Pilot Scoop: Hung Alum Is The CW's Green Arrow

Warner Bros. TV has set its crosshairs on Hung alum Stephen Amell to play the Green Arrow in its pilot for The CW.

Promising a “modern retelling” of the DC Comics character’s story and not conceived as a spin-off of Smallville, Arrow will star Amell as the Emerald Archer and his billionaire-playboy alter ego, Oliver Queen, our sister site Deadline first reported.

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Though Justin Hartley of course played Oliver/Green Arrow on Smallville, sources confirm for TVLine that he was never in contention for this new, standalone incarnation.

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David Nutter, who helmed the Smallville pilot, is on board to direct Arrow, off of a script from Andrew Kreisberg (Justice League, Warehouse 13), Greg Berlanti (No Ordinary Family) and Marc Guggenheim (the big screen’s Green Lantern).

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In addition to Hung‘s Jason, Amell’s TV credits include an ongoing arc on Private Practice (where he plays an EMT), werewolf Brady on The Vampire Diaries and a recent New Girl visit.

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  1. Katie says:

    I still don’t think its a good idea to make Green Arrow without Justin Hartley but I’ll tune in.

    • Tarc says:

      I like Hartley, but it’s a great idea (and probably the only acceptable studio option) to hire a new actor.

    • MrGreen says:

      Status Stephen Amell: REJECTED.

      He has the charisma of a can of dry paint.

      You can start by looking from this list

      Chad Michael Murray
      Chris Zylka
      Justin Hartley
      Trevor Donovan
      Wilson Bethel
      Robert Buckley
      Christopher Egan
      Mike Vogel
      Steve Byers

  2. xav says:

    He is so hot. Part of wishes he had gotten the role as Spartacus.

  3. Adam says:

    I realize its not a spinoff of Smallville, but that was a big mistake not to cast Hartley. Hell, did they even give him a audition??!! I do appreciate the producers not casting him though, makes it easy for me not to give the show a shot, and for me to not have to explain to my fiancé what character “Fox” is playing in this series.

    • Captain says:

      I think it’s funny how people keep saying that even though this isn’t a Smallville spin-off, Justin Hartley should have been Green Arrow when the only reason they want him cast is BECAUSE he was in Smallville. They were never going to cast him because they want to distance it from that show as much as possible. This is a new take, with a new cast. It was always going to be.

      • Tarc says:

        Exactly. There was no way the writing staff would want to deal with any of the Smallville baggage (and I loved SV, but it was really out there in so many ways). I imagine that there was the stipulation that there be a clear break. But I understand that Hartley’s got a fall pilot, so that’s great.

  4. Luminosity says:

    I don’t know the actor, but assume he was — at least in part — chosen for the role because he could plausibly pass as a younger version of Jeremy Renner, who is portraying the Green Arrow in the Avengers movie.

  5. Brynna says:

    it’s too soon to redo the character. Justin Hartley’s green arrow was awesome and I’m not interested in seeing a new take on him to be honest.

    • Tarc says:

      The Smallville version was so completely dependent on that setting – and so very far from anything resembling comic Green Arrow or a real stand alone role – that the studio was clear from the start that they would not be using Hartley. I even like the guy, but it was a good call. I think I read hartley’s already in a new plot for fall, so he’ll be fine.

      • Tessa says:

        Okay, Tarc, we get it. You approve of this pilot, its timing, and the man attached to it, while still appreciating Hartley on Smallville. No need to rationalize against every comment; haters gon’ hate.

    • Kidwynn says:

      I totally agree with you. With Justin Hartley or even Josh Holloway in the title role I would have tuned in. Now, I honestly won’t bother with watching the show. It can go down in flames like “Birds of Prey” did.

  6. Cass says:

    Two words:

    Justin Hartley.

  7. jude says:

    He’s not as pretty as Justin Hartley, but at least there’ll be no Chloe Sullivan cooties attached to this one!

    • AT says:

      I’m happy they’re not going with Justin Hartley or a Smallville spin off for other reasons. This means that Chloe and Oliver from the SV universe will forever remain together. There’s no messing with that ending now! I guess Chloe’s “cooties” will still be attached to Justin Hartley’s interpretation of Oliver. :) In all seriousness I do think it was a smart choice to go in a new direction and not feel pinned down by what has already gone before. These writers have their own vision than the SV writers so I’m interested in seeing it! Greg Berlanti’s a fantastic writer so I have high hopes.

      • ArcherG says:

        LOL, the paranoia.

        When fandom no longer knows the difference between the actor and character, HELP!. Oliver Queen is the same character, and he ends up with Black Canary, even in SMALLVILLE. And this much you know, but live in denial. Enjoy your lies

      • Ryan says:

        ” This means that Chloe and Oliver from the SV universe will forever remain together. There’s no messing with that ending now! I guess Chloe’s “cooties” will still be attached to Justin Hartley’s interpretation of Oliver. ”

        Only if you believe in a FAKEOllie. You either believe it was the same real Green Arrow/OliverQueen or you don’t.

        Is this some mechanism to protect yourself from seeing Green arrow with Black canary, its pretty irrational thinking.

  8. CharleeAnn says:

    Was Justin Hartley even considered, or given an audition? I need more information!

    • Tucker says:

      Nope. They’ve said from the beginning that Hartley wasn’t going to be considered for this project. This was starting new and fresh.

  9. amanda says:

    I would be interested in this (because to be perfectly honest, justin was fine in the smallville universe but i dont believe any of those actors should play the roles in other properties) but you just said from the writers of No Ordinary Family and Green Lantern and i think the writing was the worst part of both projects. What a shame.

    • AT says:

      I thought No Ordinary Family was a mediocre show, but Greg Berlanti HAS penned some fantastic tv shows with great writing. So he’s not a bad writer by any means. Movies are quite different from TV anyway, and no one has a perfect track record. That said, besides No Ordinary Family (which I don’t think he was writing that many episodes), he wrote/created series such as Everwood, Eli Stone, Jack and Bobby and Brothers and Sisters. All fantastic shows! So I think there’s reason for optimism. Just read the pilot he wrote for Everwood. WOW.

  10. TFD says:

    Sorry CW, count me out.
    No Hartley, no interest.
    Apart from the Chloe storyline, he absolutely NAILED Green Arrow/Oliver Queen as far as I’m concerned, and frequently out acted the rest of the Smallville cast.

    People have been crying out for a Smallville spin off, this is a lame duck move.

    • Tarc says:

      The Smallville Green Arrow was nothing like comic GA, and while I liked Hartley and the SV GA worked for that show, it would absolutely not have worked for a stand alone. Plus, no writing team in their right mind would take on all the Smallville baggage – it’d be a recipe for disaster. I’m even more interested than before.

    • JHrox says:

      Justin Hartley for Green Arrow/Arrow or whatever you call him now ….same thing

      New casting: Nice guy but he won’t be able to hold a show nor catch the viewer’s attention and keep it, you had it first right here, don’t say I didn’t say so.

      Just make Hartley Green Arrow again, keep the plot as it is and we are good to go, no need to make it Smallville 2.0. If this has never been done before, screw rules, makes this an exception, Chris evans has played two heroes, wait even Justin Hartley has played two heroes, he is that good. You are seriously digging this show’s grave, the one thing you do not do with CW shows is making the wrong casting, lets face it the writing yoyos from good to average to bad. You need a catchy cast to keep the audience, TVD, TSC, OTH, GG etc have done it, to be able to last seasons and Justin Hartley has been able to sucessfully hold the audience attention since he started acting back in 2002, and his recast are never live up to the standard he set, be warned. Why pick this rather “nice, quiet but blah” people to play cocky, badass opiniated characters, I don’t get that casting at all. It doesn’t work, every actor has, their comfort ones and no-go areas. DE-JAVU of FAIL all over again.

      Change your minds before its too late, and get Justin Hartley.

      • JHrox says:

        By the way I do not hate Stephen, not at all.

      • Tarc says:

        Since you’ve never seen Amell play a hero, how would you know? He was actually pretty good in his most recent role on Hung. I mean, I appreciate fan loyalty (I’m a crazy X-men fan myself) but it’s more than a little overboard to expect Smallville pt 2. As we’ve seen many, many times now, there are a lot of men in Hollywood that can play a convincing hero. Hartley’s already moved on, and so should you.

        • JHrox says:

          Well you heard me right, I didnt say I want Smallville 2.0, I clearly stated I didnt. Justin Hartley is an actor, he is capable of adjusting to a new show, with new writing, and a somewhat different version of the same character.

          If they don’t want Justin Hartley, at please cast someone who is suitable for the part, dannit. I would probably get used to it and accept it. I’m sorry I know suitable leads when I see one, he won’t be able to hold a candle to the likes, of CW lead male characters like Jensen Ackles, Jared padelecki, Ian somerholder, Shane West. I do not buy him as Green Arrow at all, Its not because he is a bad actor or not good looking because he looks good and I’m sure he is a good actor, its the fact that he is absolutely miscast for the role. Aside of my loyalty to Justin, if I put my googles aside, I can easily tell you they missed the target with this casting. They could have cast Stephen as Tommy Meryln, the new other character. He can either play a very good guy or a very bad guy, not complex, charming, layered characters like Green Arrow. He is missing lots of the charisma Justin has and needed to play Green Arrow, yes I have done my research and watched him in action in lots of those shows.

      • AC says:

        Justin was miscast as Aquaman, he did not fit that role. They should have taken the other actor from Smallville, he was only in one episode at that time

  11. Beth Ann says:

    Justin Hartley’s old news, just like his Green Arrow pilot. Stephen Amell is hotter and been all over the place recently besides Hung – Private Practice, New Girl, 90210, CSI and The Vampire Diaries.

    • Linda says:

      You think ^ that guy ^ is hotter than Justin Hartley? Um…oooookay.

      • Tarc says:

        That’s a REALLY bad picture… look him up. He’s much better looking…

      • Beth Ann says:

        Yes, Linda, Stephen Amell is hotter than Justin. Do a Google image search for Stephen.

        • bullseye says:

          This is like the second time Green Arrow has been miscasted, the first one was Justin Hartley a twink looking, whiny guy, then Stephen this boxy emo looking dude.

          Who is casting this people, look at his guy Guy and tell me you see Green Arrow?, no you need glasses, quadriple lenses. There is nothing in this guy that screams Green Arrow to me.

        • Arrowonline says:

          He needs to grow his blonde hair back, and get some facial hair. Reduce some muscle weight, I think he will be fine then.

  12. DougMac says:

    From what I’ve seen of him, he’s no Oliver Queen. Ollie’s an Errol Flynn Robin Hood type charming rogue, this guy’s a wooden classic square jaw type. The creative team isn’t very encouraging either

  13. amanda says:

    Aside from the fact that I never thought any of his shows were fantastic all of Berlantis shows are more along the lines of family drama and the one action drama he did was a boring mess. I have little faith its going to get any better particularly with a probably smaller budget than he had on ABC.

  14. ane says:

    this guy does not reach the feet of Justin he is so hot, but better this way so late Chlolie remains unchanged.

  15. nina says:

    I rather him stay on Private Practice because him and Violet are hot hot hot! Better then Pete and Violet which is a mess.

    And two I understand every year networks pick up pilots but why do the cw need any unless they plan on getting rid of 90210 and GG because I think Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie, and Ringer are all great show with a second season can improve in ratings,I know OTH is ending so they do need 1 new show but still,CW most likely wont let go of any of there shows and they know it so why pick up all these pilots.

    • Danielle H says:

      Well, they are picking up so many to have 1) some options and 2) because more of the lineup is going then you think. I predict 90210, Nikita, OTH, and possibly GG or Ringer and maybe even HoD to get canned. Perhaps they are going to make Wednesdays a more solid and not all reality night as well, meaning they’ll need shows for that.

  16. Dominique says:

    Although I love the idea of Green Arrow spin-off, and I think Stephen would make a good new Oliver, I think they should’ve waited another season. Smallville’s finale wasn’t that long ago and I think Justin’s Green Arrow is still in the fans’ minds.

  17. Jon says:

    He’s a little too generic looking.

    • X says:

      I know its not a Smallville spin off but Arrow has just made it extremely hard for themselves to follow into Smallville and Justin Hartley’s footsteps, it was always going to be hard for any follow up, its going to be even harder now. I don’t really see this guy having the edge and attitude that Justin gave Green Arrow in Smallville.

      Its a shame because I was really looking foward to this. Hopefully the leading lady whoever is cast can rescue this. CW tend to get women right and have some of the best female characters. Even Smallville had to be rescued from meltdowns by its strong women from time to time.

  18. Nicotine says:


  19. Jenn says:

    If they weren’t going to make it a Smallville spin-off with Justin Hartley, they should have waited longer to bring it to TV. It’s like the new Spiderman reboot – it’s too soon. Even one more year of distance from the last season of Smallville probably would have been better. This close to the cancellation of a show that already had that character? People are going to be disappointed and just not tune in out of spite, regardless of how good the show is or isn’t.

    • Tarc says:

      Why? The superhero/90210 combo draws a very lucrative demo, so the CW wasn’t going to wait. They did Superman, and they can’t get Batman, so they went with the next famous billionare playboy superhero. Makes perfect sense to a businessman.

  20. Tikkanen says:

    I wish they would focus on the Mike Grell era Green Arrow, from approx. 1987-1994 in the comics. Starting with the Longbow Hunters graphic novel, Green Arrow was an urban gritty real-life vigilante instead of a guy in tights with trick arrows. Unfortunately, I think what I’m dreaming of is more Christopher Nolan material instead of the CW’s.

  21. Mare says:

    this guy is pretty hot! SO it seems this will be an other modeling show on the CW! JUST kidding! He is a pretty solid actor! He does a decent job on PP, played a psycho wolf on VD and recently appeared in 90210(as Liams boat dead buddy) were he made a nice appereannce but the story was stupid!

    For a new show it’s always better to have a fresh actor, and Justin H. will stick around on HofD as Zoey’s love interest and wade’s brother!

  22. Rjrtist says:

    This will be a hard sell with Justin Hartley still fresh in everyone’s mind. This ” Arrow ” won’t fly.

  23. Chatty says:

    I am not familiar with this actor’s work, but he has a lot to live up to because Justin Hartley was amazing as Green Arrow. Let’s hope the show is good because the void left by Smallville needs to be filled pronto.

  24. Brendan says:

    They should just kill this project now and save the money. Without Hartley, this is just bound to fail.

    Smallville (being a Superman story) forced you to care about Green Arrow. By starting over and making a stand alone project about Green Arrow… nobody is going to care about the second rate Superhero…

    • Tarc says:

      If the quality is good, it will fly. If not, it will not – just like every other show. A minor fraction of SV fans that care won’t make much of a difference (plus, a lot of SV fans that dropped off because they didn;t like what went on will probably try it).

    • Flynn says:

      You hate Green Arrow already so why bother, you contribution is invalid.

    • Tarc says:

      I’m curious as to what you think is a ‘first rate’ superhero? GA is one of the primary members of the JLA, so that’s pretty primary compared to the over 2,000 comic hero options. Top 25 of all time is pretty primary to me…

    • Jamie says:

      amenting and echoing the same sentiments here, this is an epic fail in casting, why would you get someone who doesnt look like Green Arrow at all. This is an epic fail, he looks like he a brooding Bruce Wayne type of character. Do you hear me CW?, you completely fail. This is like the worst casting ever how can you get Green arrow wrong, he is one of the most unique superheroes, with a certain type of unique look and personality.

      Is this guy related to someone in the crew or network because none of this casting makes sense, was the best choice in auditions, In which case if its true, Justin should be Arrow . I dont care what the hell reasons you have to give for not casting him= invalid. Justin looked like a young Green Arrow, at least get someone who looks like that too, no this is wrong for Green Arrow, I shall not watch. Good day.

      • Emeraldman says:

        He does looks like Green Arrow, not in the smallville GA you maybe used to. Once you see him in the Green Arrow costume or in character you may think diffferently.

  25. Paul says:

    Actually, if you go back and look at the Green Arrow’s history, the only thing they changed about his backstory was adding Tess on the Island, and his relationship with Chloe, who, hello, was made up for Smallville too. Far less than making Pete Ross black or some of the other “creative” changes they made to Supes history for SV.

  26. Little Scarf Girl says:

    I like Green Arrow from what I’ve seen of him on The Batman and Young Justice cartoons. I didn’t watch Smallville, so I definitely don’t care if they have the same actor or not. And since he’s a Batman/Iron Man type of character, I can see why people would want to market him for his own show right now. If this succeeds, I hope we’ll see Black Canary and possibly Roy/Speedy at some point!

  27. Jamie says:


    Did CW just cast the first person that walked in their door, really are you sure you have reviewed all the possible actors. Gosh, I just got a very very very bad feeling about this casting. I’m sure Stephen is good, but its not good enough, he has got to surpass Hartley or at least be his level.

    This is the very least I would expect from people who used to be comic writers, Green Arrow does not look like this. There is plenty of time to recast do it NOW!!!!

  28. EmeraldArcher says:

    I will tune into this this show, because I love Green Arrow. I would have preferred Justin first and foremost, but Stephen isnt bad, I’m just glad they are making this show.

  29. Ryan says:

    Wait for how long, when Justin is celebrating his 53th birthday? If people don’t one someone today, they will never accept it even in 5 or 10 years time. Hartley could turn 80 and some people would still want him to play Green Arrow LOL.

  30. Emeraldman says:

    Stephen is really growing on me, first when I heard of the news I wasn’t too sure I liked the change of actor, but now I’m willing to give this a try since its a new show.

    I understand its still hard for all us smallville fans to get used to a new person playing Green Arrow and some of us may get nasty, but please give this a chance. This sounds like a promising show, Justin Hartley as Green arrow will never be forgotten. As Green Arrow fans this show needs your support, so does the upcoming cast.

    Welcome to Green Arrow Stephen Amell.