Glee Exclusive: Matt Bomer, Darren Criss Set to Duet With [SPOILER] Mash-Up!

Save a prayer for Glee‘s Blaine Anderson. Things will come undone (so to speak) for Glee‘s notorious prepster when White Collar‘s hunky Matt Bomer turns up as his brother in an episode set to air in April. Who knows? The duo might even take a trip to Rio.
Okay, okay…if all those thuddingly interspersed song titles didn’t give it away, TVLine has learned exclusively that after some long and intense negotiations, ’80s supergroup Duran Duran has cleared two — possibly three — tracks for the hit Fox series. And it’ll be the Brothers Anderson who’ll have the privilege of performing said ditties — as a mash-up!
A show source says the Duran Duran number will be “very sexy and fun and big,” adding that Bomer is a “big dancer,” and that Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, is a major Duran aficionado who “has long hungered for some of these songs.”
Hmmm…hungered? Sounds like “Hungry Like the Wolf” might be on the agenda. But until we get confirmation, let’s brainstorm some possible mash-ups in the comments. I’ll get the party started:
“Girls on Film”/”The Wild Boys” (has this ever been done before? discuss!)
“The Reflex”/”Is There Something I Should Know” (too much awesome?)
“Ordinary World”/”Planet Earth” (maybe not…unless they’re tackling global warming?)
Your turn. Sound off in the comments with your mash-up ideas, and for all the Glee news you could ever hope for, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews! (Reporting by Michael Ausiello)

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  1. Brent says:

    Fantastic! I am excited for Matt Bomber to be in Glee

  2. Finnhud says:

    I am excited.
    Matt Bomer, DC and Duran Duran?

  3. Kim says:

    i vote – girls on film/wild boys

  4. James says:

    Oh this is going to be epic! Please let one of the songs be Hungry Like The Wolf! With Wild Boys maybe?

  5. Chris says:

    Rio/Hungry Like the Wolf would be epic

  6. mike says:


  7. buhn says:

    ugh, can dc stop ruining bands. his michael jackson attempts were pitiful.
    matt bomer can stay.

    • Finnhud says:

      Honestly, I thought Wanna Be Starting Something was a lot of fun.

      • buhn says:

        the group performance, maybe. but the song itself? MJ is rolling in his grave.

      • anon says:

        WBSS was my favorite number, and I really wasn’t expecting that. I thought his voice sounded fantastic on it, and he can certainly dance. Not as well as Harry Shum or Kevin McHale, but after them I’d say he’s easily the best male dancer (not counting Matt Morrison) on the show.

    • Angel says:

      I actually liked Wanna Be Starting Something enough to download from itunes along side Smooth Criminal. Usually I don’t go for Glee covers, but those were good.

    • Sarah says:

      WBSS was one of the best numbers of the episode though.

  8. Manie says:

    Anything by Duran Duran will make me happy… Matt Bomer AND Duran Duran in the same episode… that just blew me away! I’m a HUGE DD fan! Can they sing Union of the snake to Sebastian!? LOL No really… Ordinary World is such an amazing song! Or Save a prayer. But hey if you do DD you can’t pass Hungry like the wolf! :D

  9. Gentry says:

    Matt Bomer is the best thing to happen to Glee all year!

    • Deena says:

      Oh hell yeah! First thing I’ve been excited about all season! Then you include one of my all time favorite bands from back in the day and I am thrilled. Plus so many of their songs lend themselves to him possibly being shirtless which will only add to the quality of his appearance on the show :)
      I wish the episode was now…

    • Sam A says:

      YES!! so true!! best thing to happen to Glee EVER!! :D

  10. scorpo says:

    Maybe Sam and Matt Bomer can go swimming together. A perfect opportunity for us to see some Skin Divers?

  11. take it off says:

    Who cares? Both of them should be shirtless.

  12. anon says:

    DC will rock Duran Duran. I don’t know about MB’s voice (never heard it) but he’ll be pretty at the very least ;)
    Oooohhhh they are brothers so I really hope they do Wild Boys.

    • Winnie says:

      If it’s a mash-up, I think Notorious and Wild Boys would be a good number.

      • same anon says:

        Holy that would be fantastic.
        And it fits my (tentative) headcanon of Blaine’s older bro being a rebel jetsetting playboy (putting pressure on Blaine to be the perfect son) who comes breezing through Lima to see his brother, and while they’re not close, they’re fond of each other, at least.
        Damn; I’ll be disappointed when this doesn’t happen.

  13. Paul Birch says:

    Dear Darrin Criss my name is Paul Birch your very talented and you and I have the same ability to dance and singI like you as actor.Your number fan Paul Birch

  14. Alex says:

    I’m really, really, really excited to see Matt Bomer singing and dancing on Glee.

  15. Sarah says:

    Eh, not sure Darren is the appropriate voice for Duran Duran and his numerous solos are starting to wear thin. I’m really going to have to google this other dude singing since I’ve never heard him. Yay for Duran Duran though, big fan of their stuff.

    • anon says:

      Are Lea and Naya’s numerous songs wearing thin for you too? Because they’ve both been singing more than he has this season.
      And since he’d be singing with Matt Bomer, it wouldn’t you know be a solo.
      And Darren has probably one of the more versatile voices on the show. He’s not as technicially proficient as Lea (who is), but he can do pop, rock, folk, indie, Broadway, standards, and I’m sure he can do new wave, too. :)!

      • Sarah says:

        Actually yes, Lea and Naya do feel a bit over-used for me this season, but since this article wasn’t about them I didn’t feel the need to bring them up.
        I think almost all the actors have versatile voices and can handle most styles of music, but I’m just not sure Darren is a good choice for Le Bon’s vocals which isn’t actually an insult, it’s just an opinion, so you can relax now.

    • James says:

      Which numerous solos would that be? Because both Santana and Rachel have sung more, Mercedes is right behind him and for example, Rory has had 3 solos, 1 less than Blaine counting Michael now. I wish you haters would find at least the time to check your facts before you start whining about him.

      • Sarah says:

        Jesus Christ. I actually am a Darren fan, thank you very much. And, ok, semantics, all of Darren’s numerous solos, duets and group leads are starting to wear a bit thin, just like they are with Naya and Lea and I’d like to hear more from other, more neglected cast members. How the does that make me a hater?

  16. mgb says:

    How did Glee manage to snag Matt Bomer?! Very exciting news indeed. Now if only they could get Tom Welling to appear in any capacity, that would be too much for my heart to take.

  17. Robin says:

    Matt Bomer on Glee!!!! Yay!!!! So excited! :)

  18. Isaac says:

    I love Duran Duran. Whatever mashup it is, Wild Boys NEEDS to be in there. Would be so awesome.

    • Winnie says:

      That would be a cool 1/2 of a mash-up for brothers! Whatever they sing, I’m really excited about the episode for Bomer and Duran Duran!

  19. Joana says:

    I will be seeing Glee for the first time in my life just for Matt Bomer. Matt is amazing talented. This is only gain him more fans.

  20. Winnie says:

    What I’d love to hear: New Moon on Monday, New Religion (slowed down), and Falling Down…
    What I guess I’llprobably hear: Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf, and maybe Come Undone?
    I would rather they not do ‘”(Reach Up for the) Sunrise” and they’d have to be careful with “Ordinary World” (sounds great in theory, but…)
    I could see Bomer & Criss doing Notorious together in a fun way…but The Reflex would probably not work very well. But, Ryan Murphy & co have proven me wrong in the past with how they approach a song, so…

  21. Kayla says:

    I’m sorry i know matt bomer is on that show white collar now but he will always be chuck’s nemesis/friend Bryce Larkin, that’s where i first saw him and now i can’t see him as anything else lol prob cuz i like Chuck so friggin much. Which then leads me to my next point they should get Zachary Levi on there, i mean he’s an awesome singer, he dances and now that matt bomer is going to be on it and an ex writer for chuck everything just seems to fit in to place! Come on this needs to happen :P Chuck and Zach Levi 4 ever and the only thing that would make it better is if Yvonne were to guest star as well :O omg i couldn’t even imagine the epic awesomeness of this!!

  22. Ryan says:

    Matt Bomer is the perfect casting choice as Blaine’s older brother. Not only is he ridiculously good-looking, but he has the same confidence and charisma exuded by Criss’ Blaine. Plus, Bomer is a great singer too!

  23. Amy says:

    Glee has been a disappointment this season so far. Matt Bomer is probably the best thing happening to Glee this season

  24. Di says:

    I cannot wait any longer!!!!! Glee, just give this episode to me nooooooooowww!!!!!!!!! kthx.

  25. karenb says:

    Lol @ all you peeps on a first name basis with the glee cast!
    Anyway-loved Duran Duran back in the day. Would love to hear Notorious.
    I don’t know who this new guy to glee is, but I feel compelled to yell WHERE IN THE WORLD IS SAMUEL LARSEN?! Enough already!!

    • Julianna says:

      He’ll appear soon enough, pictures of him shooting with the cast have been leaked (one of Samuel with Chord pops to mind). Plus, I think he’ll appear a week or two before Jonathan’s scheduled to come back (in episode 16), since apparently Samuel’s character is the new Vocal Adrenaline lead.

  26. Nina says:

    The duo might even take a trip to Rio.

  27. Maria says:

    I need this episode in my life…

  28. Quiet says:

    Samuel Larsen’s character will be introduced on Valentine’s Day in the episode titled Heart.

  29. Ella says:

    Very excited for Bomer to be on Glee but no thrilled about the song choices here…

  30. Juan says:

    Hungry Like The Wolf/Electric Barbarella

  31. Hawt says:

    They should be brothers who make out.

  32. Jake says:

    I skimmed through the article and all I read was “Matt Bomer… very sexy… fun… big.”

  33. terrie says:

    I like the group Duran Duran so I would like this episode already.
    Still, I am only interested because Matt Bomer will be singing in this episode…and dancing ??? even better.
    Maybe I’ll end up watching Glee now…I did catch the MJ episode (cuz MJ…and to familiarize myself with the characters). So far, Blaine is well liked (by other characters)…glad he has a hot brother.

  34. KW says:

    The Reflex + Hungry Like the Wolf = AWESOME!!

  35. Claire says:

    Okay this might be the only reason for

  36. Claire says:

    Okay Matt Bomer might be the one and only reason for me to, despite swearing not to, actually watch an episode of this show.

  37. CookieGirL says:

    Anderson Brothers Sex Riot on tumblr……next I hope we can see Blaine’s parents too, guys anyone in your mind, I’m rooting for only one great broadway star to play her mother and guess what she’s not American, father can’t still think who can fit in.

    • anon says:

      Lea Salonga has pretty much already cast herself as Blaine’s mom, and it would be a crime if they got someone else to play her. Especially since Blaine is supposed to be Eurasian, so I’ll be disappointed if they white wash him (MB’s character could be his half-brother from his dad’s first marriage or something), because there are not enough bi/multi-racial characters on TV (or POC in general).
      And I’ve seen a lot of great choices for Blaine’s unsupportive and probably homophobic dad, but I can’t choose one! Peter Gallagher, and Kyle Chandler are probably at the top of my list.

  38. Booghostiegirl says:

    Okay, I am not a Gleek, have never even seen the show, but if they do a Duran Duran mashup, I will be glued to the TV!!!!
    I can’t even think what songs to pair up, they’ve had so many GREAT ones!!! Wild Boys rocks, Save a Prayer and the Chauffeur are beautiful, I loved New Moon on Monday and Careless Memory…

  39. Lou says:

    Please do we really have to suffer more Darren Criss? His acting is mediocre and his character is Plain Blanderson. Even his singing, which is lauded by his fans, is just average. This is one person who is totally over-rated.

  40. ginny watts says:

    Finally a glee to be excited about! How about Reflex & Wild Boys? Any idea when this episode will air?

  41. Nonnie says:

    Kind of off topic, regarding Blaine…
    Anyone notice how YOUNG they’re playing him this season? Seriously, any maturity and edge that he had last year is gone. I miss that.

    • Lymis says:

      That’s because he was apparently originally older than Kurt – some “been there done that” comments about Prom, for example as well as being his coming out mentor, but then they announced that Kurt is a senior and graduating off the show, so in order to keep Blaine, they had to make him a junior – which means that all last year as the head of the Warblers and Kurt’s mentor, he was actually a sophomore.
      Just one more “don’t think too hard about it” Glee moment – like apparently Santana was co-captain of the multi-year national champion Cheerios as a freshman. Huh?

    • anon says:

      I think he’s still the same. He’s really only had actual focus as a character in one episode (The First Time), and that he was definitely very season 2 Blaine there. Otherwise, they just trot him out to sing and stare adoringly at Kurt. I’ve been disappointed with the writers for failing to develop Blaine and better utilize his actor.
      So because we only see him when he’s bouncing around singing or onstage, the “edge” isn’t usually there (though I’d say it was definitely there in HOTS – Control and boxing scene – and WBSS).
      I think some of wardrobe’s choices for him early this season were a little iffy, but they’ve settled into something I can buy now.
      And he isn’t younger than Kurt just because he’s a grade below. Personally, I think he missed school when he was gay-bashed (recovering in the hospital, emotional recovery from trauma) and had to be held back a year. I still think he seems at the very least the same age as Kurt, if not older. That he’s generally cheerful and confident and happy isn’t the mark of “immaturity” but of maturity actually, a sense of being comfortable in one’s own skin most of the time, unlike some “edgier” characters like Santana (whom I also love).
      Honestly, I think Blaine has an edgy core to him that the writers keep hinting at (relationship with his dad, violently assaulted, took up boxing, seems to hold a grudge – rightfully so – at those that bullied him, throws himself in the line of fire for his boyfriend). Let’s hope they’ll utilize MB as Blaine’s brother to shed some light on this still very enigmatic character.

  42. Dee says:

    That is gonna be waaay too much pretty on tv for one hour.
    Matt, Darren, Duran Duran!! Wow!!!
    Cannot wait.

  43. Gill says:

    *squee* I’m watching it just for Matt!

  44. I wrote a letter to Fox about Duran Duran a while back, suggesting they be on Glee, and I quote…from post on 9/25/2010 at…
    “* Kurt would relate well to Nick Rhodes and his liking for makeup. Plus, the band itself is all about ‘glam and fashion’ which Kurt would be attracted to.
    * Finn might relate well to Simon LeBon because he is a pretty boy and a good singer.
    * I’m imagining a scene between Emma and Will with ‘Come Undone’.
    * Since the kids feel so out of place, perhaps the song ‘Ordinary World’ would be applicable to them
    * Or, if you go with a theme like Quinn struggling with fitting back into the Cheerios (plus the separation from her parents) after having the baby, you could go with ‘Falling Down’.
    * If the cast gets the opportunity to go on a yacht because they’ve won a major contest, ‘Rio’ would be a great choice.”

  45. Tyler says:

    This makes me want to start watching Glee! Anything by Duran Duran will be awesome! How about dancey Girl Panic! off their latest album All You Need Is Now? Such a masterpiece!

  46. J says:

    This is such a good news

  47. Gail says:

    I love anything Glee and also anything White Collar, my favorite 2 shows so a merging of favorite character from White Collar with Glee should be great, still can’t pick my favorite on Glee since I love them all.