Exclusive First Look: Secret Circle's Ethan and Charles Face Off - With Surprising Results!

Now that The Secret Circle‘s Ethan, who spent much of the season drunk, has sobered up, he’s ready to play — and we’ve got your exclusive first look at Adam’s dad delivering some magical payback to Charles in this week’s episode, airing Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.

Secret Circle‘s Grey Damon: ‘I Wouldn’t Trust Lee’

As executive producer Andrew Miller teased to TVLine, Ethan (played by Adam Harrington) is going to stop hiding in the bottle and “take responsibility for what he’s done, and then get his strength back.” And as he wakes up from this haze, he’s “going to become a formidable opponent for [Charles and Dawn], in very different ways,” says Miller.

Judging from the display of power on hand in the following video clip, that’s an understatement.

Check out the sneak peek and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the new, powerful side of Ethan.

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  1. Anon says:

    Ethan’s getting his payback! I’m going to LOVE this episode, I can tell already. We get to find out what happened 16 years ago in a mind-travel flashback episode and this! Tomorrow needs to hurry up and get here.

  2. gallen says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t realize how hot Ethan was until her got sober?

  3. Mikaylah says:

    I think Ethan is my favorite character. Lol.

  4. verybookish says:

    OMG I can’t wait! I love Gale Harold, and I’m glad we get to see Ethan and Charles in a confrontation, though I like Charles best when he’s being a total BAMF. This looks great!

  5. Bookerguy says:

    Can this show get any more awesome? Gotta love messing with the bad boys!!!! Go Ethan!!!

  6. Michael Sacal says:

    From the dialogue is clear that Dawn empowered Ethan to get him on her side.

  7. gisela says:

    Enough already!…Stop making Charles into everybody’s Whipping Boy!
    First Dawn,now Ethan!I want BAMF Charles Back!

    • Alias says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much. I actually like the fact that Charles as a character has so many different sides to him. However, I think I see Ethan and Charles teaming up based on the pictures for the episode after this one, which will be awesome to see. Until you know…everyone finds out that Charles murdered Cassie’s mother. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Ethan is getting some payback for what Charles did to him in the Pilot.

    • brian says:

      No kidding! And for what? To give us heroic Ethan in his place? Pass, ridiculous and bad writing.

  8. Melody says:

    I’m excited to see this turn of events, but he has got to listen to Charles and the two of them need to team up and eliminate Dawn, I just can’t stand that…witch!

    • Melody says:

      Actually, what really needs to happen to see some serious sparks fly is for Ethan to find out what Charles, under Dawn’s orders, did to Amelia. Oh, yeah, now that will be an episode for the ages.

      • Shauna says:

        Whoa, I completely forgot about that! You’re totally right. He’s going to absolutely lose it.. I wonder how long it’s going to take everyone to figure out what they’ve been up to and who they’ve hurt in the process. They just better hope Cassie doesn’t find out before they get their powers back. With the way things are going right now, I can see her going all dark!Willow on them, lol and rightfully so.

  9. ducdebrabant says:

    Oh, Christ. Charles is a wuss again, so Adam Harrington can be happy. The one thing in the world Gale Harold apparently is not is a suckup, and all you have to do is read one Harrington interview to know that’s exactly what he is. They obviously like that at the CW, because the stupidest thing they’ve done so far on this show is weaken Charles, and now they’re doing it again, vis a vis a character nobody other than a couple of bloggers (whom Harrington has shmoozed personally) gives a rat’s ass about.

  10. Mare says:

    it’s real strange how hot mad Ethan is! XD he really gotta moves like Jagger! He is even better than Charles!

    Finally Charles and Dawn’s intrigue is falling apart! SO now did they worked for because JB or so they wanna protect the children from him! Or did JB spelled them so they brought Cassie to Chance Harbor!
    It’s going down and I like it!

  11. Kalin says:

    I do like the confrontation and it doesn’t hurt for the bad guy to get a little of his own medicine. And this may look like Ethan’s being all tough guy now, but he is listening to Dawn. Charles may have become to predictable for her and Ethan is angry at Charles for making him feel like a drunken wuss. I still think that we are going to see Charles as a big bad, but maybe in a diffrent light as the one protecting the kids and not wanting the past to repeat itself.

    • Maria says:

      I agree!! Honestly yes the power is addicting but I do believe Charles thinks he is doing what’s right..honestly I think he was a bit manipulated by Dawn and now he broke out of it..Look at how he felt about what happened to Nick I think he does want to protect the kids

  12. sarah says:

    I love Ethan I know lots of people are all for Gale Harold but Adam Harrington!!!!

  13. Galefan says:

    Love Gale Harold! He is gorgeous and love his acting in this scene!
    Can’t wait to see him defeat Ethan!

  14. Morgan says:

    Oh Yeah, I see real trouble when Ethan finds out what Charles did to Cassies mom. Gale is soooooo great to watch! Charles will not be out done in the end…. :)

  15. brian says:

    I am disgusted. I would love more scenes with Chas, almost with anyone, but Ethan is just disgusting. Adam H. with his watery eyes is a great drunk. And that’s all. People who are drunks for decades, do not suddenly turn the corner without real help. I’m outraged at how they have totally emasculated the Chas character after he was so good at first in the mean scenes. And all to push that loser Ethan at us? No thanks. He looks like a nasty little school boy in this scene, not menacing the way he should. I hate to miss Phoebe and Shelley and Britt, because I think they are really doing a bang up job, and I will reluctantly walk away from Chas/Gale because I can’t watch Harrington and even worse ETHAN being promoted this way. SO BAD. SO WRONG. I’m done with it. They used Gale to get publicity early on and he gave them a great bad guy in the pilot, the critics raved over it, and then they slowly strangled the golden goose by taking everything away from him. Don’t get it.

  16. Shivi says:

    You’re about to skip out on the most pivotal and probably the best episode just because of one clip? That’s a bit immature. I’m a Gale Harold fan, but it pleases me that the can play out all of these sides to his character, and Gale Harold himself has said he loves his character as Charles and the writing crew loves Gale. One clip may show you one thing when taken out of context, but surround it with the rest of the episode, and you may be surprised. You don’t even know what Charles is going to do afterward.

    DO NOT quit yet, watch the episode tomorrow night. Charles is free from Dawn, and he’s making his own choices now. However, don’t think Ethan will be portrayed this way forever or for long. He’s just getting a little bit of payback for what Charles did to him in the Pilot. I see these two teaming up in the end. Bromance guys!!

    • brian says:

      Immature? No, I don’t think so, but thanks for your opinion. I love to see Gale play disparate parts, too, have seen him in every work he has done, including his stage work. He is a fascinating actor. He said he loved the character some time ago (so did I) wonder if he still does? It;s not about showing different sides of a character, it’s about taking a strong and interesting character and slowly turning him to water. They have his own mother call him “weak”. By the way, I otherwise loved her character/portrayal. That’s not pleasant to watch. And the idea of any “bromance” with Ethan is not tolerable. Because Ethan is not tolerable. I do appreciate your view, I see the point you are making and it’s not without some credence. Despite the cheap shot about being immature. I’ll let my partner watch it if he wants, and see what he says. I trust his opinion. I couldn’t sit through it. I’ll go away now before I begin to wonder about my own time/ value paradigm.

      • ducdebrabant says:

        They introduced him in a dynamite fashion, and all anybody talked about (including the other cast members) was how scary yet sexy he was. Then they immediately started to tear him down. He meekly surrendered his crystal to Dawn, acted as her bagman, let himself get beaten up by a sailor, had Henry call him stupid and his mother call him weak. And now he’s being taken down by the town drunk? This show is wasting its best asset, and I’m furious about it. Whatever happened to the “devilish/delicious” character Kevin Williamson promised us? And I’m sick of having Adam Harrington being pushed at me at Gale Harold’s expense, with stupid little head to head polls and whatnot.

  17. Totally ready for some of the attention to shift back to the adults. As much as they try to push what’s-her-face (Melissa) on us, the more I want to know about Dawn, Ethan and Charles.

    I miss the grandma, too!

  18. LadyLuck143 says:

    Ethan and Charles confrontation? This episode is interesting! can’t stop waiting, and Oh! Ethan is damn hot! x”}

  19. Morgan says:

    Could not care less about Ethan. Charles on the other hand… No one is hotter then Gale. That’s just the way it is.

    Charles has many sides and Gale is doing a fantastic job of introducing us to those sides. My faith is strong that when the time comes, and he needs to be, Charles will make his oh so good, oh so bad comeback! but in the best way ;)

  20. Jess says:

    I watched this vid at work with the sound off so I’m gonna pretend they’re fighting over Justin! Go Brian Go!!! LOL ^_~ I hope Charles/Gale brings it in this episode!!!

  21. lisa says: