Shocker: Nikita Boss to 'Start Killing People Off'

Nikita fans, take note: Death, it is-a-comin’.

Without revealing who (or how many) would get the ax, showrunner Craig Silverstein tells TVLine that the body count is about to rise on the CW thriller.

“We’ve built up a lot of [cast members], and so we’ve got to start killing them off,” Silverstein warns, adding with a laugh, “Frankly, I can’t afford them all!”

While secondary characters like Roan and one of the many Guardians would seem to be most vulnerable, Silverstein insists a “series regular” title does not equate to safety. “Yes, some of those guys will die,” he teased ominously, “but remember, Ashton Holmes’ Thom was a regular.”

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But before you start preparing your permanent goodbyes, the Nikita boss adds that some characters will merely “go away” instead of meeting their maker.

Here are a few more seriously scoopy tidbits from Silverstein:

• Much more Owen is on the way! Silverstein tells us that Devon Sawa hasn’t shot anything new just yet, but, “I want him back for some big stuff near the end of the season.”

• Cassandra won’t actually rear her ugly pretty head again until Episode 17, but she’ll continue to be a thorn in Mikita’s side from afar. “The reality is, this is Michael’s kid” Silverstein confirms. “There’s no twist coming up to refute that.” The EP adds that he is very aware that “a kid shouldn’t be in a spy show” because — simply put — “it’s just not sexy.” That said, “I’m not going to kill the kid or leave him without a mother, so we need to resolve this in a satisfying way — and we will.”

• A cagey Silverstein revealed that Nikita will discover her dear pal Ryan is still alive “very soon.”

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• There’s still a small possibility the aforementioned (and very much dead) Thom will pop up again someday, but only if “Ashton’s character, Tyler, dies on Revenge,” Silverstein jokes.

• Sarah Clarke will appear again as Alex’s estranged mother, Katya. “You’re going to see more of her,” he shares. “Alex is going to have to come to figure out what she’s going to do about her mom, how culpable she is and if she is worth saving.”

Who do you think is going to be offed on Nikita? Are you excited there’s more Owen ahead? And that Cassandra is on her way out? Hit the comments!

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  1. gaby says:

    i don’t get why people are complaining about season 2 so much…an episode doesn’t need a ‘cute’ mikita scene on it for it to be good (clawback, fair trade, sanctuary..etc)..i think the twists we’ve seen this season have been amazing..i don’t see anyone mentioning the incredible action sequences…yes michael has a son, get over it! the show’s writers have proven they are awesome (anyone remember ‘betrayals’ and ‘pandora’?)so i’m sure they’ll find a nice way to end the max storyline…as for who dies my guess is sean…anyways..stop complaining and sign that twitition! i NEED a season 3

  2. Rebeca says:

    They use a kid, i believe, because on the first la femme nikita series, Michael´s character has a son (Adam) and NewNikita uses some things from every previous Nikita incarnation, and Michael´s son is the whole reason Nikita&Michael didn´t end up together.

    I don´t care who they kill, but they better not kill Amanda and Percy or I would never watch again. Period.

    I think the obvious choice would be Madeline (although for me as a LFN fan will be very painful all over again) because then Sean would have a powerful reason to join Nikita´s team: Avenge mommy.
    It could also be Roan, Alex´s mom or Semak.

  3. Jeb says:

    The only characters who really seem safe to me are Nikita and Michael. Killing Percy, Amanda or Birkhoff would give the biggest shock value, although I can easily see Birkhoff just “going away” to a new luxury home or something similar. I’m not sure the old version of Division can be put back to the way it was, so it might make sense for the “regular” to be Percy or Amanda.

    All the other characters seem quite vulnerable at this point. I’ve really enjoyed the addition of Sean and Madeline Pierce, so I’d prefer that they stick around, but if they’re killed off, I hope it’s with flair (I think both Dillon Casey and Alberta Watson would do a fabulous job with that sort of drama)! I wouldn’t particularly miss Owen, but I’d like to see Ryan continue with at least a semi-recurring role. Semak and Ari…a final showdown with Alex could be fun, and seems pretty likely by the end of the season.

    My longshot bet would be Alex – seems unlikely, but would indeed be a shocker.

  4. Mega Plow says:

    Please don’t kill off Madeline! I don’t know if I could stand to see her killed again, and she’s the only reason I watch the show!

    • FanaticoMaster says:

      So agree with you! Madeline is a link to the previous show, and in my humble opinion, her line (Madeline-Sean-Alex) really brought something fresh in this new show!
      Madeline is not totally corrupt b*tch, not at all, she genuinly loves her son and cares about him, I believe deep inside she has good intentions. Sure, we can’t justify the fact she stole money from hungry children and the rest Oversight’s things… But… I suppose Madeline is doing what she believes is true. At least, those 80 millions were stolen by Nikita, we can’t be sure what did she do with them…
      Sean is very cool, he is so touching in his love to mother, but moreover he is wonderful as Alex’s love interest, I am more than sure they share and understand each other’s family loyalty!
      Sean and Alex have incredible chemistry, they could just stare each other, but everyone believes them, despite of these two haven’t even kissed yet!

      • BallerinaGirl says:

        FanaticoMaster, couldn’t agree more with: “I suppose Madeline is doing what she believes is true. At least, those 80 millions were stolen by Nikita, we can’t be sure what did she do with them…”.
        Sure, the fact Madeline stole money can’t be good for her, but Madeline is not “good” or “bad” character, she is somewhere in the middle and it’s the best to watch. IMO, “goods” are totally boring.
        Moreover, Madeline did a lot of bad things in La femme Nikita, but sometimes, seldom, actually, she demonstrated good heart… Isn’t it great 10 years further this TV-character is remembered! (OMG, I was 7 years old in 1997)…

      • Saba says:

        I’m totally agree with you… I hope they’ll not kill off Sean, he brought a new dynamic to the show, and his relationship with Alex is get intresting more and more, I wanna see more stuff happens between them too, as well as between Sean and his mother, in my opinion if they killed off Sean many fans (and salex shippers) will lose intrest in the show!!!

  5. ol05 says:

    keep Nikita, Michael, Alex, Birkhoff. u can kill anyone else, i dont care. i love most of the characters, but if i can exchange them for killing Cassandra and Max isnt Michael’s son, i will do it!

    Craig! are u watching! if we dont have a season three, that is all your fault! you came up with the Cassandra Ridiculous S/L!

    This is YOUR LAST CHANCE to drop it permanently! Make Max not Michael’s son!

    OR, you WILL LOSE the LAST surport of MIKITA lover!

  6. Lesley in Scotland says:

    I love the show although it’s difficult to follow from here. And if it’s Birkoff who gets the bullet I probably won’t bother!
    Alex would be my guess although I like her character too – and then a revenge killing of Sean would set up great dynamics for the rest of the series (and season 3 hopefully!)

  7. sailor says:

    I think there was a lot more to explore with nikita and alex on opposite sides i was excited to see alex by herself and take charge for once there was definatly a lot more storylines that could have developed between them.My point is They were put back on the same team too soon

  8. Carol says:

    Love Madeline – we need more of her.

  9. Holly says:

    I’m done with Percy, and it would be great to see a showdown between Percy and the Senator where her son shoots Percy down.

    • LFN-NIKITA FAN says:

      Here! Here! Showdown between Percy and Madeline!
      Or between Madeline and Amanda!

      I hope we discover Sean is The Admiral’s son (The Admiral: Oversight member ‘Bruce’, played by the first-class actor Harris Yulin.
      I hope the young people watching this show is appreciating the top guest stars that the producers choose for the series).
      Alberta Watson and Harris Yulin should have their own series. Acting-wise, if like if you have Helen Mirren and Antony Hopkins guest-starring in Nikita.

      • Isabelle says:

        Ohhhh… I really would like them to discover Sean’s father is Operations (Paul), Madeline’s lover in La femme Nikita! They were unrepeatable couple, understanding each other in subconscious level! I really wish to see them both again once…;)

        Sean is very similar to Paul, he reacts the same emotional way when Madeline is in danger! I am sure, he is definitly his son… and that “your father would be proud to know you have a good heart” – I can feel she told it about her beloved man, who is dead now…
        What about showdown – if only Madeline makes out.;)))

  10. moose says:

    I’ve actually stopped watching Nikita ever since the last ep before the dec hiatus. After the cassandra s/l, everything else just fell apart. None of the plotlines are believable anymore – I read recaps and reviews of Nikita instead of watching them and I’m completely unfazed. Since when did spy movies get so unexciting and unsexy? Especially where the spy show is centred around girl power, surely it’s supposed to be sexy. But it’s extremely not. Up till now, season 2 is almost finished, and we know nothing about Nikita or much of her backstory. The episodes are becoming stale, non-kickass and boring. Nikita has nothing left and I see it’s going nowhere. It’s not sexy, it’s not funny, and it’s not interesting anymore too. It should be cancelled. Such a waste for a talented cast.

  11. Gary says:

    moose you have no clue at all what you are talking about the reviews on season 2 has been amazing. You have no clue what a good show is

  12. jennifer says:

    Ok. Nikita, michael, alex, birkoff gotta stay. Kill some of the guardins, ryan, amanda. Please don’t kill seasn I love his character. They can’t once again kill off a promising love interest for alex. They killed thom which ticked me off. I disliked the nathan/alex romance. He was so blah. Kill some of oversight! Or percys right hand man, that creepy cleaner guy.

  13. jennifer says:

    I totally agree with you. I prefer season 2. People keep coomplaining cause of the michael has a son thing. Get over it! Did u really think things would just be perfect for mikita? No. I actually would like to see a bigger story line for owen/nikita. I think they need to explore that more. And give birkoff a girl! The poor nerd deserves one after all he has been through.

  14. Ian says:

    As long as it isn’t Lyndsy Fonseca’s character, it doesn’t really matter.

  15. crystal says:

    agree with jennifer. sean owen hv so much unexplored potential it would be absolutely stupid to kill them off. they better not. if nikita gets renewed i hope they get a better timeslot. fridays is just condemnation.

  16. justme says:

    Keep your hands out of Madeline and Sean!!!
    Madeline is a link to La Femme Nikita, her death would be extreme for us, the previous show fans! I don’t care about anyone else, but her and her son!
    IMO, their line is totally best and not-boring, unlike most of lines…

  17. Ryanowennikita says:

    I agree with you…I love nikita it is amazing show… But when cassandra and max came up was totaly ridiculos and funny??? Are they not intellegent enough to use a condom or birth control pills???? Or whatever???? They are MI6, ex navy seal,assasins……………………oooopppssss shall we watch another show instead?? I am 16&pregnant???…………….many other choices of storyline to break mikita …….and can be great!!!!! And too bad the writers has choosed the blondie and the boy storyline…and both of them are not good actress/actor…awfull acting.
    My apology for my english…

  18. Me says:

    By the way
    The story of Looking glass is totally crap

    I think if percy or division will do is simple … Kill president of belarus or maybe with his first lady…and then replace with the puppet…( the man exactly looks the same with the president) simple, quick and clean… Other great action scenesh

    But What we get this ridiculos storyline: ( looking glass) and they forgot to shoot this part:
    send michael for few weeks or months to sleep with the blondie and uupppssss i bring my guns but i forgot my condoms…
    Cassandra : is ok…i also forgot to take my birth controll pills. But still i am going to cheat my husband and sleep with you
    Michael: ok that’s great… Shall we make babies…?
    Cassandra: oh ok sound nice…
    Michael : btw i must confessed i work for goverment this is undercover job…to kill your real husband and will change with a man who’s look like your husband to run this country and be our puppet…you will pretend to be his wife… Is it ok with you?
    Cassandra: sound great to me.).. Do i need to take my birth control pills if i sleep with the puppet?
    Michael: up to you blondie….

    Londong calling 6 years after:
    Cassandra: i also have a secret… I am MI6
    Nikita: are you dumb or what…? MI6 donʻt know how to take birth c pills… How did you past the test?
    Cassandra: was easy…i slept with all the bosses so they can recruit me as a MI6 agent… So i can go to the mission.. To safe belarus ( married with president of belarus,cheated on him sleep with michael, kill the husband,sleep with puppet ) and this is your sonʻs michael
    Michael: oh great… I succeed to make baby…

    Donʻt know the title yet: coming soon

    Nikita: r u what? Division? What? Percyʻs wife … What? Gogol?
    Casandra: u r right… All of them
    Michael: what?
    Cassandra : yes… So percy, gogol and me can ruin your life…we have planned this 6/7 years ago…so we can ruin your life and nikitaʻs.. We will kill max if you choose nikita…
    Michael: ok.. I think i have no choice…

    The bright side will be more owen and ryan and nikita . And wiil be great… Bye bye michael…

    My apologies for my english

  19. elli says:

    please don’t kill off Sean :(

  20. Don says:

    Please kill cassandra and max… Theyʻre awfull actors
    And to safe your ridiculous story @ looking glass and london calling… 1st thing to remember blondie if you cheated your DH donʻt get pregnant !!!!!! And MI6 should know about birth control pills???

    Come on craig you and your team should be better than this

  21. Alice says:

    More Owen, Yes! Don’t kill off Birkoff. Sean can go away.

  22. Daniel Smith says:

    If they kill Amanda or Max, Then this show will be crap. For one, Don’t kill children on T.V. Shows, And For Two, Without Amanda this show would’ve already been cancelled.