Criminal Minds Boss Teases Episode 150, Weighs In on BAU Romance and the [Spoiler] Rumor

This Wednesday at 9/8c, CBS’ Criminal Minds uncorks a memorable 150th episode – no easy feat, given the vast array of sorid subject matter already served up in the years gone by. TVLine invited showrunner Erica Messer to reveal how she found a new twist to mark the landmark occasion, weigh in on some fans’ most fervent wish and share a taste of the Season 7 finale.

TVLINE | Our readers have been very much looking forward to Episode 150. What opportunity did you see here, with this landmark outing?
It’s interesting because with our 100th episode, Hotch went head-to-head with the Reaper, and we didn’t have a story like that for the 150th. One, because you’re not really going to get any better than Hotch versus his nemesis, and two, because the Prentiss version of that happened last season and culminated in the premiere this year. So by the time we get to the 150th we didn’t want to manufacture something, so we looked at what we do every week, which is use our wits to save a victim who’s been in captivity since at least the end of Act 1. We took that and put it on its head and said, “What if this time around a victim actually has an unsub [in captivity], and the victory will be if the team can get her to not kill somebody?” And whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

TVLINE | And the unsub in question, he’s been re-attacking his previous victims?
Yes, we picked an unsub that we’ve never dared to do before, and it seemed like a perfect way to have this woman (played by Birds of Prey‘s Dina Meyer) who believes she been victimized by this man (The Shield‘s Jay Karnes) turn the tables on him.

TVLINE | Beyond the case at hand, would you call this an almost a Prentiss-centric episode, if only because the B-story has her meeting with a therapist?
We have the story with the therapist where she is sort of dealing with the fact that she had a guy [Ian Doyle] who re-victimized her. So she definitely has those beats in it, as far as our bookends go.

TVLINE | What comes out of those therapy sessions? How might she change?
It remains to be seen, because we know what she’s really good at is doing what she needs to do to survive, and right now she needs to be in the BAU. That gives her all the solace she needs, so she will say and do anything to make that happen.

TVLINE | Regarding that new beat in the Prentiss story, do you almost feel like the transitions the show had to go through last season actually ended up reinvigorating it?
It’s such a tricky thing, because I believe it did – and yet that’s something that I would never wish any other show to have to go through. But yes, I think it allowed us to start fresh in Season 7, and it’s rare that you ever get to do that.

TVLINE | Have you been making a concerted effort this season to give us more “family” and personal moments, by capping episodes with a team dinner or drinks…?
We have now become such a family after six, seven years of solving crimes and saving lives together, it makes sense that we “go have pizza.” I feel like we’ve been able to earn that. I think at this point everybody knows what everybody’s favorite food is, and anytime we can show that, I think, is really good.

TVLINE | But you’d probably stop short of ever having an episode with no case at all.
I don’t think that anybody would ever let us go there, but when I watch shows on cable, they can do that. On The Killing, there was that episode where [Linden’s] son is missing, and I was like, “Oh my god, that’s so great! The whole episode is about that and not the case at all.” I don’t want to say “never” here, but… maybe!

Matt’s Inside Line: Criminal Minds Scoop on Reid’s Mysterious Headaches

TVLINE | Turning to Hotch and his new romance: Whenever I’ve run by Thomas Gibson or Paget Brewster some fans’ desire for a Hotch-Prentiss hook-up, the recurring line has been, “He’s not ready.” And here he is finally dipping his toe back into the dating pool. Why now?
Partly because it feels like it’s been a respectable amount of time, not only since he’s been divorced but since [ex-wife] Haley’s death. I think that for Hotch, there might have been many times he went for a run and women smiled at him and he didn’t notice, and this time he did. That says to me it’s because he’s ready to see it. We didn’t go the Prentiss route right now because she’s not ready; she has a lot of healing to do. I know a lot of people out there want those two together, and it’s not to say it will never happen, because in many ways trusting one another and being there for each other in the field when it counts speaks volumes about relationships. But for right now, they’re not ready for each other.

TVLINE | Not that you’re producing The Bachelor here, but if the day comes for a workplace romance, would you say it’s more organic for Hotch to go with Prentiss versus JJ [were she to become single]?
Yes. Yes.

TVLINE | Should we worry at all that Beth, when Hotch first met her, came off a bit stalker-y? Could she be a future unsub?
No. [Laughs] No. Don’t worry.

Exclusive: Meet the Parents‘ Teri Polo Will Taunt the Criminal Minds

TVLINE | Any early thoughts on what your season finale is going to be?
We’ll see, because it will be cast-dependent on a guest role. Episode 20 will be written by Breen Frazier, and he’s introducing a character that may come back and be the problem for us in Episode 24.

TVLINE | Will the finale be typically cliffhangery? Explosive, even?
We’re still sort of playing around with that, because I think people are used to that with us. The SUV blow-up ended Season 3 and it turned out to be none of us that got hurt, so…. We’re still sort of tossing ideas around.

TVLINE | And speaking of the finale, this rumor pops up now and again, but it seems to have a bit more weight now given the success of Homeland on CBS-owned Showtime: Is Mandy Patinkin guest-starring as Gideon in the finale?
Again, I never want to say never, but that’s not in the cards for right now. It’s just a rumor.

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  1. Mick says:

    Mandy Patinkin returning to Criminal Minds? Yes, please!

  2. kirads09 says:

    I want more Reid centric episodes! Last week Matthew rocked my world.

    • Pan says:

      Me too, but the writers don’t seem to be that interested in writing for Reid since season five. It’s just sad and depressing.

      • Mandy says:

        I read that they had planned to go more into Reid’s headaches and such with his mom, but because of the success of Jane Lynch on Glee (she plays Reid’s mom on Glee), she doesn’t have time to come back to Criminal Minds.
        But I love all the Reid episodes… and they need to explore this further, especially how it interacts with his drug problem…

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I love the Reid episodes. I wish they would revisit the idea of a love interest for him. I love when they give him an opportunity to be a bad ass, but I also love the way that JJ mothers and cares for him. I think putting him in a relationship where he had an opportunity to play out both of those sides would be awesome.

    • Kvivik says:

      They are planning one, but it depends if they can get Jane Lynch to commit to coming back as Reid’s mom.
      I also wouldn’t mind if they could bring his dad into a case again. That’d be cool.
      Also, they haven’t really had a Morgan-centric episode in years. I would like to see that as well.
      And anything that puts Josh Stewart (JJ’s…husband/boyfriend??) on my screen is welcome.

  3. Monica says:

    My body is ready!

  4. Gravy says:

    Ahhh how they go from never Hotch/Prentiss, to “won’t rule it out”…good stuff!

    • Ashley says:

      That comment made my day. I’m a Hotch/Prentiss shipper but I would never want the show to turn into some romantic drama. They are two characters that are written so well that it would just work, you know?

    • Amy says:

      I know! So many things I’ve read said it would never happen. It’s great to finally get some hope for these two!!

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Excited about that as well! Hope they’re not patronizing us :’). Really can’t stand Beth, not because Hotch “isn’t ready,” but because she’s not a good match for him.
      Hotch has all this history with Prentiss and (thus far) Beth has proved to be wholly unremarkable; I just don’t see how she could understand the demands of his job (any better than Haley could) and that the relationship would go anywhere. Prentiss understand perfectly!
      Though since CM isn’t that kind of show, I don’t expect romantic/lovey dovey Hotch/Prentiss movements, but merely scenes where they demonstrate trust and growing relationship with each other. :)

  5. RvE says:

    “Criminal Minds” + (original) “NCIS” for a two-part crossover = happy days for many of the fans of BOTH series. So PLEASE!! make it happen already!!

  6. Ellen in NYC says:

    Well, I hadn’t seen that rumor about Mandy Patinkin, but I did find it curious that Gideon was mentioned recently. I love what Mandy’s been doing on Homeland (plus I went to see his recent Broadway appearance with Patti LuPone.) So I guess I’m a fan. I can’t think of a better way to end the season.

  7. LG says:

    I always thought JJ and Reid would make a good couple.

    • Aprilcot26 says:

      I’ve *always* loved the chemistry between those two. In the earlier episodes, Reid totally had a crush on her. If JJ were to ever become single I would love to see those two get together over Prentiss and Hotch.

      • Brent says:

        Not only did Reid have a crush on JJ, but Gideon aided and abetted him. Gideon gave Reid some expensive Redskins tickets and when Reid stated that he wasn’t a football fan, Gideon told him that JJ was.

    • Brendan says:

      I found myself rooting for them at several points too (no specific reason that I’m a fan of nerdy-guy-gets-the-hot-girl storylines …), but now I’m kind of glad they didn’t. A lot of shows would have pulled the trigger on it, but it’s just not consistent with CM’s identity to have two of the main characters dating.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      This; very much. Reid and JJ always struck me as the cute, young “puppy love”-type couple, while Morgan and Garcia are the funny, playful and flirty duo, and Hotch and Prentiss are the serious, enduring and kindred pair.

    • Cari says:

      Oh, definitely me too. I like Will okay, but I was definitely disappointed when she got pregnant with his baby. On the one hand, I want her with Reid. On the other hand, I like the fact that there are a few stable relationships (JJ/Will, Garcia/Kevin) that can exist outside the BAU.

  8. Raechel says:

    I don’t ever want to see Gideon again, I love this team better then with Gideon and Elle.

  9. Cait says:

    Eugh please don’t feul the shippers out there, the show doesn’t need inter-team romance, I don’t mind the odd appearance by Kevin etc but seriously don’t go there with any of the team… please!!!

    Especially when it comes to Hotch, I’m all for him to be happy but can one show not have the boss dating/sleeping/in a relationship with a member of his team.

    I like that the shows going to finally deal with what happened last season, it feels as though its been mentioned but not really dealt with and the case seems interesting!

    Sorry for the rant, but I really like this show and I don’t want it to be ruined by shippers, the show isn’t going to be able please everyone but leave team pairings for fanfiction and keep the team a family rather than being ruled by romance.

  10. Delta says:

    That interview might have managed the impossible : getting me over Criminal Minds.
    The day they go down the Hotch/Prentiss road, the day they just hint about it on the show, I’m done.
    I’m not saying that as a ‘threat’, I know my personal viewership won’t change a single thing, I’m simply stating my honest feelings.
    I think I’ll skip 7×12 just to spare me the pain and it’s the first time I do something like that.

    • Jessy says:

      I’ve already skipped most of Season 7, especially the one with Beth.
      And don’t worry, if you don’t watch 7×12, I’ll gladly fill in for you; I’ve missed Hotch and Prentiss.

    • Jesse says:

      Well said Delta. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • Kate says:

      I’m sorry to say I’d stop watching as well.

    • Shepherd says:

      ^^ Bunch of drama queens throwing tantrums here. There have been clues to Hotch and Prentiss all along and that didn’t stop you from watching. Fans just want that relationship back and no more Beth.
      The focus put on Beth could be better spent strengthening cases…

      • Delta says:

        You’re calling us a “bunch of drama queens”…seriously ?
        – We’re not the ones who kept whining when Beth was introduced to the show.
        – We’re not the ones who kept sending hateful and spiteful messages to the producers and writers about Hotch/Beth.
        – we’re not the ones who started a petition for Hotch and Prentiss to get together and for Beth to go, claiming that Hotch/Prentiss is the “only canon” on the show.
        – We’re not the ones who threw a temper tantrum when things didn’t go our ways (there are many things I would love to see on this show and I’m aware most of them will probably never happen).
        – We’re not the ones who act like spoiled brats when Beth is mentioned and who keep referring to Beth as a stalker when it’s clear she isn’t one.
        – We’re not the ones who keep wishing for Beth to die in horrible ways, or for her to turn out as an unsub.

        I’m not even from the United States (or even from an English speaking country for that matter), so like I said, I know my own viewership won’t change a single thing, so trust me I’m not being dramatic.
        If Hotch and Prentiss do end up together you won’t see me sending spiteful messages to the writers/producers. You won’t see me bitching about it on every forum just in hope to change things.
        You won’t see me resorting to such tactics.

        So, to call US ‘drama queens’…Irony how I love thy.

        • Shepherd says:

          Uh, yes, you are being a drama queen. See your long self-righteous soliloquy…

          • Delta says:

            Hello, …pot calling the kettle black ?
            If Hotch/Prentiss happens, then it happens. I won’t whine about it constantly or send hateful messages to the writers and producers about it.
            So, I’m not being a drama queen about it, unlike some other fans who are constantly throwing temper tantrums worthy of a five year old whenever Beth is mentioned.

    • Cari says:

      I won’t stop watching if it happens, and I’m sure I’ll even enjoy it (I believe the CM writers can make me enjoy almost anything… except JJ and Emily leaving), but I’m definitely not rooting for it to happen. First of all, I can’t imagine the FBI doesn’t have strict rules about a boss dating his subordinate, and second of all, I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve never actually seen much attraction between them. Good friends, definitely. But I see more chemistry between Hotch and JJ (and I’m NOT a Hotch/JJ shipper). That being said, I actually like that CM avoids workplace romance. It makes the team more professional.

  11. Madz says:

    Well, I guess that if H/P dies happen that either PB or TG aren’t going to be a main character anymore. Because in government, you can’t be in the same team or department if you with someone, so that means if it does happen, one of them will have to leave because it affects your judgement and that in a job like theirs would be a disaster… And seeing that I have worked in government and have known people who have had to move departments because they dated someone on the same team, then it’s goodbye to one of those two.

    Anyway, this is a crime program, not a romance program. After the disaster that was the Huddy relationship which nearly destroyed House, this happening will ruin the show.

    • Iris says:

      *cough* Sara and Grisson *cough*
      And House was destroyed by it’s misanthropic, nihilistic showrunner, not some “romance.”

      • Kvivik says:

        Sara and Grissom weren’t in the FBI, which has strict Fraternization rules.
        But yes, I stopped watching CSI when the Grissom/Sara romance was unveiled. I hope they never truly go there on CM.

        • Aaron says:

          Bones and Brennan…and yes he is in the FBI.

          • Jeff says:

            And no…she isn’t. Brennan does not work for the FBI. She is a consultant for them but she is employed by the Jeffersonian. So there is no conflict there.

        • jesse says:

          I liked Sara and Grissom, a lot. The clandestine nature of the romance added to the intrigue.
          I like character moments to a procedural, a little romance included. To each his/her own.

      • Dax says:

        Not to mention that Hotch is her BOSS. Romance is absolutly forbidden between a supervisor and a subordinate. Either he would have to step down as the leader or Prentiss would have to transfer to another team. I don’t want any of those things to happen. Of course, they could always lie and try to keep it hidden but that doesn’t seem like Hotch to me.

        • johnny says:

          And yet talking to random creepy strangers who carry business cards while on their run seems like the FBI profiler Hotch to you?

          • Pat says:

            There’s nothing creepy about a woman hitting on a guy she’s interested. It’s not like she was following him around and taking pictures of him or anything. She had noticed him before and wanted to meet him so she brought the business card for when she made her move. Happens all the time in real life. You all only see it as creepy because you don’t like the character.

          • Emily says:

            You are totally right! The hotch who dated that girl (almost stalker) from the park is not the hotch we know. I would love to see him happy with emily. She understands him, the job, loves kids and more ways than one complemented hotch and supported him in more times than i can count

  12. C says:

    Oh i hope Prentiss heals fast, cause i will love this couple. I’ve always thought Prentiss and Hotch should be together. If there is a couple than can make it, and work at it, its those two. Ever since Prentiss came along which no one can replace her, she can be a though girl while vulnerable.

    Would of be great if Elle came back as an unsub, i always though she looked more of a unsub than a cop.

  13. Myacova says:

    I am pro Hotch/Prentiss relationship and am glad that now there is a hint of a possibility of the two of them getting together. These two characters have survived such intense trauma in their lives that it seems to be ideal that they end up together. Only they can understand the anguish they went thru, how they were the strength for each other through the ordeal and how they still returned to the BAU. The Hotch/Beth relationship is a good way for Hotch to start getting back into the dating world – it is what he needs right now. And it’s a little too soon for Emily – she still needs time to heal. But if what they want is a lasting relationship, I feel that it could only be Hotch/Emily – they’ve been there, they’ve survived, they know what makes each other tick and they belong together. However it turns out, I’ll still be watching – Criminal Minds is one of only a few worthwhile shows on TV and it will be interesting to see what happens, not only with Hotch/Emily, but the rest of the cast as well. It’s seldom we get to see a such great cast that works so well together, with great writing, and interesting shows week in and week out.

  14. Laleifh says:

    This is a sad sad day for criminal minds. This may just put the final nail in the coffin for th show. Yes there ate fans that want want HP but there are many many more who do not. Not only shippers of other characters but those who do not want any romance within the team.
    This will totally change the dynamic of the team and it will be horrible.
    I can only hope that erica is only saying this to mute the whiny HP shippers who Are slowly ruining this fandom

    • Dreis says:

      Word !
      And yes, this is a sad day for the Criminal Minds fan I am/

    • Brendan says:

      I really think she is only saying that to placate the shippers, they won’t go down that road.

    • Kevin says:

      Completely agree.

      Criminal Minds is a largely character driven show, and I’m pretty sure that she realizes that. So I hope she knows that it while it would be perfectly normal to hook up two of the main characters on most other shows, that it shouldn’t happen on this show unless the characters are actually a good match for each other. I see very little romantic chemistry between Hotch and Emily, and while I can see someone like Emily possibly harboring a crush on Hotch, I can’t see it developing past that. And I certainly don’t see Hothc reciprocating any romatnic feelings. I feel like putting these two together would just feel too forced.

      • kevin says:

        Putting Hotch and Beth doesn’t just feel too forced, it is.
        Even in the interview Matt mentions how Beth seemed to give off creepy stalkerish/potential unsub (which would be a great idea) vibes.
        Hotch and Prentiss have a history; he’s worked for her mother, and sure they didn’t have the best of beginnings in the BAU, but just looking at how far they have come; it is beyond amazing. He didn’t trust her and she didn’t like him. But after almost 5 seasons, they seem so in tune with each other. Placing these two characters together isn’t forced at all.
        Now Beth/Hotch…well that’s another story ….if it even lasts that long…

    • paula says:

      I agree with you. Criminal Minds is about fighting against the dark, not about having a boyfriend/grilfriend. Please, stop all this fandom!

  15. dee says:

    Priority #1 for this show is to make sure Matthew Gray Gubler comes back next season. Hope they know that.

  16. Emz says:

    I am sad to say, it is very clear that Erica & the writers are out of ideas for storylines if they are thinking of going down this route & it should be cancelled. The show has jumped the shark and needs to finish before it dies a slow painful death of losing most of it’s fanbase because of a ship… It has happened before in other shows & it will happen with this one. It’s sad because it was a really distinctive show & was great while it stuck to cases but now they want to go down this route, it needs to end.

    • CM Fan :D says:

      they said it was a possibility not saying they are going to. It probably won’t even happen – like about the Gideon thing – Gideon left the show and I don’t see how they’ll fit him back into it if it were to happen. It’s a great show and I doubt they’ll run out of ideas any time soon – it was probably only said to humour the shippers . I think it’d be cute – I always thought Reid and JJ would make a cute couple but that’s for ff so … no need to start saying it should be cancelled ; it’s one of the most watched shows anyways so …

  17. Michael says:

    Mandy Patinkin returning to Criminal Minds? we been waiting for that for How many years now MAKE IT HAPPEN

    As for Hotch and Emily dating If the actor hate the idea of it and the whole cast hate the idea of it why forecd them to do something that only 3 per cent of their fan base wants.

    Just look what has happen to the NCIS fan base it has gone from talking about the case to who sleeping with who and who getting married.

    EJ and Ray were the best thing to happen to that show in a long time and they were gotten rid of because of Tiva Let not have the samething happen to Crinmail Minds.

    Something eles I do not know about you guys but I can’t see Hotch and emily haveing sex on top of dead children I just can’t I know the shipper want to see it but I don’t

    • sofia says:

      NCIS is at its best right now, with an average of 20 million viewers per episode. The Tiva ship has done nothing to the show, except bring in more viewers, which is not a bad thing, at all. We don’t need to see Hotch and Prentiss kissing all the time, that would be disgusting. We don’t need to see them having sex. They have a much deeper connection than that. They went through the almost same thing, they both survived it. She was there for him when he needed her, he is there for her now that she need him. If this ever happens, it will not be a sex-based relationship. There’s so much more between them than just that.

      • Yvonne says:

        Romance doesn’t necessary mean kissing and having sex. It’s deeper than that. Hotch and Prentiss are both connected by their experiences, his with Foyet and hers with Doyle.

        Also, just watch the episodes and you will be amazed at how well they work together. I was shocked by how in sync they were with each other in many of the episodes.

        I believe that it is a combination of writing and the actors, which makes both these two characters so interesting. The actors really do have chemistry, and so it would be great to see more scenes with them.

  18. AlphaFemale says:

    Romance between main characters will ruin the show. If you want romance watch Grey’s Anatomy. Hope the Hotch/Beth story continues. Hell I don’t wanna see Gideon ever again!

    • tony says:

      You are totally right… if you want romance, watch Grey’s Anatomy because seriously this “thing” going on with Hotch and Beth isn’t romance at all. It’s just awkward stalking and even water and oil have more comparability than these two characters.
      So, to all the people worried that “romance” will ruin CM, don’t worry because Hotch and Beth have absolutely NO chemistry at all.

      But, if you wanna know what real romance/chemistry looks like…yes, go watch GA.

  19. Justin says:

    Hotch and Prentiss need to stay coworkers. Just because it would look cool to see two main characters hook up (and this isn’t one of those times), doesn’t mean they should. I pretty much think the same thing with Tony and Ziva from NCIS.

  20. laurendoyle says:

    All aboard the Hotly ship! ‘Not yet’ — face it guys, its going to happen, and when it does, it will be the best thing to happen to the show since Foyet and Doyle! Oooh scars!! *__*

  21. Ali says:

    First, no Mandy back on CM, CM don’t need him and I don’t want to see him back. He had no consideration for his fellow cast and crew members so why have him back? If he does come back I sure will not watch that episode!

    As for Hotch and Emily getting togather. No please. This is what is annoying now with NCIS.

  22. Katie says:

    Just say NO to the shippers Erica! You will absolutely RUIN the character of Hotch if you allow him to go down that road. He would NEVER do it. I too am hoping the Hotch/Beth story continues.

    • Jessy says:

      You are telling Erica to say NO to the shippers … then you are hoping the Hotch/Beth ship continues … Is anyone else seeing the hypocrisy in this comment?

      Well, I agree. Erica say NO to the BETH/HOTCH Shippers.

  23. Hayley says:

    I honestly believe erica is just trying to appease the HP shippers who have been so vocal about Beth. TG loves Beth and did not want HP and TG has a lot of sway on this show. TG said just the other day he wanted Beth to stay.
    This show has always promised no inter office romance an that’s the way it should stay.
    I don’t believe for a second the show will go down this road
    Plus the thought of HP makes me want to vomit

  24. Tami says:

    I think if Criminal Minds wants to go down the Romance road they could follow the model used by Stargate SG1 between O’Neil and Sam. After a while it became clear that the two had strong feelings for each other, but they chose to put duty first and it just stayed a story line that was occasionally hinted at, but remained off screen for the most part. Because it was Science Fiction they could do a few things to please the shippers without actually compromising the Real relationship, but it never became a full blown romance and even the clues that were left have become debate fodder. I think if the show did that kind of thing and they really wanted to reward the shippers, then the very last show could have a kiss because people would be moving to new departments.

    But and open (or even active, but secret) romance… I don’t think it would work realistically, especially as duty and honor bound as Hotch is.

  25. Alicia L. says:

    I’m a huge shipper of Hotch/Emily, but I full heartedly agree that they shouldn’t get together on the show because it makes no sense! Hotch is professional and if they were to get together it would destroy everything he is about. I think if the show were to do inter team romance it would have to be with JJ/Reid or Garcia/Morgan just because there has already been much more hints towards that than Emily/Hotch. Though I respect the fans that don’t want any romance on the show other than the characters with their recurring love interest, I think from the way the show is set up and the way life is that it would be impossible for feelings to not develop, with which characters, I can’t say because I’m not the writers. I agree with earlier commenters that Messer is only saying those things about Emily and Hotch to appease the fans who have been so hateful of Beth.

  26. Emily D says:

    Sorry I don’t think that Hotch/Emily make a good connection. If they were to do an inter-office relationship they should go with Reed/JJ or Derek/Emily. I like this cast the way it is. DON’T bring Mandy back. Keep Hotch w/ Beth.

    • Kelsey says:

      I totally agree… Morgan and prentiss are by far a better match… Although I see JJ/Hotch more

      I do think Erica is just trying to calm the HP shippers down after all their moaning about Beth… Clearly erica at the beginning of the season erica said there would be no romances within the BAU

  27. Iris says:

    Thanks for this, Matt. It has seriously made my day. I know Messer is just leading us (Hotch/Prentiss) shippers on, but thank you for asking the salient questions.
    I hate how Messer (and some of the actors, who shall remain nameless) act like H/P fans are all apart of some grand delusion and there’s nothing between the two characters. But obviously there’s something to it since so many people see it and want it explored.
    This Beth-come-lately character is no good. How can Hotch go from Haley, his HS sweetheart and maybe the love of his life, to some random woman off the street? Hotch and Prentiis are two of a kind and have a lot more invested in each other. I just hope TPTB seriously consider putting them together for the the end of the series.

  28. D says:

    After spending the entire day in bed with a fever, this interview was the best thing that could have happened to me today.
    I have very high hopes for tomorrow’s episode and after reading this I don’t think it will disappoint me.
    On the other subject, I just hope Emily heals fast (which won’t happen because she suffered a massive trauma, but I can hope for it anyway) so that she and Hotch can get together. Nothing about this show would make me more happy then seeing them romantically involved. “Not right now”, which means, it can happen someday and I’m so looking forward to that day.
    Thank you so much for this interview Matt.

  29. Gail says:

    No Hotch/Prentiss!! I have never understood this ship at all… Yes they are good co-workers. Respectful to one another, but not romantic in any way. They both have far better chemistry and deeper relationships with others on the team

    I personally don’t want to see this show go down this route.. No office romances as promised please!!

    I too agree though that erica is just saying this to try and make the Shippers back off from Beth,… Who TG seems to love BTW and he said Hotch would never date a subordinate and that they had nothing but a professional relationship…. Seriously after all the TG articles recently, this will not happen… He doesn’t want and neither did PB

    • Hallie says:

      Of course TG would say nice things about Beth; that’s just the nice gentleman he is. I mean, even with the whole Ashley Seaver fiasco, he was supportive of Rachel Nicols.
      And he never said “never”…he said that he’s not that guy…but people change… I mean Hotch went from HS sweetheart to stalker girl in park… he can certainly go to the attractive intelligent and hilarious Emily Prentiss.

  30. Michael says:

    Do we even know if Emily like men wasn’t their a storyline a couple of season back that she might be gay

    • SJ says:

      There was never a storyline. One of the producers on the show was asked if they were ever going to write a boyfriend for Prentiss and he replied “Do we even know if she is straight?” That was it. He was just stiring up the fandom. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other and I think, if done right, it could be kind of cool. However, nothing that occured on the show has indicated otherwise.

  31. Michael says:

    HOTCH AND PRENTISS MUST BE! Those two. Those two fictional characters right there. They match so well they’re so f#cking perfect for each other. When sharing a scene they’re releasing obvious sexual tension between each other and you can obviously see them eye sexing each other up.

  32. Mara says:

    I sincerely hope there is no Prentiss/Hotch relationship. I love Prentiss (my favorite character), and I love Hotch (a close second), but not as a couple. They have a great dynamic now as co-workers who respect and clearly care about each other. I can’t help but think that turning this into a romantic relationship without it being awkward and sappy.

    Also, I guess I wouldn’t mind too much if Gideon came back for an episode or two in a guest role, but I don’t want him back for a long period of time. The character seemed a bit over dramatic and took a lot of screen time from a very talented ensemble cast. I like the seven team members currently on the show.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode. Prentiss is clearly a little different this season. She’s as badass as ever, but seems a little more stoic and reserved and less light-hearted and humorous. Hopefully this episode give a little insight as to what’s going on. I have no doubt that Paget Brewster will be great.

    • Stefanie says:

      I 100% agree with you. If Criminal Minds does put them together I would be so disappointed because it isn’t right in this TV show. One thing that has it going for them is that the team NEVERS hooks up with each other. Also let all that hooking up stay in fanfiction. That way with less obvious signs per pairing, authors can write their own unique take on a given situation.

  33. josie says:

    Okay I actuatually stopped watching a coupleof episodes ago as I started toget tired of the new more personal focus including Rossis ex wife, and Beth… but I checked this out as I had been thinking about watching the 150 episode…
    All the comments about Erick trying to please fans who have been angry abot Beth… well that might very well be… but remember the last time a show writer did that, after having gone on and on about how great a special love interest of a lead was, and how every actoror actress went on and on about how much they loved this new love interest, and how she really changed the lead and all those things… remember…? and how after a few episodes when they realized that the fans were not taking tothis new character especially the shippers and how in the end she was written out rather quickly and the whole thing was changed around and only 10 episodes after she was written out the lead was together with who the shippers wanted him with and not only that they were expecting a baby…
    Okay if you have not figured it out yet I am talking Bones here, with Booth and Hannah and how everything went on from the moment the rumors about her started… Honestly it might very well be Erick trying to calm some shippers but don’t be too sure it might very well end up in hook-up and pregnancy line…

    • Sarah says:

      OMG I was thinking the exact same thing!!! I remember when Hannah was introduced and now look, Bones and Booth are expecting a child together!

      Well, at least the writers of Bones didn’t write the introduction as poorly as the CM writers did. I mean, I was seriously wincing at the scene at the park.

      Hopefully Messer realizes what a HUGE mess she has made and somehow the Beth character will go away, so we can focus more on the cases…

      • josie says:

        Yes and remember the really scary part was that the reason for Hannah was Booth trying to heal because Brennan was not “there yet”.
        And look now baby on the way buying a house and talking marriage… Seriously… the interview and what Erick msaid made me think back to Bones…

        oh and last year (2011) we saw CBS was i no way araid of having work place romances… even between the Boss and those working for him… I am talking about the Good Wife…

        So honestly I would hope the mess i cleared upand romances who ever they might be with is kept off the show… The real problem here is with adding thei Beth person Shippers have become even louder… As long as there were no SO for either Hotch and Prentiss the shippers existed but they were not “that” loud… now they have become agrivated and agrivated fans are the worst kind look at Bones and NCSI or Castle or Grey’s for that matter… If she had been smart she had kept Beth of the show and just hinted that Hotch was dating… not anything about who it was… because when Shippers (hotch/Prentiss) could always dream it was her… and those oposed would not have any indication it was her… and those wanting him with JJ could also imagine it was her he was dating… If she is a little smart she never brings back Beth just mention in a passing he is dating… so some can think it is Beth, some can think it is someone else whom ever that might be…

        I for one would just have prefered romances and other exstremly personal moments was kept off the show…

        • josie says:

          Oh and one thing… it can be counted on that soem of those shipsers will be very loud, because I would not be surprised if a lot of them are the same who also ships Booth/Brennan (Bones) now canon, Castle/Beckett (Castle), Meredith/derek (grey’s) Will/Alicia oh and probably Tony/Ziva.

          Why all of those couples (I am not including Tiva here as I don’t really know those two). They have things in commen… for a starter a complecated dunamick from the point they are introduced… it is “relationships” between characters who are flawed. But mostly you learn at somepoint that they do have some kind of history together pre-show (this can be all from the night before th show start (Grey’s) to law school (The Good wife), in Castle it is that Backett was a fan of his before they even met)… and this goes for Hotch Prentiss as well, as you know he used to work for her mother and knew her when she was younger…

          I don’t want to see Hotch Prentiss together on the show… please levae the romances out if it was up to me. but I would not be surprised if it is some of the louder fans of those other fans who are also loud about “Hotly”… because I can see the sharing elements…

  34. muffy says:

    There is NO reason to EVER think Hotch/Prentiss is a remotely-reasonable or supported ship. Every HP shipper who thinks their nonsense has a basis in canon is either oblivious to how humans work or watching the show high, because that is THE dumbest possible ship on all of CBS right now.

    It makes no sense, at all, and if it ever happens I hope CM’s viewership hits rock bottom because I for one would be OUT at such a nonsense storyline. They both care too much about the job and sorry rabid shippers, the hints are not really there.

    • Michael says:

      Aman preach it my friend speak the word of REAL SMART people

    • John says:

      Are we even watching the same show? Hotch and Prentiss work so well together…. just go look at Season 4 and their interrogation scenes. They play off each other perfectly.

      Maybe you started watching from Season 6 … where the writers made it seem like Hotch and Prentiss weren’t even in the same show. In that case, my heart breaks for you.

      • muffy says:

        I started watching in late S2 and have seen all the episodes, sans some S6 which were pointless to watch without JJ.

        They are not a romantic couple. They will never be a romantic couple. They do not have hints at being a romantic couple.

        They work well together, like everyone else on the team. Keyword is WORK, because they are COWORKERS who would get fired. Hotch is a single father and Prentiss very career-driven, makes no sense at all for them to hook up.

        Get out of your fantasy land.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Excuse you, Hotch/Prentiss are the BEST ship on all of CBS because they are the most REALISTIC portrayal of attraction in the work place. I know lots of folks watch TV for escapism, but I like SOME shows to have BELIEVABLE relationship interactions.
      While I ship Tony/Ziva and Jane/Lisbon, those couples need a reality check. It’s fun to watch them play grab-ass/check out the other’s ass/photograph the other’s ass and/or do cutesy things like give a pony as a present, but that’s not how “courtship” really happens in a professional setting.
      Real people might stare longingly at their crush from across the room (or from their office…), or watch them intently/steal glances when they’re not looking. They might turn around and look at them before they leave the room, or look up and watch as the other person leaves. They might just be extra smiley when the other person is around, or find a reason to ask them about their day. Subtle little things like that. Hotch and Prentiss have those in spades, in addition to other signs like their conversations about “not being alone” or “being there” for someone, or getting angry/impatient when the other is missing/in trouble.
      I appreciate their nuanced relationship, it’s similarly crafted to Sara & Grissom’s (which people like you probably never saw coming). I’m glad we’re not being slapped upside the head with flirty antics.
      The hints are there, but they are HINTS not spectacles.

      • muffy says:

        No, excuse you and your idiocy. Sara and Grissom was clearcut and hinted to, “people like me” can see it coming perfectly fine, not every show needs characters to be hooking up left and right. Criminal Minds does not need Hotch/Prentiss or have these ridiculous hints you are talking about. You are there for your friends and don’t leave them alone, holy mess, you have to be an idiot to think you have to be in love to always be there for someone, or get ANGRY when someone’s IN TROUBLE. Does NOT mean you are in love.

        Sorry to tip you on that in the REAL WORLD, you aren’t madly in love if you care someone is missing!!

        Tony/Ziva is a ridiculous ship, also going to become canon, but the boss is allowed to kiss his subordinates and slap them, the show itself is implausible. Moot point.

        Hotch/Prentiss is not believable or realistic nor does it belong existing. At all. They are by far the worst pairing possible across CBS. You are delusional if you think your hints actually exist or don’t happen between friends and coworkers, people who think of each other as FAMILY, as well. Stop.

      • Emily says:

        U are absolutely right! Everything that they shared from a glance or a stare, though subtle tells a lot!! They’re absolutely beautiful! Yeah, the others are cute, but hotly is just perfect!! And i can’t understand how hotch could stoop his level down into choosing the girl from the park ( i can’t even say her name) instead of the wonderful woman emily is!

  35. ilse says:

    Quisiera ver más capitulos centrados en JJ o un capitulo JJ/Reid algun acosador seria muy bueno, gracias por la entrevista!:D

  36. Renna says:

    Let’s keep this in perspective people. Last year one of the producers said that if they were ever going to put anyone on the team together it would be Prentiss and Morgan. Then, a few months ago they said there would never be any romance between Hotch and Prentiss. And now we get this. These people keep changing their minds so I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet.

    • Irene says:

      And in one of the chats, writer Breen said that in the last season as the BAU jet is crashing, Morgan and Reid would hook up, and Hotch and Prentiss would become a couple and adopt Sergio and Jack.

      ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when the writers of the show don’t even know what is going to happen next.

      • Angela says:

        Until this interview, I would have said it was BLATANTLY obvious that he was joking and we weren’t supposed to take those outlandish ideas (all those things happening? Please) seriously. Or bring them up as evidence of actual real possibilities. The jet crashing is classic fanfic stuff on its own. Plus, in the same chat, and in a much more serious vein, he also said that he felt the no romance between team members helped the success of the season and that it was one of the smartest decisions ever made. Not to mention HE didn’t say that about Hotch and Prentiss. A fan did, and he joked about them joining the writer’s staff.

        So, when Breen isn’t being a big old mischievous tease, his opinion is adamantly against team romance and he never believed it was a possibility. And even if it does happen, Breen Frazier was never one of the ones to suggest it. Not unless we take teasing comments as serious answers.

    • francisca says:

      What? When was that said? I have no memory of that ever being said. I do remember Shemar saying that he doesn’t want his character to have any romance.

  37. alana says:

    Can’t wait for this episode, Emily is my favourite!

  38. Aimee says:

    Oh jeeze! Way to poke that hornets nest Messer. Thanks a lot.

  39. Jeepers says:

    Seriously, I don’t understand where this “stalker” description is coming from. A woman sees an attractive man she is interested in and she notices he is training for a marathon just like her. So she uses that as an excuse to talk to him in hopes that it will lead to something more. What the heck? I’ve seen people do A LOT worse in movies and other tv shows and it was considered romantic.

    • Shepherd says:

      People are calling her a stalker because she came off like a stalker.
      She didn’t approach a guy she just saw–she’d be watching him, she even said “I’ve seen you doing laps, at the Y, too” (even her line delivery was creepy). She also knew he was in the FBI and an agent, and that their triathalon was in February. O_o
      Red flags all over the place, this chick is Fatal-Attraction’ing him, don’t you even watch the show??

      • Angela says:

        Do people usually swim with their eyes shut? She’s training for a triathlon. And, the Y is a good place to practice swimming. And if noticing a good looking guy who comes to the same place as you is stalking, lots of women are stalkers. Heck I’m the most unobservant woman on the planet, and if someone who looked like Thomas Gibson repeatedly came to the same place I was at, you better believe I’d see him. It’s not like she didn’t have a reason to be at the Y in the first place. A reason that had nothing to do with Hotch. Unless we believe the writers wrote her words to be a lie. So, she saw a good looking man at a place that she would have been at even if he hadn’t ever come there.

        And, her knowing he was in the FBI, it’s a thing with this show that Hotch gives off an FBI vibe in the suit. Back in season 1, he was told that he “looks like FBI”. Within the context of the show, people see Hotch in the suit and they see FBI. That may not be how it works in real life, but on the show, Hotch in a suit is giving off G-man vibes. You don’t have to be a stalker to pick up on them. It’s not like Beth knew he was the Unit Chief of the BAU. She’s training for a triathlon, it’s probably not that hard to find out that there was also an FBI triathlon coming up, and not that big a leap to make the assumption that the guy in the suit who was clearly also training for a triathlon was probably training for the FBI one.

        I’m still not sure why people believe that Beth *knew* he was in the FBI, rather than she made an educated guess. It’s not like him being in the FBI is something that no one could ever guess unless they had been stalking him.

      • Jeepers says:

        Yes Shepherd I watch the show. Do you? So she checked him out at the Y. So what. Have you ever been to a gym? People check each other out ALL THE TIME. She’s human and she’s going to notice an attractive man and pay attention to what he is doing. She guessed he was an agent because of his suit and the way he carried himself. Hummm…deducing something about a person by noticing certain characteristics. Sounds a little like profiling doesn’t it. So, does that mean Hotch is creepy?

    • ali says:

      Very well said! I liked Beth a lot and she seems like a good fit for Hotch. I hope she stays as a recurring character.

      As for the ladies of the team, I always thought that Hotch has much more chemistry and certainly a closer relationship with JJ than Prentiss.

  40. stefanie says:

    Personally I do NOT want Hotch/Prentiss together. In fact I don’t really want anyone paired up with anyone. This isn’t the type of show to do that for a few reasons. One, they would have to work out the whole no dating collegues and for Hotch/Prentiss the boss/subordinate relationship is frowned upon. Second, I think pairing should only be used for fanfiction because as soon as they start pairing people on the show it makes it hard to write other pairs. Overall I don’t see either Prentiss or Hotch ever hooking up with each other. Hotch would never do that and neither would Prentiss for that matter.

    • Angela says:

      “the boss/subordinate relationship is frowned upon.”

      I can’t believe that wasn’t addressed. On Grey’s Anatomy, where everyone sleeps with everyone and being in authority over someone isn’t even an obstacle to marriage, at least they brought up that it’s a violation of rules and that there are serious issues with it. Now, if a show like that can do it, why hasn’t Erica addressed the issue. I always saw the BAU team as being way more professional than the doctors of Seattle Grace.

      And, before someone brings up Foyet (as people have done) as an indicator that Hotch would get involved with a subordinate, rules or not, I have a few things to say. First, doing one thing is not proof that a character no longer has any professionalism and would do anything whatsoever. Second, no matter how wrong anyone might find Hotch killing Foyet to be, it was not done out of pure self gratification. The possibility existed that he would have killed Jack. So, it still isn’t proof that Hotch would break a rule for nothing more than his own personal pleasure. Which is what getting involved with someone on the team would be. Same thing goes for Prentiss.

  41. Gwen says:

    Ugh. Please God don’t give us any romance soap opera twaddle on this show. If it ever happens that will be my cue to stop watching.
    And please let us have more Reid, Reid episodes are my favourite (last week’s episode was fabulous) but, sadly, there’s been very little Reid focus since S4.

  42. dfdsa says:


  43. Angela says:

    Well, honestly, Erica couldn’t have done a better job of dampening my enthusiasm for the show. I asked her at the start of the season if there were any plans to pair team members up when she answered questions on Twitter. And, she said there were no plans. And, before someone says plans can change, the answer given here does not suggest a change of plans. The implication is that it’s always been a possibility, the timing and Prentiss’ “readiness” just haven’t been right. Well, Erica, I would have appreciated an honest answer to my question back then.

    And, thing is I WAS looking forward to tomorrow. I was looking forward to the rumored conversation between Hotch and Prentiss conversation. Because I believe they are friends (strictly platonic friends, but still friends who care about each other). And JJ got to say goodbye and got a lovely thank you from Prentiss in the premiere, plus an indication that she and Prentiss kept in touch during her exile. So, I thought it was only fair that the other person who played a part got a real moment with Prentiss. But, now, I’m going to wonder when they’ll come to the conclusion that Hotch and Prentiss will decide to throw ethics and professionalism to the wind.

  44. collen says:

    Erica Messer made made year! Yeeesssss! Hotch and Prentiss!I just hope she doesn’t through acid in our faces by showing us romance between Hotch and that atrocious Beth. Please let her leave quietly.

    Prentiss don’t take too long to heal; can’t keep a man like Hotch waiting much longer…IT’S Been Nearly 3 Years!

  45. JJ says:

    I always thought Hotch had a lot of chemistry with JJ. Now, I’m not saying they need to get into a full blown romantic relationship, I just really enjoy watching their scene together. We need more moments like when JJ told Hotch about her sister. It was so beautifully written and AJ and Thomas nailed it :)

  46. Lisa says:

    Ed Bernero never would’ve allowed this show to go where EM is threatening to take it. That’s what happens when you hire a woman. She takes a perfectly good and gritty in your face dark and violent crime procedural and turns it into some fluffy, let’s all hug and share our feelings and hop into bed together in-between cases nonsense. Oh and while we’re at it let’s create a reason for Hotch to have a beard because gosh he just looked so darn sexy in it over the hiatus and oh we must make an excuse to show Shemar all greased up and wearing nothing but a towel. Save the show! Bring back Ed!!!

  47. TwistAndShout says:


  48. Deedee says:

    I’m so glad Erica Messer is at the helm and she’s not following the unrealistic Ed Bernero who truly tried to write for men when his primary audience has always been women. He tried to do cowboys and Indians when the audience wanted the team and character.

    I’ve always believed he hatched the scheme to get rid of Paget and AJ, in order to bring in the rookie blonde who was childless. There’s always been a drumbeat for a Hotch/Prentiss relationship, which he thought he’d killed when he got rid of Paget. Not saying CBS didn’t have a hand in things, but Ed got his long-desired character and his ill-fated spinoff out of the deal.

    So hooray! for Erica Messer who should respond to what her audience wants and who should not allow herself to be a captive of the former showrunner’s shortsightedness. She needs to independently blaze this trail making her own mistakes and successes. Beth is definitely the MISTAKE!! Hotch and Prentiss will be the success it already is because the volume for them being together has gotten louder even though people claim it’s not supposed to be. That’s how you truly know something is organic; it grows without the nurturing and watering; it grows in spite of itself.

    I just hope that if there is romance this season as many of the writers have stated, that it happens between Hotch and Prentiss and not Hotch and Beth. Erica will have seriously betrayed her audience and their damaged their good will if she throws Beth in the mix romantically with Hotch after today’s good news.

    • Michael says:

      I disagree Many people does not want Criminal Minds to turn into NCIS

    • Jamie says:

      If the show was so horrible under Ed then why did you keep watching? You say the primary audience has always been women but if that’s the case they started watching the show and became fans when Ed was running it. It couldn’t have been that bad if all the women stuck with it for 6 years. I’m female and I loved the way the show was and I don’t want HP together. I know there are a lot of people who do, I’m just saying there are also several who don’t. And please don’t speak for all women and what they want. I think you’ll find their opinions vary quite a bit.

    • Beth says:

      FYI…there are many fans who feel Erica will have seriously betrayed them if she does put Hotch and Prentiss together.

  49. lizzie says:

    I remember an interview with Thomas Gibson last years, before season 6 started and the subject was secrets, where they asked him about a romantic relationship for Hotch, specially with prentiss and it was in this web site where he supposedly hit that there may be hope for HP as if it was one of the secrets, but the slighty different version of the same interview was post in many other sites, and in those interviews he said otherwise and it recent ones both Thomas and Paget said they didn’t see their characters dating each other, it wasn’t for Hotch to date his subordinate nor for Prentiss to date her boss. And Erica said in a twitter “interview” she wasn’t planning a romance. SO I wouldn’t trust too much in what it post here, sometimes it has been taken out of context and they write things that are not truth.

    And also, how can people hate Beth? she has only been in one episode for like three minutes, it doesn’t make sense.

  50. Monique says:

    No to Hotch/Prentiss and No to any couples within the team. I’m really growing tired of reading questions about a romance between Hotch/Prentiss every time I read a criminal minds article and reading the producers response side stepping it so please stop asking.