Izzie or Izn't She? Katherine Heigl Sets the Record Straight About Returning to Grey's Anatomy

It’s been a week since Katherine Heigl publicly expressed a desire to return to Grey’s Anatomy for a brief stint, but is Izzie really any closer to checking back into Seattle Grace?

In a word, no.

At Tuesday’s New York premiere of her action-comedy One For the Money (opening Friday), the actress told TVLine that the olive branch she extended to her old stomping ground via E! Online has not yet been accepted.

“I haven’t been approached about it [yet],” Heigl said. “But who knows? You never know.

“If they want me to return for an arc, I would love to know where Izzie is now,” she added. “It’s been a couple of years. I really hope she’s succeeding somewhere.”

When we floated the idea that perhaps Izzie followed in her portrayer’s footsteps and adopted a child from South Korea, Heigl urged us to pitch it to Grey’s boss Shonda Rhimes. “That would be a great storyline,” she enthused. “Izzie can’t have children without Alex… because when she had cancer she had to fertilize her eggs, so they’re in a vial somewhere in Seattle Grace.”

Heigl went on to admit that she no longer watches the show because “it just makes me sad… I feel like I’m missing the party. I live about five minutes from the studios, so I have to physically hold myself [back] from just popping in and being like, ‘Hey guys — whatcha doin’?” (Reporting by Alyse Whitney)

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  1. Robin says:

    I miss Izzie, and would love to have her back. She could really throw a wrench in whatever relationship Alex eventually develops with someone. I also think it would be interesting to revisit that frozen embryo, like say Izzie returns b/c she wants to use the embryo…but Alex isn’t so happy about that idea.

    As far as KH – I was upset when she left…but I’d obviously welcome her back.

  2. Jess says:

    I think the way she left the show was less than satisfactory but in my opinion the best era of GA was when she was still on the show. I don’t think she wants to return to GA because her career is failing (it’s obviously not shes been very successful and she’s f’ing rich) but I would love to see her back it would make a great storyline.

  3. Mandi says:

    It’s funny that most of the stories this week are about her possible return to Grey’s and not so much about her new movie. I’d rather she didn’t come back. I was fine with how her story line ended.

  4. Tarin says:

    Kim Raver is an awful actress not saying heigl is the best but compared to Heigl? Raver is awful she is so stiff in her expressions and it looks like she is trying to act as opposed to sandra oh who completely transforms into
    cristina. Raver is the worst thing to happen to GA and i cant wait till she’s gone. Id take heigl back in a heartbeat

  5. nikko says:

    I miss George. Can he come back and haunt the hospital? Or maybe the last few season were just a dream?

  6. Lyss says:

    I really wish she could have said this a little earlier, like in time for the alternate reality episode! That would have been a good way to bring her back for at least one episode and lead in to her possible return (however brief it is). I love Katherine Heigl, she is an amazing actress who would have returned to Grey’s had she not fallen in love with her DAUGHTER! Do remember she was actually scheduled to return, maybe for her last season, maybe not, but felt she couldn’t leave Naleigh and asked out of her contract

  7. Kristy says:


  8. S says:

    So Katherine Heigl wrote her exit storyline?

    The Izzie character was destroyed and she still wants to go back to Grey’s. Maybe this is all a publicity stunt but does that even matter? Even if she does get the chance, which I highly doubt, the character would not be the same.

  9. sarah says:

    So if she is so sad and she cant watch the show as she feels she is missing the party and has to hold herself back from going to the studio , then what was all the crap you spewed a couple years ago about how bad the show was and how bad they treated you!?!?! She is making herself sound so desperate and pathetic

  10. sd says:

    If she had made these comments about Grey’s a month ago or a month from now, they would have more credibility. These comments, so close to the opening of her movie, is totally suspect to me. I don’t think she has any intention of wanting to come back to Grey’s. This is a publicity stunt to get her name out there more and to remind Grey’s fans to go see her movie.

  11. Amaia says:

    “Grey’s Anatomy” doesn’t need Izzie anymore. Katherine Heigl wanted to leave the series and she left. Who cares about Izzie now?

  12. sarah says:

    nope. I don’t really think we need her coming back. It’s been years. It would just bring up bad things for Alex.

  13. Samantha says:

    I honestly don’t want Izzie to come back. I really liked her character in the beginning but the moment she left Alex I hated her, she’s rude, and inconsiderate. It would be the dumbest thing Shonda ever did if she brings her back. She ruined her chance to go off and pursue a movie career, and hey sometimes that works out, and sometimes it doesn’t (In her case, it didn’t seeing as though half of her movies haven’t grossed that much). I’d like to see Alex move on, even though people said Izzie&Alex were meant to be, I don’t think so. That relationship was unhealthy.

  14. Paloma says:

    We don’t need another adoption story on Grey’s Anatomy. Because of course the storyline would be that Izzie comes back to get her eggs and have a baby because that is the only way she can and Alex eventually agrees. Izzie’s cancer comes back while she is pregnant. She manages to carry the baby to term and dies, leaving Alex as a single father to a newborn. She’s on the show for a few episodes over a year and then dead and gone for good.

  15. Karen says:

    I will admit, when Izzie left I was glad – not because I dislike Heigl, but by S6, the writers had made her once interesting, sympathetic character (who wasn’t on the floor with her after Denny?) so unlikeable every scene had become suffocating.

    I had admired KH for telling it like it was – IW needed to stop talking, the “Gizzie” year SL was substandard to say the least. Then it became clear the writers decided to on the surface promote her character with more screentime while really punishing her with absurd SLs, from ghost sex to hyper- melodramatic curable uncurable cancer instead of a realistic struggle. Unfortunately, they did this at the expense of devoting enough time to the other characters on the show (including making George essentially disappear for that season.)

    I thought with 20 minutes per epi of Izzie gone, there would be a golden opportunity to explore those neglected characters: Bailey’s next steps, Alex’s complexities, MerDer as a stable couple, Callie’s dramatic journey of self discovery and above all the exciting, new, complex, unique (i.e., adult) Cristina/Owen love story, with sweet comic helpings of Mark and Lexie and the Chief. Instead, the writers inexplicably chose, instead of fleshing out these characters to make the new ones whole and add interesting twists to existing, decided to pack the next couple of years with so many unnecessary (at best) and annoying (Teddy I’m looking at you) characters that no one’s story (not even the mainstay MerDer’s) was told. They had to stage a shooting to thin the herd but IMO they didn’t go far enough. We are now faced with an unpleasant third-tier character played by an after school special-level actress being given contrived plotlines and more focus than even MerDer and having to bring in additional characters just to make character tolerable.

    Write a solid, not overly hogging screentime SL for Izzie beginning w/ Izzie escorting Teddy to the parking lot of doom and I say “Welcome back Izzie and Katie, all is forgiven.”

  16. Maya says:

    ITA w/ you Karen! I was also glad when Heigl left. She made sure to insult the writers publicly when she didnt put her name in for the emmys before she left and considering she had won two emmys partly because of their stories was a major faux pas. She brought a lot of behind the scenes drama to the show that i just didnt care for. I respect kevin mckidd and sandra oh for being so professional in that regard.

    While izzie was never a favorite of mine i agree with who said they should bring back a character that has a history ans purpose on the show. The most useless is teddy and i really cant stand Kim raver she is a pretty bad actress even for how crappy GA is now. She belongs on Lifetime with meredith baxter.

    Also as for heigls film career just because you make a lot of movies doesnt mean you have a great film career. None of her films have bwwn #1 and she plays the same character in everything so i hardly see the talent she once had on GA and that lasted only a couple seasons. She is a one note actress like michelle rodriguez. Im over it

    I want the GA writers to stop throwing plots at us and actually tell stories. Poor justin chambers i dont know why he sticks around they have forgotten about alex last two years. They should just change GA to the Callie and Arizona show since that is all they care about

  17. sarah says:

    I don’t want them to bring Izzie back,her character was unbearable, annoying, dramatic, and not realistic. I mean, who has sex with a ghost?, and who cries on the floor for that long?. I was glad when she left in season 6, her character became useless. Katherine decided to leave the show for her own good, and she bashed the writers, she doesn’t deserve to come back,and now she’s trying to get attention by telling the media that she “would love to come back to greys” because she doesn’t know where Izzie is, and would like to. No, honestly I hope Katherines character, Izzie died. I know it’s rude, but it seems like the most realistic approch. In other words, I think Katherine is basically trying to promote her crappy movie (may I say it won’t even reach the box office). Alex himself said he doesn’t deserve her, he’s too good for her, Alex didn’t deserve some crappy marriage that wasn’t ever going to work out because she honestly loved denny still.

  18. Kristy says:

    I just want to say to all those who are trashing “Izzie” and her screwing up Callie and George must realize SHE didn’t write her own material it wasn’t heigl who decided to do that it was the writer of the show..I’m not for or agains her coming back I just wanted to point out the fact she merely acted what was wrote FOR her…

  19. Jane says:

    Well, maybe it could be interesting because of Alex. But i dont know. Personaly i like both, Katherine and Izzie, and i dont think she is faking this whole thing. And if they gonna bring her back and she would be more grown up and not as she used to be (except the crazyness, haahhh) it could be fine. I loved her there.

  20. Kerry says:

    Honestly, I feel like Izzie was the only character with any substance to her. I love them all but I think that the Izzie Character made real, maybe stupid mistakes but who doesn’t? She is also the only one who made Alex seem somewhat human. All of these characters are made to be a little too perfect. A great show but unrealistic when it came to how perfect the characters are. Izzie was a perfect mess and I feel like that made the show more emotional. As for Katherine Heigle, I don’t see why a person should be persecuted for trying new things. People who take this personally need to chill out and maybe find some sort of hobby. I miss George and Izzie and feel like the show has really fizzled out since they left. They were the only characters that changed and grew. All the other characters are just exactly the same as when they started.

  21. Cristina says:

    I admit that Katherine Heigl, if the rumors are true, screwed up by not showing up for set at the end of season 6, and I understand why Rhimes may not want her back, but I feel like they could put it aside for the fans. I personally love Izzie’s character and I think she really brought a lot to the show. No, she’s not Meredith or Cristina, but she’s certainly something. I just watched one of her other movies and all I could think was IZZIE, that right there is IZZIE. Just little faces she makes and things she says, Izzie shows through. I feel like, despite Rhimes’s opposition to Katherine Heigl coming back, she hasn’t let Alex find a more permanent girl for a reason. Whether it’s her subconcious or what, Izzie should at least make a return before the show ends. Maybe come back for her eggs (she is such a family person) and claim her man on the way?

  22. amira mohamed says:

    I think it would be cool for her to come back just so the fans can finally see what happened too her. Maybe the fact that all her eggs are frozen there can be her excuse for her to return because she finally wants children. Maybe they can say – she has spent all this time searching for her birth daughter. Who knows? But I would love to see her come back to the show, not as a doctor but maybe as a two epesoide guest or something!!!

  23. TnGuyGus. says:

    Izzie and Alex are 1 in the same she only pushed him away so he wouldn’t be so hurt if she died from cancer. And that’s all Alex does is push people away so is that telling you something? They are meant for each other.

  24. Bella says:

    I wish she comes back to Grey’s Anatomy! I loved her character! I wish her character and Alex got back together!! They are meant to be!
    And to all you people dising her, shut the f* up! You know nothing about her! So stop being jealous of her and get a life!

  25. youlanda says:

    I don’t like the new shows i want izzy back i want to see old faces on the show i love these shows i can watch them over and over plzzzzzz come back and get Alex yall made a good couple izzy did a wonderful job make it happened and come bk u will bk alot of people happy

  26. youlanda says:

    The reason i still watch the new shows just to see if izzy comes bk

  27. Diana says:

    You didn’t say it was to celebrate. You said: “I drank too much and so I bought everyone drinks”

  28. Diana says:

    PlEASE PLEASE BRING IZZIE BACK! Heigl is the best actor they had on the show. I miss her so much.

  29. sillylilnut says:

    Alex and Izzie need to finish together. Shonda has done an amazing job creating them and noone else fits as well as they do. Same goes for Christina/Owen Meridith/Derek Lexie/Sloan Arizona/Callie April/Jackson. These are each others people and I hope Shonda and Greys stays true to that. They created something that fans have hung onto for years with these couples, people 5 years later still want an Alex Izzie happily ever after. It means something doesnt it?

  30. Marva Brown says:

    The show is just not as interesting and now that Derek is supposedly dead…..I’m hoping for a ” DALLAS J R ” moment……bring Derek back !!!

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