Chuck Vs. The Post Mortem: Show Bosses Spill Series Finale Secrets, Say There's More to Come

The following Q&A contains major spoilers from Friday night’s series finale of NBC’s Chuck.

Well, Chuck me. It’s all over.

NBC’s beloved spy comedy wrapped up its five-year run on Friday night, with a first hour that was full of thrills and chills and a second episode that, in the very end, was full of heart. Which finale scene was set in stone a while back? What hidden “Easter eggs” might watchful fans have caught? And perhaps most critically, what should we make of that closing scene? Series creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak answer those questions and others. (But wait, there’s Buy More! The show bosses also reveal how fans can count on getting extra bits of the Chuck saga down the road.)

TVLINE | What did you always suspect would be in the series finale did in fact end up in the finale? Was it Sarah losing her memory, Chuck getting the Intersect back…?
CHRIS FEDAK | When we were working on this season of the show, we knew that the beach scene, which echoes the beach scene from the pilot, would be there. And we knew that in this case it would be Chuck trying to help Sarah. We were always heading in that direction.
JOSH SCHWARTZ | And the idea this year of taking the show back to basics – in the sense that it was going to be Chuck without the Intersect, and returning the show to its roots in that first season. That beach was the place where Chuck and Sarah first forged their bond, so it seemed like the perfect way to bookend the series.

TVLINE | After screening the finale, I made a point to rewatch the pilot, which of course brought so much stuff into focus. You had the callbacks to the Mexican restaurant, the Wienerlicious, the tango and “Irene Demova,” and you did a veritable shot-for-shot remake of the Bryce escape/fight sequence. Were there more-subtle callbacks that people maybe didn’t catch?
FEDAK | I didn’t even realize this, but when Sarah wears the Wienerlicious uniform, she actually has a little necklace with a hot dog on the end of it. I only now realize that it was there all this time.
SCHWARTZ | The score that plays when they’re at the Mexican restaurant together is the same score that played in the pilot.
FEDAK | Another thing is that throughout the run of the show, Chuck and Sarah have had a cue that [Chuck composer] Tim Jones created – a very emotional, kind of warm-hearted cue that we use in scenes where its just Chuck and Sarah talking about their relationship. It’s always been an open-ended cue, and in the final scene Tim closed it off. That’s a beautiful, delicate moment.

TVLINE | Was that the same beach?
FEDAK | Same beach, same spot. Everything was the same except the weather, which was bad [for the finals shoot]. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You did a really nice job with closure for all of the characters, including Ellie and Awesome. And you turned Jeffster! from the usual novelty into the most unlikely of heroes.
SCHWARTZ | I think that in their own mind, they’ve been heroes all along, so it’s just the rest of the world catching up to the potential that Jeffster! has. Them becoming a successful rock act in Germany feels pretty inevitable, doesn’t it?
FEDAK | Having Jeffster find out about the spy base and having them save the day was something we wanted to do. And once we knew that this would be the final episode, for our fans who love these characters so much, we wanted to give them closure. Act 5 was the one we really didn’t mess around with all that much. It was the one we knew that if we were going to have to take time out of the episode, you had had to keep Act 5 protected.

TVLINE | Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the finale shoot? I have to imagine landing a helicopter on a street can go sideways fast.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] Well, you don’t want to mess around with a helicopter. We did a lot of amazing stuff in those final two episodes, and one of the reasons this show is possible is because of the amazing production team we had. Robbie Duncan McNeil, who was our in-house directing producer, is featured in the episode — he is the other commando inside the helicopter with John Casey. Robbie was an actor on Star Trek: Voyager, and this is his first time on TV in many years, so it was great to see him up there.

TVLINE | If I gave you an extra hour for the finale, what would you have done with it?
SCHWARTZ | The original [cut] was almost an extra hour longer.
FEDAK | It’s true. Chuck episodes sometimes come in a little long — not this season as much, but this one came in quite a bit long. We actually got it a little bit of extra time from NBC for it.
SCHWARTZ | Some of the additional scenes will be on the DVD.
FEDAK | That’s right, we actually have a longer version coming out on the DVD.

TVLINE | Simply extended edits of scenes or also new entire scenes?
SCHWARTZ | You’ll have a couple of entire scenes. It will be eight minutes longer. And there are extended scenes within Act 5. It will be nice.
FEDAK | So even after tonight, there will still be the opportunity to see some new Chuck.

TVLINE | I was speculating that we’d see Steven J. Bartowski; I was never convinced he died. Was that one of the cameos you had to let fall by the wayside, just for time?
FEDAK | We have thought a lot about, “How can we bring him back?” But in the end it was so much more important that [his death] was a real moment in the show.
SCHWARTZ | We loved him — Scott Bakula was the best — but someone’s gotta stay dead on this show!

TVLINE | Or, boom — there’s your premise for a TV-movie a couple years from now.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] I like it!

TVLINE | Do you have a handshake agreement with everybody that one day you’ll all reconvene, when the time and idea is right?
SCHWARTZ | I think it’s an unspoken agreement. I think everybody would pick up their pocket protectors and Converse sneakers and come back to do it all again.

TVLINE | What do you hope the show’s legacy is?
SCHWARTZ | We’ve been thinking a lot about this. First of all, the relationship that the show had with its fans is something really unique. And I think, also, it was an original story. It was a show that combined a lot of different elements and genres into something that hadn’t been seen before, and that’s a harder and harder thing to get done in a world dependent on pre-sold titles and known quantities. So for us, the originality of the show clearly spoke to those individuals out there in the audience who also felt unique and original. And the final thing I’ll say is it was the story of a guy who felt he had all this potential but never lived up to it. A guy who felt he had the promise to be something better than he was when we first met him. This underdog, this nerd, who’s thrust into this life and lives up to it and becomes a hero spoke to people. A lot of people saw themselves in Chuck, and want to believe that if given their own opportunity they could also become a hero.
FEDAK | The only thing I would add is that this show was fun. It was designed as a cure-all for your Monday–
SCHWARTZ | Or your Friday
FEDAK | Or your Friday, for less people. But we tried to make the most fun piece of television you could imagine, and it was a pleasure to do it.
SCHWARTZ | We’d hear from so many people who said they could watch the show with their whole family, that it was something they could put on for an hour enjoy and smile.
TVLINE | Now the big question: Did Sarah get her memories back with that kiss? Or is that open to viewer interpretation?
SCHWARTZ | You gotta leave it open — right, Chris?
FEDAK | That’s the way I feel about it. I think it’s certainly a happy ending, but I also think that we like a little bit of ambiguity. Leave it up to the Chuck fans to take their own individual impression away.

TVLINE | But are you braced for any moans and groans from slightly disappointed diehards?
SCHWARTZ | They’re always out there, and we’re always ready for them.
FEDAK | But I do hope they feel very satisfied. I think the ending has a bit of magic to it. People should believe in how they wanted it to end.

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  1. PMT says:

    when sarah told chuck to kiss her, you could see it in her eyes. even if she didn’t remember it, she knew he loved her and more importantly she loved him.

    i loved the replication of bryce’s fight scene from the first episode. i took a quick look at that episode and am struck by how far chuck has come from insecure nerd herder to full blown hero and best of all…he got the girl of his dreams.

  2. minas says:

    i didn’t like it..i don’t either wanna pick up my idea of the ending..prob cause of to much drama around me..from first season we saw clearly there gonna be smth with this two ppl..and that’s what we loved all that years..and i believe it would be 1000 times better lf we was able to see they dreams to come true!!atleast in the tv..

    p.s i know she is the super spy woman..but guhh the hits that she get in last two episode..i mean comon!!her eyes have make thousand of ppl to fall in love with her..AND U CAN’T HURT HER TO MUCH!it’s a show and a woman..!IT’S LIKE I FEEL IT AND I CAN’T DO NOTHING LIKE A BAD NIGHTMARE..

  3. Dylan says:

    At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the finale. I liked it, but I was uneasy with Sarah having her mind wiped clean. However, having watching the final scene again I can now firmly say I loved it. Sarah may not have all of her memories back yet but they definitely will be, already bits and pieces were returning; besides from that one scene it is obvious the loving bond there is between them (you wouldn’t get along or kiss like that if there wasn’t). That’s what matters in the great scheme of things, that these two end up together and that nothing is strong enough to break that bond.

  4. Novaresa Genie S. Montejo says:

    it was fun watching chuck through the years… Though i have to admit there were those times when i even cried watching some of there episode. Kudos to the people behind this TV series. They’re the ones who made the series very possible the ones who brought Sarah walker and chuck in all the scenes.. It was bitter-sweet ending.. But to wrap it all up, t’was a fun, exciting, breath-taking, and romantic. The years of the entire Chuck Series is worth the wait..!!! and once again KUDOS to the production Staffs.. And all the artist behind this SERIES!!! T’was a fun journey!! :-D

  5. Kim says:


    • MIKE says:


    • cem says:

      you are so right my friend yes sarah said that “kiss me chuck” but we dont know what happend after all of that could she remember all of chuck-sarah moment??? their all fight?? all kissing?? all make up?? this whole moment grew up with 5 years and suddenly puffffff all gone and we deserve clear final we deserve one movie they owe us for this why

  6. Manuel says:

    This is the show I really loved the most. Fridays without Chuck will no longer be happy fridays any more :(

  7. Samch says:

    Sarah grew throughout the finale just as she grew throughout the series. Beginning with “I have no feelings for him and never will” (season 1) to “I don’t know what I feel, it might be real” (season 2) to finally, “chuck, kiss me” a direct line from season three when they got together for the first time. They can only grow from there. I thought it was a brilliant mood to end the series with a tribute to what I believe to be the best episode and line of the series. Also in hind sight, seeing a perfect happy ending for chuck and Sarah might’ve been too predictable and too insincere. They didn’t really leave it opened ended because of that last line and the hints that she was regaining her memory throughout the episode. I wouldn’t have seen it any other way.

  8. ronell says:

    “chuck, Kiss me” Best line ever. it makes me sad to think that there wont be chuck episodes anymore T-T

  9. robert says:

    I am glad that the show could continue next season because of the open ended story lines if the network decides that fan loyalty, quality, is better than fan quantity, making money. In the final scene, it would have been real neat if Sarah had said I got my memory back 20 minutes ago before she kissed Chuck.

    • In the plane when she hit her head with the iron thing, I thought she might get her memory back… when she was falling, I thought she might wake up with memory back, Elli was working on that symptoms I thought she will come up with something…. But i loved the show… As a writer I think the show ended great but as a fan I WANT MORE, I WANT MORE… I hope the network official read this…. lolz… anyways.. best of luck

  10. Amazing show, rightly said it combined so many elements and especially the romantic and relationship part was so heart warming, for instance elli and chuck sequence. I use to think of Elli as my sister and as I watch show on Computer I use to skip the parts where she use to seduce devon… Anyways, as a writer I think the ending was perfect at one point as a writer I thought if Chuck dies in the end, and Sarah was sitting alone on the beach thinking of everything he did with wet eyes. it would make him a legend but as a viewer and fan of the show i really wanted some closure whether Sarah will remember anything and if Chuck died It would have killed me. Even Sarah loosing her memory partially killed me. When I compare Chuck with Big bang theory, how i met your mother or two and a half men (I love those shows), I think Chuck surely completed 10 seasons because the other shows are 21 mints and chuck was 42 mints show, so running for 10 years and successfully completing is great job, hats of to the writers, directors, producers and especially star cast. I hope, i really hope the whole team come together not next season but soon with new beginning. I’d love to see sarah and chuck romancing again (though i love sarah but chuck is the only dude i can see her with… lolz)… Best of luck with future endeavour..

  11. Denny says:

    If my GF asked me to kiss her like Sarah did, I would know it was going to be alright. Chuck knows. I’ll miss them. I’m so grateful that we got another couple seasons since the show was always on the fence. This is the first show I became seriously emotionally involved with and, embarassingly, I’m not a kid. Thank you for five years of joy.

  12. Ocean says:

    It cant end like that… I watched every episode and the thing that i loved most is that every episode has a tiny, nice closed happy ending!
    There always has been anything that makes you smile in the end. But this final is more sad than happy. OK, its open if Sarah got back her feelings, but in this moment its not enough i guess, bc the kiss is only a try to get it back after chuck told her their story. If she would have got her memoies back she would have kissed him…
    I hope there is an extra minute on the DVD which shows her getting back her feelings and moving with chuck into “their” house.
    All episode had a closed happy end, so give us the last and big happy end on DVD please. Or i gonna get the corrupt intersect for forgetting the last 4 episodes, where the final crysis began.

  13. Will says:

    ok everyone…I messed up and just didn’t realize that there was two 1 hour episodes for the finaly and I was pretty pissed off thinking it ended the way it ended in Chuck versus Sara…after watching the actual final episode everyone here knows after watching 5 years of Chuck that Sara gets her memory back just like Morgan did and everyone lives happily ever after…the jeffster gets famous and rich in germany rockin and a rollin, Ellie and Awsome get rich in Chicago and buy a mansion, Morgan and Alex get married and live happily ever after, Casey merrys his long time flame and last but not least Chuck and Sara buy the house they always wanted and continue to live the spy life with him as the intersect, happy in love and live happily ever after…The end:) Thats how I see it after watching every single episode for 5 years! What an epic show and I really miss it already and am so sad to see my favorite show come to an end but you know the saying all good things must come to an end…but hey at least I have all 5 years moved over to dvd and can watch it all again whenever I want to re-live the story of Sara and Chuck over and over again:) Its been on hell of a ride thats for sure…Take care everyone!!!!

  14. Miki4428 says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to the cast and crew of Chuck for 5 wonderful years. You will sorely be missed and I hope you all come back for a reunion movie in a year or 2. The characters on “Chuck” over the years have become good friends. If they were real I could see myself inviting Chuck and Sarah over for dinner and Chuck I would be playing video games while Sarah and my wife would bond over some dessert. That I believe is a testament to how good the writing and acting was on the show. They made you feel you knew them on a personal level and not just characters on a show. So thank you again for everything. I will miss you my friends I whope to see you all real soon. Much love. Miki

  15. Jarred mowery says:

    Ñnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo9oo :'(

  16. chris says:


  17. CHARLES says:


  18. Triple A says:

    It doesn’t matter whether Sarah gets her memories back or not. I was just really curious as to what Chuck and Sarah do about it and how they do it.
    the ening wasn’t bad but it would have been better suited if “Chuck” was a novel instead of the GREATEST F****N’ TV show!

  19. Robert Hoeggen says:

    I miss “Chuck”….

  20. Jessica says:

    I have an idea guys. Lets end a complete series by making them want more and lets NOT give them a scense of completion. That sound like an excellent idea. Bravo! PUNKS!

  21. Jemma says:


  22. krypkilla says:

    I hope a movie developz frm dt ending!!! But damn I miss al those hilarious moments! N those hartbreaking ones! N then those passionate chuck n sarah moments! Haha. Very unique show. Always kept me intriguigd n impatiently waitn for da next episode! Ending cudve been better but then again, it seperates the true believers of their love for each other, n their non-belivers. N I believe dat sarah wil fall inlove wid him al over again!

  23. She did not get her memories back.

    But Chuck has the Intersect now. And with his sister’s help, and the adoration of the CIA, who’s to say they can’t build a new one, to get the memories back?

    Feels to me like they left room for another full season here. The entire first season was Chuck trying to get the Intersect out of his head. Now a 6th season could be his quest to build a new Intersect to restore Sarah’s memories.

  24. Heather says:

    Sometimes, I still miss Chuck, but then I remember how horrible the season finale was. Then, I just wish I never watched it in the first place. Congrats writers! You took something I loved and turned it into something I hate in only one episode. Yes, I am bitter. :/

  25. Tom says:

    I have just finished watching the whole series within a week, i really enjoyed the final. one of the best i have seen for any show , the range of emotion was very touching

    • cem says:

      dude, you are right this feeling is very touching but we are fun of this show and we deserve clear final to brilliant moment with chuck-sarah their real love for last 5 years untouching love now we dont know whom would find their real love again we dont know!! we hope so we need one movie for catch real taste of this amazing show for chuck

  26. Brian says:

    Just finished watching Season 5 and have to say that I loved the symmetry of the final episode when paired with the series debut. This final episode was not the ending I would have expected exactly, but it was very well done. Despite some of the bumps along the way and the scores of obstacles this show faced from the get go, Chuck was always heartwarming, engaging entertainment. Thanks for the memories you guys!

  27. cem says:

    ı have watched this show 10 times agains same episodes same seasons after final this was amazing show thanks for everything

  28. cem says:

    ı dont describe my feeling about this show but I can say that certainly I miss chuck a lot so please somebody can say to me maybe one day one movie for us for real final to happy ending it must be include fence house baby bartowski new mission with generel casey :DD captain morgon mr awesome big sis ellie absolutely buy more team shortly speech with all cast give us one movie pleaseeeee!!!!

  29. krle says:

    no best way is this. show is finished and we have to accept that :(
    any attempt to continue the story would only spoil the impression of a beautiful ending.
    “rivers and roads” is the right song for the final scene

  30. protoss says:

    They took 89 episodes to build a great and beautiful love story. And only 2 to blow everything. The idea of Sarah loosing 5 years of her life, 5 years of romantic and beautiful small pieces of joy and love, was so very sad to me… Even she asks Chuck to kisse her in the beach because she “wants” to fall in love again, actually, her feelings are not the same before the lobotomy, she clearly demonstrates in the last 2 episodes. It’s unffair after 5 years of a delicious show, give the fans a uncertain, cold heart ending. Sorry for grammar mistakes, i’m brazilian.

  31. Glenn says:

    Please bring back Chuck… Best TV show ever! So many more options that could be added to Chuckville.. Just gone thru all season’s again and again… Bring on Season 6 – 10. Please, please. Let it be. :-)

  32. Bruno says:

    \ô/ Vai Chuck, Vooç é muito Massa Cara…!! Eu Amo A Serie Chuck \ô/

  33. kakos says:

    CHUCK FANS WANT MORE CHUCK… the best series ever, made me laugh stressed me a lot made me cry and finally left a lot to explore sooooo please we want a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or season 6 would be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))))))

  34. jonmados says:

    Gracias por ese final… es el mejor que una serie podria hacer… no me canso de verlo, quiero decir que esta historia (ficticia pero bella) no podria terminar de la mejor manera, narrando el final como un nuevo inizio (la playa). Me duele decirlo, pero no me gustaria ver otra estacion (sexta) de chuck. Gracias a esto, puedo crearme mi final feliz de chuck.

  35. Drago B says:

    I came to this show late and then watched all 91 episodes in in 2 or 3 weeks; sometimes staying up till 5am. This is one of my all time favorite shows. This show had everything. Something special for me though was that it rekindled love and romance; yes I too fell in love with Yvonne Strahovski and was shattered when I found out that she was dating the guy that played the punk guy on the train; still I can only wish Yvonne all the happiness in the world as she gave me so much happiness watching her in ‘Chuck’.

    Yes I am also saddened by the ending; I’m hopeful that the kiss brought back her memories, but the show should have ended with both of them being magnificently happy.

    I think that someone should give Adam Baldwin ten oscars; I for one would gladdly shake his hand and give him a big hug and thank you. Seriously, go to Wikipedia and have a look at all he’s been in since 1980; my favorite is ‘Firefly’, I am eager to see Zachary Levi (chuck) in the up and coming ‘Thor’ movie. Hopeful that he will have a magnificent career. Yvonne Strahovski, I have no doubt is in for big things. I wish all the cast and crew of chuck every happiness, in that you brought me so much happiness for making ‘Chuck’. God bless and Thank you!

  36. ivan says:

    i am from Bulgaria in Europe
    please bring back Chuck i love this move show it’s the best
    The ending it was terrible
    PLEASE bring back Chuck!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE
    Chuck it isn’t famous only in USA

  37. thisguy says:

    i think if the producers decided they wern’t going to add any more episodes or seasons on to this last one, then they should of ended it so as the camera looks up into the horizon while chuck and sarah are kissing there is one last intersect flash. that way viewers can either think that represents sarah getting her memories back – or for the emos out there who dont believe in happy endings – is just a good way to wrap up the show.

  38. ChuckandSarahMorganandAlexCaseyandGertrude says:

    I loved this show. It was amazing. Yvonne did an incredible role with the job, and Chuck the show will forever be in my favorites list. Please, please have a movie/reunion/follow up of some sort!

  39. Tass says:

    I hate the finale…. CHRIS FEDAK and JOSH SCHWARTZ betrayed us,almost everybody who was watching the show… but…. the worst is that you betrayed your own “son”… you became a comedy, lovely serie in a drama, awful serie. Why did you do that? Why the best of the serie, the relationship between Chuck and Sarah had to finish like that? I think, the perfect would be that, in the house,Chuck let Sara shoot him, with no resistence, in that moment, while Quinn was launghing, Sara could have seen what she wrote on the door, and just in that moment, with Chuck being dying between her arms, she got back her memory…… Casey killed Quinn

    The next scene, “One year later”, In the beach, with the sun, she asked him for a kiss, then just in the moment….. a baby cry….


  40. Wes G says:

    My theory is that Sarah is pregnant (see “Chuck Versus the Bullet Train” when Chuck and Sarah are on the train and hint at starting a family), and because of that, it accelerates her and Chuck’s redevelopment of their relationship. Furthermore, Sarah DOES get her memories back; it just takes time. I mean, we already saw instances in which she remembered things (Weinerlicious, Irene Demova, writing her name on the wall of the house, etc.), so why wouldn’t it be possible that it all comes back? I think that Chuck helps her recover all her memories. There are so many things he could do to trigger her memory, for example, show her their wedding video or something like that. So, in the end, I believe that she recovers her memories, and they live happily as a couple away from the spy world and start a family. I just wish there would be a movie so I wouldn’t be left with an episode that only leaves me hoping for the best.

  41. vpa says:

    please we want another season

  42. Jason says:

    I have been watching Chuck reruns, but I refused to watch the bullet train or the last episode again since they break my heart. I like to believe that Sarah got her memories back since it was Morgan’s idea. He knew their relationship better than anyone. He knew that Chuck was really in love with Sarah in the episode where Morgan finds out about the CIA and the Intersect. He was the one that figured out that Shaw was bad, which allowed Chuck to save her and they begin a real relationship. He also told Sarah how to get through to Chuck in the third phase episode, which brought Chuck back to her. So, why wouldn’t his idea for Chuck to kiss her bring her back to him. Maybe they conceived a child on that beach and named him Bryce, since it appeared that Chuck had forgiven him and if he had not sent Chuck the intersect, Chuck and Sarah would not have met.,,maybe they could have named him after Chuck’s father too…Stephen Bryce or Bryce Stephen. I hope we get a reunion movie one day.

  43. Christian says:

    I watched that show in only a week because I had a week to spare, and I got really emotionally attached and with an ending like that I think I might cry. I hate cliffhangers. You just can’t do that! They have to make another season or even a movie to wrap it up.

    • Ted Nugent says:

      Such is the magic of creator Joss Whedon. A look at his other series like ‘firefly’ etc makes him my favorite.

    • Ted Nugent says:

      Actually, Just had a second look at what Josh Whedon has been up to of recent; I’m not liking what I’m seeing; something definitely lost from the old Josh Whedon.

    • Christian says:

      Who agrees that after all their adventures together, you can’t end with Sarah forgetting everything. Even though they give us hints that she MAY be remembering, that’s not good enough! It breaks my heart to see it end that way. I haven’t seen the extra 8 minutes on the DVD version. Does anyone care to explain what happened?

  44. makindejoshua says:

    how can she totally 4got wat happend 5 years,as 4 me the kiss can nt work.

  45. Tiffany says:

    Just finished season 5 of chuck. I thought the whole idea was brilliant but leaving it to end like that wasn’t a good move for the die hard fans. I think just as the credits were coming over they should have said 5 years later…. with a scene of Sarah, chuck and a child in the dream home measuringnthe height of there child on the wall there names were engraved!

  46. jared says:

    so will there be another season please you have to make another about them restocking Sara’s memory please you have to

  47. hsurbanII says:

    all those beautiful memories and marriage wiped away ,what a stupid producers ,they must be gay.

  48. justin mcfarland says:

    i know you have spent alot of money and time on this show but please just dont give up is your fans happyness not as important as playing golf and sitting around makeing another season would not hurt you guys if your in the middle of a project then just try to get to it when you dont have time all of your fans are sitting here wondering why we ever started it for it to end on us like that just think it over its your job to make good shows and that was a GOOD show thats for sure so just take some time out of your day to look in to it with ben i sent him a message so give him call if you get this to making another season would make us all happy and probaly you guys to becuse everyone is more happy when they make others happy

  49. dallas says:

    make another season -.- naow

  50. Peter says:

    Don’t cancel. Gr8 show.