Gossip Girl 100th Episode Recap: Did the Princess Bride Make a Royal Mistake?

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

Wedding bells rang on Monday’s wedding-themed episode of Gossip Girl, but did Blair actually exchange vows with Prince Louis? And WTF was up with that OMFG twist at the end? Here’s a rundown of the most significant takeaways and biggest surprises from the show’s landmark 100th episode.

BLAIR IS A PRINCESS | Raise your hand if you thought some last-minute objection from Chuck/Dan/a random extra was going to put a stop to the nuptials. But in spite of Georgina’s scheming and practically everyone telling her not to go through with it — how awesome was Eleanor asking Chuck, “Are you coming to stop this thing or what?” — Blair did, in fact, marry Louis. However, after seeing Gossip Girl’s undercover video of Blair confessing her eternal love to Chuck, a furious Louis informed his new bride during their first dance – set to a great orchestral version of Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” – that their “marriage is all for show.” In public, she will play the happy wife, but in private they will have nothing to do with each other.

Gossip Girl Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning!

CHUCK REALLY HAS EVOLVED | When Father Cavalia approached Chuck with a scheme to thwart the wedding, it seemed inevitable that the bad boy would revert back to his old ways. Instead, he gave the unholy priest a dastardly case of food poisoning via some bathroom water from a Bass resort in Mexico – ewwww! – and told him he just wants Blair to be happy. In the end, he did eventually show up at the church to fight for Blair, but it was all for naught. She made a pact with the man upstairs and she was sticking to it.

DAN TO THE RESCUE | “I made a mistake.” Those were the words Blair uttered into a phone following Louis’ chilling catharsis, but the person on the other end of the line wasn’t Chuck (nice bait-and-switch!). Blair called Dan, and he promptly drove up to whisk her away from the reception. Wherever this story is going, I keep getting struck by just how much Blair has come to rely on Dan. Even Louis called the former enemies “best friends.”

SERENA CONFESSES HER LOVE | “I love you, Dan Humphrey. Always have, always will,” Serena proclaimed to Dan. But was it too little too late? Between her Marilyn dream, in which she loses Dan to Blair’s Audrey, and Georgina announcing that Dan is “madly in love” with Blair, is it finally sinking into Serena’s brain that maybe she missed her chance?

GEORGINA IS GOSSIP GIRL! | Or is she? “The new Gossip Girl is coming,” Kristen Bell’s voice told us at the beginning of the hour. So is Georgina the latest incarnation of the blogger? Or has she always been her? Either way, the schemer’s return was a welcome breath of fiery air and zippy one-liners (“Jesus owes me one.”).

Gossip Girl fans, be sure to come back here after the West Coast airing for scoop on what comes next directly from the show’s producers! In the meantime, hit the comments with your thoughts on Episode 100!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I loved tonight’s episode! I loved the return of Georgina and her little sabotage, and I loved Louie turning evil– finally he showed his true self! Haha but most of all and overall I have been enjoying the growing relationship between Dan and Blair. It’s refreshing and natural.

  2. em says:

    Blair going through with the wedding was kind of shocking, but everything else (everyone trying to stop Blair, Louis telling her it was all for show, Dan saving Blair, S telling Dan she loved him, and even Georgina as Gossip Girl) was not. Overall, for an episode that was hyped up so much, I’m honestly very disappointed.

  3. Mayra says:

    I so hoped she would not marry Louis :/
    He’s got to be the most annoying character ever.
    I didn’t really like Chuck and Blair as a couple before, but now they’re both so mature.
    I really hope Dan’s just a friend.
    And S. needs better storylines.
    Oh, yeah. Georgina. I cannot believe they actually revealed Gossip Girl today. Didn’t like it. And she was the obvious choice. Not cool.

  4. Gg says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Georgina is Gossip Girl. In fact i dont think it’s a girl at all. I bet it’s Nate.

  5. Alice says:

    I can’t wait for Dan and Blair. I am SO OVER CHAIR AND LOUIS!!

  6. Felicity says:

    All Blair did was call Dan to pick her up. How does this get Chair fans in a tizzy? It’s not as if they kissed or something. It still appears very platonic. As for calling Serena instead – does Serena even know how to drive?

  7. elle says:

    omg I just can’t even deal. My mind is so melted!
    Serena has totally missed her shot, at least until Dan is over Blair. Who is not in love with Dan in the slightest, she doesn’t even realize she’s leading him on. He’s only her friend. Dair is so unrequited it’s not even funny, I think they’re great friends, and maybe Dan feels like he’s in love with her, but it is no match for the epic-ness that is Chuck and Blair. Sorry, Lonely Boy.
    Louis is such a sociopath! I never liked him! I was about to cry during the reception, I couldn’t believe she married him! I knew if she did she would be nothing but miserable. But really, after everything she’s put Louis through this season, Blair kind of sort of has it coming. She has no one to blame but herself. I just hope she’s not unhappy for too long. oohh, I wonder if Dan tells Chuck how unhappy Blair is and they hatch a plan to break her out?!?
    And GEORGINA. What the eff times infinity. I could not believe what I was seeing. That was insane!!! It totally seems her style, “Oh, I’m bored today. I should start a website and have people send me all their gossip and juicy pictures!” I can’t say for sure if it’s been her the whole time but it’s definitely right up her alley. Just wow.
    “You know you love me.”
    Yes. Yes, I do.

  8. Sal says:

    She in love with chuck nd if you have not notice from the past 4 seasons she can’t let chuck go cuz they have a deep love. Omg.

  9. S says:

    ya i didnt watch it but it sounds like an interesting episode. I havnt seen gossip girl since season 3 but ive always been Blair and Chuck together in my mind.
    And NO Georgina cant have been Gossip Girl the entire time. that would be the dumbest thing in the world.

  10. Chris says:

    I don’t think Georgina is gossip girl. I think she is just an apprentice or something like that

  11. BK says:

    Out with the old (Chair), in with the new (Dair)! FINALLY

  12. UJ says:

    Addressing this stupid shipping war for 100th time:

    1.) This episode left many ambiguous points about where Dan and Blair are headed towards.
    2.) Blair called Dan again (inclusive of 5×01+ 9) for a rescue attempt from Louis’s grasp. Was it romantic? It was inconclusive at best, but clearly she trusts Dan enough to always be there for her. Also, given the number of times she keeps asking for him it is almost parasitic or she truly trusts him out of all the people (a Dawson Creek Soul mate of sorts).
    3.) Is Chair over? Ans: No, not remotely since Blair clearly is still in love with Chuck after her her admission. Did the reveal of the vows change Blair’s perception of Dan? Ans: You can make that implicit assumption since she called for Dan first.
    4.) Does it matter who Blair is with? Ans: As would Dan would say “I only want her to be happy.” And that should be all that matters; irrelevant of actually being with someone. Admittedly he tends to make a few assumptions here and there about whether Louis and Chuck have her best interest.
    5.) If Dair happens will Chuck and Serena let them have a happily ever after? Ans: A seriously doubt it. They will test them to their utter limits to see if they can last any distance; even if it is platonic, romantic or etc. Chuck has a fortune and his new ally Uncle Jack Bass. While Serena has a column and sheer stubbornness.

  13. brandy says:

    LOVVVED this episode. Loved everything about it.

  14. lauren says:

    The episode was awful until the final ten minutes. I was so distracted by the AWFUL hairstyles going on, I couldn’t focus on the crap writing. I did love the Louis twist and the band at the wedding that played instrumental 80’s music!

  15. Jai says:

    I can think of a way to get the writers to respond…and settle the question of who has the bigger fan base-CHAIR or DAIR. Question is, is anyone capable of doing it?
    What do the writers care about? Ratings! I say chair and DAIR fans stage a protest…a boycott of the show for designated episodes this season. The writers won’t want to see their ratings take a huge dip and will be forced to respond! Hopefully they will give us better storylines AND since ratings are tracked, it will settle who has the greater fan base! Any takers??

  16. Sarah says:

    LOUIS IS AN A$$!!! I hope this is the end of him because I can’t stand looking at his pompeous face anymore!!!! There is a lot of crazy in that royal family’s blood line for sure!! I have kind of always like the idea of Dan/Blair but I also love Chuck/Blair!! I think I am happy with the idea of Dan and Blair being just super good friends and Chuck and Blair finally getting together and living happily ever after. Chuck for sure deserves that after all the hurt he has endured and how he has done a complete 360 all for the love of Blair!! BUT I DO NOT WANT DAN AND SERENA BACK TOGETHER!!! I can not stand Serena! I know, She is supposed to be the star. But I have not liked her since the show started. I dont really care about Georgina though she is a good villan. In all it was a good episode! I hope it marked the end of the evil prince. As far as DAIR and CHAIR, I am fine with either as both men have turned into quite good men!! Curious to see how this goes!! :)

  17. Koko says:

    WOW. I just finished my mini Ben&jerry’s ice cream jar, and I am just BREATH-TAKEN. When Serena announced that she loved Dan is was just so BOLD AND DAMN STRAIGHTFORWARD I practically chocked on thin air, and then the Gossip Girl blast with Blair’s love declaration to chuck I just fell right off my chair and THEN Louis being a mean BITCH and telling Blair it’s all a show I swear I had a heart attack… AND FINALLY… Blair called dan instead of CHUCK AND POOR CHUCK IS LEFT SO INNOCENT AND KIND AND THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE HAS LEFT AND IS MARRIED TO AN EVIL MAN. AND THEN BAMMM I HAD A SEIZURE BECAUSE (OMFGG!!) GEORGINA IS ACTUALLY GOSSIP GIRL.

    this was the.most.intense.episode i’ve seen in ma life!!!
    My mind is BLOWN.

  18. Alfredo says:

    I can honestly say that I will NEVER watch GG again. What Louis did to Blair was SO cruel it had me so nauseated I almost threw up. It was just sick and horrible and I couldn’t even believe it. Ugh this show. And for the record, I don’t give a damn WHO Blair ends up with, but what Louis did was just evil and disgusting.

  19. Hols says:

    Lol. These comments are awesome.

  20. Ella says:

    I’m not sure how anyone was supposed to feel sorry for Blair by the end of this, to be honest. She was stupid and selfish and I say this as a woman who is thoroughly offended by the sheer mention of the chauvinistic, loathesome Chuck Bass. Louis had every right to turn cold after Blair privately cheated on and publicly humiliated him. I could empathize with his disgust with her on the dancefloor and how he no longer wanted to keep up the charade. One thing I am glad about is that she escaped with Dan, not Chuck. The writers may claim C/B aren’t done but after 5 seasons of attempting to prostitute your girlfriend, almost punching her and generally destroying her image and self-esteem under the pretence of “love”, they are more done than a burnt turkey in the oven. The writers should be smart and allow Blair to come to a natural realization that Dan, this person who has been there for her and loved her so unconditionally, is the one, the endgame. CB fans and their pitchforks be damned.

  21. Grace says:

    I like Dair, I think she is oblivious to his feelings because being self absorbed is part of her character. As for Dan being careless with Serenas feelings, she is well aware that Dan loves Blair, In fact she told him after reading his book that Blair came across as the Love of his life. Getting sick of Chuck and Blair back and forth thing, it’s getting really old.