X Factor Shake-Up! Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones All Out

Jones, out. And Scherzinger, too. And Abdul three!

On the heels of Brit personality Steve Jones announcing that he will not be returning as host of the Stateside adaptation of The X Factor, it’s also been confirmed that Nicole Scherzinger is parting ways with the Fox series as well. And now comes word via TVLine’s sister site Deadline.com that Paula Abdul has also been shown the door.

“I won’t be hosting next season’s X Factor which is a shame, but I can’t complain as I’ve had a great time,” Jones shared on Monday evening via Twitter. “Good luck to everyone on the show.”

Not two hours later, E! Online broke the news, citing a source, that Scherzinger asked off the show where she served as a judge — and that boss man Simon Cowell has “given her his blessing.”

A Fox spokesperson confirms for TVLine both exits; replacements were not immediately named.

Abdul’s departure — which has not yet been confirmed by Fox — comes as the biggest shock, given her close friendship with Cowell and the fact that she escaped the show’s first season relatively unscathed.

Interestingly, Jones are Scherzinger were originally hired as cohosts for Season 1, but when Brit beauty Cheryl Cole, of the original X Factor, didn’t work out as a judge, Scherzinger grabbed her seat at the dais and Jones went solo.

The X Factor was renewed by Fox for a second season in early November, six weeks after its premiere to solid if not monster ratings.

Will you miss Jones and/or Scherzinger? Or did you see these Season 2 changes coming?

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  1. RyanWillDoIT says:

    Welcome to your new 25th job to juggle at the same time, RYAN SEACREST!

  2. Hugh says:

    That’s a shame. I really came around to Steve by the end of the season. Knowing him from his work in the UK, it was unfortunate that we only got to see flashes of his natural humour on TXF. He is actually a pretty good host on other shows, I imagine the pressure of everything, producers screaming down his ear got the better of him unfortunately. Oh well.

    • Tess says:

      Agreed, Hugh, it is a shame. I think too much was made of Steve’s early awkwardness that even when he did grow a little more comfortable (and let’s be honest, some things that went on during the season would not have been easy to be in the middle of for anyone)people still harped on the fact that he wasn’t Seacrest, as if Ryan Seacrest was what he is now in the first season of Idol. I’m beyond glad Nicole is gone however it came about, but I was kind of hoping they would give Steve another chance. I knew my hope was futile when Simon made a comment of going wrong by making the show too British (which I guess also means no chance of bringing UK host Dermot O’Leary over as he should’ve in the first place) but I still held out some hope.
      Fingers crossed that the replacements are good…and please no Seacrest!

    • Tarc says:

      Too bad they didn’t can Cowell – he’s horrible in the absolute worst way.

  3. tvcon says:

    They initially wanted a female host and they wanted Olivia Munn. Her management turned it down. I wonder if they still want a woman host for that show.

    • Josh says:

      I can’t believe they wanted Olivia Munn. She would have ripped the contestants a new one. She is way too cool for this show, as uncool as that sounds haha.

      • tvcon says:

        It is true they wanted Olivia Munn but like I said her management turned it down. I honestly think a female co host would be a nice change up.

        • Tess says:

          I never heard the Olivia Munn rumor but if I do recall correctly, when they originally planned to have Cheryl Cole as a judge, Nicole Sherzinger was supposed to be a co-host. In fact, that is why they ended up with Steve Jones, because they had Corbin Bleu lined up to co-host with Nicole but she poo-pooed it because he was younger and she didn’t think they had chemistry and just wasn’t willing to work with him so they brought in Steve. He only ended up as a solo host by default when they decided to abruptly let Cheryl go and Nicole took over her spot (which she seemed to have her eye on in the first place).
          I hope the host spot is given to someone with charisma and maybe a little experience in live hosting (Steve actually had that and he had charisma offstage but the producers seemed to suck his personality right out of him through his earpiece). I’m thinking Nick Cannon like, though not hiim exactly. And for the judge/mentor seat, someone in the business who’s good at picking out talent who has had some success in their area of expertise, they don’t even have to be famous so long as they have some personality and are willing to critique and make a decision after the save me songs. Someone currently doing something in the business would be good too (unlike, say Paula, who’s only been a talent show judge for the past decade) for credibility sake.

          • bibitibabitiboo says:

            lol, Simon said he wanted the exact opposite like someone who was really famous to bring more audience

  4. Thomas says:

    I mean, is anyone really going to be surprised? All the have to do now is get rid of Paula and Nicole. Get rid of the stage productions because honestly I don’t want to wear my sunglasses while watching the show for season 2.

  5. jon l says:

    i could have told him that

  6. mikey says:

    Awww…. I liked steve…. sad to see him go but excited for xfactor to return!

  7. Jeff says:

    Cat Deeley!

  8. BJ Wanlund says:

    I saw that one coming from a mile away. Steve Jones was NOT the kind of host that (like, say, Seacrest or Bergeron) creates a very real sort of tension during results shows, the results shows from S1 (at least from what I saw) was so underwhelming as to actually make me want to change the channel.


  9. joe says:

    for god’s sake, please hire an american and not another silly queen like ryan

  10. Jessica says:

    I actually really, really liked Steve Jones. :(

  11. Enorman says:

    Nick Cannon is the guy for this job. He is very likeable and quick on his feet and will not take a beating from Simon without returning one.

    • Rock Golf says:

      Great idea! He’s the best host America’s Got Talent has ever had. He’s cool, funny and entertaining. And perfectly willing to make fun of himself.

  12. Connie says:

    That is good news for me. I never took to Steve. I would love for Nicole to take over as host.

  13. Nicole says:

    I didn’t really like Steve. He was ALWAYS rushing the judges. I really want Nick Cannon or Ryan Seacrest for next season

  14. James says:

    what I want to read is that Nicole Sh*tsinger won’t be judging (neither hosting) X Factor Season 2

  15. Erin says:


  16. L Ashton says:

    I’m totally over it……

  17. Guy says:

    He was bearable. Such a shame. Now they need to get rid of Nicole. She just isn’t suited for this show. Give us someone else. I say revamp the whole judging panel bar Simon if you ask me.

    • Guy says:

      Wow a lot has happened since i first post. So glad to see the back of Nicole and well Paula is a bit of a shock considering but that is show business.

  18. Lequisha says:

    Dave Chapelle FTW !!!!!

  19. Es says:

    And the award for the most unsurprising exit goes to….

  20. scorpo says:

    Here is hoping he will finally do gay porn!!! :D

  21. Nia says:

    Please, TV gods, let his replacement be Cat Deeley.

  22. Sylvi says:

    Oh I really like him .,,,,,. He remind me of George Micheal :(

  23. kevin says:

    Don’t tell me Nicole from PCD could be next.

  24. Zee says:

    Well, not surprised. I’ve never seen him on other shows, but he had a real lack of charisma and finesse on this show, and seemed really disengaged for the most part :-/

    I dont think he helped the show at all. I agree new judging panel would be good but also new editors… at least to take the cheese out of the show and i agree on the horrible over the top production and the dancers etc.. it was just too much … and allow it to make fun of itself a bit, something AI has become quite good at in later seasons, but i still liked Paula/Simon….

    As for the new host, they’ll need one who can better forge relationships with the contestants, smooth out the judges interactions, and seem a lot more affable and approchable to the public… Whomever suggested Cat Deeley… that’s not a bad idea, she’s already got a fan following from SYTYCD … and they cut that show back to 1 /week now.

    Other Suggestions:

    Nick Cannon — hmmm never really liked or dislike him. his marriage to Mariah has helped his career and at least he’s sorta funny, likeable and can maybe help re-invent the show and he has a lot more improv ability than Steve did for sure

    Nick Lachey — just. no. :-|

    and i cant think of anyone else.. maybe they should pick a known artist who hasn’t done anything in awhile.. or even a host that hasnt been ontv in awhile?

    nobodys coming to mind other than like Ananda Lewis

    even Matt Babel ( from Canada’s Muchmusic —- really great with people.. pleasing to the eye… funny and charismatic and good at improv)


    • nancy ness says:

      I think like everyone else time to go AMERICAN check out Jake Whetter on Radio Disney and Disney’s NBT he’s a lot to look at nd the talents on board seem to love him.

  25. RyanD says:

    Does this mean they’ve seen reason and rehired Cheryl Cole?

  26. Matt says:

    While I’ll miss Steve’s awkwardness, I will definitely not miss Nicole’s retardation. Hope she never shows her face as a judge on any show that involves talent again.

  27. Kristen says:

    No! I will not miss the “Mean Girl”! Happy to see her gone~

  28. Fred says:

    Nicole just wasn’t the right fit. It’s like when they tried Ellen on AI.

  29. Iain Munro says:

    I am originally from the UK, so thought Steve would have done a good job – he didn’t. I could not stand him, and then he tried to copy a lot of the UK Host of X Factor.

    I would like to see Dermott O’leary get the job – he does a great job of the UK XFactor.

  30. Zack marcum says:

    Morgan freeman for host #fosho

  31. What?! says:

    Maybe she’ll go back to Sing-Off or maybe the Ryan Seacrest project at NBC?

  32. Nina says:

    They should had never gotten rid of Cheryl Cole. Her accent was understandable and she had much better judgement than Nicole did, TBQH.

  33. Nicki Minaj says:

    LMFAO I’m dying!

  34. Rolfe says:

    I think Ellen would be a great host.

  35. jane says:

    GOOD! since the beginning of the show, i noticed that Nicole and Steve did NOT fit on the show, they just made it uncomfortable for the most part and Nicole never really did any judging, she cried and tried to play the cute and nice judge though it was clear she didnt really care about talent, she just wanted someone from her team to win and she did horribly with her team. The best person they could have as a judge is Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, those kind of divas would make sense judging a show like that, especially Mariah Carey, that woman is just like her husband, funny and is very quick with the good comebacks, she would rock on that show, unfortunately i dont think she will take it. And the people who mentioned Nick Cannon, he would be perfect for the job, he would be close to ALL of the contestants because he is very likable and everyone seems to love the guy.

  36. raftrap says:

    Good job FOX, now get back Cheryl Cole, pronto.

  37. Rachel says:

    I really enjoyed the element of Nicole on the show. It was a reprieve from the other judges who are extreme at times with their commentary. She was softer and truly cared about the contestants.

  38. gabb says:

    I’m going to miss Nicole :( she was one of the reasons why I watched it!

  39. Mark says:

    Kristen Chenoweth please :D She has judging experience from SYTYCD and Idol.

  40. Kylie says:

    Ding Dong the Sherzy’s gone!!!!!!! woohoo!!!! She has got to be the worst judge of any talent competition in history. I hope they are able to snag Mariah Carey for the judge’s position!!!!

  41. James says:

    Cheryl Cole doesn’t need The X Factor, The X Factor needs her. Too late Simon

  42. Janie says:

    For host, i would love Cat Deeley!! she is absolutely amazing!! she would be perfect.
    For the judge, i honestly don’t think Cheryl Cole would come back, but if you wanted a British judge, i would so be pulling for Jessie J. She is on the Voice UK, but i can see her being an amazing judge and mentor.

  43. mike says:

    YAY!! Thank god Nicole Snoozinger got fired. She was terrible and one of the main reasons I couldn’t stand watching the show. Good riddens! Stay off judging panels, please!!

  44. dan says:

    Now deadline.com is saying that Paula is out too. It’s like a bloodbath over there.

    I will not miss Nicole one bit.

  45. rob60990 says:

    Paula is out too. What a hot mess.

  46. Gorm says:

    Oh good heavens, these useless judges and host, they are getting fired left right and center but IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

  47. Katie says:

    Call me crazy but I liked Cheryl Cole and I hated when Nicole replaced her.

    I also love Paula….who are they gonna have judge now???

  48. Sam says:

    WHY IS LA REID NOT GONE?! He was the worst of the lot!

    • Gorm says:

      He controls a lucrative record label and Simon needs him badly if they want to try and create a #1 selling “world star” out of this show so they both can really cash in. LA was terrible as a personality & judge, I agree, but he has more than enough mojo to stay well past his welcome. At best they’ll go with a two person panel (more DEADLOCK woo hoo), and use LA Reid as the Jimmy Iovene where he can pipe up scripted dialogue and be edited down where necessary.

  49. Julie says:

    If Paula’s out, so am I. The show is not good enough to survive without Paula and/or Simon. I’ll stick with Idol and Steven Tyler

    • Gorm says:

      Dont worry, there are tons of haggard old folks living under bridges spewing platitudes and nonsense to their notion of “god”. Paula can be easily replaced. You dont think Simon is actuall going to change the format he thinks he created do you? He’ll just swap in cheaper faces. Paula worked for quaaludes and caviar, nameless vagrant #5 will work for quaaludes and catfood.

  50. Phill says:

    YES! YES! YES! go simon! get cheryl back! go x factor!!