Gossip Girl Preview: Blair's Royal Wedding Brings Love, Scheming and Blasts From the Past

Church bells will be ringing next Monday on Gossip Girl as Blair prepares to marry Prince Louis. TVLine got a sneak peek at the milestone 100th installment, “G.G.,” plus a Q&A with executive producers Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage. While we’ve been sworn to secrecy on most of the juicy details, here are a few things we can share:

Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Will Dan Stop Blair’s Royal Wedding? [Spoiler] Thinks He Will!

THE LOVE SQUARE RAGES ON | Who will ultimately win Blair’s heart? Like we could tell you! But the bride-to-be’s relationships with all three men in her life – Chuck, Dan and Louis – will be a key point of the episode. And all three gentlemen may end up surprising you.

HOPES WILL BE DASHED? | The hour opens with Serena dreaming: She plays Marilyn Monroe to Blair’s Audrey Hepburn, with Dan as the man who’s caught in the middle – until he chooses Audrey. So is the blonde’s subconscious trying to tell her something about her ex and her best friend? “Serena feels like she might be losing things in her world right now,” says Safran. “The ground is shifting underneath [her].”

UNHOLY ALLIANCES ARE FORMED | Why does the hottie priest of Monaco care so much about stopping Louis’ wedding? “He wants the royal ear,” answers Safran. And to get that power position, he may have even used Beatrice. “I don’t know if that was an organic relationship that he had with Beatrice,” notes the EP. But now that Father Cavalia has had the prince’s sister shipped off, he’ll turn to Chuck for help, challenging him in the process. “Anytime anyone reforms [the way Chuck did],” those changes have to be tested, says Safran.

Gossip Girl Hot Shots: Serena Makes Like Marilyn


SPARKS WILL FLY | Devilish schemer Georgina Sparks is back to wreak havoc on Blair’s nuptials! But her motives are “more entertainment than evil,” insist Savage. Adds Safran: “Maximum damage makes her laugh.”

A NEW ROMANCE EMERGES | Despite not hitting it off right away (see this sneak preview from Monday’s episode), Nate and the real Charlie will find that they have something in common: family troubles. “He’s in a position where he can help her, and actually use what he’s learned in his life to help somebody else, as opposed to just constantly being s— on,” reveals Safran with a laugh. That connection with Charlie will be “a really interesting story for [Nate] and really allows him to emotionally mature.”

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Gossip Girl and More!

GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE | A word of advice: Watch the show’s very first episode before you tune in for “G.G.” It’ll be worth it because, in preparation for the big episode, Safran “watched the pilot like seven times” and peppered it with awesome callbacks. As for the show’s future, the producers remain very confident that another season of drama is ahead. “We’re not writing a series finale this year,” says Savage. “We’ve checked in with our bosses to make sure we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot.”

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  1. Anders says:

    So Stephanie Savage is saying the show is unofficially renewed for another season essentially..

  2. Judy says:

    Watched the pilot for seven times but don’t bother to add anything for Serena/Nate? LMAO.

  3. Emily says:

    Not excited about men continuing to fight for Blair’s love, buuuut everything else sounds great! Happy for Nate to have maybe a real relationship for once in his life, happy to hear Georgie will be fun, and hoping Chuck wins Blair’s heart back in the end! Also hoping Serena sees her true worth, even if D can’t.

  4. Mehr says:

    GG is so good this season! they really have made up for the failure that was Season 4, Juliet was the only thing keeping that mess going…jeesh.

    • Ad says:

      Juliet ftw!!!!!

    • ana muller says:

      which part do you think was good about this season? Louis’ never ending arc? Nate banging yet another old woman? Blair’s personality transplant? Dan’s lack of a haircut? or the writers disregard for character consistency and failure in simple logic? I have watched this show since season one, and have always considered it a guilty pleasure, so I try not to take it too seriously which makes very tolerant, but this season so far has had close to nothing redeeming about it, Gossip Girl went from being a funny/sexy/sort-of-clever show to being the hot mess that it is right now, I don’t know how it happened but it did… don’t kid yourself GG has seen much better days, if you follow their advice and watch the pilot before watching the 100th episode you’ll probably be able to confirm that.

  5. Joanna says:

    Yeah, Blair and her men does very little to appeal me unless it means lots and lots of Chuck and Blair. Because you know, they love each other! Nate gets a new love interest. I was partial to Navy but seeing this is the real Charlie I hope it works. Poor Serena, she deserves so much better and I hope she realises it soon. And always happy to see Georgina coming back. Still hate the wedding though.

  6. Allie says:

    I’m kind of just annoyed by all the men fighting over Blair at this point. Although I actually do agree with Safran (crazy, I know) that Chuck’s growth won’t be real until it’s tested- I’d just like to see it tested in a way besides Blair rejecting him over and over again, because it’s starting to feel like kicking a puppy (Same with Dan’s treatment of Serena, btw. Poor girl.) Also, can we officially retire the word “organic” from ever being used in another GG interview again?

  7. Beth says:

    I’m looking forward to all the pilot callbacks and the Serena/Dan/Blair stuff in this episode. Louis had really overstayed his welcome, tho.

  8. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    I think Blair and Dan will sleep together at the wedding reception. We’ve heard something juicy goes down at the reception and, with Serena now in the role of Blair (suspecting her love might be in love with her best friend) it would be only fitting for Blair to pull a Serena and seduce him at the reception. It’d be an excellent call back to the pilot, at least.

  9. flow says:

    This “love square” is ridiculous. How many times is Blair supposed to choose Chuck? How. Many. Times?

  10. Kimmie says:

    I find it ridiculous how the writers keeps throwing Dair in out faces when Blair does not feel the same way about him. In the dream Dan picks Blair over Serena, yet for Blair, she would pick Louis before she even consider Dan. Seriously can we just end everything Dair. Chair is so epic. They are endgame. The writers knows it and so do the fans.

  11. Deeds says:

    I just want chuck and Blair already. Stop teasing!

  12. A says:

    Agreed. They just need to stop.

  13. Katie says:

    I’m really hoping for some big Dair developments in the near future. I love them!

  14. Anne says:

    I WANT DAIR TO GET REAL SO EFFIN MUCH!! It’s the only reason I’m watching the show for!!

  15. Kaitlyn says:

    I love that Leighton and Penn are all about Dair too. It’s especially awesome since (like a lot of Dair shippers) she was a die hard Chair shipper for quite a while. Even Ed Westwick doesn’t want a happy ever after for Chair. He’s even said that he thinks Chuck’s obsession with Blair is unhealthy. All in all, I don’t care if they’re not endgame, they’re still the best thing that’s happened to GG. A loooooot of people have said they were ready to quit watching the show until Dan and Blair began having their own storylines. Since season 1, I secretly hoped something would happen between them because I knew if it did, they have the potential to be amazing!!! I also love Serenate too.

    • Ella says:

      I had quit watching. Dan/Blair pulled me back in. As a woman, I find Chuck to be an offensive, misogynistic toad. No girl in the history of female friendships would tell a friend of hers to stay with a man who tried to rape/sell/emotionally and physically beat her. I find it funny that so many women continue to push the idea of Chuck/Blair when he couldn’t be anything further from the best for her. He is a tumour and she needs to cut him out completely.

      • lol ok says:

        “As a woman..”? Are you somehow implying that only girls like Chuck, or that you aren’t a real woman if you like Chuck as a character? Get off your high horse. “As a woman” you are watching a show, and commenting like it’s characters are real. Just FYI, this is a TV SHOW, and there are A LOT of things that all of the characters wouldn’t get away with in real life, not just Chuck. And Chuck never tried to beat or rape Blair, stop making up stuff just because you think this TV show is real life. It’s pathetic and sad you are taking this SHOW so seriously. Just get over the FACT that Blair has chosen Chuck again and again, and in the end will probably choose him again. hahahaha :D

    • Claire says:

      That was sort of me, too. I hadn’t stopped watching totally but was watching only sporadically and with a big yawn until Dair started happening. I’m prepared Chuck and Blair will probably be thrown back together eventually, though I think after a couple has been shown breaking up that many times the idea that they are soulmates loses its credibility. (I used to be all about Chair but all the breaking up and inability to make a go of it wore me down.) Here’s hoping for a good run for Dan and Blair, played by two amazing actors.

  16. Jared says:

    I think it has a lot to do with what happens at the wedding reception… or at least after the “wedding.” The betrayal of Blair via Serena sleeping with Nate was the driving force of season 1.

    • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

      This is what I’m saying! It would make so much sense for Dan/Blair to happen at the wedding reception since we’ve been told something happens to parallel the first episode.

  17. Chair! :) says:

    I love that Leighton and Ed BOTH said that Chuck and Blair are soulmates. Leighton has never given any indication that she is all about dair, only Chair. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure Penn said himself that Chuck and Blair are soulmates, so we can add him to the list. A LOT of people have already stopped watching the show, and A LOT of people are about to stop watching if this…”love square” continues. I don’t get how it’s a love square if Blair only truly loves ONE of the guys (i.e. Chuck :P). But since the writers can’t/don’t have the mental capacity to write couple happy AND together, I guess watching dair crash and burn will be good enough. ;) Also, Ed never said he didn’t want a happy ending for C & B, I wish SOME people would stop twisting his words and practice ereading comprehension, but I’m not surprised they twist his words to suit their own fandom. Anyways, I’ll believe Blair when she continually says Chuck is the only one for her! CHAIR! :-)

    • sarah says:

      lol you totally owned that comment by kaitlyn…they obviously didn’t read/watch ed’s interview where he said he is as invested in the chair happy ending as chair fans not to mention ALL the cast have said chuck and blair are soulmates/belong together INCLUDING Leighton (and penn). All leighton said about dair was she wanted to see them play out..that is nothing compared to her(and ed)saying they want to see chuck and blair get married and be happy. By the way you were never a die HARD chair shipper if you don’t ship them anymore…CHAIR WILL BE ENDGAME.

    • Ella says:

      Untrue. Leighton has very boldly said that she personally hopes Blair chooses Dan because she loves working with Penn and wants to see where that storyline goes. You may love Chuck/Blair and you are entitled to your opinion but the truth is that off-screen, Leighton is closest to Chace Crawford, then Penn Badgley, and lastly, Ed Westwick.

      • Judith says:

        While everything Chair wrote was a truthful recap of recent interviews, yours is NOT! Leighton never said she chooses Dan, she did say that she liked working with Penn but she also said she likes working with everyone on the cast, so that doesn’t make what she said about her current DB friendship storyline with Penn anything ‘special’. Leighton and Ed are very close, but I don’t think it is for us to say who is the closest friendship, that is just stupid.

      • Allie says:

        “I’d like to see that relationship play out” =/= “I hope Blair chooses Dan”. Sorry. I think we’re mostly resigned to it “playing out” to some degree, but you’d have to be ignoring everything the show is telling you to think they’re ending up together. And it’s really not relevant who’s friends off-screen, the point is the *characters* and what makes sense for them.

  18. Anna says:

    CHAIR!!! They keep trending world wide and are the only reason A LOT of people keep watching they show! :) I can’t wait for Blair to choose Chuck……oh yeah, she’s done that. Well, I’ll wait for these other ridiculous story lines to be ruined by the writers, then they can make Chair end game!

  19. Fabricio says:

    Please!!! Another GG season?? I wish this would be the final season for this reasons:

    1. Chuck gets a dog, next he buy a family house in the hamptons and married Blair

    2. Take Down Gossip Girl. There is a war between S and GG. We know who wins at the end. Sorry S but you’re not quite smart. Thankfully this show is not to reveal the true identitie (s) of GG, this is not -A- from Pretty Little Liars

    3. Without Jenny, Blair only have love problems, I missed the queen bee from previous seasons. I want the Blair Witch back. She wants Chuck so bad, stop Dair scenes and gave Chair the stupid happy ending like the writers want it

    4. Dan is close to disappear. He falls in love with Blair but she never loves him back as the same way that she loves Chuck or even Louis. He would get success with his new writer career and left town.

    5. The end game would become same as the original books, Chair and SereNate. Xoxo Gossip Boring and Predictable Girl

  20. K. says:

    Excited for the real Charlie storyline. And crossing my fingers for Dair to finally happen. :D

  21. Ella says:

    The pilot, huh? Does that mean we’ll actually get a decent Nate/Blair moment? They’re, you know, the couple the books focussed entirely on while Dan was off shaving Vanessa’s head and Chuck was sleeping with boys.

  22. Judith says:

    I’ve watched GG since the start and I ask myself, the story they have been telling/building up over all these episodes, over FIVE SEASONS is CB. If anyone was marrying Blair, it should be Chuck. The reason why it isn’t let us remember is GOD! That is the best ‘roadblock’ these so called writers could come up with. PATHETIC!
    The Blair and the “men in her life” has been ridiculously built up by the media and the writers to promote fanwars- and you know what the majority still want Chuck and Blair. How many times is Blair supposed to say she loves Chuck the most, that she chooses Chuck, for the fact that they belong together to sink in?

  23. Hanni says:

    wow are people missing the point that the only reason she isnt spending the rest of her life with chuck is because she loves him so much that the most important thing to her is keeping chuck safe. “i feel dead inside w/out him. do you guys want her happy or not. ill admit in S4 chuck should not have been with her, but now he can make her happy, even dan saw that! remember dair fans you were all like ” awww dan just wants whats best for her and her to be happy” by him taking her to chuck says that chuck is the best for her and for her to be happy. DUH. ohh what else has Dan says. oh right ” the ending they deserve!! oh and btw i LOVE DAN! im just saying that by you saying that dan was sooo selfless for wanting whats best for her and what did he do bring her to chuck proving that chuck is whats best for her!

  24. sarah says:

    I only care Chair!!. Please Blair, do not marry Louis. I hope Georgie’s plot is interesting!!!!!

  25. Kat says:

    Chuck and Blair are meant to be together! The most perfect couple <3

  26. Clara says:

    I would love to see Dan and Blair together. At least they should try. He has been so supportive and I hope for him that Blair might also have feelings for him, but i dont think so. Still I would love to see them together.

  27. tylor says:

    AGREED! Team Dan and Blair!

  28. Chair#1 says:

    Wouldn’t it be an insult to our intelligence for Blair to pick anyone but Chuck. She has said all along how he is all she ever wanted (never mentioning Dan). The writers could always mess with that of course but it would only make people want to watch less. Also I don’t see Blair as the type to go off and sleep with Dan (gross). Serena and Blair are suppose to be Great friends, so would Blair go behind her back? Wow is she did that would ruin her Character for me!

  29. Ashlee says:

    I think that whoever was in charge of hair/makeup for Leighton for this episode should be fired…. The Blair from seasons past would NEVER have her hair be a stringy mess on her wedding day… she does not look like a Princess-to-be…