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Question: Why are you so amazing? Seriously, why? Moving on… Do you know anything about where Dan and Blair go in the next episode of Gossip Girl? —Julia
Ausiello: You know what flattery will get you, Julia? An answer to your question and an exclusive first look at Monday’s Dair-tastic episode! So here’s the deal: Dan whisks Blair off to the airport, where, as you can see, he offers her both a literal and figurative shoulder to cry on. And if you think the picture below is off the charts adorable, just wait until you see the other six images from the episode. In possibly related news, I strongly — strongly — urge you to click here now.

Question: In your Renewal Scorecard, why did you list Gossip Girl as “a sure thing” when every other website says it’s “on the bubble”? —Marie
Ausiello: Maybe the other outlets skipped the 100th-episode press conference last week, during which EP Stephanie Savage said, “We’re not writing a series finale this year. We’ve checked in with our bosses to make sure we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot.” Not a lot of ambiguity in that statement.

Question: Any scoop about Desperate Housewives? It’s been a long time! —Julien
Ausiello: Someone’s getting the frak out of dodge (a.k.a. Wisteria Lane), and that someone is featured at the center of that purty montage atop this week’s column. The gist: Orson invites a downward-spiraling Bree to pack up her things and move away with him to the Maine coastline — and the boozehound accepts! How long she ends up staying away is another question entirely.

Question: Any idea how long Jason Lee is going to stick around on Up All Night?  I love having him on my television again. —Tabitha
Ausiello: I imagine producers will want to keep him around at least long enough to meet Ava’s (Maya Rudolph) lovable, fun father, who will be introduced in a spring episode. Pops apparently has a new young family, including a wife who’s the same age (if not younger) than Ava.

Spoiler Alert Web Series Debut: Scoop on Once Upon a Time, Glee, Community and More!

Question: Have we seen the last of Dana on The Good Wife? I feel like maybe there’s some unfinished business between her and Cary in the wake of Sunday’s (unbelievably awesome) episode. —Joy
Ausiello: There is unfinished business, all of it rather awkward. Her involvement in the Wendy Scott-Carr debacle lands her a demotion, and Cary’s the one tasked with breaking the news to her. And you know that little affair those two crazy kids had in the fall? Well, Peter finds out about it and he is not happy. In other Good news, Alicia’s green-eyed monster rears its ugly head at work when young, eager upstart Caitlin starts to prove herself a little too indispensable.

Question: According to my Netflix instant watching log, it took me exactly two weeks to watch every episode of How I Met Your Mother‘s first six seasons. If that doesn’t get me some spoilers, I don’t know what does. —Stef
Ausiello: Please tell me you showered between seasons. Or at least changed your underoos once or twice. On second thought, don’t say anything; just shut up and listen: The HIMYM series finale will likely feature “the most awkward transition in series television” when Josh Radnor assumes narrator duties from Bob Saget, says exec producer Craig Thomas, who confirms that viewers “are going to see Josh in some makeup” since the baton passing would be set far into the future. “When I watched the end of the last Harry Potter [movie] I had such respect for what a problem that was to just jump ahead and look so much older,” recalls Thomas, “[because] we might be staring into the barrel of a makeup situation at some point.”

Question: Inquiring minds want to know — who the hell are you playing in the Cougar Town finale? —Missi
Ausiello: A *a*****er. Kind of appropriate, dontcha think?

Question: While on the Cougar Town set last week, did you gather any intel about whether the [SPOILER] goes off without a hitch? —Caren
Ausiello: Curiously, the script they gave me was missing a few very important pages, so I actually don’t know if the [SPOILER] takes place. I can, however, tell you that before the episode is over Dan Byrd will get completely naked and yours truly will be playing a *a*****er.

Question: If you give me some Vampire Diaries scoop, I’ll send Courteney Cox back through time to do your make-up and sculpt your lashes again. —Juan
Ausiello: Deal. On Diaries, a recurring male character’s days are numbered.

Question: Rumor has it that Vampire Diaries’ Damon is going to make sexy time with someone whose name is not Elena. Any idea who? —Jill
Ausiello: I have a very good idea who (read: I know, silly), but my lips are zipped. This much I can share: His shag partner is female, she packs a bite, and the encounter is, ahem, rough.

Question: Just when I couldn’t love Cougar Town more, the show casts David Arquette in the finale. Any other details, aside from him playing a concierge? —A.J.
Ausiello:  Funny story: Right after Cox butchered sculpted my brows in the makeup trailer, we went outside and I asked her exactly that — and I have video evidence to prove it!

Loading video...

Question: Parks and Recreation is my favorite show, so is it wrong of me that I don’t want Leslie to win the election? It seems like it will completely ruin the snow and separate the characters. After all, it’s called Parks and Recreation! —Sara
Ausiello: Would it make you feel better if I told you the odds of her winning went from 50/50 to 1-in-4? That’s right, Paul Rudd’s Bobby Newport isn’t her only competition in the race for city council. We’ll learn in an upcoming debate-themed episode that Leslie is also up against a trigger-happy far-right local gun shop owner as well as local porn star Brandi Maxxx.

Question: What happened with Raj on 90210? Is he out of the series? We will see him again? —Dave
Ausiello: You will see him again, but probably not until May sweeps.

Question: I can’t wait for this week’s alt-reality episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Any additional scoop? —Brit
Ausiello: In this particular timeline, Arizona doesn’t date her co-workers (Callie is married to Owen), and she also doesn’t walk around wearing rose-colored glasses. “Arizona’s love life is not explained in any way shape or form,” reveals Jessica Capshaw of Thursday’s unorthodox outing. “You don’t know if she’s with someone or if she’s not. You don’t know anything about her, except that she is a doctor. But she’s a different kind of doctor in the sense that when she was first introduced it was all pink hearts and lots of superlatives. This is a much more serious, determined Arizona.”

Question: You got any good Meredith and Derek scoop for me from Grey’s Anatomy‘s Valentine’s episode? —Jessica
Ausiello: Not specifically, but Capshaw says the episode will take the temperature of all the show’s couples, thereby pointing out “where there’s an excess and where there might be a deficient amount of love.” She adds that the show’s writers likely had a field day because the occasion allowed them to “hit on every couple in terms of where they are in their relationship and on the spectrum of love.”

Question: Any idea who Ashley Jones of True Blood and The Bold and the Beautiful fame is playing on Private Practice? —Jacklyn
Ausiello: Her character, Dani, is a woman whose same-sex partner (played by Person of Interest‘s Tina Holmes) is pregnant with one of Dani’s eggs.

Question: You have anything on Hart of Dixie? I would love to see Zoe get together with Wade! —Muriel
Ausiello: So apparently would Wilson Bethel (a.k.a. Wade), who tells TVLine, “My sincere hope is that by the end of the season there will be something in store for the Zoe/Wade fans. In the meantime, Wade’s gonna have some personal growth. With Zoe he has to step his game up — but that doesn’t mean that he loses his Wadeness!” Bethel also confirms that Wade will get a new love interest that “will drive Zoe crazy.”

Question: There has been a shortage of Parenthood scoop in Ask Ausiello lately. Please share what you know! —Stephanie
Ausiello: There’s a wedding in the season finale, and I can confirm that it takes place at the Braverman compound.

Question: Any scoop on Tina Majorino’s return to Bones later this season? —Hillary
Ausiello: Agent Shaw resurfaces after Brennan gives birth, to once again assist Booth in the field. “We learn a little bit more about her in the episode,” previews exec producer Stephen Nathan, who says Majorino’s future on the show may be in jeopardy now that pilot season is upon us. “The reality is she’s going to get snatched up by somebody else.”

Question: Anything on Psych? Maybe about the marriage proposal that never happened? —Ginger
Ausiello: Shawn’s other significant other, Gus, discovers the ring in the Season 6.5 premiere on Feb. 28 and promptly confronts his BFF about it. Shawn shrugs the bling off as an “emergency ring” that’s only to be used if the perfect proposal moment should present itself. I also hear the episode ends with Shawn and Gus engaged in a hilariously epic slap-off.

Question: Your sleuthing skills are slacking! Where is Justin Chatwin on Shameless and why haven’t you told us when he is coming back? Give us something, anything, please?!?! —Christina
Ausiello: Stop yelling at me! Steve returns in Sunday’s episode, but he won’t be sticking around for long — at least not in his current incarnation. “By the end of the season, in the scripts, he’s no longer referred to as Steve,” reveals executive producer John Wells. Adds Chatwin: “We go back to me being Jimmy.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Vlada Gelman and Alyse Whitney)

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  1. susie says:

    Thanks for the spoilers! Lots to look forward to….

    Hey, any chance you might snag us some Supernatural spoilers?

  2. Kat says:

    Ahh. I would die if the “Parenthood” wedding is Sarah and Mark!! <3 I don't know who else it could be…

  3. Danielle says:

    Ergh, Dair. Call me when it’s over.

  4. lorna says:

    Nooo,,please tell me they are not going to kill Elijah again. I LOVE him. Also, Gossip Girl really needs to end, I read recap of ep 100. YAWN, can see I missed nothing when I quit watching in early s3. That and a certain blonde female lead can’t act.

    • lorna says:

      NOOO or Mr. Forbes/HRG…nooo I love Jack Coleman as well. HRG!!

    • Ryan says:

      With Daniel Gilles having a new show on another network that is also my fear. I will be so devastated if it’s him because he’s hands down my favorie non-mystic fall-er.

      • BAND says:

        I think it’ll be Bill Forbes. His time is running out.

      • Ari says:

        I will be so devastated if Elijah is killed killed. As long as it’s just a dagger through the heart, I’m ok with that. A real death, a permanent death, would be so so upsetting. In fact it’s making me kind of sad just thinking about it.

        • Ryan says:

          SAme here. While I can live with no more MR. Forbes, Elijah and Alaric better be safe. If Alaric is killed off I’m done with Vampire Diaries, he’s the only adult character that’s really awesome.

    • Max says:

      Let’s hope it’s not Elijah, I mean he has been kille like 4 times now -,-
      And he’s my favourite original/character on the show =(

  5. Nat says:

    Dear Ausiello,

  6. lol ok says:

    I’m so sick of your biased spoilers for Gossip Girl. I won’t be coming to this site anymore. And FYI, enjoy your pathetic and contrived “dair” now, because as you know, the writers for this show will crash and burn them, as they do every couple. Cheers! :D

  7. kat says:

    *That’s* your source for Gossip Girl a sure thing? Please. Maybe it will be, maybe it won’t be, but if it does get cancelled, it will not be the first show in history, or even recent history, where TPTB were saying optimistic things to the press.

    • dianna says:

      Sadly, GG is doing well on itunes, so it won’t get cancelled after this season. Next year will be it’s final season, I hope.

  8. Katie says:

    Dang I love you, Aus! The Cougar Town reporting is great, can’t wait for the ep. And the DAIR picture! Made my night.

  9. seriously says:

    Does Ausiello know there are other characters on GG? Your dair agenda is laughable.

    • melissa says:

      lol, agenda? i’m sure ausiello knows it’s just a show and not a big enough deal to have an “agenda” for. judging by the comments here, he’s reporting on the storyline that the majority is interested in.

      • seriously says:

        No it’s not the majority. Ausiello only reports on dair because he’s biased, so clearly mostly dair fans will come here. I wonder why Chuck and Blair related topics keep trending worldwide when GG airs….? Oh yeah, it’s because CHAIR is the majority.

        • XOXO says:

          Err… hate to break it to ya (no I don’t), but Dan and Blair have trended worldwide as well. I don’t get why people think Twitter trending means anything significant.

          • gillian says:

            if you don’t think it’s significant why would you casually mention that DB also trended? incoherent much?

          • XOXO says:

            Because the person I was responding to implied that Chuck and Blair related topics trended because the majority of viewers are Chair fans. According to that logic, the majority could also be Dair fans, as Dan and Blair have trended as well. Common sense – use it.

        • Sg.Grant says:

          Don’t put too much stock in twitter. It is largely a playground for the narcissistic. Most tv shows try to attract more than just the twitter audience.

      • samantha says:

        Both of your points are invalid: For one his job is to get scoop about/comment/review these shows, so I’m guessing that to Ausiello TV shows are pretty much a big deal, specially one that attracts this many people to comment… And also you really can’t tell from an internet comment section what the majority of viewers are interested in, that information is specially inaccurate when it comes to Gossip Girl seeing as the “fandoms” on both sides tend to spam this things like crazy.

    • Lauren says:

      Dair agenda? lmao you are so butthurt it’s ridiculous

  10. Leila says:


    That Dair picture at the airport???????????

    OMG, I cannot wait until Monday!

  11. DictatorOfTaste says:

    Dair being adorable as per usual! <333

  12. Sarah says:

    Awww Dan and Blair are so cute.

  13. Amy says:

    it must be Rebekah that Damon sleeps with! :P

    • Jewels says:

      My money is on Katherine…

    • Michelle says:

      This is what went through my head the moment I read it. It has to be Rebekah. But she was daggered so unless she comes back im not sure but I like this outcome better than Katherine at the moment.

      Though I do want Katherine and Damon together at some point.

  14. Danielle says:

    Don’t be to worried Chair fans though – we definitely getting at least one scene in the next episode. Two stills with Chuck and Blair were released before the hundredth episode. Even if Ausiellio doesn’t want to mention them.

    • S says:

      Awwww…poor deprived chair fans. Because 4 seasons of angst just weren’t enough.

      • B says:

        Deprived chair fans? Nahh. I think Blair continually professing her love for Chuck, to the world, multiple times, will hold us over until this dair crap ends. But thanks for your concern! :D

        • XOXO says:

          Lol really? Because your constant whining proves otherwise. Stay pressed though :)

          • SMOOCHES says:

            Constant whining? I know a ban stan isn’t talking about whining, when you’re the ones starting arguments on a comment board. I’m pretty sure if you look up, the DAIR fan started childishly mocking and commenting on a comment that clearly had nothing to do with them. Sit down and stay pressed.

          • Trololol says:

            Lol at Chuckistan and their non-comformist portmanteaus (look it up). And the original commenter with their “Even if Ausiello doesn’t want to mention them” implies that said commenter believes the site is biased towards Dair supporters. If this is believed to be true, then obviously a Dair fan would be expected to respond. Logic is a hell of a thing!

          • iana says:

            you’re both terrible and pathetic, now shut up.

  15. Sarah says:

    That Gossip Girl pictures warms my heart! The writers better not be playing with my emotions, I need Dan/Blair to happen!

  16. KELLY says:

    A bartender! Makes sense. ;)

  17. Star says:

    OMG DAIR!!! They are so adorable, flawless, perfect etc Dan is the perfect guy for her, she needs to hurry up and get with the program. Who has ever let her lean on them the way he has? NO ONE *sigh*

  18. Dee says:

    Maybe the other outlets skipped the 100th-episode press conference last week

    But the other outlets have had Gossip Girl on the bubble for weeks now. And I agree with kat: Just because Savage doesn’t feel Gossip Girl will be cancelled doesn’t mean it won’t be.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Parks and Rec is fantastic. I love those guys so much. Looking forward to the new competition.

    Do the other pictures you plan to post include the CB stills they already released from this episode? Heh. As for “Dair-tastic”? That gets a big fat meh from me.

  20. NIM says:

    Not gonna lie that Dair photo made me squeel a little. Ta :O)

  21. Emily says:

    Super worried about this “rough” encounter for Damon, lol. Awkward…

    And so uninterested in this upcoming GG episode. I am just going to focus on Chuck, Serena and Nate.

  22. sarah says:

    That scene with Dan/Blair is awful bring back the real Blair because this one isn’t her.
    At least I know there are some Chair scenes but Blair needs to be seeing Chuck’s therapist and Dan needs to quite enabling Blair just to be around her

    I’m sure he turned in the blast that he than blamed Chuck for doing when all Chuck had to do was object to her wedding but he didn’t since she thought she wanted it.
    Plus him writing Louis vows is just as creepy as how he turned out to be

  23. Caitie says:

    Aw at the Dair pic! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. :)

  24. Kara says:

    Thanks for the Courgar Town stuff!
    And AAWW I don’t even watch gossip girl but that picture is adorable! :)

  25. Brendan says:

    Gus already discovered the ring in the 6.0 finale, and Psych premiers February 29th, not the 28th…

  26. JJ says:

    I have never been as excited for a show to premiere as I am for Cougar Town! I really hope it gets the ratings it needs to keep going! Not enough people realize how AWESOME this show is! AT LEAST 6 seasons and a movie! Penny Caaaaaaaan!

  27. Maria says:

    AAAAH That picture is freakin’ adorable, I love Dair! DAIRPORT HERE WE COME!

    Come on, CB fans, lighten up! You’ve had five seasons of your couple, can we not have one arc without you guys pitching hissies?

  28. Danielle says:

    Considering that Blair and Chuck yet again said they loved each other last eppy, four seasons isn’t enough and, alas no, the completely contrived pact with God does not satisfy me.

  29. Donna says:

    Ohhh great more daircrap ahead. #GG…

  30. Danielle says:

    Is their a bug on this site that makes replies new comments when you use a mobile device? I can never actually get my comments to come as replies.

  31. Natalie says:

    That Dair photo is so adorable! Thank you! Turning to him for comfort because she trusts him is her M.O these days

  32. Julia says:

    You answered my question…thank you so much!!!

  33. Q says:

    Thanks so much for that Dan & Blair picture. They have revitalized the show for me (even though I know that isn’t the case for everyone).

  34. dair forever says:

    Dair you mad chuckistan ?

  35. Danielle says:

    Re: Maria – I can’t speak for all Chair fans (obviously!) but I’m more annoyed at the contrived obstacles that are being used to keep Chair apart. I think that’s where a fair bit of the annoyance is coming from with other fans as well.

    • Trololol says:

      If a couple sucks that much when they’re together that you have to come up with contrived obstacles to keep them apart until the last minute, then something is obviously wrong with your “ship”.

  36. Manu says:

    DAIRTASTIC sounds about awesome :D

    Seriously, CANNOT wait! More excited for 514 than the 100th, cause when there’s Dair comedy, you just know it’s gonna be amazing :D

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Chuck this season is too good for Blair

    • Beth says:

      Wow, what a selective memory you have. Chuck will never be good enough for Blair.

    • ana muller says:

      anyone this season is too good for Blair, she’s become a personality-less whining little scared girl. Where is the powerful woman who wanted to be her own person? She’s just suffered a major personality transplant and I swear if they dyed her hair blond I would mistake her for Serena.

    • Stephanie says:

      Chuck whored his girlfriend out for real estate and threw a punch at her.

      Try again.

      • sabrina says:

        saying that Chuck “threw a punch” at Blair, it’s like saying that if you kill a fly you should be charged with murder. He obviously never punched or tried to punch her, plus the writers have said about a gasillion times that Chuck would never under any circumstance purposefully hurt her. Either find an actually valid argument, or don’t bother discussing something at all.

  38. Chris says:

    So not interested in the Dair pic or spoilers. This story for Blair is terrible. I am anxiously awaiting for her to wake up, settle her situation with the Prince and divorce him and then realize she can be with the love of her life, strong and fierce queen!

    Personally, I’m not mad at all, just tired. I love Blair, I love Chuck and Blair, and considering that her love for Chuck grows every day and all he wants is her happiness, not mad at all. I am just more than ready to move this story along.

  39. poor blair says:

    Blair from season one would destroy this season’s Blair. She’s become a hollow shell of her former self. It’s sad that the writers have Blair at a level this low. She can’t even take care of herself without a lapdog. I’ll start watching when the crazy b*tch is back.

    • melissa says:

      i totally agree. it’s sad to see blair this low because of all chuck put her through – after being sold for a hotel, left on a helipad, intimidated with verbal and physical abuse, being compared to a horse, all by a guy with rapist tendencies is sure to make even the strongest person a hollow shell! thank goodness we can see her more mature, confident self when she’s with dan. so excited for dairport :) :) :)

      • Laura says:


      • poor blair says:

        Nice try. Instead of trying to twist my words, how about you pay attention to the part where I said THIS SEASON’S BLAIR. It’s funny how you dair stans want Blair to move on from the only person she truly loves, yet your argument seems to stem from the past. The same past Blair has moved on from and forgiven. I find it sad that Blair has to keep saying she loves CHUCK, repeatedly, yet you people STILL don’t get it. I also find it sad that you think that for Blair to be mature and confident, she has to have a guy by her side. But, I let you have your rebound and contrived “dair”. Then I’ll watch and laugh as the writers crash and burn that relationship as well, we all know how they LOVE to do that. ;)

        Remember: “Chuck and Blair are never over.” – Josh Safran, GG Producer :D :D :D :D

        • melissa says:

          blair loves chuck so much that she called him to whisk her away from her wedding–oh, wait. that was dan. thanks for “letting” us have a well-written storyline tho xoxo

          • mimi says:

            Did you watch the episode? She was running away from the evil prince that DAN helped her marry, so she called lapdog Dan. That isn’t well written, it’s a cop-out. If your going to try and start something, make a good argument, or at least make sense.

          • melissa says:

            dan didn’t help her marry louis, he simply stood back and let her make her own choices and supported her with what she wanted. he could have been selfish and went to her before her wedding and told her not to marry louis, but he didn’t. and tbh, the prince isn’t evil. blair cheated on him twice, ran away while she was carrying their child, told another man she loved him minutes before their wedding. seriously, for anyone to roll over and just be ok with that is not realistic. hope that all made sense :)

          • mimi says:

            Dan did help Blair. She told him she wouldn’t be happy with anyone but Chuck, yet he did nothing to help her happiness. Even her MOTHER knows she wouldn’t be happy. Blair said herself she wasn’t sure if she should marry Louis, but then read the vows that DAN wrote, so he did help her.

          • melissa says:

            dan literally brought her to chuck a few episodes ago. there comes a point where if blair wants chuck, it’s not dan’s job to get them together. she needs to go to him on her own. and her mother didn’t know anything about the IP. if she knew her daughter was whored out for a piece of property, do you really think she’d be trying to reunite them? chuck should be lucky she doesn’t, i can see eleanor murdering him. and if a few handwritten words by dan made blair give up chuck, then that is very good news for dair fans, methinks.

    • L says:

      Actually, I think Blair from season 1 was the shell. She hid behind her defense mechanisms to mask what was truly inside: a scared, insecure child. She is growing into a woman now, and with the right people beside her.

  40. Danielle says:

    Of course I love you, Chuck. I’ve always loved you. I love you more and more every day if it’s even possible to love someone that much.

    Blair to Chuck in the last episode.

    • Star says:

      lol WE KNOW, we know we know we know that Blair will never love anyone like Chuck, the show tells us every other episode but you know what they never do, show us WHY they love each other so much. So yeah yall can have the OTT love declarations that are just empty words on who she wants Chuck to be but never could be to her till it was too late, I would much rather have the scenes that SHOW me that Dan loves Blair, and who knows she might not ever love him the same (and why would I want her too, you shouldn’t sacrifice what Blair has for Chuck) but she will love him eventually IMO.

      So yall can have endgame that is all words with no meaning, I will take Dair b/c I can actually see a real connection and genuine affection there.

      • Planet says:

        Blair has shown no affection or genuine connection to Dan. What? Talking about movies and whatever doesn’t mean affection and a genuine connection. If you don’t think Blair and they guy she said she felt dead inside without him have a “genuine connection”, then you obviously haven’t watched this show and/or payed attention.

        • melissa says:

          “dan and i have a real connection” – blair waldorf, 4×19

          • Lissa says:

            “I love you more and more everyday..” Blair to Chuck. 5.12 Your point?

          • melissa says:

            lulz, no one is refuting that blair has some kind of obsessive unhealthy love for chuck. but i WAS refuting the comment above mine that said “Blair has shown no affection or genuine connection to Dan”. that was my point. can i clarify anything else for you, Lissa?

          • Lissa says:

            Now Blair has an unhealthy love for Chuck? Lololol, I now know why no one takes dair fans seriously. And to “clarify” you can’t do anything for me, but you can do yourself a favor and learn better sentence structure.

          • Trololol says:

            Ofc Blair has an unhealthy love for Chuck. It was just in season 3 that she hated who she’d become with him. If you also recall, she was the one who questioned if it was perhaps possible to love somebody too much. It’s cute how Chuckistans try to rationalize a pathetic excuse for “epic” love. Also, pointing out somebody’s grammar errors doesn’t make you a Mensa member. Sit down.

          • planet says:

            It’s also cute how Ban stans completely ignore Blair when she repeatedly says she loves Chuck and only him. Last time I checked, this is a (crappy) season 5, not season 3. Get with the times.

          • melissa says:

            yes, unhealthy is saying that happiness isn’t important, and subjecting yourself to someone who you admit, out loud, doesn’t make you happy. also someone who whores you out for a hotel and does nothing to apologize for it. a fifteen second apology years after the fact does not atone chuck for all he’s done to blair.
            (i know i’ve made a good point when someone points out my “poor” sentence structure. there’s not much else to argue if you resort to being the grammar police, is there?)

      • Stephanie says:

        Don’t let the idiots get you down. Dan and Blair are happening, and they’re just quaking in their boots about it ;)

  41. meg says:

    can’t wait to see you on cougartown! :D

    In other news, damn you, ausiello, I’ll be refreshing the living daylights out of TVLine.com tomorrow between the hours of 8 and 10 am EST.

    Dair is so precious!

  42. Mel says:

    I love you for the Dair picture!!

  43. raven says:

    “So apparently would Wilson Bethel (a.k.a. Wade), who tells TVLine, “My sincere hope is that by the end of the season there will be something in store for the Zoe/Wade fans. In the meantime, Wade’s gonna have some personal growth. With Zoe he has to step his game up — but that doesn’t mean that he loses his Wadeness!” Bethel also confirms that Wade will get a new love interest that “will drive Zoe crazy.””

    I really hope so too, Mr. Bethel. And “Wadeness” is an awesome word.

    • raven says:

      Oh, and could Gossip Girl please get its own separate spoilers article? It’s really not fair to the rest of the shows.

      • Marie says:

        Hahaha, even though I like Gossip Girl, I always find it funny how a show with such bad ratings gets 90% of the comments after each Ask Ausiello..

      • melissa says:

        yeah, gg fandom is a cesspool that i would be really annoyed at too if i wasn’t a part of it lol

  44. Cara says:

    The GG spoiler and picture confirmed to me that I shouldn’t watch next week. Thanks for saving me from losing an hour of my life!

  45. Jenn says:

    Frankly, I don’t know why dair stans want Dan to be Blair’s not second, but barely THIRD choice. It’s really pathetic. Dan helped Blair get married to Prince Von A-Hole. Nice job Dan! :)

    • Trololol says:

      Lol and your precious Suck could have stopped the wedding if he so desired, so your argument = invalid.

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA says:

        No, actually your argument is invalid. Do you dair stans watch the show? Or do you all just make up stuff as you see fit? C-H-U-C-K, since you can’t spell or construct sentence, didn’t stop the wedding because he wanted Blair HAPPY. Maybe I’d take you seriously if you had better grammar and punctuation. Hahahahahaha. :D

        • Trololol says:

          You’re right; Suck trading Blair for a hotel sure made her feel peachy, and nearly punching her in the face was probably the best moment of Blair’s life!

          Oh, and I’m quite aware of how I spelled “Suck”. You don’t seem to comprehend anything other surface-level meaning. I’d hate to see how you’d fare reading Shel Silverstein.

  46. Amanda says:

    Did we ever find out who the male lead of a hit drama series that was getting killed off was? I’ve been dying to know, but it hasn’t been mentioned in the last couple of Ask Ausiello’s.

  47. sarah says:

    I hate Dair. I want Chair!!!!!!

  48. Danielle H says:

    Was worried about TVD scoop about a male death.. but then I reread the wording.. he didn’t say anyone was dying. Just that someone’s days are numbered.. which can be taken a couple different ways. Could mean reduced screen time (Jeremy and Matt are used to that) or that someone goes somewhere.. who knows.

  49. G says:

    This is a Dair-only spoiler site. Sad.

  50. K. says:

    OMG DAIR *dies*