Exclusive First Look: Nikita Flashes Back to Pre-Division Days

The moment Nikita fans have eagerly awaited is finally on its way, when on Feb. 10 the CW thriller shares a revealing glimpse at the titular spy’s life before Division sunk its evil claws into her — and only TVLine has your exclusive first look at the jaw-dropping flashback.

In the installment titled “Rogue,” Nikita encounters Carla (guest star Erica Gimpel), the woman who years ago took in her wayward younger self, prompting the rogue agent to relive the life-changing night she killed a cop. What Nikita learns, thanks to Carla’s vivid recollection of said events, will stun the usually fierce femme to her core.

Nikita Hot Shots: Percy Finally Breaks Free!

What’s more, the much-anticipated episode unveils the origins of Division, including how and when both Percy and Amanda became involved in the project.

Take a peek at the spoilery pics below, and then hit the comments with your reactions to an off-the-rails Nikita.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tania says:


  2. Miriam says:

    This episode looks BADASS. So excited! Mags is gonna deliver brilliant performances, like she always does! So glad to get Nikita backstory!

  3. Kelly says:

    FINALLY!!! We’ve waited long enough. Hope to see more of Nikita’s backstory.

  4. Michael Sacal says:

    It’ll be a Point of No Return for La Femme Nikita.

    • Jen says:

      LMAO!!!! I hear you. Carla? Yet again, co-opting LFN names. The beauty of LFN was the mystery. Eh, to each their own. Have fun getting spoon-fed.

      • quangtran says:

        How is that a bad thing?
        They took Amanda and the cleaners from the movies, took Michael, Birkoff and Madaline from LFN. They borrow some elements but made the series their own.

    • Michael Sacal says:

      I was just pointing out that the episode sounds like it might be the series’ version of aspects of the origin shown in the movie remake and first TV series, heh.

  5. Julie says:

    OMG!! I’m so excited for this episode!! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. Can’t wait to see Nikita’s backstory and Division’s orgins!! And the pics!! Wow. Thanks Meg (:

  6. Margo says:

    This should be super interesting…I just realized now that we don’t actually know anything about her.

    I hope this show doesn’t get cancelled because it’s quite good, just wished the CW took proper care of it

  7. Colleen says:

    I so just legit squealed this is going to be AWESOME! Maggie looks awesome as always! even as Young Nikita i am so stoked!

  8. Julie says:

    Finally, Nikita backstory!!!!! It’s been a long time coming. Also, I would love to see the beginning of Division. I can’t wait for this episode!

  9. Sabrina says:

    Looks like another amazing Nikita episode is in store! Nikita back story!! YES!!

    Thank you, Meg for the awesome pics. Maggie Q even rocks the dreads look. Unfrikkinbelievable! ;)

  10. Cynthia says:

    Omg!Thanks Meg with cheries on top! Been waiting for this.This episode will be epic!Maggie will rock this episode out the park. Emotional ones always bring her to her very best! Want to use this opportunity to urge every one to tune in live at 8pm Fridays(CW) we need more viewers!

  11. LJ says:

    Meg, you’re the best. So excited for this episode!

  12. m says:

    Finally Nikita’s story, so happy about this. I didn’t even recognized Maggie. YAY Nikita comes back Friday finally.

  13. Sabrina says:

    Seriously excited for this episode. I have this feeling we are going to see Nikita hit rock bottom. And holy crap that is a scary place for her to be!

  14. mh says:

    so tired of LFN fans trashing and bitching about Nikita. Get over it some of us never heard of the old versiong. This is a new version of the show and if u have nothing nicn to say dnt say anything at all.

    • Peta is Nikta & Roy is Michael says:

      So new version are automatically better? So if they remade Casablanca with Paris Hilton, it would be better? …LOL J/K

      I would not have a problem with this show if they had just done a new show on Division and left Nikita and Michael out of it. Reinvent and rename the characters and show so they can do thier own thing.Don’t just rehash characters and storylines. The WB just pulled the Nikta story out of storage because they a.) knew the old LFN fanbase is passionate because of the whole renewal campaign that swept the WB & USA network when they tried to cancel it.It was national news, especially for a cable program in those days b.)spy shows were now the in thing.LFN was made before 9/11, before Alias, and before 24 (which was made by the LFN producers and directors)

      I am not knocking Maggie or Shane, but the creators.They are trying to capitalise on the old LFN , then get offended when someone calls them on it.New characters would have doen wonders.I might have even stay for the show if, only if…

      It would be like someone remaking Buffy the Vampire Slayer and recasting Buffy, Angel, Spike with others, you know you would hate it.SMG IS Buffy, David is Angel and thats that…

      • Sabrina says:

        I missed the memo that said Peta and Roy were the only actors ever to play Michael and Nikita….hmmmm…

      • So what? says:

        LFN exist only because of the french movie anyway. If LFN fans have a problem with the concept of Nikita they should also have a problem with LFN! When we listen to you it’s like LFN creators had come up with the idea, when they didn’t do anything, they only used the movie plot to make a tv show. And no, new version are not automatically better, but we could say the same thing of old version (not that I even consider LFN as a old version, to me Nikita is more a sequel to the french movie than a new version of LFN).

        • Peta is Nikita Roy is Michael says:

          Get your facts straight before you speak.The french movie did not even have a Michael, it was Bob.So no, Michael was a new character to LFN. he had a little bit of Bob, but he was a new character.The premise of the show was she was innocent of the crime she was accused of.In the movie she was a junkie and she did kill in cold blood.

          and Yes, Sabrina, you must have missed the memo, or the boat

          • Sabrina says:

            Ok so Michael used to be a Bob. So if they killed off Michael and introduced a new male character that would satisfy you? What’s your excuse on all the other actresses who have played Nikita?

            LFN fans don’t own the rights to this franchise. Much as they like to think that.

            And I am not close minded. If a series was rebooted with iconic roles and the new actors brought a different and exciting dynamic to the roles I could accept the new actors.

            This is not an unheard of phenomenon.

          • So what? says:

            First, thank you but I’m french, so I know what I’m talking about, Nikita is a classic here.
            And i’m sorry but changing some names doesn’t change the fact that the idea of Michael still comes from Bob and the french movie (he has the same position, the same affection for her, it’s the same character with a different name).
            LFN did the same thing Nikita did, they took the same plot (the movie Nikita), they changed some names or some aspects of the characters (Nikita being innocent in LFN but not in the movie or the new show for example) and created some new characters (like Alex in Nikita)to tell a story.
            Of course Nikita comes in last so the creators had more material, they took a little in everything to make a whole new show about what happened AFTER.

            And if you seriously want to go there, no Peta is not Nikita and Roy is not Michael. Anne Parillaud is Nikita and Tchéky Karyo is Bob/Michael! Peta is not more Nikita than Maggie Q, they both played a character that another actress had already brought to life.

      • Colleen says:

        keep your mouth shut, most of all stay off this thread no one asked for your pathetic comment.

        • Peta is Nikta & Roy is Michael says:

          First, I have every right to be here and state my mind, Colleen HON. Second, you are really pathetic if you get that upset about it, must have hit a nerve, yeh?…LOL Third, you STHU..Its people like you who I will laugh my butt off at when this is cancelled at the end of the season.

          So what..you are French? That means you are never wrong and anyone who is not French can’t have a opinion/see it a diffrent way than you on the movie? Does that mean any American movies I am right and you are wrong about any opinion you might have about it?..See how that slippery slope works? And no, Bob was NOT Michael, parts were, like you said IDEA was from there, but the character was diffrent. How many of these fans have actually seen or knew there was a movie? Not many.You forgot, many americans refuse to read subtitles..lol I loved the movie, but it was a huge diffrence from the LFN tv show.But if you have an idea that Anne is the only Nikita, then fine, that is your right.The producers of the TV show were counting on the old LFN fans to jump into the remake and I think they miscalculated that we would want to see that, thats all I was saying, I wasn’t blameing the actors.

          To answer Sabrinas question, yes, if they did not have a Nikta or Michael and started the series with diffrent characters in division and used diffrent storline m, you know started from scratch, yes I would maybe tune in to see, but if they are still using Nikita, Michael , Birkoff, Carla…then no thanks.

          • Julie says:

            You don’t tune in, you don’t like it, what in hell are you even reading spoilers about the show and taking the time to comment on it? Haters are really getting old.

            And just so you know (you probably never saw an interview) they always used the French movie as a reference when they explained what the show was about. Never once they mentioned the canadian show. And if you take away some of the names, the 2 shows couldn’t be more different. The story is completely different, so are the characters and their stories and everything is around Nikita/Michael/Alex.

          • Andrea says:

            In the beginning, I was an obsessed LFN addict. To this day certain acronyms automatically conjure up the names of LFN episodes (HL, SES, BTP, FLYF, I could go on and on). I was constantly on the boards, went to cons, could quote episodes, could tell you what RD was going to say in an interview before he answered the question (because he always said pretty much the same 10 things in every interview), wrote LFN fanfic, campaigned hard for a fifth season…Bottom line: I was obsessed with LFN in ways I had never been over any other show.

            Fastforward to today and I would categorize myself as just as obsessed with the current incarnation though keeping it in check a bit more. But I do love my Nikita. I was a little slow to warm up to it because I did not like the first few episodes much but, truth be told, that was true for LFN too when it first came on the air. Just like LFN took a while to hit its stride and move away from the movie versions, Nikita took a while to find its sweet spot.

            The characters are owned by WB, who can do whatever they want with them. For many who spent months 10 years ago campaigning to convince WB that the studio should keep LFN on the air, there is indubitably some left over acrimony that WB didn’t keep LFN on the air longer. I am happy that they brought it back, with new perspectives and don’t see any need to keep harping on Nikita for not being LFN. It isn’t and it doesn’t need to be.

            Since day one Nikita has not reminded me of LFN. They are such different shows that I have to consciously focus to tie the two together and make any kind of comparison. Even with AW now playing Madeline #2, the prior show doesn’t come to mind when I am watching the current version. But when I do focus on comparisons, there are many categories in which I think Nikita comes out on top:

            I love Nikita’s Birkhoff. When he isn’t in an episode I so miss him. It’s not that I didn’t like LFN’s Birkhoff, I just didn’t feel passionately enamored of the character the way I do this time around. Nerd rules!

            MQ has made Nikita more appealing than I ever found PW’s Nikita. I liked LFN’s version of Nikita in the abstract but I never gravitated towards cheering for her the way I do for MQ’s version, who seems more nuanced to me than PW’s version. I know many LFNers won’t agree but for me LFN revolved around Michael, not Nikita. This Nikita is about Nikita and I like it that way.

            Mikita in this series has a totally different vibe and again I like it that way. They may be more normal seeming than M&N of LFN but their bond is deep, they seem more real, they bend towards love as opposed to obsession, and my interest in them is immense. I totally buy them as a couple, probably more so than I bought M&N. Probably goes down to me liking Michael more than Nikita in LFN but I could only understand LFN Michael’s yen for LFN Nikita to a certain point before I wanted to scream “what do you see in her?” Sure, I enjoyed the heck out of the LFN episodes where they had tiny interactions you could spend the entire next week analyzing but I realize it was because it was one of the few things in the show that gave you insight into Michael and I loved trying to understand that character. Mikita as a couple is more believable to me and more rootable.

            There are other reasons (Percy for one, not to mention Owen) but those are probably the tops on my list. There is no need to take sides and only like one. No need to constantly defend the LFN realm. Live in freedom and embrace them both.

  15. Betty says:

    “Nikita” looks like Raven from The Exorcist with those dreads. Hehe

  16. Gemma says:

    i love the way a character who is ‘off the rails’ or in a bad place suddenly gets dreds lol see Nikita and Lexie Grey

    • Sabrina says:

      Well these are flashback scenes to when Nikita was 17 or 18. Going with the dreads is probably the easiest way to make her look that young. Though Maggie on her own definitely looks younger than her real age.

  17. Jasna88 says:

    Good banners for Ringer, why not make something like that for Nikita?
    Nikitas back story! Yay! Like we havent seen her BS million times already….

  18. Colleen says:

    of course we have a raging ass who likes the old Nikita, take this tip, go off this article and piss other people off.

  19. Bill says:

    Totally great story and actress

    Btw comment by peta is nikita roy is michael… What are you doung here? If you donʻt like… Just simple donʻt watch and donʻt comment here and i believe… Is going to waste your time… why donʻt you watch LFN and waste your own time at home and keep your mouth shut…

  20. Nicole says:

    Yay for new Nikita pics! This show deserves all the promotion possible and more, its amazing! Happy Nikita Day on Friday!

  21. dallas says:

    Why are we fighting over which show (LFN or current Nikita) is better. I have never seen LFN but I’m sure it was a dynamite show. I am very impressed with the current Nikita. It is also a dynamite show. The actors/writers/directors are extremely talented. Can’t we all just learn to agree to disagree, after all it’s television. LFN stayed on for 5 years, that says something for the show and the actors. Let’s give the current Nikita its chance now.

  22. Dee Dee says:

    I’m happy to see a new face on Nikita, at least he’s new to me and got me watching again – the handsome Dillon Casey (Sean Pierce). I hope he becomes a romantic interest for Alex. He seems to be interested in Alex and I’d like to see it develop into a relationship. They’d make a handsome couple. JMO.