Exclusive: House's Jesse Spencer Talks Next Week's Momentous Episode, Touts 'Nice Payoff'

“The last eight seasons has been building up to this,” declares Jesse Spencer of next week’s pivotal House (Fox, 8/7c), which finds Hugh Laurie’s titular doc under fire when his controversial process blows up in his face like never before.

“The episode covers a specific diagnosis of a patient that goes horribly wrong,” adds Spencer. “Most of it is with our examiner [special guest star] Jeffrey Wright asking questions of the team [as well as] House and trying to ascertain who is at fault.”

And while much of the attention surrounding this episode has (understandably) focused on the onscreen showdown between Laurie and Wright, executive producer Greg Yaitanes (who directed the episode), says it’s also a big outing for Spencer, noting, “Jesse has a phenomenal opportunity in this episode to really make us as the audience take pause.”

“It explores a [different] side of Chase, who ends up mixing his work life and his personal life,” Spencer elaborates. “It really does get entangled. We watch him get deeper and deeper into it with a really nice payoff.”

For more from Spencer and Yaitanes — and to view an exclusive preview from Monday’s episode, “Nobody’s Fault” — press play below. And then scroll down further for a second clip focused on Wright’s explosive guest turn.

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  1. ck says:

    This seems like such a phenomenal episode! I’ve seen the promo and it’s so intense! I can’t wait!

    • Cam says:

      I’ve been excited about this episode for weeks and after seeing last nights promo, I’m simply blown away.

    • Betty Joseph says:

      House has been and is, my favorite tv show. I think this just sucks! I had to miss Monday nights show and thought GREAT! I can at least catch some of it on your site…but NO! it sayss, cannnot be be viewed from my current country or locaation..What’s up with that! If that’s the case, hen pleasse don’t tease us…don’t show you advertisement!!!

  2. Lilly says:

    Can’t wait!!!!! Jesse Spencer is soooooo awesome!!!!

  3. Brenna says:

    Yay! More Jesse!

  4. Tom says:

    Let me guess, House does something bad and winds up back in jail. Does this show have more than one script? Put this tired old show out of its misery, please!

    • Liz says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, otherwise STFU. This season is a lot better than the last two, no reason to lament about it.

      • lauren says:

        SERIOUSLY. So sick and tired of the haters who troll each and every House article all over the internet. If you’re so down on it, MOVE ON and go watch mind-numbing Fear Factor nonsense.

      • Boiler says:

        I fully agree that this season has been much better. I like the two new characters. Hopefully they get another year!!

      • Your's is not the only opinion says:

        You do realize that people are allowed to vent their opinion here? And that it is just as valid as yours? No, in that case STFU and develop some taste since apparently the only criteria you use is lack of Huddy=awesome episode. My opinion: Shoot this show and put it out of it’s misery. They offer nothing new.

        • You sound like a hypocrite says:

          In the same token it sounds like your only criteria for the show being good is having Huddy. Lauren never said anything about Huddy and in my opinion, Huddy or no Huddy makes no difference. The truth is, I thought this season would stink without LE, but it turns out to be the best season in years. Of course, it’s probably easier to make up your mind without watching and just tell everyone else they’re wrong.

          • Yours is not the only opinion says:

            I wasn’t talking to Lauren I was talking to Liz andI formed that opinion based on comment after comment from her regarding Huddy and Lisa Edelstein and that DOES seem to be her criteria. And I AM watching the show. In my opinion: This season sucks…about as much as last season did and season 6. Season 8 seems completely uninspired…creatively blank…for lack of a better way of putting it: it blows…and I don’t think LE’s presence or Huddy would have made a difference since the writing is a problem.

    • Andy says:

      Oh, get a life pls.

    • Lovette says:

      If you don’t like HOUSE then don’t watch it…but DO NOT call it a tired old show! I enjoy House very much, my family and I can’t wait until the next epsiode! We watch all the reruns and when there is an all day marathon..I record just so I don’t miss any and we watch!

    • auramac says:

      Don’t watch- don’t comment- stop trolling! You’ve got better things to do?


  5. Winnie says:

    I know I’m being an Aushole, but I’m really hoping I’m not going to get “Grilled Cheezus’d” here… You know, when an episode is built up by an overall Smurftastic guy, but the meh-sayers and those who loved it still duel over its appeal and initial “buzzworthiness”…

    Actually, looking at/hearing the parties involved, I’m really excited and don’t see how it couldn’t be amazing to current House fans. Jeffrey Wright is amazing, Jesse Spencer has really been “selling” the upcoming storyline and I enjoy such screen time for Chase – it sounds like I’ll get further insight into Foreman’s pre-House medical influences, and well, Hugh Laurie has never let me down.

  6. Ju says:

    Jesse Spencer FOR THE WIN :) !!!!

  7. Alex says:

    I’ve actually already seen this episode and that’s not what happens.

  8. HouseWife says:

    This is going to be EPIC!!! Can’t wait! I’m so thrilled that Chase finally gets his big moments on the show. It’s long overdue! Jesse Spencer is an amazing actor and I’ve always loved Chase. I hope there will be lots of House and Chase, cause I always thought the chemestry between those two Characters are special. Don’t know why but since season one interactions between those two were always a highlight for me. And because season 8, so far, has tons of Chase/House compared to other seasons, I love the show even more and hopefully there will be a next one!!!
    Looking forward to “Everybody’s Fault” and “Chase”!

  9. Kyle says:

    I have abandoned the show, but will check back in for this episode. I hope this is the last season so that the show can go out with the little dignity it has left. Chase’s ending should allow us to see what’s going on with Cameron (yeah, can’t let go, just shoot me…)

    • Little Scarf Girl says:

      Same here, I stopped watching early S6, but Chase was one of my favorite characters, and this sound intriguing enough that I might tune in. And I agree – I’d also love to see what’s going on with Cameron.

    • auramac says:

      How kind of you to check in. I hope you check out and let those of us who enjoy the show with realistic expectations be spared your holier-than-thou negativity.

  10. kim says:

    Looking forward to seeing this episode! Jesse Spencer is amazing and he has portrayed Chase in such a way that I love the character even though he’s by no means a perfect person. Hope Chase doesn’t suffer permanent physical consequences, that would just be too sad..

  11. HouseObsessedAgain says:

    Well I don’t care about Chase but I love the format of the episode and the peek at what appears to be awesome exchanges between HL and Jeffrey Wright. I’m looking forward to the episode. I will definitely miss Wilson but I’m sorta glad he wasn’t present for another of House’s meltdowns.

    • Erin says:

      I like Chase, though like you are saying, looking forward to seeing Hugh Laurie and Jeffrey Wright act opposite each other a whole lot more.

  12. Sam says:

    I’m really looking forward to all the Chase screen time that is coming up. Jesse Spencer really deserves this after 8 years on the show! I also hope there are some good Chase/House moments in those episodes. They are always a highlight to watch in all episodes.

  13. Emgee says:

    Going to be an awesome episode.

    And all the haters CAN in fact STFU.

    When I refer to haters, I am not referring to fans who dislike a certain episode or a certain plotline. When I refer to haters, I refer to former fans who don’t even watch anymore or simply watch to fuel the fact that they don’t like the show anymore. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. No one has a gun to your head. When I had finally had enough of “The Office,” I quit watching. I don’t go onto articles about the show a b***h about how craptastic the show has become. Have the courtesy to do the same.

  14. Jules says:

    This will be EPIC!!
    Can Monday come faster…..the preview alone gave me goosebumps…a feeling that I didn’t exprienced since “House’s Head” or “Broken” I’m anticipating the Face/Off between Laurie & Wright of possibly the best Acting performance of the season….again since David Morse as Tritter or André Braugher’s Nolan…
    As for Chase, well… things might go wrong and this episode and the next one Epi.12 can change everything for him& as well for his future on House’s team & at PPTH ….

    -this message is for the “Losers” LE fans + thoses who left at the beguining of season7-
    Well…Unless y found ‘other crap’ to watch or still waiting that yr favorite actress show up somewhre or pick up her phone(after claiming rinning with a lots of offers) stop wasting yr time…obviously her phone maybe disconnected!! Anyway, come back and enjoy the upcoming masterpiece….and maybe rekindle the passion as a true Housefan(like me and others) continue watching and NEVER miss a episodes(even repeats) since day1

    • ck says:

      I agree, this is definitely bringing me “House’s Head” vibes! I believe if someone has been a true HOUSE fan all these years, and haven’t been watching the show all along for “ships” and romances, they should undoubtedly watch this masterpiece!

    • I_Love_Labels says:

      If being “a true House fan” means becoming an illiterate self-righteous moron, whose idea of intelligent argument amounts to name calling and pitiful displays of bigotry, then no thanks. I would rather be a fan of brain cells and good education.

      • Les says:

        “an illiterate self-righteous moron, whose idea of intelligent argument amounts to name calling and pitiful displays of bigotry”

        This is the best way to describe a huddy/LE fangirls!

        • All Haters Are Morons says:

          Use of sweeping generalization and lack of original thoughts – this is the best way to describe LE haters. Or any haters for that matter.

          And you must be a virile Hugh Laurie FANBOY, who is watching his crotch on slo-mo purely for artistic value. Of course. That gives you the ultimate right to belittle others. Because, obviously, you are so much better than them.

        • Bendy says:

          “a huddy/LE fangirls!”? Seriously?

          Bahaha. LE haters are indeed illiterate morons. Not surprised at all.

        • See? says:

          “All Haters Are Morons” and “Bendy” just proved Les’s statement, lmao

  15. Ronnie says:

    Can’t watch the videos :´(

  16. linda says:

    If i remember corectly, Camerons last words to House were that Chase can`t distinguish between right and wrong because of him. It is very likely what ever happens in this episode is `Nobodys fault` but at the end she was right. these are my thoughts just because Chase is involved in this incident and not anyone else.
    It makes me kind of happy that they pick up & explore her severe accusations to House again.
    Looking forward to next weeks episode. :)

  17. Paul says:

    I wonder what happens. I cant wait to watch it.

  18. Zulfa Kearns says:

    HOUSE is one of the best series in hospital enviroments ever made.

  19. Plz get ur info right says:

    Um… Her name is Cuddy, the gross misuse of the wrong name is obnoxious , especially if you are trying to “prove a point”. And Liz is right, ppl should stop trolling-don’t read it if you don’t like it.

  20. just me says:

    People seem to have the idea that a TV shows needs to move with their own lives. Some of us who watch House do so because they enjoy medical mystery and the only indispensable character is House himself. If u don’t like him, how can u enjoy the show? I would be saddened if this is the final year, but I would watch and re watch the seasons anyway. Sadly, all u nay sayers will find this intriguing show replaced with something as shallow as Jersey shore, who also has its following. As for the new episode, I really don’t anticipate it any more than any other. House is House. I look forward to them all. To the so called critics, watch it or don’t, those of us who are true fans wont be dissuaded.

    • shanedeannarhodes says:

      i agree. house makes the show….house sells the show….hes the man!!!!!!! and for all those other “chase” fans….hes sold house out more than anyone else on the show.

  21. johanna mara says:

    im luvin house.

  22. Stan says:

    Her name is CUDDY people. If you don’t like don’t watch . Better yet don’t share your negativity with us. Go watch something else and stay in your little bubble.

  23. Lovette says:

    When the first season of House came on, my daughter tried to get me to watch it..I would always say no, I didn’t want to watch another weekly same ole’ same ole’. I finally gave in during the second season and I haven’t missed an episode since. Absolutely LOVE HOUSE!! Would truly be upset if it were to not come back every season! So please keep ’em coming!!! I would like to see Cameron come back and maybe 13 before she dies from her disease…maybe House finds a cure for it and he can save her,..or not….

    • auramac says:

      If House finds a “cure” for Huntington’s on the show where one doesn’t exist in real life, then the show will lose credibility. I’d hate to see 13 die, and I’d really hate to see house go off the air. It’s the only show I watch.

  24. marcia says:

    Beyond his med school days with Cuddy we really do not know much about Houses’s background and why he is the way he is. (yes I know about his dad stuff but not him per se).Chase is more the moralist in the bunch with a religious background which does not come through that much. I would think with Cuddy gone Chase would take over being House’s compassion side and reign him in some.It would nice to know more background stuff on all the characters I think to show us why they have all turned out the way they have and why they put up with house and his IQ is not all of it.

  25. bijou says:

    OMG! If you dont like the show, dont watch…I assume your tv came with a remote that changes channels?

  26. Tanya says:

    Boo, I can’t watch the videos for the previews, apparently because I live in Canada.

    No fair. :(

    • Tanya says:

      Ah, never mind, and thanks to the people upthread who already dealt with this problem! :) Shoulda read the comments first…oops.

  27. Annie says:

    I love House. I’ve watched every episode since day one and will watch all that come. But in my opinion, this has been by far the worst written season.

  28. PAULA ROSE says:



  29. PAULA ROSE says:



  30. Nancy says:

    I absolutely love this show. I have seen every episode and can’t wait for more. House is awesome, he is sarcastic, egotistical, sinicle, & I love every bit of his smartass attitude!!!

  31. C says:

    Hope it’s better than the episodes have been going. Charlene Yi is a breath of fresh air, everyone else is seven years been-there-done-that. Boring.

  32. shanedeannarhodes says:

    me again…lol…seriously, who doesnt wish they had houses job??? nuff said.!!!!!

  33. J. says:

    Well, everyone does have their own opinions and should be able to do so since this is America and with that being said, I cant wait for the next two episodes! I hope that Chase gets a chance to redeem himself for Dibala’s death (even though he was in the right in my opinion)and I cant wait to see how that is done. I too agree that this season of House is much better and I hope that there will be another season! I hope that the writers will let this show go out with a bang and give us some really awesome stories that will leave everyone talking!

  34. Grace says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RENEW [H]OUSE!! I love it so much and have watched every episode ever aired. I ADORE Hugh Laurie and would miss him terribly.

  35. Jules says:

    Seriously! Did anyone saw the promos….
    Can Monday come faster!! Bcuz I’m gonna died of a suspense overdose…
    This will be EPIC!!
    My heart probably stop during it…but restart!
    One thing for sure, I’m gonna be glue in front of my tv @8 in 5days….like a real Housefan!

    And thoses who left/dosent watch anymore…
    Well…I feel bad for you,bcuz you gonna miss something BIG!
    And possibly, this may the episode that rekindle yr passion for the series again…

  36. Margo says:

    Does anyone know why Amber Tamblyn has never reappeared? I thought her character was great and gave the show some NEW energy?

  37. Jules says:

    She’s been reincarnated as Park, with more spunk(guts)&capable to lie…
    Honnestly, I don’t want to see her again….

    That’s not the main subject here!!
    Only 4 days to wait, until we finally watch the EPIC episode that will change the rest of the season….and the faith of our favorite sarcastic diagnostician and his ducklings…
    Until then… I’ll be rewatching the promos until I suffer a suspense hangover/ overdose and had to be admitted at PPTH or mayfield…..

  38. Jules says:

    This message is for the fans

    C’mon let watch the upcoming episodes and upgrade(explode)the ratings like the old days, bcuz, I don’t want to wait a full month of anticipation…just bcuz FOX decided to revamp the Monday line-up to boost Alcatraz&Touch(I enjoy,but still new rookies) in March…
    Honestly, i think is disrespectful of FOX to let down their Best Drama like that – C’mon after 8 years..it’s deserved better respect…
    The main reason I’m still watching since day1
    Like I did for Xfiles & 24 bfore….got hook and I’m glue to my tv every Monday night….
    Honestly, I cannot imagine they can do that to us true Housefan….
    So, hope they revise theirs priorities/shown respect to DShore and HLaurie who put “them on the map” boost the network rating and proudly promoted the series over the years…

  39. Sophie says:

    why isn’ t this video available in my country (again)????????????? i live in europe, not in uganda….

  40. Jennifer says:

    I love house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzz have another season or 2 or 3 ;)))) <3