Gossip Girl Hot Shots: Serena Makes Like Marilyn

How better to commemorate Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode than with a musical dream sequence? For the milestone event (airing Jan. 30), the CW series stepped it up from Blair’s Audrey-fueled fantasies to have Serena channel Marilyn Monroe’s moves à la “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

In addition to the blonde, all the guys on the show — Chuck, Dan, Nate and even Louis — join in on “the dance number, and it’s really, really cool,” Ed Westwick tell us. “We had a lot of fun doing it.

“It was really nice for us because we never do anything like that,” he continues. “I felt like I was on Glee for a minute.”

Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick Discusses Chuck’s ‘Obsession’ With Blair and His Likely ‘Tragic’ Fate

Meanwhile, Serena’s looking back at her past relationships and having some anxiety, teased executive producer Josh Safran, so it’s no surprise she’s dreaming of Blair’s Audrey stealing her man, Dan.

Check out the sneak peek below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Allie says:

    How coincidental that this was released right after the spoiler question complaining about the lack of Serena this season…

    Looks like a cute sequence. Although I do hope that there’s more to Serena’s storyline than pining after an ex-boyfriend who keeps treating her like crap.

    • Violet says:

      Serena treated Dan like crap all last season. Or have you conveniently forgotten that?

      He hasn’t done anything to her.

      • MSC says:

        Well I guess he’s doing the “manly” thing and being an asshole to her now. Seriously, get off the Dan kool-Aid, the guy is a jerk who has loved every woman on this show. I hope Serena and Nate get together and Chuck and Blair so Dan is alone. He’s such a weasel. I liked Serena here and Blake is awesome.

  2. Jess says:

    I dont’t like!

  3. Emily says:

    Oh, yay! Serena being relevant in one scene… in which Blair also steals her spotlight. HOW APT A METAPHOR FOR SEASON 5 OF GOSSIP GIRL.

    No, but seriously, Serena/Blair/Nate/Chuck all look adorable and perfect and I just wish the show were about them and no one else.

    • Allie says:

      Hah, I wonder who you left out there… but yes, agreed. Serena looks lovely here, I’m glad Blake is getting even a brief opportunity to shine this season.

    • Violet says:

      Chuck needs to die, then the show would be fine.

      • MSC says:

        I like how that has nothing to do with Serena but Vioet is a jackass and says that. Stay classy Dbers

        • J says:

          I like how you tell an entire group of shippers to “stay classy” yet you call someone a jackass. Hypocrite much?

        • l says:

          Conveniently ignoring that Violet was responding to a post which included Chuck, therefore making her post relevant? Someone clearly can’t handle the fact that not everyone worships the ground Chuck walks on.

    • ann says:

      LOL at all these new convenience Serena fans. The CB fans never cease to amaze me. Chuck messes up and it’s poor Chuck, blame the writers! Blair does bad things and you just stop liking her and start randomly rooting for Serena, lol. Proves my theory that CB fans were all only Chuck fans. Admit it, you guys would LOVE to see Chuck and Serena go at it. You just don’t care about Blair. Never have, never will.

      • Maria says:

        Actually, I think most CBers have, in fact, been blaming the writers for how they’re writing Blair this season. And for how they seem to have left Serena out of the storyline completely. And did you know it’s possible to like both Blair and Serena as characters? Liking one of them doesn’t necessitate hating the other, some of us actually have enough brain capacity to do both at the same time. And in response to your Chuck/Serena comment… *massive eyeroll*. Seriously, get some new material already.

  4. Annie says:

    PREACH! Dan is treating everyone like crap this season and does he not remember being in love with Serena for four years? Hell even before that. Serena deserves better.

    • tacos22 says:

      I’m sorry, but what?!?!?!? Dan has bent over backwards to help people all season, whether it’s trying to save Chuck from his lack of emotion to protecting Blair’s various secrets to trying to help Serena with her blog or personal life or whatever is wrong with her this week. The book thing was bad, don’t get me wrong, but he has really more than made up for it. And let’s be fair now. Dan doesn’t know Serena likes him. For goodness sake, after everything Dan did for Blair last episode and she still took the time to insult him, and people are on top of Dan for what? Not being aware that Serena start liking him again two episodes ago? When Blair is apparently unaware that Dan has been into her since last season? Is Dan supposed to have some clairvoyant ability to know that even though Serena spent most of last season choosing two of her teachers and Nate instead of Dan, that somehow reading some old GG blasts made her realize that Dan is the guy for her? Or after spending the back half of last season being roommates with her boyfriend, or listening to her go on and on about her stuff with said boyfriend, he doesn’t know that talking about their love lives is now off limits? Seriously, if you guys think he’s boring or whatever, that’s fine. Say that. But saying that he’s being a jerk – seriously, what do you want from the guy?

      Also, Blair isn’t marrying Chuck because she thinks it’s against God’s will. That was their big post-car crash twist. God’s will. From a girl who hasn’t been since season one. You really think Dan, boring or jerk-like or whatever, or even a lack of Serena, is really the issue with Gossip Girl these days?

      • Stephanie says:

        I agree with this so much. Calling Dan a jerk is just not fair.

      • Maria says:

        The issue with Dan is not just that he’s boring (although he is that), or that he’s a jerk all the time (which he isn’t), it’s that he’s been really callous to Serena on multiple occasions this season- over the book in 5×04, the movie deal in 5×05, and when he was talking about his feelings for Blair in 5×10 and she was obviously jealous, and he basically told her to get bent (so he can’t really claim to not know she’s upset by this). Any of those instances alone wouldn’t be that noteworthy, except he also treated Vanessa like total dogcrap, in favor of Serena, so it seems like this is a sort of pattern for him with ex-girlfriends. And it’s depressing to watch Serena continuously pine over a guy who, at the moment, really doesn’t deserve it.
        Of course that’s far from the only problem with the show, it’s just a peeve I have with this particular storyline. I could write an essay on all the ways the “Pact with God” makes me stabby with rage.

      • Violet says:

        Preach, sister.

      • J says:

        Great post, tacos22, I absolutely agree with everything you said!

      • we got canon on our team. says:

        Excellent post!! Its so ridiculous some of the stuff that’s spouted about Dan, basically he is a huge threat. He has been flawless all season, and any little thing is bounced on. The best was the Vera Wang scene where he made a genuinely nice comment to Blair and its interpreted as being rude and inappropriate. What? Watch it again. Serena jerked him around long enough and now he has moved on, good for him, she is family anyway.Its so transparent anyway the reasons for such hate and speaks to the fanbase tbh. At least Dair fan have banks of canon to call upon to back up their points, making stuff up doesn’t count.

      • Ma says:

        Congratulations for your comment. Although Chuck fans do not like Dan, the author of the Gossip Girl books spoke in an interview that would be inimical to Chuck. Blair would choose to be married to Dan . I love Dan and Blair together.

    • Tyler says:

      COMPLETELY AGREE! couldn’t have said it better. I’ve always thought that Serena and Dan were going to be endgame and end up together, and she’s always been in love with him, and suddently he’s acting like he hates her or something? or she’s irrelevant?
      the ironic thing is he once broke up with Serena for being too much like Blair.
      i am not liking what their doing to Dan this season. He’s treating Serena like crap and acting like he never told her he’ll always be there for her, and he looks pathetic going for Blair and falling so hard for her when she clearly doesn’t love him back (however i love them as friends. nothing more though)
      as for blair the writers are also ruining her character completely. Frankly her whining has been making me dislike her character so much. not to mention the terrible friend she would be if she did get with Dan (could you imagine if Serena hooked up with Chuck?!)

  5. Mia says:

    Finally we get a Serena bit as well. Blake/Serena is looking gorgeous and it looks like it will be a great scene – or at least it will be worlds better then Blair’s scenes have been in the “everybody loves Blair” season (ironic really since it seems a lot of fans are starting to not love her).
    I look forward to seeing Blake shine in this. And I sincerely hope that the show starts focusing back on Serena/Blair, Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair because otherwise I’m not interested. And props to Us Weekly posting the photo with Blair, Chuck, Serena and Nate while completely cutting out Dan – they know where the interest is at.

  6. Manu says:

    I cannot wait!!!

    The sequence is amazing!!! I expect lots of Dair, in the 100th and beyond!

  7. Chris says:

    well thank heavens for more Serena!! And Im all for a DS story since I dont buy his feelings for Blair anyway!! I love that she got a dream!!

  8. heidi says:

    I love the still of Dan, Blair and Serena.

  9. Judith says:

    The 100th ep will start with SB FIGHTING over a boy, how is that a good showcase of their friendship of the last 100 episodes (the whole premise of the show is build around their friendship)? Seriously Josh you don’t deserve your job as running GG. You can’t even write coherent plots anymore and I feel sorry for the talented actors (Ed, Leighton and Blake in particular) you have at your disposal, they are better than you and your writers and they deserve to be free of this god forsaken show!!! I hope you realise this when your viewer number drops below 1 million (you are already the lowest viewed scripted tv show on the WHOLE of tv).

    • Lydia says:

      You haven’t been watching the show properly honey.

      The show began when serena comes back to NYC after running away following sex with her best friend’s boyfriend. The 100th dream sequence is similar but it’s a different guy this time. And guess what this triangle~ although it’s not even a triangle yet, shows the crossing of the worlds of the upper east side and brooklyn and deals with the issues in serena and blair’s relationship. Which isthe core of the show and something the show lost when it became all about chuck and blair in season 2.

      • Judith says:

        I think I have HONEY ;)
        Serena stayed away from GUILT over what she did to her friendship with Blair, they never EVER ‘fought’ over Nate. Serena specifically told Nate when she came back that she would never pick him over Blair. I do see similarities (~parallels) between SBN and SBD, and like in the past I think SB will triumph (after the annual SB fight, YAY! *sarcasm*).
        Where in the world does the UES vs Brooklyn come into this??? This is about SB’s friendship. If you wanted an UES vs Brooklyn story you should be asking the writers where the book-to-movie 100th ep storyline went to ;) and what in the world does this article have to do with CB?

  10. Courtney says:

    DAIR<3 How is Dan treating everyone like crap, especially Serena? Let's not forget how she treated him last season.

    • Well says:

      Do you remember his publishing a book that essentially aired everyone’s dirty laundry? It portrayed Serena a flighty dolt (which she is) even though he claims he loved her so. Dan is scum. At least Chuck is honest about the fact that he is a terrible person. Dan is a terrible person who wants to pretend that he’s a great guy and better than everyone. You know what Humphrey? If you were better than everyone you’d be able to afford a hair cut and a razor.

      • Anna says:

        To be fair, Dan didn’t actually publish the book – Vanessa did. And maybe he shouldn’t have wrote it, but he never planned on anyone seeing the book. Dan’s actually been pretty selfless this season. He could have told Blair how he felt about her, instead he put her happiness ahead of his and tried to put her back together with Chuck because he knew that’s what would make her happy. I don’t really see how that makes him scum. Dan has flaws (lots of them) but he’s got a good heart too.

  11. torontogirl98 says:

    Will Louis ever die I mean honestly the 100th should not be some ridiculous wedding to this total boring idiot, but a celebration of the show with the main characters

  12. Maria says:

    Cute sequence. Blake looks gorgeous (and Ed is looking especially fine as well). Thank god it’s just in Serena’s imagination, because I have no interest in seeing her and Blair come to blows over Dan Humphrey, of all people. Talk about not worth it.

  13. ann says:

    Dair <3
    Even though it's just a dream I really look forward to it!

  14. Mark says:

    Foreshadowing, foreshadowing, right? Plus, the whole Breakfast at Tiffany’s parallel. I love it. Go Dair!

  15. kalisib says:

    Looks like a cute scene ! All cast is here <3 But for me Dair is gone they REALLY HAD their moment (for me its seson 4) but the writers didn't catch it.So the moment is gone and it would be beyond ridiculous to FORCE it now after last tree episodes- after everything that's said and done! New storyline for Dan!

  16. dr says:

    Serena(Blake)looks amazing. Ed and Chace clearly had too much fun in this haha. Love them <3 NJBC looks awesome <3 I want Serena back in focus.Dan's love for Blair and even their friendship doesn't work for me! So forced!! But Serena shines I love her, she deserves better than Dan! Can NJBC (Nate&Serena and Chuck&Blair) have babies and Dan and Louis GTFO where ever they want, pretty pls? =) I still can not belive they made 100th episode about this royal crap!

  17. Tina says:

    These pics are so funny! I like that finally Serena has a dream where she’s afraid. It shows how much she still cares for Dan.

    This show should end with Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena!!

  18. abc123 says:

    Is that brunette in the black dress really Blair? Leighton sure looks different.

  19. dee123 says:

    Wow! It looks so cheap. You can really tell the budget got cut back.

  20. jenkins says:

    I saw this video. Blake was awesome as Marilyn. Finally she got to do something this season. I think Serena has suffered enough this season for her stuff with Dan as has Chuck to Blair. Now Dan looks like a douche and Blair has lost her personality. Serena go to Nate, Blair find your personality again and got to Chuck and Dan, go jump off the Brooklyn bridge.

  21. luvi dare to dare says:

    when are you chair fans will ever get a life stop talking about dan he is better than your precious chuck it’s funny that a lot of you chair fanbots get wen any mention about dair dan and blair is going to happen get over it and get another hobby plz it’s just pathetic listening about how dan is a douche wen he is not you can really tell who a person is by who they choose this goes for you chair fanbots you and your whole fandom is pathetic get a life.

  22. Ana Muller says:

    As if everyone hasn’t already seen that scene.

  23. Laura says:

    **********************************************************************************************************************************************ALL HAIL DAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Marice says:

    I love Chuck/Blair and I love Dan/Serena. And I love Blair/Serena. I have loved all three relationships for 5 years now.

    I have a feeling the 100th is going to be a letdown on all three fronts, so I’m trying to decide if I should just cut my losses now rather than be disappointed later.

  25. harum scarum says:

    can the show quit with the lame obstacles and just give us chair and derena please?

  26. Paula says:

    lmao at how conceited Chuckistans are, Dan basically saving Chuck this season, helped him ‘feel’ again, gave him your beloved Monkey, facilitated the Chuck and Blair reunion. Can the guy get a break. Apparently not because he made rude and offensive comments to Blair about her weight at Vera Wangs lol. Mean while, St Chuck is stalking and plotting to pubically humiliate the women he ~loves for his own selfish reasons. Give it up, you wish Chuck was like Dan!

  27. Lily says:

    Wow amazing what shipper goggles can do. Dan, a jerk? What are you smoking? Because whatever it is I want some! The guy has been nothing but sweet to everyone this season. Helping Chuck feel again, helping Blair with literally anything, putting his own feeling and happiness aside, helping Serena (and BTW just because he doesn’t like her like she wants to does not make him a jerk, considering how she treated him like a lapdog last season, she can’t blame him for moving on and neither can you)… etc… etc… And as for the book, nobody was even portrayed that bad aside for Rufus and anyway it wasn’t even his fault to begin with, he never intended to publish it (but you probably conventionally forgot that too)

    If you like that fail of ship that is Chair fine to each his own -bad- taste(never saw such a ridiculous writing for a pairing BTW, I mean a pact with god? It’s obvious that they don’t know how to write them anymore, it’s the only explanation for such a ridiculous SL) but be fair and don’t invent Dan behavior he does not have.
    If you want jerks, look at Louis and Chuck, just the last episode Blair lost her baby and what do they do? They stalk her and scheme to humiliate her! And after that it’s Dan the jerk? Give me a freaking break!

  28. Liam says:

    Dan and Blair Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  29. The voice of Reason says:

    Can someone remind me again why Chair is still polluting my screen after 100 episode of fail, boring fail at that? Its over. Good nignt Irene. Cheerio, GTFO!!! You know Chair fans would be taken more seriously if they weren’t so blatenly wrong in their criticism of Dan, I mean wtf? Remember, it canon he and Blair are bff, she trusts and relies on him, but canon ruins the idea of Chair you have in your head, so you probably avoid that!

  30. I'm Chuck Bass says:

    Blair actually looks happy here, pity its only a dream as it’s been ages since I’ve seen her happy. Last season with Dan iirc, yes, Dorota thought she joined a cult, said she was too happy! Blair only found her center she said, someone she had a connection with she added, good times. Shame this CB nonsense has ruined my favorite character.

  31. Olive says:

    I’m actually touched at the outpouring of concern her for Blair and Serena friendship, obviously its not convenience shipping, its so genuine and heartwarming.lol. Chuck and Dan have a better friendship than those two. Dan and Blair’s friendship is way more real than anything we’ve seen from those two. If Serena is Blair’s real friend she should recognize how unhappy and unhealthy her thing with Chuck is and if DB come to having mutual feelings, she would step aside, like Blair did when she and Nate dated and like she stepped aside when Dan and Vanessa dated. They’re adults now, not randy, jealous teenagers.

    • Maria says:

      Uh, can’t you just turn that around and say if Blair were *Serena’s* real friend, she would never start something up with the guy she’s in love with? And the comparison to Serena/Nate is irrelevant because Blair had moved on to Chuck and was totally over Nate, which is why she gave them her blessing… whereas Serena has not moved on and clearly isn’t over Dan at all. Not that Blair wants Dan anyway.

  32. july says:

    Serena just need to realize that Nate is the right boy for her.

  33. Ma says:

    Dan is a wonderful man, sweet, intelligent and knows how to treat a woman. He respects Blair and makes her happy.
    Dair is the most interesting and beautiful couple of the show. I love Dan and Blair.

  34. DareToDair says:

    The Blair and Dan friendship is a far healthier relationship than the Serena and Blair friendship, B/S friendship is all jealousy and backstabbing. The D/B friendship is real. It is unconditional Dan cares about Blair’s feelings and her happiness. How can he be called a jerk when he has put his own feelings aside to help Chuck and Blair be together. Their friendship has been slowly growing and is far more believable than Serena falling in love with Dan again because she read some old Gossip Girl posts. She knew Dan was good and now just wants him because he is in love with Blair and she is jealous.

  35. cara says: