Chuck Vs. The Post Mortem: Show Bosses Spill Series Finale Secrets, Say There's More to Come

The following Q&A contains major spoilers from Friday night’s series finale of NBC’s Chuck.

Well, Chuck me. It’s all over.

NBC’s beloved spy comedy wrapped up its five-year run on Friday night, with a first hour that was full of thrills and chills and a second episode that, in the very end, was full of heart. Which finale scene was set in stone a while back? What hidden “Easter eggs” might watchful fans have caught? And perhaps most critically, what should we make of that closing scene? Series creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak answer those questions and others. (But wait, there’s Buy More! The show bosses also reveal how fans can count on getting extra bits of the Chuck saga down the road.)

TVLINE | What did you always suspect would be in the series finale did in fact end up in the finale? Was it Sarah losing her memory, Chuck getting the Intersect back…?
CHRIS FEDAK | When we were working on this season of the show, we knew that the beach scene, which echoes the beach scene from the pilot, would be there. And we knew that in this case it would be Chuck trying to help Sarah. We were always heading in that direction.
JOSH SCHWARTZ | And the idea this year of taking the show back to basics – in the sense that it was going to be Chuck without the Intersect, and returning the show to its roots in that first season. That beach was the place where Chuck and Sarah first forged their bond, so it seemed like the perfect way to bookend the series.

TVLINE | After screening the finale, I made a point to rewatch the pilot, which of course brought so much stuff into focus. You had the callbacks to the Mexican restaurant, the Wienerlicious, the tango and “Irene Demova,” and you did a veritable shot-for-shot remake of the Bryce escape/fight sequence. Were there more-subtle callbacks that people maybe didn’t catch?
FEDAK | I didn’t even realize this, but when Sarah wears the Wienerlicious uniform, she actually has a little necklace with a hot dog on the end of it. I only now realize that it was there all this time.
SCHWARTZ | The score that plays when they’re at the Mexican restaurant together is the same score that played in the pilot.
FEDAK | Another thing is that throughout the run of the show, Chuck and Sarah have had a cue that [Chuck composer] Tim Jones created – a very emotional, kind of warm-hearted cue that we use in scenes where its just Chuck and Sarah talking about their relationship. It’s always been an open-ended cue, and in the final scene Tim closed it off. That’s a beautiful, delicate moment.

TVLINE | Was that the same beach?
FEDAK | Same beach, same spot. Everything was the same except the weather, which was bad [for the finals shoot]. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You did a really nice job with closure for all of the characters, including Ellie and Awesome. And you turned Jeffster! from the usual novelty into the most unlikely of heroes.
SCHWARTZ | I think that in their own mind, they’ve been heroes all along, so it’s just the rest of the world catching up to the potential that Jeffster! has. Them becoming a successful rock act in Germany feels pretty inevitable, doesn’t it?
FEDAK | Having Jeffster find out about the spy base and having them save the day was something we wanted to do. And once we knew that this would be the final episode, for our fans who love these characters so much, we wanted to give them closure. Act 5 was the one we really didn’t mess around with all that much. It was the one we knew that if we were going to have to take time out of the episode, you had had to keep Act 5 protected.

TVLINE | Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the finale shoot? I have to imagine landing a helicopter on a street can go sideways fast.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] Well, you don’t want to mess around with a helicopter. We did a lot of amazing stuff in those final two episodes, and one of the reasons this show is possible is because of the amazing production team we had. Robbie Duncan McNeil, who was our in-house directing producer, is featured in the episode — he is the other commando inside the helicopter with John Casey. Robbie was an actor on Star Trek: Voyager, and this is his first time on TV in many years, so it was great to see him up there.

TVLINE | If I gave you an extra hour for the finale, what would you have done with it?
SCHWARTZ | The original [cut] was almost an extra hour longer.
FEDAK | It’s true. Chuck episodes sometimes come in a little long — not this season as much, but this one came in quite a bit long. We actually got it a little bit of extra time from NBC for it.
SCHWARTZ | Some of the additional scenes will be on the DVD.
FEDAK | That’s right, we actually have a longer version coming out on the DVD.

TVLINE | Simply extended edits of scenes or also new entire scenes?
SCHWARTZ | You’ll have a couple of entire scenes. It will be eight minutes longer. And there are extended scenes within Act 5. It will be nice.
FEDAK | So even after tonight, there will still be the opportunity to see some new Chuck.

TVLINE | I was speculating that we’d see Steven J. Bartowski; I was never convinced he died. Was that one of the cameos you had to let fall by the wayside, just for time?
FEDAK | We have thought a lot about, “How can we bring him back?” But in the end it was so much more important that [his death] was a real moment in the show.
SCHWARTZ | We loved him — Scott Bakula was the best — but someone’s gotta stay dead on this show!

TVLINE | Or, boom — there’s your premise for a TV-movie a couple years from now.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] I like it!

TVLINE | Do you have a handshake agreement with everybody that one day you’ll all reconvene, when the time and idea is right?
SCHWARTZ | I think it’s an unspoken agreement. I think everybody would pick up their pocket protectors and Converse sneakers and come back to do it all again.

TVLINE | What do you hope the show’s legacy is?
SCHWARTZ | We’ve been thinking a lot about this. First of all, the relationship that the show had with its fans is something really unique. And I think, also, it was an original story. It was a show that combined a lot of different elements and genres into something that hadn’t been seen before, and that’s a harder and harder thing to get done in a world dependent on pre-sold titles and known quantities. So for us, the originality of the show clearly spoke to those individuals out there in the audience who also felt unique and original. And the final thing I’ll say is it was the story of a guy who felt he had all this potential but never lived up to it. A guy who felt he had the promise to be something better than he was when we first met him. This underdog, this nerd, who’s thrust into this life and lives up to it and becomes a hero spoke to people. A lot of people saw themselves in Chuck, and want to believe that if given their own opportunity they could also become a hero.
FEDAK | The only thing I would add is that this show was fun. It was designed as a cure-all for your Monday–
SCHWARTZ | Or your Friday
FEDAK | Or your Friday, for less people. But we tried to make the most fun piece of television you could imagine, and it was a pleasure to do it.
SCHWARTZ | We’d hear from so many people who said they could watch the show with their whole family, that it was something they could put on for an hour enjoy and smile.
TVLINE | Now the big question: Did Sarah get her memories back with that kiss? Or is that open to viewer interpretation?
SCHWARTZ | You gotta leave it open — right, Chris?
FEDAK | That’s the way I feel about it. I think it’s certainly a happy ending, but I also think that we like a little bit of ambiguity. Leave it up to the Chuck fans to take their own individual impression away.

TVLINE | But are you braced for any moans and groans from slightly disappointed diehards?
SCHWARTZ | They’re always out there, and we’re always ready for them.
FEDAK | But I do hope they feel very satisfied. I think the ending has a bit of magic to it. People should believe in how they wanted it to end.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Cried like a little girl. Perfect way to end the show. I don’t even care if Sarah got her memories back…Chuck gets to romance her all over again.

  2. Eric B says:

    Wouldn’t this be a perfect show for a network like USA to pick up? Characters welcome? Can you think of a better character driven show outside of the USA lineup? Execs, this is a good idea…don’t miss out.

  3. Lori R says:

    Felt so sad at the ending, even if there was some stronger hint that she remembered her feelings for Chuck. So I will choose to believe everything will eventually be ok and they will be together. This was an incredible show. My husband and I being computer geeks ourselves watched it from the first show. It became a wonderful family night every Monday then Friday. How many shows are out there that 3 teens and their parents can come together and love to watch for 5 years! We will miss you CHUCK we loved you guys!!!

  4. madhatter360 says:

    I’m of two minds. While I like to think the kiss worked to bring back her memories, I feel like if they had shown it actually working, that would have felt a little too convenient. Especially since this show has a lot of instances where things work out a little too perfectly in the end (though rarely along the way, I’ll admit) it was nice that the ending didn’t wrap everything up in a little bow.
    Either way she wanted him to kiss her and they’re on their way to something. I hope she has her memories back, but even if she doesn’t, I think they’ll be okay.

  5. jb says:

    My perfect ending would have been Chuck asking Sarah if she remembered anything and she says no.. but i know I love you. Then cut to the next scene 6 months later and see Chuck and Sarah in the dream house where Sarah opens a package and its a pair of glasses with Sarah written on them.Final scene is watching Orion drive away.

    I’d probably take it further and have Sarah use the glasses and Chuck ask her what she remembers and she says everything…..and I know Kung fu…. would have been epic

  6. Tanya says:

    I would have ended it with Sarah and Chuck on a beach kissing. That place was their foundation and the ending solidified that their love was so deep for each other that not even Sarah beeing robbed of her memories of Chuck could ever break it. Emotionally, it was a very satisfying ending actually.

  7. Tyler says:

    Pop pop

  8. Jason says:

    How awesome was the “Subway Buy More” :)

  9. Dee says:

    I have watched Chuck since the day it started and signed petitions to keep it on. The writers did a wonderful job on the finale. It had it all – tears of sorrow and joy, friendship and love, excitement, suspense. I thank them for the last five years. The only good thing about Chuck going off the air is that I no longer have to watch NBC at all.

  10. Clara says:

    I loved the ocean-scene at the end but i also think that Sarah should have remembered their love, it would have made a great finale. their love was so magical, and the thought of having her forget about the past five years is so depressing

  11. Hannah says:

    I would have loved to see Sarah remembering her past, especially her love and dreams with Chuck while looking accidentally at the picture of the family Chuck drew for her. But the finale I watched last night was disappointing in my opinion.

  12. Dan says:

    My thought was that after they kiss, they look into each others eyes and they end up flashing. Sarah’s intersect is removed & Chuck’s is broken – but fixed because they have that matrix thingy. Then, over a year Sarah regains her memories… which we’ll see in the tv/internet movie.

  13. jennifer says:

    totally agree, ther should be a movie! there are way too many unanswered questions and I really want to see Sarah getting her memories back and being together with CHuck again

  14. Stephanie says:

    Amazomg show!! Thank you!!!

  15. Peter Venkman says:

    Watched every single episode faithfully since the pilot episode; sad to see it go. So long, “Chuck”, you were part of my life for 5 years. Good luck to everyone on the show.

  16. Pejhman says:

    I think the ending was ridiculous. 5 seasons of getting us invested in the characters, only to take it all away. They can claim the artistic merit of leaving it open all they want, but all they did was add a cliffhanger to a show with no way to resolve it and then practically start it from the beginning. Chuck has an Intersect and Sarah is a broken-down spy.

    The idea that we can decide for ourselves is stupid. It’s a set plot line. Sarah asking Chuck to kiss her may show that she wants the memories back, but that’s all. It makes it even more depressing that it might not work, and that someone who wants to have her life back is still screwed over by creators who ruined a great show.

    I never realised how invested I was in this show until I realised how miserable I’m feeling for some stupid reason now. They could at least have the decency of leaving in a sign suggesting that the memories came back.

  17. JG says:

    I really liked the finale but it was left too open ended. I am hoping there is enough demand to see more episodes. I really like the idea of a made for TV movie in the near future (while the show is relevant).

    I started watching in season 3 and loved it. One of the few shoes I will record and try and catch every episode. Now to go back and watch the early seasons. :)

  18. Bill says:

    They were pushed for time when he walked up to her on the beach. But it’s the end of the series. Unless you are planning on a movie or a special later on, dont make loyal fans decide what happened on their own! If the kiss would have worked, she would remember and Morgan is a romantic genius. Surprise of the night? Jeffster!! Hilarious. I agree that Scott Bakula should have been in a cameo.

  19. DN says:

    Very disappointing. Too open ended for a series finale that should have wrapped everything up in a nice bow. This has always been a ‘feel good’ show, and I was left with anything but that.

    They should’ve had everyone’s presence slowly bringing Sarah’s memory back, with Chuck finally breaking through barrier at the close of the first hour. And then the second hour should have been like “Honeymooners”, with Chuck and Sarah working as a fun team, ultimately defeating the enemy with the help of his mom and her Cat Squad.

    And the final minutes should’ve flashed forward several years with the camera slowly revealing that they got their dream house (with everyone at the house for a birthday?), and a baby crying showing us that they got their baby, too. Or perhaps a wedding, like how Schwartz ended “The O.C.”, with us wondering who’s getting married — and the camera reveals it’s Casey and Verbanski, with Morgan and Alex standing with them already married. And a pregnant Sarah standing as a bridesmaid, too? Feel good ending.
    Add your comment

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    Mariopan72 | 3 minutes ago Collapse

    I hope that we the chuck fans get to
    see a movie in the next few years cause even though it was a good
    ending it still is not a great one Ellie and Devon get a true ending
    with them moving to Chicago that’s all we need to know about them.that
    was real good same thing for jeffster it was a real good ending for them
    too.then you have John Casey that was a so so ending for him more on
    him later.Morgan and Alex was a good one. more on them later.what about
    mom B what happens to her. bad ending for her.now Chuck and Sarah it was
    good and it was bad.first the good.they kiss for some time as it fades
    away with song playing its made for us to put our own ending to it and
    it may leave it open for some kind of continuing of the show like a book
    or movie or what ever ells there is.now the bad if we dont get any of
    that its kind of a let down just make the end we all thought was going
    to happen (this is when it all plays out for all…
    show more
    Jarenhaycock | 11 minutes ago Collapse
    Sarah in the beginning of the show and towards the end were two very different people. With her memory gone she was the original Sarah with none of her memories of her husband. They ended the show with you guessing what happens next and I think that is annoying.
    DN | 11 minutes ago Collapse
    Very disappointing. Too open ended for a series finale that should have wrapped everything up in a nice bow. This has always been a ‘feel good’ show, and I was left with anything but that.

    They should’ve had everyone’s presence slowly bringing Sarah’s memory back, with Chuck finally breaking through barrier at the close of the first hour. And then the second hour should have been like “Honeymooners”, with Chuck and Sarah working as a fun team, ultimately defeating the enemy with the help of his mom and her Cat Squad.

    And the final minutes should’ve flashed forward several years with the camera slowly revealing that they got their dream house (with everyone at the house for a birthday?), and a baby crying showing us that they got their baby, too. Or perhaps a wedding, like how Schwartz ended “The O.C.”, with us wondering who’s getting married — and the camera reveals it’s Casey and Verbanski, with Morgan and Alex standing with them already married. And a pregnant Sarah standing as a bridesmaid, too? Feel good ending.

  20. Crichiel says:

    While I always liked the Chuck/Sarah relationship, that WASN’T the reason I watched the show. I watched it because I ADORED Chuck, as Chuck, and the awesome idea of him as the Intersect. So I was quite unhappy with the last season and a half (furious when Morgan and then Sarah were the Intersect). I watched this while last season in fast forward just because after watching for that long I HAD to see how it ended. I am quite happy. (the callbacks like Irene Demova and the restaurants were kisses to the fans, that Sarah was at the beach made me smile, and, I don’t like perfect storybook endings, so Sarah not remembering Chuck was the tragic angst I love. But more importantly, Chuck is FINALLY the Intersect again!!! Just sad it came so late, because NOW I Would be all over this show again! Goodbye Chuck. :(

  21. crichiel says:

    Dang you, autocorrect! My apologies for the typos in my above post. Had to post from my phone. :s

  22. mimi7135 says:

    OMG!! This was an amazing ending!! I cried through the 2 episodes! so sad!

  23. Joe says:

    What a waste of time for a show.

    Terrible last season, product placement, lack luster final arc (and unnnotable villain), and we’re given this piss poor ending.

    It didn’t fit the show at all. What a waste. Gives me this empty feeling from Lost, I feel traumatized.

  24. Loni says:

    I loved the finale because it was 100% Chuck. Just like the show creators said above, this show was all about being creative and not doing what had already been done before.

    Chuck I’m going to miss you!

  25. Arsimo says:

    A depressing ending, I feel disillusioned and even somewhat betrayed. The writers were apparently so in love with their reboot-of-the-love-story idea that they didn’t realize that it would made all that happened more or less void for a lot of people.

    Even if Sarah falls again for Chuck so what? If it is a Sarah without all her memories in detail and especially if she is not able to relive her emotions that she felt during all those special moments she will not be the same person that made the enormous growth in her character. I don’t care if a Sarah 2.0 falls in love with Chuck or doesn’t.

    Imagine a love story with at the end two people where one has severe Alzheimer. Even if the one with Alzheimer falls in love (again) with the partner (s)he doesn’t really know anymore, it doesn’t change the tragic ending of such a story. I can appreciate such a story but it doesn’t fit the Chuck saga. I really don’t know if I can ever rewatch great moments like the Colonel, the train from Paris, Sarah’s quest for Chuck in Thailand, her Volkoff-undercover sacrifice etc, etc knowing what will happen with the character Sarah at the end. The end would even be less depressing if she had died in the arms of Chuck when she was still herself.

    • Stephen Thornton says:

      Completely agreed. The writers sacrificed Sarah so they could have a controversial ending and take a trip down memory lane. She as a character deserved better. I’m wondering how Yvonne feels about the ending. I’ve yet to read a post series finale interview with her.

  26. partisan says:

    Here’s my idea for a better ending.
    Chuck and Sarah on the beach. He shows her the picture he drew, she has the mother of all flashes, she looks at him and says, “I remember”, they kiss, curtain.

    • DT says:

      I was actually expecting the mother of all flashes to take place for Sarah when they kissed. When it didn’t happen and faded to black I was left disappointed. I loved this show though and I will miss it dearly. I’ll hold out hope for a TV movie for complete closure…but those seem to never come…

  27. Stefano says:

    It was an amazing ending!! Action packed, suspense, drama and of course very emotional!

    Beginning of season 5 I felt the story developed a bit slowly. But the last episodes of the season, and especially this season finale, they really re-invented the story by going back to the basics with Chuck and Sarah

    Loved it!!!

  28. Suhasini Yeeda says:

    I think the show was very much left up to fan interpretation, even in the beginning, when we started picking up clues. It was as if we were the spies. That’s why I think the finale was totally justified. Plus, it was honest. For Sarah to get all of her memories back would take several episodes. This was a happy ending. It hinted at hope for the two to fall back in love and/or for her memories to slowly come back. I mean, throughout the finale, Sarah remembered random things. That’s beautiful. That’s hope. =] Well done Fedak and Schwartz!

  29. Truth says:

    What a crappy ending. All they did was undo and redo the last five seasons only to have Chuck and Sarah end exactly where they started emotionally. She’s a cold spy and he’s alone and trying to find his footing with the Intersect. He loves her and she’s keeping him at a distance. The only difference is that the roles are reversed and this time he’s trying to help her.

    It wasn’t so much open-ended as it was not ended. Basically what they did was restart their entire story over again. All that progress, gone.

    Sure Sarah could remember everything, but that just makes the last few episodes completely pointless and needlessly dramatic. And if she doesn’t remember everything and Chuck has to win her over again? Then that just makes the past five years of their life together pointless.

    I think after five years the fans deserved something concrete and final. Not an ambiguous ending where we get to “decide” what happens next. And I think after everything Chuck and Sarah have been through, they deserved a straight up happy ending.

  30. DarthDavid says:

    I don’t think an ambiguous ending is appropriate for a show like Chuck. It’s more comedy than drama though it has a fair share of both. So a “leave it up to the viewer ending” just doesn’t cut it. If it was a straight drama show than that kind of ending can work. It just doesn’t fit the tone of the show. Still I enjoyed almost the entire two hours…really it was the last scene that sort of but not really ruined it for me. I could tell Sarah was slowly remembering everything…the clues were there for most of the finale. I just wish that they out and out showed it rather than hinting at it. It left a bad aftertaste in my mouth like a diet soda does. But then it fades so I’m not really pissed off like some are…just mildly disappointed that they felt the need to end it on a bit of a question mark.

  31. tasker says:

    People keep complaining about how they didn’t like the interpretation. I like the fact that they didn’t show Sarah getting all her memories back, because let’s be honest, those revelatory moments can be kinda cheesy in TV shows and movies.
    Like the Mission Impossible 3 moment where the CPR doesn’t work, and then pounding on the chest in vain seems to work. CHEESY.

    This ending was perfect. Sarah was starting to remember and she wanted to get her memories back. She fell in love with Chuck all over again. And it was great. And Chuck showed who he was, by staying by her side despite how much he was hurting.

    • Stephen Thornton says:

      The cheesy part was erasing her memory in the first place. Overly dramatic, unnecessary and used only has a vehicle to got back down memory lane and have a controversial finale.

  32. Richard says:

    Maria. Do you know how they clean up their mess ?. Character development. Emmy writing. Flash back to why Sarah didn’t stay with her mom. What happened to Morgan’s father ? Where is Morgan’s mom ? Relive Morgan’s childhood with the Bartowski family. What is Sarah’s real last name ? Don’t just blow if off and ignore it. What happened to Devon’s parents ? Why Jeff and Lester became the way they were? More family background. That’s how you keep audience viewers. Big Mike when he was with Earth, Wind Fire, Rain ? Casey’s background with his family. Why he became NSA ? The writing killed the show .

  33. Kristina says:

    This was a perfect way to end the series. Thanks for 5 wonderful seasons of a very enjoyable show; I looked forward to watching every week! I will definitely miss watching it.

  34. transcender123 says:

    In tribute, I’m heading to Subway.
    Way to finish Strong, Team Bartowski.
    We’ll miss ya Chuck.

    great cameo from Robby Duncan McNeill aka Tom Paris in ST Voyager as the other agent in the chopper too.

  35. Monkeyrat says:

    Sarah got her memories back. That’s my headcanon and I’m sticking to it. I wouldn’t be able to cope with Chuck being over otherwise.

    #goodbyechuck #thankyou

  36. Sarah says:

    I gave it a B only because I hate when shows live things open-ended like that. I like having a definitive answer and since you know everyone wants them together, why not just give them the happy ending so everyone knows about it? This is just my personal opinion though.

  37. Sarah says:

    That would have been the perfect ending!!!

  38. mpm says:

    I was disappointed. I understand where they were going with the ending, but I didn’t wait 5 years to have everything “start” again

  39. Maria says:

    For all of you who think this is such a “beautiful” ending because Chuck can make Sarah fall in love with him all over again – even if she does, it’s STILL really sad and an awful way to end the show. For her to have lost their whole history together, all those memories – what is so beautiful about that?! And now that Ellie, Awesome, and Casey are out of the picture she wouldn’t even get to know them again so they would be like strangers to her and she’d have lost those relationships forever. Really terrible.

  40. Bella Fowl says:

    You know… I watched the series finale today and I’m a little bit without reactions. I always loved Chuck because of the same elements that everyone always say. Action, comedy, romance and all this stuff. Chuck has EVERYTHING. It isn’t a tv show that has just action, without any human emotion. It isn’t a show that has just romance, and you be sick because of so many emotions. Chuck has everything in the right way. And you love the characters, no matter their importance. They are all special in some way. Chuck and Sarah… They are just magical. The best couple ever. The kind of couple that you hope to be together since the first day, and you don’t give up. You just wait every single episode, hoping for the kiss, or love confessions.

    I would like to thank you the cast, the creators, the producers, all the ones that were involved with the show. You made me wait week after week, hoping anxiously for this ending. And I still don’t believe that it has actually ended.

  41. Dharma says:

    Chuck is by far the best romantic action comedy i’ve ever seen in my entire life. Every aspect of the story such as ethical values, moral values, you name it, it was just…wow. the video editing works back in year 2007 were also…wow i’m speechless.

  42. Lara says:

    Chuck and Sarah kept saying they wanted to start their lives and have a normal life. Sarah will remember probably slowly and she will fall in love with him a little more everyday and remember a little more everyday. They will build a new life together away from the spy world. Schwartz and Fedak were fans of the show and fans of Chuck and Sarah and there is no way those two did not end up together. I say bravo for a unique heart wrenching ending. They could have had a sappy ending but instead they were very creative. I REALLY hope they make a tv movie for follow up for next summer and we can see how much Sarah remembered and how much they are in love.

  43. Theo says:

    So does Chuck keep the Intersect, or was that a one time use?

  44. David says:

    While it really doesn’t matter whether she remembered or not, I would have thrown my television out the window if she had remembered. Regaining memories with a magical kiss? I would have died from the stupidity. The concept was beautiful, but if it had worked, nuh uh.

    I like that they ended it without giving it a true ending. However, it also would have been perfect if it did not work. They get to fall in love all over again. Who wouldn’t want that wonderful opportunity? Sarah was already regaining some of her memories and falling for him again anyway. It just didn’t matter.

    • Stephen Thornton says:

      Falling in love all over again is retreading old ground. The beauty is staying in love, developing deeper love, truly knowing your partner and the wonderful nuances that develop over time. That’s what they had before her memory was erased. It was already beautiful. One of the best well developed relationships on TV. That’s what they erased along with her memory. It’s disappointing. Plus Sarah had developed family and friends all her own, she deserved better treatment than this. The whole final plot was out of left field and pointless. Just used so they could retread memory lane and end on a controversy.

  45. Holly and Gary says:

    Ok,so the writers/producers/creators wanted to leave the ending open to “interpretation”. Like any of us are going to “interpret” that Sarah and Chuck don’t end up together!! So why not just give us that closure? We’ve been reading all these posts and can clearly see that it’s pretty much unanimous that we all wanted Sarah and Chuck to end up in their dream house with their picket fence, living out their lives together-whatever that may be.

  46. Sheldon W. says:

    As another Day Oner, I found the series finale to be absolutely perfect [in my review, I gave it an A+]. Given the course of the series, and the events of this season that led into it, I couldn’t imagine Chuck going out any other way [and I’m firmly in the ‘Morgan’s plan worked’ camp on that final kiss!].

    Chuck was a show that allowed its characters to evolve over its run, and that’s not something you often see [though more and more shows are trying to go in that direction].

    Of course, it wouldn’t have worked if we hadn’t beileved that on Charles Irving Bartkowki couldn’t go from Nerd Herder to Maxwell smart to, ultimately, James Bond while, all the while, remaining Chuck, the nerd; Chuck, the guy who had a beautiful spy fall him because he was a good, caring person; the Chuck who sill had those movie posters on his wall after he and Sarah got married.

    When he took on The Intersect again, to save the people in that concert hall, he was [he thought] giving up any chance he might have had for his happily ever after with Sarah – he put his personal happiness aside to help others. In the end, he was still the unselfish, decent guy we always knew him to be.

    Because he was who he was, I know that Morgan’s plan worked and kissing Sarah brought her memories – maybe not all at once, but within a short time, and that they did buy that white house with the red door and the picket fence.

    And I know that they well get the original band back together and save world again. I’m just sad that we won’t get to see it happen [I firmly believe that a series of Chuck novels, set over the next few years, could be bestsellers because most of the show’s die-hard three-and-a-half to four million hardcore fans would all buy them. Are you listening Josh & Chris?].

    And, as an added bonus, the Chuck writing team destroued the myth of the ‘Moonlighting Curse’ – Chuck and Sarah got married and there was still a lot of comedy and drama to be found in their lives [so to Glenn Gordon Caron, a hearty ‘Neener, neener, neener! This, sir, is how it’s done!].

  47. Louise says:

    This finale was downright the best finale on television. Everything that I was hoping for: comedy, action, drama, suspense, was all included in this episode.
    What I wished was that they could have shown whether Sarah got her memory back from that magical kiss on the end beach scene. I know that they say that the fans should use their imaginations imagine what happens to Chuck and Sarah after the kiss, but I find it very difficult to believe something that I can’t see.
    Anyway, thank you Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz for Chuck. It has truly changed my life, and I’m looking forward to those extra 8 minutes on the Season 5 DVD :)

  48. Philippa Chapman says:

    I expect Morgan’s words about the kiss might also have been influenced by the advice given him by Big Mike. Remember…’hot sweet jams’? Chuck and Sarah must have those when they kiss, surely? So the memory impaired Sarah would know instincyively and immediately that Chuck’s kiss was in a different league to ones she’d shared before. And, as Ellie said, the heart remembers. If the kisses [there were two!] on the beach didn’t do the trick, they would certainly have re-inforced and enhanced the healing which had already begun to take place.

  49. sc says:

    Recalling more of her important memories earlier in the show (the Other Guy episode, Phase Three episode, etc) would have been better so that in the last hour we would have got more of the interaction that we are used to (and my favorite part of the show) when the two were on a mission.
    Either that or one small final scene set in the mear future. Because, like an earlier post wrote, nobody that watched the show would choose to believe that the two did not get back together so having a final screen where she knows who she is and what she has gone through in the previous five years would have been good for me.