Once Upon a Time Exclusive First Look: Emma Gets Dirt on Regina from [Spoiler]!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most-willing-to-sell-out-their-ally-as-a-corrupt-crook of them all? Find out by watching TVLine’s exclusive first look at this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c).

Watch Spoiler Alert! for Scoop on Once Upon a Time‘s Typewriter-Toting Mystery Man

Based on this peek at the next episode — which will reveal in flashback the Magic Mirror’s very interesting (and rather familiar) origin — it appears that his Storybrooke alter ego, Sidney, harbors no ill will toward Emma, who recently beat him out for the sheriff’s job. In fact, the Daily Mirror scribe is looking to strike a deal with his former opponent — one that will seemingly help her take the evil Queen mayor down a peg. But is Emma ready to incur Regina’s wrath?

ABC Picks Up Beauty and the Beast Pilot that Reimagines Classic Fairy Tale

Press PLAY to see exactly what Sidney’s up to, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the whole “Can Emma really trust him?” quandary.

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  1. Justin says:

    Of course Emma can’t trust him.

  2. JJJ says:

    I can´t stand Emma anymore. Can the director tell Jennifer Morrison that a single facial expression for every emotion isn´t compelling at all?

    • jj says:

      Did you never watch House? That’s pretty much all JMo has in her arsenal…

      • SonR says:

        she went to the David Boreanaz Angel school of acting.

      • rachelleet says:

        Haha yeah…check out HIMYM too…I think if she had no eyebrows she would be in big trouble

        • huh says:

          OK, after HIMYM the consensus was that JM can’t do comedy. Now I don’t know what to think. Maybe she just needs to be typecast as monotone unlikeable characters all the time, so her innate grating capabilities would look organic.

      • JJisstupid says:

        Oh let me guess, a LE fangirl. Why don’t you go watch any of her new stuff? Oh wait, she’s SO talented that nobody wants her on their show LMAO

      • Jane says:

        Watch the last scene of season 3’s Informed Consent. Or Warrior. And then tell me again she has only one expression and can’t act.

        • @jane says:

          I think Jen had a lot of great moments during her run on House beside informed Consent and the emotional rollercoaster between Chase and Cameron in Lockdown. I liked her bravery in Half Wit and her final scene to House in Teamwork was outstanding and tearjerking at the time . She said a particular not the whole truth about House and i only will watch “nobodys fault” to see if she was right about him, if not I´m done with House forever.

          I agree Warrior is one of my biggest movie last year surprises. I never expected it to be so good. It is a great heart-wrenching family drama and jen`s perfomance as the only female character was great and i think she looks much more beautiful without Make up than with. Lol
          I knew that Nick Nolte will get an oskar nomination, he was outstanding and i´m happy that the movie got this tiny recogniton :) They all were great.

    • HateforIdiots says:

      Well, at least she’s smarter than you idiots. At least make bigger changes in your nickname when talking to yourself. Moron.

    • Moloco says:

      OUAT has an amazing cast but a lousy lead. Nothing against Jennifer M. I´m sure she is a sweet woman but as an actress she is disappointing. I liked her in the pilot but after that her character became an annoying repetition of cliches. Emma lacks emotional depth and it´s because the actress because the writing is damn fine to be honest.

      • SonR says:

        it might be her make-up too

      • @molocco says:

        If you read your comment again you`ll see you contradict yourself, “her character became an annoying repetition of cliches” & then “writing is damn fine” puuuh,*head-scratching

        I disagree with your fine writing comment: At the beginning her only purpose was to react to the actions of storybrooke with little character exploration except the pilot maybe (which was IMO okay to introduce the other charcters), then from one episode to another she suddenly fall in love with the sheriff. In the same episode he died and in the following episode they gave her about 2min of time to grieve over the sheriff because she was busy to become the new sheriff. This story arc could have been easily stuff for at least 4 or 5 episodes and they gave her 2. I call that contrived and forced storytelling, not fine writing. No wonder that a few people have problems to connect with her though i think Jen did here a great & wonderful job by giving Emma some colours and staying true to her character.
        In the last episodes she bonded with Mary and Henry beautifully and her relationship to Gold became one of the most interesting & intriguing dynamic of the show.
        Again the hate on her on this side doesn`t mirror the fans of the show. This here is a generated mob of trolls who allready hated her before Once and saw their chance to mock her again here because someone started it.I doubt that some even watch the show.

    • lauren says:

      I really would love if TVline checked out (blocked?) the ISPs of the Jennifer Morrison anti’s, because you just know it’s probably the same one or two people over and over again. And prolly House fans who haven’t quite moved on, lol.

    • Hello says:


      • Tarc says:

        *dies laughing* So, so, so true.

      • mags says:

        Why is it that whenever someone has a less than flattering opinion of Jennifer Morrison’s acting ability, other people have to start bringing up Lisa Edelstein? People can have an opinion on Jennifer’s acting that has nothing to do with Lisa or “House.”

        Some of us only know Jennifer from HIMYM and OUAT. In my opinion, on those shows she’s shown very little acting ability. She’s beautiful and has a pleasant voice, but that’s about it. If you don’t agree with me, that’s OK. But don’t make it some kind of “fangirl” thing when someone disagrees with you.

        • AD says:

          Bahaha. Whoever brings up Lisa Edelstein when talking about Jennifer Morrison doesn’t do the latter any favors. Edelstein – is a character actress with a unique presence and stellar professional reputation, Jennifer Morrison in comparison is a pile of grey goo with a string of questionable performances. With fans like this you don’t need enemies. I don’t know your beef, but I do know something about showbiz.

          As to OUAT, Morrison is indeed the weakest link, it’s not exactly a secret. But she is getting better in the latest episodes that will air around March, just wait and see.

          • Kelly jo. says:

            And the LE Fan-girl Bitter has finally Spoke. jealous much? very hypocritical of you, why are you doing here if your so call goodness has nothing to do with this article, you can preach all you want but the true is that she doesn’t had a job and is killing you with bitter and jealously, so whats left for you bunch of bitter people to do is come here and do what you do best Trolling on JMO article every chance you get. Grow up already and move on. or better yet go back to troll on House Fandom and keep crying because she no there anymore is what you do best.

          • LOL says:

            Thanks for proving “Hello”‘s point!

          • NoLEbitterfangirlsonHouse,please! says:

            @Kelly jo.

            Sadly those bitter LE fangirls are already trolling the House fandom, they’re also sending annoying and rude messages to both the ptb and the people who enjoy the show on twitter. No need to invite them to troll on House, really

          • mags says:

            “With fans like this you don’t need enemies. I don’t know your beef, but I do know something about showbiz.”

            I didn’t say I was a fan. As a matter of fact, I said think Jennifer Morrison has “very little acting ability.” And I never gave my opinion of Lisa Edelstein’s acting. BTW, your vast showbiz knowledge doesn’t make your opinion any more valid than anyone else’s opinion.

            My “beef” is the fact that whenever there is a story about Morrison or Edelstein, people always bring up the other, as if they are bitter enemies in a perpetual competition with each other. And if you don’t like the acting of one, you are called a “fangirl” of the other. It’s just so silly.

        • collin says:

          Well actually comparing Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein is not fair since Lisa can act and Jennifer can´t and the fact that Jen´s character always end up being the most hated of the shows is just a little proof.

          • uh? says:

            Since when showing off ass and boobs is calling acting? LE is just an average actress at best, nothing more than that. Also you say JM’s character is the most hated of show: really? Just because a bunch of people keep posting stupid comments on a web site? Especially when the most of these people are bitter LE fans?

          • kelly jo. says:

            Yes hate by you LE fan-girls who can’t see to move on over the fact she is in a great Tv show, but of course you bunch just had to come here on every article about Jennifer just to do what you are best to TROLL, also no surprise by that and the fact that the other one is jobless must hurt you really deep. Great remark it show your bitterness and jealously so how about you go and grow up, breeze off from here.
            The OUAT fandom doesn’t need your bitter and trolling comments that is fallow by every LE fangirl also please change your nickname when talking to yourself. we know that you had multiple personality disorder and can’t help yourself but keep to fallow Jennifer Morrison career even thought you hate her …. methinks obsessive much?

          • @collin/ikowitisnotyourname says:

            :) Hm yeah, it is simply not the truth. Jen is no better or worse than Miss Edelstein. They have just a different style of acting and i have read over the years as many fugly performance reviews about her as i`ve read about JM. Jen was a fan favourite and i still believe they made a big mistake to write her out. The recent spoilers only make me laugh because they picked up the issues Cameron allways fight for justice. She was only hated by the fans who found Houses actions funny and sexy. Cameron allways fought against Houses shenanigans and Jen did a great job with challenging House as the moral compass and so did Lisa with her part as a super sexy boss. Cameron and Cuddy were two different characters hardly to compare, the differenxe was just just that one of them had to act as a foil to House and not the sexuall dream. There is a difference and sometimes i wish internet people would get it.
            Lisa knows why Jen was fired and she got the job of House`s one-and-only love interest which has resulted to the death of the show and it was most certainly not because of her acting talent, no, not at all *laughs Lol …and Lol, No
            Everyone who thinks House gets renewed is wrong, DS and lovesick Hugh Laurie gambled away. It is over and done,the super-rich pathetic ass Hugh laurie is not talking about House anymore,hiding in shame and singing “Guess I´m a fool”

            I agree with others commenters on this side Jen is doing a great job as Emma with the material she get. She is not the weakest link of the show, the storybrooke storys are the weakest link of the show. They are more unrealistic than the fairytale stories and her character is suffering from it. In spite of all that i like her how she has this beautiful,infectious positive aura around her despite Emmas hard & painful past. The darkness of her character makes her less glamoreus but she is still a strong female, believable heroine and i can´t wait how she comes closer to break the very complex curse. It is the real puzzle of the show and i´m willing to find out howsoever it lasts.

    • Melosm says:

      I love Emma’s character.

    • Someone says:

      JMo is hardly an amazing actress but she is far from terrible. At least she’s better than Lana who overreacts in every scene.

    • Rayrayray says:

      Not one of the people responding to your post knows anything about acting.

      Well, maybe one.

  3. Michael Sacal says:

    I think that they are trying to set Emma up. This is like if Robin suddenly went to the Joker and told him that he’s betraying Batman.

    Sindey is encouraging Emma to break the law to get Regina… that’s a set up.

  4. Lynn says:

    JJJ you must be watching a different show than the rest of us, cause JM shows alot of emotion

    • JJJ says:

      Well then i must be blind (and so must be a lot others) because i always see exactly the same when it comes to Emma. Regina and MM on the other hand are a delight to watch. Then it must be that every time Emma is on screen i become dumb, blind and deaf and can´t apreciate her Oscar worthy performance.

      • Cindy says:

        Sorry, i disagree too and imo people are dumb who have nothing better to do than spread hate and namecalling!
        We get it, you don´t like her, Get over it and Breeze off!!

      • Michael Sacal says:

        Emmy worthy… :P

      • sara says:

        I have to agree. I’m not very impressed with her either. Morrison stumbles a lot in terms of acting compared to the others. She is better in scenes with superior actors though, they pull her up with them.

        • holy crap says:

          You can not like her all you want, seriously I don’t really even notice her acting much on the show. This is a good thing really.

          But things like “in terms of acting” or “in scenes with superior actors” just sound like you’re blowing smoke. You know what I mean?

          Look, JMo’s not doing King Lear here. There is no need for her to be delivering an amazing performance. She’s playing a somewhat tough gal with a magical leather jacket that changes color every now and then. I’d say she’s got about as many facial expressions as she needs.

      • May says:

        JM is a very limited actress. She DOES show little emotion, but this character works just fine. Emma is supposed to be damaged, cold woman. They’re changing her a little bit, but I think JM is developing some skills. Let’s see what happens in the future.

        • Bear75 says:

          Yeah, I’d be interested to see what happens in the future with her character development but at the moment, Morrison is playing it way too cold for this kind of ‘fantasy’ drama. It feels at times as if she’s looking down her nose at it. Plus, I also think she looks older than Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays her mother… which, although they are in alternate realities, kind of throws me. I do think she was miscast :0( but loving the programme so far xx

          • SonR says:

            Jmo does look old, she is only 32 but can’t really pull off 28, she is actually a few years younger than Ginnifer, but G looks much younger.
            with the characters being frozen in time, i would think the Snow is supposed to be younger than 28

          • Moloco says:

            Is she really younger than Goodwin? I thought she was at least eight or nine years older. I never bought Emma being 28. I thought she was around 38-40.

          • mags says:

            Ginnifer Goodwin is 11 MONTHS older than Jennifer Morrison.

          • kelly jo. says:

            @ SonR and Bear75 …I think we need to have a little chat about the way in which you continually try to place objective standards that fit with your own personal likes, dislikes and perspective on a person.

            Because it doesn’t mean what you think it means.
            What it doesn’t mean? It doesn’t mean that you get to age shame, or decide that YOU are the sole authority on degrade a woman for her looks or for her age. Seriously. Please educate yourself . Go back to school. I don’t care what the hell you do. Just please shut the hell up and stop making an ass of yourself.

          • Moloco is a cheap dick says:

            Moloco, nothing sounds quite as pathetic as the lame “oh I thought she was older” and it’s implied ‘she certainly looks it’. It’s junior high name calling you should have grown out of awhile ago.

      • Karl says:

        Jennifer Morrison is a great actress! she’s the lead if you don’t like her too bad for you.

        • @Karl says:

          She WAS the lead, but not any more. Ginnifer Goodwin and the others stole the limelight, and the show producers seem OK with that. Nothing we can do. Maybe she will improve with time and earn back her spot.

          • NONEOFYOURBUSINESS says:

            She IS the lead. If you like it, don’t watch. Or get over it and STFU

          • Moloco says:

            I agree with this. Snow White is the female lead at this point and producers know it. And let be honest, this is a good change for the show since Goodwin is a much better actress than Morrison.

          • Jane says:

            It’s an ensemble show. No one is the lead.

            Everyone has their own place. Snow/Charming were always intended to be the ‘ship couple, Regina the evil foe, Emma the ingenue and Gold the grey character.

            It’s not a competition.

        • mags says:

          Goodwin gets tops billing in the credits, which makes her the lead.

          • Jane says:

            Goodwin gets top billing because her name is alphabetically first with a ‘G’, followed by Morrison and Parilla. Then comes the second string characters.

            Robert Carlyle gets the ‘and’ position, which makes him the most prestigious cast member.

        • Meo says:

          Her acting isn’t great. She does always seem to have that rather unimpressed stony expression/confused look. Granted her interaction with characters mainly involve Regina and Henry and they can both do that for you. Doesn’t help that her character isn’t all that interesting.

          I watch this show mainly because of Rumple…most interesting character and Robert Carlyle’s acting…well it’s great. Maniac insane magical Rumple, semi-cowardly human Rumple, and businessman Mr. Gold all protrayed perfectly.

          • nicksmom says:

            I am in total agreement. Robert Carlyle is this show! Without him it wouldn’t be worth watching. Not to say that there are not some other fine actors in the show, but he absolutely steals it even with the rather limited screen time that he has had. (I certainly hope this changes…GIVE HIM MORE SCREEN TIME!!)
            He has basically played the same character in three, very different, stages of his life. The humble, very human man who overcomes his fears to try to protect his son from becoming just another casuality in a senseless war,then turning, in the blink of an eye, into the “I’m not afraid of anything” Rumpel. Then Rumpel in the future, very self assured, a little maniacal, and definitely one of a kind (I don’t think that he is crazy, I think that he knows exactly what he’s doing). And finally Mr. Gold, again self assured, but without the mania, and always several steps ahead of everyone else.
            Robert Carlyle plays all of these with perfection, showcasing his amazing acting ability. Once again without him this show would be rather boring.

  5. alr says:

    I’m not a big fan of ABC as a network overall but I love OUAT! I think it’s the best new show of the fall. It’s definitely a can’t-miss-show for me!

  6. cindy says:

    It is obviously a trap, i think the promo after the last episode indicated it. Do we get a backstory about the Mirror in fairytale land?

    Emma ROCKS!!

  7. Justin says:

    Was that a genie that popped out of a lamp at the end?

    • Mellie says:

      Yep! The next episode has Snow’s father going to a genie in a lamp… And it’s a magic mirror origin story, so it’s quite possible the Magic Mirror IS the genie…

      Also, this is so obviously a trap. Sydney, Sydney, Sydney. Nice try. “Do all these illegal things to get the info!” “No.” (Look disappointed)

  8. sara says:

    For have a ‘superpower’ to tell when people are lying she’s certainly bad at it.

  9. Amy says:

    so excited for this episode.Emma is my fav character!!

  10. xav says:

    I can’t wait to see Richard Schiff and Lana Parrilla acting together in Fairytale Land. It’s gonna be amazing.

  11. kirads09 says:

    I love this show a little more with each episode.
    Emma cannot trust him. From the video clip I don’t think she is just taking everything he says at face value (no pun intended). But on the other hand, I don’t think he has any love for the queen (as no one does). He was probably captured and put in the mirror by Regina.
    Just want more Robert Carlyle please! He’s brilliant!

    • jj says:

      I love Robert Carlyle too. He IS brilliant! he is the reason I’m mad I discovered Stargate Universe too late. (frankly, that seemed the best of the SG series). I wasn’t too sure about his stylized performance in this series at first. Not because of him, but because of how it fit in with the rest of the show (directorial/editing choices). They are doing a better job of finding the tone of the show and of figuring out how to meld the fairy tale/real world pieces.

      • SGFan says:

        Yes, Carlyle is amazing in both SGU and OAUT, and I don’t know how much sci fi you watch, but SGU was in no way the better than SG1 or SGA.
        There is a reason it only lasted 2 seasons, cancelling a popular and decently rated show to make a new one thereby alienating 3/4ths of your fanbase isn’t a good idea.

        • Tarc says:

          I think the fact that the first 2/3 of the first season where a D-list retread of the first season of Moore’s battlestar Galactica (right down to similar episode titles) was a huge problem. Then it was clear that the producers (as writers) didn’t really have a tone that worked. The random, badly done sex bits were dreadful (again d-list BSG), the transfer stones bits were off-putting, and the whole thing was just too dark and unbelievable for the SG universe fans. To their credit, the show got retooled (twice) and improved each time. By the end, the show was putting out some truly excellent sci-fi. And trust me, I never expected that from the garbage they started out with. I just wish they’d kept Atlantis going for another season or two (and *started* Universe with the second season quality).

  12. Max says:

    I can only assume we’re going to see a rise in pure blue crystal meth distribution in Storybrooke.

  13. Liz says:

    Wow, so many morons commenting here. I thought an amazing show like OUAT would only have amazing fans. Guess I was wrong.

  14. BobbyinTN says:

    GOD! I love that show.

  15. leftovers says:

    I really don’t understand the Jennifer Morrison hate. I watched house a few times, but not enough to care. So, when I began watching Once Upon a Time, it is really the first time I have seen her acting. I think she’s fantastic. She has this character down. As for emotion, her character has wall after wall built up and, when it is called for, she slays it. The angst in those scenes with Hansel and Gretel’s dad was just radiating through the TV. She has a true toughness, and when she wants you to see it, there is a vulnerability there. The haters here are just plain wrong. I question the casting on a couple of other characters, but not Emma. It is right on.

  16. James says:

    JJJ, JJ and J do us all a favor, crawl into a hole and stay there

  17. Once a fan says:

    I’ve watched house, and HIMYM, and OUAT and I have to say that while I enjoy the shows, I didn’t enjoy JM’s performances on any of them. The characters yes, the plot lines sure, but not her performances. I want to like her, I really do, but there’s something about her delivery that is flat and uninteresting. I’m sure she’s a very nice person, and I’m glad that she’s found success, but I feel that this show is good, whereas it could’ve been great had there been a different actress in the lead.

  18. Izan says:

    Emma and her annoying kid are the worst characters. I find myself pulling for EQ because of them. I wish the story could be told without them because seriously, what a waste of screen time

  19. Karo says:

    My hair stood on end after reading some of these nasty comments. What is wrong with you, Dudes?
    I’m rooting for Jennifer Morrison in this role. Unlike GG, she doesn’t have another character to play off of, neither is she a part of a fanciful romance story and unlike LP, she’s not supposed to be chewing the scenery so the role is a more difficult balancing act between toughness and vulnerability.
    Nevertheless she is nailing her part as an essentially good, though flawed heroine very well as a bonus a very sexy one ;)
    I don`t say she is Emmy material, (not yet) ;) (beside Robert Carlyle none of the actors or actresses have emmy worthy talent or charisma and honestly i don´t make these demands on a Tvshow, if i would, my TvShow-watchlist were very short) but to make it clear she most certainly doesn`t deserve this kind of hate, not at all. She is awesome.

    I´m looking forward to sundays episode of ONCE and eager to see how this story evolves.

  20. pedro says:

    las bellas mujeres como Jennifer Morrison causan mucha envidia

  21. Cassandra Elise says:

    Love JMo, and Emma Swan is a BAMF. And Haters are gonna Hate no matter what. Personally, I feel Regina is completely OTT. I wish as the mayor she would tone it down a bit. I mean, seriously, why hasn’t anyone else besides Emma noticed how power-mad she is?!?

    • Jennie says:

      Maybe, everybody in town does know how power hungry Regina is, but they are afraid to undermine her because Regina does have a lot of connections that could bring harm either physically or emotionally to the people in town.

  22. david says:

    HOuse con Jennifer 20 millones sin ella 7,OUAT Jennifer protagonista un exito la gente es lista y sabe

  23. Gavin says:

    Jennifer Morrison is hot. Let’s face it most people here would sleep with her if they had the offer! Seems to be the anti-brigade are primarily jealous females possibly bored fighting over their lost love for Castiel now that Supernatural is taking a break!

    • Bob Jones says:

      Yes, You are correct . . . I would sleep with J-Mo if I had the Chance :)

    • Rayrayray says:

      @Gavin too
      If you’re not just trolling with that “jealous females” comment, I would counter that the JMorrison hate is more that the internet allows a sampling of anonymous people who are ever at the ready to bitch about something and don’t notice that they’re hardly ever happy about anything.

  24. Oscar says:

    Ajajajaj si porque esos 20 millones veian House por ella XD y para tu informacion sin ella House siguio haciendo 13 millones y 5+ en los demos, algo q ese “superexito” q ella “protagoniza” no puede bi soñar cob alcanzar. De hecho cuando H hacia 20 mill Cameron era el personaje mas odiado y por eso la echaron

  25. David says:

    Jennifer Morrison is an amazing actress!!

  26. Nadine says:

    Great show, great writing, great acting by all involved.

  27. niffer88 says:

    Hahahahaha!!! I love David (big Buffy/Angel fan) but he is so stiff as an actor. JMor is a bit like him but not as bad.

  28. Kate says:

    Sounds like an interesting twist but I’m really hoping for more Emma/Gold scenes. They are all kinds of shades of grey.

  29. sugar2U says:

    Acting is acting..whatever.. but to answer the question about trusting the Mirror.. Just like a true mirror he can only tell the truth. In the real faery tale he had to say Snowwhite was the farest of them all because that was the truth… as much as the Queen hated to hear it.

  30. Clara says:

    just love the show and hope its gonna get even more exciting!

  31. Jennie says:

    Magic genie? I thought that was in Aladdin. Are we going to see this fairy tale, too?

  32. Karla says:

    Personally Emma, Regina and Gold are the only characters keeping me watching right now. I don’t know the actors personally so I find it rather presumptuous to criticize them, instead I’ll focus on the characters. Henry, while I know he’s the key to this show, his character is obnoxious, pushy and irritating, not to mention nosy and interfering. Snow White/Mary Margaret.. ugh. I don’t know why but that character along with the Prince Charming fellow sort of make me queasy. Regina/Evil Queen is the selling point for me because she’s such a contradiction. She does something so horrible but yet there’s always such a look of sadness in her face that I always feel sorry for her. I can see that she’s searching for something (besides revenge and power) and has no idea how to get it. Lana Parrilla has done an incredibly amazing job with this character. As for Jennifer Morrison I don’t know her from anything else and I’ve really enjoyed how she plays Emma. Emma is a woman with secrets and with her walls up. She’s not going to be all super emotional like Mary Margaret. That’s not who who character is. But those are just my opinions.

  33. Stella says:

    Jennifer Morrison does a good job portraing Emma. Maybe she is not emmy-worthy but let’s face it, it’s not like the writing for her character is so intense to deserve a nomination.
    Remember that actors can completely transform themselves if they have the right writing.

  34. Brittany says:

    I personally love Jennifer’s acting in this show. I think it suites her well.

    Once the show starts picking up (I’m assuming it’s going to get a lot more dramatic) that we can see more of Jennifer’s acting. :)

  35. Sheena says:

    The link that states ‘Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Once Upon a Time‘s Typewriter-Toting Mystery Man!’ brings the reader to the same page they were just on about Emma getting dirt on Mayor Regina. Please fix this immediately.