Grey's Anatomy Exclusive First Look: Callie Surprises Arizona With a [Spoiler]!

Callie and Arizona are either going to have the best Valentine’s Day ever or the worst.

In Grey’s Anatomy‘s Feb. 9 episode, Callie plans a surprise for Arizona on the most romantic day of the year that, should it bomb, could result in not one but two broken hearts.

“Arizona isn’t quite sure that it’s going to be a surprise that she likes,” previews the character’s portrayer, Jessica Capshaw. “She puts on her game face because she wants to like it so bad. But she’s not entirely convinced that she will.”

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Viewers will learn what the surprise is at the same time Arizona does — which will be at the tail end of the love-soaked hour. Based on the exclusive image below, we know that it is set in outdoors. “It’s something that kind of fell into Callie’s lap that seemed lucky,” Capshaw adds, “and she wants to share it with Arizona.”

Scan the photo below for additional clues and then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Manu says:

    LOVE them together!

    • Jennifer says:

      I also think it’s a house and I think Mark might be involved as will where as they would live together as one happy family that’s my idea

  2. Chenell says:

    A house. Most likely.

    • Jill says:

      I wonder if it’s a house near MerDer’s dream house, because of the trees in the background, it doesn’t scream urban housing, like any of them have been in

    • Thaianne Spinassi says:

      I think is a house, too. I believe, with all “Sloan-Sophia” thing, Callie thought that a house would be the best thing for their relancionship.

    • Elizabeth says:

      yup, that’s my guess too, because of how high up Callie’s eyes are looking. Either that or Blimp. lol!

    • Russ says:

      It is probably need Derek and Meredith’s dream house.

  3. mackenzie says:

    I bet it’s a house.

  4. Mia says:

    Is it a baby bump?? ;)

  5. anakinjmt says:

    I’m thinking a house. Callie bought a house and is so excited because it will have room “for all our kids.” Plural. She also says she wants more babies

  6. Maddog says:

    A HOUSE!

  7. Priscila says:

    Eu acho que a surpresa é o trailer do Derek no meio da floresta…

  8. Sarah says:

    My guess is not just any house but the house Derek is building for Meredith. With all the baby Dr’s moving out of Meredith’s Moms house my guess is he sells it to Callie.

    • amberjj says:

      worst idea ever. derek loves that land and that house has been in the works since the house of candles. too much merder epicness to give it all up to calzona.a

  9. Vanna says:

    HOUSE!!! She (Callie) has mentioned a house before.

  10. Martin says:

    Derek somehow gives/sells them his house because him and Meredith decide to stay in hers.

  11. abc123 says:

    Finally Calzona gets a storyline. I feel like they’ve been sidelined this whole season!

    Yeah, a house seems like a safe bet.

  12. aussie says:

    It does look like the woods from the background, but god i hope Derek hasn’t sold dreamhouse to Calzona that would be disappointing to say the least. I want Mer/Der/Zola in the dreamhouse only.

  13. Jen says:

    What is wrong with you people?! Why on earth would Derek give up that house? If you read the post carefully, Ausiello says the surprise comes at the “tail end” of the episode = a puppy! Maybe Arizona doesn’t like dogs. Also, they’ve already done the I-bought-us-a-house-without-telling-you thing with Cristina and Owen.

    • jane says:

      Meredith’s house not the dream house.

    • Jenna says:

      EXACTLY! There is no way that Derek would give them that house when he’s building it with his own two hands, and MerDer have been planning this house for years now. Although I find it unlikely, my best bet would be Meredith giving them her mom’s house, since the roommates (except Lexie) are moving out. Which could also set up a Lexie storyline where she’s either now living with them and Mark (oh the drama) or her feeling shut out by her sister again.

  14. chris says:

    well if it isn’t that trip to Spain that AZ wanted back when this whole baby fiaso started, or Callie actually painting the apt in colors that AZ can live withm then who cares? Callie buying a house a house without input from AZ just sounds like Callie once again pushing her own agenda without concern for Az. A house is a two person decision, you don’t buy a house without input from your partner.

    • Jenna says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with that statement (going through that back and forth right now, where I had to put a stop to him buying a house because he thought it was an amazing idea…it wasn’t.) However, the article says that it fell into her lap, which means maybe…free house? Not sure I can pass up a free house, regardless of how much I hate it aestetically, you know? Maybe Callie was given a house somehow which would make this a little more forgiveable than buying a house and pushing her agenda.

  15. mcsneezy says:

    A horse? LOL Aww, I love Calzona!

  16. Kella says:

    It is Meredith’s mom house. All the other doctors are moving out and Shonda has already said Mer/Der move into the dream house at the end of the season.

  17. Lalskssi says:

    I love the look on Az’s face! She’s so scared about what it’s going to be…and u can tell she doesnt want to offend Callie. So sweet.

  18. mcyummy says:

    I love how they dress alike. So adorable together. But it would be wrong if Callie bought a house without consulting Arizona first. That’s a no-no. I think they want us to think it’s a house but really, it’s going to be a huge piece of property over-looking Seattle where they can build a house together. And plan everything together. Arizona probably thinks its a house and that’s why she’s scared…but Callie just picks out the land. :)

  19. Sue says:

    Well I “scanned” the picture for clues and all I kept seeing was 126942_0528-xl. So what does that mean?

  20. Joyous247127 says:

    Arizona is wearing a backpack?

  21. Tara says:

    Something to do with birds?

  22. anon says:

    Ahhh, they are so adorable! I have no idea what it could be, but I’m going with something unpredictable?

  23. Maria says:

    It’s totally some sort of animal!

  24. Chris says:

    A dog maybe?

  25. Fabricio says:

    a question, would the new upcoming baby of Jessica Capshaw affected once again the Calzona relationship like the past year?

    Jessica was pregnant and her character went to Africa and this caused the first big fight and break up of Calzona. What happens now?? do They keep the pregnant without problems like they did with Ellen Pompeo??

    • amberjj says:

      this has already been addressed by jcap and shonda. the pregancy will not be written into the series, at all. jessica is due in the summer, and probs wont miss any episodes.

  26. Jamie says:

    It’s a horse!

  27. Vanessa says:


  28. Bird says:

    It’s a sweater!

  29. Liz says:

    actually she’s been showing for a while Shonda even tweeted as much.

  30. Alicia L. says:

    I kind of agree with who ever said it was a house.

  31. shanelle r. says:

    goin with a house only thing that really makes sense…..

  32. Jasmine says:

    Chickens! AZ has “this strange thing for chickens!”

  33. Korey says:

    Really Calzona has gotten way to boring and lake a storyline

    • sara says:

      They have not been boring it’s about time they became the “Stable Couple”!! for once and it’s been fun to look at the rest of the couples had the “Stable Couple chance too and I enjoyed watching them also “They need a Break”!! until next season which things will change.

  34. Aelis says:

    I’d say it’s derek’s former trailer. He may have given it to Callie for some reasons. After all, almost everyone owned it once (derek, Addison, Karev, Izzie, Mer/Christina, etc…) so why not Callie ? At least for one single Valentine’s night in the middle of the woods.

    But according to what Jessica Capshaw said, I’m really wondering whether all of this isn’t going to end up badly, if Az doesn’t like the surprise, which would turn out to be a very sad outcome for a Valentine’s Day episode :)

  35. Aylish says:

    Why does everyone think a house ? Arizona would flip it if Callie bought a house without her. Plus they’re really rugged up to be looking at a house, beanie, scarf, gloves, really big jackets. I know it’s cold in Seattle but when have the looked like that ? I

    I also don’t think I’d have anything to do with Sloan, Arizona and Sloan get on but I don’t see Callie pushing it by making them live under the same roof.

    “Hey Arizona, look at our new house I picked out, also this is Mark’s room”

    Just saying.

    • Jennifer Kostiuk says:

      Good call on the clothes… you’re right, it’s never that cold in Seattle. And I’m sure I read somewhere, that they Callie takes Arizona “away” somewhere.

  36. Jennifer Kostiuk says:

    You people… of course it’s not a house. That’s TOO OBVIOUS! I’m guessing it’s the chickens… like jasmine said. Only because I remember that scene when Callie was making cartilage and Arizona says yes to the big house, but no kids, and she said something about chickens… so I think it’s chickens. I think Callie will say something about them having Sofia, and now Arizona has her chickens, and they should start looking for a house. I do think house is way too obvious. Although… Capshaw’s comment about “it falling into Callie’s lap and it seemed lucky”… chicken’s don’t make much sense. Whereas the house does… Maybe it’s a hot air balloon ride over Seattle? It’s NOT a house!

  37. Z says:

    damm!! look at them being all cute & adorable..i don’t know about this surprise but maybe its a house!?,that will be awesome.or maybe Chickens?lol

  38. Vicky says:

    It looks like something big because of Callie’s eyeline not something like chickens. A house or plot of land is a maybe but I think AZ would like that. She doesn’t seem like the camping type so maybe Callie is taking her camping/has borrowed Derek’s trailer and got it all romantically decorated. The fact it’s something that has ‘fell into Callie’s lap’ suggests to me that it is something like Derek’s trailor. It does look rather like the location of the dream house though and I suppose if Derek decided to sell that could be seen as ‘falling into Callie’s lap’ but I just cant imagine a reason why even with the other residents moving out of Mereiths mums/

  39. Dash says:

    I really like Arizona and I think she can do much better than Callie. I feel like Callie has treated her badly over the course of their relationship and Arizona is just too much of a sweetheart to walk away.

  40. sarah says:

    IT will be a house

  41. Janice says:

    maybe its a farm…..lots of chickens!

  42. Jt says:

    Firework display!!!! Setup by Callie, on a hilltop in the park, chilly night in Feb. explains the clothes. They watch as the show and Valentine special comes to an end. The last firework, will be a huge heart!

  43. Viv says:

    JCap is def already showing lol and I’m pretty sure this was filmed at the beginning of the year.

  44. Brig says:

    it is Alex’s trailer, he bought it from Derik, lived in the hospital parking lot while Mer was made at him, then when he moved back in the house so he doesn’t need it anymore. Now that Kepner and Jackson need him to kick in for rent in thier new place he needs the money so he sells it to Callie. It is a weekend getaway.

    • obso says:

      I love your idea. It’s their weekend getaway from everone and everything. Love it!

      • janet bratter says:

        Everyone says a house but I agree that you don’t buy a house without input from your partner. They’re outside and Callie is looking up at something so it can’t just be a puppy or chickens.. Derek isn’t going to sell Callie his house….The clue that it fell into her lap leads me to thinking the Airstream where just about everyone has had some time…And decorated for V-day would be very romantic. The GA show wouldn’t have to invest in anything they don’t already have….so….my vote is the trailer to use for weekend getaways.

  45. Ele says:

    I don’t think it’s a house, it’s something different, but I can’t guess what, love callie. & Arizona

  46. Vannesa says:

    I have a theory it’s a house.

  47. TimWnTX says:

    I guess Callie is going to take Arizona on a romantic week end. And the location is the surprise perhaps. House seems too easy.

  48. Y.Jimenez says:

    The apartment where they live is near the hospital and would not be practical to move, so that surprise could be a second home where they both can escape. The house must be near the B & B, which never came because the car accident.
    (Sorry for my english)

  49. Zoe says:

    Finally a (tiny) storyline for Callie/Arizona. I love these two, both the characters and the actresses. And while I don’t want anything remotely approaching the level of stressful drama that they experienced last year, I would like to see more from them in the future. Like, are *any* of Arizona’s ex-girlfriends *ever* going to show up?

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Its that cold in Seattle!! When I went it was 19 degrees when I got off the plane! Maybe it’s a house that Callies father bought them, and there are lots of chickens!!!