Chuck Vs. The Post Mortem: Show Bosses Spill Series Finale Secrets, Say There's More to Come

The following Q&A contains major spoilers from Friday night’s series finale of NBC’s Chuck.

Well, Chuck me. It’s all over.

NBC’s beloved spy comedy wrapped up its five-year run on Friday night, with a first hour that was full of thrills and chills and a second episode that, in the very end, was full of heart. Which finale scene was set in stone a while back? What hidden “Easter eggs” might watchful fans have caught? And perhaps most critically, what should we make of that closing scene? Series creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak answer those questions and others. (But wait, there’s Buy More! The show bosses also reveal how fans can count on getting extra bits of the Chuck saga down the road.)

TVLINE | What did you always suspect would be in the series finale did in fact end up in the finale? Was it Sarah losing her memory, Chuck getting the Intersect back…?
CHRIS FEDAK | When we were working on this season of the show, we knew that the beach scene, which echoes the beach scene from the pilot, would be there. And we knew that in this case it would be Chuck trying to help Sarah. We were always heading in that direction.
JOSH SCHWARTZ | And the idea this year of taking the show back to basics – in the sense that it was going to be Chuck without the Intersect, and returning the show to its roots in that first season. That beach was the place where Chuck and Sarah first forged their bond, so it seemed like the perfect way to bookend the series.

TVLINE | After screening the finale, I made a point to rewatch the pilot, which of course brought so much stuff into focus. You had the callbacks to the Mexican restaurant, the Wienerlicious, the tango and “Irene Demova,” and you did a veritable shot-for-shot remake of the Bryce escape/fight sequence. Were there more-subtle callbacks that people maybe didn’t catch?
FEDAK | I didn’t even realize this, but when Sarah wears the Wienerlicious uniform, she actually has a little necklace with a hot dog on the end of it. I only now realize that it was there all this time.
SCHWARTZ | The score that plays when they’re at the Mexican restaurant together is the same score that played in the pilot.
FEDAK | Another thing is that throughout the run of the show, Chuck and Sarah have had a cue that [Chuck composer] Tim Jones created – a very emotional, kind of warm-hearted cue that we use in scenes where its just Chuck and Sarah talking about their relationship. It’s always been an open-ended cue, and in the final scene Tim closed it off. That’s a beautiful, delicate moment.

TVLINE | Was that the same beach?
FEDAK | Same beach, same spot. Everything was the same except the weather, which was bad [for the finals shoot]. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You did a really nice job with closure for all of the characters, including Ellie and Awesome. And you turned Jeffster! from the usual novelty into the most unlikely of heroes.
SCHWARTZ | I think that in their own mind, they’ve been heroes all along, so it’s just the rest of the world catching up to the potential that Jeffster! has. Them becoming a successful rock act in Germany feels pretty inevitable, doesn’t it?
FEDAK | Having Jeffster find out about the spy base and having them save the day was something we wanted to do. And once we knew that this would be the final episode, for our fans who love these characters so much, we wanted to give them closure. Act 5 was the one we really didn’t mess around with all that much. It was the one we knew that if we were going to have to take time out of the episode, you had had to keep Act 5 protected.

TVLINE | Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the finale shoot? I have to imagine landing a helicopter on a street can go sideways fast.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] Well, you don’t want to mess around with a helicopter. We did a lot of amazing stuff in those final two episodes, and one of the reasons this show is possible is because of the amazing production team we had. Robbie Duncan McNeil, who was our in-house directing producer, is featured in the episode — he is the other commando inside the helicopter with John Casey. Robbie was an actor on Star Trek: Voyager, and this is his first time on TV in many years, so it was great to see him up there.

TVLINE | If I gave you an extra hour for the finale, what would you have done with it?
SCHWARTZ | The original [cut] was almost an extra hour longer.
FEDAK | It’s true. Chuck episodes sometimes come in a little long — not this season as much, but this one came in quite a bit long. We actually got it a little bit of extra time from NBC for it.
SCHWARTZ | Some of the additional scenes will be on the DVD.
FEDAK | That’s right, we actually have a longer version coming out on the DVD.

TVLINE | Simply extended edits of scenes or also new entire scenes?
SCHWARTZ | You’ll have a couple of entire scenes. It will be eight minutes longer. And there are extended scenes within Act 5. It will be nice.
FEDAK | So even after tonight, there will still be the opportunity to see some new Chuck.

TVLINE | I was speculating that we’d see Steven J. Bartowski; I was never convinced he died. Was that one of the cameos you had to let fall by the wayside, just for time?
FEDAK | We have thought a lot about, “How can we bring him back?” But in the end it was so much more important that [his death] was a real moment in the show.
SCHWARTZ | We loved him — Scott Bakula was the best — but someone’s gotta stay dead on this show!

TVLINE | Or, boom — there’s your premise for a TV-movie a couple years from now.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] I like it!

TVLINE | Do you have a handshake agreement with everybody that one day you’ll all reconvene, when the time and idea is right?
SCHWARTZ | I think it’s an unspoken agreement. I think everybody would pick up their pocket protectors and Converse sneakers and come back to do it all again.

TVLINE | What do you hope the show’s legacy is?
SCHWARTZ | We’ve been thinking a lot about this. First of all, the relationship that the show had with its fans is something really unique. And I think, also, it was an original story. It was a show that combined a lot of different elements and genres into something that hadn’t been seen before, and that’s a harder and harder thing to get done in a world dependent on pre-sold titles and known quantities. So for us, the originality of the show clearly spoke to those individuals out there in the audience who also felt unique and original. And the final thing I’ll say is it was the story of a guy who felt he had all this potential but never lived up to it. A guy who felt he had the promise to be something better than he was when we first met him. This underdog, this nerd, who’s thrust into this life and lives up to it and becomes a hero spoke to people. A lot of people saw themselves in Chuck, and want to believe that if given their own opportunity they could also become a hero.
FEDAK | The only thing I would add is that this show was fun. It was designed as a cure-all for your Monday–
SCHWARTZ | Or your Friday
FEDAK | Or your Friday, for less people. But we tried to make the most fun piece of television you could imagine, and it was a pleasure to do it.
SCHWARTZ | We’d hear from so many people who said they could watch the show with their whole family, that it was something they could put on for an hour enjoy and smile.
TVLINE | Now the big question: Did Sarah get her memories back with that kiss? Or is that open to viewer interpretation?
SCHWARTZ | You gotta leave it open — right, Chris?
FEDAK | That’s the way I feel about it. I think it’s certainly a happy ending, but I also think that we like a little bit of ambiguity. Leave it up to the Chuck fans to take their own individual impression away.

TVLINE | But are you braced for any moans and groans from slightly disappointed diehards?
SCHWARTZ | They’re always out there, and we’re always ready for them.
FEDAK | But I do hope they feel very satisfied. I think the ending has a bit of magic to it. People should believe in how they wanted it to end.

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  1. Grace says:

    Anyone know what MM’s talking about when he says the finale had a “shot-for-shot remake of the Bryce escape/fight sequence” from the pilot? I rewatched the pilot recently too, and I haven’t the slightest idea what he’s talking about! Help!

    • Vlada Gelman says:

      Sarah breaks into the intersect room in the finale exactly how Bryce did at the start of the pilot. Same fight moves, same slide under the table, etc.

    • Richard says:

      Grace. Watch the pilot episode again. Bryce cracks his neck then runs down the hall , jumps on the pipes right side. Ducks under the table then jumps up on the staircase to a table to the second level. Then jumps onto another table then jumps out the window to the ledge before Casey shoots him.

  2. joy says:

    I’m so going to miss this show!! I liked the ending at first and as I soaked it up more, I loved it, even though it was bittersweet. To me, Chris Fedak left it wide open for a movie, and I sure hope we fanatic fans get that!! I’ll buy tons of subway to get that made!! I think even one movie would give the show closure, but I’ll tell you I think it could be like Star Trek with more than one movie, if the cast is up to it. I want to see Saran and Chuck be able to get their dream, but I’d love to see him use the intersect now that he can use it more, and in movie form that could be kickbutt!! I love this show!!

  3. Maria says:

    Oh no, not this nonsense about “you make up your own ending – it’s better that way”. Well, then why don’t I just write a whole freakin’ show from beginning to end for myself? Because I don’t get paid the big bucks to be a hot-shot tv writer, and I shouldn’t have to do their job for them. They started it, they should finish it to the very end instead of pretending to be profound by leaving it ambiguous. That is the lazy way out.

    • Jessica says:

      I totally agree with this. If I wanted to make up my own ending, I could write myself a whole tv show. Cop out! BUT, I do like that it’s left open a bit for a movie. Ditto to what the person above said…I would buy Subway every day for as long as I have to if I knew it would get a Chuck movie made. People, let’s get on this!!!

    • Michael says:

      How is that lazy? You don’t think it’s tough for a writer to leave their character’s journey even slightly open-ended? Lazy would have been “Yep, kisses do bring memories back!” or “Never mind, there WAS another upload left on the Intersect.” I don’t know, I just think that the emotions elicited from the finale were just so perfect, such compelling storytelling to me.

  4. anonymous says:

    I thought the ending was definitely very hopeful but it annoys me that you hardly ever see a traditional finale anymore. Writers today seem to think it is too lame to end a show without any ambiguity or loose ends. IMO, there’s nothing wrong with wrapping everything up.

  5. em says:

    Wow, I’m so surprised how different the general consensus here is compared to other sites. I’m really glad they held back, because I think that a happy ending is something we can generally assume. Chuck and Sarah always had obstacles and always found a way to overcome them. Chuck was a show that made you believe in the extraordinary – a nerd getting a hot agent, 2 worthless employees saving the world with a band destined for Germany,…Bo Derek as a spy?! I think that a kiss bringing back memories is not that much of a stretch.

  6. Melissa says:

    The fans rallied and fought for this show to stay on the air for years. I thought the actors did a terrific job, but I was incredibly disappointed with the unresolved ending. This loyal viewer was left feeling more saddened by those final moments than anything else.

  7. Hojana says:

    I loved it! The best stuff is never all sweetness.

  8. Rob says:

    Sad that it’s over, but generally liked the ending. Maybe it would have been cool if the kiss had caused Sarah to “flash” and have all her memories come back in that.

  9. Jake Collin says:

    Josh Shwartz and Chris Fedak are amazingly lucky to get a cast that worked together so well, that truly brought the characters to life, that acted extremely well, and that made us care about the show, because those two are pathetic at telling a story. CHUCK would’ve been canceled after Season 2 if it wasn’t for this cast. Those two should be kissing the feet of every actor on that show. That ending was horrible, no matter how well Zac and Yvonne acted it (which was perfect, BTW). They literally killed the most important relationship on the show. I don’t care if it looked like they were going to fall back in love, or if people want to believe Sarah got her memories back, because as a television show, these things need to be shown. I don’t want ambiguity in the story line in a freaking SERIES FINAL when the relationship BETWEEN THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS who are MARRIED is what you’re being ambiguous about!! It’s pathetic!! GAH… I am so mad as a fan and fellow writer right now.

    • Marvin says:

      As a fellow writer, I think I have enough respect if my “fellow writer” chooses ambiguity as a part of storytelling. I don’t really go b***ng around when I don’t agree with Ludlum’s writing and as much as my “personal” ending did not match Schwartz’s and Fedak’s, I wouldn’t call that pathetic.

      Between the Trojan Intersect’s destructive abilities, Sarah’s devotion to Chuck which led her to using the intersect glasses, the consequences to her AND Chuck’s overall character and his own devotion to Sarah, I believe the storytelling was as “realistic” enough to be a good ending, albeit some hint of “tragedy” but an overall optimistic feel into it.

      The end, as a lot people say, is just a beginning of another journey. And as much as some people did not appreciate it because each of us have our own brand of “Happy ending”, there are also some of us who would like the “Thinking Man” approach.

      • Maria says:

        “Thinking Man” approach? Please! We can all think of different endings – that does not make us creative geniuses. Some of us would like very much for the writers who started the story to finish it themselves. I have been enjoying the show for five years as written by those writers – I doubt that I could improve on any ending they created, except that non-ending they actually went with.

      • Jake Collin says:

        Huge problem, though, Marvin. CHUCK, in the traditional Greek definition, was a comedy. Every “maybe finale” other than Season 2 had a more upbeat ending (and that was a “game changer” ending), even with the death of Stephen Bartowski in 3.18. But this ending, even though the scene itself was beautiful, was tragic. A comedy should never end where people feel bad about it. CHUCK did. I’m not saying I don’t see the beauty in the scene, from writing to acting. I’m just saying that in tradition with CHUCK, this ending kind of did a 180 on the theme.

        And as a writer, you should never want your main relationship to be the one people have to imagine how it ends after the series. It’s unfair to your fans.

  10. Brian Hartman says:

    I didn’t really see the ambiguity. In the end, Sarah *asked* Chuck to kiss her. The kiss sealed the deal. If she didn’t want a relationship, the kiss wouldn’t have happened.

  11. Aiden says:

    Is there something higher than an A? Because that’s how I would grade it.
    I’ll come back tomorrow to compose myself and re-read this interview again, but all I can say is that this finale was a culmination of everything I’ve loved of Chuck for 5 years. Thank you, Schwartz and Fedak.

  12. Kelly says:

    Amazing show. Sad to see it go.I’m going to miss the buy more, big mike and the whole gang. Nice finale. I loved the nods to the pilot. I loved seeing Jeffster perform. So glad I got a Casey/Alex moment and a Morgan/Casey/Alex scene. Happy there was a brother/sister moment too. Zachary Levi gave a great performance

  13. kelsey says:

    GOOD GOD! WRITERS OF CHUCK: HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU THINK THIS WAS A GOOD WAY TO END! literally, 30 seconds more would have made it 1000000X better. couldnt have given us just the fact that she is starting to remember him? how could sarah not be in love with chuck at the end of the show. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG

  14. Nathan says:

    I never comment, post, submit or frankly say anything on these boards, but as I am such a die-hard, died-in-the wool Chuck fan, I will say this much. Loved the show, loved the “ambiguity” of the ending, and loved watching the Nerd and the consistently underdog show persevere. Chuck has always had it tough, why should that change at the end?

    Best. Show. Ever.

  15. Tanya says:

    I thought the ending was perfect. The thing is although Sarah forgot the details, she didn’t really forget all of it; not completely anyway; otherwise she would not be sitting on that beach.

  16. coffeeholic7 says:

    The finale was awesome! It was a bittersweet ending and it was somewhat open ended. I’m still hoping for a Chuck movie. :)

  17. Jc says:

    I have been loyal fan for all 5 years. And I wished the show hadn’t left the story on such a sad note. Why couldn’t we have gotten our happy ending?

  18. Dee says:

    I am so sad, I’m beyond words right now. It was a wonderful episode, but the series’ departure will leave me with a huge hole in my heart. </3

  19. Peter says:

    Okay, guess I gotta start tweeting at NBC to get a TV movie… Seriously, I am so sick of people pulling a Sopranos ending where we’re left on an eternal cliffhanger. Yes it was a hopeful one since they kept kissing and thus even if she doesn’t remember there is hope they’ll be together buy why do this? This isn’t a movie where you leave and try to interpret it. Everyone else got a nice wrap-up, no reason to get blue balls in the last five seconds.

  20. Cass says:

    Ever so bummed that my beloved CHUCK is no more, but was overall pleased with the finale. My one quibble is, as expected, the ambiguity at the end. I understand the urge to leave things up to the imagination and the attempt to avoid a tidy package of sentimental-all-is-perfect-and-harmonious cheese, but I’d have preferred to have proof that Sarah regained all her memories of the last five years. The thought of her having lost those five years forever is depressing, especially as those five years shaped her as a person and as a spy. I choose to believe she remembers it all, of course, perhaps with that “magical kiss” on the beach, but I concur that it would have been nice to have SEEN it. The other part that bothered me about her only regaining her memories with a kiss at the very end is that for the entire two-part finale, we didn’t get to see any of the changed Sarah that we know and love–or the team in action and working together as a complete unit one final time. But the acting was stellar, the callbacks to the first season were lovely, and I did like the mirroring of Sarah falling in love with Chuck again. What I DON’T like is the idea of my TV screen not having these actors gracing it week after week. They need to find new gigs QUICK!

  21. Matt says:

    Disappointed with the ending. Everyone agrees that the best thing in Chuck was the relationship between Sarah and Chuck. The ambiguity was a slap in the face to the fans who have all along wanted them to be happy together. I know that up until now I have bought every season and unless it comes out that there will be more closure on the DVD, I will be selling my seasons 1-4 since it will just make me angry every time I look at them.

    • TL says:

      So, five minutes negates five seasons worth of story and you consider yourself a fan? You have every right to feel the way you do, but don’t claim that the ending was a “slap in the face to the fans.” I’ve been a fan who wanted them together since day one, and I loved the ending, so say what you want about your feelings, but don’t pretend that you speak for me or other fans.

  22. Chris says:

    I’ve read many comments, and I do appreciate the loyalty shining thru to the show and it’s creators, but I DISLIKED the ending. This was clearly a guy gets girl/underdog tale from the beginning, with other underpinnings, but the BASE of ALL of Chuck’s ascent revolved around his feelings for Sarah. She inspired him to become more, and, in the end, she saw thru the “nerdy” exterior to the “real” hero inside, and THAT completed the major theme of this “classic” story. It was original, sure, but at it’s core, it was boy meets girl.

    To have it go “The Notebook” route was a rough ending for me. Ambiguous ending or not, this story had far more to share, and is over too soon. EVERYONE had to move on? Ellie would LEAVE Chuck for Chicago NOW? That’s abandonment for what they’ve gone thru. If THIS isn’t Chuck’s time of need, what is? That doesn’t work. And CHUCK is now the FINAL Intersect…let’s end there? Really?

    I want to know what happens next…with all of them. Don’t interpret this to mean the ending worked because I want to know more…I wasn’t ready for this show to end. This was a smile and feel good show mixed in the middle of crime scene investigations, dark material, and reality TV. It would have been more in character, and satisfying, to have the white picket fence ending it so richly deserved.

    Living up to the expectations of the loyal fans of the show would not have been a crime.

    For anyone who wants to argue that it was a beautiful ending, or a “perfect one”, I ask, is that how YOU would’ve ended the story if YOU had that responsibility?

  23. Steve says:

    I’ve taken a few minutes to consider the ending. Chuck and Sarah are together. Happy. Trusting. Warm.
    Sarah has already shown glimpses that her memories are intact, they simply hadn’t fully surfaced before the kiss. After the kiss, they came back. Or they didn’t. It really doesn’t matter.
    Love always finds a way and we all agree that Chuck and Sarah share a perfect love.
    However it comes to pass, they live happily ever after.
    I have enjoyed this show since the beginning and have grown to care about these characters like few others. The show was well conceived, well written, perfectly cast and well produced. It was smart, warm, funny and fun. The show’s fans, though way too small in number, were almost way too big in passion, though that can never be a bad thing.
    More than a series came to a close tonight. A unique kind of television mixing genres in a blender and pouring out a perfect balance of something for everyone that, sadly, just never gained the traction it deserved. A world full of genuine heroes that we rooted for and a true love story for the ages. Something we all looked forward to every week.
    There is a gaping hole in the world of television after tonight.
    Long Live Chuck and Sarah.

    • srb says:

      I agree nothing on tv will ever make me feel the same as Chuck, No couple has ever made me feel like Chuck and Sarah and i dont think one ever will.

  24. Chad says:

    I’m torn. On one hand it was a great emotional finale. On the other hand, this is not The Sopranos, an open-ended finale doesn’t fall in line with the rest of the show and the rest of the season enders. And I’m confused. Is Chuck a spy or did he quit? Did Casey go back to work for the CIA? Is there still a Carmichael Industries? Does Sarah have the intersect too or was it actually suppressed? Did Chuck go back to work at the Buy More? I know where the characters are emotionally, but I want to know where they are professionally. I always felt that the show should end with them back at the CIA. They are too good NOT to be spies. Chuck has the intersect now, as he should, but what is he doing with it??

    I NEED MORE!!!!! FIVE SEASONS AND A MOVIE!!!! Let’s start the call now. If Adam Baldwin got to be in a Firefly movie, surely we can get a Chuck movie. C’mon now people who is with me!!!

  25. Janet says:

    Although the finale had lots of fun stuff for us Chuck fans to look back on, I can’t help feeling disappointed at the ambiguous ending. Why don’t the writers – or whoever decides the endings – get it – that the fans are as emotionally invested in a series as the characters are. There’s a reason we continue to watch every week -and it’s not because we want to wonder how it all turns out. All it would have taken was 60 seconds of Chuck & Sarah magic. It doesn’t seem fair that all the other characters, including Jeffster, seem to be on their way to happily ever after while we are left wondering about Chuck & Sarah.
    That being said, Really loved this show. Gonna miss it.

  26. LS says:

    The ending was bittersweet, but it ended on a hopeful note. Over five years, Chuck and Sarah had to overcome any number of obstacles .. I think the ending (while the fluffy, fairy tale ending might have been nice) paid excellent tribute to that. A love like theirs just doesn’t die. It was just one more thing they would have to overcome together, and we’ve seen them do it before, so we knew, as fans we HAD to know, that they would make it back there.

    THAT was the beauty in the montage/beach scene, and the kiss at the end. That was the beauty in the heartbreak.

  27. Amy says:

    I hate ambiguous endings. I don’t know about any of you but I could see that ending coming, and I dreaded it. I know that TV people probably love it because it creates possibilities and engages the audience. Plus it reminds us of the fact that nothing is an ending in real life, everything is organic and keeps moving forward. And I hate that side of me that understands why they did it!

    So. I choose that this is how it ended: Chuck says trust me, Sarah says kiss me, and they fall in love again, her memories come back and they live happily ever after :)

  28. kea says:

    Shippers on board for a wonderful Bittersweet ending of CHuck…
    I honestly love it.. I want to believe that she didn’t get her memories back but eventually fell in love with Chuck all over again… like in Chuck’s words “It’s not like she is out of my league”.

  29. Ian says:

    Ahh, all it needed to be perfect was 30 more seconds, do the fade out in the kiss….but then fade back in, Sarah stops Chuck and says, “Hey Chuck, you still want to have a baby right?”. Then Chuck stumbles on his words, “You remember?”. To which Sarah says, “Everything.” End Series. That was all it needed! This show was never ambiguous, you can’t end it the way they did!

    • Cinlyn says:

      DITTO. My thoughts exactly. Loved everything about the ending but to make it absolutely perfect this would have been the ending that I wanted.

  30. cindy says:

    Chuck was one of the shows that had threads in various genres: mystery, intrigue, mild violence, comedy, romance, spy thrillers, you name it, Chuck filled so many genres that it is difficult to understand why it was pulled. It was an original genre in itself, something beyond the lack of imagination of the mundane Antiques Roadshow or worse, reality tv and gave the industry something that would last – IF they would go with it. They did the same thing with Firefly ten years ago, a quirky syfy and brought it back now, saying its the best syfy ever. So, there ya go folks, the fans should speak, not the tv execs. The bottom line is, there’s not a lot of reason for me to watch tv anymore.

  31. chuckme says:

    Absolutely f@ck!ng awesome! One of my few appointment TV shows and I’m sad to see it go. I’ll always love Chuck.

  32. Josh says:

    As a Chuck fan from the beginning, I want to say thank you to to everyone involved in the show for giving those of us with half a brain a shinning beacon of quality tv, in a sea of reality garbage for the last 5 years. I’m am so sad to see Chuck go…
    I for one loved the ending. Either she got her memories back and they live happily ever after or she didn’t and they get to fall in love all over again.
    For those whiners who will complain about the ending. If they tied everything together with a nice bow and handed it to you it leaves no room for your imagination. Think, if Chuck and Sarah got their house and quit the spy life blah blah blah. It would have been the worst ending ever!!

  33. JHarnes says:

    The beach was the perfect ending. ever since Casey gave Sarah or mission logs diaries she knew her real self was completely in love with Chuck. She even began to remember bits and pieces of their life together – the names she wrote on the dream house and the way tp destroy the computer controlling the bomb.

    Sitting on the beach she wanted her Chuck to kiss her. No pretense. No plans. I think the more she is with Chuck the more she will remember. Love won in the end over everything and that makes what Chuck fans know was what made this show so very special!

    I would love to see some movies down the line – but my lord, this whole cast is going to get grabbed up for other projects so quickly! I wish them, the writers and all involved my best. Chuck is one of those shows worth remembering!

  34. Elaine says:

    WTF i cant believe how STUPID da finale was. It was supposed 2 be closure but we were left HANGING with not knowing were things will end up with EVERYBODY, we dnt even know what will happen with CHUCK AND SARAH – WHOLE POINT OF DA SHOW. This was worse than Micheal dying in the end of Prison Break, absolute DISAPPOINTMENT, 5 YEARS OF AWESOMENESS DOWN DA DRAIN :-(

  35. madde says:

    oh chuck!!! gonna miss it so much!

    love from sweden

  36. Avid says:

    It’s completely obvious she’s going to get her memories back… Anyone who didn’t like the ending is crazy. That’s right, crazy. She remembered Wienerlicious, the carving on the wall, Irene Demova and at the end went to the beach instead of leaving town. As Chuck was telling her the stories she was laughing and crying, and at the end she asked Chuck to kiss her.

    The ending was like the ending of Inception with the top spinning… except not. In Inception you were left completely hanging as to whether he was still dreaming, but in Chuck, the hints I mentioned above made it obvious that she is going to remember.

  37. Erin says:

    I NEED MY CHUCK! #NotReadyToSayGoodbyeToChuck

  38. Marvin says:

    The ending is for “thinking” people to understand. I have to give credit to the show’s thinkers for coming up with an ending that is borne out of the way they want to tell the story. Great Job!

    It’s like reading a book, you cannot will the story to conform to your desired ending. And I have read one too many to know for sure that not all of the endings I want happened, but still love them as rationally as possible.

    My biggest kudos and thanks to Josh and Chris who stuck to their concept without bending too much to “public pressure”. That’s how you tell a story and you guys pulled it off with this one! To the cast: Zac, Yvonne, Adam, Josh Gomez and the rest: Thanks for the 5 years.

    CHUCK is officially on my DVD collection now (waiting for season 4 and 5, though) and when my kid grows up, we’ll be watching it together :)

  39. Polly says:

    i can’t decide which finale sucked more: this or Alias.

    the sad destiny of good spy shows: 5 seasons length, first 2 great, then followed by 3 ugly ones and a disappointing finale.

  40. Wilf says:

    You’re wrong, Chris Fedak, in my view this was a very unhappy ending. I expected more of a series which is supposed to be lighthearted, not dark and miserable. you turned Chuck into a miserable dark place to where, despite having watched all 91 episodes, I’m reluctant ever to return. I guess Chris must see that as a success.

    • Marvin says:

      Speak for yourself. Not everyone needs to be spoonfed when it comes to these kind of things. If the subtle spark of optimism despite the “almost tragic” event takes you to a dark and miserable place then you have a big problem.

  41. Kevin H. says:

    CHUUUUUUUUUCK!!! Also, did anybody else love that this is the second (or third?) time that a character has called someone a p@#$% on Chuck? I freaking love it! See, there is an upside to being a low-rated show. ;)

  42. Jay says:

    CHUCK was the best thing on TV! Loyal fan for the whole ride and will sorely miss it. Every character was perfect genius. I had hoped for a longer season (20 -22 episodes) before the final sign-off.
    Wish it could have ended with a slightly more comforting ending.

    It’s quite depressing that quality shows like CHUCK are cancelled and the heavily promoted crap shows go on and on. It’s my opinion that CHUCK was never properly promoted by the network – they didn’t even try to boost viewer-ship until this last season when CHUCK was already axed. Cancelling such a superb show as CHUCK is/was, is a tragedy. 99 percent of TV is written towards the lowest common denomiator – all in the name of greed. Disheartening that the brilliant CHUCK will not be gracing our homes anymore. :(

    Thank you to all those involved in giving us such a great show & especially to the cast of CHUCK for bringing such loveable characters to life.

  43. Amanda says:

    AMAZING acting job by Yvonne!!! She completely transformed emotionally for this episode. Just her expression, it was clear that the Sarah we know was not there. I was blown away, she was incredible!!

  44. Walrus says:

    As bittersweet as watching the finale was (loved the show, hated that it was ending), it’s going to be even harder to remove the show from my season pass list. Right now, I can’t get myself to remove it, even though I know there won’t be more episodes.

  45. Larry says:

    Perfect ending. Despite all if the comments regarding it. Sarah, memories or not, wanted the kiss. She wanted to be with Chuck. This is the ultimate part of their love story. This shows they are soul mates and belong together. So with that I am happy. We also need to remember this show is not Chuck and Sarah, it is about Chuck and the intersect. Now that he has it back all is right again. Once he chose to have it as he has done before, Chuck is our hero and the show ended with him being one (on several levels). The open ending will allow for some form of continuation in the future, fingers crossed we will get a movie. At the very least follow the ’80s genre tradition of made for TV movies/reunions.

  46. Chuck Fan :) says:

    I think the way the ending and the way the Characters all left the show was imo, pretty much a let down. We watched for 5 years! to finally see Chuck and Sarah ended up living happily ever after. But to have this final episode just be about Chuck trying to get Sarah back was like watching season 1, 2 and 3 all over again.

    I probably speak for way more then half of Chuck fans and would have been overly happy just to see Sarah and Chuck end up together (not saying they won’t be after the ending, but like more closure that they did and Sarah would have gotten her memory’s back, especially after a kiss from Chuck Bartowski ;) ) inside their dream house living what they always wanted. I, probably along with many, wanted to see Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Ellie, Devon and Alex and along with all the other cast all together maybe celebrating their end to the spy life and to their new future. I know this ending leaves US to think what we want, but really, please you COULD have just given us an ending that would let us FANS know what really happened, given us something better then all the characters going off to do their own thing.

    My dream ending: Almost all the cast all together (Sarah actually with her memory’s again) celebrating like i mentioned before with THEN a cut scene showing us what the characters did after (insert Casey leaving and Jeff and Lester’s record deal etc etc). This ending would have made me so happy and i wouldn’t be here hating on something that i have loved so much for the past 5 years of my life. All us fans wanted, was to SEE with our own eyes what happened in their future. I feel like this final episode took me back to seasons 1,2 and 3 and the first episode ever having to watch Sarah and Chuck fall back in love all over again… for like the 10th time… I hope this VERY open ending may allow the show to one day be picked back up for a movie or even possibly be picked up by another network (if this is possible, i have no idea how this stuff works).

    I would like to thank all of the cast for their amazing acting, especially Yvonne who constantly shows how great of an actor she is, especially over the last few seasons!!! :), and especially how much joy and laughter this show has given sooo many people including myself. Thanks to all the cast, the writers for an amazing show and everyone that made Chuck to where it is today (THE FANS <3) .. Wow that is really long :s sorry to anyone that actually reads this! haha ;D

  47. Chuck Fan :) says:

    OH! I forgot to mention also that i really loved the final episodes, they were put together really well :) It was just the ending that made me upset :( … But you did succeed your goal because i did have tears ;P

  48. carly says:

    I was so disappointed with the ending! I was hoping we would get a view of the future with them living in their dream house with children. After 5 years with these characters I wanted to see their happy ending.

  49. Ciara Glynn says:

    I think the show did it right.
    After all these years, it would have been concieted to end on an ‘I remember everything!’ note. It would have been cliche to have a moment where you think Chuck is dead, or where Sarah and Chuck go to the Dream House and can afford it and they live happily every after, no spy-life, rather boring. As the writers said, they kept the magic. They kept the promise. You could SEE Sarah falling back in love with Chuck, it hinted at Sarah maybe gradually remembering, bit by bit, her past with Chuk – I personally don’t think she remembered after the kiss. But they built up to that final moment so well, and Yvonne did a great job developing Sarah in those final two episodes from a bitter character who wanted to kill Chuck into someone who wanted to fight for her memories, and wanted to believe in their lives, and I truly believe the y ended it in the most beautiful way they could have.
    Casey wil continue to play with guns, but he’s a changed man, with a heart.
    Morgan and Alex will have their own adorable adventures (altogether now: ‘We’re moving IN togetherrrrr!’).
    Big Mike will always have Subway close to his heart. In more than one way.
    Jeffster will be huge in Germany, so yay.
    Ellie and Awesome will have normality and an adorable baby.
    And Chuck and Sarah will continue to be a magical couple, and they’ll have adventures, and regardless of whether Sarah remembers or not, she’ll always love Chuck – you could SEE that – and he’ll always love her. And it’s perfect.

  50. Jay says:

    I think it would have been a great idea for Sarah to “flash” on all her memories when Chuck kissed her at the end. It would taken a major part of the show and brought it all together. Oh well, still loved it….GO NERD HERD!!!!!