this page is doing.

      • Joan says:

        No, everyone has a right to voice their opinions. It’s just that certain Destiel fans take the fanon too seriously i.e. ‘eye contact = undying love’, complaining/threatening the writers, boycotting the show, lashing out. All because of an imaginary relationship. Fanon is totally fine – it’s fun! I only meant that they shouldn’t force something that will never happen and accept that.

  20. Lawrence says:

    Really happy she is coming back, Rachel plays Meg much better than Nikki Aycox. I wonder if Castiel and Meg resume where they left off

  21. B-r-e-n says:

    To answer the question, and stay ON TOPIC: yes, I’m excited about Meg’s return! This lady is a wonderful actress (demonstrated by the amount of hate everyone has for her-means she does her job well). Whenever Meg shows, it is a result of brilliant writing! (though I hold a grudge over the whole Jo/Ellen exit).
    Off topic, yet relative to people’s posts here: why so negative towards one another? And the author here? You know that awful feeling you get while viewing YouTube comments that are just flippant & unnecessary? I’m getting much of it here & it isn’t pleasant. Just saying.

  22. Tale says:

    I think this will be quite interesting. Meg is one of my favourite characters, so I look forward to see her and of course Cas! :)

  23. kit says:

    There are times when I’m embarrassed to be a part of this fandom. It just blows my mind that people actually discuss destiel as canon. To much porn really does rot your brain. It’s not that your delusional (you are) but your so honestly serious. How does this happen where your fantasy has become so real that you’ll discuss it in a public forum like it’s true. I have shipped a lot of people but I’ve never lost sight of reality.
    I pray they put Cas/Meg together if nothing else so you’ll shut up.

  24. Shereile says:

    I just want to ask a quick question.
    Why are so many people against Dean/Cas? Honestly, why?
    Just give me a good reason why Dean and Castiel should never be together romantically? Because they’re friends doesn’t cut it.

    • Tiana says:

      The main problems for me are these:
      1* In 7 seasons Dean has never been shown any romantic or sexual interest in men, has never hooked up with any men just women (a lot of women). Now some argue he’s bi – the siren episode being a hint, but really that’s more a hint of incest than homosexuality Oo Not going there. He also has had no reason if he was bi not to also flirt with men or take one to his room, but that was never shown nor hinted at on screen. So him suddenly hooking up with Cas would be OOC and fan service.
      Making a straight guy gay is IMO just as bad as making a gay guy straight.
      2* Dean has never shown a sexual interest in Cas, he even said he cared about him like a brother. He is mostly shown either treating Cas as a convinient weapon or as a child.
      3* Cas is not human. He is possessing a man, who is either alive in there and forced to watch everything – which would be rape, and Jimmy also was shown as straight religious family man so even worse. Or he is dead, which would mean necrophilia – wasn’t Sam/Ruby enought of that Yuk.
      4* Their “romance” is creepy, Edward Cullen creepy: dream invasion/watching Dean sleep, invisible stalking (thanks Edlund 6×20), Cas makes Dean unconfortable by invading his personal space … The only thing Destiel has is the eye thing, but really Dean also does/did that with Bobby, John W., Sam, the bad guys like Azazael … They are over doing it in Cas/Dean scenes and IMO they should tone it down. It’s like they would make Sam and Dean hug everytime they are in the same room – it gets boring and FF-button worthy.
      5* The age difference. Cas was there when evolution started, so… And emotionaly he is about 5, therefore Ewwww

      • Alon says:

        I love this comment so much! Thank you!

      • Shereile says:

        Ok thank you for that. I just wanted that cleared out, because yes I’m a Dean/Cas shipper, but I often feel like people who dislike this ship are not giving me at least a reason why. I just want to understand this, so thanks :)
        And I can perfectly understand if the age difference, emotional difference creeps you out. As for the creepy stalking, sleep watching thing. I find this rather funny, so it’s another argument how different people see things. And hands down, but Jensen Ackles has chemistry with about every male in the show (Dean/Alastair *shudders*) So it’s not exactly the actor’s fault that Jensen and Misha like to indulge in their little eyesexing matches. It’s one reason why so many people ship Destiel.
        For point 3 I can say that it’s been confirmed by Cas that Jimmy’s soul has moved on, so the only one inhabiting that body is Castiel(who’s the size of the Chysler building lol).Necrophilia is a serious issue and again, I can understand why it creeps people out, but I’m pretty much relaxed about it and don’t take it that seriously because it’s a supernatural show and it’s rather weird to show Cas as big ball of light all the time. So I see him as more of a man with super powers :)
        I could show you tons of gifs for point 1 and 2 (Dean looks at another guys ass, admires another man’s penis) but it’s true that Dean sees Cas as a friend and brother first and foremost, so I have to live with that for now. Guess everybody sees things differently depending on their cultural upbrining and things like that.

        • moonwatcher says:

          Cas has eyesex with Sam too. Now I’m a Sam/Cas shipper but I know that’s for fanon. On the show, I don’t pretend Sam or Cas are gay. I don’t pretend they are in love. They are just friends, like Dean and Cas are just friends.
          I don’t dislike Destiel. Fans can ship whoever they want but like I said, some of them want to bring fanon into canon and try to argue Dean is gay or bisexual on the show.

        • Jess says:

          “it’s been confirmed by Cas that Jimmy’s soul has moved on”
          May I ask when this was confirmed? I must have missed it, cause the last I heard about it was in 4×20 The Rapture where Cas said “I wanna make sure you understand. You won’t die or age. If this last year was painful for you, picture a hundred, a thousand more like it.”
          So I took this as Jimmy still being in his vessel while Cas is possessing him.

      • Dahne says:

        This comment – sweet merciful awesome!!! The biggest problem I have with Destiel (besides the name) is that it is completely out of character. People reach so much to try to make it in character but seven years of Supernatural, 8 if you count the missing year, says that it is not.

      • hedi says:

        aw thank god for this amazing comment! u just said what ever i missed! thanx!

  25. raelee514 says:

    Fact: Canon is what is seen on screen.
    Fact: Different audience members can have different POVs of the same facts.
    Fact: Dean Winchester and Castiel have more Profound Bond than most other Angel/Human relationships.
    Fact: Any Castiel/Dean fan has every right, and a lot of reasons to see, feel and and crave more than a brotherhood relationship between the two characters in this day in age. Castiel has been written to have turned himself inside out to please Dean. Dean has been written to trust Castiel on near the same level he trusts Sam…
    If that doesn’t tell us something about the closeness, and the complications of their relationship, no matter what your POV on it is depending on your own take of the Canon facts, then well, okay… But no one has any right to tell Dean/Castiel fans they are wrong. Anymore than Dean/Castiel fans should say that Non-Dean/Cas fans are wrong.
    Because they aren’t. They just perceive it differently from the same sets of Canon facts. Unless of course people are making up stuff…. in that case, well. why?
    All that said about the lastest SPN BS in a SPN article…
    Woohooo I love Demon Meg Masters! I love TV LIne Meg Masters too, I believe. I think Rachel Miner is great in a role, though I will always miss Nicki Aycox’s take on her. And I’m excited to see the boys go head to head with her, or maybe work with her against Leviathans…
    And I can’t wait to see how Castiel comes back.

    • JP says:

      I don’t care about how anybody interprets what’s shown on screen.
      I’m bothered by those shippers who demand more, like kissing and proclaiming eternal love; and then bashing writers because there are not getting it or saying everybody who doesn’t ship Destiel is blind and stupid.
      They should realize that they are not the only fans of the show and that their wishes are not more important than those of non Destiel shippers.

    • Kit says:

      Fact your like the crazy great aunt of the family. Who every thanksgiving has to give your opinion that the guy that Dean brought to dinner three years ago is the great love of his life. Ignoring his girlfriend that he brought last year and the fact he doesn’t ever mention Cas. You spend every moment at dinner discussing and dissecting a relationship that only exists in your head to the rest of us who are not interested in your sexual fantasies. As your part of the family we can’t seem to get rid of you – we keep hoping that Cas will marry into another family perhaps they’ll adopt you. Oh the hope springs eternal.

    • Mary says:

      The profound bond was mentioned from Cas. Dean was very surprised when he heard it. So, just because it was said doesn’t mean that it exists too.

  26. Maddy says:

    No. No, no, no, no. Do. Not. Want.

  27. Brittney says:

    I don’t know how I feel about Meg returning. I kinda wanted 7×17 to be all about castiel’s return and I hope she has a small part and isnt a huge part of the episode.

    • Risa says:

      Don’t forget Sam’s breakdown – finally.
      I expect it to be half Cas’ return, half Sam’s trip to the Asylum (maybe Meg’s a hallucination).

      • Brittney says:

        Does that happen 7×17 too. Wow crazy episode. I thought that was earlier. I wouldn’t mind Meg being an hallucination a la Lucifer.
        Any way excited!

  28. Mabu says:

    Honestly, why is it that every time I read comments about Supernatural, they always come back to bashing Castiel or Destiel or a female character in the show or the writers or any other kind-of thing. In this case, it’s Destiel and Meg.
    GUYS. Please, can we stop assuming things about each other? It doesn’t matter who is whose fan or not.
    MEG IS COMING BACK and I am very, very, very happy. I like Meg with Cas or without Cas. She’s awesome. As long as she doesn’t hurt any of the boys, she’s good in my book.
    And also, I like the one whose playing Meg 2.0. So, did I like Ruby 2.0.
    There’s nothing wrong with any one of us. Why must we fight within our fandom?

  29. Emma says:

    I am very happy that Rachel is returning. I always thought they would bring her back at some point since her character is one of the few who have survived since the beginning. She also makes a good female opponent for Crowley as well. Both Megs played the part very well. It’s always hard to get used to someone new but Rachel did a great job. Just like all 3 Rubys (yes 3 – there was one epis where we saw another blonde who briefly played her til Sam told her to give up the body) – That’s when Gen took over. As far as Dean/Castiel I think nothing ever happened between them and I don’t know why people want that to have happened. Cas raised Dean from Hell for a reason. Cas was a very young Angel and had only Heaven’s orders to follow. He learned about humans from Dean and moral issues etc. which led him to question, doubt and finally try to help the brothers. Dean took him under his ‘wing’ and always called him a child. He was a mentor to a young Angel and the dialogue has always been so hilarious between them. Sam and Dean have always had the ‘more than brothers’ card played by the writers – when the Siren said Dean wanted ‘a brother who would look up to him’ – the siren became that ‘brother’ not a woman. Dean told Sam after reuniting in s.1 that he wanted his brother alive when Sam said he knew Dean wanted a ‘family’. But it is all interpretation. No one is absolutely right or wrong unless the writers explicitly tell us their intent. So I just enjoy the show and the wonderful cast and everything that goes into making it so awesome!

  30. Michelle says:

    Even though I am a Destiel fan, I have no problems with the idea of Meg returning in Castiel’s episode IN THEORY. Sadly, my faith in the writers, Gamble in particular, has been reduced to rubble this season, so I find myself filled with dread at the thought of her returning instead.
    My problem with the Meg and Cas is the kiss in season 6 episode “Caged Heat” felt very OOC of Castiel, and I think was just done for a cheap laugh and titillation at the expense of previously established canon and characterization. Gamble herself established in the season 4 episode “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, which introduced the character of Anna, that angels can see the true face of demons. Castiel should have been repulsed at the sight of Meg because he can see her horrible, disgusting demonic face, not just the pretty human face of her host.
    Therefore, Castiel kissing her made absolutely NO sense. In fact, it makes even less sense when you look at how Castiel interacted with Meg in the season 5 “Abandon All Hope.” Castiel THREW Meg in the ring and fire and WALKED over her in order to get out. He goes from doing that, to kissing her next season? WTF?
    You don’t have to be a Destiel fan to be unhappy with possibility that they’ll pair up Meg/Cas. I sincerely hope, however, that Gamble remembers the episode she wrote in season 4 and doesn’t just have Cas be seduced Meg and ignores the fact that Cas (especially if he’s lost his memories) should be horrified at the sight of demonic woman as he, like Anna, can see her true face. I wish I could trust the writers more so I could look forward to Meg’s return without dreading it. I’ll be thrilled if my fears are proved wrong.

    • Emma says:

      I agree Michelle that I would like to see Meg w/o any hook up with Cas. Anna, before she became her Angel self and Dean also saw the demon faces. Dean because he was facing the Hell Hounds and could see demons everywhere at that point. When Anna became the Angel she didn’t react in a loathing manner when she was around Ruby – although I am sure she wasn’t comfortable. Cas was working with Crowley for all of s.6 we found out at the end, so maybe the only reason he did what he did (other than for the obvious kiss and the phrase ‘I learned it from the pizza man’) because he was so ‘conditioned’ to seeing them he didn’t react in an expected way. Meg is still a very bad, murdering demon and should only be utilized if she can help the brothers with the leviathan issue at hand. Meg and Crowley are the only two demons of ‘value’ remaining.

  31. deborah says:

    Frankly, I’m hoping the return of Meg means we’re going to eventually wind the villain back to being demons like Crowley, as I’m sick of the tediously dull Leviathan. I still can’t believe Cas was originally killed off to bring these things to the show.

  32. tvaddict says:

    Everytime I see Meg Masters on Tvline, I think DEMON! Where is the holy water?

  33. Cheryl says:

    I’m So glad Castiels return is only for three episodes(no offense to Misha) and the purpose of this return is for conclusion and closure as Singer said. And being his first appearance is the episode when Sam breaks there’s no chance Castiel will get a pass like he did in S 4 for his crimes against humanity and the way he lied manipulated and betrayed both brothers. Castiel before he absorbed even one soul tortured the professor Ellie to death (Bobby’s ex lover and friend ),killed his best friend Balthazar, killed a virgin And took Sams wall down when he knew what it would do to him and as will be shown in this episode what it is still doing to him.
    Castiel killed thousands of humans and Angels and being Castiel is responsible for releasing the Leviathans from purgatory Castiel is responsible for Bobby’s death. No doubt the show runner will focus on Bobby’s death but probably more so what Castile did to Sam as in the rule book of everything that makes up who Dean is nobody hurts Sam And Castiel took down his wall knowing it could have killed him and now he is suffering and dealing with 180 years of hell memories The last two will no doubt have Dean having major trouble forgiving Castile if he can. But if he does I hope its for Deans own sake to have some peace and to move on with his life And that finally Castile and Angel mythology will be gone for good as kripke really jumped the shark with this overblown and over extended storyline and character.
    As for Meg hope its the usual short and sweet and then shes gone

  34. Ella says:

    Oh GOD, I hope not. I don’t think my Dean/Castiel loving heart could stand another Cas/Meg smooch. I do find this Meg less annoying than the first one but generally, she’s a very irritating character.

  35. Tracey says:


  36. Tracey says:

    Whether that means they have a homosexual relationship or not is up 2 each of us INDIVIDUALS 2 decide & 4 OTHERS 2 NOT tell us were wrong cuz 2 EACH HIS OWN. U HAVE UR OPINION & I Have Mine. Its NOT right 2 say that someone elses opnion is wrong & urs is right cuz we ALL have the right 2 Free Speech. Anyhoo….People have a right 2 believe what they want 2 believe. Leave it @ that plz. Have some RESPECT 4 OTHERS PLZZ. THANK U.

  37. Tracey says:

    Btw,that Rachel Miner ruins SUPERNATURAL everytime she’s on it. They ALWAYS seem 2 bring back Meg but unfortunately they don’t bring her back wit the ORIGINAL 1 evn tho its probly impossbl since that girl died. Anyhoo….that SLUT Meg killed Jo & put Dean thru some Hell. I don’t like Jo but hate what that did 2 him 4 awhile. Besides THAT Rachel Miner version of Meg KILLED Jo. HELLO! If ur a Jo fan, U should HATE that Meg.

  38. Julie says:

    The only thing I want from this is to not have her around when Castiel is back. Okay, of course they will meet again at some point with that kiss they had and all, but the only thing I’ve been exciting about for this season is the return of Castiel, and I would love for the brothers to have a chance to get to him before her.
    Because let’s face it, he is the reason why they are bringing her back. If she knows how to defeat the Leviathans then I’ll be officially not a fan of the show anymore. Because she somehow knows everything and it’s sort of gross now.
    I think it’s so sad that things simply aren’t the way they used to be. Too much random cr@p about something unrelated to the brothers. But that’s just my opinion­…

  39. bhm1304 says:

    I’ve liked Miner since she played Michelle Bauer on ‘Guiding Light’ eons ago. She is great as Meg.

  40. Emma says:

    Maybe we should really blame Chuck since he wrote all of this. Meg’s character was changed from wanting to kill the brothers in the beginning to wanting to get Sam to a place where he could be possessed by Lucifer. Cas was supposed to be the ‘guardians’ of the Winchesters but ending up betraying them in s.6. When I found out that he actually raised Sam w/o his soul and didn’t even greet him when he awoke or came when Sam called – it made me angry. The same is true that he never went to Dean to say what he tried to do and maybe find a way to get Sam’s soul out. But instead he hooked up with Crowley and put on a big act when Dean called him in ‘The Third Man’ about the ‘bond’ thing. All Dean wanted was his brother, alive and back with him – and he probably would have left Lisa because I hated that story line as well (but it was good to get some epis out of it) Dean also never called on Cas during that entire year he thought Sam was gone. I cannot see how Cas and Dean ever would have had a relationship since Dean was always with Sam and Cas only came when called in s.4 and s.5 and s.6 Dean was with Lisa. If (and big IF here) Dean was going to have relationship with anyone I would say it would be the man he has loved since birth and cared for and died for and was with 24/7 – Sam.
    I am happy that both Meg and Cas are returning along with Crowley I’m sure again. I would like to see Chuck again since I do believe he is still writing this especially after leviathan ‘Chet’ is talking with the person on the phone going over his credit card expenses and mentions ‘Mistress Magda’ – I wonder was that a coincidence or a hint of the return of Chuck?

  41. elle ryan says:

    i really hope cas somehow returns in season 8 if they get one i think he deserves a chance to somehow redeem himself to sam and dean i really dont think they can accomplish that in just 3 eps i think he should be made human so he can stick around i like the idea of there being 3 brothers like the 3 amigos :) lol

  42. casammy says:

    Sincerely I believe that cas has more opportunity to be excused by sam that dean, remember castiel sin number one in the manual of big bro dean winchester: to hurt sammy, is a mortal sin and nobody damages to sam and remains alive to count the history, dean always has demonstrated that always it goes to choose sam especially and all, sammy is the first, the second up to the eternity, this way they were raised, his world turns concerning them two and to nobody more, there can be some connections but ultimately they all end up by being passengers and ultimately always they are dean and sam together against all and everything. I believe that it is the end of the history of castiel for that it does not have felt to continue insisting on the topic of angels until it is like an angel guardian but then everything goes to be very easy, to call to cas and there is no fight, there is no danger of going out wounded or dead, too much bored quite, so better they continue being both brothers against the world, and as for meg, it is a bitch, a demon, this way I believe dean goes to kick ass and to send her of return to the hell

  43. Tonia says:

    When Jensen was asked about the Dean and Cas “romantic” relationship at a convention (I forget which one but you can probably find it on Superwiki), he replied, “Not what the show is about,” and turned away to another fan with a question. So there you have it straight from the horse’s mouth.

    • hehe right says:

      Jensen doesn’t write the show and the fan was asking about fan fiction and romance. He would have said the same thing had they asked about what he thought about people who write sexual fan fiction about Dean and Lisa. The show has never been about romance. So it’s not from the horse’s mouth whatever “it” is you are trying to sell. Destiel is canon. The show has referenced Castiel being in love in Dean several times and never backed away from it. Denying that Castiel is in love with Dean is just denying facts that have been presented on the show. Unless you are calling the writers liars. In which case I can’t help you.

      • he he right back at you says:

        Hmmm, so Destiel is unrequited love, alright then. But a canon couple needs two to tango, so tough luck. And most importantly Cas never actually said what he feels for Dean, as a more profound bond can be understood as a lot of things, especially if you consider the context when he said that. He said has he has a MORE p. bond with Dean, but than means he also has a p. bond with Sam – so logically he’s either in love with both or a profound bond means friendship.
        And if you take everything the writers include in the script as the complete truth (and not as jokes or characters trying to bait/tease Sam & Dean), then I guess Sam and Dean are a couple too, and Cas is SoulessSam’s boyfriend – just to name a few. j/s

        • hehe right says:

          A canon couple does not need two to tango. Who ever told you that? That’s completely stupid sounding. Jo had a crush on Dean that was unrequited. You are saying that wasn’t canon? People don’t need to say how they feel about each other for it to be obvious. Again I use Jo as an example. I don’t recall her ever laying her feelings bare. She just swung her little booty around Dean every chance she got hoping he would take her up on the offer. Sharing a more profound bond doesn’t mean the bond he has with sam is the same so he doesn’t have to be in love with sam. Hence the phrase more profound. Either you are trolling or just really stupid with the last part of your comments.

          • @hehe right says:

            You know you just proven that you are in fact really stupid or you just can’t read, but what can you expect from a fan who thinks Destiel is canon.
            So in short not confusing words. A canon couple does need two people who both have romantic feelings for each other otherwise they are not a couple, and Dean/Jo were not a canon couple – Dean/Lisa were. Or do you need a definition of what a couple is? Maybe you should get a boyfriend, then you will get the difference between a COUPLE and FRIENDS.
            Oh and the second part. You wrote “The show has referenced Castiel being in love in Dean several times and never backed away from it.”
            The only time they did that was when Bathazar said “the angel who is in love with you”, and so if you take that as truth Cas is SoulessSam’s boyfriend (watch 6×11).
            And more profound bond can be interpreted in different ways, the most logical for non-blind-Destiel-shippers it means Cas considers Dean a closer friend than Sam.

  44. A'ight says:

    Good, maybe they’ll finally kill her. Given that the last time Meg showed up, Dean and Sam were not going to let her leave alive and the only reason she did was because she escaped before Sam could shiv her.

  45. spikeschilde621 says:

    Megstiel is my OTP, so i am MORE than okay with this. i can’t wait! there better be some sexy fun times! DO NOT toy with my emotions, Gamble and co!

  46. Holy Cannoli says:

    The in-fighting in this fandom is even worse than in the Twilight fandom.
    Why so much vitriol?
    You don’t like Destiel? Okay. Cool. Whatever.
    You do like Destiel? Okay. Cool. Whatever.
    Everyone needs to chill the hell out.

    • jo says:

      THANK YOU! I agree 100%. If you believe in a Destiel type Cas/Dean relationship, all the power to you. If you are like me and do not, great. Just please stop acting like little kids saying that your way is the right way. Everyone has the right to their own opinions.
      As for Meg returning, I admit that I prefer Nikki Aycox’s portrayal, but have no issues with the second actress. And definitely looking forward to Cas’s return!

  47. katia says:

    I like Meg but not Castiel/Meg!!!!!!!!!

  48. Robin says:

    WOW. “HATE” is a strong word. I did not expect to see that at the start of the comments. How RUDE.
    I like both Megs. People, handle CHANGE!!!
    I thought she was great in the last ep with Cas.
    Be interested to see what they use her for this time.

  49. Tabi says:

    I guess I’m in the minority but I like Rachel’s Meg better than Nikki’s. I didn’t care about Meg one way or the other back in season one. Once Rachel took over, she became my favorite female character. I’m thrilled that she’s coming back (though, with the rate they’re going, it’ll probably be to kill her. That would suck). She’s the only recurring character from the first season who is still alive. I want her to stay that way.
    And yeah, I love her interaction with Castiel. I hope we get to see more of it. It’s such a weird, twisted…attraction that was so unexpected to me. Definitely hoping she’s involved with his storyline. For the record, I also love Dean and Castiel’s relationship on the show. They have a wonderful friendship (admittedly not at the moment, but these things can be fixed).