Glee Recap: A Thriller of a Night! [Updated]

In the words of Michael Jackson, “Hoo! Hoo! HOO!”

OK, maybe that expression of joy and positive energy doesn’t quite work in print, but Glee‘s homage to the King of Pop this week was jam-packed with terrific song-and-dance numbers — the sole exception being an interminable rendition of the excruciating “Ben” — and several plot developments that should make for an innnnnnteresting second half of the show’s third season.

Sebastian emerged as a villain worth railing against. Early seeds for a tense Regionals showdown got planted. And Rachel said “yes” (urgh) to Finn’s marriage proposal, but a last-act twist made her confront the very real question that I was screaming at my TV set for most of the hour: “Grrrrrrl, what the hell are you thinking?”

If you were too busy trying to score tickets to the Michael Jackson: Immortal tour — whoa! the episode’s ridiculously unsubtle product-placement has managed to infect this recap! — here’s how the central story arcs played out:

* The Dalton Warblers decided to tackle Michael Jackson for Regionals, after Blaine let slip to “buddy” Sebastian that New Directions were considering a King of Pop theme, too. Mr. Schue proposed that his students ask themselves “WWMJD” (What would Michael Jackson do?), which seemed like a dubious advice from a licensed educator. This led to the dueling show choirs staging a “Jackson-off” to “Bad,” but things took an ugly turn at the end of the performance, when Sebastian hurled a giant, souped-up slushy into Blaine’s face, scratching his cornea so deeply he required eye surgery. After perhaps the most groan-inducing line in Glee history — “Unless you have proof that he tampered with the slushie, the police aren’t interested in getting involved.” (delivered by Mr. Schue, naturally) — the kids worked through their anger and decided against retaliation. Santana, however, taped Sebastian confessing he’d put rock salt in the cup, but Kurt decided they shouldn’t share it with the police or Dalton officials. (Um, shouldn’t that decision have been left to Blaine, the guy whose vision was in jeopardy as a result of Sebastian’s actions?) Instead, New Directions turned the other sequined glove and performed “Black or White” for their rivals, in the process letting the Warblers know their captain was a low-down dirty snake.

* As the episode began, Rachel still hadn’t given Finn an answer to his marriage proposal, so he made an impassioned plea about how “those rings will be a reminder of how we feel right now” — even after they move to New York City. Rachel’s gut response — “it all sounds really crazy” — sounded reasonable enough to me, and was backed up by frenemy Quinn, who bluntly warned Rachel that leaping into a teenage marriage could put the kibosh on her hopes and dreams for the future. And even though Quinn’s “you’re gonna have to break up with him” took things a step further than a simple “Don’t get engaged,” I couldn’t disagree when she noted how she had come to her own realization that she didn’t want to carry any of her own anchors from the past into the bright lights of her future. (Yep, turns out Quinn kept up a straight-A GPA and got into Yale.) Rachel’s insecurities bubbled to the surface, though, after Kurt got a letter telling him he was a finalist for a slot at NYADA, while her own mailbox remained empty. (Loved that scene of Kurt holding his sobbing friend in front of the lockers.) Feeling like she had nothing to hold onto except her boyfriend, Rachel said “yes” to Finn, but was that regret on her face a few days later when she got her own “finalist” letter, and immediately shared the news with her BFF, not her betrothed? (Here’s hoping Ryan Murphy & Co. find a way to respect the Finchel love story while making these characters decide that they’re waaaaayyyyy too young for a trip down the aisle. And yes, I know they’re only fictional characters, but you can’t tell me Glee isn’t the kind of show that’s afraid of endorsing the occasional agenda.)

* In other news, Sam and Mercedes shared a brief but loaded kiss. Blaine got an eye patch and a date for surgery (which will help explain Darren Criss’ whereabouts while he was completing a Broadway run of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying). And also, no Sue. No Emma. No Becky. No Beiste. (Besite, I missed you most of all.)

Anyhow, with the plot recapped, let’s get to the week’s best quotes:

“He was best friends with Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor!” –Kurt, responding to Rachel’s comment that she never “got” Michael Jackson

This exchange:
Kurt: I’m trying to keep the flames from shooting out of the side of my face.
Santana: Well, that outfit isn’t helping.

Santana fantasizing about dragging Sebastian to a tattoo artist and forcing him to get a tramp stamp stating either “tips appreciated” or “congrats, you’re my 1,000th customer.”

“Y’know, Prancy Smurf, I respect that. I want to go to a college that isn’t a FEMA trailer in a prison yard, so let’s take the high road.” –Santana, agreeing to Kurt’s plea to avoid seeking revenge

“This isn’t violence, it’s clever: I taped it to my underboob!” –Santana, pleading to use the tape she’d made of Sebastian admitting his rock-salt treachery

And now, let’s get on to the grades for this week’s musical numbers:

“Wanna Be Startin Somethin,” Blaine
Loved the “leaning” choreography as Blaine led Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, and (the increasingly silent) Brittany down the hallway, and the big finish featuring the New Directions kids in various MJ drag was cool, too. The best use of Darren Criss’ voice on Glee in quite some time. Grade: A-

“Bad,” Artie, Blaine and Santana with New Directions and The Warblers
It’s always a little weird for me when Glee‘s set pieces mimic the original artists’ videos, but the fight-sequence choreography was nifty, and honestly when Santana broke out on the chorus, I got chills. Grade: B+

“Scream,” Artie and Mike Chang
Artie’s “angst face” was a bit overwrought, but I’ve always had a soft spot for “Scream” as a song and a video. The dancing was super fun, and who knew an androgynized Mike Chang would look so damn hot? Grade: A-

“Never Can Say Goodbye,” Quinn
Not the most dazzling staging in Glee history, but this was a remarkably lovely fit for Quinn’s reedy voice, and a nice farewell to the character’s boy-obsessed past. (Side note: Was it just me, or did Quinn’s black sequined gown look exactly like Kimberly Goldson’s stunner from the Season 9 Project Runway finale? Grade: A

“Human Nature,” Sam and Mercedes
I loved how this duet brought out the tender side of Amber Riley’s voice, and Sam’s playful crotch grab was a nice touch (pun intended). Grade: A-

“Ben,” Kurt, Rachel, and Finn
No. Grade: D

“Smooth Criminal,” Santana and Sebastian
Apologies to Grant Gustin, but this was really a duet between Santana and those amazing black cellos. (Cello Intensity?) This performance had me on the edge of my musical chair from start to finish. An instant Glee classic. (And bonus points for Santana’s immediate post-performance “I was better.”) Grade: A+

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” Finn and Rachel
Really pretty, but I just can’t with these two getting engaged. This might’ve been a B+ or A- if it hadn’t ended with Finn putting a ring on it. Grade: B

“Black or White,” New Directions
Now would probably be a good time to admit I’ve always been freaked out by the face-morphing at the end of MJ’s original video, yes? Grade: B

Now it’s your turn. Hit the comments with your thoughts about “Michael,” and take our poll about the week’s best musical number. And for all the Glee news, views, and interviews your heart desires, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews.

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  1. Mooshki says:

    You don’t have a “None of the above” option? I thought they were all awful.

  2. ShowThemWhat says:

    Fantastic episode!!!!!

    Awesome music, integrated wonderfully into the episode as a whole, with a few extremely spot-on uses of lyrics to forward the over-all story of the characters. The “message”/”lesson” was a little heavy handed, but it was totally consistent with Glee and there were some nice touches that interspersed humor with the lesson.

    Best of all, though, was the continuation of the story for Rachel & her future, of Finn & his future, and of them both. This one had more of a Rachel focus, but we saw some of where Finn is with things, too, as far as his thoughts about the future are concerned.

    The story told within the episode was utterly predictable—of course we knew that Rachel would be hesitant; of course we knew that she’d think she wasn’t getting in to NYADA; of course we knew that she’d say yes, partly because she felt she’d lost her shot at the future she wanted; of course we knew she’d find out that she was a finalist and that this would immediately call her yest into question. But it was so exquisitely acted by Cory Monteith and Lea Michele that not only was my stomach in knots throughout the episode, but it still is — Glee angst and beauty and gut-wrenching emotion at its finest.

    As far as using the songs/lyrics to tell the ongoing stories of the characters, “Never Can Say Goodbye” was a very good use of the song as a way to have Quinn look back on her past relationships as Glee prepares her to have a fling with the new character as her way of finally have a “normal” high school dating experience before graduating and going on to other things. (I’m totally assuming she’ll be paired with Samuel Larson’s character for a while, but that she’ll happily part from him at the end of the season w/o a bit of angst.) It’s notable that while Glee often retains the original lyrics of songs, even if they don’t totally fit the scene, here they changed the lyrics to add power to Quinn singing to her past boyfriends, making them “Never can say goodbye boy” (the original lyric is “girl”). While Dianna is not a strong singer, and while parts of the very beginning of the number where she was slinking around alone on stage came off as being bit unnatural, she really sold it by the end, and this is one of the better songs for her voice that they’ve done on the show. (I’m really glad that she’s speaking in her natural tones this season instead of in the high, forced register of Season 1). My favorite part was seeing the photos in her locker, and seeing her look at all of them, with the show strongly suggesting that she’s reached closure with the Beth storyline (especially by having her close the locker door on the camera focus on the photo of her, Puck, and Beth in the hospital — very nice use of filming to tell the story). I also liked the way they had her up in front of the club singing her solo — it was like a happy, triumphant reversal of the angst-laden Season One “It’s a Man’s World”.

    It was also a clever, and totally continuous, use of her character as the voice of conventional wisdom in having her give advice to Rachel. It completely echoed her speech in 2×16 Original Song where she sees Finn as an anchor who will hold Rachel back. Quinn has been characterized from the start as the person who can only see one choice and one way of doing things, and who assumes that her view of reality is the only reality that exists. Even in this moment when she has achieved her dream — which should prove to her that people can transcend expectations — she is ironically unable to imagine that things can work out differently for different people. She is the heavy-handed realist and an enforcer of the status quo (except for the early S3 crazy), not a dreamer; therefore, the advice she gives Rachel is bound by what she thinks is the only way the world can work.

    The very fact that she has overcome expectations, though, may give us a hint or a clue that her advice is not necessarily the only way one can be right. Nevertheless, at this moment she tells Rachel there is only one option, only one possible good choice — that there is no other way. This continues to feed Rachel’s doubt, both immediately and at the end of the episode, and it very, very cleverly shows us as viewers that Quinn is once again a factor causing strife between Rachel & Finn — not this time because she wants to keep Finn, or to get him back, or to warn Rachel off, but under the guise of her view of reality which she is trying to force on Rachel.

    The best song, though, from the standpoint of using it to tell the story, was “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”–the song WAS the story, with the writers even including Finn’s line that he feels Rachel hears him best when he isn’t speaking (but, as was implied, singing to her). Lea & Cory sounded amazing; their voices blended wonderfully while always retaining their unique vocal characteristics. Like Cory said in his MJ “interview” for Glee, their voices really compliment each other here. In fact, their vocals are a good metaphor for the characters, who are very different people but fit together so well. Finn’s voice has a raspy, emotionally vulnerable and raw quality, starting off soft and swelling to confidence, while Lea’s voice is smooth and controlled, starting out powerfully & confident & just becoming more and more so; their voices never get lost in each other — they always retain their individuality while complimenting & fitting together to convey the story they are singing.

    And I love that they filmed this in the choir room; that Brad was there—Brad, who has witnessed so much of the key moments in their relationship as they sing it out loud to each other—and that they staged it by the piano, not with them moving around each other in circles, always coming and going and not quite connecting, but standing still and close, planted next to each other and, finally, at the end, moving into each others’ arms in a complete, comprehensive embrace (for which Rachel was NOT on a box, although she was in pretty high heels, so we got to see how Finn leans down to kiss her).

    And the lyrics here completely & absolutely told the story — Ryan Murphy made a brilliant choice by picking an MJ song that’d I’d never pay attention to on my own or give a second thought to and seamlessly appropriating it to convey the narrative. I always love it best when the lyrics tell the story, and this is a prime example of how extremely well that can be done. The songs Finn sings (either his solos or his duets) & into the few, but always totally powerful, Finchel duets (they’ve only had a few* over the course of 2.5 years, considering they are the leads, but almost every single one packs a huge punch as far as the narrative goes), in particular and more than any other character on the show, are specifically chosen to tell his stories; it’s absolutely brilliant, and shows precisely how much care,thought, and intention the writers put into this character & into the relationship between Finn & Rachel.

    As I said at the outset, the story was absolutely predictable, but kudos to the Glee writers for upping the anxiety ante by so powerfully making it appear that Rachel may have said yes because she was settling, not because it is what she wanted the most, with the ongoing doubts Quinn has always placed in her mind about her relationship with Finn continuing to apply pressure on her ability to believe in a happy ending for them that can triumph over all odds. Lea & Cory totally sold their scenes together, and Lea did Rachel’s individual scenes where she was worrying about her future and fearing she didn’t get into NYADA. It was a perfect set-up for us to see if Rachel has really grown and appropriated the lessons of her 2.5 year journey about being able to maintain relationships while still following her career dreams; I’m far from alone in feeling this sense of fear about if/whether we’ll see her say or do something that will crush Finn, and much of that is due to the way Lea was able to draw on all of Rachel’s history of connection to Finn and to Rachel’s drive to succeed to leave us in utter doubt about how Rachel will react. And Cory was epic in conveying Finn’s vulnerability, Finn’s intense love for Rachel, Finn’s fear that she would say no, and Finn’s ecstatic joy when she said yes. I was utterly wrapped up in every single one of the scenes, watching each varying emotion move across his face as it made the hopes & dreams & uncertainties of this 18-year-old character be utterly and absolutely real. I’ll be watching on the edge of my seat next week, and, I’m sure, in the weeks to follow, to see how it all plays out.

    The writers, of course, made this even more pointed by having Rachel have to incorporate into her “yes” the comment that she wasn’t envisioning being able to “have it all.” While this phrase was like twisting a knife in my gut, it was a brilliant narrative move, first because it is the fulcrum of creating that sense of anxiety about what Rachel will do next, and it touches upon the deep desire of every fan of Rachel Berry (no matter who they “ship” her with) to see her have it all. It was also brilliant because it was forecasting the end of the episode when she’d learn that she got into NYADA and suddenly wonder if she’d made the right choice—the end where they showed Rachel telling Kurt before Finn—where it was written to appear that she hadn’t even thought to go to Finn first with the info—was further ratcheting up the sense that Rachel might back out and abandon Finn for Kurt/NYC. All brilliantly evil ways to stoke up the Glee-angst for viewers!

    And thirdly, it was brilliant because it forced our minds back to the Rachel we first knew who was absolutely certain she would be a star, but who was utterly incapable of being in any type of real, genuine, equal, sharing relationship with anybody—the Rachel who wanted to have friends but was too consumed with self to ever be able to be a friend if she felt that doing so got in the way of her achieving her goals. So as soon as she gets her finalist letter, we’re plunged into wondering if the growth we’ve seen in her will stick with her, or if it will fade away under the light of ambition and the types of doubts Quinn has consistently planted in her mind — doubts, in this case, that appear utterly realistic and sensible, but that threaten her happy ending where part of having it all means being with the one she has loved from the start.

    And what is most brilliant about all of this is that they’ve made this a completely internal struggle for Rachel. The opening scene between her & Finn was intentional in having him state A) that no matter what happens with NYADA, he KNOWS she WILL go to NYC; B) having her state that she wants him to go there with her; and C) having him state that he will go with her to NYC. So the notion that FINN would expect or ever want Rachel to stay in Lima is absolutely off the table; he knows she will be in New York and he wants to be with her. (Whether he’ll still want to go to NYC right away, or whether he’ll find a dream for his future that might take them to different places for a while, is yet to be revealed.) Rachel doesn’t have to wrestle with Finn’s expectations or him saying in any way that he would hold her back; she is instead wrestling with the cold voice of “reality” delivered by Quinn — i.e. Finn will hold you down, and 3 months after leaving Lima you’ll forget why you ever cared about him —and her own statement & knowledge that Finn is the love of her life and that there is no one else for her, whether they are married or not. It’s certain that we’ll hear other voices chiming in; in the end, Rachel will have to decide between sacrificing love for a career or believing there is a way, and finding a way, and trusting in a way, to have it all.

    And these scenes also helped to set up Finn’s coming struggles, highlighting again the expectation from others that Finn can’t make it on his own and is essentially dead-weight. Quinn said it here; she said it in 2×16. Santana said it in Mash-Off. Burt has implied more than once that he envisions Finn taking over the tire-shop, and even saying that he didn’t want Finn to follow a career path in the Army because Burt wanted to keep him in Lima, and Carole seemed to agree. Kurt implied it by saying Finn’s role in NYC would simply be to lift heavy things (2×22). Rachel has always been the one who has believed Finn is and can do more. This episode showed us Quinn giving her a reason to doubt that, making us wonder if Rachel will start to lose faith in him — something she was beginning to question in 2×21 and 2×22. If she expresses this to Finn in some way, it could make him feel like his last support is gone, which will certainly create drama — but may also be the final push that ultimately forces Finn, who has always tended to worry that the way others see him says something about who he is, to gain confidence in himself that isn’t based on the opinions of anyone else, even Rachel.

    So many great possibilities for incredible stories ahead, and put into the hands of these two actors who make their characters absolutely and totally believable and real. I can’t say enough how much Cory & Lea knocked it out of the park and through the stratosphere and into other universes tonight in their acting.

    • dee says:

      You do know that NO ONE has read your essay, right? I sure didn’t. Save it for your blog.

    • Katie says:

      Dianna’s voice is less nasaly because she has had nose surgery. Remember its been broken twice. The second time she had to get it fixed.

    • yep says:

      I don’t care what others might say about your long post. It was the best insightful well stated and best objective voice written about this epi. OMG
      OMG, how you get the writers intent on these wonderful characters. YES Lea and Cory acted their asses off to perfection.
      Your assessment is spot on perfect about Quinn and her advise.
      This will be Rachel’s story arc inner struggle set by Quinn til finale.

    • rick says:

      I read your whole essay. I agree with most parts, but this story of the engagement isn’t predictable at all. If you really look at it, it is the most interesting plot of the entire season. I mean unless you don’t care, which some don’t. Glee is hitting gold with this plot, because it has everyone talking. Some wanting them not to be engaged and some wanting them to. It’s perfect and it has been keeping some viewers on edge for the last 2 episodes. Glee hasn’t always been great with cliff hangers, but they are knocking it out of the park with the ones in this story. I have no idea where this is going to go, and that is why I am so fascinated with this, and a lot of people feel the exact same way. There is no doubt in my mind that these 2 are absolutely and madly in love with each other, and I will admit to being swept up and wanting her to say yes. This story is doing that to me. Cory and lea are fantastic together, and I’m really excited to see where it goes. I don’t think they will get married though.

  3. fiona says:

    ever notice mike is starting to get more songs than some of the girls? lol Love Mike though =)

  4. Andrea says:

    i dont know, i know three different couples who have been together since junior year of high school. 2 are still happily married, and the third is finally getting married (im not really sure what took so long but hey, not my problem). me, I pretty much shudder when I think of my high school boyfriend. the point though, is that meeting your future husband and dating him from high school on isn’t completely unheard of. you need to just grow together as a couple. obviously, ryan and company is doing the ‘engagment’ thing to stir up “emotions” (which he’s doing a good job) because it could have been a promise ring and noone would have batted an eye.

    • dadsies says:

      I agree. What he is doing with this is so perfect. He is painting it as premature and having people object to it, and even having rachel state that it’s crazy and too fast. It could go either way at this point. Someone could call it off, they could get married right away, or they could prove everyone wrong and stay together and stay engaged. It’s perfect for the characters, because I think it’s really going to force them to really grow up and pay attention. Stop being so blinded by being head over hills in love with each other, and really look at the consequences.

  5. Matthew says:

    Santana & Sebastian’s Smooth Criminal was by far the high point in what musically was a great episode. Santana/Naya is amazing. It’s amazing how much she grown as a singer and actor since season 1. She could totally carry this show in the absence of the other girls at this point.

    The arrangement of smooth criminal with the cellos was amazing.

    Props also to Artie. This episode was a big showcase for his voice too. Great

    • majic122 says:

      I agree with the assessment of Santana. She does have a strong voice. The cellos playign was phenomenal. Great the show features how instruments can be used to paly all types of music. A great feature for us music teahcers!

  6. Andrea says:

    oh and ftr, last year was my 10 year reunion, so high school was a while ago

  7. Amanda says:

    So is this how Blaine’s been temporarily written out? An eye patch and an ode to a rat? Break a leg on Broadway!!

  8. scooterbeanbag says:

    What was the point of bringing back Trouty Mouth if he’s going to get relegated to the token 3 minutes an episode? Not to mention, what are they doing with Rory? Are they ever going to give him a story? What was the point of The Glee Project if he’s going to remain a background prop? With that said, IO really enjoyed Artie and Chang’s “Scream” more than I thought I would.

  9. Majic122 says:

    I liked the Scream song and was glad Artie got a chance to dance. It would have been great for the producers to get Janet Jackson to do a guest spot cameo. Excellent to have Diane Argon get into Yale. great message to show you can be cute, a Glee singer and get into a ivy league school. Curious as to the development of the Mercedes/Trouty Mouth story line. Would love to see her do a Jennifer Hudson and lose some weight. Nice message to all those overweight teens. My favorite song of the episode was ‘Wanna Be Startin Somethin’. Note to director: Nice to feature other voices and see Artie stand up fpr something and dance. Keep up the good work.

  10. Kitty says:

    I loved the music.

    But the end was absolutely APPALLING. Singing a song about equality does not teach a lesson. Giving the police a tape where someone confesses to ASSAULT–that teaches a lesson. Taking the high road does not always get results. And that was not taking the high road. That was outrageous stupidity, and I think that was a dangerous message to send.

    • JoMarch says:

      Amen! Why is turning a criminal over to the police taking the “low” road? Ludicrous behavior, but this show bends credulity to the breaking point consistently; I guess it’s just a tv show, but I have to have some semblence of logic, if not reality, even in a scripted show.

  11. Casey says:

    Guess I’m one of the few people who is not a Michael Jackson fan. I fast forwarded through most of the songs – i really don’t like his music. And during ‘Bad” I kept hearing “Fat” by Weird Al which is the version I prefer.

    As for the story line It was ridiculous that Sebastian was let off the hook for ASSAULTING Blaine.

  12. JoMarch says:

    Why wasn’t there a “none of the above” on the poll. I thought all the songs were dreadful. After such a wonderful episode on the 17th, this one fell completely flat.

  13. Jamie says:

    All Sebastian thing is just so stupid, teaching lesson can do by giving that tape to the police. And all finchel thing ugh, it’s so stupid agreed to marry someone just because you don’t have anything else. And did Finn a good boyfriend? No I didn’t think so.

    • dee says:

      I can’t believe there are 129 comments, and only a few are about the absolute IDIOCY of letting Sebastian off the hook for assaulting someone.

      What the heck? That should be ALL anyone is talking about with regards to this absolutely RIDICULOUS episode. Shame on Glee. Seriously. Shame on them.

  14. Marcus says:

    Too much Plaine Blanderson and the no1currblers.

  15. JP says:


    • yep says:


    • Claire says:

      You obviously completely misunderstood that this was not a message about encouraging kids to get engaged in high school but a plot development in which a person makes an foolishly impulsive–though understandable–decision that she’s going to find hard to go back on later on, when undoing it will mean hurting somebody she loves. Then the next few weeks we’ll see how that plays out. This is not an unheard-of situation in high school. My brother married his high school sweetheart and they’re still married and happy years later. My best friend from high school married her high school sweetheart because of being scared she’d lose him when he went away to school and it turned out to be a huge mistake leading to years of misery. There’s no one path that’s right or wrong for everyone about young love. But it was pretty clear from the way the show ended that there was not an intention to communicate that everything was just bluebirds and flowers with Finn and Rachel after this decision.

  16. Jessica says:

    The episode was mostly terrible with few saving graces (Hummelberry, Kurtana and….uh…yeah.)

  17. Jessica says:

    And Ben was a D only in context, and for the fact that they wasted a song about a rat on Plain Blanderson. The vocals were flawless, and I’ll take Hudmelberry friendship over anything else on this show any day of the week.

  18. Tracey says:

    How can you have an episode full of MJ music and not feature Brittany’s dance moves? That was a major fail!

  19. frank says:

    Thank you or mentioning how Brittany has been mute for a good chunk of the season.

  20. msadventure says:

    I read it and it was very insightful.

  21. Thari says:

    Well that didn’t last very long, now did it? After only ten episodes Glee fell back in the old pattern of flashy guest stars, tribute episodes, too many songs and writing episodes around songs instead of incorporating songs in the episode and putting the story first. And the season started out so promising with Mike’s storyline, Santana’s coming out and the race for class president. I guess I was stupid for believing that ryan murphy could actually mean what he says and change for the better… I do hope that as the season progresses it turns back to what it was in the first couple of episodes. Cause, despite my annoyance with some of last seasons epidsodes, I really started to love this show again. At least, I still loved their versions of MJ’s songs

    • Volcfom says:

      In the show’s defense, February sweeps are starting, so they’ve bundled all of their guest spots into those episodes. It happens all over TV during this time. I’m sure things will be back to normal come March (at least I’m hoping).

  22. Laurel says:

    Yes, with the exception of Ben, I did enjoy the musical numbers but there was too many. There was really no story. And based on Quinn’s news and her speech, my guess is she will not have any storyline for the rest of the season and will just sit next to Tina and nod.

  23. J says:

    Might be the first time I agree 100% with your recap!

  24. Miranda says:

    My fave GLEE MJ song is “Human Nature”. Chord and Amber’s voices blended wonderfully. Gorgeous. Cudos to both of them =-)

  25. Siobhan says:

    So where was “I Want You Back” by the Warblers? I adore Blaine & Kurt but I hate that song “Ben” UGH. Definitely could have cut that for the Warblers number. I thought it was supposed to be Sebastian’s breakout moment? As I saw somewhere else today, Sebastian is just a mustache away from being a cartoon villain, it’s ridiculous.

    • Lexie says:

      It was cut, but apparently it will be released as a single and I’d say that they might release that footage, since that’s what they did with ‘Santa Baby’ :)

  26. cyclone says:

    they hyped this show too much for it to fall flat the way it did. the Madonna episode was 1000x better and even Britney/Brittany was better.

    and the sectionals Michael Jackson performance wasn’t all that for New Directions either…and why were Santana and Mercedes complaining they never got to perform Michael…um, were they not a part of the Superbowl Thriller extravaganza? the best Michael number IMO…Michael i think is better in small doses.

    and i understood incorporating the Warblers when Blaine was part of the group but now there is no point to introduce them further and to make this episode really be about Sebastian wrong when they have so many main characters that are wasting away as background furniture.

    and you mean to tell me all of Blaine’s Warbler buddies were okay with him getting slushied (which i thought was only a McKinley thing). even if it was intended for Kurt, that would have been okay with them to hurt their buddy’s boyfriend?

    and even though Naya killed it in Smooth Criminal she was still with Sebastian so that brought the performance down. Best performance for me was probably Samcedes…love them.

  27. JT says:

    Where was Tina during the episode? She was not even in the Black/White montage.

  28. Alex Cassidy says:

    Human nature is my favourite, I’m a huge fan of Sam and Mercedes

    • Claire says:

      Me, too! Of all the pairings they’ve experimented with on Glee, Samcedes is only the third to really grab me (after Rachel/Finn and Blaine/Kurt). Not to mention they duet so well. I hope they’re being groomed to be the next Finchel if Finn isn’t around next year.

  29. Amanda says:

    Best Line: Burt, “We have to go tell Blaine! Can I tell him?” Hands down the best TV Dad around. I love me some MJ but this scene made the show for me.

  30. Good actress says:

    Lea michele was great this episode, great acting her performance on the scenes was very real

  31. katzzz says:

    I loved Ben!!! it was so sweet scene. Explain yourself why you didn’t like it. Maybe it would have been better if it was Kurt solo. Rachel sounded like creep and Finn too low.
    Black or White was my favorite!! but I think performace was boring comparing to other numbers.
    Only like Smooth Criminal because of Cellos, you should check out the original, 2Cellos, glee took everything from them>:(
    I loved the dancing in “Wanna Be Startin Somethin” but idk song was kinda dull
    everything else was boring and I skipped a lot

  32. Adrianna says:

    I would have liked Rachel to not get into NYADA, to show her that not everything is gonna be great for her. I liked how seeing other people get the spotlight made her feel. But did anyone else notice that Tina vanished for the last 15 minutes? And no one mentioned it?

    • Ann says:

      Seriously? A song in sectionals is about spotlight, a leading role in a school play is about a spotlight. NYADA for Rachel is future and the whole purpose of this show would be gone if she didn’t get in. There’s no one else who deserves to get into their dream school more that her.

  33. Kristina smith says:

    This was my favorite episode but I got mad at what Sebastian did to blaine even if it was directed for Kurt and now Blaine might have to get glasses or something and my favorite songs was smoothe criminal and want to be starting something. My favorite quote was ” oh hey Kurt I didn’t recognize you, you are wearing boy clothes for a change”- Sebastian )

  34. Ashley says:

    I get that this is only a TV series, but Glee is (was?) huge, and it used to send an important message to the viewers. The message from Finn and Rachel’s relationship, which is now received by thousands of teenagers? It’s ok to forget that your girlfriend is vegan and feed her meat. It’s completely normal to space out when she’s talking to you. Even though you have gay fathers, there is nothing wrong when your boyfriend outs your supposed “friend” to the whole school. It’s fine to say that your girlfriend is annoying, talks too much and looks like a “sad clown h****r”. You don’t have to protect or support you girlfriend in front of others. You really should consider marriage when you think you have nothing special in you life. When you’re 17. And the words “I’m sorry”? You may forget them, it’s not like you ever have anything to apologize for.
    This relationship is toxic and I’m sad that show like Glee want us to believe in it and support it.

    • dee says:

      Yes, and we all know that Rachel is an absolute ANGEL who has never done anything wrong, or hurt anyone, in her entire life. She’s not the tiniest bit selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic, and obnoxious. She’s NEVER hurt a friend in pursuit of her own desires. No siree. She’s perfection.
      Gimme a break.

  35. ExBFF says:

    Can Mr. Hummel be my dad? The scene with kurt made this middle-aged closet case cry like a baby.

  36. Molly says:

    I think it’s positively silly how people are totally sure that if a couple are really into each other in high school they must be “FOREVER SOULMATES OMG.” I worshipped the ground my high school boyfriend walked on, but he certainly wasn’t “the one.” 99.9% of the time that’s the case.

  37. karenb says:

    I can’t believe you gave Mike Chang an Asian F,Michael SHAMEFINGER! Haha! A little X Factor humor! :)

  38. Ella says:

    This episode was actually a bit of a let down for me, music wise. Aside from Wanna Be Startin’ Something and Smooth Criminal (and possibly Black or White) I felt they didn’t use the best MJ songs and more often than not, their renditions were ehhhh. I would have loved to see In the Closet or Remember The Time… LOVED finally seeing a little Puck/Quinn though…does this mean Quinn’s gone next season?

  39. Alicia L. says:

    I don’t know if Quinn is going to be gone, but it wouldn’t surprise me because if she is at Yale who in the cast is she going to interact with tying her back into the show? The only characters I see her being able realistically interact with are Kurt and Rachel if they end up in New York. Because considering what her character has gone through she is going to go to Yale no matter what! But knowing Ryan Murphy in the gang they will surprise us!

  40. Emily says:

    I swear this episode was 90% singing. Not even halfway in I was already thinking again? every time they burst into song. 2CELLOS was the highlight for me. And Mike Chang in eyeliner. Can we forget this episode happened and continue on the level of Yes/No?

  41. Amanda says:

    Finchel forever.

  42. Lexie says:

    I love Glee completely shamelessly. Truly. But this episode was not good. Not in my top 10, sadly. The ‘Thriller’ episode, for me, was more of a tribute to Michael than this.

    – The Sebastian plotline is flimsy at best. First of all, he only just ‘discovered’ Blaine and to me it is implied he might be new to Dalton – so how the hell can he have been made Captain in the Warblers hierarchy?

    – The songs felt crammed in. Artie and Mike’s number was great but forced. The Gaga episode worked it better, IMO.

    – The face thing in Black or White was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. I’ve only watched the ep once but I didn’t see Tina, and I think it would have been cool to have Sugar there – they could have used it as a promo if they tacked Shue, Emma, Beiste, Sue and Becky on (just a thought regarding the footage).

    – FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING, can’t Finn and Rachel decide to just get engaged and wait until Rachel graduates? Or just get a promise ring? I need someone to confront Finn because he’s clearly TOTALLY freaked out about his father’s history and trying to cling to the people he loves. Marriage is every couple’s choice but these two are so not ready.

    – Santana’s vocals kicked ass. More please. And I really want her issues with her grandmother continued. They seemed really close and then her grandmother basically shoves her away and … that’s it. Nothing else.

    /end rant XD

    • CookieGirL says:

      love your analysis and as I said your Warbler rant is due to the cutting of Dalton scenes and performance last night

  43. CookieGirL says:

    Both Rachel and Finn really deserved each other coz they only sees their relationship as a insurance policy when thing didn’t go right as they forgot too giving D- for cutting the Warblers’s performance of I Want You Back, the plot introduces Sebastian as the new captain and wouldn’t it be lovely to see Kurt’s reaction as Sebastian serenades Blaine in front of him.

  44. sara says:

    2Cellos were the best!!

  45. dana says:

    santana and sebastian have just to much chemistry for 2 gay people!
    a part of me just wants them to be straight and have one of those love-hate relationships!

    • Emily says:

      I second this. Santana and Sebastian would be fantastic.

    • Kelkat says:

      To make the storyline more interesting. SEBASTANA (Santana & Sebastian) do not need to necessarily ‘hook-up’ but some sort of attraction between them would be awesome. It would illustrate how committed to Britt and secure Santana is in being a Lesbian..and who knows, maybe Sebastian is bi??…IMO

  46. off says:

    What they are doing with the engagement plot is actually the closest to being perfect as you can get. They are not glamorizing this in anyway. The show is making it very clear that they are doing it for both the wrong and right reasons. Fear, but also being very much in love with each other. This is not the secret life of the american teenager. If they were glamorizing this they wouldn’t have everyone object to it, and by the looks of it they are. The plot isn’t really about marriage at all if you really think about it. It’s about them figuring things out and really growing together and individually. The point of the story isn’t for them to get married. It’s to push them to really and truly decide if they want each other forever or not. A ring puts more pressure, but it’s good for this, because with the ring they won’t half think anything. They will put much effort into everything in their relationship now. IMO, the whole plot is probably the best and well thought out of the season so far.