Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Will Dan Stop Blair's Royal Wedding? [Spoiler] Thinks He Will!

Chuck Bass makes a startling admission in Gossip Girl‘s wedding-themed 100th episode that should put a smile on the faces of Dair ‘shippers everywhere.

Gossip Girl Spoiler Alert: 100th Episode to Feature HUGE Twist!

In the following exclusive sneak peek from Monday’s milestone hour (The CW, 8/7c), a suspicious Nate phones Chuck on the morning of Blair’s nuptials to inquire about his plans for the day. The lil’ Bass-tard — knowing a passive-aggressive reconnaissance mission when he sees it — assures Nate that he has no plans to ruin Blair’s big day.

And that’s when the plot really starts to thicken.

Chuck proceeds to warn Nate that the person most likely to sabotage the ceremony is Dan. Oh, and did I mention that Dan is actually listening in on this entire conversation? ‘Cause he is. And his reaction to Chuck’s pseudo-accusation is both priceless and telling.

Press play below and then hit the comments with your insta-reaction!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Aww. Chuck and Monkey! The only rootworthy relationship left on this show.

  2. MSC says:

    Oh Dan’s an effing LOSER! Chuck and Blair is all I care about!

    • ggny says:

      yes the guy that treats Blair great,listens to her and helps here is the Loser but the guy that try to Rape and Sell her isnt…yes you are 100% right about Dan

    • Steph says:

      lol are you kidding? Chuck is the stalker here. Dan’s been nothing but supportive to Blair in everything she chooses. Where are you pulling this crap from?

      • Jessica says:

        Yeah I agree where are they getting this stuff from Dan is completely supportive of Blair so much that he is going to let her go through with the wedding when he’s totally in love with her.

  3. Sarah says:

    So I am not so much concerned with who will stop the wedding as much, PLEASE SOMEONE, ANYONE, STOP THE WEDDING!! Let’s be done with Louis and his weird family!!! I don’t care if its Chair or Dair! Either one is better then Louis and Blair!!!

    • Svenja says:

      Amen to that. IMO it is utterly disturbing that Louis asked Dan to write his vows for Blair. Seriously? That’s awful.
      I hope Blair will find out who wrote the words during the episode.

      • ana muller says:

        Am I the only one who thought that Dan being ok with writing the vows was just as disturbing? I mean what the hell?

        • erin says:

          he clearly wasn’t as you saw at the end of the episode, there’s clearly a bit more to it than him ‘being okay with it’.

        • Jessica says:

          your right Dan is not okay with doing that, I saw that look on his face it was so heart breaking he loves her so much, so its so sad to see him sad, I just can’t believe he’s actually going to the wedding. I’m surprised

          • andy says:

            then why the hell did he do it? and don’t tell me it’s because he “loves” Blair, I mean seriously if you care about someone you tell her that the guy she’s about to marry doesn’t know the first thing about her and is so desperate he’s been asking her closest friends to write the vows for him. Oh wait I bet I know why he did it… maybe he made a pact with God, and if he didn’t write the vows she would die right? this show just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

          • Svenja says:

            I think the writers’ intention behind the whole “Dan wrote the vows for Louis” thing is that they think Dan only wants to see Blair happy no matter what happens.
            Still, I believe it is a weird idea and I am almost convinced that she’ll figure out that those are Dan’s words during the next episode.
            I strongly believe that the whole wedding idea in general isn’t a good one.
            They are too immature to get married. All of them!
            They should have decided to go to the series’ origins with the 100th episode. Apparently, they claim to do it, but I don’t see it. Hopefully the episode will surprise me in a positive way though recent developments kinda cause me to doubt it

    • em says:

      I agree with this so much. I’ve been a fan of Chair and Dair over the years and I don’t even care if Chuck’s monkey stops the wedding a la Another World. I think that the writers must’ve planned Blair’s wedding to coincide with Georgina’s return for the 100th ep. Because there’s no other way I could see Louis and Blair last for this long in any other scenario.

    • tacos22 says:

      Exactly! I’m no fan of Chair these days (if Chuck isn’t going to change, don’t waste my time pretending he will, and really Blair, a pact with God?), but crazy as that relationship is, at least they aren’t as painfully boring and pointless as Louis and Blair. I mean, come on. A triangle is one thing. I can even do a square. But with Serena back on Dan, this is now a love pentagon, which has been building up for a year, and someone’s gotta go. And I think we can (mostly) all agree that the one relationship that is working the least is Blair and Louis, who is arguably the dullest character on TV today.
      I mean, I don’t watch every TV show, but I feel pretty confident. He’s really boring.

  4. Allie says:

    Nice to see people being so concerned about Chuck’s feelings. Oh wait…

    I’m guessing Chuck’s saying that because he knows Dan is hiding the real reason Blair’s marrying Louis? Whatever, this storyline is so ridiculous, I can’t even.

  5. Emily says:

    … So basically Chuck has no one who actually WORRIES about him. Just a gatekeeper in Nate who wants to make sure he doesn’t ruin Blair’s special day.

    And as I am not in any way someone who enjoys DB, I’m mostly just sad that Blair is marrying another man and Chuck has no one and gets to be forever alone. YAY 100 EPISODES.

    • Allie says:

      Seriously, we’re like 13 episodes into the Chuck miserable and alone storyline. It’s starting to get old.

      • P says:

        Oh, I wouldn’t worry about Chuck judging from the series past record… he’ll find a random guest star and be madly in love with her for a few episodes, reminding us all how precious this new face is before inevitably sabotaging it or tossing her to the side to once again “destroy” Blair. Throwing any characterizations that he may have had in the past few season out the window leaving me to repeatedly bang my head against the wall and start shipping gossip girl/better writers… again.

        • Hannah says:

          Except that we’re 12 episodes into the season in terms of the episodes screened, and about 18 episodes into filming, and there’s absolutely zero sign of any guest star love interest for Chuck. So even if that was Chuck’s pattern (and I would disagree with you on that anyway), it’s clearly not his pattern any more.

          • sarah says:

            right? as if Blair didn’t have random guest star love interests, she’s MARRYING one for crying out loud.

          • P says:

            His guest star love interest this season is therapy/monkey dog. I’m actually enjoying them with their torrid love affair (The dog is cute, lets face it). I was just sick of it in season 4 between Reina and Eva. (I actually liked him with Eva so I don’t know what that says about me. Lulz.)

  6. LOL says:

    Ausiello’s summary is more entertaining than the clip itself.

  7. Frannie says:

    And Nate being a good friend comes to a halt. Shocked that no one is actually supporting Chuck since they know how hard for him this is.
    But basically Chuck spells out what is going to happen.
    I just want Chuck to find happiness and for Chair to be together. This show is only getting worse.
    Sick of them forcing Dan on us.

  8. Svenja says:

    I hope someone will stop this wedding.
    I mean, come one. Louis doesn’t get her. Dan and Chuck know Blair and get her. How pathetic is it to have Dan write your vows?
    Seriously… Louis, major fail.

  9. samanthafromitaly says:


  10. Annie says:

    Where was this priceless and telling reaction?

    • Calista says:

      There is none. Ausiello is shilling for Dan Humpty again. Not sure who is paying him but it’s definitely not enough. The description of the scene was so off it’s not even funny.

  11. Annie says:

    lol the article is completely exaggerated. How can that put a smile on Dair shippers faces? It’s so obvious Dan loves Blair and guess what? no1curr.

  12. Fay says:

    Still drinking I see, Chuck. What a cartoon-ish character he’s become. I never liked him, but at least he was kinda fun back then.

    • P says:

      I will admit I miss the incredibly morally gray, stripper loving, playboy of seasons past. I liked him better as the wild card, not the romantic lead.

    • Calista says:

      I don’t find him cartoonish at all but to each their own. I think he’s the most interesting and compelling character on the show besides Blair. I find Nate cute and endearing but not compelling. Serena would be more interesting if Blake tried a little harder to enunciate. Dan is just meh. Not endearing. Not sexy. Not charismatic. I couldn’t care less about him and his precious “feelings” that he has each season for a new girl. Meh.

      • Hannah says:

        Are characters not allowed to drink now? Or is this just an ever-convenient way to dig at Chuck because you hate that Blair will never stop loving him and so Dair is doomed to fail? Hmm.

      • Sigh says:

        I will never understand how Blake “Marble mouth” Lively is a movie star and Leighton Meester isn’t. I was watching old Gossip Girl DVDs and it is so obvious that they have to go back and redub all of Serena’s lines because Blake mumbles through them. It’s like she thinks if she opens her mouth wide enough to speak clearly she will die. you would think they could afford to get her a speech coach.

  13. Natalia says:

    I don’t think Dan will stop the wedding cause he loves Blair too much and he thinks that getting married will make her happy…I dunno, I just want DAAAAIR

    • Allie says:

      How stupid would Dan have to be to think that marrying Louis will make Blair happy? She’s cheated on him with Chuck three times and tried to leave him for Chuck twice. In what language does that spell happiness?

      • elle says:

        the same kind of stupid that would let her go through with a wedding because if she doesn’t God will kill the love of her life. (I’m still not over how lame this story line is) And before anyone says I’m being mean to Dan and that he is not the only one who knows Blair’s “secret”… I think Serena is stupid too, they’re perfect for each other that way.

      • Dash says:

        Allie…This is Dan Humphrey we are talking about. He was in love with SErena for like 3 years without saying anything and would have continued pining for her forever if she hadn’t scooped him up and taken pity on his sad Humphrey self. I just hate that they are writing Blair into the kind of character who would cheat on her fiance multiple times, try to leave him multiple times, and yet still here we are with her at the altar. Will the real Blair Waldorf please stand up?

  14. Manu says:


    Chuck playing nice when he and Father Cavalia have something cooking, smh.

    Just bring in the Dair, Gossip Girl!

  15. Tina says:

    NONE is excited about this wedding! This is not a reward for fans who have been watching this show for 4 years!! Chuck and Blair should get married!!

    • Svenja says:

      I don’t think Chuck and Blair should get married, but I agree. I am not excited about this wedding and I strongly believe that the whole marriage topic is over the top. None of the character is ready to get married. They are my age, not ready, haven’t found their place in the world.
      And who the hell cares about Louis?
      What the hell is going on with Serena? She used to be so caring, strong and awesome.

  16. Danielle says:

    lol, riiight

  17. Hannah says:

    So no-one is supporting Chuck on what must be an incredibly hard day for him?! Jeez. I expect Dan to suck but I expect better from Nate.

    Also – Dan stop a wedding? When is the last time Dan did ANYTHING!? He’s the most passive, boring person on TV.

    • Jessica says:

      hey your wrong Dan is not boring I love him, he’s what make’s the show interesting need I remind you that chuck traded her for a hotel, that’s not the kind of guy she needs to be with. Dan’s never done anything to her like that DAIR all the way.

  18. Jill says:

    Seriously, writers?!? Seriously?!?!? Ugh!

    Dan is just …. ick!

  19. Joanna says:

    I bet you anything Dan is the one who puts Nate up to this. Checking up on Chuck instead of supporting him on a day like this? C’mon Nate, you should be a better friend than that. Is it the Dan effect again that makes people act like a-holes? Only Monkey cares about Chuck. So sad.
    I doubt Dan stops anything. He just doesn’t have it in him and he has no reason to believe that he actually can.

    • JR says:

      Do you remember who got Chuck Monkey? Who saved him from possibly killing himself because he couldn’t ‘feel’? Dan, that’s who!
      Dan’s supported Chuck more than enough this season. Considering the fact that Chuck promised to make him pay for keeping Blair’s secret about the pact, I think Dan’s pretty justified to ask Nate to check up on Chuck.

    • P says:

      I actually disagree. If Dan is behind it then I’d be willing to say that Blair put him up to it to ensure that Chuck doesn’t try anything dramatic. However, We already know that Chuck *IS* planning something with the priest so their distrust of him is already founded.

      • Hannah says:

        I agree that it’s unlikely for Dan to have done anything without someone telling him to do it. He’s incredibly passive. It’s one of the many things that make him such a total fail as a character.

  20. Vanillalatte says:

    Your description doesn’t match the scene.

  21. Zari says:

    Nate should be encouraging Chuck to stop the wedding. My poor baby. =(

  22. Calista says:

    Seriously this show is such a joke now. I can’t get over it. I can’t believe Blair will go from loving Chuck so much it hurts to be away from him to marrying Louis to possibly dating Dan in like 4 episodes. She’s been completely destroyed this season.

    • Jill says:

      Definitely … if Blair and Dan are even remotely “together,” the Blair I know and love will definitely be destroyed. The idea of her and Dan is just ludicrous.

    • EXACTLY says:

      100% THIS. I don’t even find it believable that Blair would go from calling off her wedding to just kidding it’s back on without any thought! Blair is not Kim Kardashian. She has some sense of how marrying someone just because would hurt everyone. Frustrated with this show.

  23. lauren says:

    i can’t handle this show anymore. nate heading a company, serena writing, dan’s hair?? really? ugh.

    • Guest says:

      oh the hair- really everyone on this show needs some help
      Dan needs a haircut, so does Blair (have you seen the stringy ends in the wedding promo pics- Leighton Meester get a trim!)
      Serena- use some conditioner!!!

      The clothes are fantastic in all the promos, but the hair dept needs an intervention.

  24. okay... says:

    So much dan-hate going on here… did I miss the part where he did something despicable? It’s weird how people insult him for being “boring” or even better being simply “ick”, but Chuck’s stalkerish tendencies and his overall lack of respect towards Blair are totally okay… well yes, I feel very bad for Chuck, the poor thing has done noghting wrong, what a saint…

    • Sara says:

      I dislike how Chuck’s behavior gets sidelined and apologized for when in reality.. if Chuck was stalking the way he is he would have been hit with a restraining order.. or if Jenny or any of the other girls from seasons past had a brain in them he would have had several charges of attempted rape on top of other felonies. What a prince…I believe he suffers from the Edward Cullen clause. He only gets away with it cause he is “hot.” If he weren’t attractive I bet all the swooning chuckistans wouldn’t be so quick to defend him.

      • okay... says:

        Oh I couldn’t agree more… and people are complaining that the others are bad friends because they don’t care about his feelings. If this wasn’t a tv show and they were, you know, under contract almost everyone of them would have shut Chuck out of their lives. And I don’t think you could blame them for that.

        • Hannah says:

          Oh yay! It’s the same conversation that happens a hundred times a day at TWoP and the FF S&S and Anon – and yet Blair never stops loving Chuck because you think she should. So unreasonable of her. By all means keep going with this – maybe if you repeat exactly the same hysterical arguments another ten million times Blair will take an interest in Dan’s life for a whole 5 seconds! Because that’s yet to happen all season.

          • okay... says:

            You know there is something really frustrating about watching a show and knowing they are glorifying somethig that is terribly wrong… and it’s even worse when people agree with it… so yes, I’ll keep making “hysterical arguments”. But you may notice that I never even mentioned something about Blair in relation to Dan. Because not everyone dislikes Chuck because of Dair, some people simply dislike Chuck for himself.

          • Sara says:

            Dan is a non-issue, and he doesn’t even come in when it comes to my viewing of Chuck.

            That being said, it isn’t even really about Chuck and Blair. It’s about what Chuck has done. He *has* attempted rape. He *has* assaulted Blair in 4×20. He *IS* stalking her. You can paint it anyway you want, you can call my arguments “hysterical” if it makes you happy. The fact that at the end of 4×20 that the show had to put a hotline for domestic disturbance up is telling enough. If you were my friend and dating someone like Chuck you would probably come home to a room of concerned friends and a huge sign saying “intervention.” Blair and Chuck can love each other desperately all they want, it does not negate the fact that Chuck *really* needs help and not the kind that Blair can give. I’m done arguing, but I’m just going to repeat that if this is something that keeps coming back up.. there is probably a reason for it.

    • sethandsummer says:

      It’s Chuckistan, don’t worry. It’s like from 5 to 10 ppl. Dan is everything what they wanted for Chuck re Blair, so you know, it sucks for them, haha.

      • okay? says:

        No it’s actually the opposite ban stan. YOU all WISH you had the MUTUAL love that chuck and Blair have. You have a one-sided fake relationship. Blair chose Chuck, and will every time. Okay?

    • iz says:

      this show isn’t about moral values. it never was. If that was the case people wouldn’t be so worried about Blair’s future and well being, because let’s face it she’s no saint either.

    • okay? says:

      This isn’t freaking real life you idiots. Get over it.

  25. Crono says:

    Ugh Ed! Does he even try anymore? I know he’s a good actor but he’s just horrible nowadays (with a few exceptions). Why does he make it sound like Chuck has throat cancer? I know the whispering helps him mask his accent but he did a pretty fine job of that without the whispering in S1.

  26. Paola says:

    Lonely Chuck:( So sad… I want him finally happy.

  27. Kinsey says:

    Dair is the best thing in my mind to happen to the show. Their banter and chemistry is amazing. I hope that Blair runs off with Dan at the end of the episode! Love you Michael Ausiello, you always have the best scoop! I always hear stuff from you first! :)

  28. jack says:

    Chuck Bass! Crash this stupid wedding, grab Blair and make children with her!

  29. Alice says:

    I see that you feel exactly the same about the show’s getting more and more pathetic.. there – I said it!! what’s the deal with Dan?! it’s just ridiculous, because B and dan always hated each other and now he’s in love with her?? omm – hello? producers can’t think of anything better and if they want to make season 6, i think it will be a disaster!! i’m waiting since season 4 for Chair finally be together and what do i get? – dair! we want good old GG come back!!!

    • kinsey says:

      Ummmm not to be rude here, but my boyfriend right now, we hated each other. We had different lives and couldn’t get along it seemed. Then I started to see him in a different light, and now we’ve been dating for three years. Things happen, people change. Very rarely do people end up with their high school boyfriend. I think THAT’S fake/pathetic. Just sayin….hahaha.

      • just sayin says:

        It’s not fake and pathetic if it actually happens. Duh. What’s fake and pathetic is rooting for a couple that never existed and that’s completely one-sided. hahahahaha.

  30. Sarah says:

    I’m excited to see this episode. I just want Blair to be happy, no matter who she ends up with. I do think she’d be happiest with Dan though.There’s just too much sadness with a relationship with Chuck. So Dan/blair ftw!

  31. Sandy says:

    Chuck’s new BFF is Monkey. So much for supporting Chuck, Nate.
    And Ausiello, you would have gotten more hits if you just wrote Chuck and Monkey, your Dan love is getting old. Move on.

  32. Jason says:

    Can I point out something I’ve never seen uttered: CHACE CRAWFORD is one of the best actors on this show. While most everyone else is so over-the-top (see: Blair, Chuck), “Nate” just delivers his lines with such earnest ease…it’s like he’s not “acting” at all, just a real person speaking and reacting like normal people would. I realize he’s been given crap to work with, script-wise, for years now, but the more I see of Chace, the more I respect his abilities as an actor. Had to be said.

  33. Desmond says:

    What is this accent?! Seriously, Ed please, sort it out. Chuck is so ridiculous. I can’t with him anymore.

  34. DAIR :) says:

    Ahhh so excited. I can’t believe it. I sure hope Dan does something, he’s the best. him and blair are meant to be. i hope she sees that by the end of the episodes. chuck would never right blair such beautiful vows. dair forever and ever!

  35. ana muller says:

    Ok, so am I missing something? Aren’t these people supposed to be Chuck’s friends? Nate especially? The girl your best friend loves is marrying someone else, show some support for christ’s sake! And wasn’t Nate the one who was all exited about Chuck and Blair running away together in the mid season finale, I remember him saying something along the lines of “took you long enough” … the truth is they should all be working together to knock some sense into Blair and stop the wedding!

    • Jill says:

      Yes, they’ve kept the NJBC apart far too long, though in this case, it would be 3 of its members coming to the rescue of the 4th. We’ve been robbed of this friendship all due to the writers’ needs to make Dan Blair’s new bff, instead of them just being entertaining frenemies.

  36. Kay says:

    I can’t believe the show has come this far. It’s been such a journey. I love Dan/Blair, but fans need to respect who others like. There’s bigger problems in the world than being mean to writers for supporting who they support. We like Dair, you like Chair. Okay, cool. Their all Gossip Girl characters and Blair can choose whoever she likes. End of story. Dair forever :)

  37. Danielle says:

    To busy looking at the Chuck and Blair stills from 5.14 atm.

  38. Laura says:


  39. Sammy says:

    Can’t wait to see Dair.

  40. mel says:

    ugh dan , no one likes you. how can you ‘be in love with blair’ when youve said you were in love with serena, vanessa, whatever other chick youve been with…..
    while chuck is the only one to admit, FOR THE FIRST TIME , that he is in love with someone and it’s blair.
    COME ON im going to scream if chair doesnt happen. like. literally scream.

    • John says:

      You make no sense, its just funny. People love Dan. 40 percent of the viewers wouldn’t support Dan/Blair if no one liked him. Dan is my favorite character. He’s the most real and normal. In real life, you wouldn’t get along with anyone but Dan. People do fall in love with each other more than once you know. Most people I know have been in love 3 or 4 times in their life. you’re obviously not mature enough to know that. If you like abuse, alright then. Personally, I wouldn’t want to date an attempted rapist, but that’s just me. ;)

      • time for math class says:

        Reading your comment made me to wonder: if 40 percent of the viewers support Dair, who do the other 60 percent support? anyways… carry on (:

        • John says:

          I’ll tell you why. The reason being that 90 percent of the viewers are under the age of 18. They love the bad boy. They love sexual tension. They don’t love the good guy. The guy that would treat the girl right. They aren’t mature enough to understand that. Oh and btw, hope you get an A on your math test ;)

        • Merpity says:

          the other 60% are obviously team Orgy.

          • Andrea says:

            Hahaha, nice comment.

            Or team sunken ship. I mean, Chair is so over. They were good, but now it’s same, old story. Noone can fix them, it’s too late and they would never be the same.

        • tulia says:

          because the majority is always right, god forbid someone has a personal opinion that is not shared by at least 51% of the others. anyways… carry on (:

  41. John says:

    I’ve loved Dair since season 1. My dreams are finally coming true. :))

  42. Danielle says:

    How nice that you have to make derogatory remarks about someone’s maturity based on one post by them.

  43. Joan says:

    Maybe GG will pull a Dynasty and have a massacre at the royal wedding. The only survivors will be Chuck and Blair and they will live happily ever after.

    • John says:

      Hmm ok. A massacre. Alrighty I’m a little creeped out. It seems like Chair fans only want horrible stuff to happen. Of course what can you expect when said Chair fans support rape, abuse, and drugs. ;)

      • P says:

        its a nice day for a red wedddddiiingggg

        • laura says:

          they said it would be a fun, light hearted season, so from what I see the writers understand as fun and light hearted that seems perfectly possible. I also vote for Monkey as the killer… wouldn’t that be fun?

      • Ugh says:

        I am disgusted that people are saying Chair fans SUPPORT RAPE and ABUSE. That being said, I’m taking your comment as sarcasm instead of actual opinion. I am all for the massacre. Please let Rufus be there. I hope he is choked by his skinny jeans.

        • yay says:

          while he reads some more of Serena’s incredibly dull column and laughs like an idiot. I like Rufus. He has lost all purpose, just like the show.

    • Lauren says:

      Only a furniture fan would want to see a massacre on the show. Then again, Chuckistan are used to delivering death threats to the GGWriters, so I’m not surprised.

    • You sound so sane right now. I mean ridiculously sane…

  44. Amber says:

    Dair is the best thing to come out of Gossip Girl whether you like it or not… I can already see Dan’s little puppy dog face as he stands beside Louis watching Blairs face as Louis read HIS vows!! Dan is flawless, there needs to be more men like him!! SELFLESS LOVE :'(

    • Rhona says:

      LMAO There is nothing selfless about Dan’s feelings. He is COWARDLY. Huge difference. He isn’t giving up anything (the definition of selfless) because it was never his to begin with. He’s just afraid of getting rejected because he knows in the end that Blair will always love Chuck.

      • MadManiek says:

        So what is wrong with not wanting to get hurt? Did i miss the part when Dan transformed into a robot. Yes he is afraid to getting burn because he thinks Blair loves Chuck, and even if not she is marring Louis. So the thing he can do, he can make sure she will be happy

      • realjay says:

        Hey Rhona are you a Chair fan? Do you remember when your favorite character Chuck Bass stood Blair up in season 1, and he played with her for two seasons, couldn’t say ILY.

        • Asha says:

          Here’s the thing. Chuck had a really messed up life. His mother died in childbirth, his father never showed him love. He didn’t know how to express love let alone go out on a limb and tell the woman he loves that he loved her. He had actual reasons for being afraid to love someone. Dan isn’t afraid of rejection he’s afraid of action. He prefers to skulk in the shadows and wax on about unrequited love. He did it with Serena, he did it with Vanessa, and now he’s doing it with Blair. Frankly Blair is better than Dan. She’s better than both of them (Chuck and Dan).

          • C says:

            Oh come on! Why is it that EVERYTHING Chuck does is always justified because of his messed up childhood? Nate & Serena also had awful parents but they didn’t turn out like Chuck. At some point the boy has to take responsibilty of his own actions. Plus, did you miss the episode where Dan was going to tell Blair how he felt, but didn’t do it in the end because B was already dealing with a lot of issues? It had nothing to do with being a coward, he even told Serena: “She didn’t need my confession, she needed my help.” That’s when he tried to reunite her with Chuck because he thought that’s what would make her happy. If that’s not selfless then I don’t know what it is. It’s really annoying how Chair fans try to twist Dan’s actions and conveniently forget what a good friend he has been to B and even to Chuck, just because they hate the idea of Dair. But ofc, there are endless excuses for “poor misunderstood bb Chuck”, even when his actions border on abuse, stalking and creepiness overall. Ugh.

    • Lauren says:

      Ia! I love Dan and Blair so much… their chemistry got me watching the show again.

  45. Alexandra says:

    Ausiello’s summary and the clip doesn’t fit together. Ausiello oh man! How you love to fake exaggerate things. I am sure you don’t even watch GG.
    BTW since when Nate became Dan’s friend again and against Chuck? When will Chuck have someone who cares about him? I won’t watch this episode because I can’t sit and watch Blair marrying someone who isn’t Chuck Bass.

    • Judy says:

      I totally agree with you. I’m not sure I want to watch this episode either, but I’m so curious as to what the writers have come up with in regards to this wedding. I’m also tired of this season’s storyline so far, I mean they’ve done everything they could possibly do to keep Chuck and Blair apart, it’s getting ridiculous!!! I mean, hello?! What happened to Blair’s: “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!! I want you! You’re all I ever wanted! I love every part of you!!! I can’t tell Louis that he would never lose me because it isn’t true!! You’re the one I never wanna leave! I love you Chuck!”?????????
      As for Dan, I couldn’t care less about him, he’s such a mellow character, he hardly ever takes the initiative to do anything!!! He’s so coward (let’s not! get started on his feelings for Serena in Season 1, his book that he didn’t want to go public, his absence to his book promotion tours, this could go on and on…) And I’m kinda frustrated at the way he sneekily made his way to the upper east side, I think that he was the ultimate insider from the beginning, and I won’t be surprised if Dan turns up to be Gossip Girl in the end…!! HAHAHAHAHAH! Just a thought!

      Just because we woot for CHAIR doesn’t mean we’re supporting drugs, rape and all the other stuff somebody mentioned. Have you ever stopped to think that Chuck’s character is so disappointed in life?? That by the age of 19 he lived by the thought that he killed his mother at birth, that he had a father that didn’t care about him and was a bad role model for him? That he grew up believing that blue chips are a very good present for a little boy?? He finally met true love in the face of Blair, someone who actually deeply cares about him and he cares about her, a feeling that he never experienced in his life??? No wonder that he acted the way he did, when he realized he lost her to this Prince of Fools Louis. But he has grown up now and learned from his mistakes. He deserves to be with his true love, cause Blair is all he has in this world… He has suffered a lot….:(((

  46. Sarah says:

    I just hope that there is no wedding!. I do not care who stops!. I only care about Chuck and Blair!, I’m still waiting for the day when they can be happy together!!!.

  47. Steph says:

    Love Dair…. I’ve heard good things are coming this way for us! :D

  48. Petra says:

    I really don’t get the Dair thing. It will ruin GG, if they go Dair it will probably be the last season. I would hate for it to end that way. Dan is so boring. Chair all the way, they belong together. Chemistry rules!

  49. Jono says:

    Nice to see the GG fandom getting along as usual. *Shakes head* whatever I just hope Blair see’s that Dan is the right man for her and Chucks moves on, because he grew so much this season and than they ruined him AGAIN my making him stalker, Blair whipped Chuck.

  50. CHAIR :D says:

    You delusional dair fans are incredibly immature and hypocritical. I’m pretty sure some of you were hoping that Chuck and Blair’s baby would die, because you know it’s the only way that Dan had a chance with Blair. I find it laughable that the one commenter gave off some random number like 40% with NO PROOF to back it up. Chuck and Blair keep trending worldwide, how do you explain that? And don’t try to say people “cheat” on twitter, or some other lame excuse you come up with. Get over the fact that Blair CHOSE Chuck, multiple times, and if you really think that Dan will be end game, when there is NO indication that they will be, you truly are in your own world. Your ship is no better than any other ship, get over yourselves. CHAIR FOREVER :D

    • ana muller says:

      I’m a Chair fan but you’re comment is stupid. The abort had nothing to do with Dan having a shot with Blair, he still doesn’t. And the baby wasn’t Chuck’s, that was left pretty clear after Louis found the paternity test.