Hart of Dixie Hot Shots: Zoe's Dance Date Is...

Dr. Zoe Hart’s love life is heating up on The CW’s Hart of Dixie. The New York native-turned-Alabama gal will soon be romanced by Smallville‘s Justin Hartley. But before then, she’ll give Wes Brown’s not gay veterinarian Judson another try, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the pair sharing a sweet dance.

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In the Feb. 6 episode (airing at 9/8c), “Zoe decides that it’s too soon in her relationship with Judson to go to the annual Sweetie Pie Dance, so instead she makes plans to have a sleepover with Rose,” according to the episode’s official description. But clearly, things don’t go as planned because Zoe’s donning another cute dress and sharing the dance floor with her sorta-beau. Also making a surprise appearance at the event: a not-so-happy looking Wade, who’s also smitten with the petite brunette. (This girl is collecting love interest like shoes!)

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments to weigh in on which guy Zoe should pick.


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  1. Kim says:

    Zoe needs to be with Wade, obviously. These other guys are just there to keep them apart until the finale. The writers would be complete idiots to not end with them. And I’m pretty sure it would disappoint and upset 90% of the fans.

    • Rachel says:

      Zoe & Wade are the only option, please not they have the best chemistry. Plus, she is comfortable to talk & be herself with him. When she was terrified and could not sleep and needed someone by her side she knocked out the power to get him to her house. Then, he followed her & helped her out with the guy who faked his own death. She’s high strung & he’s laid back they even each other out. Any other combination would just be blah in comparison.

  2. Eliza says:

    I never mind good-looking men on my TV but I’m Zoe and Wade all the way!

  3. Kalie says:

    Why would Zoe continue to date the guy who slept with her friend, and what the heck is Lemon wearing??

  4. Callie says:

    Zoe needs to be with Wade! But until she figures that out she can be with whoever Justin HOTley is gonna be playing. ;)

  5. astrid says:

    did she get amnesia? He slept with her friend … and is my memory deceiving me or didn’t they seal the deal in Zoe’s OWN bed??? I can’t believe she’d carpool with the guy, let alone go to a romantic dance with that creepy d-bag.
    Of course I might be prejudiced. Wade-fan all the way!!!!

  6. caro says:

    look…the writers are going too far….i´m now believing is better for wade stay with another good girl… i don´t now….the waitress

  7. pv says:

    I really want Zoe to make some gal pals in this town. A little less romancing and a whack more girl-martini nights. That gal that works at the Rammer Jammer is a good place to start.

  8. Mehvash says:

    so man good looking men..so little time. wade ultimately but play the field with justin hartley and wes brown…although judson did sleep with her “friend” why go back to that?

  9. J says:

    What is Lemon wearing?! Lol. Oh, well, I love her. And can Zoe and Wade pleeeeeeeeease make out?

  10. Jenni says:

    Team Wade all the way!!! Z/W’s chemistry is the main reason why I watch the show.

  11. T says:

    Even if I didn’t so desperately want Wade and Zoe together, I definitely wouldn’t want to see her give the vet another chance. A guy who can’t even make it through one date without sleeping with another woman – what a catch!

    Agreed with the suggestion that instead of all these ridiculous love interests after another, clearly designed just to keep Zoe and Wade apart, let us see Zoe grow up some by developing her female friendships.

  12. team george says:

    hahahaha…the Wade fans are pissed…we george fans are not sad cos we know at some point zoe and george wud hookup…#teamgoodguys #teamgeorge

  13. Melosm says:

    Gosh, I love this show. CW better not cancel it like so many other shows I loved.

    Team Wade all the way.

    My only complaint is that it seems like they shoot episodes and then air them in a different order. I first noticed this with he new nurse at the doctors office…can’t remember the particulars but something was off about her appearance.

    • Sophia says:

      Episodes 4 & 5 were out of order, but the CW did that on purpose. They wanted to show the shirt-less guy episode first, but those were the only two episodes out of order.

  14. lois says:

    IThe show should not be about who she is dating at all.she should stay with wade. Are what about george? And it making her look like a tramp anyway. She should be taking serious on the show.it make her look like that what she do in real life.also I agree she have gal pals instead of having guys around her all the time.let her be with one guy on the show.

  15. Summer.Breeze says:

    I really do not want to be the bad guy, but I must say that a part of me really wishes that George was available, Zoe and he would be such a great and romantic couple (Don’t shoot me for saying that). But, I realize that there are many problems with this because George and Lemon are great and cute together and Lemon, though she and Zoe are far from friends, you can’t hate her (and I actually like her, though I wish she would treat Zoe better and I am always on Zoe side first in the event of an argument); nevertheless, the writers really are making it hard for fans to really cheer for one couple, especially because Lemon also has history with Lavon and her feelings for him are not so completely history so this kinds of plays on my hope that maybe there might be a chance for George and Zoe that would not involve cheating or anything immoral like that. Despite this, don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to a Zoe-Wade relationship, they could have a lot of fun together, but a part of me doesn’t seem them as becoming too serious, though maybe I’m wrong and they could become a deeply in love, serious couple. Wade’s a really great guy, and in the end, I just want all of these characters to be happy — Zoe, George, Wade, Lemon, and Lavon.

  16. Melissa B. says:

    I want Zoe/Judson!!!! I love the vet!!!!! TEAM JUDSON!!!!