Gossip Girl 100th Episode Recap: Did the Princess Bride Make a Royal Mistake?

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

Wedding bells rang on Monday’s wedding-themed episode of Gossip Girl, but did Blair actually exchange vows with Prince Louis? And WTF was up with that OMFG twist at the end? Here’s a rundown of the most significant takeaways and biggest surprises from the show’s landmark 100th episode.

BLAIR IS A PRINCESS | Raise your hand if you thought some last-minute objection from Chuck/Dan/a random extra was going to put a stop to the nuptials. But in spite of Georgina’s scheming and practically everyone telling her not to go through with it — how awesome was Eleanor asking Chuck, “Are you coming to stop this thing or what?” — Blair did, in fact, marry Louis. However, after seeing Gossip Girl’s undercover video of Blair confessing her eternal love to Chuck, a furious Louis informed his new bride during their first dance – set to a great orchestral version of Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” – that their “marriage is all for show.” In public, she will play the happy wife, but in private they will have nothing to do with each other.

Gossip Girl Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning!

CHUCK REALLY HAS EVOLVED | When Father Cavalia approached Chuck with a scheme to thwart the wedding, it seemed inevitable that the bad boy would revert back to his old ways. Instead, he gave the unholy priest a dastardly case of food poisoning via some bathroom water from a Bass resort in Mexico – ewwww! – and told him he just wants Blair to be happy. In the end, he did eventually show up at the church to fight for Blair, but it was all for naught. She made a pact with the man upstairs and she was sticking to it.

DAN TO THE RESCUE | “I made a mistake.” Those were the words Blair uttered into a phone following Louis’ chilling catharsis, but the person on the other end of the line wasn’t Chuck (nice bait-and-switch!). Blair called Dan, and he promptly drove up to whisk her away from the reception. Wherever this story is going, I keep getting struck by just how much Blair has come to rely on Dan. Even Louis called the former enemies “best friends.”

SERENA CONFESSES HER LOVE | “I love you, Dan Humphrey. Always have, always will,” Serena proclaimed to Dan. But was it too little too late? Between her Marilyn dream, in which she loses Dan to Blair’s Audrey, and Georgina announcing that Dan is “madly in love” with Blair, is it finally sinking into Serena’s brain that maybe she missed her chance?

GEORGINA IS GOSSIP GIRL! | Or is she? “The new Gossip Girl is coming,” Kristen Bell’s voice told us at the beginning of the hour. So is Georgina the latest incarnation of the blogger? Or has she always been her? Either way, the schemer’s return was a welcome breath of fiery air and zippy one-liners (“Jesus owes me one.”).

Gossip Girl fans, be sure to come back here after the West Coast airing for scoop on what comes next directly from the show’s producers! In the meantime, hit the comments with your thoughts on Episode 100!

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  1. Drawner says:

    I knew it. Georgina’s Gossip Girl, of copurse, I was watching a season one episode the other day and she even signed a note “gigi.” I’m a bit disapointed that we don’t get to see the airport scenes to next week though.

  2. Jenna says:

    Georgina is GG? Can The CW cancel this already?

  3. Caitlin says:

    Beyond upset.
    Serena tels him she loves him and he can’t even respect the love they had all those years just to go save Blair? And what, were supposed to expect Blair will suddenly fall in love with Dan because of some vows and right after she declares her undying love for Chuck?

    Give me a break.

    • Anna says:

      I agree. I think that Dan and Blair will realize they are just BFF. She WILL go back to Chuck..I hope!!!

    • Liz says:

      “he can’t even respect the love they had all those years just to go save Blair? ”

      Ok, even if dan had feelings for Serena, don’t you think helping to get Blair away from a loveless, emotionally abusive marriage takes a little more priority than hanging around the reception with Serena?

      • Ashley says:

        But, here’s the thing about ’emotionally abusive marriage’. She honestly, deserves every tiny little bit of revenge Louis can throw on top of her. Blair has been terrible this season! Between running between her love for Louis and for Chuck, the accidental pregnancy, her lame “I heart God” attitude about not being with Chuck… I hope Louis makes her burn in hell for a little while. Then get a divorce, get back with Chuck, and leave Dan for the one he’s meant to be with.

        • Lo says:

          no she doesn’t deserve it

        • Fi says:

          I’m sorry, but Louis is hardly an innocent in all of this. He’s become steadily more evil and nasty throughout the season. He always had the choice of saying “No, I don’t want to marry her” and he could have done that – instead he chose to cling to her and eventually married her to deliberately make her suffer. And the way he told her, when she was apologising and saying how much she cared about him, was so cold and heartless.
          Plus, frankly – any groom who can’t write his own damn vows shouldn’t be getting married at all. Has anyone else ever thought that Louis didn’t care nearly enough about Blair?

  4. Elle says:

    Finally it’s time for the Dan and Blair to begin!

    I hope this was the end of Chair for good! They’re no good together. They don’t trust each other.

    • florence says:

      “Chuck and Blair are never over” Josh Safran said that.

    • 3ebDCFC says:

      Dan & Blair remind me of another meant to be tv couple I came to love: Joey & Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. Some chemistry you just can’t deny, Blair & Dan have it. Exploring their relationship, especially last season was refreshing, welcome & breathed life into a show I began to fear would do nothing, but keep beating dead horses. I didn’t realize how over Blair & Chuck i was until Blair & Dan turned the corner from enemies to frenemies to secret friends to maybe true love? It’s Pacey & Joey all over again & I love it!

      • sabrina says:

        blablabla Dawnson’s Creek blablabla please come up with something else to support you ship, the Pacey/Joey thing is getting pretty old, btw Dawson’s Creek was way more awesome than Gossip Girl can ever dream to be.

  5. Meg says:

    It so CAN’T have been Georgina the whole time. GG was around when GS was all bible-happy and without thouht of the UES.

  6. Van says:

    This Episode BLEW my mind.

  7. Mare says:

    The best episode for a while now! Blair did an amazing job she was beautiful, funny and emotional. and let’s role with DAIR please!

    GG being GeorginaS, it’s quite possible! But I’m still waiting for a twist!

  8. Anna says:

    I am seriously so irritated right now!! I know there are a bunch of Dair fans out there, but seriously! Everyone knows that 80% of Gossip Girl’s viewers are CHAIR fans!! I just hope that once Dan and Blair spend some quality time together, they realize they are just soul mate friends, you know like Dawson and Joey, lol. And Blair will come back for Chuck.

    • Ellen says:

      But ‘We Love Dan and Blair’ AND ‘Dan and Blair’ trended WORLDWIDE tonight. 80% Really?

    • Captain says:

      80%? Really? First of all, that assumes that 80% of Gossip Girl fans are invested in Blair’s love life period, which is not the case. Just because Chair has a vocal online fanbase (as does Dair) doesn’t mean that the majority of Gossip Girl fans love Chair. Justin Bieber has a very vocal online fanbase, does that mean that 80% of America loves Bieber?

      • Liz says:

        LMAO that is too funny!! Leave it too the Chair fans to come up with that logic & I got too say Dair fans are a little less vocal about their fan base. We’ve sat in silence for too long waiting for something to happen. But NO MORE,WE SHALL SPEAK!! lol
        Hey she chose to call Dan not anyone else if anything they can completely trust each other!

  9. Todd says:

    I was actually very disappointed with the episode. The writers made it seem like the ending was gonna be insane but the only shocking thing was Georgina is Gossip Girl! Cool! Even 90210 has better “omfg” moments.

  10. mariks714 says:

    OMFG! The ending was definitely a “gasp” moment for me concerning Georgina being Gossip Girl…or is she?

    Loved that Blair called Dan in the end for help as well. Ready for the next episode to be full of DAIR goodness!

  11. cs says:

    Holy crap! That was really good; full of twists and turns – none more shocking than Louis’ speech during their dance and the reveal of Georgina on the other end of that computer! Loved it!

  12. Gossip Girl says:

    I’m done with show.

    Blair Waldorf is gone.
    The marriage is completely ridiculous.
    Georgina as Gossip Girl has ruined the show for me entirely.
    Chuck and Blair, Nate and Serena.

    XOXO – Fail of a show,

    • My thoughts exactly says:

      I don’t think that Blair would EVER have turned her back on Chuck after HER MOTHER brought him to her. I’m glad that they at least attempted to deal with the horrible plot line that is the Blair made a promise with god to keep Chuck alive. I don’t know who this Blair Waldorf is but I wish the real Blair Waldorf would make a return.

      • Allie says:

        I know :( And by the looks of it, Blair’s just going to end up rejecting Chuck again in the next episode. I feel like I barely even recognize her character anymore.

  13. Naomi says:

    I love Gossip Girl, I do. I even LOVED this episode. BUT, if Georgina is supposed to be the original GG as in she’s been all along, I will probably stop watching. Makes no sense. Ruins show continuity. I mean if Georgina was gossip girl she could have destroyed Serena and Blair yrs ago. Please.

  14. abby says:

    way to ruin gossip girl for me safran. you put DAN and BLAIR together even after all of chuck’s amazing heartfelt speeches?!?!?! do you not care about the fans’ happiness at all?!?!?!

  15. quin says:

    omfg….. dair all the way i hope they leave the country … the prince is an ass

  16. SB says:

    Blair’s AWFUL hair was distracting this entire episode. Couldn’t stop looking at it. And Georgina as Gossip Girl…totally anticlimactic after years of wondering her true identity.

  17. 8daysaweek says:

    I knew they were going to reveal GG tonight but I think it was a decoy – I suspect it’s really Serena’s real cousin Charlie.
    I thought the ending felt forced. I admit I have never really seen the Dan-Blair thing so many people seemed to love but it still seemed out of place in the episode. I think it would have seemed more natural if she’d called Serena actually – I’ve always thought their friendship was one of the best aspects of the show and I would’ve liked to see them pull together here instead of Blair once again turning to a man.

  18. Lexie says:

    Well, on the brightside Chair fans. Save Chuck and Blair trended worldwide on twitter for an hour and a half tonight? Which other ship can say that? Let Bland have their detour. It will be Chair and Derena in the end. :)

  19. A and now Im says:

    very disapponted, was waiting for this episode like crazy and now Im disappointed, hopefully Blair will see it wasn’t chuck who sent that video in. Dan and Blar just dont go. and wtf georgina? im disappointed

    xo xo

  20. Zola says:

    Georgina is the new Gossip Girl and the real Charlie (aka Lola) is probably the old Gossip Girl. Would pretty much explain everything.

  21. lol ok says:

    Really? How many times does Blair have to declare her UNDYING LOVE for Chuck before dair stans get it? And just FYI, Safran said “Chuck and Blair are never over.” That’s all. :D

  22. Lisa says:

    Where will the show go from here? Blair is now stuck with Louie. Dan and Blair will never work Blair will always love chuck and she would never do that to Serena . Gorgina as gossip girl seems to obvious!

  23. Jessica says:

    I’m a fan of Blair and Dan, not that I hate the idea of Chuck and Blair. It will be interesting to see what happens if the writers/producers have Blair open herself up to Dan as more than just good friends. I also think it’s telling that both Leighton and Penn actually seem interested in their respective characters being with one another. I would also like to see Chuck with a different girl.

    Moving on from all of the drama would be growing up and moving on for the show in the same way Dawson’s ended with Joey choosing Pacey instead of Dawson. I may not have agreed with that decision, but I understood it.

    Also, how freaky is Louis and why does he believe Blair will go along with his terms of a contractual marriage?

  24. Didi says:


  25. July says:

    Serena really needs to forget Dan and give a chance for Nate!

  26. Colin says:

    i hate “Dair” i actually cried watching the show and practically screaming at the tv saying “your supposed to be with Chuck, BLAIR!!!” i just dont like Dan with Blair and i just want Dan with someone else. and have chuck and blair together. Gerogina is not gossip girl, she doesn’t have the class and the sneakyness of gossip girl just sayiin. Louis is a jerk and an asshole especially to Blair because if he said no to Blaire then Chuck could;ve been with Blaire and then Balire wouldn’t have been in that situation if he said no or if she listened to her heart and to her mom and sernena.

  27. Amelie says:

    Honestly, it felt like the most forced contrived thing in the world that Blair called Dan. I adore their friendship but this is getting ridiculous. Blair would have called Serena. She SHOULD have called Serena. Their friendship is the heart and soul core of the show. Can this show be the slightest bit character driven instead of plot driven please? And can Dan get it through his head Blair is always going to love Chuck, he’s just setting himself up to get burned. And also, get that Serena is totally in love with him. Always has been, and deep down he probably loves her too. Unless Dan character if really that fickle after all.

  28. Fran says:

    Ok I liked the Derena stuff. I appreciated Serena having the guts to say how she felt especially since Dan has kept his feelings in for a year to my boredom. I just felt like in general the episode was a let down. I appreciate that they set up the DB arc. Blair is not interested at all. She was not jealous and wanted him for Serena. She also didn’t care about the vows. She is going to be the problem in the DS reunion without even knowing it. At the same time when will the CB plot advance. Its just so much melodrama that always lands in the same place. It is not like there is tons of time left in the show. Let Chuck and Blair be happy and work on DS and Sherlock Nate.

  29. Katie says:

    The ending with DAIR in the “Just Married” car took my breath away! I am so ready for them to finally discuss their feelings. DAIR DAIR DAIR!

    And, I don’t think Georgina is the real GG.

  30. Darcy says:

    Actually, Dan and Blair are not like Pacey and Joey from Dawson’s Creek. That was the Nate/Blair/Chuck triangle with Nate as Dawson, Blair as Joey, and Chuck has Pacey. Dair is just a plot device before Chair and Derena reunite for good. That’s what the show is building towards. I’m sure Dan and Blair will be explored when Blair is feeling very vulnerable and emotionally drained/confused. But they will realize they make better friends. Because Blair will always love Chuck and Dan is meant to be with Serena.

  31. Melanie says:

    Blair calling Dan just seemed like more of her using him. It wasn’t a romantic thing, but enough to keep the Dair fanbase satisfied. I would actually feel kind of bad for Dan if it weren’t for how callously he’s breaking Serena’s heart.

  32. Anna says:

    I actually said that Dan and Blair are like Dawson and Joey not Pacey and Joey :) And I was just using it as a reference to describe that Dan and Blair will realize the love they have for each other is friendship not passion.Just the way Dawson and Joey did.

  33. Darcy says:

    My bad Anna, read through it too quickly. I get what you’re saying now. :)

  34. Tristan says:

    “Blair Bass” is now trending on twitter. Come on writer’s, let’s do this.

  35. Sarah says:

    It was a good episode, there were several surprises. The best: Chuck, Georgina and Serena. And blair deserved what happened to her , I’m a Chair fan, but I think Blair does not deserve any of the three men, at least for now. Incredible, Louis is smart!, I’m glad for him!. I like Nate and the new girl!. And of course I do not like Dan and Blair. I prefer Dan and Serena!, but poor Serena!

    • BL says:

      I read your comment and something came to my mind: We know that An Affair to Remember is a Blair Waldorf/GG favorite. Maybe Dan is Blair’s Kenneth and she wants to get to Chuck on her own terms. Then Chuck and Blair could FINALLY meet on the Empire State Building.

  36. Denisse says:

    How come did Blair marry Louis? :(
    Im so sad i expected this to be the episode were chuck and blair finally reunited

  37. pauline says:

    Shame on you Gossip Girl writers ! I’m a french fan, but now i think just one think : your show sucks !!!
    Seriously i’m so unhappy right now !

  38. Anna says:

    I love that Blair called Dan at the end! As soon as she figures out this fake-but-real marriage thing, she and Dan need to be a couple. I love Dair so much!

  39. sasha says:

    Every Chuck and Blair scene is so redundant and cheesy. I wouldn’t mind the couple if it wasn’t written with Blair as a brainless idiot Harlequin style.

    • addie says:

      this season she’s been consistently written as a brainless idiot in every single situation, don’t blame CB, blame the sucky writing.

      • Sushi says:

        No, it’s perfectly valid! Chuck and Blair are STALE. The writers are bad for sure but reuniting them is not a solution at all. We all know they are end game. Why can’t you crazed fangirls appreciate knowing that and let the show explore other dynamics in the mean time?

        • addie says:

          I’m sorry I didn’t realize my point was invalid because you held the absolute truth on the matter, my mistake. BTW your comment was way more aggressive and “crazed” than mine, so I guess I’m not the only fangirl around…

      • Allie says:

        I agree addie, blaming Chuck for Blair being an idiot this season is ridiculous. She’s been an idiot around Louis and an idiot around Dan, so it’s hardly Chuck’s fault. They just don’t know how to write her when they’re trying to divide her between a bunch of different men.

  40. Davannah says:

    Awful! This is ridiculous. They got married and then she runs away with Dan!? She should be with Chuck. It makes absolutely no sense for her to admit she loves Chuck and then go with Dan. Horrible…

  41. Abby says:

    Well Played. I thought that the first 50 minutes were lackluster (sorry Cyrus!), but I thought the ending was great. I have HATED Louis, but maybe he could be good villian. He has the tone of a sociopathic serial killer.

  42. haha says:

    Blair Bass and Save Chuck and Bair are trending. Save C and B trended before, after, and during the episode. Get. Over. It.

  43. Noemy says:

    Give me a break!! This whole Dan and Blair thing is a ridiculous!! It’s so forced how the writers keep throwing in our face that they best friends like seriously they have not been through that much best friends situations together..she could have left w Serena instead she leaves w dan after all her love for chuck..so now they are going to run away together and have her fall madly inlove with dan?? Stupid! How can anyone want them together not because they are chair shippers or not but because it’s so forced! Not belivable..dumb show

    • Ari says:

      Yea but Serena wouldn’t be a doormat for Blair the way that Dan is. He just does whatever she tells him to. Serena would actually question Blair once in a while not just blindly follow her.

  44. nico says:

    Dan and Blair! To be honest I saw that ending coming a mile away. But even if you don’t ship Dan and Blair romantically you gotta love their friendship.

  45. Dwayne says:

    I don’t think Georgina is mainly Gossip Girl…I have a feeling she knows who the real GG is tho and since Georgina can’t really walk around at UES events without being spotted, the real GG does and Georgina does the posting from her computer! At least that’s my analysis for now based on her character history and posts that GG has made throughout the show’s history.Ok here’s how I think it will pan out…Georgina tracked down real Charlie after confronting Ivy last season. Georgina found out real Charlie is Gossip Girl and decides to keep her secret identity because she craves scandal.That’s my opinion, I think Georgina found out who GG was rather recently, I don’t think she knew since Season 1.

  46. Cara says:

    I love Dair and hope we get to see their relationship truly explored with all feelings known. I do worry that Blair is using Dan. I think she needs to see him as more than her errand guy to take him seriously as a romantic partner. As far as Dan and Serena-boring! She is a flake and I see them now as brother & sister, not boyfriend & girlfriend. Dan needs someone with more substance & wit. Not only did Serena miss the boat with making a relationship with Dan happen but so did the writers. That ship has SAILED gossip girl! Stick with DAIR or CHAIR or whatever but please get Serena a new man.

  47. paige says:

    I think my favorite part was Louis turning bad. We never got to see his reaction after the crash and I was wondering how much of Blair’s indecision he could handle. Also this side of him was much more fun watching than dull, put me to sleep, Louis.

    Blair and Chuck were my least favorite part. As much as I don’t like them together, I’d rather the decision just be made instead of having to listen to this back and forth every episode.
    I don’t think it paralleled the pilot as much as they led on. Blair has been thrown off character the entirety of season 5, and it’s just been confusing.

    The reason I put up with all the Chair. If Blair chose to get married instead of running away with Chuck not once, but twice, I really don’t see how these two can ever get back together at least not any time soon.

    Overall I enjoyed the episode, best of the season. I loved seeing Blair’s parents. I love Georgina, I don’t think she’s the real gossip girl but at least we’ve got some fun and lighter episodes ahead. I loved Nate’s scene with Dan mentioning how weird it was that Blair was getting married, I still love them. I didn’t mind Dan and Serena because we got to see Dan come to Blair’s rescue at the end. Excited for the better half of the season and possible Dair!

  48. Hojana says:

    Shred the Chair! Finally time for something new, not the same old will they won’t they with Chuck and Blair that has been killing the show all the episodes up to now.

  49. Rashad says:

    Tonight’s 100th episode is officially my favorite episode of Gossip Girl EVER! It was funny, thanks to Georgina, and shocking as hell.

  50. Kyle says:

    Am I the only person wondering how people just walk into Chuck’s penthouse? Is there no security at the Empire? Strange.