Shocker: Nikita Boss to 'Start Killing People Off'

Nikita fans, take note: Death, it is-a-comin’.

Without revealing who (or how many) would get the ax, showrunner Craig Silverstein tells TVLine that the body count is about to rise on the CW thriller.

“We’ve built up a lot of [cast members], and so we’ve got to start killing them off,” Silverstein warns, adding with a laugh, “Frankly, I can’t afford them all!”

While secondary characters like Roan and one of the many Guardians would seem to be most vulnerable, Silverstein insists a “series regular” title does not equate to safety. “Yes, some of those guys will die,” he teased ominously, “but remember, Ashton Holmes’ Thom was a regular.”

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But before you start preparing your permanent goodbyes, the Nikita boss adds that some characters will merely “go away” instead of meeting their maker.

Here are a few more seriously scoopy tidbits from Silverstein:

• Much more Owen is on the way! Silverstein tells us that Devon Sawa hasn’t shot anything new just yet, but, “I want him back for some big stuff near the end of the season.”

• Cassandra won’t actually rear her ugly pretty head again until Episode 17, but she’ll continue to be a thorn in Mikita’s side from afar. “The reality is, this is Michael’s kid” Silverstein confirms. “There’s no twist coming up to refute that.” The EP adds that he is very aware that “a kid shouldn’t be in a spy show” because — simply put — “it’s just not sexy.” That said, “I’m not going to kill the kid or leave him without a mother, so we need to resolve this in a satisfying way — and we will.”

• A cagey Silverstein revealed that Nikita will discover her dear pal Ryan is still alive “very soon.”

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• There’s still a small possibility the aforementioned (and very much dead) Thom will pop up again someday, but only if “Ashton’s character, Tyler, dies on Revenge,” Silverstein jokes.

• Sarah Clarke will appear again as Alex’s estranged mother, Katya. “You’re going to see more of her,” he shares. “Alex is going to have to come to figure out what she’s going to do about her mom, how culpable she is and if she is worth saving.”

Who do you think is going to be offed on Nikita? Are you excited there’s more Owen ahead? And that Cassandra is on her way out? Hit the comments!

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  1. George says:

    As much as I’d hate to see (certain) characters killed off/leave, I have to wonder if this could be a sign that there’s a good chance the show will come back for another season. Fewer cast members = saving $$$

    • GirlTalk says:

      Or it could mean the actors have asked to get out of their contracts so they can find other work since the show looks like it may get canceled. I saw this with Moonlight. All of a sudden, actors started disappearing and they were either killed or other actors took over their roles. It was wierd but a sign of the times.

  2. GirlTalk says:

    Kill off Casandra and send Max to live with Michael’s parents. That fixes it for Mikita and for fans.

  3. Darius says:

    See ya later, Sean Pierce!

  4. halo says:

    Is this ausiello’s blind item?

    why more Owen when hardly any Michael recently?

  5. Tania says:

    Honestly , owen can show up again , ryan too , even max ( i love him ) but i think cassandra should die ! because of mikita , of course but i dont think she should be in the show ( nikita ) ! michael and nikita have more problem to solve like taking down division without killing percy !

  6. Halo says:

    Percy is a goner.

    • Marsha says:

      Percy?? I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Percy has plans and back up plans for those plans and back up plans for his back up plans, well you get the drift. He is a great villian and I don’t see the show being the same without him. If anyone needs to go, its easily that useless Sean character.

  7. Erica says:

    I say kill off Sean, and Amanda

    • Marsha says:

      I’m all for killing off Sean and promoting Owen to series regular. Sean has absolutely no appeal and he’s simply no match for Nikita, Michael, or even Alex for that matter. I much prefered when Alex had the hots for Nathan??(I don’t remember if that was his name) her neighbor in season 1. That coupling represented an interesting dynamic since he’s on the outside and clearly it would mean endless conflict between them. I actually like Amanda and cannot picture Division without her.

      • Nightwing says:

        All of you who say kill off Sean are nuts. You have great character like that and you want to just bump him off. Wow. To me, it was awesome the way that Michael referred to Sean as “The Soldier”…and that he didn’t MOVE like a divsion agent…in addition, Nikita is all…”what?”. Then they find out he is Navy Seal Team Six. He’s Nikita’s version of Steven Segal’s Casey Ryback. And he’s on par with all the Nikita characters. The only difference is the training. Sean’s is more straight out warfare missions. It makes you wonder what he would have been like with division training.

        Each has their strengths. Nicky with the best pure assasin skills. Michael (my all time favorite character – both here and in the original “La Femme Nikita” series with Peta Wilson & Roy Dupuis) as the best operative there is on either side. And Sean as the pure Soldier who’s only weakness is being noble.No wonder Nikita calls him Boy Scout. And I like Sean being paired up with Alex. Throw in Berkoff into the mix and you have pure Nikita Gold.

  8. Becky says:

    As long as Michael and Birkhoff don’t get killed off, I’m cool.

  9. Sandra says:

    More Owen, YESSSS!!!!!!! Awsome news.

  10. m says:

    Oh no! I hope Michael doesnt get killd or send away 2 b w hs kid. I would beyond mad

  11. Holly says:

    Honestly… this EP killed the show when he decided to use a kid as the problem to tear the main romance story apart. Bad move. Killed it. And that kind of whole – is one he cannot dig his way out of, as even he acknowledges here, you can’t just undo it (say it’s not his kid – too weak of a plot twist) and you can’t just kill the kid (for obvious reasons). So yeah, he just shot himself in the leg (or heart lol) when he decided OF ALL THE PROBLEMS he could’ve made the main couple go through (long distance, kidnapping, accidents, change in intelligence, other kinds of secrets that did NOT involve a child, etc etc) he decided to go with the one that watered down one of the two main characters (Michael). Because let’s face it, love, for a significant other, already changes someone – makes them more vulnerable – and it was alright just between the main couple, so that it showed their human side. But then you go an introduced a child? An even weaker point to somebody’s vulnerability?? Oh a (which he even says himself) sexy, cool spy show?? I honestly do not know where this guy had his head at. Total letdown too, because this was my favorite show on the CW besides Supernatural and TVD, but ever since this sl was introduced, it just ruined so much of the main characters individually, who they were, their personalities (and ok, their relationship – though that’s not a main focus for me), that I’ve had to give up the show. Shame. I really did love it. It had potential. Anyway, sorry about the venting comment. Lol.

  12. sam says:

    If they kill off or write Michael off the show then this is one fan they’ll lose – they’ve had more stuff to do with Owen and Michael is meant to be the male lead!

    I think Craig needs to seriously look at the show and what he is doing in terms of male characters – it’s not fair on Michael fans at all.

  13. Sabrina says:

    Please do not write Michael out or kill him off.

    Nikita, Michael, Alex, Birkhoff must not go away.

  14. MGL says:

    I loved the show the first season, but it has not been the same this 2nd. I thought the idea of the son was a mistake. I agree with the comment to send him to Michael’s parents. I am tired of Amanda and Percy. One should go. I do liike Owen and Ryan though and hope they stay. I think the show needs to be “fixed” and rebooted somehow.

  15. emy26 says:

    if michael is killed the show won’t be worth watching

  16. Mike S says:

    I think Nikita, Alex, and Michael are definitely safe. Birkoff most likely. I think most in danger are Sean and Amanda. However, my guess is no more than 1 regular character will go. CS said lots of cast members, not lots of regular cast members.

    Dying are Semak, guardians (all of them)
    Going away are Ari Tazirov (too bad I like him) and Alex’s mom.

  17. Jamie says:

    Has to be Sean.

    I think Nikita, Alex, Michael, Amanda, Birkhoff and Percy are all organic to the show. Though, Melinda Clarke and Xander Berkely are likely expensive actors so who knows.

  18. NikitaFAN says:

    Goodness gracious i love this show so much!!! I just hope this show will never get cancelled! Aside from maggie Q i also love birkoff’s character and owen too!

  19. phil r says:

    As long as the amazing Amanda doesn’t die I’m fine. She is simply fantastic!

  20. Claire says:

    DO NOT KILL RYAN! Again.

  21. Nina says:

    Please, don’t kill off the main three, Nikita (obviously she’s not going to die), Michael, or Alexandra! <3

  22. They better not kill off Nikita, or Alex or Michael. Those are the 3 main characters, and they can’t die! Hopefully it’ll all turn out well.

  23. Lucinda says:

    They cannot kill Percy off. He’s by far the best villain on tv and the show will simply not be the same without him. He’s the adversary that unites all the other characters against him.

  24. JustATheory says:

    I think Amanda, all of Oversight, and possibly Sean will all bite the bullet before the end of the season.

  25. ruth says:

    I agree with the comment by MGL. The 1st Season was amazing, fantastic, awesome, etc. The 2nd Season is fantastic with some awesome episodes, but missing something, I still can’t figure out what though. I think they put Nikita and Michael together too soon. He should have stayed in Division until Season 2 and continued to help Nikita from the inside (but hind sight). I agree that the writers could have come up with something else to pull Nikita and Michael apart. Regarding the Owen/Nikita situation, I like Owen, but there is no chemistry between them like there is between Michael and Nikita. I can’t say about Ryan because he was only with her a couple of times. The CHEMISTRY between Nikita and Michael is FURIOUS, SMOKING HOT!!!!. Concerning the proposed deaths, Nikita will be there, its HER show. I hope they keep the core characters (Michael, Alex, Birkhoff, Percy and Amanda), that’s the objective of the show to take down Division and stop Gogol from becoming an major player. We’ll have to just wait with bated breath and see. I really love this show and I absolutely LOVE SHANE WEST.

    • Katie says:

      I agree about Michael and Nikita being brought together too soon. In an effort to get the ratings up—I think—there were a lot of story lines in the first season that felt a bit rushed. Rushed may be too strong of a word, but I definitely see places where other shows would have intentionally stalled. The end result, though, was a jam-packed season that had incredibly clear direction. While I’m still a huge fan and enjoying season two, I think it’s a little less tightly packed/cohesive than the first.

  26. mike says:

    they are not gonna kill of Nikita,Michael,Alex and Birkoff. Anyone that know Nikita franchise should know this

  27. David says:

    Oh man! Ok I love Owen and Ryan and Amanda, and truly I think they are all expendable. I don’t like what they did with Amanda last episode regarding the whole fantasy relationship with Percy. SeRiOuSlY!? I mean Amanda is waaaaaay better than that! And using his rejection as her trigger for revenge, I mean the rejected lover/unrequited love bit for Amanda/Percy. WTF! She’s supposed to be “The Inquisitor” for God’s sake!

    In any event Sean is pretty but him and his momma are going down!

  28. lulu says:

    if its michael i will be beyond pissed!!

  29. Lori says:

    The only character I would be ok if they kill is Sean. I like him, but I’d rather see him go than any other character. They better not kill Birkhoff, Percy or Amanda. I would’ve jumped of joy if the dead one is Cassandra, but I agree that doing that would not be good at all strorywise. I just hate the fact that there was a kid thrown into the show. Worst mistake ever. This storyline has damaged Michael and Nikita, not only in their relationship, but in their personalities. What happened to badass Mikita of S1. I like this second season, but there is something missing. The Max storyline is dragging the show; I need them to wrap it up ASAP. However, whatever they do, Max will always be a problem (so annoying). Ohh, and I also hate what they did to Amanda in the last episode! I hope this season keeps being as good as it has been since “Pale Fire”, which is when it finally picked up. For me, the show turned slow after they introduced Cassandra!
    Anyways…Despite my disappointments throughout the season, Nikita is still my favorite show, and I hope it gets renewed for season 3

    • ol05 says:

      absolutely agree with u! the Max s/l is lame… the 1st season is flawless, while the 2nd one is…

      I HATE Cassandra! the fake blondie ruined my seanon 1 Mikita. And with Max is really Michael’s son, i dont think they can come back from that. Max is really a permanent problem…

      well, Craig just ruined my last hope. I really wish Max is not Michael’s, i dont care if it’s even more lame.


  30. marcu says:

    I like Roan and don’t want to see him killed off and as for who they should would be Semak,Alex mother and Cassandra.

  31. yo says:

    Te amo shane west no se si lo leas pero sos el mejor actor del mundo me enamore de vos en un paseo para recordar (a walk to remember). Que sigas con tus exitos!

  32. DCurtis says:

    Maybe they’ll just kill off everyone who’s NOT a former “24” cast member.

  33. Mal says:

    I hope Amanda is not a casualty! I’m always squirming every time she’s with Percy, because I’m always thinking “OMG, he’s gonna break through that fortress and snap her neck/etc.!”

  34. Summer says:

    Yes completely agree, kill off Sean, not really interested in his character at all…
    More Owen on the other hand, I would absolutely love.

  35. M says:

    I just hope the show will get renew for another season and don’t kill Ryan, again.

  36. Jorge says:

    Regulars: Nikita, Alex, Michael and Percy.
    New Regulars: Owen and Ari Tasarov
    Recurring: Birkhoff (too traumatized to move on with the good fight), Roan and Katya.
    Killed Off: Sean, Madeline, Semak and Amanda.

    It would be nice of Owen and Alex have a romantic relationship, and if Percy joins forces with Ari Tasarov.

  37. LJ says:

    Been trying for half an hour to think of a civil way to say this. Tired of being fed teases that are far from what happens or promise to leave everyone depressed or outraged if they do it. Not enjoying watching Nikita anymore & that has nothing to do with the acting which is fantastic. The Max SL was a cul-de-sac of an idea that led nowhere and just means they’ve wasted time trying to get out of it. Worse, it’s eroded support for the show from some of the fans. No character development came of it for Michael or Nikita and if it’s advanced any of the plots on the go someone needs to hand me a microscope and a decoder key to explain it ’cause I sure don’t see it. If they kill off Michael I’m absolutely done watching. I’m almost there already.

    • Sabrina says:

      I agree that fan support has been seriously eroded because of the Max/Cassandra storyline. It was probably something that should have waited another season. Craig was in too much of a hurry to pull Mikita apart.

      I wish for Michael to be given a good sub story that is not connected to the main plot.

      And focus on Nikita backstory.

      • LJ says:

        I agree, Michael needs to stand alone as a character and not just as Nikita’s love interest. He was a naval intelligence officer on his first major assignment when Percy targeted him. Why did Percy choose him as a target? And why recruit him when the attack failed? There’s something to explore there. It was already established he was a husband and father once and very protective of the recruits. He’s like a big brother to Birkhoff. He couldn’t kill Nikita even though his life depended on it. Michael has a heart, we get it. Throwing in Max did nothing to develop Michael as a character and it probably wouldn’t if they had introduced him next season instead. If there’s something more to Max we haven’t seen what that is and his existence is so irritating we’re not likely to care if/when it does come out. And yes where is the Nikita back story we were teased about at the start of the season? Halfway through S2 we know who her daddy ain’t & that’s it. I guess in February we’ll learn more. After the conflict between the rogues, Oversight, the guardians & Division.

  38. BallerinaGirl says:

    Please, don’t kill Madeline!!! Her death was very painful for me in La femme Nikita, once was enough, really!
    She is the only reason for La femme Nikita’s fans for watching this new show! Please, don’t ruin it, you will lose us as a viewers forever…
    Worried about Sean, his romance with Alex is so interesting to watch, I believe we’ll see more of it!

    • Maddy fan says:

      I agree! I started to watch this show for Alberta Watson and I have learned to appreciate it. I don’t know if I’ll keep watching if she’s not there.
      She is sooo amazing, even with the worst lines.

  39. giuseppe sallo says:

    It is obvious this show is done. They want to KILL the useless contracts… thus no season three. I felt this season is missing something; Mikita relationship has become futile, Alex /Semak story is a fail, Addition of Sean/Madeline has been given no leverage, and Roan/Percy continue to carry the show.

    My Prediction: Sean (obvious choice), Madeline (Most likely), and Amanda (Percy OWNS her).

    Who I want to die? Michael (useless this season), Owen (guardian for hire) and Percy (makes sense;he has too much power).

    Good bye Nikita! The CW killed the show. This should have been on FX.


  40. V. says:

    Honestly, I don’t care about almost all of these characters. They can kill Nikita, Michael, Sean, whoever. But if they kill off Amanda, I won’t watch this show anymore. And I’m afraid, my favourite queen is most in danger.
    My English sucks, I know.

  41. Naomi says:

    They should get rid of Sean, his chemistry with Alex is lacking

  42. Reese says:

    At first I thought they got Mikita together too soon, but watching the first few S2 episodes I actually really liked seeing a secure couple on a tv show. This whole Max thing was very constructed and unnecessary. In addition, I really dislike the kid who plays him. Not a good actor.
    As for killing people off, I absolutely don’t want them to kill off Nikita, Michael, Birkhoff, Percy. I wouldn’t like it if they killed off Alex, Amanda, Ryan or even Sean. He kinda grew on me in the past couple episodes. I guess I could live with others being killed off, though it really doesn’t have to be Owen. It’s nice to have him pop up from time to time. I have a feeling they are going to get rid of Amanda one way or the other. Shame that they’re starting to chip away at this character. She’s better than that.

  43. Catsma says:

    The whole Michael with child storyline needs to go, it was an unneccessary distraction with the original La Femme Nikita show and the same thing on this show. I don’t know why they went down this road, it was just annoying to watch and I just couldn’t buy it.

    As far as getting rid of characters, I say get rid of Semak and Alex’s mother, they add nothing to the show and if Katya dies, that will give Alex even more angst to work through..which could be interesting as she won’t know who/what to blame. Keep Ari..I love Peter Outerbridge and his deliciously evil Ari.

    Hmm…if they don’t get rid of Sean Pierce, let’s ditch the Sean/Alex romance storyline, there is just no chemistry between the two romance wise, it’s like watching a brother and sister on screen.
    However..if they kill off Sean, I want the Senator to go postal trying to get her revenge on the killers, Alberta Watson will out Amanda Amanda in that case..LOL

    • Bell Bottoms says:

      I concur……let her and Amanda have a show down……and then Senator Pierce runs the joint……loose Amanda if anyone….

  44. hellen says:

    Yes we old fans of LFN we watch it because Madeline,Alberta Watson,needs to stay ore we will cancel the the old days,save Madeline, failure was not an option.
    LFN Warrior for ever.

    Helen from Holland.

  45. Jessie says:

    In my mind, Michael, Nikita, Alex, and Birkhoff are untouchable. If one of them is gone, I’m not watching anymore.

    I would be upset if Percy, Amanda, or Owen left, but I’d stick with the show.

    I agree that Cassandra should go away (although I don’t want her or Max to die).

    I could care less if Ryan, Madeline, Sean, Katya, or Roan died.

    Semak and all remaining Guardians should die.

  46. Mike says:

    Moron it could also mean saving money so a 3rd season is more then likely In the bag

  47. Bear says:

    Do NOT kill of Alberta Watson. I repeat, do NOT kill of Alberta Watson……she plays Senator Pierce on there…..

  48. FanaticoMaster says:

    Dear writers, please, don’t kill Madeline! She is just a senator here and not just Sean’s mother, she is a memory of La femme Nikita! It would be really cruel to kill her, please, don’t do it!!!
    I am also Salex shipper and I would like to see more of them! IMO, they have a great chemistry and their romance has just started, they have a lot of fans… Their line could be really delightful!

  49. Dessapointed says:

    There’s a 100 things wrong with this show. I could go and listed them all but I will not. Why? First of all, because some will not like what I have to say and some will come and fight for their opinions. Wich is not the way to do things. Second of all, I don’t want to bring negativity here, there is already enough of it.

    To finish, Nikita shouldn’t have a season 3. God knows what will happen lol Michael didn’t, or wasn’t intelligent enough to use a condom when he had sex with Cassandre, god knows what will happen if he has a mission with a cow or something. Yep, the show is just that ridicoulus to me now.

    Graig and the others just wrote all the best storylines in season 1 and now it seems they are just trying to write anything just to make to show like Wow or OMG or This is not happening, but with this way, they lost a lot of fans.

    Of course the petition is doing well, but is it worth it? If season 3 goes without Shane in it or having Michael killed or gone in London for a couple a weeks… month… Is worth the petition and all the time? For the Shane West fans no. If Mikita brokes up and both Nikita and Michael see other people than comes back together in the final season, was it worth it? Not for the Mikita fans. Graig said Nikita choose Michael, if she falls for Ryan, Graig lied and this will make some fans hate on Nikita… they should have took their time with the Mikita relationship. If Graig wanted to bring drama between them, than it should have been, Mikita not together at all having problems seeing eachother on mission but hide because Michael wa suppose to kill Nikita. Everything is ruined in the show and not just because of the Max and Cassandra storyline.
    Even if season 3 comes in with Ryan or Owen dead or that they will…..not good either.

    It’s sad and I feel bad for writing this, but….it’s not my fault. the writers are writing the show.

    All of this to say, i miss season 1.
    Goodbye Nikita

    • ol05 says:

      although i do want a 3rd season, i agree with you, the Max s/l is ridiculous… on what earth two agents know nothing about birth control? while, i totally understand why nikita surpass her teacher, she never get pregnant on those seduction missions!

  50. may.w says:

    Find a new father to Max- Percy, Semak, Ari, Roan … – I do not care. That story must end as soon as possible.