Ratings: Chuck Finale Hits Highs, Fringe Rises

We spy a happy ending. NBC’s two-hour Chuck finale on Friday night averaged 4.2 million total viewers and a 1.3 demo rating. Those numbers represent gains of 9 and 18 percent week-to-week and thus season highs for the beloved spy comedy — which is only apropos.

Separately, Chuck‘s final hours delivered 4.1 mil/1.2 and 4.3 mil/1.3; versus two weeks ago, the series swelled more than 30 percent. Below, take our poll and check out photos from the finale.

Chuck Vs. The Post Mortem: Show Bosses Spill Series Finale Secrets, Say There’s More to Come

Fringe, meanwhile, with 3.37 million total viewers and a 1.2 rating, gained 6 percent in audience and a tenth in the demo.

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  1. Aiden says:

    I just love how it went out on a high note (sure, relatively speaking). So fitting, so deserved. Chuck fans, celebrate!

    • Charley says:

      I don’t see this high note you’re speaking of. There is NOTHING except our own hope to indicate that the kiss from Chuck worked worth a crap. All his stories didn’t help at all and Sarah flat out told him that. Everyone who saw a happy ending just deluded themselves into thinking it was a happy ending because they WANTED it to be happy. Not because it actually was a happy ending. The last 2 episodes of the series were the darkest most depressing episodes of what was mostly a dramatic COMEDY. I’m disgusted with the writers for giving us that garbage to close the series on. At the VERY least maybe we could have seen Sarah pull away from the kiss and have a look on her face to indicate that she was starting to remember. But we didn’t even get that. There is ZERO evidence that she was remembering anything about their relationship.

      • Brooke says:

        ZERO evidence? A) The carving in their white picket fence house, B) the Wienerlicious setup, and C) Irene Demova.

        She was gaining things back bit by bit, and she was falling for Chuck all over again at the end. You’re the depressing one, not the finale.

      • Conner says:

        That’s kind of the point. It was ambiguous. The viewer gets to decide how whether it worked.

      • Marianne says:

        To me, the ending reminded me a bit of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, that even though it was open ended and left room for some interpretation, there was proof Sarah’s memories were coming back:
        -seeing the names scratched into the doorjamb and Sarah remembers writing it herself
        -rearranging the cups and straws at the Weinerlicious (a memory that isn’t even Chuck specific, so it shows Sarah’s remembering things about her past life and not just past memories associated with Chuck.)
        -Irene Demova
        -when Sarah leaves Castle to “find herself” she doesn’t leave she goes to the Beach from the pilot.
        To me that’s enough of an answer that even though her memories may not have all come rushing back from one “magical kiss” that she would eventually get all her memories back with Chuck by her side and with his help.

        • Lindsey says:

          That was a pretty long, passionate kiss if it didn’t work! That’s all I can say. It was definitely obvious that her memories were starting to come back. She just needed some triggers, like those others already listed. Maybe I’m an optimist, but I like to believe that even if you forget your memories for a short time, the emotions don’t go away just like that. She thought they did, but as she started remembering things, her emotions also came back up. Plus, after hearing their story, how could she NOT fall in love with Chuck again/remember how she already felt?

      • Michael Sacal says:

        I equate the kiss on the beach to B4 walking away singing a tune that indicated that Data’s memory transfer had been successful in Star Trek Nemesis.

        Just like the Star Trek Countdown prequel comics showed that B4 became Data, I’m sure that someday someone will do a novel or comic that shows that Chuck’s kiss restored Sarah’s memory.

      • Kristina says:

        I think that was the point of the whole finale: hope. I thought it was great.

      • Musica1 says:

        No evidence that it worked?!? Are you kidding? Didn’t you see her face when he was telling her their story? Her reactions said it all. She was starting to feel those things again. Why do you think she said, “Kiss me!”? she knew it was right there. If you couldn’t see it, you’re blind.

      • Truth says:

        Exactly! Thank you! Everywhere I look I see fans trying to justify the ending rather than admit that the writers screwed us over. There’s no proof that she remembered anything. That scene with the two of them on the beach shows that she wanted to remember, but that’s not enough for me. Every other character got a happy ending and a future, except for Chuck and Sarah. Now he has to walk her through her past in hopes that she remembers that she wanted to have a future with him, and who knows how long that will take, or if it’ll even work? Either way, instead of moving forward Chuck and Sarah basically have to start over.

        Five years. Five years of missions and making friends, of making amends with family members, of falling in love and growing together and wanting to start a family and have kids. And all we have to show for it is blind optimism. Maybe she gets her memory back. Maybe they can move forward. Maybe they’ll have that family. But we’ll never know for sure. It was an epic love story with a horrible ending.

        • Kelly says:

          I did not mind the ending, I think we can say that she would eventually get her memories back.What upset me was the total lack of caring, concern or action taken to save Sarah.Oh, Sarah lost her memories? Well, thats too bad.She is lost..Oh well…Oh, Chuck is sad about it? Maybe he can see if her memories return, try that, maybe it will work!???WTF–They did more to save Morgan that Sarah 10 X’s over. Elle did not even try to hypontise her or even look her over.The only time Elle, Awesome even Casey (MUCH TO MY DISMAY), did not even really care they lost Sarah.They were only concern by way of how it affected Chuck.I though she was family too, apparently not. But the Casey not even trying and givin g up was the worst, she is your partner AND friend…WOW, just WOW

  2. Ali says:

    I’m going to miss Chuck :(

  3. Annabelle says:

    RIP to one of the funnest shows on TV :(
    Was a great ride with a fantastic ending!!! Thanks for the memories “Chuck” cast and crew…

  4. kevin says:

    CHUCK truly deserve to have a “happy ending”. Thanks NBC for giving the spy series a great deal of appreciation and the respect you’ve giving us, the fans for an amazing five seasons. Now it’s only a matter of time on when CHUCK will make a deal to air on either cable or syndication.

  5. Bobby says:

    Cheers to the gang of Chuck…what a great way to go out! Just wish NBC had given you more love over the years – regardless of your short stint, I am thankful they allowed you to remain on TV cuz you guys brought it every week for us diehard fans!!!

  6. Nina says:

    cried like a baby. i’m gonna miss chuck. :’)

  7. Isabelle says:

    I’m already missing it. Actually I’m on a moment of nostalgia and I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever recover… :(

  8. Jon says:

    It was on for 5 years. That’s good enough. Some shows don’t need 12+ seasons to burn out. I’m actually glad NBC ended it here- it’s no secret that quality decreases over the years when it comes to TV.

    • Lindsey says:

      This is true. I know a lot of people haven’t liked the last couple seasons, but I loved them and thought Chuck was one of the few shows to retain its quality that long. I’ve watched too many of my favorite shows that went on too long, and the quality decreased to the point that I didn’t care as much that they were ending. Chuck lasted longer than it probably should have (because of the ratings, I mean, not because it didn’t deserve it), and it retained quality throughout.

    • Lincoln says:

      I agree 12+ years is too long, but I would have loved to see seven, or at the very least a full last season.

  9. chuck rules says:

    I will miss Chuck more than words can express..Saddest day EVER for my Favorite TV Show….Feels like I’ve lost a family member….

  10. thegavinsmama says:

    The fact is, even if it didnt bring back her memories she WANTED them to come back & she wanted to feel something for chuck and In an amazing scene to bring us back to the begining of the show. If she didn’t want to, she wouldnt have told chuck to kiss her. And really, do you need the writers to lay everything out for you? What’s wrong with them letting us decide for ourselves? Just be thankful it was at least a happier keep-you-guessing ending then sopranos.

  11. Kayla says:

    She doesn’t have to remember! She kept kissing him so sue obviously liked it and felt something was right

  12. Alaska says:

    I really don’t understand how everyone was so happy with this ending..The writers at one point said that in a way this show was a love story between Chuck and Sarah and the ending I didn’t feel it at all. I mean couldn’t they have added like a shocked look on Sarahs face to make it look like she remembered or anything for that matter.I just feel that it was a cop out ending and not the approiatate ending to such a great show. Lets hope that when the dvd is released we get a better ending with those extra scenes.

  13. Bilal Mian says:

    She was starting to remember various events from her past specifically Weinerlicious and the virus. She also went to the beach where she told Chuck everything would be okay.

    Plus Sarah kissed him back.

    I really hate how viewers can’t put two and two together when the clues are blatantly given. She’s not going to remember everything all at once.

  14. Ali says:

    Okay, It’s time for the Casey, Morgan and Alex spinoff. NOW!

  15. Daniel says:

    I loved the finale, I took the end as a sign of a new beginning, if anything, Sarah at least knew that Chuck was important to her and that was enough for her to pursue something further. I didn’t think the kiss was meant to bring back all her memories but more to show the audience she was willing to make new memories and explore what she had, will have, with Chuck. I thought it was a happy ending without being trite or predictable, but that’s just IMHO.

    On another note, I wonder how Subway sales were last night? Did anyone else by a sandwich for the finale?

  16. Suhara says:

    Fringe rises! This is good news Fringe fans! Well done! Let’s keep this going… 1.3 next week? Let’s make sure Fringe gets a season 5! :)

    • kirads09 says:

      I am with you. I am glad the ratings went up a bit. Last nights episode was really good.

      • DotDot says:

        Agree, a very good episode.
        Could it be that more viewers would love to see a new storyline, Olivia versus Nina and Olivia’s past? I hope we will get that much much more this season.
        Anna Torv and Blair Brown together fantastic chemistry and create a real relationship out of almost nothing, that is truly great acting.

        • Suhara says:

          That could be! Or people are just now recognizing the gem of a show that is Fringe! But whatever it is, I’ll take higher Fringe ratings in any way, shape, size or form!

    • Alienate says:

      The REAL reason Fringe edged up a bit was because there was no GRIMM to watch, as Chuck clunked on for 2 hours.

  17. Samantha says:

    If I’m being completely honest, I was a little disappointed by the last scene. The whole series is based on their epic love story, but, for me, I didn’t feel like we got any of that in this last episode. Chuck was in love, but Sarah wasn’t, and they were even farther away from their happy spy-free life raising a family then they have ever been. I would have liked some assurance that Sarah was going to get her memories back. The make-her-fall-in-love-again thing is romantic, but not the happy ending that I was hoping for and expecting.

  18. Joe says:

    A little part of me died last night when I deleted Chuck from my ‘Series Priorities’ from my DVR. Goodbye Chuck thank you for such an awesome show!

  19. Pat says:

    Sad to see it go.NBC never really gave it the support to make it a hit and then moving it to Friday nights?!? The show and it’s fans deserve better. And who knows maybe the producers ended that way so as to make room for a movie? Wishful thinking… Good luck to cast and crew and thanks for 5 years of fun!

  20. kevin says:

    Remember that one time that if CHUCK was going to be saved, they used to plug a campaign reel on Subway sandwiches albeit the “Chuck sandwich”.

  21. Martim says:

    Casey, Morgan and Alex Spin-Off: “Morgan’s Buy More” and did everyone see the petition on Twitter about a Movie? it was created like 2 hours ago and already has more than 260 signatures so far

  22. Sourabh says:

    I think I teared up.

  23. ivan says:

    (italy,fun!) great grand final series, great actors, and the blonde is stupenda.ci emozzioni gave great! thank you.

  24. ivan catalano says:

    grazie di cuore per qusti 5 anni,io son dall altra parte dell oceano!e questa serie è amata!e sarah è una gran figa!ciao ragazzi

  25. jasmine says:

    ALL I know is Captain Awesome is the sexiest man alive!

  26. transcender123 says:

    In tribute, I’m heading to Subway.
    Way to finish Strong, Team Bartowski.
    We’ll miss ya Chuck.

  27. transcender123 says:

    great cameo from Robby Duncan McNeill aka Tom Paris in ST Voyager as the other agent in the chopper too.

  28. Tracey says:

    One of the saddest nights of TV watching I’ve had. Chuck was a bright spot in my week that just won’t be there anymore.
    Overall I enjoyed the finale though I do have to agree with others that I felt the writers left us a bit in the air. Obviously we can put 2 and 2 together that they stay together but ripping all the growth of the last 5 years from her character and not giving us an idea of where they go from here was a bit frustrating. He has the intersect and she is in full blown spy mode again so I have more questions about that than whether or not they fall in love again. What happens to their ‘family’ plans? Do they continue spying on their own? It just felt like we had an idea of where every other character’s life was headed except the two central ones. But I guess the writers wanted it that way. Regardless, it was a phenomenal show and it will be missed.

  29. TigerNightmare says:

    What’s with everyone wanting Sarah to break off the kiss and have a “shock look” of remembrance? If you want that, watch the Lost finale instead. *jumping punch*

  30. Nerdherd says:

    I wouldn’t mind a chuck movie to finish it off completely tho. Anyone else want to see chuck vs the big screen?

  31. David says:

    Jon, you are absolutely right in regards to 5 seasons being just right in regards to a T.V program, this is all us fringe fans want in regards to our program to.
    This would enable Fringe like chuck to finish with an ending that is satisfying to Cast, Crew and Fans.
    We fans of fringe have repeatly stated that we would be grateful if fringe got a 5th season just to properly flesh out the story and deliver a truly great ending.
    we’ve wanted no more than that, even some of the cast members have stated that 5 seasons might be enough and that’s fine with me.
    Congratulations to all Chuck Fans from a Fringe Fan, you’ve shown great loyality to your program, so much so, that you were able to convince the network to properly finish your program to you satisfaction and that was not only to you benefit but went a long way to enhancing the Networks reputation in your eyes.
    I just Fringe has the same luck when Fox and WB sit down the shows future.

  32. Rose says:

    Chuck was a fantastic show, the only one to make me laugh. I will really miss it. Does anyone have an idea of when the series finale might be online?

  33. Amy says:

    We all know Chuck and Sarah (and the rest of the characters) got their happy endings. That is what is important. I loved that I wanted more. So glad Chuck the ending it deserved!! We will miss you Chuck Bartowski and all you crazy Buy More people.

  34. Louise says:

    It’s great to see that Chuck ended on a well deserved high note.

  35. KRA-Z says:

    Seriously no one is gonna bring up Jeffster. Great song For them to go out on. Reading through all these posts really gives you a good idea of how this show was recieved b y the fans. But hey, if you’ve watched over 50 shows like some of us you know a good ending when you see it. When it comes to Chuck that show was written great casted great and quite frankly got better over the years with the last 2 years really stepping it up in all departments. Regarding the ending take it as you will, as I see it maybe Sarah get’s her memories back all at once, or maybe she gets them back over time, or maybe she never fully recovers them all. However closing with Chuck and Sarah engaging in a true kiss is the sign of a relationship developing, and how it plays out from there is subjective to a degree and a treat to fans imaginations. But even if there were to be another season you know Chuck and Sarah get married at the end. There are no perfect endings, only great one’s.

    Regarding the Fringe postings I’ll admit it’s annoying having to choose what to watch and to DVR and what to download, especially with Supernatural and Grimm being on the same night. Unless you have FIOS’s 4 show simultaneous recording feature. The Neilson Ratings claim to have agood hold on all sources of viewership for TV shows, but it doesn’t hurt to write them about the shows you watch and like as it will factor in to their ratings. My hierarchy of Friday night shows starts with Chuck(ended) Supernatural(ending this season) Fringe(freaking love it) and Grimm(not a bad start)…Oh yeah and Gold Rush.


  36. JAO says:

    Chuck … a show with heart a humor. I will miss you greatly. Loved the last two shows. All was as it should be. Great writing. Loved the music performance of JeFster. The moments between Chuck and Sarah, priceless.

  37. SanMan says:

    I thought they were going to end it like in a previous season finale with a weeding plot, I think that would have been better. Why even have the whole subplot about Sarah forgetting Chuck at all. Seems like they wanted to leave it open for another season or a movie.

  38. Rjmoons says:

    I’ll be expecting plenty of CHUCK TV movies in the coming years!

  39. airhead says:

    I would have thought that the picture that Chuck drew from the train episode would have come up for sure in the finale as a way for Chuck to try and jog Sarah’s memory seeing as there was that part where she said she would never forget it

  40. kelly says:

    I agree that the finale was horrible, dark and depressing…not a good way to end this series….I felt like the fans were robbed…..

  41. EPX says:

    The end was promising yes dark, elusive and generate questions more than giving answers.
    But the main problem of this series was the fact that from season 1-5 in many episodes the plot was simplistic, naive. In many episodes if y made simple connections y could realise that scenario wasn’t good.
    The actors on the other side permormed really well and the creators manage to form genuine characters and authentic.
    This fact was the reason why the series was beloved to so many fans and not because scenario was good.
    If scenario and plot were well founded the series would probably have-from my point of view- great commercial and longlasting success.
    Finally this specific end is giving the sense- not the certainty- a sign possibly of a new beggining in future i think!

  42. Guy says:

    I have mixed feeling about the ending I really liked the series and I think that Chuck and Sarah deserve a happy ending with the dream house and the kid. But on the other hand I think the writes did a good job of getting themselves out of the hole they put themselves in with the memory loss that Sarah had. Saying that I think the memory loss plot line was one of if the worst plot lines of the entire series. I really hope that in the season 5 DVD box set we get a extended version of the finale where we see what happened after the kiss and that Sarah got all her memories back and is back to the old Sarah. I wanted to go back and watch the first 2 seasons of Chuck but now that I saw the finale I can’t because every time I see Chuck and Sarah I will think that what if she doesn’t remember that and it will just make me mad again.

  43. Scott says:

    We all need to remember CHUCK was a TV show, which lives and dies based upon advertising viewers dollars and ratings…Even the cast is thrilled that it went five years..they never expected it to run that long but are thrilled for their fan base.I personally would have liked it to run longer; wished I knew for sure that Chuck and Sarah would be back together as before..but its left up to us, their viewers and fans…the cast will go on to do other things..perhaps with a good script; and enough fan persuasion for Josh and Chris and the cast and WB Entertainment, perhaps there will be a movie..who knows..But we all know that for five years Zach and Yvonee and Adam and Sarah and Ryan and Josh and Scott and Vik entertained us all and left many of us with lumps in our throats…perhaps a tear..but the show and the writing and the cast certainly touched so many hearts around the world…Thank you all for giving us a tv show that we enjoyed so much…the writers and producers and entire crew and cast brought us an ensemble we felt were our friends…Thats says alot.
    #goodbye Chuck!

  44. Artie says:

    The memory loss was a total crap arc to begin with. People that actually liked this ending of Chuck probably would’ve loved anything the writers threw at them. So what if she remembers? Is this the “epic” love story Fedak and Schwartz were talking about?
    The average tone of this show has always been a mixture of drama, comedy and action. This ending was way too dark for a show like Chuck. I will certainly not mourn the loss of this Chuck. The Chuck I loved ended three years ago. We had a great final scene then.