The Office Shocker: NBC Spinning Off Dwight!

Dwight Schrute, your moment has finally arrived.

Our sister site is reporting that NBC is developing an Office spinoff built around Rainn Wilson’s long-suffering second banana, to launch in early 2013.

The in-the-works offshoot, which would be introduced in an Office episode set to air later this season, would find Dwight running his oft-mentioned Schrute family beet farm and bed and breakfast.

For more details on this story, including what impact this will have on Wilson’s future with The Office, head over to

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  1. Cat says:

    Dwight is my least favorite character

  2. Ev says:

    I’d watch if Mose was involved.

  3. AprilFOOLS says:

    never gonna happen

  4. JeffHink says:

    Didn’t NBC learn anything from “Joey”? If a spin-off means that Dwight is no longer on The Office so quickly after Michael’s departure I can’t see The Office (or the spin-off) lasting.

  5. Mika says:

    Gosh, now with ideas like this, I wonder why NBC is in the gutters?

    • Lauren says:

      EXACTLY! NBC hasn’t had an original idea for a new show in about a decade. They killed the only new show I actually liked (The Event). The expectation that a new show must achieve sky-high ratings immediately is completely ridiculous. The first season of The Office wasn’t widely embraced, but thank God they gave it another shot! What happened to that strategy, NBC?

  6. Vicente says:

    No. No. Put a fork in it. It’s done. Just a bullet in the head

  7. Elle says:


    I’m sure the show will be hilarious and super awesome. But I love him on The Office and I don’t want that show to end or to not have him on it.

    Ughhh…. NO!

  8. Anonymous says:

    A Dwight spinoff isn’t a bad idea but if NBC intends to keep both shows on the air then Rainn Wilson would have to star in both shows. Removing him from The Office would be the kiss of death for a series that’s already struggling a bit after Steve Carell left last year.

  9. Heather_kaye says:

    Seriously? Someone finds this a good idea? No disrespect to Mr. Wilson, who I thoroughly enjoy, but…no.

  10. Jon says:

    Schrute is strictly a second banana character. Not a lead. Good in small doses only. Won’t watch it.

  11. Jack says:

    I am going to assume that this means the end of the Office if it is true. Probably for the best.

  12. Michael says:

    Yes, because taking a quirky character from a successful comedy and giving them their own series has always worked so well before, hasn’t it.

    And yes, Frasier is the exception that proves the rule. That being said, I’d definitely watch Troy and Abed in the Morning!

  13. Donna says:

    Dwight is nothing without his fawning love-hate relationship with Michael, and since Michael is gone, so much for that.

  14. Rachel says:

    No. How about NBC finds a timeslot for Community before thinking about new shows?

  15. Eliz says:

    If this is true it will be an epic failure. This is why NBC is such a terrible network. They absolutely cannot come up with original programming. Proof? Joey. I’m a fan of The Office, which is part of the reason I don’t want to see it killed and used for parts. Keep your integrity NBC! What little you have left. And, lastly, does this sound the death knell for The Office? Sounds like it.

  16. Hype says:

    What is this? ‘Golden Palace’? Each episode, Dwight welcomes a new guest into his bed and breakfast, leading to wisecracks and hilarity to ensue? Im sorry, but spinoffs don’t really tend to work if its the quirky character that’s being spun off. This just really doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    • Mark says:

      Golden Palace was pretty cute.

      • hohum says:

        no. no it wasn’t. it took a group of realistic lovable characters from a somewhat realistic scenario and put them into a complete joke of a scenario that noone could EVER believe and begged you to still laugh at the jokes. It reeked of desperation and i prefer to pretend that it never happened. Kind of like that spinoff of Scrubs, Joey, and the last episodes of Roseanne and Lost.

        • Mark says:

          I liked Joey and technically that wasn’t a spin off of Scrubs. Stupid sitcoms can be fun at times too. Golden Palace and Joey blow Whitney out of the water.

    • ultimate troll says:

      Spinoffs don’t work??? Quirky character???
      Uh, I think you’re fogetting a little show called Enos.
      Who feels stupid now???

  17. Jarrod says:

    NBC = Joke.

  18. K says:

    The Office has been going downhill for a while. I can’t imagine a Dwight spinoff without any of the other characters like Jim succeeding.

    I would rather they renew Community next season.

  19. Jason says:

    Doesn’t Dwight already live on his beet farm??

    • Christy says:

      That was what I thought when I read it too. And I don’t think Dwight without Jim or Andy would work. Another thing this idea needs to work is Mose. And I am pretty sure they have had a hard time getting him for random guest spots now as he is the head writer on Parks and Rec. So just all around bad idea.

  20. Kat says:

    I will only watch this if it’s Dwight sitting in front of a television watching Community. And the camera remains fixated on the television screen and doesn’t show any Dwight. If he promises to wear a smoking jacket, I’d be okay with Dwight “hosting” Community as if it were Masterpiece Theatre. I would totally watch that.

  21. Lori says:

    This is a terrible idea. I have been a fan of The Office from the beginning, but I would never watch a Dwight spin-off.

  22. Bill says:

    Do you remember how you felt watching Jodie Foster get raped in “The Accused?” That’s how I feel watching them do this to the once great TV show, “The Office.”

  23. paburrows says:

    Dwight is only funny when he has Jim and the rest of the The Office cast to work off of. Separate him from a formula that works and it won’t survive just like most spin offs fail. Fraiser is the only spin off that I can think of that wasn’t horrible.

  24. shelbee says:

    I agree with the comment about “Joey,” from Friends not lasting too long. The Office is a strong, amazing show. And you can only take so much of it apart before it completely fails. And although Dwight’s a wonderful character (completely quirky and weird as hell) it wouldn’t be as fulfilling as the Office is. Please don’t kill the Office. And if you really wanna please people – give the Halperts a show. I can’t think of anything better. And Michael can come visit them. And everything will be great. Okay.

  25. Amy says:

    Um. No. Just, no.

    Love the office, including Dwight. But, this? I just have one word for you: Joey.

  26. emmitwest says:

    NBC’s problem isn’t so much that is can’t find good ideas. Heck, this is a good enough idea… crazy guy running a B&B&BF (Bread, Breakfast, Beet Farm). However they can’t seem to find decent writing (Whitney) or promote the decent shows they do have (Community) or wait as long as possible to put on the promising new shows (Smash, Awake)

    So would I watch this? It depends. Is it poorly written? Then no. If it’s good, then yes.

  27. b says:

    I’d watch a creed spinoff

  28. Diana says:

    Probably won’t watch. I think they should just end The Office now before they run it into the ground.

  29. Lauren says:

    This might have worked if it had been done in like, season four. But the Office is terrible now and so will this spin-off be if it is made. Get Rainn Wilson his own show centered on a different character, it is time for the Office to finish. It was already pretty mediocre before Steve Carell left and now it is just woeful.

  30. Jenna says:

    Insert Michael Scott screaming NOOOOOOOOOO a la Toby’s return here.

  31. Tami says:

    Uhhh give me Dwangela in it and I’ll watch.

  32. Why would Rainn Wilson want to go the Matt LeBlanc route? Is he so convinced that there isn’t work that he could get?

    Granted, he likely won’t get a lot of other offers to be a lead character, but a sitcom built around Schrute Farms just sounds tired. Plus, given how poorly the writers have handled The Office in the past two seasons, how much of an audience is there going to be to transfer over to it?

    On the other hand, a sitcom built around Dwight Schrute, arrogant Lackawanna County Sheriff’s Deputy (with much younger superiors) might be worth watching for a few seasons.

  33. Jack says:

    Rainn Wilson is talented, but Dwight Schrute is only good in small doses. And his family members… they’re creepy. Count me out.

  34. Brendan says:

    Yeah, Schrute farms is an excellent device for a few laughs in a B-story twice a season. It’s own series? No.

  35. David says:

    Dwight is an great character but I’m not sure if they would be able to fill the void left on the show. It seems like this would be a better idea for something to happen at the end of the series (who knows maybe that’s what is going to happen).

  36. Brigette says:

    What does this mean for The Office???!!

  37. XK says:

    The only positive thing I can say about this is the show would probably still be better than Whitney or Are you there, Chelsea?

    But that, NBC, is faint praise, and in no way a reason to do something.

  38. AR says:

    Almost reminds me of Joey. Remember how that turned out???

  39. Davey says:

    Rainn Wilson all but denied this report with the tweet: “don’t believe all that you read from the media.”

  40. Steven says:

    Worst. Idea. Ever!

  41. Josh says:

    sorry but the office needs to crawl into a hole and die, the first three seasons were great, since then it’s just been caricature after caricature with no depth, heart or realness feel to it… it’s a bad show now and it just needs to end. everyone on the show is talented as hell but it’s gotten stale and this just makes it harder for shows that are growing to get airtime like community.

  42. Doctagon says:

    Instead of staking an entire series on one concept, the networks need to combine all partial-ideas for shows into one weekly extravaganza, like new episodes of Arrested Development starring Dwight Shrute and the Geico Cavemen, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

  43. chi says:

    Dwight works because Dwight is in an ensemble cast. The Office still somewhat works because it’s an ensemble cast. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

  44. Lindsey says:

    The problem is that characters like Dwight and Joey is that they are so over-the-top, an entire show about them wouldn’t really be good. It’s too much. It’s kind of like what, IMO, happened with HIMYM. It became the Barney Show, and it dropped in quality as a result because characters like Barney/Joey/Dwight are better in smaller doses. They need a straight man to act against them. I’m not saying they wouldn’t have a straight man, but it’s never a good idea to focus an entire show on such an over-the-top character. The Office has already been on long enough. Like HIMYM, the quality has greatly declined. The only good thing about this is that it sounds like there’s an end in sight for The Office. In the chance that this spin-off is real and got picked up, it doesn’t sound like a lot would actually watch it either. The Office needs to finally end this season and let that be that.

  45. Kerry says:

    As a big fan of The Office, all I can say is this: NO, NO a thousand times NO!

  46. JAmandaFan says:

    Don’t make this a spin off–make this a webseries!!

  47. Martha says:

    Rainn Wilson is terrible! His head is already too big, can you NOT make it any worse? IS he worth the final nail in the “The Office’s coffin? I think NOT. Every week it seems there is something that makes one major network worse than all the others. This week NBC is the “winner” for having this “brilliant” idea. Time to quit watching Network Tv. I’d watch 20 hours of Lifetime before 2 minutes of a Rainn Wilson show. Yes, he is THAT obnoxious! (I miss Steve – quit watching once he left.)

  48. EddieZ says:

    I had to take “The Office” off my DVR, I cant watch it without Michael Scott. Robert California is the worst character, ever. The show, which was not at it’s best last year, tanked after Steve Carrell took off. I cannot imagine that a show only about Dwight would be worth adding it to my DVR rotation. So, in short, no.

  49. Loli says:

    Great idea. Should be funny as hell, for those who are in on the joke. Some people just don’t get sarcasm or satire.

    • squander says:

      I agree. I should be hillarious for those in on the joke. Who cares what the other 6,999,999,998 people on the planet think of it.