Glee Recap: A Thriller of a Night! [Updated]

In the words of Michael Jackson, “Hoo! Hoo! HOO!”

OK, maybe that expression of joy and positive energy doesn’t quite work in print, but Glee‘s homage to the King of Pop this week was jam-packed with terrific song-and-dance numbers — the sole exception being an interminable rendition of the excruciating “Ben” — and several plot developments that should make for an innnnnnteresting second half of the show’s third season.

Sebastian emerged as a villain worth railing against. Early seeds for a tense Regionals showdown got planted. And Rachel said “yes” (urgh) to Finn’s marriage proposal, but a last-act twist made her confront the very real question that I was screaming at my TV set for most of the hour: “Grrrrrrl, what the hell are you thinking?”

If you were too busy trying to score tickets to the Michael Jackson: Immortal tour — whoa! the episode’s ridiculously unsubtle product-placement has managed to infect this recap! — here’s how the central story arcs played out:

* The Dalton Warblers decided to tackle Michael Jackson for Regionals, after Blaine let slip to “buddy” Sebastian that New Directions were considering a King of Pop theme, too. Mr. Schue proposed that his students ask themselves “WWMJD” (What would Michael Jackson do?), which seemed like a dubious advice from a licensed educator. This led to the dueling show choirs staging a “Jackson-off” to “Bad,” but things took an ugly turn at the end of the performance, when Sebastian hurled a giant, souped-up slushy into Blaine’s face, scratching his cornea so deeply he required eye surgery. After perhaps the most groan-inducing line in Glee history — “Unless you have proof that he tampered with the slushie, the police aren’t interested in getting involved.” (delivered by Mr. Schue, naturally) — the kids worked through their anger and decided against retaliation. Santana, however, taped Sebastian confessing he’d put rock salt in the cup, but Kurt decided they shouldn’t share it with the police or Dalton officials. (Um, shouldn’t that decision have been left to Blaine, the guy whose vision was in jeopardy as a result of Sebastian’s actions?) Instead, New Directions turned the other sequined glove and performed “Black or White” for their rivals, in the process letting the Warblers know their captain was a low-down dirty snake.

* As the episode began, Rachel still hadn’t given Finn an answer to his marriage proposal, so he made an impassioned plea about how “those rings will be a reminder of how we feel right now” — even after they move to New York City. Rachel’s gut response — “it all sounds really crazy” — sounded reasonable enough to me, and was backed up by frenemy Quinn, who bluntly warned Rachel that leaping into a teenage marriage could put the kibosh on her hopes and dreams for the future. And even though Quinn’s “you’re gonna have to break up with him” took things a step further than a simple “Don’t get engaged,” I couldn’t disagree when she noted how she had come to her own realization that she didn’t want to carry any of her own anchors from the past into the bright lights of her future. (Yep, turns out Quinn kept up a straight-A GPA and got into Yale.) Rachel’s insecurities bubbled to the surface, though, after Kurt got a letter telling him he was a finalist for a slot at NYADA, while her own mailbox remained empty. (Loved that scene of Kurt holding his sobbing friend in front of the lockers.) Feeling like she had nothing to hold onto except her boyfriend, Rachel said “yes” to Finn, but was that regret on her face a few days later when she got her own “finalist” letter, and immediately shared the news with her BFF, not her betrothed? (Here’s hoping Ryan Murphy & Co. find a way to respect the Finchel love story while making these characters decide that they’re waaaaayyyyy too young for a trip down the aisle. And yes, I know they’re only fictional characters, but you can’t tell me Glee isn’t the kind of show that’s afraid of endorsing the occasional agenda.)

* In other news, Sam and Mercedes shared a brief but loaded kiss. Blaine got an eye patch and a date for surgery (which will help explain Darren Criss’ whereabouts while he was completing a Broadway run of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying). And also, no Sue. No Emma. No Becky. No Beiste. (Besite, I missed you most of all.)

Anyhow, with the plot recapped, let’s get to the week’s best quotes:

“He was best friends with Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor!” –Kurt, responding to Rachel’s comment that she never “got” Michael Jackson

This exchange:
Kurt: I’m trying to keep the flames from shooting out of the side of my face.
Santana: Well, that outfit isn’t helping.

Santana fantasizing about dragging Sebastian to a tattoo artist and forcing him to get a tramp stamp stating either “tips appreciated” or “congrats, you’re my 1,000th customer.”

“Y’know, Prancy Smurf, I respect that. I want to go to a college that isn’t a FEMA trailer in a prison yard, so let’s take the high road.” –Santana, agreeing to Kurt’s plea to avoid seeking revenge

“This isn’t violence, it’s clever: I taped it to my underboob!” –Santana, pleading to use the tape she’d made of Sebastian admitting his rock-salt treachery

And now, let’s get on to the grades for this week’s musical numbers:

“Wanna Be Startin Somethin,” Blaine
Loved the “leaning” choreography as Blaine led Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, and (the increasingly silent) Brittany down the hallway, and the big finish featuring the New Directions kids in various MJ drag was cool, too. The best use of Darren Criss’ voice on Glee in quite some time. Grade: A-

“Bad,” Artie, Blaine and Santana with New Directions and The Warblers
It’s always a little weird for me when Glee‘s set pieces mimic the original artists’ videos, but the fight-sequence choreography was nifty, and honestly when Santana broke out on the chorus, I got chills. Grade: B+

“Scream,” Artie and Mike Chang
Artie’s “angst face” was a bit overwrought, but I’ve always had a soft spot for “Scream” as a song and a video. The dancing was super fun, and who knew an androgynized Mike Chang would look so damn hot? Grade: A-

“Never Can Say Goodbye,” Quinn
Not the most dazzling staging in Glee history, but this was a remarkably lovely fit for Quinn’s reedy voice, and a nice farewell to the character’s boy-obsessed past. (Side note: Was it just me, or did Quinn’s black sequined gown look exactly like Kimberly Goldson’s stunner from the Season 9 Project Runway finale? Grade: A

“Human Nature,” Sam and Mercedes
I loved how this duet brought out the tender side of Amber Riley’s voice, and Sam’s playful crotch grab was a nice touch (pun intended). Grade: A-

“Ben,” Kurt, Rachel, and Finn
No. Grade: D

“Smooth Criminal,” Santana and Sebastian
Apologies to Grant Gustin, but this was really a duet between Santana and those amazing black cellos. (Cello Intensity?) This performance had me on the edge of my musical chair from start to finish. An instant Glee classic. (And bonus points for Santana’s immediate post-performance “I was better.”) Grade: A+

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” Finn and Rachel
Really pretty, but I just can’t with these two getting engaged. This might’ve been a B+ or A- if it hadn’t ended with Finn putting a ring on it. Grade: B

“Black or White,” New Directions
Now would probably be a good time to admit I’ve always been freaked out by the face-morphing at the end of MJ’s original video, yes? Grade: B

Now it’s your turn. Hit the comments with your thoughts about “Michael,” and take our poll about the week’s best musical number. And for all the Glee news, views, and interviews your heart desires, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews.

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  1. Babybop728 says:

    It’s so stupid that she said yes. What kind of message is this sending? Getting married young is almost always a mistake(not saying that it can’t work, because it can, just very rare.). I’m finding myself skipping the story lines and just watching the music. This show is going downhill fast.

    • Emily says:

      Just cause she’s engaged doesn’t mean she’ll get married right away. I think it’s just going to be a Finn and Rachel story line outside of them breaking up. I doubt they’ll have them get married this season, more of just them figuring out what they’re doing for college

    • gleek says:

      It’s sending a message that you can have it all: love, dreams, friends, everything. It’s been building for three years that Rachel will have ALL of her dreams come true and that INCLUDES Finn. She said it herself that Finn is the love of her life and that she wants to marry him someday. Quinn tried to press the issue that you can’t have your dreams come true as well as love and that’s 100% false. Finn wants her dreams to come true, too. He’s going to support her and help her reach her dreams. Rachel Berry will have it all. That’s the entire point of having her future with her boyfriend as well as her future with her Broadway dreams become a little more real and serious in the same episode. It’s not about sending a message of teen marriage. It’s not meant to come down to Rachel having to choose between the two. They’re the exception, not the rule. It’s not a crime to send young people a message about how it is possible to have everything you want if you work for it and want it enough – not everything has to be a tragedy.

      • SW says:

        Thank you. You actually get what the writers are trying to do. It isn’t a good message to tell teens, “Oh guess what, if you want to be successful and achieve your dreams, you have to be alone forever, so don’t try to fall in love or anything.” I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to grasp that Rachel CAN have love AND a career. People have been doing it for hundreds of years.

        • Katie says:

          But Rachel didn’t want to say yes, you could tell at the end of the episode. She was just freaked out about not having anything after graduation. She might of wanted a long engagement, or even a promise ring but in that moment, at the end of the episode you could tell she was freaked out.

          • Green says:

            yeah Rachel only said yes because she wasn’t going to NYADA. So when the the letter came she was with a panic face.Finn doesn’t care about Rachel and her dreams.

          • Sara says:

            See, I don’t know. The fans know Rachel and Finn love each other and I believe her that she thinks Finn is the love of her life and her “soulmate” (even though she nor he has experience the world or other people–Jesse and Crazy Quinn don’t coubt, haha kids) and vice versa. So, I don’t think she said yes, because of NYADA, watch the scene again, if anything I thought she was caught up in the moment of. .love. At the end yes she did look like ‘how am I going to tell him’ but I just think reality hit her and maybe her being tied to Finn is yet another obstacle for her and Broadway. So, I don’t think she said yes out of desperation. Besides, in the begining of the episode didn’t Finn say he’d follow her to New York? So, she goes, he goes. So they think. Glee knows what its doing, and this whole Finchel mess has people TALKING. Mission accomplished. I’m interested in how Finn will tell Burt he dosen’t want to run his shop.

        • Sky says:

          Yes, you can have love and a career. That isn’t the issue though! The problem with the episode is that being in love doesn’t mean you have to get ENGAGED when you’re only, what, seventeen? You don’t need to get engaged to stay committed to someone! That’s a terrible message for teens. Finn should have gone with a promise ring – same idea, but with a bit more flexibility. It would have been the more mature thing to do.

        • Janie says:

          “Alone forever”? So if you don’t tie yourself to a boy when you’re 17 you’ll be alone forever? She’s got the entirety of her adult life ahead of her. God, but Bella Swan has a lot to answer for.

        • Miranda says:

          @SW: I see what you’re saying, but just because someone breaks up with his/her HS sweetheart, doesn’t mean that person will forever be alone or never fall in love again. There are plenty of fish in the sea who could be more compatible (i.e. common interests, dreams,etc).

          Finchel does not have that IMO. There’s no doubt that they love each other, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Besides they’re very young, and things change, people change. Furthermore, they’re very co-dependent on each other, almost to the point of obsession, and that just isn’t healthy.

      • abcxyz says:

        Problem is, Rachel tries to cling on to Finn as her NYADA dream seems to shatter. She says something like “I only have my boyfriend”. Plus she has that hesitant face at the end of the episode.

      • yep says:

        This is exactly the bird’s eye view the writers are giving the viewers to see through Rachel and Finn’s eyes. Love you for your words very wise and truthful.
        As for what happens from here is their story line. What they will face, need to resolve, need to come to terms with, decisions that affect their futures as individuals and as a couple, etc. All of which these things in life we will all face 1 time or another. Lessons in life. As for Quinn’s advise it was for Quinn to hear and to accept-Quinn was ready to leave the anchors behind(what she thought of her exes). As practical advise as it was for Quinn who will go on as a SINGLE NOT ATTATCHED person to seek her place in life having no man whom is the love of her life. She hasn’t met him yet but will and when she does she will have that connection as Rachel and Finn have. For Quinn’s sake I hope so. Rachel and Finn have this connection of the other makes them feel complete. This represents that one can have the love of your life and live out your dreams too. Two become one. They grow together. Will they marry post graduation? Who knows. This is a wonderful story arc for this wonderful couple. Things that will impede their way to marriage-Rachel’s dads, Kurt, Finn’s parents, unknown aspirations of Finn, peers, their own grandiose optimism, etc. Stories for these 2 to tackle and experience. Obstacles and realism are what they will face head on. I’ve known many couples who were involved in HS, some promised to one another and after years together they are still happy. Many don’t stay together go on live normal happy lives remembering what was. Finchel represent this extreme and fortunate couple who are blessed to find true love young.
        Quinn represents people like me unknown love of my life til later in life. Doesn’t mean her way is the only way. I think her advise was valid for her situation.

        • yep says:

          Furthermore, about Rachel’s look at the end of the epi was a huge enormous dose of reality hitting her in the face. I don’t believe for 1 second she has regrets for saying yes. She is not deperate just madly in love with the love of her life and said to Finn she wanted to marry some day. This IMO is an act of commitment for life by soulmates. Their acknowledgement of that and their promise of it. It is just a TV show well written IMO. The reality of people need to know, their knowing their will be obstacles and they are young. I love this story. This holds true for many young people who are making plans and commitments outside of college or vocations.

    • Michael says:

      Until they get married, it isn’t sending any frickin’ message. Why can’t it just be what it is…a high school girl making an impulsive decision when things seemed desperate.

      • Natalie says:

        I mostly agree. It isn’t sending a message. It is what it is.

        It’s sad that folks can’t teach their children TV is just storytelling and not something to base your life on. I was raised to use my damn brain and not let things that happen on TV and such to influence me. It’s not that hard to do. Think for yourself out there and stop trying to make TV a place for people to get there morals and aspirations from. TV is for E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T not to teach people life lessons! And this is from a TV junkie…

        • Angela says:

          THANK YOU. It’s a TV show, people. I really don’t see where the dilemma comes in, quite frankly. If Finn goes with her and winds up not being supportive of her dreams, then she can let him go then.

          And if the idea of teenagers getting married is shocking to people, they sure would’ve hated being around society in the early 20th century, ’cause there were a whole mess of teens getting married then (wartime loves and such, for example).

          Bah. Anywho, for the record, my favorite number was “Scream”. That was pretty freakin’ impressive, I have to say.

          • Laura says:

            Yeah, we should really base our feelings on teen marriage around what was common in the early 20th century. Because you know, society hasn’t changed at all in almost 100 years.

        • Dom says:

          Exactly. TV is entertainment. The responsibility for making sure teens understand that getting engaged or married in high school probably isn’t their best idea ever definitely lies with parents and guardians. As a high school senior, I didn’t watch Naley get married on OTH and suddenly decide I needed to marry my boyfriend at the time. Besides, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if she had simply left him with an answer of “maybe one day”. This forces them to really deal with their future and relationship because it isn’t just a high school thing anymore, now it’s an actual engagement. And Glee writers got exactly what they always want, people are talking.

          • Angela says:

            @Laura (’cause there’s no “reply” link there), all I meant was that teenagers getting married isn’t anything new. People have been doing it for ages. I’m not saying that makes it right or anything (I agree teenagers running off and getting married isn’t the wisest choice in the world), just that it’s not exactly a surprising scenario and it’s funny to hear people reacting as though this is something new that teenagers are doing, and that one TV show is going to lead to an outbreak of teen marriages or something. They happened before “Glee”, they’ll happen after “Glee”.

    • Ben says:

      Glee hasn’t been sending the right messages since the very start. Eventually I did have to stop watching because it’s just not something I would be ok with my kids watching as a teenager, and so I figured it was time for me to stop.

      • Lexie says:

        I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I have to ask – what part/s of this show would stop you from allowing teenagers from watching? What shows would you prefer they watch?

        I just find Glee so much fun that maybe I’m missing something. I guess it depends what ‘end’ of teenager-dom a person is, as well.

    • Mel says:

      It’s called moving the plot along for the two main leads. It’s called giving this storyline a multi-episode arc. I’m a big fan of both Finn and Rachel, and I’m excited because this will lead them to examine a whole lot about themselves. Especially for Finn. He’s gonna get a rude awakening that it’s not going to be all romantic and smooth sailing ahead even if you got that answer from your girl. Rachel will really get to examine her priorities and we’ll see if this couple comes out strong or not. I have faith in them.

    • Steven says:

      What kind of message is it sending to whom? It’s a freaking tv show! Sorry to rant but I am tired of all these people that go off on a tv show because of the message it supposedly send out to kids. Parents should be teaching morals to our kids/teenagers. It’s not the responsibility of Glee or any other show to be doing that. Can you imagine how boring tv would be if every show out there decided to teach a lesson, teach morals, show the typical/normal everyday life most of us lead? It’s entertainment, so take it for what it is.

      • me says:

        I don’t know, guys. You know, the 90s must have been a really terrible time for tv, then, if morals and stuff like that are so boring.

        Every single thing you watch has some kind of moral in it. Yes, even Glee. Born This Way, anyone? You can’t pray away the gay?

        But regardless, let’s face it, drama is interesting. Finn and Rachel will break up soon because they’ll realize this was all a bad idea, and then spend next season chasing each other again.

        The real issue I have is that the show is trying to overload me with (badly written) drama. Isn’t this supposed to be a comedy? I mean, Finn and Rachel’s relationship is one big joke turned embarrassment.

    • Sg.Grant says:

      It’s also a tv show. It’s goal is to be controversial and have storylines that leave viewers hanging so they will tune in next week.

    • Meg says:

      Um…this is FICTION.

    • alex says:

      My boss has been with the man she married since she was 16. She’s now in her 50s. It happens. Love can overcome all.

    • katie says:

      When she said yes, I wanted piano dude to finally break his silence, stand up, and yell “You are idiots!” at them.

  2. Nicole says:

    Santana & Sebastian in Smooth Criminal takes the prize for best song of the season.

    • Christa says:

      With this and Rumor Has It/Someone Like You, Santana wins for best soloist this season.

      • Sky says:


        I’m glad Naya’s getting a chance to shine. Her take on Santana has been flawless, and the songs they’ve had her do have been just fantastic.

    • jw says:

      Mike, the cello players are 2Cellos, and this scene was a complete replication of their video…but with singers. And yes, it was awesome.

      Loved that Sebastian was slinging the Santana-like insults at Santana.

  3. Winnie says:

    I thought the usage of [black] cellos in Smooth Criminal were a high point, though there’s another song I loved better from tonight’s episode…

    If [you] say why, [I’ll tell you] that it’s Human Nature…

  4. Rick says:

    Yes! Dianna finally got a solo! But it seemed like it went against what she was saying- she sang “Never Can Say Goodbye,” when in fact she encouraged Rachel to say goodbye to her past.
    I guess they got their reason for why Darren will be out for a few episodes… eye surgery…
    “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” was my favorite, but “Smooth Criminal” was interesting, “Ben” was kind of dullsville, and “Black or White” was perfect for “Glee”‘s message.
    I can’t stand that New Directions always manages to wrangle their competition in to sing with them as a peace offering. They jumped in on the deaf choir, they pulled in the Warblers. Also, I don’t quite buy that the perfect revenge was to turn the Warblers against Grant through a song (???), nearly as terrible a resolution as New Directions showing up Vocal Adrenaline with the funk number last season.
    All in all, though, a solid episode. The songs all made some kind of sense to the plot, and they were mostly great. Although why does the gay couple always get songs that refer to “friends” rather than lovers or partners in a relationship? And who the bloody hell is Ben? A simple name change could have worked here, no?

    • Winnie says:

      I had “Funk” flashbacks, too, and had to suspend my disbelief for the ending. I liked ‘Imagine,” though.

      Whoever caught that gravity-defying screen grab did a good job, though I was bothered for the fictional character of Blaine and what he went through as a result.

    • Jeff says:

      Why would they change the title of a Michael Jackson song in a Michael Jackson tribute episode? It was just a crappy song choice…”Ben” is about Michael Jackson’s pet rat

      • Rick says:

        Agreed, Winnie!

        Jeff- I guess my point was that they should have either chosen a more appropriate song (as you state), or changed the name to “Blaine” instead of singing to a nonexistent “Ben” entity.

        Also forgot to:
        1) note that the Sam-Mercedes duet was pretty great; didn’t expect their voices to blend so well together, and
        2) wonder where the heck Sugar was. Was her voice too poisonous to include in an MJ tribute? Or was she there and I just missed her?

  5. Floopa Bambers says:

    I am so happy that everyone is remembering Michael for his music and not for the child molestation. I, for one, was so sick of constantly imagining Michael in bed with young, hairless boys. I’d much rather be signing and dancing to “Smooth Criminal” than thinking about Michael on top of a child!

  6. thefirstmrshummel says:

    I thought it would be “Smooth Criminal” but “Scream” was INCREDIBLE. Had to vote for that, but just by a hair.

  7. Hailey says:

    I’m sorry Darren….I love you, but…..Naya killed it

    • maru says:

      i can’t decide!!!! i looove Wanna be startin sometin but the cellos in smoooth criminal were amazing!! all the points for those two awesome performances of Darren, Naya and Grant

  8. dawn says:

    I thought Scream was incredible….Artie and Mike KILLED the moves!!!! And Artie doesn’t have enough ‘dream’ dance sequences….Santana and Sebastian Killed on thier vocals as well. That arrangement of Smooth Criminal was awesome!

  9. Mel says:

    I picked the Dianna Agron song but it would have been Ben if it hadn’t been for Cory Monteith! He ruins everything.

    • yep says:

      Opinions vary. I loved all the songs. I believe Cory has a wonderful voice. Sorry you don’t appreciate it. There are many like me feel he has a mellow wonderful voice. I feel the same about Dianna’s voice. They are actors first singers second. Mel to say that he ruins everything is not so IMO. Like I say opinions vary. You have the right to yours. Ben was a wonderful sweet song Kurt chose to sing for Blaine. I loved it. Smooth Criminal was not a favorite song of MJs for me. But done wonderfully by Naya and Grant.

  10. Katie says:

    I don’t mind Finchel as a couple really I don’t. But even their hardcore fans have to agree that Rachel doesn’t want to marry him, you could tell by the look on her face when she got into NYADA.

    I’m so happy Quinn got into Yale but I hate how we won’t get any real character growth from Quinn. And I liked how she told Rachel her opinion. It might not of been what she wanted to hear but she told the truth, tell him No.

    • Jenny says:

      I just hate that it is like Rachel has to choose either NY or Finn. Rachel has always been the type of character that wants it all and will do whatever to have it all. Even as a fan of this couple I know she accepted for the wrong reason. It isn’t that she doesn’t ever want to marry Finn. She just didn’t want to do it now. This couple had enough drama without this stupid engagement that I am sure will be forgotten by Regionals.

    • wendi says:

      I’m a hardcore fan of Finchel, and I don’t want them to get married so young. I think Rachel is either going to give him his ring back, or he’s going to release her from her answer. It doesn’t mean the end of this couple, though. They still love each other very much.

  11. Alice says:

    Dianna got a solo!! Yes!! Love the song.. and her speech to the ND kids.. and the advice she gave to Rachel.. it was beautiful.

  12. SW says:

    Why is everyone so against Rachel saying yes to Finn? Like I said in a comment here last week, just because they get engaged doesn’t mean they have to get MARRIED right away? It isn’t like they’re going to run out and get eloped. They’re just making a promise to each other to stay together. They could be engaged for YEARS before they get married. Being engaged to Finn isn’t going to change anything for her, or for him. I know several couples who have been HAPPILY married for over 20 years, since they were right out of high school. It DOES happen sometimes.

    • Katie says:

      I’m not against them getting married but good lord you can’t believe that Rachel wanted to say yes? She only said it because she thought she had nothing left. That’s not fair to Rachel or Finn.

    • Taryn says:

      i one hundred percent agree with you on that

    • katie says:

      Any time it takes 5 days to come up with an answer to a marriage proposal, the answer should be no. It should only be yes when it’s a total no-brainer.

  13. Babygate says:

    I don’t normally like Artie. Well, I don’t dislike him he’s just not my favorite. But I have to say he and Mike ROCKED ‘Scream’. Gave me goosebumps. I loved Smooth Criminal, but Scream was just insane.
    And Rachel, poor impulsive Rachel. She thought she had nothing so she said yes to Finn as a back up plan and them, BAM! Should have listened to Quinn!!!

  14. serious question says:

    Are people biased just because they just LURVV them some Santana? Yes Smooth was good, but Artie KILLED it when he did Scream. I’m just saying….

  15. CHH says:

    I really did like this episode. I went into with a biased opiniom because I knew they were doing at least ten songs and I thought there would be zero plot development. Glad I was wrong.

    I loved Glee for letting Quinn give Rachel an honest opinion, we all know after highschool you don’t talk to anyone down the road anyways. Glee was very real with the Quinn/Rachel conversation and I did like Quinn’s solo and how I think she was singing to Rachel too as a message to tell her its able to say goodbye without really saying goodbye. I’m glad Quinn got into Yale and I kinda got sentimental about her most likely not being on the show next year, even though next to Mercedes, Quinn is my least favorite.

    My favorite scene was when Rachel broke down about possibly not getting into NYADA, once again realistic situation, when you see everyone acheiving their dreams but you. I maybe shedded a tear because I actually thought she didn’t get in (stupid me, its TV, of coarse she got in)

    I don’t think Rachel/Finn getting engaged is sending a bad message (every single highschool based show does this plot eventually anyway), I actually liked the choir room scene with them. Sure some fans will agrue she said yes, just because she thought she didn’t get into NYADA, eh, I didn’t get that vibe after they sang IJCSLY.

    As far as the music, it was good, but I have all the orginals. Michael is still great. Sorry, Glee won’t be on Itunes tonight.

    • Katie says:

      But that look Rachel gave, after Kurt asked if she had told Finn…that was an “oh crap” look

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Actually, both Kurt and Rachel are finalists which means they can still be cut from a spot at NYADA (which might be how and why they are on the program next year, if the actors stay.)

      I just can’t believe both kids would not apply to any other schools.

  16. JVC says:

    Slezak, I’m with you on rachel’s “what the hell were you thinking?” moment. That was a such a ludicrous stunt they pulled. It’s one thing when you have no post high school plans set in stone, but whole other thing when you get engaged and have no idea what you are doing. Take that 70’s show for example, donna and eric were not ready, and no idea what they were doing, and in the end called off the wedding. Let’s hope this engagement is called off before the season’s over. But on a lighter note, this was a great episode. Santana KILLED it w/ smooth criminal.

  17. Gloria says:

    What a rollercoaster!! Loved Quinn’s solo!! And Rachel you should have listen to Quinn!!

  18. Samantha says:

    Omg smooth criminal all the way but I wished they did some songs from the movie MJ did called ghost but there is always this Halloween to maybe do that

  19. Rita says:

    Quinn’s solo was the best part of the episode, her speech touched me. Dianna was amazing tonight!

  20. Michael says:

    Those cellists were RIDICULOUS. I’m not crazy about Sebastians voice, but they made the song and the night for me.

  21. Dex says:

    Finchel is such a toxic unhealthy love. Finn proposes because he doesn’t want Rachel to drift away from him when they go to NY; Rachel says yes because she doesn’t think she got into NYADA and then the look of horror on her face at the end.

    • KSM says:

      You’ve just described 99% of all high school relationships. All high school relationships are toxic when they are in high school

  22. pilot picture dad says:

    I thought one of Rachel’s dads was black? :(

  23. Chrissy says:

    In my opinion, Human Nature and Smooth Criminal were the best songs of the night. Naya and Grant make an interesting pair, and the cellos were amazing. And Chord and Amber should literally sing with each other every week, their voices sound incredible together. In fact, I think they make way better duet partners than Lea and Cory.

  24. Jen says:

    I loved the Rachel and Quinn scene, it was so powerful and suprisingly well written. It seems that the only relationship that glee hasn’t screwed up yet is the faberry one. I know people are going to disagree but, I have always thought that Quinn was secretly in love with Rachel and this scene just made me believe it that much more.

  25. KSM says:

    I don’t have a problem with Rachel saying yes. It’s high school. Everyone thinks their high school boyfriend/girlfriend is the love of their life and they will be together forever. Especially in a small midwestern town where you feel like you are going to be stuck if you don’t get out… which you will only get if you grew up in a place where you were afraid if you didn’t leave you would be stuck forever. Plus, again, the are in high school… high schoolers do crazy things. I can’t imagine that they will have them actually get married, it did seem like Rachel realized that maybe it wasn’t the best decision once she got into NYADA. But, just because they don’t get married doesn’t mean she can’t love him.

  26. amoeba says:

    Never Can Say Goodbye, undoubtedly. It was about time Dianna Agron had a shot at singing a solo again and she did it both gracefully and sensually. Girl deserves some love, so underrated. The rest of the episode was a clusterf*ck and don’t get me started on the stupid Finchel storyline.

  27. Olita says:

    I didn’t realize that Quinn was a straight-A student. I mean, if she was, then why was she so concerned about being stuck in Lima and needing to win homecoming queen or whatever in earlier seasons?

    • sumwhut says:

      good point. proving my point on how stupid this episode was.

    • Insaneartist24 says:

      The same reason she’s done everything else so far; she feels the need to be loved. Since she hasn’t been loved enough by her parents, she strives to be the best so she can be acknowledged by them and people in general, whether it was trying to have another baby, or dying her hair and joining a clique. Quinn’s surprised me the most this season, both her solo and overall character has matured so much over these past 3 seasons.

    • Katie says:

      I think its because we have seen her with a book every since she de skaned herself.

    • Trew says:

      Quinn being a straight A honor roll student “since kindergarten” has been canon since season 1. Her low self esteem was always her issue, not her grades.

  28. Josh says:

    Jen don’t get me thinking sexy thoughts lol Rachel and Quinn are the sexiest girls to me and them together would be HOT!! But seriously no way is she in love with Rachel

  29. Kevin says:

    The best thing about this episode wasn’t any of the songs, but the BALANCE. That’s something that the Glee writers have consistently had trouble with. But tonight we got nice moments from just about every character, even some of the underused ones (Yay Quinn and Artie). Of course Tina didn’t get anything, but that would’ve been asking for a lot! By the way, did anyone else completely forget that Rory existed? At the end of the episode, I saw him in the background and it took me a few seconds to remember who he was.

  30. Bad Breaker says:

    I thought there were some really good and really bad things about this episode.
    Artie’s singing and Mike’s dancing in Scream.
    Quinn actually acting sensible for a change.
    Smooth Criminal was totally fierce.
    WBSS looked like it would have been really good. Unfortunately, I only saw the last 30 seconds because our local Fox station decided to pre-empt it for the stupid election results…grrrrrrrr
    The Bad mash-up.
    Ben…horrible song, no matter who sings it.
    Sebastian getting away with inflicting a serious injury.
    The Warblers all joining in all Cum Ba Ya…lame and unrealistic (yeah, I know, it’s Glee. Realism doesn’t really come into play)
    Rachel getting her letter after saying “yes”…so predictable. I saw that coming from the beginning of the episode.

  31. sumwhut says:

    the whole show was rather stupid. yea i was looking forward to the MJ episode, but a few of the songs they chose were lame. Ben, really? and I Can’t Stop Loving You, what?
    For a show that likes to tackle the issues this was very disappointing. Quinn with a last minute app gets into Yale? yea right. Save your app fee kiddies, only rich kids with connections and only a very FEW exceptions make it, stop perpetuating the myth of these overpriced institutions for the priviledged as viable options for the real world. And of course both Rachel and Kurt are NYADA finalists. Sure.
    Sam is back, why don’t we ever see him?

    • sumwhut says:

      wow i forgot about the sam mercedes duet. must have been memorable. ha. i think that is the part where i must have fell asleep. yawn.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Quinn’s parents were wealthy so Yale was an option for her. AS far as the other two, just because they are finalists doesn’t mean they are in.

  32. Kittie says:

    This episode made absolutely no sense. Nothing any of the characters did made any sense. I could write a whole essay about all the artificial and forced nonsense that was this plotline. It was just weird. Not as cringe-inducing as the last episode, but definitely more face-palming involved this time.

    • Katie says:

      Quinn telling Rachel to dump Finn after graduation made sense, she’s cynical and a realist.

      • Kittie says:

        She was a total psycho only four episodes ago, and now she’s lecturing people about being realistic? Don’t get me wrong, Quinn talking with Rachel and ND about their future were probably my favourite scenes from this episode, because as you say, WHAT she said made sense and was realistic. It was WHO said it, that doesn’t make sense to me, simply because I don’t buy that she’s absolutely crazy for almost half of the season and suddenly becomes the voice of reason (and by the way, why would Rachel talk to her of all people about marrying Finn? She’s his ex and he dumped her to be with Rachel. Weird).

        • JoMarch says:

          Not much in this episode made sense; it was a waste of time. Doesn’t Blaine have parents? If my kid got assaulted, I’d call the police; why was it up to his friends to avenge/not avenge. Settling things through song? Yikes, those scenes (3 at my count) were cringe worthy. And let’s face it, if Michael Jackson hadn’t died tragically and unexpectedly, wouldn’t he still be regarded as a child molester, and a punchline to late night hosts jokes? I agreed with Rachel; I just don’t get the MJ adoration.

        • yep says:

          I thought Rachel choosing Quinn for advise about Finn was off the wall. And agree Quinn’s sudden wisdom and coming out of the cobwebs was wierd to me. Just looking at Quinn’s pictures in her locker told the Quinn story to me. She has never and will never treat or accept Rachel as a friend or equal as she does for all the others shown on pics in her locker. Quinn’s advise applied to her and what her life is and how she sees Rachel is as a lesser unequal person. My opinion only but pictures speak a thousand words. Quinn telling Rachel that her exes were anchors just saying that to Quinn her boyfriends were for the moment and a bandaid for her insecurities all of which she acknowledged and expressed to ND. She never thanked anyone who was kind to her til then. Glad for Quinn to come tp terms with herself and set sites on a big and bright future.

  33. Rachel Von says:

    Never Can Say Goodbye was the best! I want Puck and Quinn togeeether!

  34. Mirac says:

    Worst thing about the ep : Darren Criss’s acting

    and I want to like him so much but he just doesn’t pull into the Blaine character – it’s like a void and he’s only spewing line. I had hope for him after TFT but w/e…

    soulful looks aren’t enough to pull a person into the scene.

  35. Carrie says:

    Like it wasn’t bad enough that we had to endure one Finchel proposal, but then they had to shove a SECOND one down our throats? It’s getting disgusting. Overall, a lackluster episode, I think.

  36. Lea says:

    I loved never can say goodbye!!! Hoping puck and Quinn get back together!!! I miss them so much!!

  37. carrie says:

    Finchel sucks so much! Funny how rachel only said yes to finn cuz she thought she didn’t get into NYADA

  38. Monkeyrat says:

    About the music:

    Scream really disappointed me. First because I think the arrangement is total crap and doesn’t respect MJ/JJ’s song. And also because I was expecting mindblowing dancing and… nothing. Bleh.

    Smooth Criminal was bleh too. Grant’s voice is bland, Naya DOESN’T NEED friggin’ autotune and even if I admire the cellos guys’ rendition, I think the song is losing its edge without the beats.

    Black Or White was good, I liked it.

    Never Can Say Goodbye was by far the best of the night! I love Dianna Agron’s voice so much and I really think she did an awesome job! Eargasm!

    I also LOVED Human Nature. I agree with a previous comment saying that Chord’s and Amber’s voices complement each other very well.

    The others songs were terrible, and don’t even get me started on the stupid Ben choice.

    About the rest:
    Quinn is awesome.
    Faberry is awesome.
    Samcedes should do duets all the time.
    Artie’s totally right for wanting to fight back.
    Santana should remember that she has a girlfriend (hey Glee, what did you think of the last ep of PLL? Pretty cool, right?!).
    And talking about that Brittany should, you know, still exist.
    I missed Sugar in this episode.
    I miss Tina in every episode.
    Kurtana friendship should be explored more.
    I miss Santana/Quinn friendship.
    Finchel is an insufferable bore and this proposal thing is stupid and pathetic without a doubt, but I’m pretty sure it will end badly so I’ll just wait and watch it fail miserably lol.
    Kurt being too soft is becoming annoying.
    I’m tired of all the screentime they’re giving to the Warblers (thank God they cut I Want You Back!)
    Loved that Chris Colfer threw shades at that Ben scene on Twitter lol.
    The Bad sequence was pity-inducing, my cat looks more dangerous than all of them.
    The morphing in Black Or White was really in the spirit of the show and I liked that a lot, plus it was funny (even if poorly executed, but… oh well. Fun!)

    • F. Dillinger says:


    • Deena says:

      Thank you, as I agree with SOOO much of what you said. I was looking forward to this episode and was disappointed & underwhelmed.

      Human Nature was my favorite song by far. I’m glad I’m not the only one gushing over Smooth Criminal. Such a great song & Naya would have killed it but it was lacking something (usually I like funky versions of songs too). Thank you Chris Colfer for the fair warning on Ben. I wanted to FF through Bad so BAD but I was watching with someone else. That was cringeworthy.

      A Kurt & Santana friendship is awesome. Am I the only one who misses Kurt & Mercedes as best buds?

  39. Alicia L. says:

    Rachel was so dumb for saying yes especially after Quinn laid it out to her straight! Santana against Sebastian was epic! The Quinn solo was okay, but the highlight of the episode almost for me was the Samercedes duet because I love them together! Please get rid of Finchel it makes me want to scream and tear out my hair, it is just so over used! The best part of the episode I had already seen and that kind of pissed me off!

  40. Alex says:

    “black or white” – a question many ask about MJ.

  41. dee says:

    So let me see if I have this right. A student inflicts injury on another student so badly he needs SURGERY, and even though they witnesses the attach and have proof, the victim’s friends decide to pay the attacker back BY PROVING THEY KNOW MICHAEL JACKSON BETTER THAN HIM?


    The only proper and acceptable response would be to see Sebastian getting ARRESTED.


    • Alecia says:

      EXACTLY. I can only buy the “singing solves all problems” so many times. Blaine’s family should have sued Sebastian at the very least to pay for the medical bills.

    • Day says:

      YES. This was my problem with the entire episode. A show that rallies against bullies for two whole seasons lets one get away with actual, physical violence? Effed up, that is!

      • linda says:

        Face it, this is real live. People don’t care.. It’s not a beautiful world.. Arrested? Really? It’s a slushie…

        • Alecia says:

          Seeing as how the slushie had ROCK SALT in it that caused eye damage (requiring surgery), I think an arrest is in order. Ever heard of assault?

          • Kenny says:

            If you ask me, the elephant in the room is that rock salt in a slushie wouldn’t cause any more eye damage than opening your eyes underwater in the ocean.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Totally agree with these posts. Plus Mr. Shu claiming the police would not get involved was ridiculous. (With all of the slushy juice on Blaine, some of the juice could have been saved and tested to see if it was messed with). That lack of logic was worse than most of Glee’s abundant problems with logic and ruined the episode because it was so annoying.

      • dee says:

        And, uhhh, if it was rock salt that made it dangerous, wouldn’t Blaine have TASTED that? Some of it would have dissolved and made the slushy salty.

        Oh, why do I bother. This show officially sucks. I’m done.

  42. scar says:

    “human nature” had the best vocals, but “Never can say goodbye” really brought the emotions out of me. so i vote for the lovely QUINN FABRAY

  43. Sabrina says:

    I actually thought Smooth Criminal was really dull – minus for the cello playing. That was pretty freaking cool. I really loved Wanna Be Starting Something and I Just Can’t Stop Loving You… those were my two faves…

    On for the story lines, it is a TV show. It suspends belief in every way shape or form. LOL It is there for pure entertainment value (and to have my 2 yr old try and copy the dance moves) :)

  44. Krystal says:

    Finchel is such a fucckking JOKE!

  45. adam says:

    I LOVED Kurt and Santana’s scene that was so good.

  46. Kacey says:

    Most of the songs in this episode were awful which is a shame for an MJ tribute. Thank goodness they had Kevin singing most of the male leads bc the other males were terrible. Dianna was great. I loved NCSGB and that’s a song I love so I’m overly critical. Human Nature was good too and I thought it wasn’t going to be. Quinn was great in this episode. Ironic that she is now the most sane character lol. The Finchel stuff was too predictable and boring. They are boring. Hummelberry is boring. Klaine was boring. Surgery because of a slushy? Really Glee? Plus now Warblers slushy kids too? Meh. Plus MJ numbers are known for spectacular dancing. Why not use the dancers on this show better for an MJ episode? The clunky camera work didn’t make up for the bad dancing by most of the cast. I accept that most of them can’t dance. Quick shots and dizzying camera work isn’t going to change my mind.

  47. Laura says:

    I’m gonna go with Human nature!! Why hadn’t the producers thought of putting letting Amber and Chord sing sooner!! They sounded fantastic now can we get them singing “My boo,” by Alicia Keys and Usher! That could totally work!! But I’ll tie it with Smooth Criminal that was awesome too!!

  48. Margo says:

    This has got to be one of the most unoriginal Glee episodes or if not the most unoriginal Glee episode done.

    The arrangement of the songs were poor, the vocals a hot mess. The whole episode just felt like they were forcing the MJ issue.

    Naya however killed her vocals. As well as I really enjoyed ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’,it’s a simple song, and I thought Cory and Lea sang it well. Apart from that, they should have never touched Scream or actually Michael Jacksons’ music book altogether. Till the next episode….sighs

  49. STW says:

    The acting by Cory Monteith & Lea Michele in this episode was some of the best each actor has every done. I was completely wrapped up in the raw, genuine emotion of each character, holding my breath through each plot development (even though the story was completely predictable) and left in knots as I wait to see them act out the developing story. The questions in the end come down to this: For Rachel, will she believe the stark vision of the future painted by Quinn, that she can have either a relationship with the love of her life or success but not both, or will she find a way to triumph and truly have it all? For Finn: Will he find a way to locate and tap into his passion for what he wants to be and power through to let it bring him to New York? With these two great actors, and the writers who tell their stories so well, I know what’s to come will be epic!

    • Monkeyrat says:

      So you were “holding your breath” over something “completely predictable”? And that is good writing to you. Alright then lol.

      Finchel fans never cease to amaze me :)

  50. jay says:

    Those were some bland bland MJ number.